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HIMYM, Spoilers for Season Nine


With all the Speculation, Rumors, and Interviews happening right after Season 8, Episode 24: Something New Solo4114 and I just want to give everyone a safe place to discuss any changes to the structure of the show, how i met your mother. With the revelation of “the girl with the yellow umbrella” swirling all over the INTERNET we thought it best to put up a new Spoiler Page dedicated over the Summer to Season 9. So let us keep the other Pages Spoiler Free again, Please.

Two New Shows that may interest you on those nights when we do not have HIMYM

Friends with Better Lives A New CBS show right after the HIMYM Final Episode

M I X O L O G Y Show Series Premiere Wednesday 2/26/14 about One bar, One night, Ten single people . Welcome to Mix.

Future Episodes in General Section…

Feb 28th:

So Many Lasts for the cast and crew on the final day of shoting for HIMYM. Bays, Thomas, Josh Radnor and others all tweeting farewells. We had multiple shots of the train station at Farhampton, with Promises of a secret but exciting finish for the very long wedding weekend.

Josh Radnor Twitter

Josh Radnor Twitter

Carter Bays

Feb 21:

So Ted and the Gang Promise to Never Again get that drunk. Too bad the Mother was not at the table. Next week we get to See Barney blow up about which suite to wear. Preview photos and Videos coming soon for “ Vesuvius “.

RALLY EPISODE 18 of Season 9 Preview

Feb 21:

Last Day of Shooting for Jason from David (DaveProps) Baker twitter account HIMYM staff.

E-Online is reporting something we already knew. Young Luke age 4 and Penny age 6.

Feb 20:

They shot the very last scene of the Series it seems out of order. We still have a few more days next week of shooting episodes. Then it is all over. They may still be discussing what scenes stay and what go onto the cutting room floor (digital editing folder 13).

So we get another Porno Teds other sorta Doppleganger, the forbidden MOVIE.


Lucy Hale Returns as Robin’s Sister Katie, Chris Kattan Returns as Jed Mosely ,

And Jon Heder Guest Stars as Narshall

“Vesuvius” — On the morning of the wedding, Lily and Robin have a fight and Barney freaks out about which suit to wear. Meanwhile, the gang watches a movie Ted has forbidden them to see, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 3 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Lucy Hale returns as Robin’s sister Katie, Chris Kattan returns as Jed Mosely, and Jon Heder guest stars as Narshall.

CHEAT TWEET: How many suits could Barney possibly have? #HIMYM 3/3 @8pm ET/PT @lucyhale @ChrisKattan @HederJon


Josh Radnor (Ted)

Jason Segel (Marshall)

Cobie Smulders (Robin)

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney)

Alyson Hannigan (Lily)

Cristin Milioti (The Mother)


Bob Saget (Narrator)


Roger Bart (Curtis)

Chris Kattan (Jed Mosely)

Lucy Hale (Katie)

Jon Heder (Narshall)

Barbara Nathanson (Grandma)

WRITTEN BY: Barbara Adler

DIRECTED BY: Pamela Fryman

Feb 17 :

OH  Twitter Twitter… what would we do without you

rebroadcast for Monday Night


Editor’s note: The end time for this episode has been changed.

Frances Conroy Returns as Barney’s Mother, Loretta, and Anna Camp Guest Stars as Cassie, Ted’s Weekend Date

“The Lighthouse” — When Robin and Loretta’s conflict escalates, Barney is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Marshall and Daphne deal with a stowaway on their road trip, and Ted and Cassie try to enjoy a trip to a lighthouse, on a rebroadcast of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 17 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Frances Conroy returns as Barney’s mother, Loretta, and Anna Camp guest stars as Cassie, Ted’s weekend date. (Originally broadcast 11/4/13.)

CHEAT TWEET: Robin and Loretta are still fighting. Whose side r u on? 2/17 @8pm ET/PT


Josh Radnor (Ted)

Jason Segel (Marshall)

Cobie Smulders (Robin)

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney)

Alyson Hannigan (Lily)

Cristin Milioti (The Mother)


Bob Saget (Narrator)


Sherri Shepherd (Daphne)

Anna Camp (Cassie)

Frances Conroy (Loretta)

Harry Groener (Clint)

Cristine Rose (Virginia)

Roger Bart (Curtis)

Robert Belushi (Linus)

Rob Gleeson (Waiter)

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Axler

DIRECTED BY: Pamela Fryman

Feb 12 :

Just some Speculation on my part. It is the fun part of blogging for me. The final line of HIMYM may be like the Cheers Finale. But not by our Lovable Bar Tender at MacLaren’s where, Marshall still can not figure out the Owners last NAME. Marshall the bar has a ‘ in the name. DO YOU GET IT YET?? So his son will be closing the Bar Down we think in 2030 or whenever the show ends. The Entire Gang will be there I guess. The Real Bar So recently I watched the Ending of Cheers again and I get it now.

Remember when the Gang had to go to the funeral instead of watching the Super Bowl. Will this be the Bar Tenders Funeral? Again not sure if this is how it will end. Just speculation. ;)

Feb 11 :

The New Spin off series for those of you who are still interested.


Lets Say for instance that the Final Episode reveals the name of the Mother. Hello I am… and that is actually a bigger A-HA Moment than we think.
Would you consider that a possible plot twist. or her step sister etc.

So we probably will not get the Mothers name until the very end of the Series, when Ted meets the Mother at the Farhamton Train Platform. For now it is the only thing that makes sense to me! Would like to hear any of your opinions on this.


Carl’s Son

Feb 7 :

Carter Bays has tweeted some more photos of the Series Ending. Nothing was revealed except talk of the last 10 minutes being an edit from a 2006 computer file at this point.


Feb 3 :

“Sunrise” was an excellent Ted Centric Episode. Now for The next new Episode in 3 Weeks…

Rally ” — When Barney suffers from the world’s worst hangover the morning of his wedding, the gang tries to figure out the far-fetched ingredients to concoct the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 24 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: What do you think the ingredients are for the #StinsonHangoverFixerElixir #HIMYM 2/24 @8pm ET/PT


Josh Radnor     (Ted)

Jason Segel     (Marshall)

Cobie Smulders     (Robin)

Neil Patrick Harris     (Barney)

Alyson Hannigan     (Lily)

Cristin Milioti     (The Mother)


Bob Saget     (Narrator)


Ray Wise     (Robin Sr.)

