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The Bro Mitzvah

You know, I had a pretty shitty Monday. I was, however, consoling myself with the notion that maybe watching the latest HIMYM episode would cheer me up, though.

Or, you know, not.

Well, let’s get to it, I suppose.

What Was Good

Well, I love that they got both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka in the episode, and the reveal of Zabka was awesome, as was the ultimate reveal of how it was all a play.

Outside of that…

What Was Not So Good

The fact that this was essentially a throwaway episode. Also, Lily’s obsession with Ralph Macchio came out of nowhere. It’s not like they haven’t talked about The Karate Kid before, so how come this is the first we’re hearing of it? Ralph’s similar-but-not-exactly Barney-isms were also rather lamely conceived.

Further Thoughts

To be honest…I don’t really have much here that’s good to say. I mean, really, what happened this episode? Nothing. Barney had a bachelor party. It was kind of awesome and funny.

And so what? Apparently nothing of significance happened to the characters.

Let’s review what DIDN’T happen this episode:

- We had no further elaboration on the Barney/Robin tensions that lead up to the wedding day, which, to date, really haven’t been dealt with in any realistic non-sitcommy fashion. They have problems, the problems are resolved within 22 minutes, and that’s that. This will make whatever crap happens the day of the wedding seem like it’s coming out of nowhere. The only reason we know it isn’t is because we’re expecting it.

- We had no development with Marshall’s application for a judgeship, Lily’s decision to move to Rome with him, or anything to do with soon-to-be-Toddler-Marvin.

- And we had NOTHING to do with Ted. Not a peep. Ted was just a background character for this, acting lame as he usually does in such episodes.

I know he gets the big laughs but I don’t watch this show for Barney’s barneyness. I watch the show for Ted. I watch the show for the heart. You know what this episode felt like? Every other sitcom on the planet. There was nothing about this episode to distinguish it from, say, Two-and-a-Half Men.

Yeah, I went there. And I’d do it again.

Ok, it wasn’t as loathsome in its predictability as Two-and-a-Half Men…but it wasn’t far off.  I’m gonna call it: this episode was the Burning Beekeeper of this season.  An episode that, if you happened to skip it (like I skipped Burning Beekeeper last season when it aired and only caught it on DVD), you wouldn’t even care when you finally did catch it.  Maybe you’d think “Oh, ok.  That was kinda funny” while Netflix/DVD-binging, but only because you’d have lost a scant 22 min of your life to it, rather than a full half hour including lame commercials that you’d never want to watch anyway.

You know what was missing from this episode?  Heart.  And the shame of it is that Barney’s bachelor party could’ve had plenty of heart just as much as it had hijinks.  We could’ve touched more on Ted feeling forlorn.  We could’ve talked about Lily and Marshall’s impending move.  We could have addressed Robin and Barney’s tensions.  At the start of the episode, I really thought that was going to happen, but…no…it was just a doofy sitcommy episode with no real purpose.  I honestly wish I’d done something else instead of watching it.  That’s how little I give a shit about Barney’s bachelor party when THIS is what it amounts to.  I actually don’t think I even really laughed out loud once during the episode.  The episode was highly ordi-waitforit-nary.

I really REALLY hope this season ends better than this because, for the third-from-last episode of the season, this one was pretty freaking lame.  I give it a solid C-.

How I Met Your Mother is better than this, and that’s what pisses me off the most about it.  They can do more.  They have the writers, they have the actors, they have the directors.  And instead, we get this mediocre schlock?  No.  Not good enough.  Here’s hoping next episode delivers, and that the season finale ends with us finally meeting the Mother, goddammit, because I’ve about had enough of the filler bullshit and I’m done with waiting.

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  1. Did you guys see this coming. They planned it all to get even with Barney for all the stuff he did to them over the years. THE BARNEY!! With the real Karate Kid from Cobra Kai DoJo. I will watch the episode again in the morning.

    Okay I watched the episode twice on I Tunes this morning. It was funny, comically-dramatic, non stop, did I say funny. Okay so not much else. But the next couple of episodes will balance this one out.

  2. So, as you can see, Ross and I disagree on this one (which is fine, of course). I’m of the opinion that we have precious little time left to pay off the stuff that’s supposed to happen at the wedding, and the season seems to be wrapping up like the air being let out of a balloon, rather than with a bang. This irritates me considerably.

    I get that we’ve had scheduling issues and they had to shuffle things, but after such a strong run of episodes in the middle of the season, they’ve really not done an effective job of building up to the chaos we see at the wedding. It seems to me like they had too many plot threads going on and not enough focus towards the end of this season.

    The second half of this season has really felt like one good episode followed by either a week off or a lame episode (or both). I hope the next two can be sufficiently satisfying, because I’m not really pleased with this week’s episode nor what it may mean for the last two of the season.

  3. I will admit the season has been more like drip drip drip with the Mother Story. Solo you are use to that right!!

    I think they may be writing some great episodes for season nine that will make us forget the lack of solid continuity stories from season 7 and 8. I hope.

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  4. I enjoyed this episode despite the lack of character development. I feel like sitcoms need episodes like this to balance out the seriousness, and HIMYM should be getting even heavier in the coming weeks.

    I agree that they should have at least touched upon many of the pending story arcs that are still up in the air. But, I think we did see some solid progress:

    Robin pulling a Barney (The Barney) demonstrates that she’s not just an unwilling partner dealing with his hijinks. She can give as good as she gets, and this shows off her spine and their compatability.

    The reappearance of Quinn proves that Robin isn’t insecure about that former relationship and therefore lessens the odds that she (Quinn) will be a wedding day problem.

    Ted’s commitment to executing this memorable bachelor party further demonstrates that he has moved on and is focused on his friend’s happiness.

    Lily loving Ralph felt true to form for me. We all know that Lily has some kink in her (always trying to seduce Robin when drunk, being openly affectionate and all over Marshall when she hasn’t gotten any in a while, etc) so this felt appropriate to me. I feel like she probably didn’t realize the extent of her crush until he was there in front of her and she suddenly went all fan girl on him.

    I liked the callbacks to Lily’s sexy side, Ted and Marshall competing with one another, Barney’s gambling issues, and of course his twisted view on who the true hero of any movie actually is.

    So, yeah, didn’t move the plot forward all that much but it was fun. The Burning Beekeeper made me want to claw my own eyes out but this episode had me laughing.

    • Interesting take. When I went back and watched Burning Beekeeper during my pre-season-8 DVD binge, I found it to be…fine. Nothing special, just an episode. That’s about how I feel about this episode — except for the fact that it’s the third-to-last episode of the season and we have a LOT of ground to cover.

      I’m not sure I see some of the same stuff that you saw, though, with regards to things like Robin’s security in the relationship and Ted being back on board as a happy participant in the proceedings. To me, this seems like uneven writing, which is what irritated me about it.

      I’m not saying everything has to be all heavy, but I do think that there needs to be SOME sense of continuity between episodes. So, compare the tail end of Romeward Bound to this week and then compare all that to what apparently happens at the wedding. Now try drawing a straight line between those events. I don’t think it’s really doable, at least given how this episode was written.

