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What Are Your HIMYM Ending Predictions?

Hello all!

We’re at a fun stage now where theories about the show’s ending are running rampant. Some people think that someone is going to die – get married – get divorced – have a kid – get sick – etc, etc etc. What is your best prediction for how HIMYM will close out the series?

Your theory may depend on how far into spoilers like to look. If you’re open to big potential spoilers, there are three pages you might want to delve into beforehand:

Season 9 spoilers

Best of the Craig Thomas & Carter Bays HIMYM AMA

All about the Mother

We really want to hear everyone’s best ideas! Does a divorce loom ahead for one of our favorite TV couples? Is someone deathly ill? Has Ted been talking to a pineapple this whole time? I know at least one of you thinks a serial killer is on the prowl…

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  1. Well Corina, I for one have read heard listened too and watched way to many spoilers on this show to be of much help.

    But for the rest of you with great imagination comes great reward. I for one would really like to hear some of your theories about how they are going to write the happy ending we all want to see.

    There is only one more week of shooting left for this show. Wow. Strange to think about it. I want to see a Legend Ending.

  2. I doubt anyone’s dead, that’ll be way too dark and unfitting for the show’s style.

    But here’s my guess- we already know that the wedding “went horribly wrong”, in the words of Future Ted. I think that Barney and Robin won’t end up getting married to each other, and Barney will end up marrying someone else. (Hence the reason Barney is seen with a ring during flashforwards, but Robin isn’t) Maybe Shannon finds him somehow, and Barney decides to give up on Robin in favor of the first girl he loved?

  3. Basically that is why I am staying out of this discussion. I would like to hear more of what you all are thinking. Solo and I talked about this as an off week post. But we did not know if anyone would be interested in commenting.

    So Corina volunteered to put something together for us and let everyone have a chance to air an ending for the series the way you would want it done.

    You do not have to exactly talk about the last episode. Just an open area to talk about the show HIMYM as we wind down the end of a good series.

    Solo said to me yesterday that he does not expect any show to replace this right away. I don’t exactly remember the entire conversation…

  4. Well, I’ve already put forth my theory that it turns out Ted is not the Dad (but I don’t believe he’s Dead either, SK be damned).
    It’s a bit too much to repeat the hole line of reasoning here. But I do believe that the twist turn does involves a drastic perspective change as regards the relationship between Ted and the Kids. At the same time, it’s a comedy show, and I do expect it to end on a positive note.
    So I do think it has something to do with Ted’s actual fathering of the kids.

  5. So here’s my old list of things I’d like to see. I think this is a good place to start for my thoughts.

    In the current timeline of the show:

    1. The locket: Did Ted find it, does he give it to Robin, does he give it to Barney to give to Robin?

    Is there more to the locket story or not? I believe that Ted has moved on from Robin as of the sunrise of the morning of the wedding, but did he dive in after the locket?

    2. Robin finding out that Ted and Victoria broke up because he wouldn’t stop being Robin’s friend: They have alluded to this several times so I want this to be addressed.

    So now Robin knows. I’m guessing that once Lily and Marshall tell the gang that they are staying, they will talk Ted into staying in New York and crush Hammy D’s dream of crushing Ted.

    3. What makes this wedding the train wreck they have led us to believe it will be?: Will there be a ring bear, who will be the wild card, will Robin’s stepmom sing Cheeseburger in Paradise as the father/daughter dance?

    I’m guessing that there will be a ring bear, Robin’s stepmom will sing but Robin will get a better father/daughter dance than Cheeseburger in Paradise. I’m still unsure who is going to be wild card. Ted is less likely in my opinion. I’m curious to see what the problems are with the wedding/reception, but I don’t think it is that important to the story.

    4. Will Marshall use one of the slaps to get Barney to get down the aisle?

    I still think this is going to happen. I think it will be Marshall’s gift to Barney in more ways than one. It will be a slap to get Barney down the aisle, but not a huge one.

    5. How many more people will Lily tackle and why?

    I’m guessing Lily tackles Ted for sure, and maybe whoever the wildcard turns out to be.

    6. How the mother meets everyone else (Marshall and Robin) – ok we’ve seen Marshall, so just Robin left

    Going back to the early episodes (maybe Purple Giraffe even, not quite sure), I think Robin will meet the mother after she is married to Barney, probably during the reception, and Robin will play some role in Ted and the mother meeting on the train platform, though I don’t have a clear picture of how yet.

    7. How does Ted injure his hand? – problem solved, punching Darren (in my head I say it like Ted says pfft. Derrick).

    They have said on twitter this is how Ted hurt his hand, but there’s no bandage. At this point I’m saying Ted hurts it wrestling with the ring bear, like the goat, or a distant second, Zabka gets further revenge on him.

    8. Why is Ted unable to meet/talk to the mother before the Farhampton train station?

    This is one that really puzzles me. He has to go home via train I guess because Marshall, Lily, and Marvin make the car a tight fit. I also think it is an example of Single’s Stamina. I’m guessing Ted is at the reception longer than Marshall and Lily and he eventually leaves when he comes to conclusion that he won’t get a chance to talk to the band’s bass player. Maybe he sees an interaction between her and Louis and thinks she’s taken and leaves then.

    9. The resolution of Marshall and Lily’s Judge vs. Rome.

    While for the sake of tying up storylines, I hope we see where Lily went while Marshall was talking with ghost Lily, I’m really over the storyline. It received are too much attention and air time.

    10. At least 2 amazing speeches from Ted that prove he’s become the man he needed to be to meet the mother, and a good man, not mopey Ted.

    Ted has given us some memorable stuff, but I want to hear him give a speech as to why he’s ready now to meet the one. Something to finish the transition from getting over Robin to being the man he had to be.

    That was all the real time stuff, for flashbacks/forwards I would like to see these things. I removed the ones from the list that we’ve seen. I feel like my post is too long already.

    11. I’d love to see the first date of Ted and the mother.

    12. Any glimpse of Ted and the mother’s wedding.

    13. Explanation of the whole Ted/mother relationship timeline (trips to farhampton, birth of kids, wedding, etc.)

    14. A future slap if there are any left

    If Marshall slaps Barney on the wedding day, then there won’t be any more, unless they make another slap bet.

    15. The whole gang together in the future, happy.

    Because they will be.