Spencer Ralston     (Marvin)

Stephen Grove Malloy     (Budi)

Sharline Liu     (Photographer)

Mariangela Pagan      (Mother)

Katie Silverman     (Little Girl)

Dexter Cross     (Little Boy)

Robert Belushi     (Linus)

Katrina Norman     (Tribe Leader

Napoleon Ryan      (Claude)

Lou Cutell     (Uncle Mort)

Marjorie Lovett     (Aunt Muriel)

WRITTEN BY:  Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, co-creators and executive producers

DIRECTED BY:  Pamela Fryman

WoW What a Great Q an A
Feb 2 :

First Week of February and they are shooting the Wedding. They are also about to do the table read for the last two episodes of the Series. A tweet went out from the Producers that they are almost there.

Wayne Brady tweeted out this Photos as well…

So we finally Get too meet another of Robin’s Bridesmaids. Not sure the Episode.


January 2014


“Sunrise” will air Monday Feb 3rd. Details to come, but rumors Ted and lots (5) of Xs.



Josh Radnor     (Ted)

Jason Segel     (Marshall)

Cobie Smulders     (Robin)

Neil Patrick Harris     (Barney)

Alyson Hannigan     (Lily)

Cristin Milioti     (The Mother)


Bob Saget     (Narrator)


Sarah Chalke      (Stella)

Ashley Williams     (Victoria)

Abby Elliott     (Jeanette)

Tim Gunn     (Himself)

Bill Fagerbakke     (Marvin Sr.)

Brian McElhaney     (Justin)

Nick Kocher      (Kyle)

Matt Walsh     (Captain Deardruff)

Cristine Rose     (Virginia)

Roger Bart     (Curtis)

Alex Staggs     (Operator)

Benjamin Byron Davis     (Burly Guy)

Alexandra Siegel     (Shelly)

Amaris Davidson     (Julie)

Sawyer Adiram     (Young Ted)

Jan 27:

Looks like they created a Female Version of Barney for the Mother in this Episode.

But she is not falling for this line… “Girl I will Shamrock your world” when Barney bumps her.

This is what we are going to see of the Cast for HYMMM


Sleepless in Farhampton before the Wedding

A Photo of The Mother in Ted’s Class


More End of the Series

“We’re stalling writing it out of sheer nostalgia and fear that we’ll be sobbing the whole time,” Thomas says of the March 31 ender, “ Last Forever .” “In one episode, we’re going to see 17 years in the lives of all our characters. We’re going to catch the audience back up to the year 2030, when the story is being told by future Ted to his kids. It’s a very big, ambitious hour. The big important things that will happen, a lot of those have remained true to our idea of how to finish the series that we’ve had basically since the pilot.”

And another admission that we all knew when Season 9 Began…

“We didn’t know for sure how much we wanted to use her, but we knew we needed her ‘on call,’ as it were,” says Bays. “So we made her a regular. In hindsight, it took making the first half of the season to realize we weren’t using her enough, but I think these last nine episodes correct that error nicely.”

We will update this list with Information as it is confirmed.

  1. Episode 15: UnPause (Penny and Luke) Jan 20 and Next Episode 27th
  2. Episode 16: How Your Mother Met Me (Mother’s BFF Kelly)
  3. Episode 17: Sunrise (Xs of Ted, Ted with Robin, Barney adrift)… February 3
  4. Episode 18: Rally … February 24
  5. Episode 19: Vesuvius (Victoria and ?)… March 3
  6. Episode 20: Daisy … March 10
  7. Episode 21: Gary Blauman (GNB Coworker Cobie’s spouse)… March 17
  8. Episode 22: The End of the Aisle… March 24
  9. Episode 23 & 24: Last Forever (Part one and two of the End :( )… March 31

Still writing the finale and about 6 weeks left.

Jan. 20th Tonight, Per Ted, Barney Gets “Truth-Serum-Drunk. Then Robin and Ted start asking all the questions they have always wanted to hear answered about Barney. But, is this a classic Barney fake out. Is Barney just trying to keep his friends Ted and Robin from going to bed on Sunday Morning. Barney does know that come Monday Ted is leaving!!!

More from January 16th released by CBS.

Photo from 200th Episode titled, how your mother met me


Andrew Rannells (Darren)

Ahna O’Reilly (Kelly)

Roger Bart (Curtis)

Adam Paul (Mitch)

Louis Ferrigno, Jr. (Louis)

Rachel Bilson (Cindy)

Meagan Tandy (Kelly)

Robert Belushi (Linus)

Jan 16: Big News out on the final Episode of HIMYM two parter. The title is “Last Forever” and we have some more of Ted’s X girlfriends stopping in for a visit to the Set: Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke along with Lucy Hale, Robin’s little sister.

We finally will get to know the names of the characters played by David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca, children of Ted and The Mother on Monday. So is this episode going to deal with their Births? Not sure about that Yet.

The shows creators let this out at the TCA (Television Critics Association) on Wednesday.

We could speculate a lot from this bit of news. For instance with the Show Title does that reference Barney/Robin, Ted/Mother or some other aspect of HIMYM? Does Ashley Williams and Sarah Chalk coming back mean more second thoughts for Ted on Love Lost and will this translate to Robin having jitters.

Can Ted Get both Robin and Barney down the aisle despite all the history and drama? Down the Aisle is also in reference to what James said to Ted at the beginning of this season. The exact quote escapes me right now but it references if you know what is down there at the end of the aisle would you go through with it????

With the Right Person it would seem an easy decision. We know twice Ted has tried. And both of those Characters are going to be on the show soon!

Links off-site

This News & Other News


Tuesday Morning… The writers lowered the bar last night. It can only go up from the floor :(

Today is January 13th and Tonight we get a Slap Happy Episode. The promos that have been running on TV show some of Barney’s  old girlfriends slapping Marshall in the face. So why would Marshall run around knocking on the Door of Barney’s past one night stands?

I could think of one good reason. They slap the hardest! Marshall wants to inflict a very painful slap on Barney. What better way to learn what a real slap feels like then to have one of those jilted lovers hit you in the face. Barney had to make them very angry.

So does Marshall walk up and say. Hey pretend I am Barney and slap me instead of him?

In later Episodes, we also get to look forward to the Return of Ashley Williams and the real life spouse of Cobie (who plays a co worker of Barney). Still I am waiting for the actress who is going to play the Mother of Robin. We still have rumors she may show up for the wedding.

UnPause will have the return of THE MOTHER and TED on the 20th and HER 8+ year Episode on the 27th. So if you do not see the mother in a new shot tonight just wait a week.


For those of you who are new to the spoiler page on welcome. Hope all the links still work. Over the end of year break I will have some time to check them out and do some site maintenance. What I really wanted to talk about was The SLAP from last nights episode. Come January it will be a very slow slap that lasts an entire episode. It may have a soft landing and that would be the gift.