      Last episode, we saw Barney acting like a jackass and believing it was all totally fine with Robin. Robin basically played along…BUT we saw that Ted was worried she wasn’t as cool with things as she appeared to be. Ted expresses this to Barney, who shuts him down in as harsh a fashion as we’ve EVER seen from him.

      Now in this episode…what have we got to tie back to those events? Nothing. If anything, Robin seems MORE secure with Barney than she did the episode before, which is more secure than she was during Lobster Crawl and Ring Up! If anything, we’re seeing a steady progression AWAY from the freakouts of the wedding and AWAY from Ted’s warnings about Robin not being ok with things.

      Actually, there may be something coming with the wedding that none of us have foreseen until this second.

      What if Barney was right?

      What if Robin IS cool with things? What if the brief snippets of the wedding that we’ve seen really ARE just basic cold-feet-wedding-jitters, rather than some huge deal moment of doubt and true dread on either of their parts, and the wedding isn’t this emotionally fraught day, but rather is just your usual comedy of errors?

      This would explain the emotional beats of the past episodes dealing with Barney and Robin. I think it’d be a bit cheap and sitcommy, since the potential problems were highlighted far more in previous years, and it’s not entirely clear what changed for each of them in between. But, I could see where that’s the end result — they get married, they really ARE happy together, there’s no major drama, they don’t get divorced, and they just…work as a couple.

      This, in turn, would be made readily apparent to Ted after he talks them through their pre-wedding jitters, and it’d be that realization — that Barney and Robin really ARE right together, and that Ted’s fixation on Robin really WAS just him being into this fantasy of who she was rather than the reality in front of him — that finally allows him to let go of Robin and be at peace about it, rather than being wistful about it.

      Basically, Ted would realize that the Robin he imagined was just that: imaginary. He’s been pining for some figure who doesn’t exist (at least not exactly the way he sees her) for the last 8 years. They really WEREN’T right together — and the fact that she and Barney fit together so well proves that.

      • See that’s what I was thinking…really the only signs of Barney’s behavior being a problem for Robin were via Ted. If we take away our own perception of what’s right (I can’t imagine putting up with that crap from my fiancé, but that’s me, not Robin), and we take away Ted’s perception of what is right, we are left with the possibility that Robin is totally fine.

        I really like what you said about Ted realizing pre-wedding that he’s the one with the issues. Perhaps he punches a wall or something in a moment of anger at himself. It would also explain his isolation at the train station. This whole time he has felt like he was better for Robin so maybe it hits him really hard when he realizes that’s not true.

        • Yeah, I could see that. Although I could just as easily see the busted hand being something totally innocuous like “He burned it trying to put out a fire set off by an escaped Baby Marvin a la some Looney Toons bit” rather than “He busted it in a meaningful, poignant moment of self-reflection.”

          These days, the show’s pretty stingy with self-reflective moments for the characters. Although I’m thinking they’re gonna HAVE to have a few of those coming up.

  5. I liked this episode. I didn’t think right off the bat that the whole bachelor party was going to be a work to get back at him, I just thought the lame part would be a joke and they’d have a cool party planned instead. I liked what they did with it.

    I still like Quinn more than Robin.

    The Karate Kid is my 2nd favorite all time movie (Jaws is no. 1, obviously), so I loved having Daniel and Johnny. I also loved the reference to the fact that Daniel’s crane kick was illegal under the rules of the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament.

    Not much in the way of progress, but I liked the episode.

    My one problem is that Barney deserved to get his ass kicked for what he said to Ted in the last episode, and it was just ignored here. Maybe it will come back up, but there’s no way Ted would have just forgotten it. I tried and failed to comment on that episode, so here goes, btw: I hated that after Barney’s a-hole comments to Ted he went home and Robin was ready to go. There should have been some comeuppance for Barney, i.e., something to show that Robin wasn’t completely OK with his continued womanizing just a few weeks before their wedding. Instead he was rewarded.

    PS: Still love Quinn. She’s better than Robin. He chose the wrong tie. Etc.

  6. The episode was alright. I really loved the reveal of Zabka. I also liked that Barney’s bachelor party was not a typical ‘go to Atlantic City, gamble, strippers, cigars, etc.’ Barney’s done that. That would’ve been boring. The whole night Robin planned seemed more fitting for Barney. That being said, I did find myself not really caring that it was Barney’s bachelor party. I feel they could’ve used that as a sub-plot in an episode while also focusing or at least addressing Lily/Marshall situation or Ted’s. But maybe that would’ve been to ambitious of an episode.

    The whole thing with Quinn felt a little weird. Wasn’t she about to break up with Barney because he used to date Robin? Now, she’s happily going along with Robin. I get she’s doing it to mess with Barney but I feel she’d at least be hesitant to be apart of Barney and Robin’s wedding shenanigans.

    I agree that Lily’s obsession was out of place.

  7. I’m in between Ross and Solo on this episode.

    I watched it late last night and as it went along I found myself getting angry. I didn’t think enough that Ted and Marshall were throwing a terrible party on purpose; I just figured that CBS loves Barney and so of course no one can throw a bachelor party like him so Ted and Marshall will have to fail.

    Plenty of callbacks to The Stinsons, but even then I was like “we know Barney cheers for the bad guy in that movie, so why would you bring the wrong actor?” And did he just say Harry Potter was the villain? Oh Barney, I have to storm off at that, and one isn’t enough so who will storm off with me?

    I kind of side with Corina that Robin orchestrating this whole thing shows that she is a good fit for Barney. I could see the problems they are having as merely plot points for an once an episode resolution except for at some point Ted talks about how crazy the wedding is. Remember everything that happened with Marshall and Lily’s wedding? and Punchy’s wedding? I get the impression they are going to make it that much more over the top.

    Not only that, but we STILL have not had any resolution with Robin finding out that Ted chose her as a friend and that ended his relationship with Victoria.

    I didn’t think we’d get good character or story development when I saw a promo for the episode but Solo is right, they have a lot to resolve in the next two episodes. I’m setting myself up for disappointment now.

  8. Never posted here before but greetings!

    First off, to Proffessor, I wanted to point out that Barney was saying that the Karate Kid (Ralph Macchio) was among the ranks of Harry Potter — as in, good guys are lame. He wasn’t saying HP was the good guy. (Because if he did I’d have to storm off with you! But I like to give Barney some street cred every once in a while.)

    Anyway, I’m mostly with Solo here. It was a filler — no, filler is generous. “Throwaway” is more appropriate. I felt that all the elements were out-of-place and noncontinuous.

    Quinn wouldn’t have agreed to help Robin. Sure, she wanted a way to throw the bird at Barney, but doing a favor for his fiance seemed too easy for such a headstrong girl.

    The big reveal that it was just a backwards stag party seemed severely lame and half-assed. I too thought there’d be a big, awesome, actually Barney-esque party at the end of the night, but I guess they’ve written Barney too awesome to have anything out of the ordinary.

    In the show’s defense, though, I’ll give the Lily obsession thing a thumbs-up. Sure, it was random, but it was definitely well within her character, something we haven’t seen much of this season (for her or Marshall for that matter).

    I won’t touch on everything about the issues with story and character development because everyone else already has, but just know that I’m 100% in agreement about it all.