    16. Some conflict between Ted and the mother to give the relationship depth and realism.

    17. I really want to know what the reaction shot the kids have been sitting on since season 2 is all about.

  6. Why is he telling the story now? I think, just because it’s as good a time as any. Ever since Ted said in “Brunch” that he would one day sit his kids down and tell them the full story of how he met their mother, I have found it completely natural. Ted is the kind of person who does what he thinks is important. I really don’t think anyone is dead or dying. And obviously, divorce is out of the picture, as he does say it is the greatest love story of all time. What kind of amazing love story about a couple ends with heartache?
    There could of course be a reason for why he talks to them at that exact time. Maybe an anniversary, maybe one of the kids had their heart broken or something, and he wants to give them hope…. Could be any number of things. But I think it won’t be sad.

    About the locket: The people who knew about the locket in the first place were Ted and Lily. As we all know, Lily can’t keep secret. I am guessing Barney knows about it and has gone through some trouble to get it, and he will give it to Robin. When Robin tells Ted she can’t go through with the wedding, I am betting that being given the locket is one of the things that gives her the push to actually get married, along with her mother making it to the wedding (Barney probably has a Canadian car-guy that drives her there) ((and if he doesn’t, he could just call Guy, the guy-guy)).

    Why Teds hand is broken: Now, we know that at the start of the wedding, his hand is fine when he peels the label off the bottle, so I think his hand will be broken later. I think he gets in a fight with Marshall or punches him in the face. This might have something to do with Marshall pushing Ted to go after Robin or something.
    The two best men at a wedding fighting at the reception makes for a pretty disastrous wedding, I’d say. Also, Patrice is there, so who knows what that might do with an already sort of insecure bride.

    The slaps and the tackles I don’t think will be that important to the storyline.

    Why Ted and the mother don’t meet until at the station and what I think happens there: We know he sees her playing the bass and he probably doesn’t have the time (being the best man) or opportunity (her being on stage) to just go up and talk to her. He probably recognizes her voice though, from the night before, and thinks she is amazing. I am guessing Ted wants to leave the wedding early, he is angry at people and it has been a rough weekend letting go of Robin. So he goes to take the train home, meets the old lady and tells him about how everything started going wrong when the bride asked to see him. He then tells the story of how it all went downhill from there (a bear at the wedding, maybe something with Cassie, fighting with Marshall, whatever it might be). Also, this should take his memory back to the time he was standing at that very same spot with Klaus, and he probably realizes that Robin is the thing that is almost what he wants, but not quite. When she walks out of the taxi, he sees her, it is finally the right place and the right time and everything just falls into place. I don’t really care how it happens, I just know it does. She is his life long treasure of destiny and he knows instantaneously. So Chicago is off. Also, he didn’t bring an umbrella, but she did, and since she is super-caring, she might offer to walk him home/to a cab when they get to the city?

    He calls her right away, of course. My guess is they have their first date that very same night.

    I also really hope we get to see their first date. We know that the first time he says he loves her they were going to see The Wedding Bride 3, so one of my big hopes is getting to see what happens with The Wedding Bride 2. Maybe a flashback to a date he or she went on before meeting or maybe even a date between the two of them?

    Of course Robin has yet to meet the mother. I think she will play a part in Robin and Barney going through with the wedding as well, but I don’t know how. I obviously think they will become friends and be a good match as this season has been hinting that Robin needs a new galpal. Hoping for a flash forward to see how the two of them get along as well.

    I also think that Robin and Barney will conceive on their wedding night, perfectly explaining Robins last cigarette ever being in june 2013 (probably right before she finds out she’s pregnant). Sure they say she can’t have kids, but stranger things have happened.

    Some other things I’d like to see finding out what happened with: Lily that night she left Farhampton, the girl he never met in “Milk” (now that we know it’s not the mother I feel like I need closure on her) and of course… DAMMIT TRUDY, WHAT ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE?!?!

    I just really hope the last episode is a flash-back-flash-forward thing with us seeing EVERYTHING but the moment they first meet, ending with that moment when they say “Hi, I’m Ted” “Hi, I’m ..” and the last line being “and kids, that is the true story of how I met your mother”.

    Probably a lot more I want to see, but that’s what I could think of right now.

    • Some more great ideas. Corina has put up the new abc show review and it looks like an interesting start. There are a few more days (4) i think that you can watch the two part opening episode online with PC or ABC App on Apple products before the show even airs on TV.

      I watched it earlier this week. I know it is not HIMYM but could be a decent alternative. Then after HIMYM they have

      I will be watching both of these shows to see if either can fill that HIMYM void.

      I also noticed that some of the networks are running one series for awhile then switching to another. SO instead of 24 episodes in a year they run 12 or 13 or each with a break in the middle.

      I think this will give us better stories in a shorter span of time. So I hope both of these shows take the hint and give us some good episodes then take a break and retool for the next season.

  7. I have a theory I’ve seen but not as much as the Mother is Dead one. Instead of the mother being dead I think that Robin may have passed away. I truly hope I am wrong and want nothing more than to see the 6 of them sitting around the booth at MaCclarens in 2030, but given all of the emotions we have seen from writers, actors and people associated with HIMYM, I agree that a death with be in the finale.
    The story starts off the night Ted meets Robin. We learn in that episode that is Aunt Robin and later throughout the series we learn that he meets the Mother at a wedding. If Ted would not have met Robin that night, ultimately he wouldn’t have met the Mother being that he met her at Robin’s wedding.
    Watching the Time Travelers episode and the 45 day speech does lead us to believe that the Mother is gone, and Ted wants those days back with her. It could also mean that he was so lonely at that time that he would do anything to have those days to stop feeling lonesome.
    We didn’t really see many flash forwards with Robin other than when she and Lily are talking about the day she was left with Marvin and she took him to a strip club. I believe the latest date in the flash forward was 2030 meaning she still could have passed that year.
    I was really hoping for a voice over from the Mother during the 200th episode or a present tense statement from Ted. Obviously that didn’t happen which could be the writers playing into the theory the Mother is dead.
    I just can’t picture the Kids annoyance with Teds story at the beginning of the series if their Mother had passed. Also, I more-than-hate that people think Ted is dead and telling this story through video theory. Although not so much in later seasons, the kids did interact with Ted when he was telling different parts of the story. Off the top of my head, obviously this took place in the first season, the second season first episode where they asked to use the restroom and he said no, and other occasions throughout including the “What?” when Ted jokingly told them their Mom was the stripper.

  8. All other someone dying / divorce theories seem to fall short in one major area which is how does that persons death relate to the story that is being told and come as a shock?

    I’m beginning to lean towards Ted revealing that something is wrong with him (some kind of terminal illness) and that he will not be around much longer. The story is about Ted …. its always been about Ted. Its how I (repeat, “I”) met your mother.

    For 9 seasons we’ve heard all about Ted’s journey to meeting the mother. In Time Travelers he gives an impassioned speech about wanting the extra 45 days with the mother. Now he’s telling the kids the entire story about how he met their mother just like he said he would back in season 2 because he knows he is running out of time. This also allows the kids to give him a hard time about listening to the story because they have no idea he’s about to drop a bad news bomb on them.