So the next episode UNPAUSE has switched places with the slap episode twice now. I hope they keep them in this order. Glad that the Episode stories wrap fast for the most part. I may or may not keep this updated with Spoiler News over the Holidays. If anything big hits I will add it to a January Section.


New Episode Titles S9 E 21 “ Gary Blauman ” S9 E22 “The End of the Aisle”

A Drunk Barney… wow Ted and Robin are going to go after that one… from CBS

Unpause ” — When Barney drinks too much, Ted and Robin take advantage of him and get him to reveal secrets he’s been hiding for years. Meanwhile, Marshall does everything he can to avoid fighting with Lily, on the final season of, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Jan. 20 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Are we going to find out what Barney’s Job is finally? Can you think of more questions…
Remember the Close of CHEERS


Happy New Year and Stay Sober if you may have to drive… BE SAFE!

So This is the current Episode order for 2014

JAN 13 S9 E14 “ Slapsgiving 3

JAN 20 S9 E15 “ Unpause ” all I can say is FIGHT TIME… hope it is entertaining! and yes the Mother will be in this Episode per a few sources. Not sure yet, but my guess is Mother/Ted.

At some point in January I think we get the Mother and Robin, but don’t hold me to that one.

*** JAN 27 Episode 200 and this is Big S9 E16 “HOW YOUR MOTHER MET ME”

FEB 3 S9 E17 “ RALLY ” ? don’t have a clue about this title yet.

S9 E 18 “ Sunrise

S9 E 19 New Ttile came out after Christmas… “ Vesuvius ” (some say this is the return episode of Victoria and Robin’s Nemesis/BFF Patrice meets her according the the actresses twitter account.

and the last known titled Episode,so far, is “ Daisy “.

20, 21, and the two parter finale are untitled for now.

CBS has released Promo Photos for the next Episode in 2014. They continue the Slap from Last nights Episode Bass Player Wanted .

Marshall and the Mother

Just some Photos for Next Episode. Marshall has some explaining to do.

Are You Worried, because The Mother is upset and Barney too.

The Entire Gang and Time for that Drink…

In the Next Episode of HIMYM Barney is asked to keep a secret by Ted. Barney finds out that Ted is Moving to Chicago. “YOU’RE Moving to CHICAGO” Barney screams to Ted in the middle of the Inn’s replacement Bar as Ted asks Barney to “please keep it quiet”.

Yes and there was a photo of the Mother (looked like black leather Jacket) with a drink in Hand… it was hard to count how many limes in the mix. Also a wedding guest/someone is telling lots of secretes. The “Devil” has arrived at the wedding. Like Santa he knows all.

ashley williams aka V I C T O R I A, V I C T O R I A is coming back for one final Episode # 19


Too answer your question Steve No, but this is what I currently have.

EP 13 “ Bass Player Wanted ” December 16, 2013
EP 14 “ Unpause ” January 13, 2014
EP 15 “ Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra ” January 20, 2014
200th EP 16 “ How Your Mother Met Me ” January 27, 2014
EP 17 “ Rall y”
EP 18 “ Sunrise
EP 19
EP 20 “ Daisy
EP 21 – 24

Photos From Onset Interviews

Interesting that we have the Season Openers Episode 1 “ The Locket ” Dec 9th and Episode 2 “ Coming Back ” Dec 23rd on CBS, in Re-Broadcast, with the Last New Episode of 2013 “ Bass Player Wanted ” in the middle Dec 16th.

- An absolutely eventful rehearsal dinner
- The search for a bass player
- The future Mrs Mosby meets Marshall Eriksen
- A ‘Slapsgiving Slappoinment’
- Robin Scherbatsky’s mom makes it, after all
- Marshall Eriksen walks 5 miles
- The future Mrs Mosby meets Robin
- The future Mrs Mosby meets Ted
- The culmination of the season-long wedding weekend

So here is the site with the News from Above.

The Mother is Coming


Somehow I missed the importance of this photo earlier. This is the HOT Bar Tender .

Oh and for the Rehersal Dinner Episode, How does Barney get hand cuffed to a pole? and guys it is not cool to pick on the Bride before the wedding… even if it is about Canada.∓v=IwdXNE-Zhto#t=9

TV Line Quotes Jason Segel as saying “The [scenes] are incredibly charming. Look, I have to get along with her — I’m Ted’s best friend! They really nailed that aspect of it in a way that I didn’t anticipate. They did something really smart in the scenes, in that Marshall and she are kind of peas in a pod, which I think is just brilliant.”

I had originally thought Cobie’s Character Robin would meet the mother next because of a comment she made in an interview about Episode 14 (“because we are in episode 14″). But the above information trumps that. Cobie was either shooting Episode 14 at the time or saying Robin meets the Mother in that Episode. This airs in 2014 so we have a little while to get some more clarification.

Eonline says:

“Debbie: Desperate for some HIMYM scoop!
Strap in, ’cause it’s flash-forward time! Not only will we meet an 18-year-old Marvin on the CBS hit sitcom by series’ end, but we’ll also meet a younger version of the son (David Henrie) and the daughter (Lyndsy Fonseca)! (Prepare to say “awww!” when you see the latter. A lot.)”

Episode 16 of Season 9 is in the Can and the cast Celebrated. They also gave some great interviews. I will put up the link later this week Thursday November 21st.

So Marshall will finally walk up to the Inn before we hit the end of 2013. And I do mean Walk. When I get some photos/p/p for this episode Bass Player Wanted I will post them Here.

Season 9 Episode 11 of HIMYM titled “Bedtime Stories” is set to air on November 25t h in rhyme. This reminds me of a Season 6 Episode of Scrubs titles “My Musical”. Only part of the episode was in Song and I consider HIMYM cpp/strongloser to Scrubs than the show Friends. Baby Marvin is having trouble going to sleep. Marshall left the story book in the Car and they are now traveling by BUS to Farhampton. So I imagine the parts of the story that show M & M to be in rhyme and the rest of the episode to be normal.

So news and photos out this week of Ted with a Pineapple Chart (remiimg class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1566″ alt=”Robin” src=”×171.jpg” width=”300″ height=”171″ /” Dec 23rd on CBS, in Re-Broadcast, with the Last New Episode of 2013 “nds me of Chuck Bartowski and the back of his Tron Poster). There is also an interesting photo of Barney with his Mom and Dad. This is set like Robin’s Photo.

Mom and Dad… Okay this show is not all washed up yet.

A good place to get clues about the  show is….

From TV Line  Ask Ausiello:

“Do you have any spoilers for How I Met Your Mother? –Shari
The goodbye season’s Episode 16, titled “How Your Mother Met Me,” is also How We Met The Mother’s BFF. To that end, the show is casting the role of Stacy, an upbeat gal who, among other things, is seen making a toast at a birthday party for the Mother.