    Remembering how much I enjoyed Good Crazy, the last episode of S7 before the two-part finale, and comparing it to its S8 counterpart, I’m worried for the end of this season.

  9. I’m kind of siding with Corina. I actually thought it was a good episode. True, it wasn’t the heartfelt moment that makes HIMYM stand out, but it was full of call-backs and cob-web-strings that attaches to referents.
    But then I ready Solos review, and I have to admit there’s a lot to what he says. It doesn’t make the episode in itself disappointing o me, but it does give me pause for concern about the development of the bigger arc and resolutions of all open issues and sub-plots.
    And it reminds me of my two pet hates of American shows: Scheduling Issues and Viewer Ratings. Had HIMYM been British it probably would not only have been awesome squared, but awesome cubed.
    But the reveal of the Robin’s Playbook take at the end resolved the question for me: Why didn’t Marshal bail with his unfailing gaming ability bail out Barney at the casino?
    The Chinese mobsters buy the way opened up a new possibility, might the serial killer be Chinese mobster business associate of Barney, and might that be one of the issues at the wedding? One of the Chinese’s being there to whack the Stinson due to some past shady deal during his GNB career. That’d be real horror–wait for it–show!

  10. .. and yeah, I like Quinn too, not as much as Amy, but almost. So more of her (referring to both Q&A) puhlease!

    • So Dolf the Quinn character remind you of AMY or are you just settling? Actually I would like for Ted to run into AMY again just for the butterfly effect. But sadly they should have done that by now because Ted I think is out of the Dating game.

  11. Since everyone else is saying, I am still a Quinn/Barney fan.

  12. I liked the episode and thought the plot twist was cute. Dolf is right, Solo’s review goes more to the overall arch of the story. I must say I also agree that the quality has been up and down all season. I also like Barney’s mom telling Robin that they are alike. I hope the next two episodes are incr-ediable (hahaha!)

  13. As is probably clear by now, I watch the show for the overall arc, not for the episode-to-episode laughs. I can find laughs in many places. There are other clever sitcoms (e.g. Big Bang Theory) that can make me chuckle, and I can always fire up my Monty Python or MST3K DVDs. To me, the laughs are low hanging fruit (even if dying is easy, but comedy is hard).

    What made me such an enthusiastic fan of this show, though, is the story arc and the fact that, at least for a long time, the characters felt real and relatable. Episodes like this reduce them to sitcom caricatures who, while funny, don’t really resemble real people and don’t be have as real people do. I find that irritating because, in my view, it’s the “real” quality, the grounded nature of the show that is its greatest strength.

    I also find it irritating when the show treads water. Once in a while, sure. You need some mid-season filler and “just funny” episodes now and then, and part of life is the wacky stories you develop over time which don’t necessarily have some grand life lesson baked into them. However, I prefer it if the episodes at least somewhat advance the story (and I suppose from a mechanical perspective you could say this one did — Barney has now had his bachelor party).

    My hope, at this point, is that this is actually what I’ve come to think of as a “stealth timebomb” episode: one which appears to be fluff on the surface, but which actually is directly related to the overall story, and pays off way down the road. This is where my “Barney’s been right all along” theory comes in. The one where Ted is stuck not on the real Robin, but on his notion of who Robin is; “Fantasy Robin,” if you will.

    There’s also a timing issue with this episode, in my opinion. My sincere hope was that we would meet or at least SEE the Mother this episode (and then meet her within, like, two to four episodes of next season). I want next season to be WITH the mother and to be the story of Ted’s relationship with her leading up to their marriage (and maybe a montage of the kids being born and growing up). The “mystery” aspect no longer is interesting to me. We had, however, THREE episodes left to address: (1) the reveal of Ted giving up Victoria for Robin; (2) Lily and Marshal’s move to Rome; (3) maybe Marshal’s application for a judgeship; (4) whatever freakouts Robin and Barney have on the day of the wedding; (5) all the wedding lunacy, including how Ted hurts his hand and how he winds up sitting outside, peeling a label off a beer just as it starts to rain; and (6) the meeting of the Mother.

    It can’t be done. We have 44 min left in this season. That’s it. There isn’t enough time to cover all of that. I’m fine with next season being how Marshal becomes a judge. But the rest of it was essential if you intended to meet the Mother this season…and at this point, I’m not sure they will. I think we may get a visual reveal and a “Hi, I’m [Tracy],” but I’m not even sure about that anymore. I think, however, that that’s the BEST we can hope for. And we still won’t see this wedding that they’ve been dragging out and teasing since the beginning of season six. Unless CBS somehow greenlights two extra episodes this season or something, the next two episodes will advance the story, but I think we’ll end without having even gotten to the wedding.

    We’ll see, of course. And I’ll write a season recap after all is said and done. And I’ll likely revisit that recap when I binge-watch the DVDs in late summer (which usually results in me having a somewhat more positive view of the season and allows me to see the arcs more clearly). But honestly…I’m not that hopeful for this season having a clear arc after all. I think we’ve had too many plot threads and the ongoing question of “Eight seasons or nine?” really screwed up the writing this season.

  14. Solo – do you think that when word came that there would be another season they just hit the brakes, and that’s what led to this episode? Like, they decided to bump a bunch of stuff that was planned for these last few episodes to next year?

    I’m wondering if the judgeship is what stops Lily and Marshall from going to Rome. They’re about to go and then Marshall gets a call that he’s been appointed to a judgeship, something like that.

    I’ve been assuming for a while now that we’ll see Ted see the mother at the end of the season finale, but we won’t see her ourselves. I.e., at the train station, he looks up, sees her, smiles, we hear her say “Hi,” while the shot is still on Ted’s face, and I spend the next four months sure that the mother will be played Sarah Michelle Gellar to the point that nothing else will be satisfactory come September.

    PS: Go, Quinn, go!

    PPS: Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Mother! (Source: Mike)

    • Mike don’t know if solo can respond right now but I sure want to say something. I want to see the mother’s face; and hear her voice in the next two episodes.

      I want Ted to go out on a Date with his future wife, in Season 9 Episode 1 – 24.

      The producers did not hit the brakes because, they took us over the cliff this season. It was all the jagged rocks on the way down the other side, that made up season 8.

      But you are probably right, we will be luck to get a word out of the mother in episode 24.

    • I don’t think they hit the brakes exactly. I think the original plan was one that would’ve pissed off a lit of fans, in that they’d end the show with Ted literally MEETING the Mother. No flash forward, no time spent with her, just some pretty actress and a Bob Saget voiceover. It would’ve happened the day they showed the wedding, too.

      Then the show got renewed for a ninth season, and CBS KNEW that the fans would not put up with yet another season of dragging out the mystery. I think that meant that some stuff got moved around this season (which we’ve already discussed in other recaps), and they basically just ran out of time. They may also have wanted to put a hook in to bring people back for one more season, and that meant ending the season with the mystery still intact, but promised to reveal soon after the start of Season 9.

      I think the way the creators see it, the mystery is what keeps people coming back. I think the way CBS sees it, Barney’s catchphrases are the reason people keep coming back. He’s basically the Sheldon Cooper of HIMYM: a largely unrealistic but highly entertaining character who carries a lot of the laughs.