  9. Nobody is dead or dying. That just seems so grim and out of place with the story that I find it INCREDIBLY hard to believe that’s what they’d do with the show. That would be a seriously DARK ending to have Ted be like “Kids…I’m dying. I told you all of this just as a way to have an extra long amount of time with you. I hope you weren’t too bored.”

    I don’t think the “shock” or “twist” is necessarily a bad one. It could just be a surprising one. Or a good one. But overall, I think this is a story about hope and love, and people getting divorced or croaking at the end doesn’t jive with that notion.

    • the only positive twist i can think of is “btdubs, you two are going to have a little brother/sister”.

      Do you have any predictions on what it could be?

      The show is not above going dark. Why would the mother and robyn talk/tweet about crying during the table read as opposed to saying something about being happy or laughing etc after finding out the ending?

      Based on the interviews and quotes that have been made public … i don’t see how it is a happy ending at all.

      • Here’s the thing. I think folks have latched on to the death thing in connection with the “twist”/”shock” thing as a means of trying to predict a disappointing end, to take the sting out of it. I just don’t see the show doing that. It’s never gone truly dark. The show’s message has always been one of hope and love, and I think it’d be REALLY difficult for it to deliver that with Ted saying “So, I’m dying, kids.” That’s the hopeful message? You’ll find love and die in your 50s, leaving your wife bereaved for a SECOND time when she loses the SECOND love of her life? I don’t see that as all that hopeful, ya know?

        I don’t know what the shock/twist is, but I can see where it’s just something heartfelt and lovely, rather than gloomy and sad. People cry out of the pure emotion of a moment, even a happy one. Folks cry at weddings. They cry at really sweet declarations of love. And in this case, they may also be crying because it’s the end of the show.

        I grant you that it’s possible that Ted is dying, or has a life-threatening disease, or whatever, but think about this:

        David Henry, the actor who played Luke, has no recollection of the big shocking thing. Lindsay Fonseca does, but isn’t telling anyone. If it was Ted dying…don’t you think that’d be pretty memorable? Or even if it was Robin and Barney getting divorced or something? I think it’s something that’s far less significant in the overall scheme of things, but is still shocking/surprising on its own. If it was really something THAT earth-shattering, I would expect the actors to remember.

        It’s possible that David Henry is lying about what he remembers, but still, it just seems really out of place to have this whole thing end on such a down note like Ted dying.

        Ask yourself this: why is everyone going “dark” with their predictions, instead of something upbeat? I mean, why not the Mother running for president, huh? We’ve had just as much “evidence” of that scenario as we have of Ted being terminally ill or the Mother being a poltergeist who lives in Ted’s dream house or whatever, and yet people go in the opposite direction. Why? My guess is because by predicting the negative end, IF it comes, they’re “prepared” for it in a sense. It’s less of a shock, and therefore less painful. That’s what all the hand-wringing about death and divorce is about, in my opinion. It’s people trying to brace themselves for a disappointing end.

        • Well to answer your immediate question at the end Solo, I think people are going dark because it is easier to imagine something like that making Cobie cry. I do think it is more difficult to imagine an unknown plot point that would affect the actors that emotionally.

          And not to be condescending, but the mother running for president would not make me cry at all. Now if they were to give us a view of Ted and the mother’s wedding, THAT would be Totally and Freaking Awesome (callback to Marshall and Lily’s reception) and I would definitely cry.

          I do believe the whole gang will be alive and well in 2030, but if they aren’t I would guess that it is either Barney or Robin who is not there.

          We know Robin likes to travel, what if she and Barney are off to Mars? ;)

          I’d rather not learn about the pineapple because it would totally break continuity. We’ve seen a bulletin board with Ted trying to figure it out this season, that’s more than enough for me; I was afraid they were going to ruin it with that based on the promos.

          As for a positive twist that would make me cry, I’ll make some crazy guesses:

          1. Ted and the mother decide to move to Argentina and Ted decides to tell the kids the story now because the house plays some role in getting Ted and the mother together, and they have to put it on the market.

          2. Robin’s parents have passed away in 2030 and Robin is able to help the mother work toward ending poverty with her family’s money.

          I saw mixology Ross and you are right, it isn’t HIMYM, but I’m intrigued enough to keep watching for now.

        • I think you are probably right…one of the “core 5″ characters dying is probably not going to happen. It would be a very bittersweet ending and probably not in keeping with a sitcom. That doesn’t exclude the death/dying of the Mother or any secondary characters. I don’t know what made Smulders cry but I agree that people cry at happy endings as well as sad ones).

          I’m not creative like the producers/writers of this show so I’m really not able to predict the outcome, although at various threads here during the season I’ve taken a stab at it. But I do want to repeat something I said in an earlier thread. Having a character – any character – die is not necessarily “going dark.” To me, a “dark” ending would be either violent (e.g. the SK shoots up McLaren’s) or cynical (like the ending of Seinfeld. Seinfeld was always a cynical show, though, and HIMYM has never had the same tone that Seinfeld had throughout its run – it’s the farthest thing from cynical).

          My father died of cancer when he was 50, and was sick for several years before that, and he was very open with us throughout that time. My youngest brother was 12 when he first became sick and 15 when he died. I bring this up only to illustrate that Ted’s kids are more than old enough for Ted to tell them that he is dying, if in fact that’s the ending, and they’re more than old enough to cope with it. Teenagers lose their parents. Friends lose their friends. Parents even lose children. Smulders told us the ending was “true to life.” Nothing is more “true to life” than death.

          Death happens, it’s part of life, and if done well – and I think this show deserves the benefit of the doubt, because they have mostly handled these “milestone moments” very well, whether sad or happy – it doesn’t have to be dark. Sad yes, maybe even heartbreaking, but not necessarily dark. Harris told us the ending was “complicated.” When someone dies, what’s complicated is what’s left to the living. Hemingway said “the world breaks everyone, and after, many are strong in the broken places.”

          I’m not necessarily predicting this – I’m not predicting anything! – but the “twist” may even be a flashforward in the lives of Penny and Luke. (I can’t forget that they brought Fonseca and Henry in to film that promo with Saget before the season began; we all thought it was just a clever one-off, but what if they filmed a scene with Penny and Luke as adults?) I could see a last scene of one or both of them sitting at home, or even at the bar (now tended by Carl’s son) telling their own children about their grandfather/grandmother, or one or more “aunts and uncles” who made a huge impact on their lives, so that Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin, Ted and the Mother won’t be forgotten, even if the younger generation never got a chance to know one or more of them, because there was an early death. To me, if it’s done well, that would only reinforce the whole ethos of the show, which is storytelling and the passing down of heritage and memory from one generation to the next. I could actually see it being simultaneously happy and sad.