RELATED | How I Met Your Mother — Spoilers on The Mother’s Next Appearance”

Basically with the episodes being moved around who knows when the mother will appear next. I just hope it is sooner rather than later for the sake of the show and fans.

Bedtime Stories…

Nov. 4th : Season 9, Episode 9: Platonish

OCT 30th :

REALLY, How i met your Father?

OCT 29th : From comes this bit of news.

“How I Met Your Mother scoop, please! — Daniel:A Photo of The SOMETHING INTERESTING!/ppMother in Ted’s Classnbsp;
ADAM: Remember Ted’s mother’s new hubby Clint? We’ll see him again on Monday’s episode when Marshall and Daphne take a pit stop at Ted’s mother’s house in Ohio on their road trip to New York. Speaking of Monday’s episode, The Mother makes her long-awaited return, and the final minutes are not to be missed. Trust us.”

This will be like it was in Episode 2 Coming Back. They filmed this scene a while ago.

OCT 28th :

Okay if you have not been to Cristin Milioti’s web site it contains some possible spoiler info…

“Those bumps most/strong” likely won’t be in the eighth episode, though, which Milioti has described as “really heartwarming and very, very exciting,” and believes “fans will love it.” Bays concurs that it’s a “can’t-miss” and would only tease that it will feature another flash-forward with Ted and The Mother. The episode is titled “The Lighthouse” — aka the sightseeing locale that hotel clerk Curtis (Roger Bart) told Lily (Alyson Hannigan) is “so romantic.” Might that be where Ted proposes?”

When will we have the Next Slap?

OCT 22nd: Episode “Platonish” revealed on CBS Press Express Website.

So this week Oct 20-27 HIMYM is shooting Episode 13 of 24 in Season 9.

CBS Express Spoiler Links from future Episode “The Lighthouse”

General Sfan!

Ted and Cassie “in bed”

Oct. 21st :

Craig Thomas @HimymCraig
New #HIMYM tonight, “Knight Vision!” (No spoilers, but watching “Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade” is a good get-psyched mix for this ep!)

OCTOBER : It has been a while since we updated the spoiler page. Sorry but not much to actually say. I did want to post a couple of photos and a comment. If Ted has already been with the Mother it seems odd to see him now trying to get a weekend date.

It feel like a child looking through a parents old dating album. But that has been the last 8 Seasons so why not one more.

This one feels like a flash back photo. CBS Press Express “No Questions Asked.”

There is also one of Marshall with a tool box in hand at same Mailbox.

Next Episode

Sept 25th :

One of the many lines that stuck with me from the two part Season 9 opener was Narrator Ted saying… “You never know who is going to be the wild card at a wedding”

Sept. 24th :

Game Night!  Where is Marshall?

Sept 23rd : More Episode news

Sept 22nd : One more day until Season 9 Begins. In the Third Episode we get back to THE BROKEN CODE between Barney and Ted. Notice in this clip Ted is in Best Man Mode. Here is a link to the web site discussing the episode…

So is this Lily? If so was she just an extra in this shot or does it mean something?

Ted Had to drop her off somewhere along the trip, right! So that is how she ended up on the train with the mom. I wonder what Ted did this time?

Friday Sept 13th: We have some great new Photo’s of the Mother and a couple of Her wit br /h Ted. Yes these are actual Future Shots. The kind of scenes everyone asked for. Ted and the Mother together after the Wedding. So we are going to either see some of Ted dating the Mother or Ted and Wife. Either way I am happy. Josh and Cristin are playing the role of  a loving couple. So those who are Shippers of Ted and the Mother you are going to have a great season. Oh by the way… I am really busy and have not uploaded the photos yet. Just be patient and I will before the day is over, Eastern Time US.

Just some additional information. Season 8 Episode 24 Ended with 56 hours on the clock. Season 9 Episode 1 is going to pick up with 55 hours on the Clock. So what does this time difference indicate for you?

I could write an entire Post about that. Just wanted to put things in perspective Speaking of that, here are a couple more Photos.

This is from the Episode the Lighthouse, I think. Tweets from Carter Bays.

Updated Show Titles… Some o/pf the Episodes have changed around per usual.

I can’t think of anything to say about these photos. First appearance tweeted with Ted.

The Karate Kid villain or the real Karate Kid per Barney… will be around in Season 9.

Just a little note. show titles and episode order tend to change over time.

Episode  09 “Platonish”
Episode 10 “Bass Player Wanted”
Episode 11 “Mom and Dad”
Episode 13 “Rehearsal Dinner”
Episode 14 “Slapsgiving 3″
Episode 16 “How Your Mother Met Me”
Episode 18 “Sunrise”
Episode 20 “Daisy”


Sept 10th 2013: Ted and Robin may have a stronger connection than we originally thought.

quick update : (Part one and two of the End :( )… March 31/p Got a tweet from CBS  with the official Promo on Friday but did not watch it until Monday Morning. Funny thing, I was at an outdoor wedding this weekend. The promo added a few lines between Lily and the Mother if you scroll down the CBS list you can find it. Anyway across the isle, The Mother Offers Lily some home made cookies. Then they apologize to each other sitting side by side. Lily tried to bite 20, 21, and the two parter finale are untitled for now./pthe mother at some point. But you get to comparThe shows creators let this out at the TCA (Television Critics Association) on Wednesday.e them side by side.pimg class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1313″ alt=”GroupDrop_4_Ithink” src=”×189.jpg” width=”300″ height=”189″ //p

Lily says:“Sorry I tried to bite you.”

The Mother replies: “I’m sorry I swatted you on the nose with a rolled-up magazine.”

Friday September 6th :

Two more screen shots of Mothers for the CBS MOTHER MONDAY SEPT. 23rd.

Marshall’s Mom accuses him of yelling at her over the phone. When in fact, it looks like she is the one yelling for some reason? U pdate, we think she posted on facebook about the Judge!

Lily sure wants those boots the Mother has on??? Not really. Looks like they are fighting for the phone? It has to be those annoying updates from Marshall’s Mom.

Is this what Lily Found? Marshall First Lily Next? So much for Ted and Lily excellent adventure. It may turn into a disaster. But I do not think this is what ruins the wedding!


Wednesday August 28th :

A Photo I have been waiting to see… Hope we get a lot more of them.


This cover is interesting so I though we could link to it.

and here is a quote about the final two slaps below.

Q) You still have to reveal the two last slaps. When can we expect those?

