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Season 9, Episode 23 & 24: Last Forever Part 1 and Part 2


“Last Forever Parts One and Two” —Ted finally finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, on the special one-hour series finale of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 31 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

What Was Good:

All the Mother Parts except the Hospital Bed.

What Was Bad:

The Mother in the Hospital Bed.

Further Thoughts:

I hope Corina has a great Review, because the Episode was a bit of a downer overall, Ross.


September 2005

The ending begins with a trip back to the beginning, or at least the second episode of the beginning. When S9E2 “Purple Giraffe” left off, Robin was trying to wingman for Ted with Barney’s classic “haaaave you met Ted?” method. She scores him a conversation, but not much else. She also earns indignance from Barney, who can’t believe she is using his own move in his own bar when he’s not there.

When Robin confesses to having no friends, the gang is quick to correct her. Marshall looks downright incredulous as he tells her, no, she has them now. Lily declares that Robin is officially in the gang. “Once you’re in, you’re in for life”

When Robin goes to buy a round, Lily tells Ted and Barney that they can’t bang her unless they marry her. Barney declares her “too rich for my blood”, but the next scene brings us to their wedding reception. Awww.

5/13 Right after S9E22 “The End of the Aisle”

Now we’re back in chronological order, at least for a moment. Ted sees TM and she takes his breath away, but he’s still planning on leaving for Chicago. Barney recognizes TM also, and reminds her of the huge, random role she played in him finally getting the girl. Barney is seriously overwhelmed with excitement when he hears that TM is single. He finally connects that she haaaaaasn’t met Ted yet! But Ted says he has to leave right then, and Barney makes them go outside for last goodbyes.

Ted tells Robin is has been a major pleasure (salute) knowing her, and they share a hug. Marshall jokingly tells Ted that he’s jealous, because Ted can visit Gazola’s Pizza whenever he wants now. The fact that Marshall is going to Rome does not comfort him, pizza-wise. Lily can’t handle the goodbye at first, but then her and Ted have their moment. A hug just isn’t enough, so they share an ET goodbye instead. It ends up being a little creepy, but still sweet.

Ted tries to reconnect with Barney over the infamous licking the Liberty Bell incident, but Barney has plumb forgotten the whole thing. He does a lot of awesome stuff, it has to be hard to keep track. But then Barney panics – who will he high five? This is a pressing issue that Ted and Barney (geniuses they are not) decide to solve with an “Infinity Five”. One high five to capture all of the high fives that ever were and ever could be…it’s a great idea until not one, but both of them hurt their hands. I guess that whole running start wasn’t the smartest plan.

This brings us chronologically up to the Farhampton train station (train platform?), where Ted is relaying the whole wedding story to the random old lady waiting on the bench. She is but one of many random old ladies that have preceded Ted connecting with a potential love match. Old lady wants Ted to go back and get that bass player, but Ted is still set on going to Chicago. So the lady asks, if he got a sign that she was his destiny, would have change his mind? Just like that, TM is right there, yellow umbrella in hand.

24 Hours Later – The evening of Monday, 5/27/14

Lily and Marshall head to MacLaren’s, and reflect on how there’s a whole different vibe without Ted there. But then – surprise! – Ted is still there, just sitting in the booth like nothing ever happened. He casually explains that he met a girl, and that whole Chicago thing is off. Marshall is pissed that Ted has jerked their emotions around, and worried that this is going to be the same old Ted situation again. He and Lily both disapprove of this girl, until they find out it’s the bass player for the wedding. Suddenly they’re back on board, because everyone knows just how awesome that particular girl is.

So Ted doesn’t wait three days, he just calls her right then, 24 hours after meeting her. He asks her out for dinner “tomorrow night”, which should mean their first date is Tuesday but in S9E21 “Gary Blauman” their first date is said to be on the Wednesday 3 days after the wedding. This was the first of many incidents throughout the episode that demonstrated how they don’t really care that much about sticking to their established timelines. That was frustrating, but I’ll put a pin in that topic for a moment.

Marshall assumes the worst when Ted calls too soon, telling Lily:

Why does he keep doing this? He meets ‘em, he likes ‘em way too much, he goes way too big too soon, and he ends up blowing it. I can’t take this anymore. He’s fallen in love so many times now.

Marshall is speaking for all of us now, saying what fans have been saying for years and years. It’s a nice confirmation that yes, this journey has been ridiculous in so many ways.

But Lily sees Ted’s face (and the fact that his phone conversation seems to be going pretty well) and she knows the truth.

Not like this. This is different.

Back to the Farhampton Train Station

Old lady is still pushing Ted to talk to the bass player, and she’s got dreams of singing at his wedding. Ted says he thinks big weddings are a young man’s game, and thinks if he does end up getting married, it will be low-key.

2015, MacLaren’s

Then we cut straight to Ted planning the most extravagant wedding ever. Barney and Robin arrive at the booth, and there’s obvious tension between them. When Robin steps away, Barney says that things are “great…great, just great”. He uses great a few too many times, which is HIMYM shorthand for not great at all. Robin travels all over the world for her job, and Barney explains “it makes things super difficult for us but it’s great…”

Then TM shows up, and tells Ted sorry, she hasn’t wired the deposit for the castle yet. She further explains that they can’t get married in September, because when she gets married, she wants to fit into her dress. Again, the timeline is totally screwy, but by this point in the episode I’ve given up hope of things making actual sense. I guess we can assume that this scene is set in early 2015, because they haven’t even secured their venue for a wedding happening at the latest nine months away.

So the lighthouse proposal scene did occur before they knew they were pregnant. I guess when the writers said “two years later” from May of 2015 – and later in the scene when Ted says “not two years ago”, again referencing May of 2015, it doesn’t actually mean two years at all. So that’s annoying, but I’m officially giving a point to everyone that I thought was thinking all wrong about the timeline. And minus one point to me for interpreting that literally when it was apparently just something that happened sometime between 1-2 years laterish from May of 2015.

May of 2016

We jump ahead to the whole gang, gathered at the Mosby residence in May of 2016. The whole gang is there, with baby Penny asleep in the other room. We learn that Marshall has gone back to corporate law and he’s beyond miserable, but trying to stay positive. He’s only saying good things about his work, but this is nearly impossible based on how horrible his day to day life sounds. Lily is convinced that he will be offered the judgeship again as a sort of karmic certainty since he turned it down once for her. Marshall doesn’t look like he believes her, but he doesn’t object. He’s really making the effort to be a good sport and appreciate what he has, but the poor guy deserves better than this.

When Barney and Robin are questioned about their recent trip to Argentina, there are again too many “greats” for us to believe it went well. We see the couple fighting in their hotel room, and Robin asks if he would be interested in taking the 3 year exist ramp. This callback to S2E12 “First Time in New York” was a nice touch. Before he responds to that, Barney suggests they go on a sex and drinking bender. That’s how they end up in the wrong hotel room, holding a stranger’s baby. At one point fans thought Barney and Robin had an ease with the baby that implied they had their own child. Now we know they were just comfortable with Penny and Daisy, but they never made a baby together.

When they’re finally (somewhat) sober again, Robin poses the same question. Barney responds “I love you, Robin. And when we got married, I made a vow that I would always tell you the truth.

Back to the Mosby living room, May of 2016

We got divorced.

Oh, hell. I didn’t want to hear that. Not one bit. It’s realistic, sure, but this show has put a whole lot of time and energy into Barney and Robin being a thing. They got me hooked on these two as a couple and now they’re over. It makes the season being set at their wedding weekend even more frustrating, because now that wedding doesn’t even feel like it mattered that much. I mean, yes, it was important in the grand scheme of things. But it wasn’t important the way they made it seem like it would be, and that really bothered me.

Everyone (myself included) is worried that the Barney and Robin divorce will ruin the group, and they won’t hang out anymore. Barney points out that they barely hang as is, what with the Mosby’s in the suburbs and Lily and Marshall working on their third baby. Surprise! Lily is pregnant again. That’s a good thing, because her and Marshall both wanted lots of kids throughout the entire show. Everyone is excited for them, but Lily brings them back to reality:

See, this, this right here. This is why we can’t fall out of each other’s lives. We have to be here for the big moments. Just promise me, no matter what, we will always be there for the big moments.

Robin promises, along with everyone else, and it’s time to do the time warp again…

October 2016, the apartment

Lily is super pregnant, and Marshall returns home from work totally exhausted. They question whether the living situation is working, with Marvin and Daisy sharing a bedroom. Marshall proposes that “when the next one arrives we’ll just put her crib in the shower”. So it’s another girl for Marshmallow and Lilypad! I’m happy for them but also for Judy Eriksen, who had like 47 grandsons before Daisy arrived. And now she gets another granddaughter! I bet Lily is officially her favorite daughter-in-law now. Anyway, Lily and Marshall decide they need to move to a bigger place, and a surprise appearance by the cockamouse validates their decision.

Halloween 2016, rooftop farewell to the apartment party

Robin arrives without costume, but that’s to be expected. She only wore costumes when she was with Barney. L That makes me sad again. She finds Marshall first, and he reveals that his and Lily’s costumes were not his idea. That’s because he is Captain Ahab, and extremely pregnant Lily is in a white whale costume. Barney pops up after scoring a number while in a David Lee Roth costume, and then Robin sees Ted. He’s wearing that horrible, wonderful hanging chad costume again! Marshall speaks for all of us yet again when he says:

It’s gone from played out, to charmingly retro, and back again six or seven times now.

This time, though, the hanging chad has an elderly (I think that’s what she was going for with her costume?) Gore/Lieberman supporter with him. TM is a part of the gang and she doesn’t even mind Ted’s odd Halloween tradition. Then things get weird, because Robin gets A Look. Not just a normal look, see, but A Look. A Look that says longing and regret and sadness. A Look we only see for a second, because then she’s upset and has to leave.

Lily runs into Robin as she makes her getaway, and says Robin has to stay. The whole gang is there! Robin’s response was raw and painful and a long time coming:

Robin: The gang? Do you know who the gang is to me, Lily? Here’s what the gang is: the gang is a married couple who I never see anymore, about to have their third kid. It’s my ex-husband hitting on slutty cops right in front of me. And it’s the guy I probably should have ended up with, with the beautiful mother of his child. Who in their right mind would call that group of people the gang?

Lily: Oh. Oh. So what…this is all just over then? Our whole friendship is just…over?

Robin: No, of course not. We’ll always be friends. It’s just never gonna be how it was. It can’t be, and that doesn’t have to be a sad thing. There’s so much wonderful stuff happening in all of our lives right now. More than enough to be grateful for. But the five of us, hanging out at MacLaren’s, being you and stupid, it’s just not one of those things. That part’s over.

Then Robin leaves, and Lily is all alone, a beached whale in this deserted island of an empty apartment. At this point I’m just hating the show and everything it stands for, because this hurts. This isn’t how I wanted to see them go. It’s too real, and I want a little fake right now. I want them to be the group that stays friends, because that group is so hard to find in real life. A group of friends that drifts apart, doesn’t talk anymore…there’s nothing special about that.

2018, MacLaren’s

It’s a big night, but just because the crew is getting back together and hanging out like old times. Only half of them are there, though. Lily and Ted are bemoaning how tired they are as parents, and Barney is trying to get them to rally and go big til the early hours of the morning. I guess TM was at home, maybe babysitting all of the Mosby and Eriksen kids? And Robin was MIA, because she’s never around anymore. Marshall shows up and explains that this night is actually more special than they realized. He’s been offered another judgeship! Karma works in his favor and I am temporarily distracted from my frustration, because Marshall deserves this, damnit.

Barney says that the night is all about celebrating their friendship – their family, really – but then he gets distracted by a hot girl. Sounds about right. Lily tries to reel him back in (literally, using his tie as the reel) and asks if he has changed even a little. Barney basically says, no, I haven’t.

If it wasn’t gonna happen with Robin, then it’s just not gonna happen with anyone. I’m never gonna be the guy who meets a girl, and the first time I see her, I’m like (grabs random girl) ‘You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours, forever.’ That’s not me. I’m the guy who straightens his tie, says something dirty, high fives himself and then goes and talks to that girl over there. That’s me. Can I please just be me?

Judge Fudge makes his first official ruling, and says that he’ll allow Barney to proceed.

2019, Robots versus Wrestlers

Ted, TM, Marshall, and Lily are all attending the annual Robots vs. Wrestlers events, just like they said they would. Ted and TM are still not married. Marshall asks if they’re ever going to do it, or if they’re happy just living in sin. Ted explains that life, kids, jobs got in the way, but they’ll get around to it. He jokes that “this one” (TM) insists on getting married in a French castle. TM retorts that she would get married in a White Castle, tomorrow, but Ted says there has to be a wow factor. Sounds about right for these two. Then Barney arrives, looking downright distraught.

Barney reflects on the glory that was his (S5E14) “Perfect Week”, when he scored seven chicks in seven nights. He has decided to up the ante by creating The Playbook II, and going for the Perfect Month. Gross. And sad, as Lily immediately points out. But Barney says he hasn’t gotten to the sad part yet. It turns out that girl #31 is pregnant! Really it was only a matter of time before Barney knocked someone up. The sheer odds were ever in his favor, you know?

2020, New York, by the Goliath National Bank building

Ted is pointing out GNB building fun facts to little Penny, who takes his architectural thoughts very seriously. Out of nowhere, there’s Robin! Penny recognizes her from the bus ad that passes by, but not as an actual friend of the family. Then we jump to a hospital waiting room, where Ted has just finished telling Lily and Marshall about his Robin spotting. Lily is sad that Robin isn’t here for this big event, but Marshall explains that it might be weird if she arrived for the birth of her ex-husband’s love child.

Barney emerges, and you think he’s witnessed the joy of childbirth, but really he was just throwing up in the bathroom. Then the nurse comes out and congratulates him. He is still pushing for the baby to not be his, but she says no, congratulations, it’s a girl. Barney Stinson has a daughter, how crazy is that? It’s crazy and somehow perfect. He’s not all too interested in meeting her, but the nurse puts the baby in Barney’s arms and says, “This is Ellie”. He looks down into her little face and just totally melts. He starts to cry as he tells his baby girl:

You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours, forever.

Then he kisses her forehead, and in that moment we have witnessed the true transformation of Barney. No other woman could do what his own daughter did for him. She pretty much saved his soul, and I love that he had was able to experience that. Barney as a dad is pretty much amazing, and it made me so, so happy.

The Mosby home

Ted comes into the living room and demands that TM give him back her engagement ring. The five year statute of limitations on proposals has passed, and as such he must re-propose. Seven years and two kids later, Ted gets down on one knee and asks her again. She cuts him off, again, so of course we STILL don’t know her name.  This time Ted doesn’t just say “will you marry me?” He says “will you marry me on Thursday?”, assigning a wedding date to their grand love story.

Thursday, MacLaren’s

It’s Ted’s wedding day! He’s in the booth with Marshall, Lily, and Barney, but now the tables have turned. Barney is the sleepy dad, all worn out from his little one, and the rest of the gang wants to party. Lily thinks Barney really has changed, until he spots some hotties and takes off after them. Same old Barney, right? Wrong. They ask him to do shots, and he responds:

Shots? Before lunch on a Thursday? It’s like you’re trying to make bad decisions! You young ladies need to go home, put on some decent clothes, and take a good, hard look at your lives. Get! And call you parents, they’re probably worried sick.

Lily thinks she’s seen it all, but Marshall points out that there’s one more thing to see – Robin, coming through the door. She’s made it for the wedding! Now in the episode we have ten minutes left and it cut to commercial. I was getting really frustrated, because there was still SO MUCH to delve into, and time was basically gone. Again, I’m just so glad we spent so much time on this unnecessary wedding weekend and no time on all of this. (End sarcasm)

Robin says “I know I’ve missed a couple lately, but we said we’d always be there for the big moments.” Lily gives her a hug, and for a second all is right with the world. When Robin sees Barney, she says “hey daddy”, in reference to his new status as a proud papa. Barney breaks my heart again by saying “whoa, look, Robin, I’m really happy to see you, but I don’t think of you that way anymore”. Robin explains she meant because of the kid, and Barney says yeah, “she’s awesome. Daddy’s home.”

I really really really wanted Barney and Robin to get back together right here. I knew it was a long shot, but it felt so perfect for a minute. Robin could have been a stepmom to Ellie, and they could have settled down and been so happy together. I guess that’s not how it was supposed to work out, but this was a disappointment for me. It also left me feeling uncomfortable, because single Robin plus Mother issues we haven’t dealt with made it clear how things were going to unfold.

Then we have a distraction, because Marshall announces he will be running for New York Supreme Court Judge. So in a couple of months, if all goes well, they can officially address him as Fudge Supreme. Ted talks to Robin, and mentions that she RSVPed “No” to the wedding. These two and the RSVPs and the weddings, am I right? Robin admits that she wasn’t planning on coming, but TM convinced her. Then TM shows up, camera in hand, and says she can’t resist getting a picture of the group. This isn’t a private outdoors ceremony with a guitar playing, and it isn’t a heartfelt exchange of vows before the wedding, but this is still their equivalent to the pre-wedding ceremony that both Marshall and Lily and Barney and Robin had together.

The picture that TM takes is almost exactly the same as the picture from the opening credits, and from the very beginning of their friendship with Robin. Marshall’s face has exactly the same expression! Then, when the picture has been taken, Marshall pays up to Lily for the bet. They’ve kept it going all these years, but Ted marrying TM means that Marshall officially lost, and Ted and Robin did not end up together…right?

Lily proposes a toast, and it’s just how we all feel:

To Ted Evelyn Mosby. A man with more emotional endurance than anyone I know. It was a long, difficult road. Thank God we finally got here.

I’m going to let narrator Ted take over from her for a minute:

Lily wasn’t wrong. It was at times a long, difficult road. But I’m glad it was long and difficult, because if I hadn’t gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been as clear.

See kids, right from the moment I met your mom, I knew. I have to love this woman as much as I can, for as long as I can, and never stop loving her, not even for a second. I carried that lesson with me through every stupid fight we ever had, every 5 am Christmas morning, every sleepy Sunday afternoon. Through every speed bump, every pang of jealousy or boredom or uncertainty that came our way, I carried that lesson with me. And I carried it with me when she got sick.

Even then, in what can only be called the worst of times, all I could do was thank God. Thank every god there is, or was, or ever will be, and the whole universe and anyone else I could possibly thank, that I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform. And that I had the guts to stand up, walk over to her, tap her on the shoulder, open my mouth, and speak.

NOOOOOO. I did not want this sick mother business. I did not want TM to die! The signs were all there but I was in denial and I’m still in denial and maybe always will be. We barely got to know this incredible character, this amazing actress, but they expected us to buy her as the love of Ted’s life. And then, against all odds, it worked. She was perfect. We fell for her, hard, and were so excited to see their life together. But instead of giving us that, they gave us a few flashes of scrapbook photos and a horribly sad ending for such a happy couple. Maybe it’s all supposed to reflect how Ted’s time with her just flew by, I don’t know. But I don’t like it. My heart hurts.

May 26, 2013, Farhampton Train Station

Ted finally says hello. He finally meets The Mother. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, but it feels hollow now to me. This feels like it was all a game but it was our emotions that were played with. I love these two together and this mere glimpse of their short future together is simply not enough. Somewhere in the back of my head I realized we must be about to find out her name, but at this point, what does it matter?

Ted and TM already recognize one another – she’s the bass player and Cindy’s ex-roommate, while he’s the best man and the professor from Econ 305. Ted is embarrassed until he notices that she has his umbrella and therefore must have stolen it from him. It doesn’t really count as stealing if you just leave your crap in someone’s house, but we get the idea. The Mother counters that no, this is and always has been her umbrella. Ted points out that his initials, TM, are right their on the handle, so the umbrella belongs to him, Ted Mosby. The Mother counters that those are her initials, too.

The Mother’s name is Tracy McConnell. TM has been TM for real this whole time, and the legendary Tracy Theory was correct! That’s another one that I thought for sure was total crap but ended up being actual show canon. Good job, Tracy theorists. Then both TM’s realize the further connections between them and the umbrella, and we see fate falling into place.

2030, Ted and the kids, finally

Ted: And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

Penny: That’s it?

Ted: Yes, that’s it.

Penny: I don’t buy it. That is not the reason you made us listen to this.

Ted: Oh really? Then what’s the reason?

Penny: Let’s look at the facts here. You made us sit down and listen to this story about how you met mom, yet mom’s hardly in the story. No. This is a story about how you’re totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you’re thinking about asking her out, and you want to know if we’re okay with it.

Sigh. The writing was on the wall, like I said, but I didn’t want this ending. Once we knew The Mother (I know we know her name now but it feels so weird to call her Tracy!) was dead, and Barney and Robin were divorced, it was inevitable. Had they given me some more time to feel fulfilled by Ted and The Mother’s relationship, I would be more supportive of this development. But all of this feels…forced, in a way. So Ted’s kids approve, and he heads over to Robin’s apartment, just like in the pilot episode. She has five dogs, just like before, and she sticks her head out the window to see who is there, just like before. Ted is holding the blue French horn, just like before. It’s his Say Anything Dobler moment, except he’s holding an instrument instead of a boom box. It feels right, but a little off.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not a Ted and Robin shipper. I loved them as a couple SO MUCH in the beginning, but forced myself to get over them because I was the naive viewer still waiting to meet the titular mother. As it turns out, The Mother didn’t matter all that much. This was always a Robin and Ted story, and there is a beauty in that which I can’t deny. It just doesn’t feel right in my heart. I feel a little duped, I guess. I put aside my own ideas about what seemed right in the very start and embraced these new relationships wholeheartedly. Barney and Robin? Yes please. Ted and The Mother? But of course! And yet none of that matters now.

It’s a show, so obviously, none of it ever really mattered. Never will. But for those of us that have been living inside this show for so many half hour increments, it feels confusing. I have more of an issue with Ted dating Aunt Robin than his own kids do! Ultimately they will all be happy, and on the front porch, and Robin will get her chance to do mom stuff for Ted’s kids. And I think The Mother would have wanted that. She never wanted Penny to get married without a mother figure present, and she certainly never wanted Ted to mourn her forever. The Mother learned to live after loss, and that’s the greatest lesson Ted would have ever learned from her. But we didn’t get those years with Ted and The Mother. We got a couple episodes of that magic and then we went right back to that Ted and Robin place. I guess it proves the show’s whole point, that it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Now Ted and Robin are finally in that right place at the right time together, and he can steal her an entire orchestra.

Last_Forever_Part1 24_Ted_Gone Last_Forever_Part2 Robots_wrestlers GNB_2020

WhiteWhale Slutty_Police-Officer Ted_Hanging_Chad OhMy good_night Ted_Robin_Penny_GNB

Thursday Replied_No

Bride Worth_IT photo Ted_Evelyn_Mosby Pre_Kiss Bjl4HRiIMAA5T4r That_Beautiful_Girl

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  7. well at least i dont ever have to post here again or watch a rerun or ever even think about this show anymore. i told myself i wouldnt be disappointed in whatever ending they chose…the creators earned the right to have it there way.

    i was wrong. i always hated the Tracy Theory. Came True. Always hated when people insisted the Ted and Robin would end up together. Came True. The Mother Dying was a highlight.

    Good luck everyone.

  8. I wish I had never started watching the show. This has ruined the whole thing for me and I think Carter and Craig should be ashamed. I will never watch the show again now.

  9. Nobody would listen to me. It was so obvious and makes so much sense.

    • It all makes sense … Yes the brain was able to rationalize everything but the heart felt really let down. It was a boy meeting his girl! That’s what the story was supposed to be abt.. Hated the. Barney-robin divorce. Loved barney as a dad- the finest moment in th finale

  10. That finale didn’t happen.

    I’m not even joking. I hated it.


    I’m not sadly saying goodbye to my favorite characters, I’m ANGRY! ITS SICK!

    Its like they were just trolling us all season – scratch that, the whole series!



    I’m serious, I don’t accept it as canon.

    I WON’T accept it as canon.

    The only thing that’s canon for me is the meeting at the train station. That’s it. The rest – the divorce, the death, Barney’s baby, that FUCKING ENDING, just no. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

    To me, “The End of the Aisle” was the canon finale.

    Screw this, I’m gonna wait for the new Night Vale…

  11. Here’s the thing…it was real. People fall in love, and out of love, and make mistakes, and die, and try to make it right in the end. Nothing is ever a happy ending tied up in a bow with a perfect love story plot line along the way. That’s what made it real, and I can relate to that a lot more than the cheesy fairy tale happy ending that so many people were hoping for. Maybe that’s not romantic, but that’s real life and if you’re lucky you’ll get a second chance at a happy ending. Loved it.

