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The Cast of HIMYM Move On in 2014

Now that the Series is over we want a place where you can track your favorite Actor/Actress from the Series How I Met Your Mother.

So this Page will be our starting point. Help us keep it up to Date.

Josh Radnor

Jason Segel

Cobie Smulders

Alyson Hannigan

Neil Patrick Harris

Cristin Milioti

Bob Saget

David Henrie

Lyndsy Fonseca


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  1. Does anyone else call him Ted Radnor? I always do this and not on purpose.

    • Thanks for putting that up there. I did appreciate it. So is that all the news anyone has on the cast. I remember NPH having a few interview about his new Movie and HIMYM.

      Everyone was very interested to hear him on Letterman say that he liked the ending for Barney. Neil wanted Barney to fly free again.

      Before HIMYM I was a Chuck FAN. This fansite blog is still going.

      But HIMYM is over and everyone dispersed. Chuck Fans had a disappointing ending also but they have staying power.

      This is why we liked Chuck

      Back to HIMYM… So what are the rest of the cast doing?

  2. Cristin Milioti is supposed to be in a TV Movie (or show) called A to Z.

    I have no idea when it is supposed to air

  3. Thanks, Richard. This is exactly what we are looking for. Let us know when you hear more please. You could also try her direct web site I think.

  4. Jason just came out with a new movie, “Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz. ‘ NPH is continuing on Broadway and making the judging rounds ( Project Runway, Rupauls Drag Race). Alyson just revealed she felt the ending of HIMYM was rushed and she wasn’t happy with the finale. Colbie is in the about to be released Captain America 2, and next year’s Avengers 2. Josh used his voice for a movie this year, but really can’t find anything new on him or Alyson. Did find an interview where he told Vulture the title was always a fake out and a way to keep viewers watching to meet a mother that never really meant anything in the overall scheme of things. He did say after all the love Christin received he asked were they even thinking of changing the ending and was told nope! Alright then. Anyway found all this just through Google searches. But on a Kindle and couldn’t post links!!

    • I saw where she felt it was rushed and that if they had more time they could have made it better. I never saw where she said she didn’t like it? She just thought they could have shown the funeral scene and some more time with Ted and Robin at the end.

      • I didn’t say she said she didn’t like it?? I had just done a quick Google search on the cast members and at the time the only thing that was coming up under her name was Alyson Hannigan not happy with finale, felt it was rushed. Of course it was TMZ, so I probably should have read the article. I just read a handful and now see that she said fans may have felt different if they got to see the additional 18mins. NBD, now that she’s got a potential new sitcom she will focus all future interviews in that direction and will probably never mention it again!

  5. To that end, Hannigan is on the cast of CBS’ multi-camera sitcom pilot “More Time With Family” which is competing against nine other comedies for a spot on the network’s line-up next season. Produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Hannigan plays the wife of comedian Tom Papa, who undergoes a career change to spend more time with his family. It will be shot in Los Angeles in early April.

    • I hope the show is a success simply because Alyson is in it. Though I think this may be a rebound sitcom for her because I believe she truly misses working with her old gang of friends from HIMYM.

      Looks like the competition is going to be tuff and if the techno gimmicks pull the show down maybe Cristin at A-Z can throw
      Alyson a lifeline and pull on her onboard as one of her friends at A-Z since they had great chemistry in HIMYM.

  6. Cristin Milioti’s new show A to Z will be on Thursday’s at 9:30 on NBC this fall.

  7. That is correct and there are already trailers out there and the show looks like it could be a winner…In your face CBS and CB/CT for that awful finale. NEW NBC SITCOM A-Z starring Cristin Milioti coming this fall could school CB/CT on how to do a romcom sitcom right. Their are already trailers out there an it looks like it has potential. With Cristin Milioti in the lineup we know they have the talent!!!

    NBC is going with old school method of telling their love story from A-Z that might be refreshing and welcome after the HIMYM finale disaster.

    In other news, the How I Met Your Dad spin-off isn’t going to happen because the Creator (guess who) wanted to do it their way. The spinoff was already hindered or perhaps I should say haunted by fallout from the “foul stench” that surrounds CB/CT from the HIMYM finale. Stole that line from Star Wars…now when CB/CT go anywhere they won’t be introduced because everyone will know they are there from the foul stench of the HIMYM finale that will hang over them and follow them everywhere forever. Anyway CB/CT were uncompromising so they took their marbles and went home and the spin-off isn’t happening. Unless they can find another network desperate for a show they can use for filler until they can replace it with something else.