Carter: Those are coming! Ap/strongs we said earlier, there is going to be an episode where it is “Slaps-giving 3.” The title is “Slap-pointment in Slap-marra.” It’s a reference to the Middle Eastern fable called Appointment in Samarra/p. It’s a little fable about the inevitability of fate and how you can’t ran. It’s about a man who tries to run from death and he learns you can’t outrun death just as Barney can’t outrun these slaps.

Craig: There are two certainties in life: death and slaps.

From and interview by: Lynsey Tamborello

CBS release some new photos a couple of days ago and I will add the link to their site .

Tuesday August 20th : Carter Bays said in a TV Guide interview “that, after HIMYM’s series finale, he’s not ruling out the possibility of a relationship-themed spinoff.”

Keck’s Exclusives: How We’ll Meet Robin’s Mothers

Robin Sparkles

Sunday August 11th : Moms on how i met your mother. Of the now six main cast members we have not meet two of the Mothers, Robin’s and The Mom of the Mother played by Cristin Milioti. So when we hear rumors of a show titled “Mom and Dad” who is this talking about?

Anyone have a guess about what is going to happen in the ninth 30 minute episode?

Episodes 1-6 Titles came out in/p July ↓

Episode 7 “Knight Vision”

Episode 8 “The Lighthouse”

Episode 9 “Mom and Dad”

Episode 10 “Major Mystery”

Episode 11 “The Rehearsal Dinner”

Today is August 9th : Dirty Laundry/p at the wedding of Barney and Robin will come to light on Episode 3 “The Broken Code”. We can only speculate, this will involve Ted and or Barney and Robin. Ted will not get into it Romantically with Robin in the present. That is not the point. I think of this title as something from the Far or Recent Past, that will come out in the Episode. Solo and I have been talking about this the past few days. Solo pointed out that Robin’s part in the original Bro Code break was sort of dismissed by Ted at the time. Barney got punched in the groin.
Pam Fryman said that Barney is front and center in the Broken Code. It starts with the Locket. So does Ted give the Locket to Robin? Solo suggested it would have been better for Ted to give the Locket to Barney or Lily in his Last post of Season 8 Episode 24. Now What?

Not Really a back slide revelation here but enough/pp to shake things up for the Trio. I have a lot to say on this one. So if anyone would like to chat about Where this Episode is: Season 9, Episode 9: PlatonishSept 23rdp going I would be more than happy to carry on that conversation in the comment section below.

Also Remember the first Episode is titled “The Locket”. Solo and I did not know that when we used the photo, of Ted with the Red box leaving his apartment, for the Featured Image of this Spoiler Page.

So from the start of season 9 we already have a bu New #HIMYM tonight, “Knight Vision!” (No spoilers, but watching “Indiana Jones ∓ilt in bit of drama. When the cast went to comic con for the panel discussion they had already shot the first two episodes of season 9. The Producers Bays and Thomas did not give the cast an overview of the entire season in detail. So they only had a little bit of information to spoil us with.

So we are back from our break and ready to talk about Season 1-9 with you all.

Eppisode 16 of Season 9 Will be Episode 200 of the Series HIMYM. With that said, the Most important part of Season 9 (to me) is screen time of Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby with the Mother played by Cristin Milioti. Specifically, either dating or as Husband and Wife in Season 9. This video of the Guys, from HIMYM interviewed by Michael Ausiello, has some details along those lines. We are going to post a more mother specific Page soon. Until then .

August 1st

We are just over 50 days away from the Last Season of how i met your mother on CBS. I was thinking about the cast staying together for 9 Seasons. The/aEpisode 9 “Mom and Dad”n all the guest stars who have been on the show. Only Robin’s Dad has been replaced with another actor if my memory is correct.

Compare that to a show like NCIS, now heading into its 11th season on CBS. They have had more than one main character leave the show. Then look at Big Bang Theory on CBS. They have added a number of cast members to the show.

So Cristin Milioti is actually not creating a new Character on the Show. She is only a new actress filling the part. And that is not unusual in any of these shows. Lots of times”Do you have any spoilers for How I Met Your Mother? –Shari you get to finally see someone who previously was off screen.

The other guest star I would like to see is Robin’s Mom. This reminds me of Sarah Chalk from Scrubbs; interacting with her mom. She would just leave the phone and come back to it late, to find her mother still talking (if I remember correctly). Anyway, hope HIMYM has a big budget this season. I would like to see a lot of stars come back for the final season.

Short Video Clip**** Ted and the Mother Update in July EW at ComicCON

July 28th brings out some more Possible Episode Titles for Season 9
The Poker Game.

Episode 1 “The Locket”

Episode 2 “Coming Back”

Episode 3 “The Broken Code”

Episode 4 “Last Time In New York”

Episode 5 “The Poker Game”

Episode 6 “No Questions Asked”


Season 9 News on Premier Date: Monday September 23rd 8: – 9: Easter Time US

The Locket

Today is Tuesday June 18thstrongp , and CBS let out the fall schedule opening dates yesterday.

Looks like we will get a one hour First Episode of Season 9. We expected this because like they said each character will get a chance to meet the mother before Ted and you will have a lot of stories to kick off in this first episode. I think of it like the start of a foot race. The Gun went off at Season 8 Episode 24 Ending. We see them start in twos. Yes Marshall and Marvin, Ted and Lily, Barney and Robin each start together. Then it will change.

I also imagine that/p getting to the Wedding will have some travel mix ups, especially for Marshall who will probably have more difficulty (if I was going to write the story).

Heck if I was writing the Story Ted would have already met the mother. Sorry still a little pissed off at the way this season is setup. Back to the premier news. Solo and I just wanted you to have an update on some good news for season 9.

Time Jump Fun, or not so Fun, at HIMYM.

Is HIMYM Season 9 Going to be like HP with Time Turners?

Guess Who this is? Heartbreaker

And who is not a Season Regular?

New Season Regular

“Milioti’s season-ending cameo was shot on March 27 on the Twentieth Century Fox lot in Los Angeles. Strict non-disclosure agreements and a (mostly) closed set were just a few of the precautions taken to preserve the surprise.”

I have been waiting to see… Hope we get a lot more of them.

We are just over 50 days away from the Last Season of how i met your mother on CBS. I was thinking about the cast staying together for 9 Seasons. Then all the guest stars who have been on the show. Only Robin’s Dad has been replaced with another actor if my memory is correct.

Compare that to a show like NCIS, now heading into its 11th season on CBS. They have had more than one main character leave the show. Then look at Big Bang Theory on CBS. They have added a number of cast members to the show.

So Cristin Milioti is actually not creating a new Character on the Show. She is only a new actress filling the part. And that is not unusual in any of these shows. Lots of times you get to finally see someone who previously was off screen.