  10. I think there are two likely options for the end:

    1. Ted’s parents/mom has passed away and it’s given him the motivation to finally sit down and tell them the long story.

    2. This seems most likely: since the show is based on the 20s of Bays and Thomas, I think Ted and the Mother are getting ready to leave New York. We know how fondly Bays and Thomas look back on their time in New York, and if this show mirrors their lives as much as they say it does, it seems like leaving New York would be a good reason to tell the story.

    Also, Solo, I believe the actor who played Luke is the one who remembers the end, not the actress who played Penny.

    Also, I think the ‘Mother is dead’ theories are more of like, the mother has been dead for some time (5, 10 years), which would explain why the kids aren’t sad during the story.

  11. Just to let everyone know, yesterday they shot the last scene of the last episode (out of order). They will still be filming through next week.

    A lot more lasts for the Cast of HIMYM. Last Apartment scene was filmed. I think Alyson Hannigan has shot her last scene and is already off set.

    Again we all need to be watching live Monday night. You will want to chat about that one. And keep the ideas going. You guys (HYMT & Ted-Mosby bloggers) should have been in the writers room. It would have improved early season 9.

  12. I could see the family moving, maybe as Ted finally moves to Chicago to build yet another skyscraper or something. I think, however, that folks are assuming that the “twist” is the thing that made Cobie cry, when that isn’t necessarily true. The two could be wholly unrelated.

    Example: the twist is “Kids, we’re moving to Chicago. I know we’ve spent a lot of years here and it’s been great, but life moves on.” Meanwhile, in a different part of the story, Ted says something really heartfelt and beautiful to Robin to get her down the aisle as she’s doubting. Maybe he explains how he envies the love she has with Barney and hopes some day that he’ll find it. Maybe it’s a voice-over from Future Ted talking about how much he loves the Mother.

    I mean, really, crying could be caused by any number of things. But I do think that’s why people are assuming it’s OMGSOMEONE’SDEAD!!!1!!!one!!

  13. David Baker @DaveProps

    Here’s Big Fudge’s chair.
    Sadly, today is his very last day shooting on HIMYM.
    I’m really gonna miss this guy

    So I put the photo up on the spoiler page. Jason Segel has a movie to shoot so this was his last week of filming on HIMYM.

    By the way. On the spoiler page is some news about Luke and Penny for later this season.

  14. Sort of off topic, but I’ve been thinking about going back and watching some episodes before the finale, but without knowing what is coming next it is hard to know which episodes would be best. over on IMDB there was a discussion about what the top 10 episodes are, and I honestly couldn’t pick just 10.

    For me, it comes down to what narrative are you trying to tell or why are you watching. Some people like the funny stuff, others like Ted’s journey, while other like the way they play with storytelling, etc. So I tried to come up with Top 10 lists for different categories, trying to minimize overlap whenever possible.

    I came up with the following categories: Ted episodes, Funny episodes, Episodes about the gang (the core 5 of the show and their interactions), Episodes with relevance to the mother story line, and Interesting story telling method.

    But I don’t know what kind of story the show has in mind for the end. I assume it is a love story, but there are so many variables.

    • Okay for this next episode think of some general information that you would like to know about the group. For example… Oh this is harder than I thought…

      Then next go back to say the 100th episode. Think about what each person in the gang needs to learn out of life. Remember they all have a little bit of daddy issues to resolve. Or Mommy issues whatever. They each need to grow up a little more before the end.

      Does that even help?

  15. Maybe the ending, and the reason why Ted’s voice is different, is because they are in the beginning of making a TV series about Ted’s life. And the kids in the end walk off the set and we meet the real kids and see everyone happy? Just a thought

  16. In the exploding meatball sub episode ( 6X20) ending you can see the 2021 version of the group.While Ted,Marshall and Lilly all wear wedding rings , you can clearly see that Robin and Barney aren’t. As the producers state that they decided that the two will get married between seasons 5 and 6 , i think it’s clear that they won’t last the test of time.
    Or it just might be a slip on their part.
    I’m expecting a twist ending where The Mother ends up being JUST the mother of the kids . ( because of Robin’s infertility)

  17. I thought of this, too! At the very end, the camera pulls back and we see Radnor – not Saget- relating the story to two different kids. Saget, Henry and Fonseca are actors playing the “real” Ted Mosby and his children. This would certainly fit in with the idea that the show is really about Bays and Thomas’s life in New York.

    I’m not sure the “show within a show” is something that fits in with HIMYM; it’s too showy for my taste, although I loved it on Seinfeld. But as I said upthread, Seinfeld was always a little more cynical, as was “Newhart,” which had another kind of trick ending.

  18. The one thing that would ruin the whole show for me would be that Ted and Robin still end up together.
    That makes rewatching the show impossible for me cause, all the buildup to the mother, making us fall in love with her this season pointless.

    Bays and Thomas have been saying that the show is about hope.
    They also said that there is a happy ending, but they also love to misdirect us.

    It is funny though I’ve actually never wondered why Future Ted is telling us this story. He always said it’s the best love story, all the speculating here makes wonder if there’s more to it.

  19. Just like Barney and Robin were wrong for each other in season 5, Ted and Robin could be a bad match back in season 2. That part was always a little bit confusing to me, the authors have said miltiple times that when you meet the right person you know it almost instantly, but it wasn’t like that for Robin. Neither with Ted, nor with Barney. Besides, the way Barney and Robin’s relationship has been shown, I’ve always felt they are more like bros rather than lovers. We’ve seen Robin kinda forcing herself to act like an adult, telling Barney that a real mature relationship is based on trust, not lies, but it never looked like she really cared. On the other hand, she had a huge fight with Ted back in season 2 when it came yo a similar issue.
    Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand how we are supposed to fall in love with the Mother, when we had 9 seasons to fall in love with Robin. All Ted’s confusion and stubbornness aside, you can’t deny that she messed him up a few times too. Right now, the Mother still feels like a foreigner, Barney and Robin still look like kids and Ted had at least one speech to deliver to ensure us he’s ready for new adventures.
    Don’t be mad at people who believe in Ted and Robin. They were 8 years in the making and make a very beautiful couple. They symbolise hope and have a story that is so far WAY more touching than the story of Ted and the Mother.

    • See that is exactly my Point. I liked early Ted and Robin. She was a little bit of a “cowboy” and Ted a little bit of a kind hearted “boy next store” best friends. They had what the other person lacked. Then they started rewriting Robin to fit more with Barney.

