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How Many times does Ted have to let go of Robin Before we accept that he has really made the decision that she is not the one for him?

Solo and I are discussing/arguing this very point right now. I just want to throw the discussion out there before I Add the Post from THE PROFFESSOR.

Solo and I agree, the Symbolic Letting go of Robin has been done over and over again.

Ted has made it clear, Robin is with Barney and off limits to him or anyone else.

But a day before her wedding, Ted is telling Robin she is his One and Only girl from the Past, on the Top Five. It is a Top One. And that was originally why he was leaving NY. But now that he has called all the other Xs looking for the locket, Ted has realized he is running away from all of his past mistakes. So What is Up with Ted?

NPH in an interview said: Ted Found himself through his interactions with all his friends. Per NPH that is how Ted gets to where he needs to be and Barney said it to those Guys, those two random dudes, “Nothing is really important unless you have people to share it with.” That was Barney’s life Lesson to Ted.

Now I do not completely Buy Into That. Yes Ted does not want to end up in Bro-Hell. He respects Barney and Robin’s relationship. Ted still has not come to the point that he enjoys seeing them happy together, without feeling sad for himself. I hope that he does not see the Mother and then click she is the one. This is where Solo and I have some minor issues.

So what are your thoughts?

AND here is the PROFFESSOR discussing “Ted’s Journey”

My mantra for Ted’s journey for a long time has gone like this:

Ted needed to date Robin because when they broke up and she came back with Gael, he tried to win the break up and because of Amy he got the butterfly tattoo, which led him to Stella. He needed to meet Stella, because when Tony gets Stella to leave Ted at the altar he feels bad and gets Ted his teaching job. If Ted didn’t have his teaching job, he wouldn’t have met and dated Cindy, the mother’s roommate. He needed to date Cindy because if he didn’t date Cindy, he wouldn’t have been able to get the mother’s band, Freakanomics, to play Barney and Robin’s wedding. If the mother wasn’t at that wedding, they wouldn’t have met at the Farhampton train station.

But that’s the short version, that doesn’t say much about Ted’s journey as a person. Let’s look at that.

Starting with an off topic, but the first thing Luke asks “Are we being punished for something?” and the first thing Penny says is  “Yeah, is this going to take awhile?”

Pilot, Ted lamenting that Marshall’s found the love of his life, and that even if he’s ready which he’s not but if he was where is she?

So we know Ted wasn’t ready but was freaking out with Marshall getting engaged, second episode, it got him thinking about getting married “briefly in love with the abstract concept of getting married”

But Ted does think he’s in love with Robin. Robin says he’s going to make a girl really happy and she’s going to help him find her.

1.7 Matchmaker, Ted “I’m not going to die alone” “I don’t know but I believe.” Something good is going to happen to me.”

Fast forward to 1.12 The Wedding. “A little music, a little dancing, a lot of champagne, who knows?”  “Ok I wasn’t going to say it in front of the guys, but back then I really thought that’s how it worked. You put yourself and a girl you like in some romantic setting, the stars line up and Shazam. I know now that life is never that simple.” The night of the wedding was perfect and Ted was almost willing to not go after her to keep that memory. Ted is happy with Victoria but struggles with the long distance. Robin invites him over and he goes, finding out on the way that she has feelings for him. He cheats on Victoria with Robin and gets caught through a phone mix up, but we see Ted imagining how conversations about this would go down with Victoria. (and we find out much later that Victoria is seeing the guy she started seeing a day and a half after she and Ted broke up)

1.21 Milk Ted imagines his wedding, Robin looking happy for him, but then showing that she’s putting on a brave face and that she wishes it was her. Ted didn’t go on his date with Love Solutions Girl. “I don’t want perfect, I want Robin.” “It may be (a mistake), but it is one I have to make.”

Season 1 tells us that Ted had to get Robin or he’d always wonder what if. And the theme that the story is never perfect, and that’s not a bad thing, it is real and good.