      I think that if you take away the mystery aspect, though, the show can still survive based on the strength of its characters and the audience’s desire to see “and then what happened.”

      I hope that, by this point, the creators recognize that the long-time fans will not stick around if the Mother hasn’t been revealed within AT MOST four episodes of the show. Certainly, my viewing will likely become a lot more sporadic or may drop off entirely.

      The thing that I see is that there’s nothing left to do. Aside from the wedding, there’s nothing standing between Ted and the Mother meeting. Maybe you can stretch out the time it takes for their relationship to develop, for them to fall in love, decide to get married, etc., but you can’t stretch out the meeting itself. The dominoes have already fallen. So, there’s not really any legitimate way to drag this out further. Unless the show suddenly turned into 24, they have — after the start of next season, 3-4 episodes to play with. Past that and it just looks like they’re screwing with the audience in a not-very-entertaining way.

      • Can you imagine if they literally just showed Ted meeting the Mother? By which I mean, just Ted meeting her, not her meeting him. No pretty actress, no shot of her face, no sound of her voice. Just Ted walking up to a woman whose face we haven’t seen (and will never see) as she comes off the stage during her band’s break and:

        Ted: Cindy was right, you guys rock! I’m Ted.
        **quick cut to the Kids**
        Future Ted: And that’s how I met your mother.

        And we’d all argue for eternity based on a 1-second shot of the back of her left shoulder that it was totally Bump Girl!

        • Wow Mike and Solo! Us not meeting the mother is the saddest ending possible. I would stop watching. I love NPH but Barney is not the reason I watch. I watch for the ensemble. I watch for the romance.
          I was totally hoping this season ended with Robin looking at the Mother (after a heart to heart with Ted) and saying Have you met Ted? Ted walking off becauses he really really has to deal with the fact that Robin is not the mother. I am an avid sports fan and I know if you give us any hope, I still believe. That being said I am going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt. I too felt like Solo at the beginning of the season but we have had some spectacular episodes. One literally made me weep. Will the final two episodes suck, I hope not, but we get to live another season. Carter Bays will make it right. I have hope.

  15. I can’t threaten to not watch the show. No matter how disappointed I get, I still have to see what happens next; I’m just too invested.

    I was drawn to the show because of the premise and that I was familiar with AH, NPH, a bit of JS. I fell in love with the show because of how they play with storytelling, flashbacks, flashforwards, callbacks, piecing together elements of a whole story through 2 or 3 perspectives.

    I’m with Solo. I have friends who got into the show late and they haven’t seen this season yet. But they seem curious as to what is happening, so I’ve been saying that unless they decide to deviate from the timeline they have been running, they have some crucial decisions to make at the end of this season.

    I had to look up the episode but in 7.17 No Pressure, Ted talks about the first time he tells the mother that he loves her was when they went to see a movie and it was sold out. The movie was the Wedding Bride III. The original came out in May 2010 and we haven’t heard anything about a sequel, but considering in the HIMYM universe it is in the top 5 of all time film grossing of course they made more. The problem is that I can’t see anything that says when WBIII comes out. If it also comes out in May, it would have to be May 2013 right? Ted couldn’t wait until 2014 to tell the mother he loves her. I know there is nothing concrete to work from here, but something to speculate about, another pin that has to go in the timeline somewhere.

    • Yeah, the timeline stuff is an issue. We basically have a two year window within which (1) Ted meets the Mother, (2) The Wedding Bride III comes out and Ted tells the Mother he loves her, (3) Ted proposes to and ultimately marries the Mother, and (4) The Mother actually becomes a mother with the birth of Ted’s daughter.

      Meanwhile we’re farting around with Barney’s admittedly funny bachelor party and who knows what else.

      • If you are looking for an overall story arc, that might fit right in, though. I mean, in real life (especially after 30), people meet, fall in love, get married and have babies really fast. It’s not unrealistic at all. My best friend (at the age of 31) met her now husband four years ago in January, were married by December, and had a kid by the following December. No joke. That’s two years, and it didn’t even seem all that fast when it was happening. She had despaired over ever meeting “The One” for ages, and was getting sad that all of her friends were paired off and she wasn’t, and frustrated that it wasn’t happening for her and then – BAM. When it happens, it happens, you go with it and you can’t even really remember the before-time.

        Also, I think the theory that Barney is right (about him and Robin, and Ted and Robin) is bang-on correct. He *is* right – Robin showed herself as the perfect girl for him, crafting and executing one from the Playbook worthy of Barny himself. It was clever, and showed that not every relationship has to be cookie cutter. I would LOVE to have some indication that they get divorced but live together later in life somewhere in the show narrative or eventual wrap-up, because neither of them is “normal” or wants “normal” things out of life (babies, a house in the suburbs, etc). They are perfect in their dysfunction, but it would be a nice hat-tip if the writers broke them up in the future to show that life is super messy, even when you love someone. And, to be honest, all three couples staying married for 15 years (LAME, RoBarn, and Ted+Mom) is unrealistic (although it’s a sitcom, so whatever). People want to project what their perfect partner would say/do if they were engaged to be married, but not everyone is the same. Robin and Barney aren’t normal, and I think that’s great.

  16. Hi all- So is this the new site from now on? What happened?

    Ok. If you want to keep reading, brace yourself for my novel.

    I have a confession- its been so hard to get motivated to dissect each episode every week and talk about it with you. Anyone else feel that way? Its as if I’m not even excited for the show anymore which used to be MY show. I watch each week kind off half-heartily, chuckle occasionally, smile at the maybe 5 seconds of heart they have given to certain episodes, and think, “ok, what else is on? Next.” Long gone are the days that I would literally get anxious in anticipation on Sundays because Mondays at 8 pm could not come fast enough!

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, this episode had funny moments. If I was just tuning in and had no idea what the show was about or no *expectations (but alas I do)* for how certain events will lead us to the wedding or mother reveal, I’d think, “this show is hysterical!” But, I don’t have that luxury. I have been an avid fan for years and (maybe, sadly) at this point, am looking for answers and for the heart that made me fall in love with the show. Eight seasons in, I can’t brush off the filler episodes as just fillers anymore. There is only so much time left on this show that I don’t want a second of it to be wasted. Maybe its my fault for not realizing this show is a COMEDY FIRST and DRAMA SECOND, but I can’t take all the blame, right? After many seasons of these two pieces blending so perfectly together, I guess I took it for granted. Its always been a sitcom that never felt like a sitcom, until recently. Now, I can’t focus on much else.

    So more confession time- I started not reading this blog as faithfully over the past 3 months as I wondered if me reading into each episode was causing me to over-analyze everything and not just enjoy the special moments of the show. This started after I realized my reaction to the RoBarn proposal. Normally, when I love a TV couple as much as I love RoBarn, I get all fangirl like- (you know what I’m talking about! I’m sure you all do it too!) I’m squealing and jumping around and crying all at the same time. But when it happened, I thought, “That’s it?” and, “Robin- you just said you could NEVER date him because of his play but you are completely ok accepting a proposal? Yeah, that TOTALLY makes sense.” So what did I do? I stopped reading the blog religiously… But as I continued to only half-heartily follow along, I was still not enjoying watching the show as I had always done before. That is when I accepted that it isn’t me. It’s the show.

