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Season 9, Remaining Plot Threads

So, we have a bit of down time here with the show. We won’t see a new episode until January 13, after which we’ll have non-stop episodes until the end of March when the show airs its finale. Personally, I’m glad they’re just going to power through all of the episodes, with no breaks in between. It’ll be nice to not have wait between uneventful episodes, let alone ones which actually have something important happen.

Speaking of what’s left to happen on the show, Ross and I were discussing some of the remaining plot threads that have yet to be addressed/wrapped up. Here’s the list we came up with. By the way, this list does NOT include spoilers, although there are plenty of those in the spoilers section, if you’re curious.

The Big Stuff

These are the issues which are, in my opinion, more important and central to the story and the characters. They do or will make up the BIG moments in the show that are important and have a major impact on everyone in it.

· The Locket/Ted’s Trip to California. We saw this at the very start of the season and don’t know what happened to Ted when he went to see Stella, nor what happened to the locket. My guess is that either Ted has it and gives it to Barney to give to Robin (thereby symbolizing his giving up on Robin finally), or that

· Rome vs. the Judgeship. We’ll see the conclusion to this pretty soon, I’d guess, after the break. I expect we’ll see it within 2-3 episodes at most.

· How Barney and Robin each get down the aisle. This actually connects to the season openers and closers for the last few years. We last left off with Ted telling Robin about how he climbed in the window to leave a note for Klaus, but we never saw the conclusion to that discussion. Likewise, we never saw the conclusion to Marshall and Lily pulling Barney back in the window. Minor thing (in comparison to the others in this part of the list), but it’s one loose end to tie up.

· When/how Marshall learns Ted is moving to Chicago. This could be kinda big. I tend to think that Marshall and Lily offer different viewpoints, but play the same role of confidant for Ted. His discussion with Ted could start tipping the scales towards Ted staying (which we know happens).

· When/how Robin finds out Ted’s leaving, and for that matter, finds out about his feelings for her especially in relation to walking away from Victoria. That one’s gonna be…..huge. One thing I’m curious about is whether Robin will learn this before or after the scene of Ted talking to her.

· When/how Ted decides to stay. Does he decide to stay because of a heart-to-heart with Marshall? Is it because of his discussion with Robin? Or does he just stay because he met a pretty girl and decided to rearrange his life to give it a shot with her?

· We still don’t know what happened between the Mother and Louis her boyfriend. I don’t know that they need to do more than say “We broke up. I just knew he wasn’t the one, and he knew he’d never propose to me.” This might not end up being big, but it’s still a bit step for her that puts her on the platform, ready to give Ted her #.

· The explanation of the chronology for Ted’s daughter’s birth and the proposal. And what happens in between.

· How Ted changes from the sad-sack he’s been into the decent guy he needs to be to be with the Mother. I think we’re starting to see that shift, but we’ll have to see if they can keep up the momentum, or if they just give him one moment where he says “Ok, I’m better now” or whether he doesn’t actually change BEFORE he meets the Mother, but rather in response TO her.

· Personally, I’d also like to see Ted’s first date with the Mother, Ted happy in the future with her and how that relationship grows, the birth of Ted’s daughter and son, and Ted’s wedding to her. Not sure if we’ll get that stuff, though…

· Of course, the actual moment the two of them meet on the train platform and how that all goes.

The Small Stuff

This is the stuff that is still a dangling question, but which isn’t really that important. You know. The stuff you shouldn’t sweat. My sense is that the bulk of these issues will be used as fodder for filler/goofiness, while we wait for the next “Big Stuff” moment. And some of this stuff may not actually happen.

· Robin’s parents (who have yet to show up, but we know her dad is there at the wedding). The “Ring Bear.” Another minor gag, but we’ll have to wait to see what comes of it. I don’t think they’d have hit this joke as often as they have without actually resolving it later.

· Some further discussion of James’ divorce.

· Barney’s parents meeting Robin’s parents.

· Explanation of the slap chronology or whether Barney misspoke about “Oh god, it’s the fourth slap!”

· Who the “wild card” is, if there’s any single wild card. (We’ve certainly seen some strong contenders thus far…)

So, anyone got any thoughts on this? Speculation on how these issues will wrap up? Things they’d like to see? Things to add to the list? Chime in, people!

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  1. Another note in Small Stuff: it was mentioned in season 7 that Robin briefly became a bullfighter, and that it was a good story. I assume one of the following episodes will be a flashback to such an event.

  2. This season, in the Episode where Robin and Barney went to that underground hang out together, she talked about not wanting to ever ride a mechanical bull again.

    Not sure if that will be the story, but it is as close as I can Remember to a hint at that one. Also, It looked like the same place that Ted went on a date with Barney’s Sister Carley.

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, but for me it is back to work. Those of you on vacation enjoy.

    Update Monday December 30… Over the weekend we got the title for Episode 19. I put the info on the spoiler page. we have titles and preliminary air dates. The titles for last four Episodes of the Season have not officially been released yet. So no need to speculate on them. The shows are going to start coming fast and furious in 2014, then slow a little. I expect the last four to be full of drama and reveals. Should be a good close for this Series.

  3. I’d like to see them resolve the mother’s name. Especially the “Tracy” theory.

    • Good point. I think we may actually get to that soon. This or another Mother Ted story. There have been so many web pages devoted to the Mothers name over the years. It will be interesting to see if the writers play this up or just reveal it.

      Not sure if it will have any significance to any previous story. So if it was say the date from the episode milk in season 1 or the real Marissa Heller etc. That would be interesting. I don’t think the Tracy theory would be that significant so my bet is something else.