  12. Sounds like a lot of people may be upset, but I liked it. Much of the show was about Ted and robin and I’m not surprised. They should’ve have added lily and Marshall finally settling the bet at the end cause it looks like Marshall was always right.

    • Marshall Paid off Lily when Ted got married at the Bar Table

      • I noticed this too. I can’t remember what the bet stated exactly. Will Lily have to repay him now?

        • It was like 5 dollars. The usual bets are 5 or 10 dollars. One I think was 20. Anyway. I have been dreading cleaning up the time line Posts for Ted/Mother.

          I will miss the spoiler page and the hunt for clues.

          Ted and Robin. I could see them staying friends for ever but Robin still keeping her apartment. I could also see them never getting married.

          Anyone been on twitter?

          • Twitter is freaking hilarious. I would be laughing too if I hadnt invested so much in this show. I sat with it overnight and I think I can appreciate the series, the finale didnt destroy the show to me. However Im editing out the last few minutes. If Ive been led to believe everything theyve delivered the last 9 years then I have to edit out otherwise it makes zero sense. Why show Lily and Robin drinking wine over the years casually talking about Marvin, yet in the finale Robin ditched the gang and would barely show up for the big events? Why show Barney turn into a great man, to regress him into the wreck we saw last night? Why show Ted with a ring in flash forwards, or have Christin Milotti flat out lie to the fans? WHY show Ted have t his incredible growth and realize Robin was never right for him and metaphorically let her fly away? For the people who are happy I am happy for you and thats the best I can do. The show I watched held a different meaning. It was about magic and destiny and meeting the true love of Teds life. I get that life is messy and people die. OK fine if you had to kill her off, how about some dignity and respect. How about showing the kids in a heart tugging moment acknowledge their mother. It was gross the way they handles that part. I also acknowledge this is a sitcom at heart. I deserved my Disney ending after sitting through 9 years of this show, of being a loyal viewer even through the rough patches. But what do I know…..

  13. I will not lie. The ending did not sit well with me. That being said, I am so happy Ted had years with the mother. And I truly believe when I watch the series again (because I know I will) and follow along knowing the ending, I will be happy. Ted is a wonderful character and I am BEYOND happy that he got his happy ending.

    I will be back to write more when the review is up but I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and companionship throughout this series. This space became my internet McLaren’s. Where I could sit and hang with my HIMYM gang- you guys- with the big hearts (like Marshall), passion (like Robin), loyalty (like Lily), and the legendary (like Barney) ability to tell stories (like Ted). Through the wonderful reviews (thank you JD, Jordan, Solo, Corina, and Ross) and the many many insightful comments, you have each shared a part of your story with me. I feel like I know some of you and will forever be grateful that you allowed me to be a part of the gang. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. I will miss you all just as much as the show.

  14. @ olive theory props for calling it! Your right it was obvious but people didn’t want to believe. After the episode a few back where they hinted the mother was dying I was pretty sure robin and Ted was the end game.

  15. So I wonder what Tracy’s necklace said if not her own name?

  16. It was nice reading all of you all’s thoughts for all these years but now I’m out. Don’t even care to read any follow up. Y’all are great and it has nothing to do with you lovely people but I feel like I wasted 9 years. Those kids mother dies and he talked about Robin for all these years?? Nice. Ok…… as far as How I Met Your Father goes good luck Carter & Craig, I ain’t falling for your crap again!!

  17. So many things I hate about this, I don’t even know where to start. Nope, it’s just not worth commenting on… What really hurt was the divorce. Barney and Robin were perfect for each other!

    • I never bought Barney and Robin. It felt forced and they didn’t even really want to get married. Ted told us it was legendary and Robin had already said that means fake. It was already set up if you caught the clues.

      I do wish Barney had ended up with the mother of the baby. I could buy him being more serious after having a child. If you have children this will make more sense to you.

  18. It was magic when Ted looked across the room and saw … Victoria. When Ted looked across the room and saw Tracy it was not magic.
    Actually, the mother dying, didn’t move me a bit. Couldn’t care less. Apart from this … Divorcing Barney and Robin just ruined everything.
    Had it been just that Ted and Robin got hooked in the end, fine, I could have lived with that. There’s a certain logic to it. But … I feel Barney got the short end of the stick and got hung out in the cold loneliness. And that’s really what bums me out. Cause the one guy that really has been standing up for everybody and, when push comes to shove, has been there, has been Barney. If anyone really deserve a good life, it was Barney. Ted might be nice, he’s been doing grand, majestic and romantic gestures. But …
    I feel a more appropriate name of the series would have been HBGB, How Barney Got Betrayed.
    I wish I could unsee tonight, and have it end at The End of the Aisle.
    I have the first season on DVD, got it as a birthday present a couple of years back. But I held of on getting any further seasons, ’cause I thought I’d wait and buy the whole series, when it’s finally finished. But, nah, don’t think that’ll happen.
    I’d disappointed.
    But, maybe my mood changes when it has had some time to sink in. So, I’ll check back in for the reviews and the comments. Still, it’s a real anti-climax and a letdown.

  19. Last but not least, it’s really sad that a lot of people here that has become like friends through the series up and leave upset and disappointed. And not even staying for the final discussion.
    I can’t blame Solo for tossing in the towel. He actually did the smart thing. But just on the few comments that’s been posted the hours since the final aired. Salmon King, Athena, Kate, Kathy …
    Wow, what a bum end to a great party. Like New Years even ending with terror bombing 5 minutes before midnight.
    Not fun on so many levels.

    • Dolf! My internet friend- I specifically said I’d be back silly. I never said good bye!! I just felt sentimental so wanted to write about this site and you all. I’m here and am not going anywhere. I was sad with the last two minutes but loved it overall! and I think that rewatching the series all together will make the ending sit better with me. CT and CB even said they think people would be more happy with the ending if they binge watched the series. I guess this gives me a reason to rewatch the show some time =)

      • Sorry sweetie, didn’t mean to imply that you off and left without saying good bye. I know you said you’d be back. But I took it that you were disappointed as well (though, when re-reading now what you said, I see it actually has a positive outlook and note to it that I missed the first time).
        But this is not a party that ends well, is it?

        • Dolf, I wish Ted once he met the mother would have grown old with Her. Not the Ending I wanted. Solo is disappointed. But that was why he left when he did. Actually he tried to leave a little earlier in the Season but I was glad he stayed around.

          I know Corina is just now at the first break. So she is yet to read this blog. I asked her to please write her review then read the blog. She usually does that anyway. I just want everyone to be respectful on the site.

          Some of you are going to be very upset. Try to remember the good parts of the show. Like Ted meeting the Mother. Remember those moments and smile.

        • I’m someone who always tries to look for the silver lining to remain positive- hence why 90% of comments have this smiley face in them- =). haha Yes, I was sad with the last few minutes but I still love the series and enjoyed the rest of the episode. The ending in no way took away from my experience with the show the past 6 years (I caught on late). I need time to reflect and rewatch the episode, but I am happy with it overall. I think it is poetic that the same thing happened to YM (calling her Tracy still feels weird haha)- she needed Max’s permission to entertain the idea of moving on after her love passed away and so did Ted from his kids. In that regard, the show came full circle. Yes, I wish he had more time with Tracy, but Ted ending up with Robin did not take away from his love with the mother. I truly believe that Robin was an afterthought until he started telling the story to his kids and it became apparent to his kids (and eventually to him) that his love with Robin was real too. I do not think that he allowed himself to even think that way until the kids said something. Yes, I am sad because I really did love YM and Ted together- sorry, I know you were not the biggest fan- but I also understand that the situation the show portrayed does happen in real life…

          My Aunt Marian actually passed away when she was 28, after being married to my uncle for 4 years and having had two children- a boy and a girl. The kids were both under 2 and a half when she passed away. Well, about 6 months after her death, he ran into an old coworker and their friendship blossomed into love. Fifteen years later, they are still happily married, have another daughter, and my Aunt Beth is the mother of my deceased aunt’s children. My uncle loved my Aunt Marian and he loves my Aunt Beth and neither relationship takes away from the other one. As for my cousins, they love each of their moms too and are so happy my uncle found love again. So yes, situations like this do happen in real life.

          I was more disappointed with the fact that it felt like a bait and switch and because it breaks my heart to know that in HIMYM universe, Ted had to endure such pain. Furthermore, I did really love Barney and Robin together and was hoping after they showed the divorce, that they would somehow end up realizing marriage was not for them but that they could still be with each other in some capacity. This all leading to the fact that Robin was not a part of the group for so long was a hard thing to watch. On the other hand, seeing Barney holding his daughter and finally getting the love of my life made my heart soar with happiness. Barney finally got his happy ending.

          So yes, I will not lie that I was disappointed, but this show still means the world to me. It has always been there for me so I will not give up on it. After all of the life lessons it has taught me, and tears and laughter that it has brought me, I will not abandon it during its last moments. I think I owe the show another view of this episode from a different perspective and I truly hope that I will walk away satisfied. =)

          • “I truly believe that Robin was an afterthought until he started telling the story to his kids and it became apparent to his kids (and eventually to him) that his love with Robin was real too. I do not think that he allowed himself to even think that way until the kids said something.”

            Very good point…I think I was a little disappointed in it feeling rushed. If they had expounded on a few things and changed a few minor things I’d loved it much more. I think it had to end this way though. Like I’ve said time and time again this whole show was about Ted and Robin. I was sad when he said the mother died. It was a very bittersweet ending for me. I think most true fans will appreciate it more as time passes.

            I too believe Barney got his happy ending. It was believable too that he would change after having a daughter. I just kind of wish he would have married the mother of the baby and had a happy life. I also wish they would have went more into each ones future.

    • I’m still here! Was out of the country and unable to watch for a while and just binge-watched 4 episodes.
      Not happy but …idk and i feel its too late for discussion :(

  20. I’m with you, couldn’t careless about the DVD ‘s or reruns…. They build up their two biggest storylines for an entire season to destroy both in one hour. Way to go. I’ve never missed an episode, have watched and rewatched each of them a hundred times and had hoped Ted finally grew up. Was led to believe this in fact. Only to have to watch him whine about Robin to his kids??HER kids in fact. They actually didn’t even have a sad ‘oh we miss mom’ moment before telling him to go get their “aunt” Robin. Just disgusting. Now I wish a serial killer would have put Ted out of his misery a long time ago. Ugh so pissed off. I just can’t see getting involved in another show like this again and this is the exact reason why. No more words….

  21. This ending was disturbing on so many levels. Even the kids realized that dad really loved Robin and his professed love for their mother was a sham. :No kid would have supported Ted getting together with Robin after hearing that story. Now we understand why it took 7 years to marry her. Ted was still in love with Robin and could never commit. I was wondering why a romantic like Ted didn’t get married right away. If he loved this woman as much as he professed, it would have been a formality. Nobody can have 2 soul mates at the same time. It is contradictory. The most disturbing part was the reaction of the kids. They should have been horrified.

  22. I just couldn’t believe this is the end of the show that I loved so much! I know that sometimes life isn’t fair and that you can fall in an out of love and all this crap, but i was watching this show expecting for the best love story of all time, and that wasn’t it.

    I always hated the Ted-Robin theory. For me, Robin and Barney were perfect together, and Ted deserved someone just right for him. My favorite “heart” episode (i have a lot of other episodes that i love but because they’re funny, not because they’ve heart) is Farhampton. In this episode, we see that Victoria is not the right one for Ted and that he have to keep looking, and also that Robin and Barney belong together. Just watch that episode and you can see this!

    I’m so disappointed. I got through this whole season just because I knew that everything would worth it. It didn’t.

  23. Worst finale EVER!!! What they (producers, director, writers,etc.) thinking about???


    The whole season was pretty bad, to say the least, and i’ve simply HATED every second of that “ted and robin back together” moments, but finally when i thought that issue was buried…. nop… back together again… lame, stupid, unnecessary… a serious disapointment..

  24. Also, for all those people who liked or loved it- please do not feel afraid to share your perspectives on why! I’d love to hear what about it you liked… Maybe it will even help those of us who were disappointed be more positive. The reason I say this is because “group think” is a real thing online and I want everyone to know this is their space to share their thoughts even if they are different than the majority of comments so far. I have a feeling that most of us will not like the show’s ending, but that does not mean we do not want to hear from you-whether you have been a long time contributor or have never posted. All perspectives welcome!

    • That is very nice of you to say Kate. I was an early Ted Robin Fan. Not a fan of the Ted Robin Barney thing. Not a fan of divorce or Ted loosing his wife to an unknown illness. But the writers played around with our hearts a lot over the past few years.

      They also played around with the Timeline. That I do not like. That part of the writing was inexcusable in my opinion. I will not be humble in saying that. All they had to do was go to wiki or one of the more prominent blogs too double check the facts.

      That said this story was writen and finished. Lots of fun stuff over the years. I really liked the Ted and Mother meeting. The Tracy stripper joke was the one.

      So They left out some photos that I will share tomorrow. Anyway it is said good or bad express yourself kindly please.

  25. Soooooooo… yeaaaah… that’s the end. Before I get into my raw thoughts about the finale… Watching HIMYM all these years has given me countless hours of joyful entertainment and thoughtful emotions that I got to share with my husband. That will always be appreciated. I will watch reruns because I don’t think they have lost value if I still think of it as the same journey I originally followed. The writers have all the right to end the series as they please. I hear the “reality is messy” message loud and clear.

    That all being said, I did not enjoy most of the finale and had hoped for better. I am disappointed the character growth Robin and Barney had was ruined. Robin came off very selfish in the 3ish years she and Barney were married. Was she not willing to make any sacrifices to have a more balanced marriage? It just seemed like Barney had to live according to Robin’s plans only.

    Barney regressed completely (sad) and am I to believe a man suddenly has new morals and values just because he has a baby? Sure. Let’s teach young men/women that they can treat women/men poorly and then one day a switch is hit and all is good? No need to expect more from people than that? That bites.

    Ted, I am glad you enjoyed the great love you shared with Tracy. Then you got to have Robin too. The writers did seem to allow each character to get everything they wanted really. Is that how reality works? This supposedly being a realistic ending as many people are saying.

  26. Long time reader, first post (I’m 21 years old now, the show started when I was 12). Honestly I loved the finale, I understand all the hate but I thought it was really well done. I thought it was really neat how they filmed the final scene with the kids all those years ago and kept it a secret the whole time. The Mother dying was really sad, but at the end of the day that’s life. The last 9 years or 3,116 days (yep I counted and tweeted Alyson and she favourite my tweet which was pretty cool) has been an amazing journey, and when you really think about it the series wasn’t about the Mother at all but instead the journey. I’m so happy that Ted found Tracy (Cristin was fabulous and absolutely beautiful) and was able to finally be happy and achieve his dream of falling in love and enjoying every second of it. HIMYM personally taught me so much about life and love and perspective (especially how everything happens for a reason and destiny/ fate), and I honestly believed it continued to do that all the way to the end. The creators had the idea the entire time and without them there’s no show to begin with. Life us way too short and although there was some stuff I didn’t like, the good outweighed the bad by far and I’m so grateful they were able to bring this show to life no matter how it ended. Remember it’s a sitcom, the jokes were always great (especially Neil as Barney) and the life lessons were what made the show special. I hope nobody holds a grudge on the ending, I hope instead you smile because of all the great memories the show has given us.

    In terms of the finale some flash forwards felt a little rushed but all in all it all tied together nicely, especially with all the flashbacks and fast forwards with all the continuity being kept. Loved how they brought old jokes back such as the final high 5, the Legend wait for it Dary, the bet between Marshal and Lily, the Realtionship Freeway theory, Perfect Week (The Jim Nantz cameo was awesome), Robots vs Wrestlers, the Tracy stripper name theory, Ted’s Halloween costume (I was always to young to understand what he was dressed as) the ending with the blue french horn, how narrator Ted expressed one last time that the story was short and to the point haha etc. I also thought they addressed all the necessary unanswered questions in the best way they could (sad like many for no pineapple explanation).

    The ending didn’t catch me to far off-guard because of the fact they hinted at Tracy’s death a few episodes ago, and the whole thing with the final scene being filmed all those years ago when the Mother was only cast last year. Robin and Barney’s divorce did catch me me by surprise. Theoretically in a sense season 9 was pointless in advancing the plot, besides the Mother being at the wedding. So much happened in one hour, I’m still processing all of it. Again though I thought the ending was really well done. All the characters stories and futures were revealed, Barney and his daughter was so great and unexpected. However, the most important thing in my opinion was that Ted finally got to fall in love and be happy.

    (Random thought: It’s funny though when you think about it because if Ted never met Barney at the urinal, this entire story would never have happened.)

    Ross, Solo, Corina, the Proffessor, and everyone else, Thank you for making this blog and making a place that I could come to read others comments each and every week. My personality is very similar to Ted and one day if I ever find my Tracy, I plan on making my own kids watch all 9 seasons of the best show of all-time haha.

  27. So disappointed in this finale. I’ve been a longtime fan of the show and seen every episode. Like many of you I started to notice the clues a while back that the mother might be dead. I was hoping that maybe they’d end up saying she was sick and pulled through.

    Well, as we all know that didn’t happen. I was at least somewhat prepared for her death to be a part of the ending. While I would have still been disappointed in that, I still thought that at least the rest of the episode would be well written and funny.

    Boy was I wrong. This is without a doubt the worst written and least entertaining episode of HIMYM’s entire run. From start to finish the episode was boring and devoid of any humor. One depressing thing after another happened. First Barney and Robin get divorced, then Marshall ends up with a job he hates, Robin gets all whiny and distant refusing to hangout with the group, then Barney gets some random girl knocked up and becomes a lame dad warning girls to go home and put on some clothes, and so on. How is any of this funny? It’s not and it doesn’t stay true to the show’s roots.

    Look I get what some people are saying; life is real, people die, get divorced, friends grow apart, etc. However, (and I’ve thought this for a long time) you might praise a show for including these elements of reality, but you forget that this is a comedy and while there have been some deep and sad moments of the show, for the most part they weren’t on this level, therefore the ending shouldn’t be either. Also, people are watching this show for the happy ending not the one that mirrors the pains of life. They watch this show to get away from the problems of life for a little while. So in that case a “Disney” ending would have been fine. If I want a show to be “real”, I’ll watch a documentary.

    Another issue with the finale was that it seemed extremely rushed glossing over so much time and not fully explaining many of the events. Also, it was very jumpy going from year to year and then back to the present and then forward. It was all over the place. In addition, the mother’s death was completely glossed over which seems like a pretty big injustice to her. We don’t know what she died from, how long she was sick, or any other details of that. I think much of the time in this episode would have been better spent on some of this which might have helped ease the transition for viewers from “the mother’s dead” to “lemme go hook up with Robin”.

    Two final things: (1) while this season had some funny moments, the fact that they spent just about the entire season on the wedding weekend and the love of Robin and Barney only to trash it 15 minutes into the finale then served to make the entire season nonsensical and a disappointment. Like many movies/shows, had the ending been different it might have been able to save the season, however that didn’t happen. Also, why spend so much of the season on the wedding and then rush through all these events in the finale (get rid of some of the wedding stuff and there’d be plenty of time for the rest) (2) I know the writers had the ultimate ending in mind at the very beginning of the series, however after nine years the show and the characters had changed and the series ending deserved to change with it. They shouldn’t have been so rigid, insisting upon sticking with the original ending. Sometimes you have to adjust course.

    I still love the show overall and it’s one of the best shows ever (although the ending does tarnish its legacy a bit). Like a couple of people mentioned for me the series ending last with the wedding and the final slap. I know Ted and the mother end up meeting and that’s enough for me. I consider this finale a very long and depressing deleted scene from the series, or a rough cut demo of a song that never made the album if you will.

  28. Nailed the finale several weeks ago. All about buyers remorse for the creators who liked robin so much they wanted her to be the mother so they broke their promise once again not to jump any more sharks…the finale makes a sham out of the whole series…just so Ted and Robin can wind up together. I think the writers and creators of this should go down in infamy and shame as they guys that wrecked what could have been a legendary series. With tonites finale it fades into mediocrity. The creators talked about real life but what about the real life impact such a story would have on the kids…and as another poster put it your mom is the one I settled for after Robin repeatedly turned me down (except one time in a panic) and you kid were part of that temporary consolation prize.
    Gotta say that they did not fail to disappoint…even keeping the hype and hopes of the fan base up after so many of them had figured out the plot from the clues that the creators had given them.
    The creators had high ambitions for the final season. Too high. This season was just to short and the biggest mistake they made was underestimating how much affection the fans would develop for Tracy the Mother and how fast it would grow…or the incredible chemistry between Ted and Tracy…even better than that between Ted and Robin. Tracy was the one…not Robin. But at least the Ted Robin shippers are happy out there in TV land tonight…even if the writers had to spoil the show to make it happen. In fact it seems we saw less and less of the mother as the season progressed so that there would be no chance for the fans to become attached to her.
    So to wrap up my review of the season 9 finale in one word

    The series should have just ended with Ted and Victoria driving off into the sunset.

    Feel sorry for Christin Milloti’s street cred..the creators sacrificed her reputation by having her out and out lie about the mother’s death. Didn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus…but like we saw from her performances in the series she is a great team player. At least they let her marry Ted before they killed her off so the kids are legitimate (not that means much or anything these days).

    Any chance of setting up some kind of poll here on the site to let fans vote on the series finale?

    • She never denied that the mother wasn’t dead. I’m not sure what people were reading. All she did was say that’s insane/crazy and some fans have some crazy theories. She never denied it.

  29. This is my first time posting to this site and if i knew about it before i would have been with you all from day 1. But after tonight i can tell you I own all the season of HIMYM and now am looking to sell them all!!! This show is completely ruined for me. 9 YEARS of my life and yours life was just wasted on NOTHING!!!! I love this show so much it help me get though hard times of my life also was so emotionily invested into this show that i cant bare what i saw tonight. I feel like my guts are upside down! Totally hated what happen! I EVER like Ted/Robin together they were horrible for each other. Ted is idiot for thinking it will ever change. Tracy aka THE MOTHER was perfect and she have ever been killed. I can ever rewatch my all time favorite show again. Totally ruined for me. I knew i was going to tear up a little bit tonight but not with anger.


  31. So was this the Love in the Time of Cholera ending? I haven’t read the book, from reading the Wiki it sounds like this is what the writers were going for. I know this theory has been mentioned on this site. Is there anyone who has read the book that can elaborate more?

    • Guy,

      Someone over on Corina’s site posted an excellent summary of love in the time of cholera and just how amazingly similar HIMYM is to it.

      The commenter ties pretty much everything together calling the characters from HIMYM dopplegangers to the characters in LITOC. It is nuts just how much B&T ripped off the book. The characters have similar traits (barney being a womanizer is not a coincidence). There is even a doppleganger for Amy (mandy moore) from season 3.

      Knowing that now, last night’s show was inevitable. At the end of LITOC the ted and robin characters end up together again. However, there was a little bit of hope during season 8 where the commenter noted that he could not tie the two stories together. It was then that maybe B&T decided to change it up. Maybe that was just a way to throw people off some more.

      It really is a fantastic and well written comment.

  32. I feel that I will be one of many long time lurker, first time contributors to appear on this post. I’ve thoroughly appreciated the reviews, as well as the posts many people have made over the last few years that made me think about episodes differently or point out things I haven’t seen, which has often lead to me immediately rewatching an episode.

    This episode was… not good. It wasn’t the mother’s death honestly, though we’ll get to that subject a bit later. This episode was not good in the same way a lot of movies translated from books are not good- they miss the themes and character development of the book even when they hit a lot of the scenes. This episode does a similar thing- all the themes and character development they spent 9 seasons crafting just disappeared in this finale.

    Let’s start with Ted. This show, up until season 7 at least, was primarily about Ted becoming the person he needed to be to meet the mother(calling her Tracy sounds really weird). Seasons 8 and 9 were more about the actual events leading up to that meeting, but for the most part it’s been about Ted growing up, his views on love, dating, relationships maturing; and really it’s about him admitting that Robin is wrong for him and letting her go.

    In the finale we see all this growth, all this character development, Ted becoming this different person all disappear, Out the window. Byebye. After fourteen years(post divorce) of seeing Robin maybe once a year as she travels all over the world, Ted’s still in love with Robin? Really? Let’s think about this massive period of time. Ted and Robin previously dated twenty four years before that! I’m not even 24 years old!
    So twenty four years after breaking up with her, sixteen since he completely gives her up when his best friend marries her, fourteen years since he’s actually really spent time with her, and six years after his wife of ten years(together, not married), he’s still in love with Robin? He completely regresses on those years of learning, of becoming a person who was looking for a person who he had real connection with instead of just passion and no connection, and after being with a person of that description for ten years. After all that, we’re just back to no-good-for-me Robin? Nope, not buying it. Nope.