Season 2

Brunch is a big hint that Robin and Ted aren’t going to work in the long term, with Ted’s parents serving as an example.

I’m spending little time on this season because Ted is with Robin for most of it and he’s not changing really. They still want different things.

2.21 Something Borrowed “The wedding you set out to have is almost never the wedding you end up with.” “The closer you get to the big day the more concessions you make.” I don’t know how much of this will be applicable to Barney and Robin’s wedding or Ted and the mother’s wedding, but it is presented as important information.

Season 3 and 4

“Kids, there’s more than one story of how I met your mother. You know the short version, the thing with your mom’s yellow umbrella, but there’s a bigger story, the story of how I became who I had to become before I met her and that story starts now.”

Ted’s not ready to jump back into dating until he sees Robin with another man, but he admits he’s still getting over Robin, but is able to move past it (or so we are led to believe).

Ted chases women, like he told Barney he would at the wedding reception. He’s not looking for the one.

Ted gets tired of following Barney’s rules and says the human race would cease to exist if everyone followed them. Ted knows the odds are against him and Stella and that it will probably end badly, but that isn’t going to stop him from trying and when it does fail, it won’t be because of the Platinum Rule. “All that anger and resentment just isn’t useful and you start to let go of it, and move on with your life, it just takes awhile.”

“I never would have met your mother without a little bit of luck, specially the luck of the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day.”  Barney and Ted go to club low point (interesting name, but is it really Ted’s low point?).  The mother was also at club low point and happened to run into Mitch the Naked Man. Marshall has Ted listen to all his butt dials and says he’s turning into another Barney. “And then last night started coming back to me, the real version…Kids its sometimes possible to think you’re doing just fine in life, and then someone opens your eyes a little and you realize, your whole world is off balance, out of whack, crooked.” Ted goes back to Low Point to find his phone, and doesn’t find it, but the rain makes him grab the yellow umbrella. “I didn’t know it yet, but my luck was about to change.”

“Kids, sometimes in life and you just instantly know, this is the person for you. It can happen anywhere.” This describes Stella, but I think it will also apply to the mother. Ten Sessions gives us romantic Ted and the two minute date. He doesn’t Ted out about Stella’s kid or the fact that she’s not ready to date.

The cab accident makes Ted question his breakup with Stella and he ends up proposing.  The day of the wedding, he decides that he should talk to Robin since she flew in from Japan and be the one to tell her that she can’t come to the wedding. Robin says she isn’t looking forward to seeing Ted get married and that if she changed her mind, she wanted him to be there and that things between them haven’t disappeared. She said “I thought I wanted my job, but I want to come back to my real life, and I think you ought to come back to yours. Don’t get married, look you are rushing into this, it is like to trying to skip ahead to the end of the book. Ted you’re the most romantic guy I know, you stole a blue French horn for me, you tried to make it rain, but after all that this is how your great romantic quest comes to an end? You’re just disappearing into someone else’s wedding, someone else’s house, someone else’s life. That’s not the awesome ending you deserve. That’s not Ted Mosby.” And I honestly think she was right.

Ted was crushed by Stella leaving, and we hear him say how he might never be the same in the Wedding Bride, but he also realizes that Stella was meant to be with Tony. Let it go, that’s how you can move forward. “The end of a perfect love story, it just wasn’t mine.”

Ted gets back together with Karen and is able to close that chapter of his life. In Wooo he feels like his professional and love life are falling apart. He runs into Stella again and confides in her. “The one. Ok I’m going to say something out loud that I’ve done a pretty good job of not saying out loud lately. What you and Tony have, what I thought for a second you and I had, what I know Marshall and Lily have, I want that, I do. I keep waiting for it to happen and waiting for it to happen and I guess I’m tired of waiting. And that’s all I’m going to say on that subject.” Stella says “I know that you’re tired of waiting and you might have to wait a little while more, but she’s on her way Ted, and she’s getting here as fast as she can.” This is kind of put in a different light when you think about the mother’s story.