    Maybe you guys could check out the trailers of A-Z and see if it is worthy of setting up a blog for the show here. Cristin Milioti’s performances on HIMYM have got me wanting to see more of her in that kind of role…


    • I saw the trailer. It looks interesting, but I think I’m kinda done with this type of show for the foreseeable future. And there’s no guarantee the show will stay on the air past the first season (or even for the entire first season).

      Really, though, I’ve just kind of…moved on from these sorts of stories. I don’t trust network writers to deliver a coherent narrative, particularly over the course of however many 22-episode seasons, and the subject of the narrative itself just doesn’t really resonate with me as much as it did previously. I’m interested in other kinds of stories nowadays.

    • I like these sort of things and I think this has good potential. Coming from England though I can only hope that E4 or Sky picks it up.

  8. I was just watching ep 9 of the first season (Belly Full of Turkey) and at the very end as “old” Ted wraps up a story involving a stripper named Tracy, he says “and that is how I met your mother” and the kids freak out…until he says “just kidding”. So way back then the mother’s name was out there.

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if for once they deviated from the ever so
    predictable norm of having a couple break up and instead have them work out their issues the way many real couples do. Take New Girl for example…saw those breakups coming a mile away…just because that’s what they always do. Just about every romantic sitcom does it…gets a couple together only to break them apart.

    • I think a lot of that comes from the belief that there’s no drama in watching a happy couple together — only in watching them break apart. To its credit, and for all of the flaws in their portrayal in the latter years, HIMYM proved otherwise with Lily and Marshall.

      • Take for instance THE BIG BANG THEORY. Penny finally has an engagement ring on her finger. They have two or three more seasons on the Series. Lenard and Penny have been on again off again a lot over 7 seasons for this very reason. Find any Situational Comedy and the relationship drama is automatic. But they usually do not kill off THE MOTHER [email protected]#$%

        Sorry, had to go there. Still having difficulty moving on from that.

  10. Hey everyone. Just wanted to say I missed the community here and a friend pointed me in the direction of a new Ted Mosby clip in light of recent NBA news.

    • I saw this the other day. I didn’t even think about posting it here. I really miss checking on here and the show. Part of me is glad it is over, but part of me still misses it.

    • you’re not the only one missing the community.
      I saw someone’s plugging for a HIMYM-movie. That would actually be a good idea. Then they could repair the mess with the final. Get us to see story that was skipped, the years with the mother, and give a good ending to Barney (hook him up with Quinn, damn it!)

  11. I’d be all for a HIMYM movie, but they couldn’t wait too long it will be harder to get them all back. Maybe Carter Bays and Craig Thomas can work on that instead of other projects. It ran for 9 years I think they could get enough viewers for a movie.

  12. There is a lot of news out about the DVD for season 9 and the 1-9 Set at about 180 US dollars. Some very specific information.

    How I Met Your Mother – Season 9:
    Deleted Scenes
    Audio Commentary on “The Locket”
    Audio Commentary on “The Rehearsal Dinner”
    Audio Commentary on “How Your Mother Met Me”
    “Last Forever” Alternate Ending
    How It All Ends
    Cristin Milioti Audition
    Behind the Scenes of “Gary Blauman”
    Deleted Scenes
    Gag Reel

    How I Met Your Mother – The Whole Story:
    28-Disc Set Includes All 9 Seasons Plus All-New Bonus Disc with Never-Before-Seen Content.
    All Out of Spoilers: Looking Back at Your Mother – A Retrospective
    Table Read of the Series Finale with the Entire Cast
    The Secret of the Pineapple Incident Revealed
    Meeting the Mother
    How I Met Your Mother at Comic-Con 2013
    The Mosby Kids: 8 Years on the Couch
    How We Filmed the Kids
    Plus All the Special Features from Every Previous Season

    This article was from April I think…

    • Gonna take quote some time before I by that set, if ever. (Partly because the poor ending, but mainly because I’m broke.) So, please please, anyone who gets to know the secret the pineapple incident, please fill me in on it.

  13. Yes fill us in on the pineapple please.

  14. I wonder what the Cast of HIMYM made compared with what the Cast of The Big Bang Theory are going to make?

  15. Nice. Cristin Milioti made it to the DVD cover for season 9. Just thought she wasn’t going to be there.

    Miss the show. Miss you guys!

    • and they’re all about the same height, no more than a decimeter (yeah, learn to use a real measurement system retards) difference between the tallest and the shortest!
      And I who always figured Marshall was a tallie and Lily and shortie. How quaint.

  16. Josh Radnor just recorded a podcast in which he talks about his own spirituality and how it has transformed his life. Check it out here:

  17. It seems that this is the official alternate ending for the series. What do you think?

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