    Now Robin. Robin was and always remained a wildcard. She moves to NY on a whim for a reporting job, moves all over the place- Argentina, Japan, Morocco, Greece, Moscow (I love that they slipped those ones in), and is a complete mess when it comes to relationships of any kind. Sure she puts up a strong cool front, but she has pretty screwy relationships with everyone she knows except Lily-who’s really her only (normal) friend. I’ll grant that Marshall and Robin have a normal relationship, but how often do they really interact? (Mermaid theory, The Apartment- which has the great scene where Marshall tells her to move out). Marshall seems to be more like a father to Robin than anything else.

    Robin in the finale is on-point. She’s always been a mess, she never ever grew out of it. She stays true to character, and this leads to the divorce and separation from the rest of the group. The scene she had with Lily in the apartment was beautiful, painful, and true. Friends drift away. She had an incredible job opportunity that she loved, she had a lot of hurt between her and Barney, a lot of baggage with Ted, and she just wasn’t around that much. I think having Robin drift away would have been a sad, realistic, and reasonable loss. That said in Little Boys (thank goodness for Google to help in finding these episodes) we learn that she’s around enough that the kids make pictures of “Aunt Robin”. Except for the very end with Ted, I’m pretty happy with Robin in the final episode.
    Except for Ted and Robin getting back together.
    Except that Ted regresses to Season 1 episode 1 Ted.
    Except that a relationship between Ted and Robin would last a year because Robin still isn’t willing to put the effort into a relationship.

    LAME- Our solid couple throughout the series. They’re the group’s solid foundation, their surety, and things are pretty messy for their summer apart. Marshall and Lily have their fights (Milk is unquestionably my favourite episode), but they work through their problems together. Actually, that sums them up pretty perfectly. These two actually go through the hardest stuff in the entire series. Separation (I almost cried), Lily’s debt (definitely didn’t cry), Marshall’s chaotic employment record (still no tears), a YEAR trying to get preggers, Marvin dying (actually cried), Italy. But they work through their problems. Together.

    In the finale they’re pretty much the same. They’re nearly a non-factor, but we see Marshall pushing through a job he hates for 4 years until he gets a judgeship, though sadly we don’t see anything of Lily’s art career which is odd since that Italy thing was huge, but understandable given how much they tried to cram in these episodes. All in all not really disappointed with LAME in the finale, but they didn’t contribute much either.

    Barney- We watched this silly, immature, “awesome” skirt chaser develop into the (in my opinion) most fully fleshed out character of the series. Despite his immaturity, Barney has always been a loyal friend, and is willing to fess up to his mistakes (sleeping w/ Robin in season 3). However, we see him grow to deal with his family problems, some heart-wrenching episodes about finding his dad (“If you were going to be some lame suburban dad why couldn’t you be that for me?”), and along comes Nora, and we see him start to try to grow up. I love Barney in the Nora portion of the show, not because Nora and Barney are great together, but because it’s where Barney really starts to become legendary. He actually works up the courage to tell Nora he cheated on her, and we see him trying hard with Quinn and with Robin.

    Barney is the worst part of the finale. We see this rich(haha), flawed but trying character regress into season 1 episode 1 Barney (like Ted?). We’re supposed to believe that those couple years of growth in Barney’s life were a complete lie, and that he’s exactly like he used to be despite mountains of episodes suggesting the exact opposite? I’m sorry, this episode makes no sense in light of everything we’ve seen with Barney. The having a kid with a random girl completely changing him? Please. I mean, I know Barney always loved kids, but this is NOT a custody battle he’s winning. Is he living with this girl? I don’t know. He’s not sleeping because of the baby, so maybe? But he’s still chasing women apparently, soo…. I don’t really know what’s going on. It’s a pretty lazy execution of a pretty big situation on a character they pretty much destroyed. I can’t pretend I’m remotely impressed with the revert they pulled on Barney.

    The Mother (AKA Tracy)- Not my favourite name choice, that belongs to Violet. But I can live with the name, I can even live with her dying, but the problem is that I can live with her dying. Wait, what?
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ted and Tracy together, but we had what, 30 minutes of screen time with them together? At most? This is a woman he loved for 10 years of his life, but we barely see them together at all. What little we see of Tracy isn’t really how great she is, or what her flaws are, or how she’s a person. Rather what we see is that she has all the same mannerisms as Ted. Cool. We heard little pieces of information about Tracy for eight seasons, things that were like Ted, things that were not (painting robots & breakfast singing showtunes?), and they started to build up into this image of a character. How Your Mother Met Me was the best we episode with her, building her into a bit of a character, but it’s still not with Ted at all. I get what they were doing there, trying to pretend like it was always Robin all along, but Ted’s final voice over destroys that notion. He always loved her for every second he was with her, and yet we hardly get to see their relationship at all?

    The problem is perfectly pointed out by Joel G above me. They tried to stick with an ending they planned in season 2 without planning out the story in between. Back in season 2, Ted and Robin were still together but not really working out. They were different but could become people who could work together in coming seasons. That never happens. All of Ted’s growth is away from Robin and into the person who could wait for someone who was actually right for him and someone who would work with him to make that relationship work, instead of chasing the ridiculous ideal that Robin had become. The ending no longer fits the theme of the show, of Ted’s character growth. It’s all wrong, but they felt the need to stick with it.

    All of this also suffered from being crammed into 40 minutes, when it needed a whole season. I think I could have been totally fine with Robin and Barney getting divorced- Robin’s too big a mess for any relationship with her to last, and Barney’s still growing up, he isn’t perfect. But doing it in 2 minutes? After spending an entire season on their wedding? Talk about bad form. Same with the mother’s death- though in my mind completely unnecessary given that it makes no sense for Ted to end up with Robin (which is why Tracy had to die), I think handled more deftly- letting her become a real character, letting Ted move on instead of backward after she dies, giving us 10 times the Cristin in the last season, it could have worked. Unnecessary, but it could have worked. It could have been sad and moving.
    It wasn’t.

    I’m not even going to touch the continuity issues. If you took the time to read this 1700 word essay I just wrote, I thank you. I’m done now. I might just go rewatch Milk now.

    • I’m totally with you.
      And I have to add one point that is very important to me.

      I never got into this episode. Never. HIMYM always magically made it happen that when it was over I was like “wait, that was only 20 minutes? Felt like 2h”, because you could allways fall into the story and go with it as you live it it yourself. Not with this one. As soon as a set got a little bit stable it was suddenly a whole other time. That’s what i probably hated the most about the final…

      I’m really sad. Why would they build up the marriage of barney and robin, the final of a great character evolvement (especially barney) and then destroy it in 2 minutes… The only reason is that they wanted ted and robin back together… I was always a T and R fan. and finally christin came along and let me forget that. She was perfect for Ted. They overdid it a little with the same sentences (eg the detective thing) but she just fit perfectly.

      Now it feels that she was just the second price, because Barney got robin and after they split he couldn’t because he had Tracy (btw I really don’t like the name). But hey, she dies (why? what illness?) and hop lets go back to robin :(

      MY Personal end of this season and of this show will be a cuted version of end of the aile and how your mother met me, with the end scene of how your mother met me as THE END SCENE..

    • I didn’t read your full post but wanted to point out the 40 pact. Ted and Robin developed this in an earlier season. There was a reason for this. They said if we are both 40 or in our 40’s and single we’ll get married they both agreed. I wish they would have pointed this out in the episode.

  33. During the last few minutes of the show and some time after that I must have yelled “Nonono!” about a hundred times. And then it hit me: It’s the best April’s Fools prank I ever heard of! Tomorrow the episode will air again but with the real ending.

  34. Heavens, I loved the finale! I adored it; it is the only one that makes the series as a whole makes sense.
    Barney being reformed from one second to the next and staying with Robin always felt like wishful thinking on the part of RobinxBarney fans to me because he clearly wasn’t ready to settle down yet.
    Robin and Ted _not_ ending up together would have made the whole ‚Will they, won’t they?‘ storyline seem nonsensical – which was exactly what people kept complaining about.
    Also, the „Love in Time of Cholera“ hints wouldn’t have made any sense either.

    I do however agree that some things could have been resolved more elegantly; the last season in particular wasn’t all good workmanship. Some things were just absurd.

  35. well, um wow. Not what I expected or honestly hoped for but I am going to re-watch it and maybe after I have let it sink in it will be better, maybe.

    Well let me start by saying regardless of this series finale himym has been my favorite show of all time. It has made me laugh, cry, kept me up at night thinking of theories. It has been a wild ride and I wouldn’t unwatch the show if I could. With that being said though I still wish it ended differently. But I guess that is the beauty of it, we don’t get to decide. Honestly wouldn’t the show have been pretty boring if everything happened EXACTLY how we wanted it?

    As far as the ending (spoiler alert) I liked how Marshall and lily ended up. They went to Rome for lily, Marshall still ended up being a judge, they had a nice, happy family. Happy ending. And they clearly wanted the gang to stay together and everything to end happily so i thought their story was wrapped up nice and was in a way everything the fans wanted it to be. Right? That’s how I see it. The only thing I would have liked was to know what their 3rd baby was and its name. But other than that I liked how their story ended.

    Barney and Robin story. I think I was most upset about their story. I hate that they got a divorce, the entire final season (and in a way the entire series) was about their wedding and for it to end, seemingly so quickly because we only got to see them married for a short time, kinda stung. But more than the divorce I hated how it affected their characters individually. Barney had changed so much in the past 2-3 years and for him to just snap back to who he was so quickly made me a little sad. The part that made it some what OK to me was his line to lily at the bar “can’t I just be myself?” I understand that. I understand he had changed (arguably the most out of any character) and some of it might had been forced to keep Robin but still it just sorta sucked to see him go backwards there at the end. I did like that he had a daughter at the end and seemed to be happy. He seem to finally be complete, which was nice. I also hated the gang having to split up so bitterly at the end because of the divorce and hated that Robin was so quick to leave the gang. I understand the gang splitting up, and if the gang didn’t grow apart over the years I would have so no way because like it or not it happens. I just really liked Robin and Barney together and sorta wish they could have stayed together, I also wish we could have seen them go to therapy or try to work it out in some way other than you have an out if you want to take it. I wish we could have seen some of the good times while they were married.

    Ted and Tracey. First off love that her name was Tracey, like that stripper episode. It was the only thing to have made sense, and I loved that they had the same initials, just thought it was cute. Loved them together and them having kids together. Going to robots vs wrestlers and picking on Barney and have a sword above the crib and trying to play it off like it was teds lol, might not have been a sword cant remember right now. I loved the dynamic, and I loved that Ted stuck by her side during her well dying. Its gotta be hard but I’m glad they stayed together through it all till the bitter end. Only thing is I wish we knew what was wrong with her? I assume cancer but not confirmed. And I hate Ted and the kids had to go through that, Ted had already been through so much. I also would have like to seen a clip from the funeral (I know seems dark) I would have like to see how the other comforted him and if Robin was even there at all. I assume she was but if she wasn’t that is unforgivable, same goes if Barney wasn’t there. I’m guessing the kids would have been about 10 at their mothers death? Just a guess, but I think the age is important. If they were much older than that (and 10 is on the edge of believable) I doubt they would have been as accepting of their dad going after their “aunt Robin”. Last I didn’t like that they were together for so long without being married, it seemed so unlike Ted.

    Ted and Robin. Honestly I never really liked the idea of them being together. The pilot episode said she is not your mother and i think as viewers we all assumed that also meant she is not who I ended up with. At least that is how I took it. But oh well. Uh, I liked that Ted stole the blue french horn for her again and seem to be happy again, but there was alot left up in the air. Like was Robin with anyone else after Barney? If so I think that ruins the magic a little bit. Also what has she been up to? Did she quit her job or will she expect Ted to move around with her like Barney did? If so I dislike them being together even more because what if they got divorced too? That would really be a knife in the back. Also will she be willing to help take care of the kids and will she do a good job? If not I find that to be unfair to Luke and Penny. Also if she was never around much then how could the kids love her so much? And why is she so sure that she loves Ted now because she made it overwhelmingly clear that she DID NOT LOVE HIM in the series so why the change of heart now? And how could Ted still feel the same about her after all of that and all those years? you would think his feelings would have died down, but that’s just how I see it. And most importantly how does Barney feel about the whole thing? I know most of you will say what does that matter but it does. I mean you don’t marry your very good friends ex wife, because it would be disrespectful. At least to me it would be. And if the gang was broken before just imagine them sitting at maclarines with Ted being married to Barneys ex wife and them all being there together. Bar fight waiting to happen. But that’s just the things I thought about while watching.

    I would love love love to hear what others think about my points, their thoughts on it. Maybe you all can clear some things up for me or make me see them in a different light. And I also would really love if like someone said earlier if there was another thread created where we could post our ideal ending. and compare, I think that would be fun. Oh and by the way I wish we would have seen Barneys dynamic as a father. Does he have full cusidty? or just have her on the weekends or something? I don’t think barney would be as happy if he just got her a couple times a week, but also it wouldn’t be good for the baby to not have a mother? and what was the babies name?

    I will explain what I think should have happened on another post, this one is waaaay too long anyway. But in the end I love this show and always will.

    • On your points on Barney I see it differently. Ted was with Robin first, so it’s kind of irrelevant. Barney was hitting on random bimbos in front of her and you could tell there was nothing between them before Ted’s wedding.

      I believe that her and Ted ended up happy in the end, and that she is a good mother to his children.

    • I just rewatched it, and the kids talk about how they see the chemistry between their dad and Robin when she comes over for dinner, so they clearly are keeping up a friendship. It’s now 6 years after the mom died and 24 years? since they last dated – lots of things happened that we didn’t see.

  36. I have never been a Ted/Robin shipper, but man, this episode worked on so many levels (yeah, it also felt very rushed). Life is messy and crazy and most people don’t live happily ever after – but life is still beautiful and can be filled with love even if your path is messy and complicated. I think they satisfied a lot of people who have lived messy lives, because there is nothing wrong with us – man, the line of Barney’s when he says something like, “It was a successful three year marriage”. Yes! Relationships don’t have to last forever for them to be successful. The mother found Ted who she loved for the rest of her life and he got to be a part of her story too.

    Loved it.

    • I read this morning that they actually had to cut 18 minutes off the show to fit it in the hour they had alloted. Sounds like if they had made it a two hour special they still would have not been able to finish the story.

      We had some clips hit the web that did not make it in the final cut. I hope they make a deleted scene DVD just for the last few episodes of Season 9.

      • It did feel too rushed and I wish we had gotten more information about various things. If you guys find videos of scenes can they be posted here?

        • Yes, Post anything you find. As I said before the Episode is over. All bets are off. No more spoiler page needed. Post the links and if we like them enough I will put them up on the main section.

          We are going to track all six of the main actors of the next year etc. so Bring what you want now and then we will build more pages later.

          • IF How I Met Your Dad get picked up will it be followed here, or is that a wait and see basis? I think the writers of HIMYM are going to be cowriters. I didn’t think I’d tune in but a part of me wonders if I should.

      • If that really is the case Ross, that is just terrible planning and writing. There was so much we didn’t need in this season, they could have moved the wedding up an episode or gone with an hour and a half finale (still allowing time to launch a new show after). They are in control of pacing and it has been off all season.

  37. Really hate the ending. It ruined ewerything. I don’t get why Robin and Ted end up back in season 1 and 2 like no time had passed. It’s not real. It’s like mother was a joke, How can he love Robin again or still and same time had really loved Tracy. And Robin she only wants Ted because he can’t have him. Once they are togheter it will end in thesame way as it did with Barney at least she loved Barney.
    I get that Robin and Barney got seperated but it still feels wrong I get why Barney was the same as in the begining of the series. He was broken and it is his way of dealing with it. When he can’t be with love of his life Robin then he hides his pain with New girl every night so he can’t get hurt again. I like that they gave him a child. And I like LAME but it will be the first time I will not be waiting to watch it again.

  38. well. well, well…
    who was wrong and who was right?

  39. So it is over. I am going to pat myself on the back for pretty much calling the ending as soon as Vesuvius aired. And as for the finale, well…

    I think there are two things to take away which in the immediate aftermath of the disappointment felt by many may be glossed over. The first one is one that the writers have pretty much tried to tell us about since Season 1 Episode 1 and that is the fact that life is not perfect. Being a bit of an imperfectionist myself, I can relate to that.

    The series ended with four stories the way I see it. The first one was the happily ever after with Marshall and Lily and their kids. Of course the title of the show and it’s narrator Ted structure means they technically become a sub-plot, but these are two people who meet when they are very very young, and despite a fair share of hiccups they go through all of that and eventually get that ending they always desired.

    Second is the story of the Barney – the man who will never truly find love and comfort which fits the typical societal definition. Yes, seeing him revert back and regress as people have pointed out is quite hard to watch especially when crammed into 40 minutes, but then when he does see his baby girl, he is truly happy. Consider this if his divorce with Robin never happened, then he probably never would have experienced what it was like to be a dad. I in fact appreciated the fact that the identity of no.31 was kept open-ended. It leaves us to concentrate on just Barney and his kid, and one can be sure that he will be winning a fair few ‘best dad ever’ awards.

    The third is of course the story of Robin. People have called her selfish and said that she should have made more sacrifices for Barney to make the marriage work. But, for me, it was something that as a character was very natural for her. We know that she is flawed, probably one of the most flawed characters from the quintet. When a bride asks her ex-lover to run away with her 15 minutes before getting married, that sort of sets the tone for the type of marriage it will turn out to be. For all her independence, Robin still wants that sense of being wanted and grand gestures. Did Barney provide that? Yes. But, Ted did it better I think. Also, you have to note that Robin is an alpha individual here, and so is Barney. Two alphas will always eventually collide.

    And finally, the most important story of Ted. He always laid out that his was an unconventional love story and that’s what it turns out to be. What he didn’t mention at the start and he couldn’t have (given the last moments of the series only happened after he finished the narration) was that he had love stories. If you factor out Robin from the equation and see the Ted – Tracy (Mother) storyline it is rather a straightforward tale of how two people meet at a wedding and get together. Yes, there were multiple near misses, but that’s it. His love story with the mother is beautiful on its own, despite it ending in a sort of tragedy. But that’s life, as I mentioned in my post on Vesuvius, let’s not take the name of the show as a guidance point for the basis of the series, you see that basically the writers are telling us that somehow or the other things can work out.

    As for the criticisms of how Ted is doing a great injustice to the memory of the Mother, I will take those reactions as instant ones as the kids clearly say “Dad it’s been six years since Mom passed”. So, come to think of it, Ted waited a long time and didn’t suddenly ship back to Robin. He did as much justice to Tracy as possible as highlighted in that little speech. Also, I liked the fact that the ending explained why exactly he was babbling on for so so long about his entire life story. He wanted to do true justice to what he shared with the Mother, at the same time highlight the special relationship with Robin as well.

    Last words. Remember, there will always be that one person in your life whom even if you never settle down with, the door will always in some form or the other remain open.

    • If my wife of over 20 years passed away, I would be lonely. But she is my LOVE. I do not think I would ever find another.

      I do not think I would ever settle for another. I think Barney and Robin settled for each others love because Robin could never give Ted what he really wanted. I like that Barney and Robin could bro out together.

      So they tried to be more and it failed. But Ted going back for Robin in the end… I can not put it into my words. I would say bitter sweet. It was great for Robin more than for Ted.

      Every time I read one of these comments I just want to try and heal a little inside for Ted. I see it in each of our thoughts. We all are a little broken inside. Am I correct?

      • I think she was Ted’s love for sure. Throughout all the mentions of the Mother for all the nine seasons, I think it is clear that when Ted was with Her, it was simply absolutely fantastically great. BUT, it wasn’t the happily ever after due to her passing.

        You are right, it was more great for Robin as you can see her totally isolated from the rest and this sort of gives her her life back. But, then again this is Ted, we have always known that he has been capable of having a satisfying relationship with her.

        I think the issue here is as people have pointed out below that the writers yanked us around way too many times and in the end, they prepared us mentally for something and then yanked it away all in the course of an episode. Douche move, yes. But, it’s okay for me, I think the series has always been too real and that’s how it ended and not in a ‘Did she get off the plane?’ way.

      • My dad died when I was 15, and my mom was really sad and alone for awhile until she met her now-husband 11 years later. They were married for 20 years, too. She’s deliriously happy, but in a different way than she was with my dad. But she definitely loves him, in many ways better than she did my own father. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted her to end up alone after that.

        So yes, I think you’re right we are all relating to elements in our own lives that resonate with us, and that there are parts of all of us that are “broken”. Some want the happily ever after because they have it or they want it, and some recognize that those kinds of endings are so rare that they might as well be the Yeti himself.

    • @valian…haha…I called this ending years ago. I wish I could find my original post it was a long time ago. It was my theory to me because I don’t think I’d ever seen anyone mention it. I’d probably had it for a long time before I posted it too.

      I don’t think he did her an injustice either. I believe the children saw a heartbroken Ted for 6 years, and noticed that he seems to be happy when Robin was around. I believe this is why they wanted him to pursue her. They didn’t want him to be sad and lonely the rest of his life.

  40. So any of this is supposed to give us hope? And in what way would that be, exactly?

    Hope for mediocrity with the girl who turned you down and broke your heart over and over again? Forgive and forget? Are you kidding me?

    You only get one shot at true love – one. No matter what anybody ever tells you. That is exactly how it is and I truly despise the fact that people nowadays have become so cynical, Bays and Thomas included. Yes, life is a mess and reality bites, but there is always, ALWAYS a ilver lining and that is what this show was supposed to be. SUPPOSED to be, because it clearly is not. It i just a worthless waste of TV space, not to mention the opportunity for greatness. Welcome to the mediocre and the mundane, have a nice stay.

    How I met your don’t bother.

    • You only get one shot at love? Man. I’m really glad that’s not actually true.

      • One shot at TRUE Love, as in – one chance to get it right with the one. That is what I wrote and that is what I meant. All the meetings in your life are and will be special (check out Solo’s post, it’s great), but eventually you have to get to the place where you are ready for true love. That is once in a lifetime.

        • I respectfully disagree. And that very thought depresses me. What if you experience it early (like the mother)? Does that mean you are doomed to go through life with less than true love? Not buying it.

          • Everybody has the right to an opinion, that’s the beauty of having an intelligent converation. But I do think Ted was actually her true love. The person that is right for you and you alone is called The One for a reason.

            I do not think that is a depressing thought. In my opinion, when you are ready and you have found the one true love, you will know it for certain in your heart.

        • And that is so because… Oh wait, that is NOT like that all. Sometimes it scares me that I share my interest in the show with people who have such (let’s just way weird, but I was gonna use another word) beliefs…

          • Epic, I was going to originally reply with something else, but as I said – to each their own. I was interested in the show before, but after this believe me, I have no interest to rewatch whatsoever. You, as a Robin/Ted shipper (I presume, apologies if I am wrong) are probably satisfied with the ending and you have the right to be. What you do not have the right to be is judgemental on someone else’s opinion. I believe I did not offend anybody with my view on things, but if I did – I did not mean it. Just to be clear, I am not appologizing for my opinion, as I doubt it will change.

            Penny, I certainly do not exclude the possibility to love several people in your life as passionately and as fiercely as you want but I believe your one true love is different from the rest.

  41. Ok… So yeh, it was a very emotional episode for me. But I would just like to start by thanking Corina and Solo and Ross and JD and The Proffessor, and everybody who gave life to this site: you created a wonderful, magical place where the french girl that I am could finally hear people talking about episodes just after they aired (because I had to keep my mouth shut for months before the episodes aired in French to discuss them with my real life friends). I didn’t talk here much myself, mostly because it takes me quite some time to write in english, but this is a pretty special occasion, and probably THE last one to properly tell you that your reviews and your comments each week added a special spark to my viewing of the show, providing insights, laughts, feelings and desire to rewatch some episodes whith a different perspective. Such passionate people do not turn up very day, so thanks to you.

    Now, about the finale… People here seem to either hate it or love it, and there sure was a lot of anticipation and theories up in the air. I wanted to be completely open to whatever they would throw at us, but I have to be honnest, the dead mother theory, the Ted/Robin shipping, even the Tracy theory all looked like conspiracy theories to me. Himym was a comedy, a sitcome even, and the fairy tale ending, with TED/TM, Robin/Barney, and Marshall/ Lily all living hapilly ever after was the expected ending. I was sad to see the show go, as I had spent six years (being a late viewer myself) getting to know and love these characters, as they went threw ups and downs along the way, but I didn’t expect ti cry my eyes out during this episode… And then it happened: after the first 15 minutes, I started to shed a few tears here and there, then, I didn’t realise that I was litteraly laughing while crying, and by the end of the episode I litteraly broke down, rushing to find my husband and crying for a while in his arms. But I couldn’t tell him what was wrong, and he didn’t understand what could be so powerfull about this episode to throw me in such a state! And I couldn’t tell him anything since he won’t be able to watch the last season till october!