      Finally Ted was so lost that he started acting out like a teenager. Kissing married women, not caring who he slept with or why. Then finally steeling a bottle Scotch “that’s the dream”.

      Both Ted and Robin turned out very different from the early series and I do not like them together at this point. They are now wrong for each other.

      But they still have that spark as you mentioned. Now it seems forced. All the relationships seem forced. I do not like where this has gone.

      I liked the original Ashley Williams Victoria too. Not the one that came back from Germany with a Bad hair cut and different attitude.

      Now the Mother she is not perfect. But I like the way they have put Cristin Milioti into this role and revealed her characteristics. She is okay with Josh. Not the wow Victoria or Robin moment. They may get us there in the next 6 Mondays.

      I hope they can keep the story connected. I do not want tonights episode to be all over the place. I hope they wrote it to not jump around a lot.

      • I liked the original Ashley Williams Victoria too. Not the one that came back from Germany with a Bad hair cut and different attitude.

        I beg to disagree. I didn’t like the original Ashley Williams Victoria at all. I LOVED and ADORED the GORGEOUSLY WONDERFUL Victoria. How could they sabotage her the way they did. I’m crying blood. I’m almost wishing a Serial Killer puts the cross hairs onto the writers.
        The only one in the series that’s been able to be close to being a competition to original Victoria is Amy. (That’d be a tricycle that get me yumming from here till the end of eternity)

    • Well, two things. First, the Ted/Robin thing is completely over at this point. That was the whole weird “CGI Robin floating away” thing. It doesn’t get more symbolic and final than that. Ted has let go of her for good.

      Second, Ted and Robin in Season 2 are not at all like Barney and Robin in Season 5. What was wrong with Barney and Robin was that neither of them was ready for a serious relationship, and particularly not with each other, given how many issues they each had left to work out. They might be ok in relationships with other, more stable people, but they were too damaged at that point to work together. BUT that is NOT to say that, at their core, they weren’t well matched. For me, the thing that clinches it is the first season episode where they go out together, drink Scotch, and smoke cigars. These two get each other on a core level and don’t actually have anything in terms of their personalities that makes them want to live life SO differently that they’d be incompatible on those grounds. If anything would drive them apart, it’d be their own baggage, rather than even more fundamental things like “How should a relationship work.”

      That’s ultimately what’s wrong with Ted and Robin in Season 2 and throughout the whole series. For all the ways that they are compatible, they are incompatible in several absolutely core ways, not least of which is how they relate to each other in the context of the relationship.

      Think of it this way. Robin is never EVER going to be mushy and romantic, and certainly not in the way Ted is. Robin is not…affectionate. She’s not cruel or cold, but she doesn’t “do” affection the way Ted does. This ALONE would kill their long-term success, even if you ignore the “Do you want kids” thing. Try to imagine spending the rest of your life with someone where, from Ted’s perspective, you pour your heart out to them and they recoil or brush it off or otherwise act like “Ugh, stop already. Too mushy!” From Robin’s perspective, try imagining living life with someone who is constantly demanding that you emote in a way that you’re just NOT comfortable or simply does not feel natural, who’s always pressuring you to somehow be different from who you are just by being who THEY are.

      THAT is what is wrong — and always has been wrong — with Robin and Ted. And that’s not something that will change with either of them. In fact, what makes Barney work so well with Robin is that he accepts her for who she is and doesn’t ask her to change. Think about the episode where Ted points out how she’s always so self-sufficient and never needed him and it was off-putting. Then think about what Barney said — he said “Yeah, you’re like that, and it’s awesome.”

      Ted and Robin are not about hope, at least not in the sense of hoping that they’ll get together. This is, I think, one of the absolutely fundamental messages of the show. That kind of thinking is the thinking that has kept Ted from finding “The One” for 8 years (in show time — 9 for us). When Ted should have been hoping to find SOMEONE, he kept doubting he would, and focused instead on Robin — who is emphatically the wrong girl. That’s not hopeful. It’s foolish. I’d even argue that it’s cowardly because Ted refuses to really let go of her and hope that he could find someone who is not only as amazing as Robin is, but is even BETTER for him. That’s no small task, but it’s been one he’s been unable to do throughout the show, at least until now.

      Where Ted and Robin ARE about hope is in the notion that you can meet someone that you think is absolutely amazing, but still not be right for each other…and it doesn’t mean you’ll never find anything that good again. With Robin, my sense is that Ted has felt for so long that she is the be-all/end-all, that he’ll never find someone better, and she’s always been his “safety net” after relationships failed. All that has held him back. It’s kept him from really daring to hope that he can live life without Robin. It’s kept him rooted in the past, rather than looking to the future, or being mindful of the present. And all at a time when Robin is so clearly wrong for him. There’s no hope in them getting together. It’s not hopeful when people who are wrong for each other get together, and it’s not hopeful to be fixated on someone who is dead wrong for you. And besides, we’ve always known — since the Pilot episode — that Robin is not the Mother.

  20. So this would be my ending to the series. A very old Lily and Marshall in Bed. Lily leans over to Marshall and says two words. PAY UP!

  21. Robin symbolises hope for all the girls who got burned once (she can be mushy and besotted, we’ve seen her falling head over heals in love numerous times) and who now are afraid to open up. The iloveyouvirgin, the idon’tdonicknames, the igotit, the mess, this Robin gives you hope that there’s a guy who’ll take you as you are
    Ted symbolises it in another way and we know now why he was afraid to let Robin go.
    In my opinion, some people (including me) like Ted and Robin together more as at this point it all comes down to three reasons:
    1) too little time spent on the Mother. She’s all too perfect, almost like a saint (especially in the scene when she meets Barney). Just like Ted she should be a human being. A character like that needs more depth. The authors chose the easy way, ala Barney and Robin’s Aww running gag.
    2) Neil and Cobie look bad together. While I couldn’t imagine anyone who would play Barney and Robin better, they just don’t match and it’s annoying. Barney needs someone petite and feminine, Robin looks good with guys like Nick and Don. This is a TV show, not real life so you have to think about chemistry and harmony too.
    3) Robin’s feeling for Ted and those times they’ve never been addressed. Her wanting to sabotage Ted and Victoria in season 1, longing for Ted in season 4 and giving him hope in season 7 and messing him up in season 8. She’s not that innocent. Ted would have moved on faster if it wasn’t for stupid things she said or did.
    I’m not stupid, I understand they won’t end up together. I’m just explaining why some people like them together.

    • I get you, and I hope it didn’t seem like I was suggesting you were stupid. I agree with you on them representing hopeful things — but more as individuals than as a couple. I don’t think Ted and Robin belong together in any sense, and I find it hard to believe that other people do.