The other guest star I would like toI can’t think of anything to say about these photos. First appearance tweeted with Te d. see is Robin’s Mom. This reminds me of Sarah Chalk from Scrubbs; interacting with her mom. She would just leave the phone and come back to it late, to find her mother still talking (if I remember correctly). Anyway, hope HIMYM has a big budget this season. I would like to see a lot of stars come back for the final season.

Episode 5 “The Poker Game”

Compare that to a show like NCIS, now heading into its 11th season on CBS. They have had more than one main character leave the show. Then look at Big Bang Theory on CBS. They have added a number of cast members to the show.

Episode 10 “Bass Player Wanted”

Episode 6 “No Questions Asked”

New Season Regular

Episodes 1-6 Titles came out in/p July ↓

watch this clip

I have been waiting to see… Hope we get a lot more of them.


Episode 9 “Mom and Dad”

So from the start of season 9 we already have a  New #HIMYM tonight, “Knight Vision!” (No spoilers, but watching “Indiana Jones bit in bit of drama. When the cast went to comic con for the panel discussion they had already shot the first two episodes of season 9. The Producers Bays and Thomas did not give the cast an overview of the entire season in detail. So they only had a little bit of information to spoil us with.nbsp;

Photos Knight Vision Episode 6/a

So Cristin Milioti is actually not creating a new Character on the Show. She is only a new actress filling the part. And that is not unusual in any of these shows. Lots of times you get to finally see someone who previously was off screen.

p/pnbsp; Some o/pf the Episodes have changed around per usual.

I can’t think of anything to say about these photos. First appearance tweeted with Ted.





br //p

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Wayne Brady HIMYM Tweet Photo

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  1. I just want to officially say that I do not like the direction how i met your mother is taking in Season 9. Based on Season 7 and Season 8 this show has not been able to prove they can pull off this style of back and forth 22 minute episode.

    Personally even in an hour long show it would be difficult to accomplish what they are attempting to do in one season.

    Third, basically I wanted to see Ted Date the Mother in this last season. It is not enough for us to just meet the Mother. We need to experience the long awaited relationship of Ted and the Mother.

    If this does not happen, then I think we are seeing a dodge on that relationship after 8 years of build up.

  2. Well I like the idea of everyone meeting the mother before Ted does and see who she is before meeting Ted.

    I hope we also get to see how Ted missed her at St.Patrick’s Day, Econ class, etc.

    Bays and Thomas have also said that they ‘tested’ Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti’s chemistry by performing some ‘fake’ scenes.
    So it would be weird if we don’t get to see that eventually right?

    I do think they’re a bit afraid that a lot people aren’t going to like Ted and the Mother if we see them a whole year together.

    I don’t think Ted will meet her in the first half of the season.

    But I’m intrigued in the format, the writing has to be on point though.

    What does help is the fact that this definitely is the last season, the pacing of Season 8 felt off sometimes because of the negotiations for a new season.
    The beginning was rushed (all the breakups), middle part was great, last part was a lot of filler cause they want to save the best for last.

    So I’m hopeful we get a great last season of this great show.

  3. Not sure how the airports work in New York City to Farhampton, but do you think Marshall is the first to meet the Mother at the Train Station? I take it that Ted and Lily drive straight to Farhampton and not to the airport first.

    I do not think Ted will meet the mother until the very last episode of Season 9 at the very end if the producers get their way all season.

    That is why so many people are upset about the way things may go this fall. They talk about the Wedding weekend and flash backs to the original 5 cast member. They never talk about what happens after the wedding.

    Ted Dating the Mother will most likely be off the table. We have seen Ted in very brief shots with then Mother already from Narrator Ted in 2030. I hope they change their mind and start showing real time footage… The NATIVES ARE RESTLESS.

  4. I think this is going to be very tricky and agree with Ross that they need to be on their game every episode to pull off the time aspects.

    So, one thought that I have is while every other character meets her before ted, i have to imagine that there will be flash forwards with them together like outside the wedding bride 3 when its raining etc. We might not see them dating in real time, and the final scene of the entire series is probably the actual moment on the train platform, but I have to think we’ll see them together. Or …. in her interactions with the group her idiosyncrasies come out and we see how perfect she is for Ted.

  5. @ steve
    This article by Adam Chitwood is a typical reaction to the Bays and Thomas revelation about the structure of Season 9.

    “…I have to admit I’m a tad disappointed. I was hoping the final season would focus on the burgeoning relationship between Ted and The Mother…”

    I agree a little more strongly. I am of coarse a little more removed from the producers of this show, than say an EW.

    Here is the article if you want to read it all.

    and here is another on saying the same thing about when Ted will meet the mother. Not Happy with this.

  6. Just wanted to quickly add that while the whole idea of Season 9 spanning the course of the weekend is a bit tame. I think they might just be able to pull it off and make it fun.

    Imagine a scenario where we have The Mother in real-time through narration perhaps come up and say “Ted, have you still not finished up with the kids its been ages.” Ted: “Oh actually, I was just about getting to the wedding.” Mother: “Funny story that, I almost did not make it.” …..

    And they flip the series on its head with a bit of How I Met Your Father. I think the narration elements if done up well, could help convey how they are just perfect for each other and where their relationship, while the Mother’s perspective will of course give us all the satisfaction of getting to know her.

    Plus, knowing their fondness for call-backs and other minor details, I think they could play it up from her angle so basically we the viewer see why Ted had to wait this long, and how they were just meant TO BE.

  7. Guys, what if some of the characters already know the mother? I mean, Robin and Barney probably have met her, since she plays at their wedding. What if we see those meetings in flashbacks? It would be really great, I think.

    • For a fact, we know that the band Barney and Robin had cancelled a week before and Ted found a new band after running into his turn-out-to-be-lesbian ex-girlfriend and her girlfriend in the subway about a week (or a month, i can’t remember, and I can’t remember the name of the ex) knowing that the girl’s roommate has a band and the band is one of the best all according to the ex. So, even though it is possible that Barney and/or Robin know her, your theory seems to be invalid.

      • I suppose it’s possible that Robin and Barney meet her ahead of time, if they meet the band to hire them, even if it’s just a week before. But I doubt that aside from events surrounding the wedding itself, anyone actually KNOWS her ahead of time.

        Marshall probably meets her on the train. Lily probably gets introduced to her when Marshall shows up, and I’d expect has some other discussions with her beforehand.

        Robin and Barney…well, who knows how they meet her. And, of course, Ted meets her at the Farhampton station on the proverbial dark and stormy night.