    Its feels lazy lately. Uneven. Lacking heart.

    There are moments where I get so annoyed because no way in hell would Robin do this or Ted say that. How after the huge deal they made about Marshall becoming an environmental lawyer, does “Romeward Bound” happen? Yes, in real life those things happen (although not as sitcommy of course.) People fight to live their dream and then get there and realize its not for them after all or something bad happens, But in terms of this being a TV show and the writers being the individuals who decide the fate of their characters, why set the stage and put so much emphasis on certain stories to then just completely switch gears a season later? And then there are the moments of complete ludicrousness where Lily all of a sudden is not a member of the power couple that is LAME- where the years of showing these two characters, their love, commitment, and overall awesomeness gets thrown out the window for Lily chomping at the bit to play scissors with Robin or play nunchucks with the karate kid. (Yeah, I went there.) Yes, it COULD be played as funny and its not so out of character if done correctly- heck, I used to crack up when Lily would make a pass at Robin and Robin would shoot her down- but we get it! Now it is overused and NOT EVEN FUNNY! Stop throwing away funny bits. And speaking of throwing away things- why even toss the heart/important moments into an episode (as in Robin’s growing frustration with Barney) to just toss it out the window the next week (everything in their relationship being completely ok- come on! and CALLING QUINN? double come on) or including poignant moments (as in Ted and Barney’s convo at the end of last episode or how about the gem that was Ted seeing Barney cleaning up the rose petals and blowing out the candles last season) to barely scrape the surface of it in the end. Yes, there is still time for the follow-up to Barney’s insensitive remarks to Ted, but at this point, I have little faith.

    Reading Solo’s post, I kept thinking that I wish I was still at the anger stage in response to disappointing episodes, but at this point, I think I’m worse. I’m apathetic, which is the last place I want to be with 2 episodes left. Yes, I did enjoy a good chunk of season 8 and will continue to follow this show, but at this point in time, when they disappoint me, they really disappoint me. There were some great moments of this past season, and as Solo always says, if you watch the episodes back to back, you get a better sense of the arc, but right now? Things feel gloomy.

    Stepping off my soapbox now.

  17. I think I am more forgiving of this episode because it was pretty much inevitable.

    The Barney and Robin story has taken over the show, and we know that Thomas & Bays loooove them some B & R. As Solo noted, we know that CBS looooves Barney and his classic catchphrases.

    With all of that in mind, and the upcoming wedding, of course there had to be a Barney bachelor party. And of course it had to take up an entire episode. So I guess I wasn’t expecting too much from this particular episode beyond solid laughs. And I did think the jokes and delivery were pretty solid!

    The time restraints do really stress me out. I don’t want all of this good stuff at the end to be rushed – I want to be able to enjoy it! Given the timeline that Solo detailed above, maybe this quote from S7E4 (The Stinson Missile Crisis) is indeed foreshadowing:

    “The truth is, I thought I’d be married by now, and going through all this stuff alongside you guys. But, even if I meet the girl of my dreams right this second, I’m still one night and nine months from having a family of my own…and that’s assuming the mother of my children is just a huge slut.” – Ted

    “Don’t lose hope Ted, that slut is out there!” – Marshall

    I do believe this episode will emerge as more relevant when watched marathon style. For me it really seemed to indicate that Robin and Barney are doing way better together than I thought. And I think Robin orchestrating all of this helps Ted to recognize that as well. I hope so, at least.

    • Corina, you give all the single guys out there hope!!

      1.) That given time, they will eventually grow up enough to be emotionally attractive/stable.

      2.) That there are women who will forgive you for your childish immature past annnnd, date you anyway.

      3.) When you do get married… once in a while she may still have sex with you.

  18. I’m thinking that the Barney Robin issues may not be dealt with until after the wedding in Season 9. It might end up being something that builds up over time leading to them getting divorced by the end.

  19. I guess, for me, this season’s been enough of a mixed bag that I’m not totally out of it. I also only got into the show two years ago, really. I binge-watched S1-S6 on DVD two summers ago, and then watched last season and this season live.

    There’s been a lot of good stuff this season, but it’s been all too often undercut by throwaway bullshit or screwed with as a result of editing and scheduling issues. The middle third of the season was terrific. The bookends less so.

    I know the show CAN still deliver, and I guess that’s what’s so frustrating about it when it fails to do so. This episode, in particular, felt lazy. The actors did ok with the material they were given, but the writing and direction…I dunno. It just seemed a little too sitcom. And not even “Not-so-hot HIMYM sitcommy.” I mean seriously generic. If anything would get me to stop watching, it’d be a steady stream of that sort of thing.

    All that said, I’m hopeful that next season will be better if only because they simply can no longer drag this stuff out without retconning what’s already been well established. Given the territory they’ll have to cover next season, I think they’ll have to be back on their game. Then again, I said the same thing earlier this season and have zero hope that the next two episodes will be up to par.

  20. hi all!!! so i totally understand the frustration everyone has been having with this show! as an avid avid fan girl, i’ve kinda given up the anticipation and then dropping EVERYTHING else to watch HIMYM once i’d access to it

    for i think this and the last episode, i even waited a day or 2 later cause i just didn’t care. which is really upsetting

    i loved this episode but that may be because i AM lilly for ralph. i have an unhealthy obsession with Ralph Macchio and i loved that they had him, but besides that…mehh it kind of flopped

    i REALLY hope HIMYM ends on a bang with the next two episodes.
    i do NOT buy that Quinn would come back to orchestrate Barney’s party or do a favor for Robin. and because i thought they were highlighting the Barney-Robin issues FINALLY i was sorely disappointed.

    ps: damn i forgot my name here :(

    • Hiba, but I did not know what that means.

      I was type chatting about this season being themed on Barney-Robin in a way. Yes the Producers have said if you named it differently then it would, in title, include everyones story not JUST TED’s.

      So everyone has their reasons. I watch for the Main themed story of Ted. lately… I have been dissapointed in the writing.

      Before it has been said that the producers may have typed themselves into a corner on the Mother. Ted has been in a bit of a time out. They had to change him a little. I did not like his Barney phase.

      I do not like a throw away Ted. This character needs to shine bright. We have had some strong Ted episodes. This last episode has been a one sided story. It may come to an end soon. We will get A and B stories in the next few episodes.