      I do get that the Mother — for many people — has not been introduced effectively enough to win them over, or has been presented as “too perfect.” I think we’ve seen her flaws to some degree, though, and I think she has been humanized some. The problem is that it was all done in a single episode and, aside from that episode, she’s basically still sort of a Perfect Object rather than a character, because we’ve only seen brief snippets of her.

      I’d say her biggest damage has been her inability — I’d argue her unwillingness — to get past the death of her boyfriend Max. Similar to Ted with the (repeated) failure of his relationship with Robin, she let that hold her back for years on end.

      The thing is, even if we had a full season with her, I’m not sure she’d come across as any less “perfect,” although she’d seem a lot more substantial. Let’s not forget that this is Ted’s telling of the story, and in Ted’s eyes, she IS perfect. Perfect for him, anyway. Things that other guys might see as imperfections, he finds to be absolutely enchanting, like her thing with breakfast foods singing show tunes, or her paintings of robots playing sports. She’s WEIRD. And Ted loves that, whereas other guys would recoil.

      The difference, if the writers had shown her all season and focused more on their lives after they met, would be that she wouldn’t just be a checklist of characteristics. We’d see her reacting to situations, get to know her better, etc. As it stands, she’s only marginally better defined (at least explicitly) than Love Solutions Girl who was literally a list of characteristics and nothing else. I think, instead, we have to read between the lines of her interactions with Ted and Ted’s references to his life in the future with her, and guess at what makes her work with Ted.

      Now, as for Cobie and Neil not looking good together, I disagree. I think they look fine, but that’s probably more just a matter of personal taste. I think they look close enough to each other to work fine. I’d have been more troubled by something like Ted ending up with a woman who looked like Mary the Paralegal. There’d be something just a little too “TV sitcom” about that.

      On your point about Robin sharing some of the blame for Ted’s hanging on…you’re absolutely right. Robin and Marshall both bear some responsibility for egging Ted on in one way or another, usually due to their own self-interested purpose (e.g. Robin reaching out to Ted because he’s “safe”, Marshall telling Ted to go for it because he’s got money riding on it). But ultimately, Ted is the one who chooses what to do. When Robin takes Ted’s hand in the rain and starts talking about Destiny, he could just as easily say “Your destiny lies with Barney. Not me. We were never destined for each other, although it took me a while to admit that to myself.” When Marshall says that he should go for it one more time with Robin, Ted could say “Nah. We’re done, man. We’re not right for each other. I’ll find happiness some day. I know I will. But it won’t be with her.” Instead, he falls back on old patterns and starts pursuing her/pining for her again. Not without encouragement from others, but he still makes the final call — as do we all for ourselves.

  22. I’m sorry, I’m still sick so maybe it’s my medecine that makes me agressive) agree with what you said about Ted who can actually make his own decisions, but that’s the problem of romantics and people who are afraid to let their Robins go. When there’s so much energy spent you do feel like this person is the part of your essence and without them you’re not at all. But again, you’re right! Ted shouldn’t be justified just because he’s easy to sway! Oh man, I think, I’m onto something to figure out here, haha
    6 episodes left, still waiting for beautiful moments with the Mother :)

    • Agree, plenty of time for the Mother to take a more center stage role in this show. Not saying it will happen. Just that they have time to make her shine for US and with Ted.

      Your other points about Robin being to blame for Ted chasing her. Right on. Some guys do not get it when its over. Ted is on her hook bad for 8 years.

      And Epic, never make excuses, never apologize. It show weakness and you are strong (Purple Strong).

  23. I understand that people are focused on chemistry and who is right for each other and things like that.

    To be completely honest, if Barney and Robin don’t work out it, it will REALLY bug me, and not for those reasons (thought your opinions are welcomed and valid and I’m trying to be affirming). It will be because this pairing has dominated the narrative structure of HIMYM for far too long. We saw glimpses of their chemistry in Zip Zip Zip, but I think the real jumping off point for them is Sandcastles in the Sand. This is season 3! Barney’s been after Robin almost as long as Ted.

    Season 5 kicks off the Barney and Robin trying to define the relationship (ok being forced by Lily).

    Season 6 kicks off the framing device of this wedding where Ted meets the mother. I get that this is crucial to Ted’s story, but this wedding motif has been used way too much if Barney and Robin don’t make.

    Season 7 is bookended with the reveal of the groom and bride, and season 8 shows us how they get back together.

    So yeah, this pairing better work out because if it was only a vehicle to get Ted and the mother together, they didn’t need to spend like 5 seasons on it.

    • On the one hand, I agree with you that it’s been ENOUGH ALREADY ABOUT THE DAMN WEDDING. I think what really killed the wedding, though, was the first half of Season 9. Prior to that, the wedding was just a framing device, barely touched upon. If, for example, Season 9 had opened with, oh, 6 episodes AT MOST devoted to the pre-wedding, the wedding, and the post-wedding meeting, and the REST of season 9 had been about Ted and the Mother falling in love, having kids, growing older together, etc., would we be (A) complaining about how much focus the wedding has gotten, or (B) complaining that the Mother seems under-defined? I doubt it, actually. Even if the wedding had lasted until Episode 18 of this season, and the last six had been about Ted and the Mother meeting, falling in love, etc., that’d be the same amount of time we had with Victoria in Season 1, and people LOVE that iteration of Victoria.

      We’re at six episodes now, although they won’t be devoted to the Mother and Ted’s chemistry together, so I doubt we’ll ever get that same kind of connection. Still, I think (I HOPE) they’ll show enough of her that we’ll feel like she’s more fleshed out and right for Ted.

      On the subject of Victoria, though, I think it’s important to remember a few things. First, our introduction to Victoria was lovely and wonderful, but she is — always remember — a runner. Victoria, in my opinion, does not want what Ted wants. And, unlike Robin who is at least more self-aware, Victoria THINKS she wants the same thing. Maybe down the road, Victoria settles down and finds herself a nice fellow and stops running. But our experiences with her have uniformly ended with her running. In that sense, I have never been quite as taken with her as everyone else. I think what contributes to her being seen as so wonderful is that she was the first of Ted’s serious girlfriends, and therefore the one most viewed with rose-tinted glasses. Also, her decision to leave was — at least in some respect — reasonable and unlike, say, Stella, she didn’t do it in such a horrible way.

      I didn’t like the broad humor approach to “destroying” her character, but my gripe about that is more with the “how” than with the “what.” I think they could’ve developed that side of things far better, showing how she and Ted were wrong for each other in different ways, rather than the cartoony way they chose. I’m talking about, for example, her being more callous and self-absorbed than we thought (as hinted at by her letting her dad bully Ted into paying for the wedding), or her being incapable of cohabitating with Ted because she was selfish (as evidenced by her slovenly habits). Those could’ve been developed better and treated more seriously, but I think she was still always wrong for Ted and was no saint even the first time around.

