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What is in the box

Here at we keep the spoiler news on the Spoiler Pages. So with that in mind I wanted to open a Topic for those who like to speculate but not from the point of Spoilers.

In the final Episode of Season 8 (E24) we see Ted leaving his Apartment with a wrapped Box. Now this scene opens up many questions… WHATS IN THE BOX is one.

The second question would be where is all Ted’s stuff? He has a finished house for sale. So all his worldly belongings are probably not stored there. Also we know that at this wedding Ted is going to meet his future wife. So that puts a damper on his Trip plans. But I am getting ahead of the story.

Ted is going to a wedding of two friends, Barney and Robin. Then Ted is off to Chicago for an exciting new job. We know that Ted skipped a job interview to go help Robin in central park. Yes she said it was not important. We know it was important to Robin and at the end of episode 23 we see Ted and Robin holding Hands in the rain while kneeling in front of the hole that at one time held the locket.

Third Lily has a secret. Yes we know Chicago is famous for its pizza. But I think there is more to this car Trip. Will Lily convince Ted to tell everyone about his secret? Can Lily actually keep a secret. Now Back to the Box.

We know the Pencil Box at one time had the childhood Locket or Robin. She dug it up drunk one night at Central Park, with Lily in tow. Then instead of taking it to Japan, Lily had Robin put the Locket in the Pencil Box for safe keeping. Ted has had it all along. SO THIS IS JUST ONE MYSTERY that will unfold during the 9th and final season of How I Met Your Mother.

If you are really excited and want to know more, then start reading some of our other Pages about this great show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. This is the journal of five friends. But specifically, the story of how the Character Ted (played by Josh Radnor) meets his Wife (played by Cristin Milioti) know to all as, the girl with the Yellow Umbrella THE MOTHER.

Sept 23rd:

Now we know the photo was in the Box… or did Ted find the Locket in Stella’s California Storage and decided at the last minute to use the photo instead or Did Barney beat Ted to the Pencil Box and he has the locket. Tell me if this clip from Farhampton and this clip from Something Old are the same item?


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  1. Does the locket Robin wear at her wedding is the same that Ted search for?

  • The Mother