        I expect that we’ll see she was around in the background for various events during the show, witnessing them from another angle, etc., but I don’t think anyone’s like “Diane?! OMG! I had no idea you’d be at the wedding!!” (note: Diane is not confirmed as the Mother’s name. I just made that up.)

  8. I have no problems with the rest of the gang meeting her well before Ted, so that she integrates seamlessly into the group. I have no issue with them showing us some flashbacks to those periods. Likewise, I have no issue with a few episodes of this season dealing with hijinks from Barney and Robin’s wedding. God knows they’ve built that stuff up enough.

    What I have a problem with is NOT showing the relationship between Ted and the Mother developing, or trying to do so while doing tons of time jumps each episode.

    I’m unconvinced that they can pull it off in a satisfying way. This is a show with a 22 minute format. Each episode gives you 22 minutes to explore a presumably coherent story. How are they going to tell a coherent story when the story keeps ping-ponging around the timeline?

    If every episode includes some kind of time shift, that’s going to get really distracting, and I question whether they have the ability to tell a coherent storyline within each episode, let alone string all of them together in a coherent season. It sounds like another season of “moments,” rather than a season of a single, coherent tale, or several tales feeding into a central one. Those moments will be a mix of great stuff and lame stuff, just like this season which, frankly, I think was the series’ weakest thus far.

    Also, I REALLY don’t like the idea of Barney and Robin’s wedding being the framing device for the season, where every episode revolves around it. I DON’T CARE about their wedding anymore, except to the extent that we meet the Mother through it. I’m far more interested in seeing Ted get to know the Mother and seeing the rest of the gang actually develop instead of yet another season of wheel spinning or mostly wheel spinning with a few flashes forward to show that they grew up.


    NPH was on Jimmy Fallon @ 16m15seconds or first break. 21st minute talks about HIMYM.

    I was waiting to post this because I thought we may get some more news this week. I was wrong. We still do not know anything new about Season 9 officially. There are some not confirmed rumors but lets wait a while until we get at least one confirmation.

    I expect the seasons first episode to be a bit of a setup episode. We ended the series with clips of each of the SIX main actors and actesses begining their final trips the wedding site.

    We will do a lot of jumping around like the ending of Season 8.
    The big question is how much will we see of the future and will tht involve Ted and the Mother.

    The next big question is how soon will we learn her name?

    What is her name going to be?

    You did hear that HIMYM will be at comic con. Will they inculed the full Six member cast? Only five names right now!!

    And how did NPH learn about the Serial Killer Dolf?

  10. Best night of my life… I ran into Cobie Smulders last night. I won’t say where to protect her privacy, but she was extremely friendly. I didn’t ask for a picture or anything just went over and introduced myself.

  11. Has anyone posted that the title for the season premiere has been released? will be titled “The Locket”

  12. Season 9 Episode 2 is rumored to be titled “Coming Back”.

    Filming begins July 10th for the Last Season of HIMYM.

    We are going to get some more news right after filming starts, so expect something each week. The total number of episodes ordered should be 24. The first Episode will be a one hour introduction so that would be two. The final episode will also probably be one hour. We should get 20 30 minute episodes in between.

    There is some more news out there but I just had time today to write this short note.

    Okay some more edits: Carter Bays tweeted about Season 9. Here is what he said…

    “Here’s a #HIMYM trivia question: What was Ted’s wedding gift to Marshall and Lily?

    Okay yes in case you’re wondering, you’ll have to watch season nine to get the answer to the #HIMYM Trivia Question.”

    Solo4114 and I had a discussion earlier in June about Season 9 being a way for the producers to fill in some of the stories that they did not get to fully reveal in Seasons 1-8. This Tweet confirms exactly that. But Solo and I both are more concerned with the flash forwards. Specifically the interaction of Ted and the Mother. That is what we are still waiting to hear about.

    But we have asked a lot of questions over the years and the producers are willing to now write in some of those missing details. Guess we will start finding out Monday September 23rd 2013 8 PM Eastern time US.

  13. For the record, I never asked what Ted’s wedding gift to Marshall and Lily was.

    I’m also, obviously, not as concerned re: spoilers this season, now that we know who the mother is, how he meets her, where, and when. I’m more concerned now with how this all plays out, and I rather doubt they’ll reveal that much via spoilers.

    Really, what I want to see, what I think is the most interesting story not yet told, is how Ted’s relationship with the mother developed into love, marriage, and a family together.

    My concern is that the producers think “That’s boring” because it all works. I think that’s a cop-out, simply because relationships, even ones that end in marriage, NEVER go entirely smoothly. Plus, we’ve watched Robin and Barney’s relationship develop, and Marshall and Lily’s relationship go through stages before and after marriage AND kids, and they’ve kept it interesting. The notion that “the mystery” is what drives the show is rubbish, in my opinion. The mystery is irrelevant now. It’s just a MacGuffin.

  14. Since the cast are gathering for the final season of HIMYM Craig Thomas and others have been giving us little bits of information.

    Season 9 Episode 3 is rumored to be titled “The Broken Code”. As always titles change and episodes move around but we are excited for any information that filters out.

    Season 9 filming started Monday and Then San Diego Comic Convention with the full returning cast and producers on stage for the first time.

    Sherri Shepherd tweeted a photo from the set of HIMYM with Jason Segel. Sherri it seems will be playing the part of the individual who gets into it on a plane with Marshall. Both of them get ejected and have to find other transportation. The Tweet photo is Jason Kissing Sherri on the forehead.

  15. Guys, I don-t know if you did, but in the case you didn’t, watch the comic-con videos that were uploaded a couple of days ago.

    A lot of news about the season 9

  16. Also check out this clip which was shown at Comic-Con.


    I’m pretty excited for Season 9, the more I hear about it, the more confident I feel that it’s going to be a great wrap-up Season for the show.

    Bays and Thomas have also said that they want to see Ted happy and therefore will see the Mother and Ted in flash-forwards together.

    I think using the wedding as a framework will work out great.

    • Or wedding(s)!!

      Like, what if it’s a framework within a framework…within a framework?

      E.G. Ted is telling the story to his kids and tells them the story of him telling the story of how he met the mother for the first time…at his own wedding, which necessarily involves him telling the story of the wedding weekend for Barney and Robin.

      Kinda similar to that whole story chain in The Platinum Rule.

  17. Yes here is another source for the clip. I watched some of the fan questions at the panel discussion. Sorry I really wanted to post some more news for everyone but have been very busy the past two weeks. Glad you both are contributing. Please if you find something don’t hesitate sharing.

  18. Yeah, they seem to be really careful to emphasize that it’s a FRAMEWORK and not “nothing but the wedding.” They seem to want to touch on the stuff we want to see (namely Ted being happy with her, why the two of them work together, etc.), so, yeah, I’m feeling a LOT better about this now.

