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Valentines of HIMYM Past

I was trying to remember past Valentines Episodes of HIMYM…

Desperation day was at the top of my list.

HIMYM_desperation day

“Oh Jupiter, What are your plans for me?” and “I’m Hearing this weird clicking noise.”

I do remember something about the movie Predator and some clicking noises again.

And who could forget Barney’s “Date” with Nora playing laser tag.

Then I found the Drunk train and a chart about getting in the spirit(s).

What is your favorite V-Day HIMYM episode?

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  1. I guess it would have to be Desperation Day. As far as “holiday” episodes go I think the original Slapsgiving is my favorite holiday episode.

    • I pretty much agree with the article. I guess no-one argues with the fact that the priorities were wrong in spending the whole season on the weekend of the wedding and then jamming the rest of the story into the finale. But that aside, as the story goes, my bone of contention is – as I said immediately after having seen the finale, and I still hold that opinion – the betrayal of Barney.
      There’s however en interesting comment to the article, voicing a perspective I can’t recall having seen previously, though I might be wrong on that:

      While exceptionally well-written and offering an appealing “devil’s advocate” position on “HIMYM,” I think you’ve forgotten one key character who isn’t shortchanged in the finale, but downright ruined. Robin, who has spent the entire series trying to strike the delicate balance between work and romance, loses her husband because her professional life takes off. She’s punished for succeeding, implying women can’t, in fact, “have it all.” For a show so progressive in its thinking and for a character so bold, unique, and inspiring, it’s Robin’s fate that rubs the wrong way—and Ted’s French horn can’t save her from the romantic failure attached to her financial success.

      I think it’s an interesting viewpoint, worth pondering, but I do not agree to it. Robin doesn’t seem short-changed to me. First of all, it is by her decision that they divorce, so she’s not in any way, shape or form “the victim” of the divorce. It is also in line with her character throughout the series, while Barney actually have turned around from the devil-may-care single to real husband material.
      That said, would they do a feature movie, or a follow up “aftermath” season or something like that, everything could still be put right without changing a comma in what has already transpired. The main point would be to address Barney’s outcome and to fill in the holes (giving Milotti ample screen time) in the story.
      But I guess that’ll never happen. If I understand it right, Jason Segel wanted to quit earlier and it took some work to get him on board for season 9. So I don’t think he’d ever turn up for another season. Maybe a feature movie would be conceivable, but regardless, I think the train has left the station.

      • I thought you when I read the part about Barney. I remember you feeling the same way as the writer after the finale. It would have been better to me if they could have let it be Nora and him getting married and having a baby.

        I think the train has left too, but it’s frustrating that they could have done so much and chose not to. They could have let it be know she was dead early in the season and then shown everyone after her death and how it affected Ted and his children. I guess they didn’t want to go too morbid, but I think it would have made more sense. Maybe even the mother telling him she wants him to be happy and find another etc…

        • I didn’t like Nora (or rather, I didn’t like her together wwith Barney) but stripper Quinn was as good as match as it really could get. They had great chemistry together.
          And for the rest, yeah.

  2. I wish more of the old group would chime in from time to time. I wonder if anyone still cares about the show beyond us?

    But Yes they could have done TM with a little more screen time in Season 9 and we would have not turned on them towards the end as much as we did.

    Most of the comments are about missed opportunity with the actress Cristin Milioti, could have been positive comments. Even if we are not happy with how things ended with TM and TM we could have benefited with more screen time.

  3. I think their original idea was to just show her once when they met. And then go into the end sequence with the kids saying mom was hardly in the story at all. I’m assuming doing so many season they might have ran out of ideas. I wonder if writers in that situation have ever considered calling in some mega fans to help. They probably have too much pride to do something like that though.

    Yeah I to would like to see how people feel about it now that they have had more time. I recorded and watched the final two episodes last week. I enjoyed it a lot more than the original viewings.

    I was the first person I ever knew of that had the mother is dead theory. It just made so much sense to me. I feel their biggest failure was not showing more of Ted and the mother being married and her death/funeral, and how it affected them all.

  4. Also wanted to add on the picture on the previous blog entry. It was pretty freaking sad to me to see that empty apartment. Seeing Lily in the white whale costume alone and the pan around was rough on me. As was Marshall telling those kids in the bar about a lot of stuff happened here. These make me really sad.

