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Season 9, Happy Valentines Day 2014

We just want to say a quick happy Valentines Day to Everyone from Corina, Solo4114, and Ross. Every US state except Florida had Snow Yesterday and it was such a cold day.

Desperation Day

So Today, try to warm up your someone special with a smile and a hug.

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  1. What HIMYM couple best describes where you’re at this Valentine’s Day?

    Are you a long term couple that’s made a family together, like Lily and Marshall? Or maybe a fun loving couple that’s ready to take the next step, like Robin and Barney? I’m in the same boat as Ted and the mother, personally. I may have finally met the right one, but he may just be another step before I find my yellow umbrella. Time will tell!

    Since the show is all about hope and love let’s share some happy HIMYM inspired moment :)

  2. Darned. I’ve written two posts on my blog today because of Valentine’s Day (which in Sweden traditionally is called “All Heart’s Day”, but I think “Valentine’s Day” has been overshadowing it since a couple of years. Unfortunately.) and in the second I tried to include the Desperation Day clip, but it’s not available outside of US (unless you go through a VPN tunnel). And no matter how I tried to convert or fix it, even making my own clip from the full episode it gets blocked on you-tube. Porko Dio!
    (Ha, just realized, I can upload my own clip to my blog, don’t have to upload it to You-Tube. Problem handled!)

  3. I guess, just like the show, most everyone does not celebrate V Day anymore. or everyone was too busy celebrating to post a comment.

    Tonight is the last of two reruns of HIMYM. Starting Next Monday we have solid new episodes scheduled on Monday until the two Part Finale.

    Like the 200th Episode a few weeks ago, you will not want to miss watching HIMYM live Monday, February 24th. There are going to be stories in there for everyone on this show.

    I have not read spoilers on the other episodes leading up to the finale. But I would assume Cristin Milioti will be in every one of them from here on out. They have no reason to hold her back anymore.

    Speaking of, we could do a post on…. Okay I am going to run this idea by Corina and Solo. So, Wait for it… it will be Legend… Something.

    • Well, I did send a box of chocolate to a lady dear.

      • Cool, and speaking of Lady dear, the repeat episode tonight is going to be the Lighthouse. Solo and I are having a little chat right now about the time discrepancy and the AMA. Louis and the Mother dating is going to be fixed but not two year thing from the Lighthouse correct?

        Where is a professor when you need one!!

        • I want to say that Carter Bays (I think?) said after much hoopla about the “Not two years later…” comment that it was not an error. They still haven’t explained HOW it isn’t an error, but apparently it isn’t one…in some sense.

          I’ll be curious to see if they change the voiceover for this episode, or if they eliminate it altogether and add a title card specifying the year or something. It still seems strange that they wouldn’t explain that, but maybe they’ll get to it next week.

          • In my head I have been absolutely postive that the proposal occurs in the fall of 2014. “Not two years later” sounds a lot better that “a little more than a year later”. When the camera zooms out on them standing happily engaged at the lighthouse, the trees look like it’s falltime.
            And you are right, Bays has said that it isn’t a mistake! Very excited to see how they make that one right.

  4. Sorry I wasn’t checking the page, bad Proffessor, I should do that more often on off weeks.

    I spent Valentine’s Day evening hanging out with friends from choir. We ordered pizza, played cards. Myself, three single ladies, and a dating couple. I’m a Ted, but not sure exactly which Ted. I’m not feeling terrible optimistic about my love life, so I guess I’m like Ted in As Fast As She Can.

  5. New theory.
    We now that HIMYM can go dark places. So this is one with a dark edge, that would explain the kids reaction, but have a happy gilded ending. Something happened that prompts to tell the story to the kids. That in itself does not need to be a very serious thing. But the point Ted is arriving at with the story is. He met the mother, and she (unknowingly) made him change his mind just after he decided to commit suicide.

  • The Mother