  19. Spoiler TV had this bit of news

    Episode 9.07 of How I Met Your Mother will be called “Knight Vision”.

    In this episode we will meet the following characters.

    Reverend Lowell – An old mean minister who has agreed to marry Barney and Robin.
    Sophia – Robins roommate from her college days.

    They used themselves, Spoiler TV as the source.

    I am starting to get excited for the final season. I know we have a lot of returning guest stars like Barney’s Dad and brother (with some drama).

    Ted will even have a “romantic” interest in another girl besides his future wife at the Wedding. Hannigan and Milioti seem to be spending some film time together… so, we may see them in the first episode of Season 9.

    Ted will have his feeling for Robin on Display in more than one episode STILL. Barney will be jealous of their relationship. Not sure if the locket is the launch point for this one in the first episode.

    As I have said before I wish the writers had Season 9 in a more linear progression because of the Ted and Wife roll out. We are not going to get that.

    The next best thing will be a lot of flash forwards to their dating life as retold by Narrator Ted. Not sure if we are going to get that either.

    It is hinted we will see Ted and the Mother together over the season. That will be great.

    Since the first Seven Episodes have titles already I think this season will not have the bumps of 7 and 8. No more road blocks. The writes are going to give us all the information that we are missing. That may include a certain Pineapple.

    Lots of Stories to complete. If Solo gets a chance we may include some of this in a new post. But for now we are just going to leave it to the spoiler page.

    And when asked at ComicCon what did they mean by something goes horrible wrong… I wonder if it is the minister?

    Also here is a quote from TV Line July 30th

    Ausiello: Three more (mostly uninvited) guests have RSVP’d for Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, and they include Knight Templar, a spooky fella (think Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) who passes judgement on pretty much everyone and everything; Robin’s horny old college roommate Sophia, who shows up at the wedding in heat; and Grace, Barney’s new assistant who’s hot, personable and dumb. BONUS SCOOP: For those keeping track at home, the title of Episode 5 is “The Poker Game,” Episode 6 is ”No Questions Asked” and Episode 7 is “Knight Vision.”

    August 7 Update:

  20. You know, I REALLY hope that B&T don’t use the possibility of a “Joanie Loves Chachi” spinoff to justify why they aren’t going to show Ted and the Mother’s relationship on the show…


    We put some embedded clips on the Season 9 Thoughts page. So if you did not read that post go ahead and click over using the menu on the right.


    I want to focus on the Paragraph talking about The Season 1 Episode Milk. We know Ted skipped out on the Love Solutions “blind date” to first go help Lily with the Flat Tire. Second When Robin takes him back to the Bar for his second chance that night he flakes out on her again. Ted obviously has a way of communication with this girl (either her direct number or through the dating service switchboard).

    So Even Cristin Milioti having binged through 8 season of DVDs roots for Ted and Robin in this interview.

    Solo and I have long thought that the mother most likely will turn out to be the missed date from Love Solutions. Even the Mother thinks she may be the missed date from Love Solutions.

    So my question is… even if the producers had the mother as the “perfect match” from Love Solutions… will they change it just because it would be the mother of all red herrings?

    So in this season Lily attacks two Mosbys in two separate instances. I am not sure who she grabs first, Ted or the Mother but it will be interesting. It looks like Lily and the mother will instantly like each other. Enough for the mother to move back a row and sit with her. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me explain…

    I kept hearing about this video showing the Mother talking to Lily across an isle on a bus. Then the clip shows the Mother with a Cell phone in her hand and Lily grabs her arm as they continue to fight over that issue. So I wanted to update this comment with the actual video. What do you think they are fighting over and why is Lily on the Bus? Could Lily be on the bus because of Marshall missing his flight?

    When I post spoilers online… I try to get multiple sources before I say this is what I think is going to happen. So here is some news that has been out for a few days.

    We are getting closer to Sept. 23rd

    Ted, Robin, Barney at the Beach. AND NPH kids with a bunch of cast photos.

    The Spoilers are still coming in…

  23. Found this-

    @HimymCraig: So @BoyzIIMen stopped by to cover a #HIMYM classic today and it was awesome – stay tuned to find out which one!

    I going to go w/ ‘You Just Got Slapped’ for
    Slapsgiving 3.

    Everyone, place your bets!!

  24. hey ross … are the episode numbers and titles up to date from your Sept 13th update? thanks.

    • Steve, I have updated the top of this page with the current information for HIMYM Episodes. This year Even CBS changed it up on TV Guide so please this is a best guess.

      And news out says that the Season 9 Episode 16 (200th for Series) is going to show the Mother in all Eight Years of the Show.

  25. Alternative opening sequence for ep 200:

  26. So general over the years, are there any episodes that reference Ted reading the Book titled “Worlds End”?


    Episode 21 is titled “Gary Blauman”. This one has me intrigued. As far as I know he was only mentioned once on the show & is also dead from what Barney said. I think the actor who played Gary Blauman in that episode is also Coby’s husband. Anyway it will be interesting to see what kind of call backs this one involves.

  28. i think that the reason ted is telling his kids how he met there mother is because the mother is dead

  29. Long shot prediction. Based on stuff that happened in the show and recent reactions from some of the main characters and the fact that they alluded to the realities of life here is my prediction:

    First we know that mom lives to a least 2022 based on last weeks episode.

    Second because of her mission to save the world she might be doing some globe trotting and be involved in plane crash…hence the “haunting” reaction of the creators when reviewing previously shot scenes of the kids.

    Given the age of the kids and the fact that his talking about the mother doesn’t upset them that much…her death would have had to occur when they were very young and it didn’t… so if the mother dies at the end of the series I would expect it to be a gut punch…what else would trigger such a visceral reaction in NPH and Colby.

    Also, for some reason…could lead to some form of balance for Barney and Robin because…on an even longer shot Ted could be sick too and the kids wind up with them. Remember the whole whose gonna’ get the kids drill when Marvin was born?

    Or perhaps Ted and the Mom are going on a trip together and he tells them this story while waiting for the mom to get ready and the plane crashes…the kids wind up with Barney and Robin and Ted and the mom kind of get the “Notebook” ending where they go out together and their love will “last forever”.

    Of course all this hype and sort of gloomy foreshadowing could just be to drive up ratings and it could be the mother of all Red Herrings so typical of the show and we could actually be treated to a funny, warm and fuzzy happy ever after finale to HIMYM.

    • I sure hope not. But that is as good a guess as anyone else has put forth. Personally I am going for something simple being the reason Ted is telling the story to his kids at that specific moment.

      The Bar is closing or something like that.

  • The Mother