  5. Hey guys was this your favorite show of all time?

    It was and still is mine. I’ve never seen another show with so much comedy yet soooo much heart. I was married in August of 2005 and started the show. It’s been a part of me for a long time. Am I the only one having a hard time letting it go?

    Shows don’t usually make me emotional, but this one has so much. Honestly it still does. When I watched the finale alone for the first time I cried pretty bad.

  6. Has anyone heard anything from Corina?

    Sorry to blow this up but really missing it today.

    • I know practically everyone here hates me cause I’ve always been the biggest Ted and Robin shipper. And I realize that no matter how hard some shippers try to convince the Mother’s lovers that eventually the story made sense it’s not gonna work. Cause it irritates you, guys. I’d be pissed too if all my theories (color theory, Swarkles theory, etc.) were wrong. I agree that the creation of season 9 was the stupidiest idea (to tell you the truth, I’d prefer if s08e23 was the final episode). Here are the last few things I’d like to say cause I can’t keep them to myself anymore…

      In my opinion the only mistake the authours did was actually the fact that they SHOWED the Mother and then created season 9 for no apparent reason. Seriously, the famous train station scene should have included Ted taping the Mother on the shoulder, her starting to turn around and then: “And that’s kids is how I met your mother”. But I’m alone on this one. Noone agrees with me. Whatever. Cause why wouldn’t they come up with an opportunity to spend an entire season on Milioti picturing Mrs Perfect, right? Oh, and one other thing. I was super pissed off when I saw that she was included in the final credits. It felt unfair to the show and to the whole storyline. The story has never been about her. “This is a story about how you’re totally in love with aunt Robin”. PERIOD.

      As for Corina, I’ve always wondered why do people love her reviews so much since she just retells the whole episode. I enjoyed older reviews so much. What was the point in writing the final recap? I don’t know, you tell me… It’s not about bashing her. I honestly don’t understand what is so special about them.

      The one thing this show pictures perfectly and beautifully is that we can try to explain everything and find some meaning in the things that we want to make sense and believe to learn from. The truth is we never know. It seems like there’s some logic to it and that everything happens for a reason but life smacks you over the head and you can either whine about it or try to move on and not be afraid to fight for whatever it is YOU KNOW is gonna make you happy.

      P.S. if Ted loved Tracy so much why he didn’t marry her right away? TED? Mr Groom? In his perfect blazer? When Tracy said she would get married in a White Castle? Oh, I don’t know. Guess, he loved her THAT much ;)

      • Ted was such a romantic. Josh Radnor played this part perfectly. But Ted’s vision of the right moment and place to get married to the mother was what they wrote. This image got in the way for a few years it seems. They wanted to keep that part of Ted going. What finally changed his mind was Barney and the new Baby… if they had enough time to write out that story IMHO.

        As for Corina review style compared to say Solo4114? To each there is a season etc.

        When I first started watching I wished Robin was the mother. Then they wrote in Barney and the triangle. At that moment it soured the milk for me.

        So we all had to focus on other ideas to keep the story alive.

        Back a few seasons ago some of the blogs figured out that the mother was gone by the time Ted was telling this story.

        But we are so invested that many blocked the facts out. We always knew it could be a TM and TM moment Ted Mosby and Tracy Mosby.

        Forgot your other points… anyone feel free to jump in.

      • I think basically everybody was a Ted & Robin shipper from the beginning. It was a big disappointment when they broke up. And what made me let go of it was when RoBarn really developed and became a mainline thread in the story.
        Once the RoBarn thread started to develop for real, I stopped being a T&R shipper. But I never objected to Ted and Robin getting a happy ending together, it just didn’t seem real any longer.
        I have no beef whatsoever with Robin and Ted getting hooked, what I’m taking umbrage with is the treatment of Barney. But I’ve already said that a million times, so won’t belabor it again.

        • Good point Dolf, I forget that part because I d not focus on Barbey at all. Ted’s story was put on hold for so long Iwas really upset.

          I forget that Barney was also treated poorly at times. Come to think of it, each character took a turn at being maligned.

  7. Also on some of these youtube videos people are still discussing it. It might be a place for someone to put a link to this blog. Lots of people still love the show.

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