    I am no stranger to the power fiction holds over us. I’m a litterature teacher, and it’s an understatement to say that I love getting raped up in a story (is that how you spell it?). But, nevermind that I didn’t totally stayed clear of spoilers, that I might have expected this ending, it still took me completely by surprise, hitting me, punching me in the stomach and leaving me enable to breath for a few minutes.

    I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know yet why this episode resonated this much with me, what about it felt this real, this true to life. I don’t know why I’m ok with an ending I thought, even yesterday, that I wouldn’t like. I loved it. Completely. None of it felt out of character, either for Ted or Barney or Robin. It was as if the writers gave us in forty minutes the story of a lifetime. It wasn’t all happy, or all sad, it had unexpected turns, specially for Ted. Maybe it’s the fact that he actually fell in love with the mother at the same time (in our perspective) as he lost her… I absolutely loved the meeting under the yellow umbrella, with the both of them so close, to stay clear of the rain. It felt just like the Brassens song:

    ” Un petit coin de parapluie,
    Contre un coin de paradis,
    Elle avait quelque chose d’un ange.
    Un petit coin de paradis
    Contre un coin de parapluie
    Je n’perdais pas au change, pardis!”

    Which means (but I’m improvising here):
    “A small corner of my umbrella
    For a small corner of paradise
    She had something angelic about her.
    A small corner of paradise
    For a small corner of my umbrella
    I got the best deal, gracious me!”

    Here is the song, i f you want to listen to it or read the lyrics:

    Just there, I fell in love with her as much as Ted. Maybe what got me most of all was Penny’s attitude, the joyfull way she had of looking at the situation, at Ted’s story, with her snarky comments… I still have no idea what hit me, as there was so much stuff happening in the episode! (and how about NPH speech in front of Barney’s new born little girl? Man, that’s the moment I really really started to cry hard! Kuddos to NPH who can jump from a silly cartoon character to a completely fletch out human being with so deep feelings!)

    So, as I have done many times before, and as I will probably never will again, I am waiting for your review(s) to shed a new light on the episode. Did it hit you as hard as it hit me? What do you think made it so gutt wrenching ? (still not sure about the spelling). I know lots of people will hate it, but I sure didn’t. I just watched it, went with the flow, and this is what came out of it. And I really would like some insights about it before rewatching it, and the entire show.

    PS: And as I read Darky’s comment, I’m just thinking: maybe that’s what’s hopefull about this episode: you don’t just get one shot at true love. The Mother had Max and then Ted. Ted had the mother, but he also got Robin. It’s not the same love story, maybe he soesn’t love her the same way, maybe they do not live the tipical love story with a wedding and kids… But there is more than just one way to love someone, and even if Ted didn’t love Robin the way he loved the mother, you can’t deny that he loves her. That’s the hole point of him telling this story to his kids. Aaand I’m crying again. I’m a reck, don’t judge me.

  42. 9 years of my life for it to end like that.

    I can’t believe this.

  43. This finale was awful. As much as I was disappointed with the obvious flaws, I was also disappointed with the small details. I always loved the funny and smart small details of this show but last night they really dropped the ball. Everything seemed forced, rushed and didn’t make sense. Why spend the whole season wandering with no direction just to sloppily cram everything in to one hour?

  44. I think I could have been okay with the finale if all of Season 9 had been different. In fact, they could have easily stretched the finale and made it into into a whole season with the wedding a small part of it. As it is it made no sense to focus so much on a wedding that essentially fell apart in 2 minutes. B & R’s wedding should not have been the focus of the season. Just sloppy…not what I have come to expect from the writers.

    • I don’t think it was a good idea to have the whole season revolve around their wedding either. I think the only logical reason was that this was the changing point in the group. This is what started them moving on and growing apart. That is the only logic I have.

      I agree they could have made the finale into the season. Let him meet the mother (Tracy) (which I figured would be her name because how else would he trick the kids) in the first episode and go from there over all the details.

      I honestly think they were afraid everyone would hate them if they gave us a lot of the mother, and they let her die.

      • I think we would have hated it a LOT more if we knew more about the mother and then they killed her off. For this ending, the compressed timeline had to happen (I’m thinking of those first heartbreaking minutes in the movie “Up”, where the filmmakers tear your heart out before you ever know either of the characters.)

        • this is pretty much what i was going to say. I think that the first 10 episodes or so of this season should have been the wedding then the rest be about all that happened afterwards. the divorce, the illness and death, the period of being alone and making it back around to robin, and all that. i think everyone would have digested it better if we had more episodes and weeks to get into it. but thats my view on it. also i just want to say that when i first watched the final episode i was devastated because i did not like it at all but after i let it soak in a little i dont think it was too awful. still not totally happy with the end but im no longer angry about it. so i hope everyone will watch the episode one more time and see if anything changes for them.

  45. All great endings remember their beginning. Robin and Ted were the heart of the show – Ted moved on with his life and away from Robin during the weekend at Farhampton. While some feel it happened too quickly, he was ready to open himself up to Tracy, and it unfolded into a beautiful, but too short love story that produced two great, well-grounded kids, who like their mom and dad, have enough heart and compassion to realize that their dad deserves to be happy. Was it a clean little package? Not at all – I like the comments above that say that life isn’t perfect – Ted’s life was never easy. It was never about some perfect outcome or being wrapped up in a clean story. People wanted everyone to end up happy, and on some level, they did, but it wasn’t easy or smooth sailing all they way, like all of our lives.

    When I look back at this show, I’ll think of how my life changed while I watched it, I will look back on all of the twists and turns that life took before and after the show, and remember that at the end of the day, the story isn’t going to always be perfect, but if you follow your heart and love like crazy, you end up in the best place that you can.

    I have loved the show from the start, and the ending, while not clean or perfect, was a fitting end for a guy that had heart and was genuinely looking for a friend partner, soulmate, and was lucky enough to have two in his life, that he loved as much as he could during the times he had with them.

  46. No No No No No No No No
    No No No No No No No No ….

    Come on!
    Everyone knows life isn’t fair but this show was mainly comedy not drama so why play with our feelings this way. We needed a happy end at least in our TV show

    The name of the show HIMYM… Not “What I want trough to finally end with Robin”

    We learned Tracy lost her loved one , why put Ted trough the same thing ?
    We waited for a long time to meet her , just so see her in 7 episodes ( briefly )

    Ted deserved a Lilly/Marshall relationship bcuz that’s what he was looking for ….

    Lilly & Marshall: 3 kids love it ( at leAst they didn’t ruin this story)

    Barney: only a girl could of fixed him up his daughter !

    Robin: I thought she was never alone after she found out she couldn’t have kids apparently she did
    Never saw her as a bull fighter

    Not a big fan of Ted&Robin

    • Ted could never have had a Marshall/Lily relationship. Those only happen when you get married to your HS or college sweetheart (and remember, it’s not like life is always great for them either). Ted is a different person, and thus has a different life.

    • I honestly don’t see how anyone could be a fan of this show and not be a fan of Ted and Robin. They are what hooked me from the first episode.

      • Some people really got excited about Barney and Robin. Those folks are devastated right now.

        I like you got invested with Ted and Robin some but more Ted and Victoria, V I C T O R I A. I liked Ashely Williams and Josh Radnor as a couple.

        But the Cristin Milioti character actually helped me separate from the show some. I would also like to see that on a alternate Ending DVD Like Richard said in his comment below.

        An all three couple together alternate ending DVD for all those shippers out there.

        • My wife wanted Barney and Robin to end up together. She really had a time with it last night, but today she has accepted the ending more.

          I always liked Victoria and if it couldn’t be Robin I hope for Victoria.

          That would be a neat feature on the DVD. They would probably sell a lot of them.

  47. Guys, I would really appreciate if you actually read this post since as a Ted and Robin supporter all I’ve been getting here lately is silent treatment. This is going to be a long post where I do my best trying to explain why the ending was more than I could have ever hoped for and why (except a few bumps on the road: Barney not ending up with Norah or Quinn) it was MORE than fans deserved.

    The main thing the show has taught me is that when it comes to love, there’s no such thing as signs from the Universe. It was beautifully illustrated by the absurd color theory (we DID read more into things than we should have), olive theory (Marshall and Lily managed to do fine and apparently Ted and Robin will join the club soon), the yellow umbrella (where Ted mistakes a simple coincidence as destiny intervening again). This is why I love “Something Old” so much and consider it the best episode in the whole show’s history. We don’t need the Universe to tell us what we really want. Ted has always wanted Robin no matter how perfect the Mother could ever be (by the way, I always believed her name would be Tracy). You can’t make someone fall in love with you simply because you think you deserve this or because of any grand gestures you’ve done. Either there’s chemistry between you two and then it’s worth fighting for or it’s a dead-end. I think the reason why so many people get irritated at the final is that they refused to look at Robin as at the one who always had great chemistry with Ted. After all, they’ve never been platonic.

    So this brings me to the next points:

    1) Why Barney and Robin have NEVER been a good match:

    Cause they’re bros. I know it sounds hard to believe but Robin is a girl. And even if many of us have mistaken their amazing friendship for soulmate thing, we’ve seen Robin numerous times choosing safety and comfort over the unknown. While “I’m a mess too” sounds very sweet to someone, this is not an answer a woman with serious daddy issues wants to hear. As Ted mentions, Robin may seem all cool but just like any other girl eventually she’ll need someone who she can rely on. The fact that Barney never actually burnt the Playbook for real and his own way of being romantic make me question whether he has changed at all. I’ve noticed that a lot of you found the kids’ reaction in the end outrageous. To me the creepiest thing to this day is the Final page. Honestly, after that you can’t blame Robin for thinking she’s marrying her dad. It’s not how you ask someone to get married and it’s not how you get your best friend’s blessing. Ted pushed Robin away back then so I didn’t buy it when he pushed her away before the wedding.

    2) The role of the Mother

    Now I do think that Ted and the Mother were very cute together and all but ultimately she served another purpose and I’ll get to that a little bit later. Kudos to Penny who finally voiced something I’ve been writing here this entire season. The Mother is BARELY in the story. We will never know how much Ted loved her but as they showed those two at the altar I couldn’t help but notice how indifferent Ted sounded. And I feel sorry for those who got swapped away with Cristin Milioti but she never was the one. So why did Ted need to meet her anyway?

    3) Why Ted and Robin have ALWAYS made sense

    Because love is not about finding a soulmate. There’s no such thing as soulmate. You can beg the Universe to send you your perfect match who plays bass and is basically you but that wouldn’t be love. Love is about commitment and compromising. And throughout the show we’ve seen that the only person Robin is ready to make compromises for is Ted. She won’t do it even when she’s with Barney. I think that Ted had to be with the Mother to FINALLY get all that “Love doesn’t need to make sense to make sense” bullshit out of his head. Love HAS to make sense. You have to work on it all the time and support each other just like Lily and Marshall who don’t have THAT much in common but who are ready to sacrifice a lot in order to make each other happy. Love MAKES sense when it brings out the best in people. Robin inspired Ted to become less mooshy gooshy while Ted helped her open up. They’ve always had chemistry, they just needed perfect timing where they would finally be in the place where Ted would have no doubt that Robin is the one and happily take what she has to offer. I think that he had to come over a lot to see a clearer perspective. And how can you guys blame him for chasing after Robin after the Mother’s death? Just like once the Mother understood it was okay to move on, Ted now realized that maybe this time everything will work out. He didn’t need to make it rain this time cause he didn’t need to change Robin’s mind this time, they were both ready.

    And because of that I think the ending was amazing. You can bump into someone but it’s you who decides to take a step forward. You can wait all your life for the perfect match who will not simply tolerate your quirks but actually kinda likes them or you can understand that there’s no such thing as the perfect one. There’s a Robin for each and everyone out there. A person who will turn you into a better version of yourself, bring out the best in you and who you’ll be ready to commit to no matter how much it destroys you. Just make sure their door is always open and ask yourself why you can’t move on. And if the answer is obvious you know what to do.

    • I’m sorry that you haven’t been feeling heard Epic.

      I totally disagree though that Robin only compromises for Ted. The Fortress of Barnitude for example. She hated it then fell in love with it because it was the kind of place the man she loved created. Robin didn’t compromise at all when Ted moved in with her.

      Ted sure has done a great job of listing the boxes the important women in his life check off, and Robin is no exception. The pilot goes into all kinds of ways Robin was meeting Ted’s requirements.

      I don’t see how Robin made Ted less gushy/romantic. Robin said it; he always went big for her. Even in the end, he’s back to the grand romantic gesture. I much prefer Lily’s assessment when Ted calls Tracy for the first time – this is different, he hasn’t been in love life this before.

      • Agreed- what compromises did she make for Ted? She didn’t want to live with him, wouldn’t even let him bring one item in her apartment. She didn’t want kids, didn’t want marriage, wanted to travel, wanted to focus on her career, which was what made them decide they didn’t work. Down the road we see her wanting to live with Don, turning down career opportunities for him. We see her change her stance on marriage by accepting Kevin’s proposal, we see her with Nick even though he was dumb as a box of rocks, and want to marry and settle down with Barney (even if that lasted 5 mins), my point was she wanted all those things with those guys that she did not want with Ted. When they were on the roof and he professed his love she left to go on assignment, really thought about it and came back and said NO she was not in love with him. She didn’t even say I love you too but not like you love me, she flat out said NO. Which is when he told her the pact (both being unmarried at 40) was over that he couldn’t wait hoping she’d fall in love with him. That episode alone said everything we needed to know about her feelings for him, she had none, romantically anyway. I think that is one of the main things a lot of people are mad at the writers about, it feels like we were duped. That we were led down a path of deception and as fans we did deserved better. If this was the end game we should’ve seen some reciprocation that Robin deep down did love Ted throughout the series. Not in the final couple of episode’s. Early on we saw glimpses, she was jealous of Victoria and Stella and if the show ended then it would’ve made sense. BUT it didn’t and the characters grew and changed and we were shown without a shadow of a doubt Robin did not love Ted and hadn’t for years. They were best friends. Great best friends. But I don’t buy that she all of sudden loved him as a life partner, if we had seen the years after the mother’s death and scenes with them maybe, and they had an entire season to show us that instead of a wedding weekend that ultimately meant nothing. They went with shock value and played with a majority of their audiences emotions. It was the ultimate slap in the face. In the end its a television show, it’s cool it meant so much to so many people. It’s cool that everyone got something different out of it, maybe exactly what you needed. The actors were awesome and loved no matter what storyline they played, which says a lot. Even if a lot of us didn’t want Robin with Ted we still loved her. We still wanted her to be happy in the end, and hopefully in tv land they were happy. I will always rank this show in my top five favorites even though I hated the finale. I’m not mad at any of the characters. I’m mad at the writer’s and hopefully over time that will change. Though I can’t see watching HIMYD and going thru this again! Thanks for the memories guys, thanks Ross and Solo and Corrina for being so passionate about this blog and keeping me entertained with endless theories and opinions and the recaps. To all the contributors and posters for pointing things out I didn’t pick up on or seeing things in a different light. It was all appreciated!!

  48. HIMYPV

    How I Met Your Pole Vaulter.

    That’s all Tracy was…she might as well have been the stripper…doesn’t matter.

    they spent 9 seasons proving over and over and over again that Ted and Robin are just like a square peg in a round hole…no matter how hard you try and how hard you want it to be true and fit, it just doesn’t. and they kept Ted’s hope of “true love” alive for 9 years, going through trials and tribulations to finally…finally!!! meet who was presented to us at “The One”. The one to trump all others and the greatest love of his life. And in a 2 minute gloss over, they kill her off just so we can again, for the 97th time, try to fit that square peg in a round hole. So they just told us that it was nice to have a person who could pop out babies for Ted, but in the end it was all about Robin.

  49. Like many others, this is my 1st time posting but long time reader. And like everyone else I’d like to thank all the people who help contributed and ran this website; it’s been a fantastic place to go to after each week and catch up with people’s thoughts and feelings about what has been a great run of a show.

    Since I literally had a bad night’s sleep due to the multple HIMYM dreams I had last night, I thought “Maybe I should post something here to get it off my chest into those internets, so I can sleep better tonight.” While I’d love to write a book on what I think/feel, and I try my best to read other people’s posts that are super long, it’s probably best I keep it short in what’s going to be the most commented page ever. So here’s my quick hits on what I think/feel about the HIMYM charactesr:

    The Gang – I knew they were going to drift apart (somewhat), because it really does happen even to the best of us. Really though, I was hoping this was going to be the sad part of the show (And the rest of it just hopeful/happy)

    Marshal – I was (and I think most others?) were satisfied with him. He ends up with 3 kids, stays with Lily, and becomes judge/surpreme court member. I’ve seen some people complain about him selling out when coming back from Italy going corporate and not environmental, but I just took it as he had to take what was available after being gone for a year.

    Lily – I think after the announcement of baby #2 and especially through the finally, it looks like she really came through in being a good wife and mother, and someone I was satisfied character wise. Most importantly, a mother to The Gang, making sure they at least check in for the big things (speaking of, I should call my mom!).

    Barney – The divorce part was sad/hurtful, like many others have expressed. That’s twice now Barney got ditched by the one he loves! From how it was portrayed, Robin was married to her work, not Barney, and even initiated the separation. I don’t really blame him for going back to “who he is”. It’s the only thing he really knows when he wasn’t in a committed relationship. Having a child with #31 was a bit of karma (had to slip up some time!), but I’ll buy into him loving his kid. I felt like Barney did want kids at some point; and while I don’t think he COMPLETELY changed him like some people may think we’re lead to believe, I think it’s the start of a new and hopeful chapter that he’ll find happiness with his daughter.

    Tracy/Mother – Like many of use, absolutely loved her. WIsh she was used more and me personally, wish she could have lived happily ever after. I wish Cristin a VERY successful career, and secretly hope I get to see her in a romantic comedy movie/show where she DOES get the happily ever after for herself.

    Robin – REALLY got torn about her character at the end there. I couldn’t tell if she really was that selfish the whole time or just couldn’t ever figure out what she wanted. She clearly chose her career over the quality of her marriage and never wanted kids from the get go. After her divorce, she looked at how the other 4 turned out and said “I can’t do this” and left. I don’t blame her, but I almost felt like that should’ve been it. Even Marshal related her to a Yeti (cold and never seen). I’d like to go more into her, but again, won’t write a book

    Ted – Oh Ted, you had a good run there. The foreshadowing WAS super clear when Lily mentioned Ted had endured the most emotionally out of the entire group. I knew Tracy’s fate was sealed with that line, despite all the other clue’s of her death that I was trying to deny. He got her though, he got The One. And I believe he loved her with all his heart and that he believed she was The One for him. Two quick things we didn’t get to see from him though; the heartbreak that he went through with Tracy dying and more closure with him healing from her dying. Again, I’ll stop there.

    I’ll start to wrap it up here; I was hoping for a fairy tale, hopeful ending. Like others, I watch to escape, not to relive the things I see/know. It was so close but then stumbled, fell, got up, and walked across the finish line.

    I felt that whole last 5 minutes with the kids and going back to Robin; that was meant for a 4 or 5 season long series. Had we gotten that after Victoria or even Stella, I tell myself it would’ve made more sense. I understand the kids telling Ted to date Robin; it’s been 6 years (and they’re older now), they’ve all probably healed, and they want their Dad to get out and stop bothering them with stories! And on top of that, they know/like Robin (I gather only from his stories, I can’t imagine her being around that much in 2030), so they figure they’d rather have their dad date someone they KNOW, rather than some unknown.

    But not like this; not with 9 seasons, not with Tracy. Ted worked and waited too long for someone that good, only for him to relive what she went through with Max.

    It was a fantastic series, with a hard pill to swallow at the end. Maybe, like Ted and his kids, we’ll get over this series finale in 6 years and go back to our Robin; or in this case, rewatching HIMYM all over again.

    Sorry for the jumpiness and long post; I’d love to contribute more in this last huzzah!

    • Thank you. Really Thank you. For a first time post you said exactly what many of us also feel. You did it respectfully but with the right amount of emotion.

      I think it will take a while for me to go back and watch some of the other episodes. I did watch this around 7 am this morning before I went to work.

      By the way, it was on a motorcycle in the rain (just a little drizzle).

      Robin reminds me of the Fonz from Happy Days. More so than Barney. I just never fully get Barney. He waffles back and forth so much. But I like that they left him loving that Baby more than anything else.

      When you have kids that is true. They should be put first. I want to think he at least stuck to that.

  50. Not that the writers are ever great about details, but the NY State Supreme Court is the lower court. Marshall would have been Fudge Supreme right away, and then… I dunno “Appellate Fudge”.

    I still don’t understand why they spent that year in Rome. No one gives up the chance at a judgeship. That’s just idiocy.

  51. Let us think about this for a little while. Carter and Craig never intended for us to see more of the mother than say the train station. How Ted Met the Mother. They never intended for her to be more than the mother of the kids. But Cristin Milioti was an exceptional actress and we got some of the reasons why she fit so well with Ted.

    Yet the show runners intended from the start for the Mother to die. The show runners intended for Aunt Robin to eventually end up with Ted. So why do all the Barney and Robin stuff? Because we let them.

    The Bet about Ted/Robin
    The Music about Death
    The Story about 45 more days

    Come on we talked about this for years now. We knew they could go down this path. We knew this was probably the intended ending. We just did not know until a few months ago that Carter and Craig decided to go this way. They did for awhile contemplate an alternative ending. But they never filmed it per Cast Interview last Fall. So the story was all but set back then. Many fans bailed at that news. But I am a Fan of Ted and his struggles.

    Josh Radnor did not always like playing that part. But he did it. Thank him for pulling it off. Just like the Mother Ted had two loves. He let one go so that he could have the other. Same with Robin. She was a mirror of Ted. Death and Divorce are two very traumatic events in a persons life. So Ted and Robin went through them. Then they found each other again. Ted would never have been happy with Robin and no kids. Barney was not happy with Robin and no kids.

    Now I never liked the sharing Robin thing. I thought that was well gross. It messes with a persons head. It always was an issue on this show. So this was very true to life. Carter and Craig said that this is part of their lives, friends lives, cast and crew. It was a mix of the good and bad in this world of ours. If anything for you younger single or recently single individuals be like Lily and Marshall. It is less complicated. That is my advice from this show.

  52. Another first time poster. Seems like a lot of extremely high expectations from many long time viewers. I think the biggest issue with the show is that it became a victim of its own success.

    No TV show creator expects a show to last 9 seasons. They are just trying to get a single season from a pilot and if they get to 3 or 4 seasons, they have had a good run.

    The original storyline with its ending predecided was worthy of 3-5 seasons. Due to the success of the show however, the story had to continue beyond its optimal duration. Most of the complaints seem to stem from issues related to stretching a story out long beyond its usefulness.

  53. Hey gang, the review is up! I have to go to work after no sleep from watching, rewatching, taking notes, and writing, so I probably won’t be able ot comment much. Also I need a little break – that was emotionally overwhelming and a whole lot to process. But I will be checking in later tonight and tomorrow. I hope you enjoy how I said goodbye in this final review :)

  54. Long time reader first time poster. Corina thank you for saying everything I’m feeling in such a perfect way.

  55. Great review Corina. I wasn’t as upset as most was about the ending. I think the evidence for this ending was strong, especially the last few weeks. The dead mother theory was out there a long time ago for a reason. One of those reasons was the fact that Ted talked so much about Robin and his stories mostly reflected her. In that respect, the ending fits perfectly with the story they wanted to tell. The problem is, people convinced themselves that the story was something else even though the evidence was strong. It didn’t help of course that the writers denied the dead mother theory. In the moment I didn’t want it to go there, I kept telling myself that they could do something differently. When it was over though, I was content. It seemed like the natural ending to the story when you really think about how it was told. People’s reaction to the ending, show exactly why the majority movies have to have a predictable end to them. People tend to throw out the whole journey of the show just because they didn’t like the way the story ended. I’m sorry but I enjoyed watching the show from start to finish, I didn’t waste time because I didn’t get my preferred ending. There was a lot of great moments while watching the show that can’t be ruined by the last 5 minutes. In all reality it had a happy ending for all the main characters. You can read into the ending and assume that Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily will be on that front porch as Lily wanted and live happily ever after. The only reason it is sad is because of the fans attachment to the mother and the idea of what they felt the story should have been.

    P.S. I think it might be a good idea for the writers to include an alternate ending on the DVD’s where Tracey comes in to the living room with some comment after the train station scene. That way those that feel so betrayed can have their happy ending too.