Ted accepts Tony’s offer to teach which he claims is the best job he ever had.

Season 5

Ted likes all of his quirks and he isn’t going to change those things about himself. And he wants someone who likes them and not just tolerates the quirks. He accepts Barney and Robin dating enough to help Barney learn more about Robin to try and keep her. Maggie’s window opens for the last time, which is just the opportunity Ted needs….to sit and talk with his class about whether he’s ready for a relationship. He’s scared and that is a clue that he’s onto something real. But it isn’t Maggie, her window closes with the second greatest love story Ted’s ever heard.

Ted meets Cindy and goes out with her, only to find out that the school has a policy against it. He decides to risk it, and goes to see her, and connects more with the three things in Cindy’s room that are the mother’s than with Cindy, who promptly kicks her out and she begins to realize her own feeling toward the mother. Ted buys a house, trying to prompt the universe to bring everything that comes with the house in the happy story.

Season 6

“Kids, there are two big days in any love story. The day you meet the girl of your dreams and the day you marry her.” I’m hoping this means we get at least a glimpse of this second day for Ted. Ted sees Cindy again and wants to make a play at the gal she’s with, because she might be the roommate, but she ends up with Cindy. And we learn Ted meets the mother the day of a wedding.

Ted is getting to design a building in NY, one of his dreams, but he meets a gal who is determined to not let the building they are going to tear down to build Ted’s building, go without a fight. She joins the gang and Ted develops feelings for her, but she married so he feels like he needs to shut it down knowing how it felt when he got left at the altar. She also has feelings for him and leaves her husband. Marshall helps them get together. Ted wants to believe that someone who challenges you is healthy in a relationship, but he really does want someone who will support him, especially on things that are really important to him. Of course, things end badly and we see that even when that happens, Ted will cling to relationship and rekindle it (so it wasn’t just with Karen). And we learn that Ted meets the mother at Barney’s wedding, and Ted thinks that Barney made a great choice in ties (Barney is talking about his bride).

Season 7

Ted meets the Slutty Pumpkin and she’s demystified. He tries to make it work even though it feels wrong, “Kids, after spending a decade dreaming about the wrong girl, I wanted more than anything for the next woman I met to be the real thing.” I can only hope this applies to Robin as well, that he knows he spent almost a decade dreaming about her, but she wrong for him.

But we’re not there yet.  In Symphony of Illumination Ted wants to cheer Robin up even though she says it isn’t his job. And he continues to try and says she’s just going to have to deal with it. Ted hangs out with Barney on the Drunk Train on Valentine’s Day but can recognize that Barney actually wants to be with someone. And when he dates Quinn, Ted, helps Barney deal with the uncertainty of dating a stripper by doing all sorts of awesome things with him. Ted has his own uncertainty and professes his love for Robin again, who says no, says it isn’t because of Barney but says their deal of single and 40 is still on right? Ted says “As long as the door is even a little open I have this feeling I’ll be waiting around to see if I win the lottery when you hit 40.” And after their conversation narrator Ted tells Marshall he’s happy about this that he can finally move on. Narrator Ted finishes that episode by saying “Here’s the funny thing in my own crazy way I was happy, for the first time in years there was no little part of me clinging to the dream of being with Robin, which meant for the first time in years, the world was wide open, because kids, when a door closes, well, you know the rest.”

And in that same episode we get a flash forward to narrator Ted telling us the first time he told the mother he loved it “We had a terrible lunch, the movie we wanted to see was sold out, and I just looked at her and said “I love you.” He hadn’t said it since he told Robin in No Pressure.

Trilogy Time gives us great insight into Ted’s way of thinking, and that he’s been this mix of optimism and fatalism. “Kids, that was the one time in my life that I lost faith that my life would be better in three years, and what’s funny is, three years from then my life was amazing.” But then we are rewarded with a flash forward of Ted holding his baby girl and wearing a wedding ring, though the timeline still hasn’t been explained to us.

