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Season 9 HIMYM Party Menu Ideas

We are nearing the end of the show folks, and this week’s episode made me think about a couple of things. The first is how to celebrate 9 years of a truly unique show. I’ll get to that in a minute. The second thing this episode made me think about was Ted saying “You will be shocked kids when you’ll discover how easy it is in life to cut away with people forever. That’s why, when you find someone you wanna keep around, you do something about it.” Stuff like that hits home and really makes me connect with the show. I started thinking about the people in my own life that I’ve let slip away. It is easy for me to say that they are on the other side of the country or have kids, but it isn’t like there is a backlog of missed calls or letters from me either. I think that HIMYM is at its best when it is a mix of comedy and heart, and so I want to submit some ways we might be able to carry the legacy of the show, comedy and heart, on in our own lives.

But first, do you all have any plans for the finale? I’m so disappointed that I can’t watch it live. I have a weekly commitment on Monday evenings. At the end of season 7, a few of us bugged out early and went to a friend’s place to view the season 7 finale, and I think having a viewing party is a great way to watch the end. And I thought, what would you have at a HIMYM party and came up with the following list. It is not complete by any means and is sort of random (some of you may be wondering where in the world do they talk about THAT food) but here’s what I have at the moment (without going back and watching any clips, though I did look up some of the drink recipes):


Full meal/main dish:
Thanksgiving dinner (and don’t forget to carve it with your lightsaber)
Brunch (just forget to invite the phonies)
Lasagna (Ted’s favorite but Robin hates it)
Burgers (Better call Regis and hold the onions)
Pancakes and bacon
Eggs Marshall (eggs with some Italian dressing in it)
Pepper crusted rack of lamb (Marshall never had his way with it)
Gray’s Papaya Hot Dogs
Lobster with butter sauce (and I dare you to say something bad about butter sauce)
Pesto (Ted’s special ingredient is peanuts, so allergies beware)
Pizza (maybe without the moving mushrooms)
Wings (angel wings, am I right? Would you go cannibal?)
Salmon risotto (I think it was salmon that Virginia loved)

Mini quiches (unless Barney the mega douche made them up)
Chicken fingers, jalapeño poppers, or any of the other 13 fried things MacClarens has (though
we don’t know what they are)
Garlic fries (unless Carl’s coming over)
Ericson 7 layer salad (16 cups of Mayo, better make your Price Co run)
Soup (not from a place that gives you free soup if you get sick from it, and make sure you are
Crab puffs (with brown or red sauce depending on whether you side with Marshall or Lily)
Pineapple (no explanation needed)
Poptarts, pudding or anything else Marshall calls dibs on in or under the fridge
Funyons and Cheetos (don’t boggart them, bring your own, but not in your hair)
Gouda and crackers (don’t sleep on it)

Lady fingers (wear an apron and say it like Ted did)
Pies (make sure Ted and Robin aren’t making them alone)
Crème Brule (make sure to fill the browning torch when picking up the mayo at Price Co)
Cupcakes (Victoria’s)
Halloween Candy (maybe someone will find the Slutty Pumpkin, I mean Naomi’s number on a
Kit Kat wrapper)
Chocolate fountain (oops, I ruined the surprise for the day after the finale)

Milk (regular, chocolate or with a butt load of Kahlua if Katie Scherbatsky’s coming over)
Juice (see pies’ comment)
Piping hot Darjeeling (it puts Don at ease)
Pumpkin lattes (avoid the crazy eyes)
Tantrum (or any neon high caffeinated substitute)
Wharmpess (homebrew some of your own)
Scotch (Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch, Glen McKenna 30, 35, or 50 year – rocks and soda optional)
Bourbon (ok let’s face it, you name a drink and they probably mentioned it in Perfect Cocktail)
Wine (be sure to open it and let it breathe, freaking tannins, decant if pretentious, but only if you
make fart noises with your hand)
Carl’s Red Dragon shots (don’t drink all 5 grinch – I know that’s not what Grinch fills in for but
I didn’t want to type the other word either)
The Tootsie Roll (Root beer and Kahlua)
Thankstini – potato vodka, cranberry juice, and a bouillon cube
Kwanzaa-politan (Barney’s good holiday drink)
Minnesota Tidal Wave/The Robin Scherbatsky – coconut rum, peach schnapps, vanilla vodka,
strawberry creme liqueur, cranberry juice, sugar, and Maraschino cherries