  56. Great review Corina! It sums up my feelings perfectly. We came all thus way for nothing. I was hopeful for nothing. And seasons 7, 8, and 9 were pointless. I felt duped, angry, disapponted, and sad all at once. I’m trying not to go totally negative as the show had an amazing cast and crew, but I feel let down.

  57. Absolutely amazing recap, Corina. I’ve read a lot of them today and none come even close to capturing all of the various emotions. Really stellar work.

  58. Ok. I’ve chimed in here and there but here goes:

    I stayed up late to watch the finale but am also going to a viewing party tonight. I’m not sure how I won’t be like Barney and ruin it for everyone else, but I’ll have to pull a Ted and Robin and their breakup before Marshall and Lily’s wedding. I cant believe we’ve seen the last of new HIMYM episodes.

    There were some nice things about the finale. We got answers to many things that we were wondering about. And honestly, Barney and Robin breaking up, the mother dying, and Ted going after Robin again didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ve been debating these things for years. But that doesn’t mean I have to find the creators and writers choices satisfying.

    We spent longer building up to Barney and Robin’s marriage than they spent in marriage (season 6-9).

    So the Robin and Lily hangouts from Bad Crazy are real or not? Because I certainly didn’t get that close vibe from them last night.

    Waiting one day to call is calling right away? He called Trudy right away (oh wait, that’s right, he thought he was calling Robin, why would he ever need to call anyone else).

    The greatest love story of all time is about a couple who puts off their wedding because she’s pregnant, wait 5 years to finally have a small ceremony, and then she dies 4 years later? Not what I signed up for Bays and Thomas.

    And continuity? What’s that? You’ve created so many playbooks, maybe you should have had an intern make one of your own show’s timeline.

    My thoughts are really scattered. I’ll keep it to this “short” post for now and jump in at other points.

  59. Wasn’t “20-Years-Ahead-Barney” wearing a wedding ring in the Time Travelers episode?

    • does it even matter anymore? if the creators don’t care about consistency with their own writing, character development and story lines, why the hell would they care about ring or no ring. The entire series is irrelevant now, so the specifics are even more so.

      • Oh, I agree. I was just curious. Everything was tossed out the window with this finale. I just remember the B/R fans being relieved since a prior episode (Trilogy Time?) showed him with no ring.

        Maybe he married Number 31. Romantic.

  60. Hi – first time, long time here as well. I’ve been tempted to jump into the conversation for the last few weeks, but haven’t – I think there’s a part of me that felt like I would be crashing someone’s party. Thanks to all the other first timers posting today – you helped me take the Leap.

    So going into last night, I had told myself more than a few times, “no matter what else they do, they won’t be getting Ted & Robin together, that’s not what this story is about.” In my mind, that was the one thing that I just wasn’t ready to buy. In other words, as the ending became more and more clear, as I began to realize that they were doing the one thing that I didn’t want them to do, I was telling myself this is the one ending you said you’d hate …

    But I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly didn’t love it, but after it was over I was literally asking myself where the hate was. I was going over the show in my head and I thought back to the last part of the dialogue with the kids, the part that was shot back almost at the beginning of the show. I thought of all the times over the last few years that I have read somewhere that CB & CT have always known how the story would end. I think I always understood that to mean that they’ve had the scene on the train platform in their heads, but after hearing Penny’s dialogue, I know now that they had much more in mind about how the story ends.

    That all made me think, what were those two guys really trying to say for the last nine years? It made me want to understand the story and that’s really what I’ve been thinking about since around an hour after the story – what were they trying to tell us?

    To this point, the thinking hasn’t produced much in the way of answers, but I do think there’s a lot there, I just can’t buy at this point that it was a nine year “gotcha”. I do know this however – for the last couple of years I’ve been undergoing a transformation (nothing to do with romance) something that is leading me towards being truly fulfilled. I’m old (almost as old as Ted when he’s telling the story to Luke & Penny) and I get frustrated sometimes. “Why couldn’t I have figured this all out 10 or 20 years ago?” And the answer is, I couldn’t. Whatever I needed to experience to put me in the place where I can do the things I’m doing now hadn’t happened and if I had tried to do the things I’m doing now back then I think it probably wouldn’t have worked. Yes, timing is important and how you get somewhere is at least as important as the destination.

    The comments so far have been a lot of food for thought for me, in fact that’s one thing this community has always given me. For that I say Thank You!, not just to the prime writers on the site but also to everyone who has been contributing – coming here and reading what everyone thinks has been a big part of the fun of the show for me. I’m sure I will keep popping in here to see if anything is up.

    • Thanks for saying that. I do not hate this show. I do not hate the writers. At times they disappoint me. But I also disappoint myself sometimes.

      For those who do not get responses to your points. Sometimes I read them and say yes that is true so we do not comment. Other times we just read and move on agree or disagree. But let me tell you all. I read every comment.

      Today I am just running out of energy and time. So many things to say all at once.

      Please help me out. Get on twitter or bing/google/yahoo the word twitter and the cast members names. Find out as much as you can and post it here please. Search Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and the crew like David Baker ( ) full of photos.

      I can not do all the research myself anymore. I can start a new post later. But right now it will be easier to keep it in one place.

  61. I just read the link that Steve posted about the connections to Love in the Time of Cholera, and it is insane how much can be connected between the two shows. Crazy to think that the novel was mentioned in the first episode, and yet I never put two and two together. Go find Steve’s comment and read that response on Corina’s blog.
    Anyway, wow I cannot believe that it is all over. 9 seasons, 25+ years worth of flashbacks and flashforwards (well actually more if you go back to the college days). From the first “Have you met Ted” to the first Robin Sparkles video, to Stella, to Victoria, to Barney and Robin (2 times around), all the way back to the blue french horn (the beginning and the end) this show was a wild ride.
    And even though I am one of the few people out there who wasn’t completely outraged by the finale, I am still wandering around today feeling lost and empty. (I have many things more important in my life than HIMYM, but it has been a small piece of my life for many years now, and out of nowhere it is over). I have watched the finale 3 times now, and I still can’t get over it. The first time I was nervous, anxious, sad, happy, just completely full of emotions on the edge of my seat. The second time I was filled with memories, questions, longing, regret, and yet an inner sense of peace while the whole twitterverse was taking their anger out on CT and CB.
    The third time I sat down to watch it with my brother, who had not seen it yet, and something new came over me. When Lily was standing in the empty apartment for just a few short seconds he leaned in and whispered “It just feels like a bad dream.” From that moment I felt the exact same thing, and his words were as hauntingly beautiful as the definition of karaoke. It did feel like a bad dream. The entire show was built on the 5 main characters and their love for one another, spilled out throughout the course of 8 years with jumps throughout the timeline in minimal occurrence. Then, we got to the final season and 2 days dragged on for 22 episodes. Approaching the final night, the wedding was rushed through in a matter of maybe 10 minutes total if you combine the end of 22 and the start of 23. And then the fast forward into hyperspace began. Barney and Robin separating, the group falling apart over time (but such is life), Ted’s time with the mother being skipped so quickly, the apartment being sold, Ted getting married, and then the mother getting sick and dying. It all just happened so fast. I mean more was covered in one final episode (roughly 40 minutes) than the rest of the 9 season show combined. I think they did a great job telling the stories of the future, but it all came together so fast, before I could even blink. And then I thought… this is life. Although we were caught up in the incredible stories of Ted’s past, they were just memories. 25 years had gone by since the group was the group, we had been eagerly awaiting the final moment of the story, but that story had been over and passed by for a very long time. Life is never finished until we take our final breath, whether you believe in Heaven or not, our time on this earth is precious and oh so quick, and that is what we experienced in our viewing last night. As much as I wanted for Ted to wake up at the end, lying in bed next to the mother with Christopher Walken holding a blue remote saying “Don’t jump to the end, enjoy what you have today,” life is not like that. Even if you live in the moment, the moment is quickly gone in a flash. That is honestly what this series showed us. It has been 9 years and it feels like yesterday. It feels like yesterday that Ted expressed his initial love for Robin. It feels like yesterday that we met the gang and the magical show began. But guys that was 9 years ago. It is insane how fast time can fly.
    The show is definitely built on memories, being mostly a flashback, and Josh Radnor once said that he met a fan during one of his travels. The fan told him that HIMYM had taught him a wonderful lesson about life: that is present would soon become his past, and his past would soon become his memories. From that day on he told Josh that he would live life enjoying each day and each moment because he knew they would be gone tomorrow, and that each day could become a great memory.
    I have a ton of great memories of this show and have loved reading the articles, comments, theories, and thoughts from all of you guys. This show was not just television series, it was a connection to memories and the beauty of life. How I Met Your Mother gave us 9 incredible seasons, 8 slaps to Barney’s face, 7 kids birthed, 6 incredible characters/actors, countless high 5’s, 4 Robin Sparkles videos, 3 straight parties at the old apartment, the 2 greatest love stories of all time, and one bad ass blue french horn. Take care everyone and enjoy your life, it truly is a vapor. So long How I Met Your Mother, and here’s to a reunion someday down the road!

    • A HIMYM reunion show would be fun for us but CB and CT have already said no this is it. I hope they all change their minds.

      Corina shared that link the day it was posted but we choose not to mention it on this blog. We did not want to spoil it for anyone. But I have been hinting for years about the book and the lady on the Bench with Ted.

      So a few weeks ago we posted some more links to the wiki pages and another page about the quotes from that book.

      Many things drove the young show runners in the beginning. But that book has been a clue all along.

  62. I have never been a Robin and Ted shipper. They don’t work (to me at least) Their relationship never felt natural. I’ve re-watched the season with my best friend over ten times and never once did we like Robin and Ted together.

    People have been saying watch season two, you’ll see why they’re good together. Where? Please tell me? Season two we learn even though you want a relationship to last and it’s going well, sometimes you’ll get to a moment where you know it’ll end. I’ve been there.

    The rest of the series showed us more examples of why Ted and Robin didn’t work. I also felt the only time Robin really wanted to be with Ted was when he was with someone else (Victoria, Stella, Tracy).

    Since season one they hinted Barney and Robin were a better match. Now, I haven’t always been a B/R shipper (Unpopular opinion here: I liked Barney/Quinn and Robin/Don better), but all the heart they put into Barney and Robin’s relationship made me love them.

    I could’ve handled The Mother being dead. But for it to be “oh, yeah she’s dead…six years ago. The end” “Dad, you, should go bang Aunt Robin!” What the what!

    It was rushed, sloppy, and ignored nine years of development.

    At least Marshall and Lily didn’t get divorced or die off.

    • Good point, Robin only wants Ted when he is with someone else. So Robin wanting Ted while he is with the mother is classic Robin and does not mean that Robin and Ted have a happy ending. Wasn’t the point of Ted not making grand gestures toward the mother the reason we know he was serious, that he got “it”, understood what it took to make a relationship work. Yet he is being classic Ted at the end too! Now I truly understand what Stella, Victoria, and Jeannette were saying. We should have listened to them and not the creators. Greatest love story they forgot to tell!

  63. can somebody please explain what’s the deal with this pic?

  64. First time poster…If you really think about it Ted still had almost 10 years together with the mother. That is 10 years of an epic love. Some people never even have that.

    To me this is a classic reminder to not take each day for granted and to really LOVE the people you love because tomorrow will not always be there.

  65. in order to not ruin 9 seasons of great television…i am making an executive decision that in my mind, heart and brain, the show ended like this.

    “See kids, right from the moment I met your mom, I knew. I have to love this woman as much as I can, for as long as I can, and never stop loving her, not even for a second. I carried that lesson with me through every stupid fight we ever had, every 5 am Christmas morning, every sleepy Sunday afternoon. Through every speed bump, every pang of jealousy or boredom or uncertainty that came our way, I carried that lesson with me.” (the next line about being sick is removed)

    Then the beautiful, touching and magical train platform scene…what great chemistry and writing and true love! then we cut to old 2030 Ted…and he says “And that kids, is how I met your mother”. THE END!

    No dead mother, no Robin re-re-re-return…and many many years on the porch with Lily and Marshall. i have no problem with the divorce of Barney n Robin. that’s ok. I’m good with Barney having a kid. in my mind, this is how the series ends and nobody will change my mind and i will watch reruns as such.



    David Baker the prop guy from HIMYM said Josh Radnor got the blue french horn, NPH got the table and booth, Alyson got the mini red phone booth, Cobie got the mini traffic light. Other items give out are the three yellow umbrellas, the piano, the swords etc.

    • I thought this one was interesting – the first I’ve seen someone connected with the show discussing the substance of the finale:

      • I am actually surprised.

        Surprised that Mr. Radnor thinks that the ending is something new bold and daring. How many times have the will they won’t they couple got together in other shows?

        • When I first read it, I didn’t take “new, bold & daring” as referring to the fact that Ted and Robin presumably end up together. I took it more as referring to the way the show constantly made it look like you were going down one road when in fact you’re going down another as he referenced earlier in the answer.

          One part that I thought was really noteworthy was where he talked about the difference between the audience’s reaction to the end of the story and the kids’ reaction. I agree with that and it’s part of the reason why I’m interested to watch the finale again after some time passes. I’m not really troubled that we didn’t see Ted or the kids grieve their mother. I know we didn’t see the devastation that Ted felt after losing the mother, but I have absolutely no doubt he was devastated. I don’t need to see that to know it, and in fact, had the ending been told over several episodes or even this whole last season I think I would have felt uncomfortable watching the grief. I think a lot of folks are (understandably) upset at not having the chance to grieve for the mother. But once I (we) have the chance to let it settle, to go through the denial, the anger etc I’m wondering how the finale will look then.

          In the end, maybe that’s what Radnor saw as being new, bold and daring – for the creators to have enough commitment to telling the story they wanted to tell to be able to end it in a way that would likely be highly controversial and upsetting at first.


    anybody who is good at film editing…and has a boat load of time. go through every scene with Ted and The Mother and cut/edit them into chronological order. That would be a great video to watch. i’m sure it’ll show up somewhere on youtube eventually.


    I saw someone put this together as an alternate ending, is this what you are looking for?

    • absolutely…100%…perfection…this is exactly how it will be for me. i dont care how it aired last night and how it happened in their mind.

      i am book marking this and going to watch it over and over until it comes true.


    • I have to admit, that would be my preferred ending. That gave me a happy tear. I didn’t hate the real ending, but it didn’t leave me as a emotional as this one did. I really hope they put this alternate ending (or similar) on the DVD.

    • Thanks for sharing. I did this to the scene with Ted driving off into the sunset with Victoria because I expected a disappointing finale. I didn’t think they could find a mother as good a Victoria…but that was one of the problems they did…they found a better Mother (Cristin) and we loved her and then killed her of…she didn’t even get the tribute of
      qualifying as one of Lilly’s Big Moments. Kind of hard to believe that the gang…especially Marshall and Lilly, and perhaps more than that even Barney wouldn’t have been there for his “Bro” in his time of need (after all Barney nearly died for Ted).

      • I thought they would have had Lily and the Mother trade boots and other clothing in at least one episode. That Was The Dream!!!!

        I still want the Mash Up of all the times with Josh Radnor and Judith Drake on the Bench together.

  69. Robin: Let’s make a pact, if we both turn 40 and we’re both single..
    Ted: Robin Scherbatsky, will you be my backup wife?
    Robin: A girl always dreams of hearing those words. Yes, yes, a million times, yes!

    I can’t believe this wasn’t at least mentioned. I always thought this was a huge clue.

    • I didn’t think so, because it’s really not uncommon for people to think of certain others as their own personal “safety net”. I don’t think it had anything to do with it – we don’t actually know whether Ted and Robin actually get together, after all. I prefer to think they don’t, but remain friends with benefits.

  70. Alright I said I was done for good a couple of hours ago, but one more thought. Here are a few things I wish could have been a little bit different in the finale:
    1. Season 9 overall: Making a whole season built around a wedding that lasted 10 minutes in the finale and then ended in a divorce later in the episode felt pointless. HIMYM is so good with jumping throughout the timeline, I think they should have made the finale’s plotline the entire season. Give all of the major events (salute Major Events) we saw last night an episode of their own, and then flashback to scenes from Barney and Robin’s wedding.
    2. So the two days before the wedding, where pretty much nothing happened needed 22 episodes? And the Wedding got literally 10-15 minutes. Not cool. I would have enjoyed another Robin Sparkles moment at the reception.
    3. Ted and YM. They started to come together as a couple so well. I had finally fallen for her, and found her extremely cute and perfect for Ted. But all we received were a few flash forwards throughout season 9, and a voice over with pictures in the end of the finale (and obviously the Farhampton yellow umbrella scene). I wish we could have gotten to see their time together a little bit more. They were together 11 years, longer than the core timeline of the show. I am sure a lot happened, other than marriage and babies.
    4. The mother getting sick: What hurt the finale a ton in my opinion was the fact that those huge, pivotal moments were rushed in the last 10 minutes. Ted was like “I loved your mother every day lalalalalalala….until she got sick.” And then that was it. YM, the bright shining future of the show was dead. All we saw was Ted reading to her. We needed a more emotional moment if she was going to die. This woman was Ted’s life, the mother of his children, the woman in his greatest love story of all time. Disappointing that we didn’t get much sadness out of Ted there.
    5. I thought the episode really hurt Barney overall: He had been the guy growing so much over the course of the last two seasons and then they just kind of decided that wasn’t going to be him. I think he made such a great husband for Robin, but obviously things weren’t going to work out with her career. I respected him when he said “I love you Robin. And when we first got married I promised I wouldn’t lie to you.” I was thinking wow Barney has come a long way even during the process of divorce. But then he was back out there chasing bimbos, making a Playbook II, and going for the perfect month?? That’s not the Barney of the last two seasons. No sir. I think him having a daughter was great, but I kind of wish it would have been different. Like he was starting to regress and made a mistake with the first or second girl he did it with and then had the kid. Not after 31 straight. I also wish somehow Nora would have come back in his life and helped him raise the child, but now I guess I’m just dreaming.
    6. I think CT and CB almost perfected the ending. I just wish that there would have been more emotion involved with Ted and the kids. The yellow umbrella scene was perfect and just how I had hoped for it to be, but once the “story” was over, it just didn’t work. I know it had been six years since they had lost their mother, but the kids acted like it was no big deal. After hearing of some of their mom’s unique and beautiful qualities and after hearing about her death again, I guarantee most kids would be a little bit emotional. But no they just shrugged it off and said hey go get Robin. I wish that they would have had tears in their eyes, and Ted could have consoled them. And then Penny would have quietly said, “Dad….it’s ok if you still love Aunt Robin.” Ted- “What?” “We love her too, and you guys would be happy together. Nobody can ever replace mom, but Robin is the center of your story.” Then they would have had their whole call robin scene, and Ted should have said “Give me a second guys.” as he walked to the front porch. (Que the music from Time Travelers and How Your Mother Met Me) Ted passes by the yellow umbrella when he opens the door, which we notice has collected a little bit of dust. Ted steps out onto the porch and has a similar conversation with Tracy as she did with Max. Looking up to the sky not wanting to let her go. But then the wind blows strongly and Ted takes out his cell phone. He begins to dial Robins number but then hangs up. Then we go to the picture perfect Blue French Horn scene, and roll credits. Goodbye HIMYM. That’s how the finale and final season should have gone.

  71. *SPOIL*
    Really ?! This is how you end the whole thing in the last 10 minutes? She’s dead … no matter what, even the first guess would obviously go for cancer. I was crying and laughing at the same time the first 35 minutes. And here’s the happy end where it goes to his probably first true love… You guys could have done really better than that!

  72. I’m really sad today. I can’t believe we won’t have this show anymore. This has been a part of my life since the Pilot. Is it hitting anyone else hard today? It’s really been hitting me today I can hear the theme song in my head etc…. :(

  73. I think that HIMYM finale is a mass-psychological attack!

    I’m very disappointed with how the authors of How I Met Your Mother chose to end the show. I hope you won’t misunderstand, I consider the final episode as 40 minutes of pure emotional swing. But, I don’t see it as the right way a show that has lasted for 9 years should end.
    I’ve followed this show since the beginning. With this show I’ve shared some years of my life, watching it again and again in the most monotonous nights.

    As all HIMYM’s fans, we have all watched every episode having in mind only one plot: Ted, an unlucky guy who will never find the woman of his dreams until he’d be about to give up and become a priest.

    After this episode, in my opinion, there’s no difference between a Tv-series as HIMYM and a dramatic movie that tries to bring us back a concrete reality that we do not like, which makes us very sad. But at least, a dramatic movie has known as a dramatic movie and we watch it for a few hours… not for 70 hours.

    How I Met Your Mother was born as a funny comedy with a clear goal: make us walk away from reality during the boring nights and make us think about everything we don’t consider real, such as happy endings, legendary moments every single day, comical situations from the morning to the night, hoping that somehow our fate may have something magical behind the corner, although we don’t realize it. HIMYM authors did this from the first episode. This is why we got attached to the characters and for many years we have identified them as our alter egos in a parallel universe.

    Films may have this objective too, but when they choose to portray reality showing us some aspects of life that we don’t like, they’ve only got 90-120 minutes to do it, they could never let people get attached to them as much as a tv-series, considering that they might have 9 years to do it. Comedian Tv-series don’t have to show us reality as it is, unless they present themselves as dramatic ones, because we spend time and years watching them, hoping that all the time we spend on it could possibly let us believe in something we don’t consider real… at least for a while.

    We keep hoping that a poor guy as Ted Mosby could find someday the woman of his dreams, also after many unlucky events and failed-love stories. Well, finally Ted finds his soul mate. We have had this thought in mind for nine years. The moment arrives… they both are at Farhampton’s station and Ted finally stands up and walks to her… They are both standing under their love’s symbol, the yellow umbrella, which makes them think about what fate was saving to them, the best most people may desire during their lives.

    But suddenly, we all get that everything’s going to collapse miserably. The woman of our dreams, who represents our hope dies. It is contradictory…. They make us hope for nine years, then they realize our desire, teaching us that hope is the last to die, and then again, as fast as lightning, hope dies.

    Most people found the show finale as a great episode… the best the authors could think of, to end such a good and popular show. In my opinion, it could have be seen from this perspective if HIMYM had been a 2 hours-long movie, which presented us a sad reality that can always show up… I mean, we continuously look for happiness in our lives, but sometimes this happiness can suddenly break miserably because of unlucky events, and we should never give up. HIMYM chose the real and sad way to present it, showing the gray aspects that life may have. But, didn’t we use to watch it just because we wanted to escape a little while from reality, feeling free to put faith in it? Some people may not realize it, but this apparently epic ending, has blown on our faces a pure dose of sadness… based indeed on a false hope. HIMYM introduced itself as a long comedy based on hope. Well, a comedy-show has to make us hope… a dramatic show has to make us grieve. If we had watched it thinking of it as a dramatic plausible story, it would have been much better. But hope, after nine years, has died.

    This is what spectators received from HIMYM finale, deciding to make space to the sad reality of death and to an unfinished love, the one between Ted and Robin. I mean, they killed our dream, to give space to a sad, poor and incompatible love. I can understand who says that the mother actually has shown up much less than Robin. But anyway she is who the show is based on… its purpose is clear spelling its name: How I Met Your Mother. It is not How I Met Your Dead Mother or How I Met Robin. We might not realize it, but our unconscious perceives it… and we’ll remember HIMYM as a good show, that made us laugh and cry.. but mostly as a show that disappointed us, showing us the sad sides that life could possibly offer.

    I apologize for my English, but I’m not mother tongue.

    With affection

    A disappointed fan.

  74. This is my first comment ever on the blog but I have followed it for a long time. I have loved this show from the very beginning and honestly this is not the ending I imagined. I didn’t absolutely hate it but in my opinion it wasn’t the right way to send off our favorite group of friends.

    That being said, I still love the show. Like Ross said in an earlier post: remember the happy moments! I’ll always remember the slap bet, the ducky tie, the playbook, the naked man,Teddy Westside and Barn-door, Marshmallow and Lilypad, the drum roll before the kiss, the 2-minute date, the first look at the mother, Ted and Tracy’s many first, and of course the iconic blue french horn.

    Although it’s not the ending I wanted, I want to thank this show for the many memories, laughs and heartfelt moments through the years. And thank you to everyone on the site. I enjoyed reading the reviews and seeing all the different ideas about the show! It was Legen. . .wait for it. . .

    • You are awesome Matt G. It was not my ending either but I will live with it and buy the Blue Ray/DVD because I want to be able and watch again anytime. Internet or NO Internet. Even with all the disappointments concerning various aspects I can easily skip over that and watch what I want to see. But seriously someone please accept the Challenge and put together a awesome Ted mother montage.