The day Marvin is born, Robin and Ted have reconnects as friends and Robin tells Ted how he’s always chasing after the wrong women other than Victoria, and that he should go after her. He calls her up, they meet, it turns out she’s getting married that day and wants to run away with Ted. Ted knows what it is like to get left at the altar so he goes to take her back, but changes his mind.

Season 7 ends with us learning that Ted meets the mother the day of a wedding between Barney and Robin. “Kids, this is a story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong.”

Season 8

Season 8 opens with Robin saying she can’t go through with the wedding, and we find out that Ted took Victoria back because she didn’t leave a note and that really helped him with Stella, he got an explanation. (Another side note, Quinn says Barney wants to ride a grizzly bear down the aisle. The beginning of the ring bear?)  Ted goes to talk to Klaus to find out why he was bailing on the wedding as well and he says that Victoria is not his life-long treasure of destiny. Ted thinks he’s felt it, but Klaus tells him if he has to think, he hasn’t. It hits you at once. I really want to see Ted’s moment of that with the mother. You just never know where or when, but everyone finds it. Victoria and Ted clash over Robin still being in Ted’s life. Victoria thinks there is a reason Ted’s not 100% in the relationship with her and she says it is Robin. Victoria gives him an ultimatum, that is, after saying yes to his marriage proposal but following it up with “you can’t be friends with Robin,” and she’ll always wonder about Ted and Robin. Ted says he can’t imagine life without Robin, but Victoria could love him, marry him, and grow old with him. He’s not in love with Robin but she’s like family. Victoria cries and says “I really hope you get her someday” and leaves. It reminded me of Ted and Karen breaking up when Ted says “And I realized maybe it shouldn’t matter what my friends think of my girlfriend, but it sure as hell matters what my girlfriend thinks of my friends.”

Meanwhile Robin and Barney break up with Nick and Quinn. Barney starts dating Patrice and tells Ted that he’s going to propose to her and makes Ted promise he won’t tell anyone about the proposal. Ted lies in his promise, knowing he has to tell Robin. He does and though Robin says she’s done chasing Barney, Ted still takes her to where the proposal is happening. Robin says she can’t keep making an ass of herself for Barney. Ted replies “Well, in defense of making an ass of yourself, it’s underrated. Eight years ago I made an ass out of myself chasing after yourself and I made an ass of myself chasing after you a bunch of times since then. But I have no regrets. Because it led me to something that I wouldn’t change for the world, it led to me being your friend. So as your friend, and a leader in the field of making an ass of yourself, I say to you, from the heart, get the hell out of this car.” Barney was counting on Ted telling Robin, because it would mean he was over her and has given Barney his blessing. (And people wonder why some of us get upset when we see Ted pine after Robin this moment).

Ted’s insistence on a DJ for Robin and Barney’s wedding would have made huge changes in his life. Ted at the time chalks it up to luck that he ran into Cindy and her wife on the subway and that Freakanomics, the mother’s band was available for the wedding. Narrator Ted says “lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it, because if Barney and Robin had taken my stupid advice and hired a DJ, I never would have met your mother. ”

Ted admits that being single is fun, and it took dating Jeanette to make him really mean it when he says “No more dating, I’m ready to settle down.”

But perhaps the best insight into Ted’s mind in season 8 is the Time Travelers, where Ted imagines all sorts of things, including coat check girls 20 months from now grab him before he can talk to present day coat check girl and we learn that he thinks that relationship would end with him getting sick of her or her getting sick of him. It is all doomed; all of his relationships have always gone that way. Ted realizes he’s all alone. Narrator Ted tells us if he could relive that night he wouldn’t go to Robots vs. Wrestlers, he’d go to his old place and reminisce, he hang out with Marshall, Lily, and Marvin, he’d drink Robin and Barney, but first he’d run to the mother’s place. “Hi. I’m Ted Mosby and in exactly 45 days from now you and I are going meet, and we’re going to fall in love and we’re going to get married and we’re going to have two kids. And we’re going to love them so much. All that is 45 days away, but I’m here now I guess because I want those extra 45 days, with you, each one of them, and if I can’t have them I’ll take the 45 second before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in the face, because I love you. I’m always going to love you, to the end of my days and beyond. You’ll see.