      We will some some comedy and some serious issues addressed and hopefully resolved, yet again. But I am looking for a great season 9. I think we will have a dramatic ending to season 8. Yes this story has jumped around but I like it when they get quickly back to the main story. THIS IS where they have failed more in season 7 and 8 than any other year. IMHO

  21. well not too much to say about this episode. it wasnt bad i dont think but as everyone has already said and threw fits over, we have seen better. but i can almost promise that when we watch this season on dvd all the episodes back to back it WILL seem alot better than now in real time, i hope anyway lol. i always find that watching the seasons on dvd all back to back the episodes seem alot better than when you watch them on tv. thats not to say that these past couple of meh episodes will seem fantastic just not as bad as they do now.

    the thing that bugs me is that they wait too long to tie things together. i mean marshall trying to be a judge that happened what? the 13th episode this season? its just been too long and the average fan has long past forgot that and same with the little things like kids i did this before i met your mom and i said this to robin before i met your mom and bla bla bla. i think that is one of the biggest problems. the writers wrote themselves into a corner and have wrote so many little details that they cant really all fit in and tie together and they are just banking on that we are all just like the average fans and we will just forget about all the little things but we dont.

    i think season 9 will make up for it though. i mean when your a show you want to go out while your on top, not as a washed up use to be good show so i think they are really going to get themselves in gear for the last season.

    so i have thought about this and want some of yalls thoughts. and i think we all have pondered it at least once i mean its easy to think about with a show like this. How I Met Your Father. spin off yes or no. would you watch or not? good idea or bad? general thoughts too. just curious to hear what yall think and then i will put my thoughts about it

    • I have thought about it and would I watch How I Met Your Father? Yes. Would I be completely disappointed? Yes. And I have two thoughts as to why.

      1. They have built up the mother so much that I don’t think they can ever live up to executing a series like this. People complain about the lack of development with Ted, so any imperfection with the mother would probably be complained about. Plus, her room mate makes it clear that guys are always falling in love with her. I don’t really want to see that again and again when Ted describes their story as the greatest love story ever.

      2. One reason that HIMYM works (in my opinion) is that even though we know something happens in the future, we are still working through the story in a real timeline. Ted starts his story in 2005 in the year 2005. How far back in time will we go with the mother? It was hard enough to plan Ted’s story not knowing when cancellation would happen. Can you imagine if they started the mother’s story in 2006 (in 2015), and got cancelled three years later (when they are likely in 2009 and not 2013/2014)?

      • Yes but they could have Lindsey play a young Mother now that she is all grown up. But no I would not watch that show for the same reason you mentioned.

        I was sitting at a restaraunt eating Lunch and went to netflix and watched the Wedding of Lily and Marshall. It took two 30 minutes episodes and it still was rushed. But at the end of that episode it had the list of places that Robin would later live.

        It was a totally different show back then. We did not know anything really about the mother. That was exciting. Then the clues started coming and that was exciting. Then the writers typed themselves into the meet the mother at the wedding corner.

        Just think about this. If we had not know about the when Ted meets the mother, how may more options we would have had for Ted stories the last 3 seasons.

  22. We all know that the writers backed themselves into a corner. I feel like they never planned on nine seasons and that’s why they released a lot of mother info by season 7. I don’t blame them for wanting a season 9, I’m sure financially it made a lot of sense, but it’s been painful watching them put Ted on hold for two straight years. I’m still hopeful that they can redeem themselves, but I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been excited for this season’s episodes like I used to be.

  23. I haven’t minded that the other characters got stories and development, too. My problem is that it hasn’t seem focused in many cases, and a lot of it has been played purely for laughs.

    I guess the way I’d prefer to see it is where the other characters do indeed grow and change and whatnot, but how that growth and change impacts Ted. To me, the mission statement was — and should remain — how Ted met the Mother. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean the purely mechanical “I went to a wedding, then met her at a train station” aspects, but rather what brought Ted to a point where he was ready to meet her, ready for his life to move forward, etc.

    When they’ve kind of had Ted treading water, I wouldn’t have minded it IF it seemed to have been part of the story intentionally. Lately, my sense has been that Ted’s treading water because the writers are bored with writing for him, or because they have episodes to fill, so they tell other stories about the other characters which don’t actually tie back in to the main story. Or at least, they don’t appear to yet.

    We’ve speculated here about what might be going on — how Marshall quitting his job at the environmental law firm and he and Lily moving to Rome would impact Ted. How Barney getting married to Robin would impact Ted. How Ted’s relationship with Jeanette would impact Ted. And so on and so forth. Some of it’s obvious, other aspects less so. But a lot of it seems to have been shoehorned in just to fill time.

    Again, this ties back to dolf’s comments earlier, about how American TV is all about the mechanical rather than the story. We have 22 episodes to fill per season, so we need to come up with stories to fill ‘em. Period. Even if it extends the story in unnatural and pointless ways, we still have to film those episodes.

    So, case in point, we have Barney’s bachelor party. If you were Ted, telling this story to your kids, ask yourself this: what the hell does Barney’s bachelor party have to do with….anything? On the surface, the answer appears to be “Nothing. We wanted a Barney episode, and it was funny. So…we did his bachelor party.”

    I think the writers can course-correct with this stuff, and can create episodes down the line that tie everything together, but it’s a lot of ex post facto writing; it’s coming up with an explanation after they’ve come up with the initial story.

    Think about it this way. At this point in the story, which will make more sense: (1) Robin and Barney having a serious crisis about whether they should get married, due to Robin’s insecurities about Barney being a man-whore, and Barney’s insecurities about him not being worthy of Robin’s love, hence his inability to stop acting like a man-whore….or….(2) Robin and Barney having a minor freakout because “OMG! Getting married is a big deal!” and a bunch of smaller “Weddings never work the way you planned it” details, but ultimately them getting married happily and Ted realizing “Wait. She wants Barney. Not me. OMG! I GET IT NOW!”?

    Personally, I think #2 makes more sense. I HOPE the writers see that at this point, and write the wedding episode(s) accordingly. My concern is that they’ll do #1, though, and the problem is that they haven’t sold that effectively. Would anyone, at this point, believe it if Robin and Barney totally had meltdowns with deep, serious concerns about getting married? I certainly wouldn’t. At this point, to me, the only thing that makes sense is that Robin really, truly is totally fine with Barney’s behavior, and that Barney really, truly is secure in himself and…uh…just kind of a jackass sometimes.

    I guess the problem I have with that whole scenario is that it just doesn’t ring true at all. Robin was a “real” character for a long time. Hitching her to Barney seems to have turned her into…I dunno…just…Barney’s wife. And Barney, for that matter, had some depth to him before. Both of them seem to have lost that in how this whole engagement storyline has played out. They’ve lost their depth and turned into shallow sitcom characters who do things not because it’s what a real person would do in that admittedly wacky situation, but because…uh…we have to resolve this in 22 minutes. That’s different even from what happened in Seasons 6 and 7. In that sense, Season 8 has been pretty weak in how it’s treated them.

    Hopefully the writers can wrap things up coherently, but I gotta say, the quality of the characterization this season has been way off the mark from what it used to be.

  24. Wow I am enjoying the conversation. I have not read the last few comments so hope this is not too far off topic.

    I keep coming back to these unfinished stories. I just paused last nights BBT video on CBS that I was watching. I will explain below.

    Speaking of the Big Bang Theory, Last nights episode Professor Proton says to Leonard: “the blond girl really is your girlfriend, you’re the genius.

    Sheldon has his childhood TV show host Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) visit. Sheldon says that he can get as close to the man as possible now because, his mom use to make him move back from the TV.

    Bob Newhart (over his shoulder) whisper to Lenard is he (Sheldon) dangerous. Lenard replies that Sheldon is a genius. Bob Newhart again asks is he dangerous; then notices Penny, prompting the genius comment to Lenard later.