      I also think that people’s knowledge of the fact that she “would have” been the Mother if the show ended at one season colors how they view her. But hey, even Stella could’ve been the Mother, and she was WAY wrong for Ted.

      • Actually, I think the best way they could have ended Robin-Ted, Victoria-Ted and gotten Ted set up to meet the mother would have been for Ted and Victoria developing and really continuing the season 1 romance and getting engaged (which leads Ted to really letting go of Robin) and then …
        Victoria dies.
        Now Ted gets a real viewpoint change and he’s ready for the mother.
        The series has gone dark at other moments.
        It might seem cynical and hard, but I’ll bet that actually killing off Victoria would have been a major lift for the whole god damn series. We hove loved Victoria could still continue to love her, with sadness. At the same time as it would resolve all these open and not so well handled issues.

        • That might have worked, but then the Mother’s backstory would have to be different. Because both of them having loved and lost a loved one to an unexpected death would just be way too much coincidence. I mean, there’s plenty of coincidence as it is, but that, to me, is just stretching it waaaaay too far.

          I would have liked Ted to let go of Robin after Season 3, though, rather than continue to pine for her off and on for year after year. I still think they could’ve done many of the same things they ended up doing, without requiring him to continually go back to her after saying “Nope. I’m done. No. Really. This time I am. Stop laughing! I’m serious!”

          If there is any single weakness with the show, it’s Ted’s inability to let go of Robin which, for me, simply defies reality (and not just in an over-the-top-sitcom way).

          • Would it really be “too much” that they both lost a love thru death? Might it not be just the thing that actually unites them and creates the bond between them, they can both relate to the pain and the loss the other has suffered.
            In any case, YM could have lost her love some other hear-breaking way instead of through death. So it might not have required any major changes in the back story of her.

  24. I’m not going to get into much here, with the new episode airing tonight, but this is something that has been bugging me…

    Neil and Cobie have crazy good chemistry. In real life and on the show. They are absolutely adorable in outtakes, they perfectly play off of one another’s schticks, and I think they’re amazing together.

    I’ve seen soooo many people say that they shouldn’t be together because they have no chemistry. It makes me wonder if these people have ever watched the show?

    If you go all the way back to season one you can see it there. These two are great friends off-screen and it totally shows on air. I like the little moments, like when Robin snort laughs at something stupid Barney has said, or Barney stares at her for just a bit too long with that goofy look on his face.

    I absolutely love Barney and Robin together and I think that’s part of the hope thing that this show is all about. End rant :)

    • Agreed. I think what might be happening is two things.

      First, this season has spent WAY too much time “forcing” how good these two are together by sticking them in wacky situations and doing things like their “Awwww” thing. I don’t think any actors would have been able to make that look good. It was just crappy writing, really.

      Second, they’ve not spent enough time building their rekindled relationship. Remember in The Lighthouse this season, how we got the flashback to when Barney found out about Robin not being able to have kids, and how wonderful they were together in that moment? That should’ve been done last season. Speaking of last season, last season spent oodles of time getting them together, but couldn’t really figure out how to make them work once they were together. It was like they stopped trying, in spite of the fact that we’ve only seen them long to be with each other, rather than actually make it work. It wasn’t until the very last episode of last season that I felt like the writers were writing them well as a couple. And then with this season, too much of it was wackiness, and not enough of it was genuine. To be clear, you can be genuine AND wacky (as shown by Barney’s “Now I’m 100% awesome” comment). But they didn’t do enough of that.

      Lastly, they’ve shown almost NOTHING about why Robin is into Barney. We’ve seen how Barney has changed to want to be with her, to get over most of his fears, etc. We haven’t seen why Robin wants to be with Barney enough or what made her ready NOW rather than later. We saw her want what she couldn’t have (which she always does). We didn’t see why, this time, she was happy once she got what she’d wanted.

      I think those are the weak points in their relationship. Other than that, I just attribute the “no chemistry” thing to forlorn Ted/Robin “shippers.”

      • Yes I hope that we see some Robin tonight. She needs to deal with her emotions and not the ones from the episode farhampton.

        Oh wait, this is Sunday. She has that little talk with Ted. We have not seen that clip fully fleshed out yet have we… HMMM

        Solo, you may get to see why Robin is in the emotional state of that freak out. What does Barney do?

        And why should Barney be freaking out about getting married anyway. He is just about to do the same thing his brother has already done, right?

    • I love it when Neil accidentally touched Cobie’s boob in the bloopers xD

      • You did see the letterman top 10. Speaking of bloopers. Two of the top ten related to them. Jason with his CBS NBC ABC slip up and Aly saying should I finish the scene with him or wait for the replacement.

        Jason with the “wait is the show canceled” referencing when his other show was canceled and they shot the ending in the middle of the season just in case.

    • I think a major minus is that the Barney/Robin was mishandled with the break-up in season 5. I absolutely loved the whole arc Sandcastles in the Sand up through season 4 with the ending of The Leap there and then the episodes with Barney and Robin being in a relationship in season 5, i.e. defining the relationship, Robin 101, and Barney going to Canada etc.
      It was ok to break them up as such, but it should not have been a long term forward and back break-up. It should have been short term and the issues handled in season 5, and season 5 ending with them being brought back together again.
      The whole RoBarn cycle up to (but excluding) s05e07 break-up was just amazing and totally wonderful and I for one could totally identify with Barney’s journey.

      • Yes and then they could have shortened the series and not had all this filler back and forth. I never thought I would want a shorter series in any show. But now, I like the shows that go for it and do it well then go away.

        Yet the studios who produce them disagree. I don’t know why?

        • I like the fact that they got the show over the 200 mark. But they shouldn’t be temporizing, they should develop the story. And as I’ve said a billion times. They didn’t really need to end the series with the meeting. They could just have continued running How I and Your Mother Made Babies or whatever …

  25. On a sadder note Harold Ramis died today. He co wrote Ghost Busters and stared directed many of the comedy movies we watched over the years.

  26. Here’s my theory I’ve had for a while and getting increasingly more convinced as the season continues. I think Penny is actually Robins daughter. It turns out she could actually have children. On the wedding day, Robin asks for the best man (Ted) and tells him she’s pregnant. She tells him that she wants to have the child but instead wants Ted to take care of it. There is an understanding of this between the mother and Ted when they get together to raise this child as their own. The story is being told in such a convoluted way with Robin being such a major character so that Penny would get to know her mother (Robin) through it. The ‘mother’ is obviously Luke’s mother and so the answer to ‘how i met your mother’ is actually answered on two different levels. The kids ‘reaction scene’ is them finding this out. I think there will be a reunion of Robin and Penny in 2030 which will be really heartbreaking and sweet.