Robin can’t find the necklace and she calls Ted after Barney and Robin Sr. are too busy to help. He ditches a job interview and comes to help because he could tell it was important to her. And when Robin thinks not finding the locket and the rain are signs, Ted says “Because maybe it is dumb to look for signs from the universe. Maybe the universe has better things to do. Good God I hope it does. Do you know how many signs I’ve gotten that I should or shouldn’t be with someone and where has it gotten me? Maybe there aren’t any signs. Maybe a locket is just a locket, a chair is just a chair, maybe we don’t have to give meaning to every little thing. Maybe we don’t need the universe to tell us what we really want, maybe we already know that, deep down.” But Ted has looked for someone in NY, and with Barney and Robin getting married and Lily and Marshall leaving for Italy he thinks maybe the one is in Chicago. He wants Barney and Robin to be happy and thinks it would be best if he wasn’t around. “Even now, after all these years, there’s still just this part of me where if there’s even the slightest chance something I do can make Robin smile, I don’t even think about it, I just do it. If I could make that locket magically appear, I would. I would open a vein in my arm if I could bleed that locket out just to make her happy. That’s just a really sucky way to feel about your best friend’s fiancé. So I’m going to come to the wedding, have a good time, but after that…” Ted gets so excited that the locket is at his place and that it will make the greatest wedding present ever. Ted has to leave early Monday for Chicago, so he’ll take the train back Sunday night.


And that’s how Ted got to the wedding weekend. This is already too long so I’ll leave his season 9 journey to the comments.

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  1. Good post Proff. I think that is a great refresh of Ted’s journey.

  2. What started as an email conversation between Ross and myself turned into a monster. I ended up watching snippets from dozens of episodes to try and piece together much of Ted’s journey, though I’m sure I missed plenty of important stuff. I didn’t expect Ross to be willing to post the whole thing given how long it is, but I’m glad it is out there, even if only a handful of you read the whole thing. I’ve been a little negative, and I’m hoping my passion for the show comes through in this.

    I honestly can’t count the number of times Ted’s let go of Robin. I’m going to estimate the number at least 3-4 before he finally gets in Come On.

    Robin sort of reopens the door in Shelter Island, which Ted sort of takes advantage of in Benefits. Robin and Ted make their pact if they are both 40 and single that they will get married.

    Ted and Barney both try to win Robin back In Twin Beds, and at this point I’m already over Ted returning to this fountain. It should have been enough for Ted to move on when he knew Barney loved Robin.

    It went off the rails for me when Ted professes his love in The Drunk Train/No Pressure. Ted’s confession to me came out of nowhere, but even then, if that was the end, I could deal with it, especially because we get Ted’s speech about the first time in years he wasn’t hung up on Robin.

    But oh wait, in Something Old/Something New we see Ted go above and beyond the call of duty for Robin (I’m actually ok with Ted refusing Victoria’s ultimatum of in order to marry her he has to stop being friends with Robin). He says he’d open a vein and bleed out the locket if he could. He does whatever he can to make her happy, like in the Symphony of Illumination, without even thinking about it. And this locket business carries over until the morning of the wedding (possibly even later, we don’t know yet).

    Robin floating away like a balloon I can deal with. If Robin’s freakout has her opening the door to Ted again, I need to see Ted without equivocation, shut that down and tell Robin that he’s not right for her, Barney is. That’s the only satisfying ending in my opinion if they choose to bring it up again.

    • This show is Ted’s Journey. We are finishing not just how he met the mother with this post. We are finishing the Why.