    • I’d be stunned if they didn’t settle that one. No idea what her name will be, but I don’t think the “Tracy” theory will turn out to be true.

    • I still have a reasonable doubt he ends up with this new character. If anyone hasn’t noticed yet Robin happens to be one of the only friends that’s constantly wears some form of yellow. Especially on series when Ted is going through some type of crisis or Robin is slightly out of reach from another relationship. She also is the only one that owns a yellow rain coat. Marshall still roots for Ted and Robin. Also Robin had an imagination of her cuter kids. Tends kids could also be a figment of his imagination.

  4. How about a real B/R discussion about their futur, you know: do we eventualy want to have kids? Should we adopt? I know they adressed this issue (kinda) when Barney told his mom that he is with Robin to be with her and not to find the mother of his kids, but, as cute as it was, it was a bit of a duck out on that issue, in my opinion… And this seems to be what’s missing to really make that wedding happen, and each of them actually getting down the aisle. Like, yeh ok, Robin said she didn’t mind living in Barney’s appartment, and ok, we got to see why Barney proposed to her, and trust issues have apparently benn put to rest, but that doesn’t change the fact that they never seem to talk about the futur. How are we suppose to imagine their relashionship after the wedding? How are THEY suppose suppose to?

    • I think they kind of already dealt with this. We know Robin never became a mother. We know Barney doesn’t care about it at this point. I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to say about it. I mean, I understand that folks might think it was dealt with in a rather offhanded way, but honestly, I don’t see the writers going back to that point. It’s been dealt with sufficiently that we know they don’t have kids together, and we know that Barney’s ok with it.

  5. Just thought of another thing to add:

    The “no ring” thing from Exploding Meatball Sub.

    For years, fans have been puzzled by the fact that Robin clearly is NOT wearing a ring in Exploding Meatball Sub and the flash forward to 2021 (or whenever it was). I think that the episode last season featuring Robin and Lily flashing forward and talking about the time Mike Tyson held Marvin at a strip club, she wasn’t wearing a ring either.

    It’s unclear what this means, though. In flashes forward featuring Ted, he’s always worn a ring. In the 2015 flash forward from “Trilogy Time,” Barney’s hiding a ring, but wearing one nonetheless. However, some flashes forward have been treated as “non-canonical” and others have been treated as real.

    Most people explained away the Meatball Sub one as “probably not real.” But the Lily/Robin ones muddy the water.

    So, basically: Do Robin and Barney STAY together after getting married?

    • Wasn’t the Robin not wearing a ring issue dealt with in Season 8 episode Ring Up?

      • When we think an issue is wrapped up and dealt with sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. They keep re-visiting the Victoria Story and the Ted-Robin-Barney Triangle a lot. So I imagine they may or may not close the door on this one.

        The good news is another new episode is about to hit us on Monday. Not sure if this will have impact on the rest of the season or just a one two episode.

        I have a couple of more things to say about the rest of the season but do not have the time at the movement. I will add later.

        Alright I have been trying to frame the next part of my message about the next two episodes. Not to come off as spoilers as much as pure information. I just want to say that I prefer that an episode be self contained as a Situational Comedy. I like it when they have balance, Funny and Serious. That to me is more of a pure sitcom.

        Then you have the HIMYM producers. Who sometimes have entire Episodes that are funny and think they can balance that out with the Next week being more serious. Not sure if that is what we are going to get the next two weeks… But it looks like from their statements we may. So if an episode is all funny don’t get too upset because it will be followed with a more serious one.

        There are actual spoilers out for the next few episodes but nothing too striking.

  6. I’ve posted this on an earlier thread but here’s my list. Of the 20 things I have, 2 have been at least partly addressed.

    In the current timeline of the show:
    1. The locket: Did Ted find it, does he give it to Robin, does he give it to Barney to give to Robin?

    2. Robin finding out that Ted and Victoria broke up because he wouldn’t stop being Robin’s friend: They have alluded to this several times so I want this to be addressed.

    3. What makes this wedding the train wreck they have led us to believe it will be?: Will there be a ring bear, who will be the wild card, will Robin’s stepmom sing Cheeseburger in Paradise as the father/daughter dance?

    4. Will Marshall use one of the slaps to get Barney to get down the aisle?

    5. How many more people will Lily tackle and why?

    6. How the mother meets everyone else (Marshall and Robin) – ok we’ve seen Marshall, so just Robin left

    7. How does Ted injure his hand? – problem solved, punching Darren (in my head I say it like Ted says pfft. Derrick).

    8. Why is Ted unable to meet/talk to the mother before the Farhampton train station?

    9. The resolution of Marshall and Lily’s Judge vs. Rome.

    10. At least 2 amazing speeches from Ted that prove he’s become the man he needed to be to meet the mother, and a good man, not mopey Ted.

    That was all the real time stuff, for flashbacks/forwards I would like:

    11. The mother’s reaction to Ted being in the wrong classroom

    12. What happened when Ted bought the ticket to LA (what did he do to try and track down the locket)

    13. I’d love to see the first date of Ted and the mother.

    14. Any glimpse of Ted and the mother’s wedding.

    15. Explanation of the whole Ted/mother relationship timeline (trips to farhampton, birth of kids, wedding, etc.)

    16. A future slap if there are any left

    17. The whole gang together in the future, happy.

    18. The mother on St. Patrick’s Day (from the No Tomorrow) episode

    19. Some conflict between Ted and the mother to give the relationship depth and realism.

    20. I really want to know what the reaction shot the kids have been sitting on since season 2 is all about.

  7. I was thinking of Barney bearing back his duck necktie to avoid the last two slaps for him.

  • The Mother