  75. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The actors gave us a great series…the writers and creators totally screwed us. In fact the actors essentially warned us with there tweets and reactions after the final read. NPH must have been so mad he could spit as they totally destroyed his character. Can see why Colby was so upset as well, not to mention Allison…they all were sending us a message that the finale was gonna suck and we weren’t going to like it.
    But they were team players, total professionals and did what their contracts bound them to do during the late nite talk show rounds…keep quiet. Notice that not one of them said you will like it but that the show ending is “complicated and comes full circle.”
    I also think it is important to note that the biggest blunder of all was casting the wonderfully, talented Christin Miliotti as the Mother because she was too good to kill off. We all loved her, she was great. The creators should have cast a mediocre Mom and it wouldn’t have bothered us so much.
    But they didn’t and in the brief, disrespectful was they discarded her in the finale was horrible.

  76. A lot has already been said about the bad timing of the season, 21 episodes treading water and then all the important events rushed in the final, so won’t go into that apart from saying that I agree, it was very poorly executed, and is part of why the final is so devastating.

    The kids at the end are purely annoying. Mikey WestSide sums it up pretty well above. They could make that ending work. But it was to sloppy and rushed. Totally wrong emotional register. WTF, they kids are cheerful and chirpy. They are neither saddened because the story ends with their mother’s death, nor bored or irritated from having listened to a looooong story (they shown exasperation earlier), nor simple relief that it is over.

    Actually, to give a personal comparison on that specific point. My own father died just a week before I turned 15. My mother (than 47) never re-married. I think about 2 years later she got into a relationship with a man, and he asked her at one point to marry her. She took it up with me (and I assume she did the same with my sister), because she didn’t want to take the decision over the head of us children.
    The guy seemed a decent fellow, I had nothing against him. I was kind of okay with it, but far from enthusiastic. So if my mother expected enthusiasm and a big welcome for the guy, well, she didn’t get it from me. She did get an intellectual approval. But I made my standpoint clear, he would not be a new dad for me. I would accept him as my mother’s new husband, but not as an authority over me.
    So the emotional display of the kids, no matter how much they love Robin, does not seem right at that point, just having finished the story of their dead mother. I just simply can’t buy it. The scene is plain and simple wrong.

    Next, Barney, … well, I think I split this thing up in several comments, otherwise it gets overwhelmingly long. (To be continued …)

    • To the kids being cheerful and chirpy. Josh Radnor said on one of the posted links that the kids were at different stage emotionally than the viewers. It was harder on us than them, they are 6 years into this already. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love their mom, but they have seen him so unhappy for 6 years and now they see him happy when Robin is around. It makes sense to me, but they could have had a heartfelt moment and not rushed it.

      Also they were probably what 7 and 9 or so when their mother passed now they are around 13 and 15. They have been without the mother probably longer than the years of memories they have of her.

      • Yeah, but that’s my point. They might very well be cheery and chirpy about Ted dating or marrying Robin, but not instantly upon having suffered through this incredibly long story of how their dad met their dead mother. It’s just in-congruent. It probably could have been handled with extending the scene with a one-minute dialogue, starting with an emotionally appropriate response from the children turning cheerful and chirpy.
        My main issue with the end scene with the children is merely the poor execution of it.

        • EXACTLY dolf, we have for three season now had that very bumpy road to travel on. Sometimes it seemed the road just stopped at a cliff and then picked back up again. Sometimes they went back and built a bride across and sometimes they just left the road unfinished.

          The road being the Series. Just making that clear.

          This ending of Barney was nice. He got his child. Someone to pour his future love into. Robin and Ted and the Kids with Lily and Marshall and their three kids. But Barney seems not as complete.

          What is he raising a daughter alone? Did the mother give him every other week? Did number 31 die in child birth? Come on… give us a clue. No need to hide that part. It would be nice to see on the DVD/BlueRay and list of how everything works out.

          It was interesting how Barney Got the Gang for most of the final few minutes, until we found out that Ted has been spending some time just before 2030 with Robin.

          So up until that time it looks like it was Barney and Ted still hanging out together. They never stopped being friends it seems. But if Ted got together with Robin. Man I think that would have been a betrayal again of the Triangle. Don’t like this.


    This next link I haven’t watched the video yet. The link to this said they hinted at a reunion….It might be a red herring IDK, but if I don’t post it now I might forget to.

  78. (… cont.)

    My big issue though is with the treatment of Barney. Not just because I like Barney. (And in many ways identify with him; apart from my horrible track record with women, he and I are very much alike in many respects.)

    First off: as I can see it, everybody actually do get a happy ending, except Barney. There’s sadness in that the gang falls apart, but basically we know that:
    1. Lily and Marshall stay together and have a good life, so happy ending for them.
    2. Robin is having a great career, and it seems to be right for her, so there’s actually a happy ending for her.
    3. Ted does have a happy life up until the loss of the mother, and he then regains a happy life at the end with Robin. At least that’s what hinted at and what I infer we are supposed to believe. And since it was the last episode, I doubt anyone will pull the rug on that one, unless they do some movie follow-up (like Sex and the City did, not entirely unthinkable, or …?).
    4. Which leaves Barney.

    Was that a happy ending for Barney? F-U-C-K NOOO!!! (Pardon my french)

    At least, it was not a happy ending for Barney that we were shown. It’s conceivable that he did get one, as there are a lot of unanswered questions about his life after the birth of the daughter, first and foremost, is he or is he not in a relation with his daughter’s mother (or even another woman), or is he a single father?

    Fact is, as far as me is concerned, it is not happiness we see when he holds his daughter. Love and care, and a realization that he is a father and that he has responsibilities. I can buy all that. But it isn’t really joyful happiness. It’s at best the sad happiness of settling to something second-rate because you couldn’t get what you really desired.

    The end we’re shown with Barney is the failure. If the kids had added in as an extra line at the end “Well, dad, and since uncle Barney committed suicide there is no risk that you prevent him and Aunt from re-uniting” , it would have made PERFECT sense. I would not have questioned it for a moment. (On logical grounds, that is.)

    And, what I see as the show’s big BooB (not poop), Betrayal offensive of Barney, is also the big betrayal of the show and it’s viewers.

    I’ve earlier looked at the setting of the show. The question has at some points popped up, which one of the characters could be cut loose as the most expandable. And my answer to that has been Robin. (Well, with the final result in hand, that’s obviously the wrong answer, but …)

    Ted obviously could not be removed from the team as he is the actual story teller. Lily and Marshal is the couple , a counter point to the singleness, and provides a backdrop of the stable, dependable relationship which Ted aspires to.

    Robin has an important role as Ted’s romantic interest in season 1 and as his companion in season 2, but after that, up until the very end of the final, apart from being Barney’s partner-to-be, she really doesn’t serve any purpose in the show. This is not meant as a disrespect of her, or that I don’t like her. I really loved Robin, and it was a hard blow when she and Ted broke up. I did wish for them to get back together up until Sandcastle in the Sand, when suddenly RoBarn became a reality. But after that she didn’t have any function per se in the show.

    Barney however is in many way the the most central character in the show. And it has been in Barney I have found the real message of the show. Maybe just because I do identify with him in so many ways. But then, so be it. In any case, why do I think Barney is so central and important to the show? Well, i think Barney is best summed up in 3 descriptive phrases

    1. Don’t judge a (play)book by the cover
    2. People change.
    3. Being there

    These are positive characteristics or messages that are delivered by the show, and which agrees with the viewers’ incorrectly(?) assumed core and premises of the show.

    So how is the final a betrayal? I’ll take them backwards:

    3. Barney is the one Being there. But he is left out to dry as the looser. The earlier message of the show, “Be there for your friends, have their backs” is in the final reverted to a cynical “Fuck you very much!” Or at best, a sad noble self-sacrifice. So, yeah, go your own way and don’t bother caring for your friends. **** you very much, you too, CB & CT.

    2. Barney is the one really going through changes and developing throughout the show. And in the final, he regresses back to what he started as. And then we are written on the nose that we’re supposed to believe that he actually changes because he gets a daughter. Well, he does, but it is a change forced by circumstances, not a change from within. It is the change of a looser realizing that he cannot continue his live, but that he is forced into responsibility. It is not a self-determined chosen change, it is an externally enforce change. The message of the show that throughout has been one of personal development and encouragement is in the final turned to disillusion and apathy.

    1. Throughout the show we have learnt to know Barney as a person that outwards seems (and often behaves) selfish and immature but that in actual fact is anything but selfish, and a big part of the journey we’ve been through is to see him mature. There are people like him in the world. I consider myself one of them. In sweden we have the expression of “He is an old growling bear, but he really has a kind heart” (typically of the grumpy old man who actually is nice) and “The light (appearances) betrays”. And in the final, the show’s message of “Ye shall know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15-17, and no I’m not a Bible Christian, but it fits here) is turned into WYSIWYG.

    And that’s why the final is an abomination that never should have seen the light of day.

    I will come back with (probably) 2 comments where i give my take on how they could, with or without a dead mother, have handled the final/season in a good way as well as my views on the entire series, what went wrong, and how they ought to have handled that. (Intended as some kind of constructive criticism, now that I’ve done my bashing)

    (to be contd. …)

    • I agree totally with you on this, Dolf!

      For me, the whole finale was a disaster, but what really disappointed me was the Robin and Barney part of the story.

      Of course that killing the mother, showing no development on the story of her sickness and the mourning period after her death, the kids reactions to the ending of the story telling, the Ted re-re-re-re-…-return on Robin, this all sucked and was poorly written. I know that this is what the creators always thought should be the end since season one, but like a lot of people already said it, they should have changed their minds after so many years of story and character development.

      However, even with all these problems, what really got me was Barney and Robin’s break up and Barney’s decay. I don’t think that Barney (and even Robin) had a happy ending.

      We watched for years how Barney grew. From being just a ladies man that made us laugh, to getting to know his father and having family’s issues, to become a really good friend and finally growing to became someone who wants to make a commitment and being a potentially great husband. For me, the Farhampton episode says it all. With Klaus making that beautiful speech, we see Barney thinking about Robin and Robin finding out that he didn’t through away their pictures. I always liked them together, but for me this episode was the proof that they BELONGED together.

      And the reason they were perfect together, for me, is that they never thought that finding “the one” was for them.This is the part that I really connected. Not everybody in the world is searching for the love of their lives, like Ted was. Sometimes, people just develop other parts of their lives, like work and friends and family, and sometimes those people are surprised by finding out their “one” without searching or even wanting to find someone. That is what happened to my husband and me.

      For Robin and Barney, their life styles were similar and they had similar interests. They breaking up was just a forced plot device for Ted ending up with her, because I don’t see how they would break up after three years just because of Robin’s work. And mostly I don’t see how Ted and Robin can make it work after all those years.

      After the broke up, we see Barney decay to whom he was in season one. That was the worst part. There is no way you can erase all the growth he had in nine years. And a lot of people seemed to like that he had a daughter and that he changed for the daughter in a way that he never could for a woman. For me, that is unrealistic. If he’s able to through away all his development for nine years, no way the birth of a child that he didn’t even wanted with someone that didn’t even matter is going to change him of a sudden. Maybe after years of watching his daughter grow or something, but not when he first see her. If I disliked this whole story, I disliked even more the fact that was so rushed and without further explanations (does he have a relationship with #31? how much time does he spend with his daughter? etc.)

      Making such a sad and shallow ending to a loved character, that we know that deserved more, was what the finale had worse.

  79. on a side note, I actually think it wasn’t necessary to kill the Mother off. They could have pulled off what they did with Ted in Robin in season 2 showing that even if Ted and the Mother were “right” (seriously, the show has shaken all my notions about love and the right ones to the core, so I don’t even know what words to use not to confuse people) for each other at a certain period of time, ultimately they would have never worked out

    when they showed these two dorks at the Farhampton Inn realizing they had nothing left to say or share I was almost relieved, cause I thought, that’s a hint, it’s time to part ways. They could have developed that plot showing that both were more fascinated with the idea of everything perfect only to comprehend that there’s something more to love than countless similarities. Even if we had seen them struggling through hard times it wouldn’t have been presented in Marshall and Lily way. It’s TOO perfect. And it’s sad that there are so many people out there who still believe that Ted and the Mother somehow deserved to get there. Love has nothing to do with deserve. It’s selfless

    so yeah, killing her off was a little bit harsh. Keeping in mind that it was the authors’ intention from the very beginning, I agree that they did a bad job preparing Robin to be finally in that place where she would be truly happy with Ted. I don’t know whether it was done on purpose or not, but I like to think of the “aww” running gag as of another sign of how ridiculous the very idea of Barney and Robin was. Plus, when Robin confessed James that she didn’t want to find out how fragile her and Barney’s relationship was I felt like it was evident those two wouldn’t last

    the show has a lot of drawbacks. Starting from the misleading title up to the fact that the authors had played with fans’ hearts for too long. Saying that Robin only wanted Ted when she couldn’t have him wouldn’t be correct. After all, the same thing happened when she was after Barney. The fact that she wasn’t there for all the big moments kinda resonates with Ted’s decision to move to Chicago. We don’t know what her “no” means. Robin said “no” once only to end up with Ted in the end of the first season. Ted said “I’m over Robin” multiple times. Did you guys believe him every time?

    and the last thing. You don’t start the story about the so-called love of your life by telling how you met a girl that was anything but ordinary. Her door has NEVER been closed. If it was, she wouldn’t have called Ted to help her find the locket. Look at the way Ted looked at Robin in the bar in the pilot. And then look at him when he first saw the Mother. He didn’t even want to stay. AGAIN, he waited for the sign from the Universe to push him and go talk to her. Speaking of the character’s development…

    • I have to strongly disagree Epic. As a mother/Ted shipper, I would be outraged if Ted and the mother split up, whether Ted got back with Robin or not. Death is the only way to separate them, but I disagree with that choice as well.

  80. After another day of thinking, re-watching once, and reading some of your guys’ comments I still am disappointed in the Finale as a whole. As I said before I was okay with the ending with the return of the blue french horn, but I needed a little bit more time and emotion in those final scenes before Ted’s moment with Robin.
    Dolf got me thinking about the maturity of the characters, and it just saddens me. I would not be surprised if the actors walked away with a sour taste in their mouth’s, knowing so much more could have been accomplished.
    I think Robin’s character seemed perfectly fine in the Finale. Her career took over, and I just knew she would never totally feel perfectly happy with Barney (not because of Barney, just because she always finds some way to back out of a relationship). So when she started looking at Ted in a loving way again I was not surprised. She had finally reached the successful career she had dreamed of, settled back down in NY with her 5 dogs, and was old enough to long for a happy marriage.
    Marshall and Lily were fine. Good ol Marshmallow and Lilypad. They’re the best.
    Barney regressed a lot. Way too much for me to be happy. The writers built him up and made him seem mature, and then he was back being classic Barney again. Having a daughter changed him, but it wasn’t the perfect ending for Barney. Oh well, I wrote a lot more about that in my last comment.
    Finally, Ted. I love him with Robin, and I loved him with TM. I think he and TM were perfect together, but his romantic attraction to Robin throughout the entirety of the show is hard to forget. He’s the blue orchestra guy, the make it rain man, the I love you guy. Ted is Ted, he makes the show for me. But he had come so far and was getting so close to meeting TM. He had been beaten down by crazy chicks (Jeannette), childhood memories, and his never ending attraction to Robin, but he continued to grow and become the bigger, yet probably sadder person.
    The finale did not seem right because of one thing: they rushed it. They slowed down the entire 9th season, basically telling us “there isn’t a lot left to tell so we’ll bore you each week with pointless plots about a pointless wedding. and then when you are cherishing your final moments with us we will speed ahead for 17 years and change everything you know about the show.”
    Once again I’m OK with TED and ROBIN, I understand the plan to kill off the mother has been in the works since the beginning, but what I don’t get is why these critical moments got so little time on screen. These are the most important moments of the show, the things we care about and want to see! I really wish they could go back and re-do the 9th season, only about 3 or 4 episodes are important, the rest was pointless. Honestly the show could have gone on for another season or two with all of the moments they shared Monday night. Then after having gotten to see Ted and TM together, then after giving Barney and Robin’s marriage time to settle down without blowing it up 10 mins later, then after giving plenty of emotional time to TM’s sickness, only then, should we have seen Ted rush over to Robin’s apartment. This show’s core timeline was 8 years and it took almost 9 seasons to tell. The Finale’s core timeline was 17 years and it took 40 minutes to tell. That is just not fair to these fans, and just bad planning overall by CT and CB. The final scene was beautiful and that is the reason I just can’t stop thinking about it, but we just needed more time.

  81. Kind of having anticipated the finale of HIMYM , I cannot say that i am pleased with how it ended but also I can’t say like others that the finale ruined the show.The biggest problem IMO was rushing the 15 years span in 40 minutes after watching 22 episodes for the wedding weekend.Maybe the writers should have taken a page out of The Mentalists writers playbook and end the wedding mid-season and then start the aftermath of the wedding.The next problem was Barney.They built up this character and the way he changed to take him back to his playbook days and then again give him an awww moment when he meets his daughter. You can say the big picture is still corect as that is his reaction after breaking up with Robin the first time , and if the writers would have played this over a couple of episodes it wouldn’t look so bad.
    Let’s face it.Everybody knew that Lilly and Marshall will get their happy ending.So Barney’s was the second reason why people watched the show.Nobody knew what the end-game will look like for Barney.And to give him nothing concrete is terible.Okay , he is divorced , he has a daughter , but nothing else . He deserved more.
    Third is Robin’s endgame.By cutting the scene from the coffee shop , you don’t really get the sense that Robin has any regrets.She doesn’t seem to feel like she should’ve stayed with Barney , and she doesn’t look like wanting Ted.The scene with Lilly seems like she’s jealous of Tracy , and that’s all.

    But I understand where Craig and Carter wanted this to go.Ted as a character was the kind of guy who looked for the silver lining.He was always an optimist, though a lot of bad shit happened to him.And let’s be honest , for him to tell the kids this story and at the end having the mother dead and him not doing anything would be an even bigger slap in the face.The story is about never giving up on finding love.Marshall’s description of Ted’s love life is as accurate as it can get.He did love all of them and he will always love Tracy , but he has to move forward because that’s what he does.He finds another love , the love he has had all along.
    I understand why they’ve shown so little of the mother , why they didn’t want us to get so attached to her and why they kill her off-screen.People who wanted to see the funeral or who wanted to see Ted greiving don’t understand that that was never going to happen in just one episode.Or maybe at all .

    You should remember that the writers had this ending planed for a while and once they decided to go with that speech in “Time Travellers” it was hard to change it , no matter how much people loved the mother’s portrayal by Cristin Milioti .

    In a story about love , a story about never giving up , no matter how bad it gets , it is a perfect ending . It’s wraps up the Ted character perfectly , and that’s what this story was from the begining.This was the good part.The bad part is the writters forgot about the other characters and made them stepping stones to get to that ending that suits up Ted , but nobody else.

  82. So Dolf, funny or not… why have you not talked about the last and most tragic victim of the serial killer?

    We have all been waiting!

    • Well, I think we all know who the real serial killer/s is/are.

      In Indianized English, sitcoms, soaps and series are all called serials. So, HIMYM is a serial, and from the looks of the majority of the reactions here, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are the killers of it.

      And that makes THEM the serial killers. “I’ve always been a bit of a detective”.

    • Yeah, well, Valian kind of said what I thought. CB & CT killed the show. And that also killed my mood for jesting.

  83. Hey guys, never posted, but read often.
    (Is this the old crew from from the Have You Met Ted blog?)

    First of all – the separate episode version (two 20 minute episodes) are different cuts than the single episode (40 minute episodes). Don’t know if you’ve noticed that. The 40 minute version has more jokes.

    Second of all, I liked it. “OH, Ted is the one that got away!” I said after the credits rolled. And life has second chances. We aren’t doomed to be alone. There’s no OTP. Have to fight for it.

    But that said there are some structural issues or just problems or obstacles that kept this from perfection.

    First of all, I’m not sure the ’72 Hour’ conceit was the right way to go. It builds up and builds up only to create a kind of a let down with the quick divorce reveal. It also gives screen time to things that are not as important. It’s fine if they are filler, but the last 60 minutes of episode time have so much more interesting things that could have been given screen time. Boring/uneventful/bad-pay-off gets more time than quick flash forwards that fans really wanted to see more of.

    Second of all, The Mother’s screen time. They knew they sort of messed up and didn’t have much Mother during the first half of the season. Her performance, chemistry, and fan reaction made them correct it… so I don’t think they anticipated or planned to have as much of her as they did, and I don’t think they knew fans would want more and keep wanting more. If they planned for a TON of screen time and fan reaction was cool it would have been a disaster. I don’t think they expected that they COULD have done a spinoff with her or even half a season featuring her. She would have been up to it. When I see her on screen with the gang I don’t think it was expected she would be that good. She was that good. But you don’t know that until you’re shooting and by then it’s too late.

    Thirdly, it’s hard matching performances years and years apart. The kids had only been used for intro shots and quick cheap laughs— the “Now, kids…” pull in shots, and the “WHATTT?” and the bored-now shots. So that kind of tone is what we’re seeing in the epilogue. The timing is also inconsistent (shot reverse shot with video playback from 2006 or 2007 is a hard thing for an actor to do). So it’s a sort of a jarring moment and like Josh Radnor said the kids are in a different emotional space than the audience, but really, the actors portraying the kids aren’t in that emotional space at all, it’s hard to do that “it’s okay Dad, see, we see this, and you might not, but we do, and it’s okay. We love her and we love you.” That’s just not what they shot and that’s just not how those kids were cast. They might have done a hundred takes but still, it would be hart to match the timing and tone. It makes a potentially jarring few minutes more jarring because the performances don’t (and can’t–because they are in the can since the late 2000’s) hold your hand. They can’t match Josh or play off of him.

    Fourth – IF Barney and Robin hadn’t ever dated, if Barney hadn’t gone down a Nora direction (didn’t we hear “Barney grew and regressed!” cries then, too?), or the Quinn direction (ditto), IF you take out one or two of Ted’s girlfriends and will they won’t they Robin moments – I feel like there’s a bigger payoff for the audience. We’ve already seen Barney and Robin break up. It looks and sounds the same. We’ve seen Ted give up Robin before. We’ve seen Ted face loss before. We’ve seen Barney have epiphanies before. But the show went 9 seasons. Old ground was covered and back tracked a few times just to give them something to do. I feel like the Robin-Barney relationship should have/could have been the audible that changed the series game plan. If Robin was marrying Don or something and got divorced OR never married, and the terrible wedding (remember – Ted called it ‘the worst wedding ever’ to his kids) was Barney’s and Quinn’s… then I think things would finish a little cleaner. The scenario they have means they are fighting two or three ‘ships at the same time. Not that you do a show to just make fandom happy, but structurally they really wrote themselves into a corner because Robin and Barney were just a hit.

    Fifth, there’s something like 18 minute supposedly cut? I feel that would help things not feel as jarring to the audience.

    Ted is not “not in love” with Tracy. They were. The re-re-return doesn’t take away from that. And it was fantastic. But people die and you’re not DOOMED to carry that cross. Good pairings can go sour – but you’re not DOOMED to sadness. I think that’s some of the hope they were trying to get across. There’s more to ‘fate’ and the ‘universe’ than just ONE chance with ONE person and if you mess up you might as well give up. The message is not to give up.

    • Correct, Solo4114 and I left HYMT during the third round of website troubles and started this blog. It was really hard to leave it. But we wanted a stable platform that we controlled to post our reveiws for the last part of season 8 and into season 9.

  84. “There’s more to ‘fate’ and the ‘universe’ than just ONE chance with ONE person and if you mess up you might as well give up. The message is not to give up.”

  85. Long time reader/first time poster.

    I’ll keep it short and sweet since there’s not a lot to add to what’s been said already. I kinda liked the finale but it was obviously flawed, the major flaw was the lack of detail especially given that most of the season was completely throw away.

    2 questions though:

    1) gagarin mentions above “the worst wedding ever” and I seem to remember other comments about the wedding ending badly. Ted saying goodbye? Was that it, or did I miss something else. I certainly wouldn’t describe that as the worst wedding ever or even ending too badly.

    Had they something else planned initially that they dropped or was it just a red herring?

    2) I don’t get what the purpose was of Ted and the Mother waiting so long to marry?

    What point did it add to the over all story, is there something I’m not seeing

    • Lots of good points. Remember back in Season 7 or 8 Ted told Barney that this was not the worst wedding ever. Punchie’s was the worst wedding ever.

      They made lots of changes to this season and back and forth on how the show was going to end per cast and crew interviews.

      Ted and the Mother stopped the wedding because she was pregnant then Ted just never found the right time after that. He chickened out like a little bitch in Lily’s words would be my guess.