      Each one of US has been Ted. Corina and I are Marshall but also Ted. The Proff. is Ted. Solo is not only the blue print for Ted but his life has so many parallels to Ted. Solo like Jordan before him are hard to distinguish in real life from the fictional trip we took since 2005.

      So for each of us this is a completion of our imaginary trek. So we had a post a few weeks ago about remaining plot threads etc. This is the open post for you to say whatever you are thinking.

      This is our OPEN MIKE POST. If you have a non spoiler thought… now is the time to discuss it.

      Lots to Say about Lily and Robin. Just go for it!

  3. I’ve been so focused for a while on how I think the show might end that I’ve not been thinking about how I’d like it to end.

    Unlike most of you, I came to this show well into its run, introduced by my then-boyfriend, now my husband in 2008 or so. I’ve had to catch up via Netflix and though I’ve done that (and I really appreciated the guides to the essential episodes put up last summer) I still don’t feel like I have all the nuances….although I’ve come to love this show, and will miss it when it’s gone. My “feel” for it, though, is not organic like so many of you, because I haven’t followed it in real time. When
    I’m catching up, I still have the more recent episodes in my memory, so I think it colors my interpretation.

    I know that I’ve been Ted, and for a while I was Robin ( a career girl), and now I’m Lily and my husband is Marshall. (I’ve never been Barney, but I think my husband might have been a much milder, less cartoonish version in his youth :). But it took us until our 50′s to get there….so I’m here to tell you that anything is possible, and that love can come at any time, and yes, just like Ted, you must be ready. But that doesn’t mean that you forget old loves, and when circumstances occur that throw you back into their path, love can rekindle at any time.

    There is a famous “old-timey” star in Hollywood who lost his young wife at a relatively young age to breast cancer, returned to his 40th or 45th or 50th high-school reunion, and reconnected to his high-school sweetheart, and they’ve been married close to 20 years now (I’m not naming names because at one time this gentleman was a distant in-law of mine, but a little research will reveal his name). And I know other couples like this too, who are not so famous.

    I’m one of those who would be OK if the Mother dies before 2030, as long as it’s done well. I would even be OK if Ted is telling this story in 2030 because it’s been some time and he is ready to start dating again or even to remarry. But I can’t decide if I would be OK if Ted winds up with Robin afterwards.

    On the one hand, it would be too cute by half, and those of you who have watched the show from its inception, and who followed Ted on his journey, might be enraged, and you would be partially justified….it’s a cruel trick to play on your audience, a la St. Elsewhere. And those of you who love Barney and
    Robin together ( that wouldn’t include me….I don’t get them as a couple) are going to want more backstory on their breakup as a couple then the show can probably give us with only two hours left to go.

    But….if Ted is grieving, who else would he turn to besides his trusted old friends, who knew him when, who knew how lonely he really was before he met the Mother, and who saw his joy and delight in finally having the life he wanted (we, the audience, have seen snippets of that this season, too). And thus would know just how truly devastated he would be if he were to lose her. If Robin is available, it would feel so natural to him to find comfort with her, and love could blossom from that… a more mature love, a love that is more accepting from having loved and lost (and for Robin too at that point), a love that is won from experience and from gratitude. Robin and Ted were not right for each other in their 20′s and 30′s, but they might be exactly what each other needs in their 40′s, 50′s and beyond.

    I will be very disappointed if by some trick or slight-of-hand Robin turns out to actually be the biological mother of Ted’s children. That door was slammed shut a long time ago. But if fate intervenes, and it’s DONE WELL ( a tough order, but at least in the past these writers have been up to it), I guess I would be OK with Robin and Ted reuniting some time before 2030.