    So I bring this up because this year I think the Big Bang Theory (still a comedy/situational comedy) seems to be doing a better job of addressing character issues and moving on than How I Met Your Mother. So really I think that if these threads had wrapped up earlier in Season 8; we the audience would have been more satisfied at this point in the season. Instead we feel that we are entangled in these threads. Any thoughts…?

  25. How i met your father, i would watch it but it wouldnt be the same, i admit it would be sorta cool to know what mother doing through all this and maybe see ted in the background lol but overall i just think everyone is done with the idea. i just think the writers are tired of writing storys about how ted got to the point where he could meet the mom. i mean its nearly been 10 years and i think they are just out of things to write ya know. and i dont think the writers will want to do a how i met your father, plus im sure they dont want to risk it. they dont want to ruin himym with a failed himyf lol and i think that they know they are starting to drag this out too long so i dont think will happen. i would watch the spin off but it wouldnt be as good. but after himym goes off CBS will have a time slot they need to fill and im sure they will try to get a himyf in the works. i doubt it will take off though.

    and i have been thinking of ways that they could make things better and not tie things up so quickly that its silly and i came up with an hour long episode? its not much but it gives them a little more time to play with. and i mean itll be the seaon finale where ted finally meets the dang mother im sure they could get an hour for that but idk if it will happen.

    @Ross im sorry but im not really understanding BBT thing? but i do agree that if a few more things were wrapped up we would feel better. dont get me wrong i love suspense and having to wait sometimes but its like i said before they are waiting too long for most of the things they start and we have got tired of waiting and moved on past them and when they do finally tie up the loose ends we lose some the effect because those loose ends had been there so long we have already lost some of the excitment from them. if that makes any sense

    • Yes the big bang theory takes some time to explain. That little clip was for those who watch it. It was a good episode to jump into if you have not seen the show before. Sheldon is Tom Hanks in Big. Sheldon is a selfish child in an adult body. Brilliant but with no social background to put relationships into perspective.

      I think of Ted as a little socially immature at times. Not Sheldon extreme but enough for everyone in the group to notice and try to help him.

      This year the big bang theory has actually had more themed shows. Continuity was better also, unlike how I met your mother. That is why I brought it up. It flips from the Lenard show to the Sheldon show like Ted and Barney.

      I enjoy both styles of the two shows more than Solo. That is why I rate the Bro Mitvah higher that Solo does. It was B B plus for me.

      • I’m with you on BBT. The show was frustrating me for a while, but it really picked up in terms of character development. They’ve done quite a bit with Penny’s character recently, and I love it. They’ve also been stretching the Sheldon character, but in an odd, realistic way that is somehow funny and makes sense. Sometimes I feel like HIMYM misses the boat on that one. Either it will make sense for the character or it will be stretched to a funny point, but not always both. That’s when it starts to feel forced and insincere to me.

  26. Another friend of mine who follows the show finally caught this episode yesterday. She thought it was a total throwaway episode, but brilliantly done and hilarious in its execution. I can see where it’d be really funny, but I think I was just really looking for a little more from this one.

    Hopefully tonight’s episode is better, although to be honest, I’m doubtful it’ll be all THAT meaningful. On the other hand, we do get the incomparable Ray Wise back, so that’s a plus. I’m just not seeing how they’re gonna manage to do a really good finale this season. My bet is it’ll just feel like another episode, rather than a showstopper of a season finale.

    • I know nothing about tonight’s episode other than the name. I even try to avoid promos if possible because I think they can give too much away.

      I won’t be able to watch it until late tonight, but honestly, I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t think the end of this season can be saved from my expectations.

      Prove me wrong Bays and Thomas

      • Given what little I know about the upcoming two episodes, I don’t really see how they can wrap this season up with the bang it deserves. I hope to be proven wrong as well, but at this point the best I’m hoping for are mildly entertaining episodes that MAY get paid off later, if we’re lucky. Like, in Season 9. But realistically, probably just throwaways. Entertaining throwaways, but throwaways.

  27. Does anyone blog during the episode? If not I will stop setting up pre episode pages. I can just wait for the actual review to be typed up.

  28. Hi!

    Wooow, what an in-depth review of this episode. Watched it today with my gf and was experiencing somewhat of the same like you.

    Towards the depression Barney experienced I felt like ‘what a lame episode, even the jokes aren’t funny’. When the reveal came, I had goosebumps.

    But overall, the episode was indeed kind-a ‘meh’. But hey, what do you expect from a throwaway episode.

    Corina, I was wondering if I could contact you, do you have an emailaddress/contact form?

  29. Hi can someone tell me what happened between robin and barneys first break up and the having that very forced “chemistry”? I thought i was watching but i felt like robin and barney are madly in love with each other for no reason. this begins with the breakup of barney and nora. Barney and robin danced… that was awkward for me to watch. especially because i was like Since when you do two have chemistry?! first they were miserable and knew they were terrible together and break up then he gets together with nora then robin falls in love with because of all the romantic gestures he was doing for nora. somehow the writers have tricked half the audience into believing that passes as chemistry. that just looks like barney being horny and robin looking like a jealous bitch. literally nothing happened that made her change her mind about how their relationship was in season 5 .he never changed for her he began to change for nora and then contradicted all his efforts by cheating with robin. thats my point 1. their “love” came out of no where. i thought they were better being apart until nora. in other words its not that she wants barney its that she wants the barney that nora was fixing. which is awful. on to my second point. nothing barney has ever done will compare to ted making it rain for her, the blue french horn, the blue string quartet, the symphony of illumination and the central park excavation… so why does she love barney and not ted. im sorry but i just dont get it. barneys okay in personality but no so much that he can overshadow everything ted does for her. hes a good friends. ideally this should be the person you want to marry. you husband should be your best friend. she was after all chasing barney only after he became Ted-like for Nora. if that makes any sense. It just seems like she wants barney to be more like ted but doesnt want ted for some reason. which brings me to my 3rd point ted has confirmed that he is willing to compromised on the whole having (or not having) kids thing with her and she still cant love him because she loves barney who she wants to marry depite the fact that he shows interests in having children which she by the way has yet to inform him that she is infertile. let me clean that sentence up. She’s didnt marry kevin because she couldnt stand owing him that much because he wants children. ted says he doesnt need to have children if he has her, barney may still want children (as he always freaks out when he sees babies such as hurricane stinson-mosby). she cant owe kevin that much but she CAN owe barney that much? and to make matters worse my point number 4 is that its starting to seem shes marrying her father as barney doesnt speak robinese but ted does. emotionally unavailable father and husband.

    bullet points of information
    -doesnt want kids
    – wanted barney only after he started being super romantic with nora (tedlike behavior)
    -doesnt love ted despite the fact that she only wanted barney back after he started behaving like ted (and by ted i mean making romantic gestures and genuinely growing up and acting like a decent person)
    -ted doesnt NEED to have kids.
    -barney doesnt understand when shes not okay even if she says she is. (much like her father)
    -revealed by lily that she was so in love with ted going so far as digging up the locket when he was marrying stella because she wanted to marry him.
    -barney wants kids but she has yet to tell him the week before the wedding.