      It was just for this delay saying Ted was okay living with the Mother and not getting married after all. House first then Kids then Marriage. Backwards from his previous view of life.

  86. btw, what happened with Ted’s bandaged hand? If I recall right it was earlier bandaged when we saw him at the train station, but not bandaged now when he actually met the mother. Or have i gotten it wrong?

    • No it still has a bandage. In the Reddit Q and A they said he hurt his hand punching Louis but then for the rest of the weekend was using it all the time. So they fixed it by having the high five being another reason he hurt his hand. Again they just ignore previous episodes and even what they say to the fans and re do things again differently. Bad Form.

    So glad there are more and more favorable reviews of the final where people don’t simply scream “NO!!!” and create alternative endings (that was really lame, by the way). Read the first paragraph :)

    • Look I’m all for friendly disagreement, but insulting people who disagree with your position gets me fired up, so don’t expect much tact in this post.

      There has plenty plenty of fleshing out in comments here why people didn’t like the ending. To say that the majority of the nearly 200 messages on here is equivalent to people simply screaming no is an inaccurate generalization that quite frankly pisses me off.

      I loved the alternate ending, so if that makes me lame in your opinion, I’ll take it as a compliment, because I’m quickly losing respect for your perspective. You complained about not being heard, I responded nicely, and this is the kind of stuff you are going to give back, maybe this is why people don’t want to listen to you.

      Now to the link you posted:

      1. The writer of this piece can’t even be bothered to spell the mother’s name properly. Yes, it is petty, but it tells me they care little for details, and so much of what was wrong with the finale was the (lack of) attention to detail. I misspell Professor, but it is a reference to a joke on Ted’s first day of teaching, it isn’t laziness or ignorance. Tracy let Max go, as Ted let Robin go. So are you saying that neither of them actually let the other person go? To make this argument is to ignore what the writers explicitly laid out for us, but I’m not surprised people ignore it, the writers sure ignored a lot of their own work over the years.

      2. To say that the only reason Ted and Robin didn’t work was because he wanted kids and she wanted to travel is a major simplification (major simplification /salute). Is Robin’s desire to travel incompatible with any man, since it is the only reason given for the divorce as well? And what evidence is there that even in 2030 that Robin is done traveling? Robin flat out said she didn’t love Ted, so how do we get from there to her wanting Ted with the limited information we have access to? A lot of speculation.

      3. So Barney is ready to love but incapable of love? Which one is it, because it can’t be both. I applauded Barney for sticking up for Robin when his mom got upset about the lack of grandchildren. To me it showed Barney loved Robin more than then the idea of having kids, which is apparently not true given how the story played out. More inconsistencies.

      4. I don’t really have much of a response to this. The title did stress the importance of the mother, but for me the biggest let down is the description of the story as the greatest love story ever. Ted and Tracy. I think it failed to live up to that, and even if you want to apply it to Ted and Robin, there’s no way in hell that relationship fits the bill either.

      5. We don’t know that Ted and Robin end up together at all. The ending is far more open ended than the Ted and Robin shippers care to admit.

      • “We don’t know that Ted and Robin end up together at all. The ending is far more open ended than the Ted and Robin shippers care to admit.”

        This is pretty much what I’ve been saying to my Ted/Robin friends.

    • Thanks for posting this link, I enjoyed reading it.

  88. What I don’t understand is why the Ted/Robin shippers are saying that the writers didn’t give a romantic ending. That it was real and messy just like life. What’s not real about two people who meet, have a couple of kids, marry and live until old age? It happens everyday. It’s just as real someone dying and the widower meets back up with a previous love interest and they end up back together. Both are real scenarios. I have read a ton of articles on the finale, just to get different perspectives. The common theme seems to be the people who wanted Ted and the Mother together were simple minded and didn’t get what a smart ending it was. That instead we wanted a cookie cutter, cutesy ending like Friends. Hmmmm…. let’s see how Friends ended, The stable couple Monica and Chandler stayed happily married had a couple of kids and moved from the city (Marshall/Lily), Joey remained a single somewhat lovable womanizer (Barney), and Rachel and Ross, the will they or won’t they, back and forth but eventually broken up for years couple, (in which Rachel too, also went out with his best friend) got back together after Ross realized he did love her and chased her down in the finale. (Ted/Robin). This wasn’t some great original ending on HIMYM. Make no mistake the Ted/Robin shippers got their cute sweet ending. There’s nothing wrong with that. It was Carter and Craig’s show and they ended it the way they saw fit. I can respect them for staying true to what they wanted. Personally I wanted Ted and the Mother together, because I wanted the happy ending for the couple I rooted for. That doesn’t make me simple minded, or unable to grasp “real life”. It was a tv show and people have favorite couples, that’s it. I adore this site because people respect others difference of opinions and no one is slamming other posters. I hope it continues that way :)

    • If they would have introduced the mother sooner and had more screen time they could have ended it with Ted and the Mother together. But since they didn’t to me this was the only way to end it. I however, would have been fine with either ending.

  89. NEWS FLASH!!! DVD extras includes another twist between Robin and Ted!!! Apparently the kiss Robin shared with Lily awakened a side of Robin she had been repressing and over the course of her three years with Barney she realizes she is a lesbian which is why her marriage to Barney ultimately fails and why she not so gently breaks the news to Ted and tells him to take the French Horn back…she never really liked it anyway.
    Amazing…totally feasible plot twist…and totally consistent with Ted’s luck in love and the ridiculous number of times Robin couldn’t have a relationship with any man.
    How’s that for real life writers creators. “We wanted to send a message that life isn’t always fair?” Oh, Really, is there anybody on this planet over the age of eight and not a celebrity who isn’t constantly reminded of that every single day.
    Breaking NEWS!!! It is supposed to be a SITCOM…if I want reality TV I’ll watch Duck Dynasty!!!
    Hopefully, you will offer the alternate ending with Ted and the Mother on the train platform the DVD and not force feed us that tripe ending again…or as the old codgers on the Muppets would say: “I’ve seen detergents that leave a better film than that!!!”

  90. Some tangential goodness overshadowed by the Shock And Awe of the finale –

    Lilly (and Alyson Hannigan being the Woobie), you could almost believe that she was really talking about the show when she was crying over Ted leaving, or the divorce. The ET goodbye was awesome.

    Also awesome? “See you on the other side, Ray.”

    Things like this are why the show really connected with me. I feel like I know these people and they would laugh at my jokes, even though they are fictional. I feel like I would fit right in on that other end seat of the booth.

    “Pshh…yeah, that’s TOTALLY Ted’s jousting lance…” – The Mother was just an amazing bit of casting and chemistry and writing. It even blew Season One Victoria out of the water.

    GRAPE SCOTCH! Aka, Great Scott! – Yes, another reason why I feel like I’d be friends with these people. I wish I could get away with using that exclamation. And isn’t it COOL that Barney connected the dots faster than Ted did? And isn’t it cool that Marshall and Lilly seem to GIVE THE FRONT PORCH stamp as soon as Ted mentions “the bassist”? “We LOVE her!”

    The song they chose for the train and umbrella was great, also a nice piece of cinematography. Love the back and forth between TM and TM.

    The song they chose for the epilogue and the re-re-return was also great. This felt like a great match and the performances were really great. It felt just as good as it did before, touch of gray and all.

    Also I loved the way they did the end credits with the group and TM That was just a nice piece of ending title finishing. So glad it just didn’t fade to black. (Or cut to NEXT ON CBS). I like that they stole a little bit of time for a coda for us.

    That last song is also a nice tip to the cast and crew because making a television show is not an easy thing. ‘What we fight for’. Maybe that’s too meta.

    … I just have to say this too, and maybe I’m over thinking this, but remember Robin was doing behind the camera work when she rebooted her career, then she got some on camera work, then she was doing all this on scene reporting all over the world, well, the next stop then is being the anchor and NOT traveling. You know, the person making 5 million a year who says ‘and now to Bob Johnson in Madrid’ and they stay in the studio? Robin’s now an info babe, she’s in New York, does a news show for a 24 hour news network (think CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc). That’s why she’s able to have dinner with Ted and the kids. She’s done paying her dues and now she’s getting paid what’s due. Reading too much. But YES, her “traveling” is done and has been for awhile.

    • She is finally Ready to settle down. She got new dogs and everything. Then Ted shows up and she is like Right Person Right Time. But still Sad about Barney and the Mother.

      Okay Awesome too meet you. Anytime you use a line from the Episode (for me, at least once a day) Boooing… and you get a response that is a good day.

      It lights up my day when I use a HIMYM phrase and someone reciprocates. What is your favorite HIMYM saying?

  91. Just rewatched Pilot, and Robin has a wedding magazine sitting on her coffee table! The answer was there all along!

  92. Hey guys. Thanks for caring and thanks for posting and thanks for being here. Besides facebook and sportsnet this is my most visited site because it’s filled with people with heart that care about more than just a show. You…we care about an idea. An idea that no matter what we, as individuals, will find, have found, are capable of finding fulfillment. HIMYM, besides its last 5 minutes, provided us 9 excellent years of how we should enjoy the moment, and the people we spend it with, knowing that our journeys will take us exactly where we need to be. I believe CB and CT fell victim to cliche, hubris, and network TV “bullsh*t” (for lack of a better term), but they were provided the opportunity to make us appreciate our ups and downs, our loves, our hits and misses. I found this whilst youtubing (yup, it’s a thing) tonight. Enjoy:

    And thank you to Ross, Solo, Corina, Proffessor, Dolf, Salmon King, Cook Pu, Athena, and everyone else who has commented here and on the old blog. Thank you for caring as much as I have and for sharing the same love for an idea and an ideal. Keep well the road.

  93. Sorry for the add on comment but…WOW. Also a nice retrospective of our show. Enjoy!

  94. Just another comment, because I really have nothing to do at work today. Seeing as we’ve crossed the 200-comment mark, I am going to sum up the three main arguments FOR and AGAINST the ending so far, and the criticisms for each.

    1. Ted and Robin end up together. Yay!

    – They deserved to be together as their love story in some form or the other has always been the focal point of the show. They were perfect for each other from the get-go, in a yin-yang manner.
    – Bulls**t. Ted and Robin were, are and always will be incompatible. The writers were mean-spirited in showing us Ted getting over her so many times, only to re-re-return especially at the expense of the Mother AND Barney.

    2. The Mother died

    – This is life, people die. The mother had to deal with it herself in the form of losing Max, and now Ted had to go through it himself. Her death doesn’t diminish the love Ted had for her. She was for those 10-11 years of their togetherness, the most important individual in his life and gave him all the happiness he deserved and a family, which he won’t have got from Robin.

    Absolute tosh! The name of the show is HIMYM, not How I Met Your Dead Mother. Jokes aside, the writers really low-blowed us on this, as for years they have kept us thinking that there is something better and more fulfilling out there for Ted, and now it’s gone. Furthermore, the ending hardly gives her time with Ted enough space and her death is glossed over in a passing mention. The show is supposed to give us hope, not to remind us of tragedies as there are enough of them already. And most importantly, Ted and the Mother were and will always be a better couple than Ted & Robin.

    The Mother’s absence from the storyline was a plot-device as seen by Penny’s response. And, if they would have had us see too much of the Mother, then having her die in the very last episode would have been a really gut-wrenching moment. The writers deliberately have downplayed her role, if you look at the series as a whole – particularly from Narrator Ted’s perspective. He loved, he lost, he loved, he won, then he lost, and now he is ready to love again. Because that’s what Ted does dammit!

    Yes, if they had to go with this ending. Then, Season Nine should not have been wasted with so many callbacks and other useless and aimless stuff. They could have eased us into this, and instead of cramming 15 years into 40 minutes, the direction should have seen them use at least a couple of episodes, if not the entire season. The ending thus, even if acceptable, lost it’s meaning and impact and was reduced to a passing note ala being hurried up at a Chinese buffet just as you are getting to the main course.

    3. Barney

    – He finally found the true love of his life. His daughter. His is not an ideal story, but as point two shows, HIMYM has never been an ideal story, he finally found solace in the one girl he possibly never knew he even wanted – his daughter. It was a transformation that was never possible with Robin as she could not have kids, and that’s something that he always wanted.

    – They screwed Barney, BIG TIME! Not only does he regress to what he was so many seasons ago, but basically he is left alone and then betrayed by his ‘best friend’ Ted when they are into their 50s as Ted goes after his ex-wife. Big no, no. Over the seasons we saw Barney transform and he had the most character growth and reformation, but within 10 minutes of the series finale, you just threw it all away. And even if Barney says ‘this is me, can’t I just be me?’ and the fact that he gets a daughter and is genuinely happy at that, it doesn’t really give him a fair ending. The whole 9th season being focussed on the wedding is really the lowest point, given it’s future irrelevance.

    So Judges Fudge, what do you rule? Will it be a case of Jury Fury? Will the writers be subjected to some Robarn Hood justice? Or will the masses be held at Bay? (I am going to let myself out now)

  95. Hi everyone.
    I just watched and read (not with complete care I admit) through most of your comments.

    I don’t feel at ease with the ending of the show and I guess a lot of you don’t either. It’s funny because I always hoped that Ted and Robin would end up together. That is for most of the show. I think I lost faith when Robin was revealed as Barneys bride. And to be honest I lost interest in Robins character somewhere during season 7 and the beginning of 8. She became successfull and classy, but lost most of her humor and self-doubts which made her relatable. Remember her struggling for so long in crappy jobs? It’s sad that seeing her succeding made me like her less. Insofar I ended up careless of her engagement to Barney and the wedding. I felt utterly unimportant compared to the relationship between Ted & TM that was hinted at in this season. And eventually… it was.

    So that’s my first concern: Why did the season have to revolve so much about this wedding, that does not contribute that much to the overall story?

    My second: Ted and I, the viewer, grew tired of Robin during the series. We found out why it didn’t work. We tried and eventually let go. For a couple of times actually. And that felt true. It felt satisfying. So having made that developement if feels like being cheated and it leaves me wondering: Why would Ted even want Robin at this point?

    My third: The Mother has to die. But that has been talked about all over the place.

    I apologise for this mess. Put I guess I needed to get it out. Thanks for providing the space and thank you everyone managing this site. I’ve been reading reviews and comments for a long time and with great pleasure.

    • On your first point…I can’t say I agree with it, but I’d assume the reason the did sooooo long was because this was kind of the part everyone started to grow apart. So it was big to the overall story, but I think it should have only been 5 or 6 episodes max.

  96. I was surprised to learn that the audition scene for Cristin Milioti was the scene under the yellow umbrella. I feel like that would make it super obvious, but I can see why they cast her, because Radnor says that they pretty much kept the dialogue the same from that first read through.

  97. Found this on the reddit himym thread yesterday (I didn’t make it, just passing on the awesomeness)
    The password to view the vimeo is “downtown train”
    It’s all of the scenes in chronological order between TEd and TM :)
    Vimeo user LukeMosby is Legend wait for it….

  98. Just for anyone who wants to watch don’t put a space between downtown train!! I’m an idiot and did an out 4times before it hit me not to use the spacebar…. der, but yes it’s sad and sweet at the same time!

  99. Woops, didn’t read your comment about leaving out the space! Thanks!

  100. Proffessor posted a link to an alternative ending earlier but the video was taken down when I saw it but I did find this one! I wish it would have just ended this way. . .

  101. @Steph- Thanks so much for that it really helps. I’m not sure how long I will mourn what should have been and makes clear that this is not the show the creators were writing.

  102. I re-re-watched The Mother clips in the Vimeo link, and also re-watched Vesuvius. You know but of editing the finale REALLY needed?

    A flashback to “You’re the love of my life, Pooh Bear, but I don’t want you living in your stories. Life moves forward” right when the kids bring up Aunt Robin and Ted is like “what? I’ve got you guys to think about.” OR have him say “you know your mom told me that life only moves forward”, without the flash back.

    You know, sort of his version of talking to Max?

    Because the whole re-re-return is setup there.
    Maybe it should have been raining and he uses the Yellow Umbrella.


    But I really do think that 3-5 second flashback would have made a big difference in tone and letting the audience calm down and helping them connect the thematic dots.

  103. Quick thought. We were left with a lot of questions specifically concerning Barney. Apart from that we know that he got a daughter, we know nothing more of what really became of him. Do we?
    Is it conceivable, that in a spin-off, How I met your Dead [cynic sic!], it would turn out that it would be Barney that is the father, and that we in the spin-off get the vacuum filled about Barney’s future?

  104. @proffessor
    Is the exploding meatball sub while the mother is still alive or after she has passed away? Just struck me, as she is note present, which she logically ought to have been if she had been alive.

    • The tag for that episode occurred 10 years later, so 2021 (give or take time for their continuity). There is also the question of whether the tag is canonical. Some people argue that the more fanciful tags aren’t really part of the real story and are just for laughs. But assuming it is real:

      1. It is after the divorce, so I guess Robin comes around to watch Barney die?

      2. Ellie was born in 2019 or 2020, so Barney’s pretending so who is watching the infant when the gang thinks Barney is on his deathbed?

      3. The mother dies 3 years later. Considering we don’t know when she gets sick or what she has, who knows when the illness started. Maybe this explains why we don’t see Barney after his daughter.

      • Thanks for that. I don’t believe, and think a careful plotting of timelines would also indeed confirm that, that the mother is not sick for 3 years, not at least so that she’s infirm. It’s clear from when Ted and mother is high five-ing each other that they have together for some time, and also that they are married, right? (Isn’t it clear that she gets sick after they married?) And they do talk about the daughter. At that point shes obviously well enough to be at the Farhampton Hotel, so should also be well enough to be at Barney’s (pretended) death bed.
        (And, well, can anybody conceive of Barney actually playing such a prank if he knew that the mother would be bedridden?)

  105. ‘How I Met Your Mother': Bradley Cooper is disappointed by the finale too — VIDEO

    Check it out it sums it all up for most of us:

    Copy paste into your browser. Scroll down to second big window for video.

  106. (… contd.)
    Ok. I’m back as I said, trying to put down some final thoughts with a little bit more of constructive criticism, whatever that’s worth now the show is over.
    What ruined the show from a logical standpoint (as opposed to the poor execution of the last season being spent on a wedding that then is dissolved in 10 minutes) is that they,in the end game, pitch Barney against Ted in the competition for Robin, and basically, as I already covered , betrayed Barney.

    The premises of the show is that it is a romantic sit com, albeit with heart. Part of the greatness of the show has been that they stretch boundaries, and in some cases cross them. But there are boundaries that should not get crossed. And when the show ends in a way that makes a major part of the fan base go real sour, then you’ve made something wrong. Doesn’t mean that you should just cater to them what they want with a happy ending and all lived happily ever after. A real great ending is one that surprises, stretches limits, and leaves the fan base happy with the show.

    I don’t know how a truly great ending should have been. But I do have some suggestions on alternatives. Now, my alternatives aren’t just about changing the final, but have different time frames.

    The two first alternatives (quickfixes) would of course have presented a technical problem with the final shoot of the kids that were made in season 2 being useless and the need to supplant it with another end dialogue. (That could maybe have been handled by doing a flash forward beyond 2030, and having the end scene between the kids and Ted take place in 2040, and so use the kids of today for a new shot scene)

    1. Let the mother live, and RoBarn stay together. This is a short term fix. Basically just means changing the final. However simple that seems, it’s a tall order to meet. The show was obviously set up from the beginning to have the mother die, and that was meant to be the twist/surprise ending of the show. So having the mother survive and Ted and mother being a happy couple (I can’t conceive of divorces and such as realistic alternatives) means some other twist would have had to be supplied. That is the distinctive hallmark of the show. And that sort of is difficult to construct in a late stage. But not impossible (I for example had theories earlier about it turning out the kids were adopted, or that Barney would have been a sperm donor do to Ted being infertile or some such, not saying they’re the best that could be done, but …)
    However, now in the aftermath, I’m not in favor of a surviving mother.

    2. Mother dies, Ted re-unites with Victoria, RoBarn stays together. (Btw. with the dead mother, I’m glad Victoria wasn’t the mother.) This would have been a workable fix logically. That could have been made by just changing the final. Of course that means that you just flush down some of the initial set-ups of the show. The fact that Ted lays his eyes on Robin and says “and there she was” already in the pilot (which we now in hindsight of course understand was purposely done). Victoria was introduced mid season 1, became a huge hit in the fan base, and has been “present” (in spirit, though not in body) throughout the show. She could have worked for a re-unite scenario. The other two alternative re-unites, Stella and Zoey, would have been extremely difficult to fit in for a re-unit, Stella for obvious reasons, apart from being introduced first in season 3. And Zoey, if for no other reason, for being a late character. Victoria would have worked locally, and with a good ground work, might have been received well by the fan base.

    3. Mother dies, Ted re-unites with Robin, Barney marry Quinn. This obviously is not a quick-fix. That means that we would have had to go back to the previous season and patch up from there. But that essentially just means Quinn would have been substituted for Robin. Much of the story could have stayed the same. And Barney could still have been a father. (Or Barney could have been hooked up with Norah, but I personally did not like them as a couple)

    That’s three alternative finals. I will return with a comment with some opinions and critique on the series and the show as a whole.

    • I’d have been fine with 2 and on 3 if Barney ended up with Norah. I could buy him being more mature and grown up with her.

      • I personally do dislike Barney and Norah as a couple, not that I have anything against Norah really, but I just can’t picture these two together. Barney and Quinn though I really liked, and it’s almost that i prefer them as a couple over Barney and Robin.
        But yeah, I would accept Barney and Norah, even though it doesn’t strike the correct strings in me.

  107. Personally, I LOVED the final episode. This show has always been about heart, and bizarrely, hurt. The final episode had Barney & Robin realness; which both made sense, and huuuuuuuuurt. I wouldn’t have gone that way, but I love it for what it is. Judge Fudge & Lilypad have tough times, but they make it, but their situation hasn’t hugely changed, just evolved so it makes sense that Lily is the most cut up about the breaking down of the gang.
    Tracy is wonderful and I LOVED the first conversation with the mother beyond words: The wordplay between her and Ted? The flirty looks as it continued? Perfect.
    The death of the mother cut me deep due to our love of how she worked with the gang and made Ted amazing, but I thought it gave a reason for the show, and why he is telling the story all in one go.
    In future watchings, I will be cutting off just before Penny cuts in that she’s not buying it. Ted & Robin? I get it. I like that the writers stuck to their original guns. It’s not the ending I want, or even believe (given all the further development of them, and Ted actually letting go when she marries Barney).
    For me it will end with the immortal: “And that, kids, is How I Met Your Mother”.
    In rewatching, I will cut

  108. I agree with everyone who says this ending would have sufficed if the show only lasted about five seasons and if Barney and Robin never married. I wonder if the writers always intended for Ted to meet the mother at Robin’s and Barney’s wedding. Even though technically Ted saw Robin first, Barney MARRIED her. Also, Ted already got a happy ending with TM. It’s messed up that Ted wins Robin even if she and Barney are divorced especially since they indicate that Barney has some lingering flame for Robin when he states, “if it didn’t work out with Robin, its not going to work.”

    I wonder if pairing Robin and Barney was intentional from the beginning or if the writers began that story because they needed more material then decided to just go with it.

    If the story ended in about five seasons and Ted met TM at either Robins or Barney’s wedding to someone else, the betrayal to Barney wouldn’t be such an issue even if he did end up divorced, and Robin and Ted would be fresher and less played out.

  109. (… contd.)

    My last, most likely, substantial comment here.

    An overall view on the series.

    I’ve said much of this before, and said it several times. So, there’s really nothing new, apart from that it now includes the knowledge of the series end game and final.

    As I see it the major problem with the series, and what really hurt it and pulled it down into a catastrophic ending, is that it got caught in the American tv culture. I do not wish to sound like I’m U.S.-bashing (that’s usually just tease from my side when i go that way) or being socialistic (I’m far from) but the commercial aspect of American tv series does not jive well together with the artistic aspects. A well done and executed tv series with content is a real piece of art, just like a piece of music, a movie, sculpture, painting or a novel.

    A piece of art has a message or a theme to it. All the elements that are included are there to one way or another forward that message or theme. And a real piece of art involves the viewer and elicit a response from the viewer.

    HIMYM was art from the outset. It had the message and theme. Form and message/theme were well integrated and weaved together. We got a romantic sit com with heart, and I guess we can say that’s the theme: “a romantic sit com with heart”. The message: love. The form: a story narrated from the feature.

    It was done well. It achieved what any good art has to do. It involved the viewers, and got them to contribute. Witness this blog, and its predecessor, I myself have probably produced text enough to fill a book. I estimate that I’ve written between 15 and 20 pages (such as in an ordinary book) of text just in this comment section of this one episode. (Well, two episodes, if we’re to be picky.) And I’m far from the only one, or not even one of the major ones.