    March 31 is my birthday, and for a gift I want HIMYM to give me a reason to laugh, cry, think and feel, and an ending that doesn’t feel like a “twist” although it may be. I don’t mind being surprised, but I don’t want surprise for the sake of surprise; I want an ending that feels natural, and organic, and that I can look back on and say ‘that fits with the story I’ve been hearing, it fits with the characters, and it could have happened that way, even if it was improbable.” I don’t mind feeling sad, because as I’ve posted elsewhere on this board, life can be sad, but I don’t think that precludes hope. My grandmother used to say “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” and if the Mother (or anyone else) dies, I want to know that despite, the sadness, there’s a future for those remaining.

    Oh, and after 6-7 years of watching and reading about this show, I just now realized that my best friend Robin and her husband Ted celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last fall (a true story!).

  4. How Ted and the Mother are finally ready for each other 05/26/2013.

    Due to the death of her Then Boy Friend Max, the mother,

    On her 21st Birthday 09/2005
    The day Marshall and Lily get engaged
    The Day Barney introduces Ted to Robin

    was not ready to meet Ted. Until the wedding weekend of Barney and Robin, the mother was still holding onto Max. The night before the wedding the Mother finally let go of Max and turned down the proposal of her then boyfriend Louis. Simultaneously Ted was still in the process of letting go of his dream of the perfect girl (Robin and all the other Xs). When this is completed Ted will also be ready.

    Solo pointed out I left out some steps. Also saying that it was more about Themselves and less about another person. Solo says it involves self confidence.

    I was trying to go back over 20 years to when I met my wife. I had to be confident that things would work out. Sort of like Ted the other night. Ted had to let it happen. Get out of his own way. Ted did not have to create the perfect date. When the evening did not go as planned Ted let the evening flow. They walked and talked. They did not have to go and do the check dance to see if she was the right girl. No checking off a list. The mother fit the list. He just did not know all that yet.

    So each one had to let go of that imaginary perfect person. Max and that check off list for Ted. Robin was not perfect but Ted wanted her. It was just, Robin was not ever going to be right for Ted. She even told him that. So what does this mean for those who are still out there dating. Don’t Box yourself in. Same with us older married couples. Marshall and Lily had to find that out also. Sometimes you just go with it.

  5. Why do we need a playbook 2 ? because maybe step 16 : “hope she says yes” is not the last step.Maybe barney , in a big bro fashion realised that ted is the one for robin,and the only way for her to realise it is to be fouled like this.Don’t get me wrong i like barney and robin together but if they are going to introduce us the second playbook it either has to be from one of the two dudes that barney gave his notes to or this.don’t make them split up ordinarily.
    Unanswered questions :
    -the locket . as we know the writers want to close all open ends.The locket by this moment has been given a huge amount of airtime , so i believe it’s not the end of that story.
    -robin is infertile.why did we need this to be part of the story?because that’s why she’s the aunt in this story , and not the mother.but not being the mother can’t mean that she isn’t ted’s wife in 2030.
    -josh radnor described the finale in one word : circle.So go back to the begining.where do we get ? robin.
    -what kind of mother doesn’t go to her daughter’s wedding ? i admit it may be something just to throw us off-track ( and the mother missing the daughter’s wedding , because she’s off in the peace core or smth) , but it seems a little to complementary to the “mother isn’t wife (anymore) theory”
    -writers gave almost everyone a goodbye in the last it posible that unanswered stuff like Marshall’s “Not yet” , and their 40 year old deal ( probably falls because he is with The Mother in 2024 ) is left as question marks to be answered in the finale.
    -barney sacrifices himself for robin this whole season , so why not do it in the bigger picture ?
    it’s the end of a show.the show is named “how i met your mother” , it’s not “how i met my wife”,not “story of my life” or crap like that.maybe it was somthing that was taught about from the begining , as the writers new the ending from the start.

    Other optionn from my point of view is the mother is returning from peace core or something like that , she left when the kids were too young to remember and that’s why he is telling the story.kinda fits with the “vesuvius” plot , as she will be gone and miss a lot of the kids childhood , and ted shouldn’t live in his stories , but continues to live his life while she is gone.problem is long distance doesn’t work,so maybe that’s how he ends up with robin.

  • The Mother