    • That would be a theory except on the wedding day in 2013 Neither woman would be pregnant with Penny. She is not born until 2015 when Ted Mosby takes her to Trilogy Time with the Group and she is still very young when Ted is holding her right before Luke is born in 2017.

      But I am glad you are putting out the theory.

    • Nice theory! But I think when the issue of Robin being infertile first came up, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas said that she will in fact never have children. No misdiagnosis, no adoption, no loopholes whatsoever.
      I liked the theory someone else posted about Ted being infertile as well and Barney being the biological father of the Mosby children though. Maybe Robin is freaking out on her wedding day because she doesn’t want Barney to be childless for the rest of his life (she went through the same thing when Kevin proposed!). Ted somehow calms her down and – years later – offers a solution… I doubt that they would wait this long to tell their kids though.

  27. The wife and I are thinking because Ted is always telling stories to his children about their mother… she is going to pass.. and as of this episode, he chokes up when talking about mom showing up for daughters wedding… She also speaks that he should make new stories and not live in the past.

  28. THIS CASE IS GETTING CLOSED!!! WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!! Here goes…Ted has done this long, long, long, tap dance about how he met their mother because he is about to ask the Kids for their permission to move on (Per the instructions the indirectly
    gave Ted in VESUVIUS….”I don’t want you to be the guy
    who lives in his stories…life moves forward.” Sharing the lesson she learned from loosing her previous love. Note that the timing is about the same…2024 to 2030…six years…about the same amount of time it to the mother to ask for permission to move on.

    Sooooooo, the really big surprise won’t be Ted’s meeting the mother at the train station…but perhaps Ted telling the kids about someone he met….and yet again for the Ted and Robin shippers is another opening for that to happen maybe (longshot).

  29. I have a crazy theory…
    Penny is actually Robin and Barney’s daughter. I am even more convinced of this since Vesuvius.

    There is a discrepancy with the birth of Penny and the engagement of Ted and the mother. Luke’s birth was shown, Penny’s was not.

    I know, it was previously said that Robin was infertile, and as we know, never became a “pole vaulter.” Maybe she end up getting pregnant, and Ted adopted the baby. Robin had the baby, but was never actually a “mother (pole vaulter).” Besides, Ted would tell the kids this, as they don’t know any differently, yet. Maybe when she found out she was pregnant she freaked out, she had resigned herself to never having children. Her and Barney wanted to travel, and she wanted to focus on her career.

    Although Penny grew up believing Ted and the “mother” were her parents, “Aunt Robin” and “Uncle Barney” were always in her life, taking them on trips, etc. Something happens around 2024. Either Robin is sick, or decides to not be in her daughters life (hence not be at her “daughters” wedding). Ted is living in the past, and is sad/disillusioned with Robin, as we know how much Ted has always wanted/loved children.

    Maybe there is a reconciliation, maybe not, but either way, in 2030, Ted decides to tell the kids the truth about Penny’s biological parents. This would make the story important from the beginning, and the reason he is telling it now. It would be very emotional, bittersweet and fitting. Ted and Robin were never meant to be as is obvious as Ted wants children, Robin does not, but shows love he has for the mother (raising Penny with him) and love in friendship, as he loves and raises Robin and Barney’s daughter.

    • That’s not crazy at all, and I have advanced a similar theory. Main difference between you and me is that you rather have as a basis that it’s Robin/Barney abandoning their daughter, while my basis have been that basically Ted and YM have been help by Robin/Barney (maybe because it really turns out YM is infertile, while Robin is not). I commented quite a lot on this in the episode 18 review (if I recall right)

      • Right. I guess I realize that I’m not the first nor only only person to think of this. :) I stumbled on this website recently, I’ll have to go back and read your comments. I am happy to hear that there are others who don’t buy the Ted/Robin mother is dead theory. There’s just no way that’s how it ends. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but it just doesn’t fit with the whole theme of the show.

  30. My guess is that Robin dies in the finale. It would explain why Robin is a central part of the story Ted is telling and of course key to how he met the Mother too. I am confused by posts saying Robin is in the flash forwards so she can’t die. In S8EP16 the last flash forward is 17 years ahead(Marvin just started driving). If Marvin is born in 2012, that would make it 2029 which leaves time for her to die before or in 2030. I also think she and Barney adopt a daughter. Pictures from the final episodes show Barney in shorts and T-shirt. Is it possible the last suit he ever wears is to Robin’s funeral?
    Whatever happens, I will miss this show.

    • We’ve seen Robin in flash forwards into 2030. Bad Crazy aired in 2013 so 17 years later would be 2030. Robin could die in 2030.

      It wouldn’t explain why Ted is tearing up in 2024, but it would help explain why Robin has been one of the framing devices of the story.

      • Could it be that Robin tells everyone that she is terminally ill in 2024?

        I don’t know what to make of Bob Saget narrating and why he is purposely not in the credits as older Ted. Is he an actor playing the role of Ted Mosby?

  31. I’ve only posted one or two times here before and I haven’t had a chance to read through all the other predictions so if I’m repeating anyone here I apologize.

    I’m not keen on the YM dying scenarios but with last weeks episode I’ve been thinking over the last week and keeping in mind the storyline from How Your Mother Met Me; and Ted’s reaction to the idea of a mother missing her daughters wedding in last weeks episode and the hint that the ending is about hope here’s my theory.

    YM does die but it’s closer to the 2024 but not too close to 2030. When Ted is telling his kids the story of how he met their mother he has gone through the grieving period; much like YM did over Max and he’s ready to move on. His telling the story of how he met the mother the love of his life is his way of getting closure over that loss and getting ready to move on and meet the next one.

    having said that I also hope that YM is still alive in 2030 and the forshadowings I’ve been thinking of are red herrings. In any case I’ll be happy with the ending if the story telling is done well. Regardless of the slowness of this season I think I won’t be disappointed.

  32. Okay, so I just saw a photo with older Robin and older Ted meeting in some bar/restaurant. What if after all the hinting we’ve been getting, not only does the mother die but something happens to Barney as well. I don’t recall ever seeing an older Barney (as in 20 years older) in any of the flash forwards. Nor do we really see Robin.
    What if they’re keeping their promise? Both are single and now they’re getting married. The whole reason Ted started off with his story with meeting Robin is because he’s trying to explain to his kids why him and Robin are getting together. He still loves his wife but he’s moving on.

  • The Mother