    Im starting to have a feeling she just doesnt like teds face because thats the only reason i can possibly justify not marrying him. however there is no justification for wanting to marry barney. its fine if she doesnt marry ted but she cant marry barney. Shes become such a doormat that she cant even tell that his apology was not a real apology because he was distracting her with magic tricks while admitting that he will never change. barney needs someone strong Like Quinn which seems like is never returning after the bachelor party. Quinn didn’t take shit like that and was willing to walk out the door any second.he needs someone who’s just as flaky as he is because if they haven’t already flaked out on each other it has to be real and they didnt flake out on each other until the writers convoluted that stupid trust thing. they had already been through that. quinn forgave him for not telling him about robin and him. and she stopped stripping for him. even before he proposed might i add since her terms were that she would never stop stripping unless she was getting married. she had no idea he would propose and quit anyway. so was the trust thing convoluted. yes. Thats called compromise something that he cant seem to do for robin (not burning the playbook, not staring at other women) Robin remains his doormat. Some how the stripper has more self-respect than robin. seriously?! the most sensible thing this show can do is reveal that the mother is dead (time travelers episode seemed a bit too sad.) and that robin and future ted are dating. since robin doesnt seem to be married (ringless in bad crazy, its only for a quick frame but no ring.) and barney is ringless in the meatball sub episode (only four episodes before they reveal he’s the groom at the wedding so they have no excuse for not giving barney a ring in the future). and to tie things up victoria said many wise things including the fact that barney ted and robin cannot continue being friends (hand is wrapped in farhampton scene, possible fight?) she also said “i hope you get her someday.” which seemed as significant as marshall “not yet” in the no pressure episode.

    • I think that Robin does REALLY LOVE TED. But Robin is a realist and understands that in a relationship/Marriage to Ted Robin would not be able to be a true Mother. Not that they could not adopt, but she is okay as an Aunt in the future. She learns to hold a baby with Marshall and Lily forcing the issue. This prepares her for Ted/Mother’s children Luke and Leia.

      Barney is a viable alternative to Ted in that he does not need Robin. So that makes Robin attracted to him on a different Level than Ted. She is learning to appreciate Barney for different reason than she loved Ted.

      Robin is good at compartmentalizing her life. She will have to learn to block those feeling for Ted out of her life. She will do this because she loves Ted.

      She will have to settle for a different long term relationship with Ted. They will be, “non physically intimate”. Emotionally they connect better than anyone else Ted has met up to the wedding.

      Robin is enough like Barney to have a relationship together. Again it is not the same as Ted. Not saying it is better. I think Ted brought out the real Love from Robin. That is why they stay friends and she is learning with Baby Marvin to be able to have a relationship with Kids. She will be a second Mom to Ted’s kids. The Mosby heirs that she could not provide. That is the Sad part. I think in a perfect world she would have been able to eventually complete Ted.

      As for the Marshall bet. That is Bays and Thomas way of stringing us along. I could be wrong. We did have two songs about dead people both times the mother was introduced into Season 8 E1 and E24. But I think that was again just a slow Bass Guitar heavy set of songs.

      Oh forgot to mention in my ramblings, Bays and Thomas do say Barney and Robin get married. Just because we do not see Barney in the shots of the future with Ted does not mean he is not involved. He is called Uncle Barney so my guess is that Barney and Robin, married or not are still in Ted’s future life.

      I really enjoyed reading your post and you put a lot of effort into it.

  30. Two points:

    1. My take on Robin and Barney and where their love comes from. These two had chemistry as early as Season 1 when Robin “suited up,” and they went out, drank Scotch, and smoked cigars. The failure of their first attempt at a relationship had more to do with their respective baggage than it did with a lack of chemistry. They absolutely have (and had) chemistry, but the timing was off.

    Barney was definitely NOT ready for a real relationship at that point. It took meeting his father and realizing that he couldn’t keep his life going this way forever for that to change. Then he met Nora and “accepted” the challenge of trying to make a relationship work. But the problem was that Nora was always the “ducky tie” for him. It just…wasn’t him. Robin, on the other hand, decidedly is.

    With Robin, I think a part of her wants the kind of relationship that a guy like Ted would offer, but she knows herself well enough to know she couldn’t make that work because she could never reciprocate the way a guy like Ted needs. Ted needs a woman who’ll be vulnerable with him, because he’ll absolutely be vulnerable with her (frequently). Ted approaches relationships with zero defenses (often to his detriment) and will bring a woman in close to him. He needs to be with someone who can do that at least some of the time, if not all the time. That’s NOT Robin. And Robin knows this. Robin also knows that Barney is very much like her in this respect, which is why they work as a couple. Also, last point here, but the relationship between them started sparking again at the very end of Season 6 when they shared a cab to try to stop Ted from getting back together with Zoey. There was a moment in the cab where each of them spoke about “Ted” and “Zoey” having really loved each other at one point (not-so-subtly alluding to their own relationship), but then Barney sees Nora again, and it’s “Challenge accepted!”

    2. On the two songs, I think you’re misinterpreting them. The Funeral by Band of Horses isn’t so much about a literal funeral as much as it’s about a fundamental change. The lyric is “At every occasion I’ll be ready for the funeral.” In Ted’s case, this implies that at every occasion he’s waiting for change to happen to him. Simple Song by the Shins is absolutely NOT about death in any way, shape, or form. It’s a deeply affectionate love song written by the lead singer for his wife, and it’s all about how her entering his life completely changed things for him. He’s actually talked about the meaning behind the song. So, I take both songs to be meaningful, hopeful, and upbeat about this impending meeting between Ted and the Mother. Everything in his life will change at that moment in fundamental ways.

  31. Okay about the Songs.

    I was actually talking more about the Videos than the words to the Songs.

    I first heard the songs and then downloaded the Video on I-Tunes. That is when I noticed the “framework” of the funerals in both songs.

    You are right the words are love songs but from death perspective in the case of the Shins.

    I will have to go back and watch the video on the other song. I do not remember it vividly.

    Back to Robin. When she said to Ted that I do not Love You. She was in tears. She knew her words would hurt. Ted. Did this mean she was moving on? Yes, Robin is moving on from her old LOVE LIFE with Ted. It hurt her to say that she no longer wanted a Romantic Intimate Relationship with Ted.

    Again they could have from the Start made Robin the Mom and everyone would have gone with it. A long journey for Ted Back to Robin etc. sounds like a show called Friends… But this was written differently. More emotionally realistic for many in the audience.

    So I have to say Robin will always love Ted (for those Big Bang fans you understand).

  32. I could be wrong, but I thought Robin did tell Barney she couldn’t have kids. I thought he was the first person she told, in the bathroom at Lily and Marshall’s suburban house. Didn’t she? Or did she just cry in front of him and he knew something was wrong but she didn’t tell him what?

    I hated “Ro-Barn” from day 1. Hated them, hated them, hated them. UNTIL! The episode where they go out to dinner and the other couple ticks them off so they decide to get back at them. That was the episode where I finally saw how they could work together. Up until then I just accepted their relationship because at least it got Robin away from Ted.

  33. Robin told Lily and Marshall. Don’t remember about anyone else except Kevin then most likely Ted when he said he loved her for the last time on the roof.

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