Ok now that you have culinary decisions to make, I’ll switch gears. How do we carry the legacy of HIMYM, the comedy and the heart, on after the party? Well I think the show has given us plenty of ideas. Sure they might need some tweaking for your own life, but let me present some food for thought:

Board game night – or some regular get together with your friends if you are all in the same area
and have the time.
Start an annual tradition – the gang watches the super bowl together, supposedly goes to
Thanksgiving together every year, and even more shakily attends Robots vs. Wrestlers
every year.
Or plan a celebration for a year later – when Robin was going to Japan and Marshall and Lily
were moving to their place, they decided to save up ten dollars a week and come back in a year and buy the $2500 bottle of 50 year Glen McKenna that they canceled earlier. Come up with some reason to come back together if you are going your separate ways.
Or make it every three years – have your own Trilogy Time, be it Star Wars, the Olympics (ok
every 2 or 4 years then), presidential elections (every 4 years), or something completely
unrelated to popular culture or current events. If you can’t get together once a year, make
a plan to do it in the future.

Write a letter to your future self – death folders are too morbid for this. Instead, think of
Marshall’s letter to his future self, saving the environment, still rocking the overalls and
rat tail, or the letters Ted writes himself in the future after his breakup. I wish I had done
this at the beginning of the season where I could say what I hoped would happen. But it
can easily apply to non show stuff as well, the low points, the high points, hopes and
dreams, like a written down Trilogy Time.
Take up calligraphy – ok not really, but letters or handwritten notes to the people in your life can
be really powerful. If you don’t want to write it out, type it, send an email, but do
something to let the people in your life know that you care about them.
Murtaugh list – not a bucket list, but stuff that you’re too old for. And then do one of them a
month, or quarter or year. Stay young. Or be part Ted and mix it up some and include
stuff from your elderly list or your bucket list, but go out there and do stuff, whether it is
things you used to do but don’t anymore or something new.

Sure there will be catch phrases, jokes, stories we’ll tell and retell. We can debate whether the right narrative choices were made, and tweet about continuity errors, but let’s follow the mother’s advice from Vesuvius: “I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.”

Thank you Proffessor with two FFs for giving us some great ideas.

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  1. A couple of other food ideas that weren’t on the list:

    Meatball subs (Just make sure they don’t explode)
    SumBitch cookies
    French fries with some accidental curly’s
    Sticky buns (for Victoria, and not as a euphemism)

    As for the legacy of the show- I think that at least in my life, it’ll live on with me for a while. Ted’s story is very similar to my own lately, and I notice things from the show in various moments of my life- the people I hang out with (I have friends who fit into the roles of Lily, Marshall, and Robin [for good and for bad]. Only missing a Barney. And The Mother, obviously), the things we do, and various other situations. That’s part of the reason I love the show so much- It may be over the top at times, but unlike other sitcoms, a lot of the things that happen are very similar to real life- be it funny, or more serious.

    • First I want to say to the Proffessor… This was perfect almost. But CookPu took care of the rest so now it is complete. If there are any typos etc. I had to copy it over a second time because the first up load messed up. Do not blame the Proff.

      Second, when we added the photos I just skimmed the article. So this morning was my first chance to really read through it. Friends can be forever. I have made lots of mistakes by not keeping in touch with the ones I made over the years.

      It is not like they are not within reach on say Facebook or some locally. It is just an issue of time and priorities. As we date someone more steady we loose our connections to our single friends.

      Then we get married, have kids and we loose another two set of friends. Then we move or change jobs and loose touch with even more friends. You better keep some along the way.

      But no matter what you can always strive to make some new friends. Thank all of you for being our on line friends. I hope some of you stay in touch. This site will be a way for you to do that. I know it is a public post. So I will be happy to privately connect any of you together via e-mail etc. We try to only ever send you e-mails with your specific permission.

      Corina has her personal blog along with and So feel free to jump over and say hello.

  2. I’m missing kobe lobster.
    And for drinks, in whiskey should also be included 3M
    (okej, I guess no-one understood that joke, but as I mentioned at one time. Barney says about Robin, if I recall right, that “she holds her scotch well”, which in the swedish subtitle to my big amusement was translated as “she has good grip on tape”. Hence I want the tape brand 3M included with the whiskeys)

  3. Thanks for adding to the list folks. I knew I wouldn’t catch it all.

    That’s a funny translation dolf. Maybe think of the three years of Glen McKenna as 3M and drop the G?

    I can’t believe there are only two nights of HIMYM left. I think at the very least I’ll have to pour myself some bourbon when I watch the final episode.

  • The Mother