    Now a good piece of art is well put together, everything that is there, is there with a purpose. And everything that is there, is there to one way or another forward the theme or message. That of course means that you must have some kind of view of what it is you are trying to achieve from the outset. And here’s why American tv series often are horrible, and probably the major reason why HIMYM ended in a disaster.

    The typical American tv series starts out with an intriguing concept. Few sit coms btw fit in her, as they are generally just an endless string of filler. Which doesn’t necessarily contradict that there are aspects of them that can be seen as art, or specific episodes that are art. But the series as a whole generally are not. Drama series however do follow this pattern, intriguing concept, but no real ending. It just drags on and on until the show at some point is cancelled, at which time when concoct some kind of ending to get a closure, in best case. (4400 not among them.)

    A well executed tv series has to obey the same rules as a well made film. It has a start, a plot and an end. Just like a trip starts, and then follow an itinerary and ends at the destination without plan-less rambling or meaningless detours.

    HIMYM obviously had all the elements at the outset. I have no clue what the plan was originally as to the number of episodes or seasons. But it certainly wasn’t 9 seasons with 200+ episodes.

    As far as I can see, the ending we got could have, would have, worked if the series had been running for 3 seasons. Or 4. 5. But not 9.

    The series did follow a logical, planned sequence, as far as I can see, up until season 5, episode 7. What happened?
    Season 1 :
    the gang meet, positions are established, romance between Ted and Robin develops, Ted meets, and looses, Victoria.
    Season 2 :
    Ted & Robin in relationship, Lily & Marshall gets married, Ted and Robin break up.
    Season 3 :
    Ted recovers from break-up, meets Stella, Barney and Robin flashes up on the map.
    Season 4 :
    Ted gets abandoned at the altar. Barney develops his crush on Robin, and the season end with them set up for a relationship.
    Season 5 :
    Robin and Barney in a relationship which quickly gets obliterated. episode 7 kills it. And here the show seems to loose its map, because after this break-up I have really no clue what happens when or in what sequence. The show just goes everywhere in a random fashion without any visible plan or clear direction. Basically treading water.

    (parenthetically, there’s a wedding in season 1, a wedding in season 3, an aborted wedding in season 4, and further weddings later on. Has each one of them been there to be a possible “meeting the mother” spot? We know that had the show only been one single season, Victoria, that Ted met at a wedding, would have been the mother. Was Lily’s and Marshall’s wedding there as a plan to introduce the mother for a 2 or 3 season run, and was the aborted Stella wedding in season 4 planned as another potential “here comes the mother” moment?)

    There were some different options on how to go about this.

    One, just let the story play out according to the original vision and end it. Probably means (best guess) that the end game would have been played out in season 4. And that’s it.

    Two, flesh it out and but stay true to the original vision. Let Barney and Robin stay together til the end of season 5, lay the proper ground work to break them up. Break them up and never let these two re-unite. They’re done once and for all. Have barney meet Quinn in season 6, Ted having his romance with Zoey. End the season with Ted and Zoey breaking up, Barney and Quinn marrying and Ted meeting the mother.
    Then continue the series, to hell with the name of it, just continue, let us see the whole story unfold, the proposal, the kids being born, Ted and the mother living together.

    And then, the choice, either carrying through with the original plan of killing the mother, or changing the game plan and working out another ending.

    I’m in favor of them killing the mother. But they should have hooked up her and Ted already in season 6. Let the story play out as a heartfelt story until the very end. And to hell with all the bullshit American asininities as viewer polls or whatever the heck it is they let disrupt and interfere with every single series at least twice a year.

    We could have had several seasons with the mother, and still have her die in season 9 and Ted and Robin getting together at the end. Just like the life they supposedly led.

    See, that would truly have been a grand and magnificent sit com that would have been remembered for its grandeur from here to kingdom come.

    But, who knows, maybe even this debacle will turn cult in a decade and be viewed as the magnum opus it was supposed to be but which got botched and slaughtered in it’s final hour.

  110. I’ve spent this week contemplating all things HIMYM, and I’ve come to some conclusions that I wanted to share with all of you.

    HIMYM Mistake #1:
    Ignoring continuity and previously established timelines. This came across as sloppy at best, and arrogant at worst. It gives the impression that the writers didn’t really care about getting facts straight. For a show that has previously been so meticulous this is a huge mistake. Older mistakes were little, silly things like whether Lily and Marshall shared a toothbrush. Newer mistakes are hugely obvious things like what effing month St. Patrick’s Day is in and the basic timeline of your main character’s life once he meets his soulmate. It wouldn’t have been THAT hard to triple check the details and tweak things a bit so that the whole proposal, trilogy time, etc somehow worked together instead of just being flagrant mistakes that no one – besides the fans – seems to care much about.

    HIMYM Mistake #2
    Either decide to let the actors and audience shape the characters and story, or don’t. It needs to be one or the other. TV shows are unique in that the original vision is inevitably influenced by the actors and viewers each week. It’s not a static medium where there is one shot to establish a character and stick to it. An actor will add their own nuances and personality, making the original character into someone that feels real.

    The whole cast has been amazing at this. They breathed life into these characters and turned them into believable, empathetic people that we wish we could hang out with. The tricky part is when these evolved characters don’t fit with the original idea of who they were supposed to be.

    Barney and Robin were not originally ever supposed to be together, but their palpable chemistry and obvious friendship changed that. NPH and Cobie started flirting on set as a form of entertainment, and because NPH could so easily see Barney – his Barney, not the Barney that was originally written – falling in love with her. So the writers did something right in that they went with this. They allowed the actors and fans to mold Barney and Robin into this beautiful, complicated, messy, wonderfully matched couple.

    But then they disregarded all of that in the end. If Robin had been married to Don, and divorced, I would have been much more comfortable with her and Ted ending up together. The current incarnations of each character, however, mean that we are left feeling bad for Barney in some way or another.

    I personally love that he became a dad, and I do think that is extremely fulfilling for his character. But I also think his character still really seems to be in love with Robin, but he ends up single and the awkward fifth wheel among his best friends and his ex. That sucks for him a whole lot – especially when you consider how much love he has for that whole group. We’re supposed to believe that Barney is happy now on the outskirts of two front porch relationships? No, not okay. It feels like Barney got burned and bad.

    So the solution is to either never have allowed Barney and Robin to get together – which feels impossible because, just like in real life, you don’t get to decide who you fall for – or a better resolution. If it were up to me I would have ended up with Lily and Marshall, Barney and Robin, and Ted and Tracy. But if they were determined to end with dead mother and Ted + Robin, I think they should have killed off Barney also.

    Sounds crazy harsh but it would sit with me better. Barney and Robin could have gotten back together as of Ted’s wedding. Robin would help to raise Ellie (it seems pretty clear that Barney and #31 are not a couple and likely just share custody) and then she could experience being a mother. Then, probably in a legendary manner, Barney dies. He ends up in heaven with his dead suit and all of the hotties that passed on before they got old and gray. Barney could really work with that. It would be sad that Ellie’s dad is dead but she would have Ted and Marshall to fill in as male role models and remind her of how awesome her daddy was.

    We also saw this character development between Ted and Robin. Cobie played that role like someone that is NOT in love with Ted and has not been for a long time. There are multiple times when Ted says he doesn’t love her like that anymore, but Robin flat out says she doesn’t love him, period. Josh portrayed Ted as this lovelorn loser that came across as so depressing and lame for still being into Robin. If you let characters play roles this convincingly then you have to give us time to see them playing the other side of the coin in order to believe it’s real and worth it.

    HIMYM Mistake #3
    The timing. Dear God, the timing. Don’t set an entire season over a wedding weekend and then tell us that marriage went in the crapper just three years later. That finale could have been extended over the whole season and I would have loved it. Why in the world would you save your hard hitting content for the very end and fill months with crap in the meantime? It’s pretty ridiculous and totally unfulfilling for fans.

    HIMYM Mistake #4
    Give me time to feel it all. This connects to mistake #3. I didn’t have the emotional reaction I was hoping for from the finale, and it’s not because of the sad twist of the mother dying. It’s because they didn’t give me enough time with Ted and Tracy together for me to feel truly connected with them and fulfilled with their relationship. Had we spent more time with her, and seen more of how wonderful and important those ten years together were, I would have been truly devastated by the ending. But that’s a good thing! I would rather be honestly devastated than confused and annoyed by a crappy finale that didn’t have enough heart. It would have been much more shocking and impactful to have Tracy die after we had seen that her and Ted really were the greatest love story ever told.

    This applies to the final scenes with the kids as well. One extra minute of misty eyes and some dialogue about how we know you loved mom, and we miss her every single day, but she would want this for you. That would have been tremendously helpful. It would have made the ending feel more sentimental and less callous. Again, it would have generated a stronger emotional response than just oh yeah you’re obsessed with Aunt Robin go get her.

    HIMYM Mistake #5
    Don’t go for the most obvious choices. I don’t know how they think they somehow shocked people with the ending, because all of these choices were basically the most obvious and contrived endings available. The mother ends up dead and Ted gets with Robin, who he has been obsessing over since day one? Big shocker there but not at all. That’s like plot twist 101 for sitcom writers. The will they/won’t they couple gets together and the people in the way are disregarded.

    Don’t drop hints that someone is dead and then make them dead and act like it’s something revolutionary. Don’t make the mother’s name be the one you outright told us. Almost all of these supposedly surprising twists were pretty much the easiest and most predictable options available. Again, that diminishes my potential emotional response.

    HIMYM Mistake #6
    Don’t troll your fans. Like I mentioned earlier, this show has always been about making fans feel like they are in on all the inside jokes. Then at the end it felt like the writers were saying haha no loser, you thought you were in it but really this joke has been ON you the whole time.

    The way they’ve talked about the ending makes them seem very self satisfied. It seems like Thomas and Bays just think they are so very clever, and that just pisses people off. If you’re going to pull the rug out from under your fans, at least acknowledge it in a humble manner.

    Yes, these are their characters and their story. But they purposely pushed us to believe that Barney and Robin were end game, and to be tired of Ted obsessing over Robin, and to connect with Tracy as Ted’s perfect match – only to say nope, we purposely misled you, aren’t we so smart and witty?

    It all comes off as, well, rude. Especially when combined with all of the discrepancies and mistakes. Then add in how they went against what everyone wanted and insisted on doing the final season like this, even though it was clear that it was not working for a long time. They had the option of including more Cristin but they didn’t. They had the option of skipping bullshit filler like Marshall and Daphne in favor of seeing Ted and Tracy’s life unfold, but they didn’t. They dug in their heels and stuck with a decision that they liked, but almost everyone else despised.

    HIMYM Mistake #7
    Don’t pitch a new show in the middle of your poorly done final season, then betray your fans with your finale (not all fans feel betrayed but I think we may be in the majority), and then think people will trust your writing enough to want to watch the new show. Seriously, please excuse my language but fuck HIMYD. I don’t trust that they will give me a satisfying, coherent story that is more devoting my time to. Again, this comes across as cocky and rude. If you want people to watch your new show you have to make your current show, you know, good. And the ending has to like, you know, make sense. Crazy idea huh?

    So that’s where I’m at. I’m sure I have more to say but I would love to get some feedback here. Also I checked out Friends With Better Lives and I actually really enjoyed it. I will be doing regular episode reviews and discussions over on and I suggest giving it at least one episode – the characters so far have good chemistry and it made me laugh out loud several times.

    • You are totally spot on Corina. I know that some people loved the way the show ended, but I think even they would enjoy some of the alternatives you propose.

      Let’s look at the episode Rally and then flash forward to the divorce announcement when there is no hesitation that the gang chooses Robin, who can’t be bothered to be around them, over Barney.

    • I think I agree fully with you on all points. Don’t know if you’ve bothered to read all my ramblings (probably about 20 pages on the last 4 heavy comments), hope you do. I basically go pretty much along the same lines as you are, but might have an angle or take on it that you feel complements your own.
      Anyway, I especially appreciate your gen on Barney and Robin actually never been meant to be into each other in the first place. (Trust you have some inside info on this.) That sort explains quite a bit. And yeah, they should either thoroughly have steered clear of that path, or, they should have followed it through. Not the botched half-half they did.
      Anyway, I actually like this mistake summary better than your review. But thanks for both.

      • Dolf, did you write all that just to make sure I got your point. Man I have a lot of reading a head of me tonight.

        I was just starting to catch up and then I came across your multi part books.

        • Not the first time i write long comments. I bye the way have a political team-blog in Sweden (I took it over as the official owner beginning of this year), and while the other start worrying about how “long” their posts are when they reach 4-5 pages, I habitually write posts that are 10+ pages long.
          So I probably got damaged somehow during delivery. (Which also would explain some of my other quirks :twisted: )

      • I’ve read every single one of your comments Dolf! You have added so much to this blog and I really appreciate your point of view.

        As for Barney and Robin, I don’t really have insider information but it is something that NPH and Cobie have talked about multiple times in interviews. I think it started with him trying to mess with her during scenes and evolved into them full on flirting. They’re good friends in real life (I think the whole cast is?) so the chemistry they have is real. Of course it’s not the same romantic chemistry though.

        • Thanks. Glad my thoughts are appreciated. It’s mutual.
          Though I read quite a lot, I don’t read any American papers on regular basis, and even less so entertainment new. So I’m sorely deficient when it comes to that kind of behind the scenes info, though I’ve understood that its a team with a real good internal affinity. (Which really shines through. That has been one very nice point with the show. The camaraderie feels real and honest, and the heart in the show has been genuine and not just some cosmetic add-on.)

    • Corina, I just want to thank you for writing the review and this comment! I´m 100% with you on this!!

      When the writers told us that this ending would be so surprising and shocking, but actually went with the number one theories, my first thought after watching the finale was: how is that surprising in any way?? Not only it was not a shock, but it was also unthoughtful and, like you said, rude towards the fans that spent 9 seasons watching the show!!

      Also, I didn´t like how disrespectful they randle Robin´s character. I think a lot of people already said that, but her marriage was ruined mostly because of her career (or because Barney couldn´t handle her career), and her ex was only truly happy with a kid – the one thing that she never could give him. Although being sucessful, she appears unhappy and apart from the people she loves (her friends), and only end up with Ted after he had his dreams fulfilled with another woman. That is a really sucky story.

      Well, I also like to thank Ross, Solo, Proffessor, Dolf, and everyone involved on this website, writing and commenting, because even though I didn´t make a lot of comments here, I sure enjoyed reading yours. Thank you!

  111. Not sure how dedicating 9 years to a show makes us fickle. Just because we are fans doesn’t mean we can’t have our own thoughts and feelings about the show. I’ve dedicated time and money to dvds and paraphernalia from various books and movies. I have every Harry Potter movie even though the books are way better (I could not do this for Star War Episode 1 & 2 (I have standards)), but everything Corina wrote is spot on as fans we deserve at least some consideration. No we didn’t create the show but we loved it, we told others about, and we faithfully watched. I have personally seen each episode at least twice, so the big screw you finale really did hurt. So I’m not sure fickle is the right word for this fanbase, sorry and you are excused.

    • Really, though? Nine years JUST to the show? You had nothing going on besides HIMYM? This is hyperbole and I’ve read things like this way too many times in the last few days.

      And you’ve only seen each episode only at least *2* times? Let me check my fandom card – oh, at least 4 times, for myself.

      I say fickle because of the “f-you, HIMYM, not watching any more Bays-Thomas stuff, and f-you to HIMYD, and I stopped watching the show!” nonsense. And that’s what it is, nonsense. Also I’ve been reading re-caps for a long time and everyone always wanted DRAMA and COMEDY and MYTHOS (mother) in every episode. No single episode can contain all of those elements every time. The Netflix syndrome really effected how people received these shows on first-run broadcast and I’m pointing to that to again how fickle I’ve observed the fan base to be.

      There were many structural issues and obstacles with the season, show, and this finale. It was not a perfect finale, but it was a good one. It was not a perfect season, but it was a good one. It wasn’t the worst thing ever. And it didn’t ruin the show. Look at things really closely. They spent a lot of time dispelling The One. They spent time setting up the fact that life moves forward. And Ted *WAS* telling the story you all wanted to his kids, but really something else was going down. Don’t live in your stories, Pooh Bear.

      9 years? Big deal. You had 9 years of great entertainment.
      I’m a Guns N’ Roses fan. Ask me how waiting for Chinese Democracy was. But even then Axl popped up and said “live your life, don’t wait for it. If it comes out and something on there works for you, then good. Live your life.” And he also said “Your misconceptions and fantasies along with your misguided sense of entitlement don’t dictate my actions.” Fans waited eagerly for about 9 years with a new album always “around the corner”. You actually got TV shows during those 9 years. But even so, Axl didn’t owe me anything other than to do what he was going to do when I paid a ticket or paid for a CD. Bays-Thomas gave you TV and you watched. Like or dislike they don’t owe you anything, nor do I think this rage or whatever indicates something healthy or good.

      Not saying ALL who didn’t like it are wrong, but the way it comes out? It might say more about the person than it does the freaking show.

      Bays-Thomas have been putting bread crumbs out the whole way. Yes, imperfectly. Serialized TV in the US is not a perfect art form, especially 22-23 episode season shows with year-to-year renewals up for grabs. But you got a hundred(?) hours of entertainment. And the paraphernalia you bought you received. It seems to me Bays-Thomas and cast and crew worked their hearts out trying to deliver, too.

      I DON’T think the finale was a screw you. It had TONS of fan service (so did the whole season). It had two giant romantic moments with the umbrella and the french horn.

      It wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t a personally directed insult.

      …maybe I should have stayed with the ye ole TVWOP rules…but the foaming angst I’m reading is a little sad.

      I think the finale, flawed as it was, was all about choosing to move forward and choosing to be optimistic and choosing to be open to what’s put in your life. When it’s time it’s time. The show was NOT about One True Pairings or The One (was anyone paying attention?) or knowing what or whose love story you’re in while you’re in it. Ted thought he reached the end of his love story (Tracy). But turns out that was still in the middle of someone else’s (Robin). Ted was the one who got away. Not Robin. Ted was the one who got away.

      • I’m not saying this was your intention, but it came across as a needy attempt at making sure everyone knows that YOU are the biggest fan and YOU have watched the episodes more than anyone else and YOU understand the entire point better than anyone else. So I get that you have some odd sort of indignation towards people posting/commenting here but I don’t really get why. You came to a fan site with reviews and critiques and that’s what you got. Was it necessary to insult people when you could have stated a coherent point politely and/or just clicked your back button?

        Also nobody stopped watching the show because of the finale. Unless people stopped mid-episode that is literally impossible. I was the one that said fuck you to HIMYD and I meant it. The cool thing about being an intelligent person with free will is that you can make educated decisions about how to spend your time based on the past. As I said, I no longer trust that they will deliver a coherent and worthwhile show, so no, I’m not going to waste time on their new pet project.

        I don’t think anyone believes the ending was personally offensive to them. I think many fans believe that the ending did a disservice to the fan base in general. It is truly awesome if you were satisfied by every aspect of the show – bully for you! Some of us disagree and thought we would use this place online that we love to address that.

        So sure, you get to win and say you’ve watched every episode 4 whole times like that makes you superior. The flip side of that coin is what was this person doing with their life for 9 years that have devoted such time and fury at fans with different opinions?

        What you categorize as “foaming angst” is actually an intelligent discussion among those with many different perspectives. The only foaming is when someone comes in and is rude for no reason. So please, if you keep posting here, show a little common courtesy.

        • Whoever it was there brought up the two times thing, which I thought was ridiculous, and all the paraphernalia, and Harry Potter stuff, so that’s why I bought it up. I don’t even know the number. I made it up. I don’t have a fandom card.

          There’s things like ‘bullshit!’ and ‘it’s not cannon!’, etc. You have to admit, it’s a bit ridiculous. This isn’t the only place out there where comments are being made like that. The “wasted/devoted 9 years” stuff is crazy. Can we all admit that’s crazy? Can we talk about it beyond “I was owed this” or “9 years was wasted” or “I’ll never watch anything else from them again”?
          Criticism and commenting and discussion is GREAT, but we’ve got to do better than entitled fans who had 9 years wasted. I really, really, do not get that. And everyone lets it pass.

          I think one of the former reviewers DID say he stepped away or stopped watching on account of Vesuvius? Build this blog up and then step away because you don’t like the ending that’s coming? I don’t get it.

          Although… yeah, you’re right, I don’t know why I was posting this. It’s weird there’s not going to be anymore HIMYM.

          • I get what you are saying. You don’t understand all the emotional connections that some people have to TV shows. That said just because you or I can not understand that, we still should not slam them for having those emotions.

            Hey I will be the first one to say I was not personally happy with the directions the writers went on multiple occasions in the past few season. But no I did not just stop watching. But No one personally attacked me for my opinions.

            If you invested 9 years in a show then flip out at the end…. I am sorry for you. But just when someone is that vulnerable don’t make it worse.

            I think of Blogs as public therapy for some people. A social safe place to express yourself without being attacked. So the next comment attacking someones else will be deleted and so on.

            Solo had his reasons for leaving. We are not going to get into that here. But Solo also knew Corina and the Proffessor both could do the rest of the reviews. So no he did not bail on everyone.

      • I’m kind of getting a bit ashamed of my emotional outburst. You’re right on many points. But, I do think we as invested fans do have a right to vent our disappointment. I do stand by my analysis and opinions. Of course CB & CT doesn’t owe me anything, and I am grateful for all that the show HAS given me during the years, though I still do think my disappointment is justified.

        • Above was in response to Gagarin if that wasn’t clear.
          Of course it’s hyperbole to say that it’s been 9 years wasted, but it is an emotional response. And the fact that the reaction is so strong and by so many tells us something about how loved the show actually is or has been.
          And yeah, well, CB & CT does deserve kudos for the 9 years, no matter how much they (in my opinion) screwed up the finale. I’m heavily invested in the show, it’s been more than just a tv show to me. So it is quite natural to get upset and let off some steam. And when the steam is gone, it gets to sink in, and I guess many of us are going to change viewpoint with time, or will mellow our critique considerably. That’s just natural.
          Recognize it for what it is, an upset that will blow over. Just as your upset with our upset hopefully will.

  112. I don’t mean to harp on the same point, but to put it more eloquently, when Barney said “if it didn’t work out with Robin…” he indicated that she’s the love of his life despite the divorce. Ted already got the love of his life with TM. It seems messed up for him to get Robin too, leaving Barney cold.

  113. I cried, and first I hated it but then I re-watched the finale, re-watched the pilot, thought about it – and loved it!
    Here I explain why:


    Entertainment Television
    ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Fans Will Get a Legit Happy Ending

    Ashley Ross @ashbrookeross

    How I Met Your Mother creators on an alternate ending: Challenge accepted! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    Though a video made its viral rounds earlier this week featuring a much happier ending to the series, it’s since been removed from YouTube. But creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who stuck to their original plan that was filmed in season 2, also had a different ending in mind. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox TV wouldn’t comment on specifics but that it was described as “happy” and will be included in the show’s DVD set.

    • Thanks, John. I will look forward to that release. As soon as someone posts it online we can decide for ourselves. I have season 8 and 9 online but will probably get the DVDs so that I can watch them when I am away from an internet connection or my downloaded copy.

      But still good for the producers to recognize the need.

  115. I guess I feel like why does it matter if people didn’t like the finale if you did? I’ve seen plenty of posts on reviews other places or on IMDB where people are saying that only true fans liked the ending.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m glad people enjoyed the ending, I really am. I wish I was able to get the satisfaction they have. The number of inconsistencies and everything that lots of people here have been saying get in the way of that for me.

    I’ve been quiet this week for several reasons, one of which is a school deadline. As someone who writes, I felt let down by the choices and the execution of those choices. If I tried to structure a paper like that, I would fail or get rejection letter from journals with scathing comments from peer reviewers. You start with a premise and build an argument from there, and I think structurally, HIMYM failed to do that. Had the show ended in the first 4 season, I think I would have been fine with the ending. But the content of the show evolved past the intended original ending in my opinion, and that means you need to revise your theory to take the new data into account.

    I could go on about the philosophy of science, but I have a feeling several of you are already making fart noises with your hands, so I’ll stop the douchey Ted talk ;)

    • Yes, I was only doing that when I got to dolf’s third or fourth book of a comment.

      Actually I have been listening to all the songs I downloaded from all the HIMYM seasons. Just got to 500 miles right now.

      Wow I have a complete library of songs from mainly 3 sitcoms that I have watched over the last 10 years.

      So there is another positive thing I got from HIMYM.

      But the main thing I got out of HIMYM is all of these new great online friends.

      So comparing this show to writing a paper to be graded was a very Teddish idea. Good One.

    • Now you got me curious. Are you onto a ph.d. or what? And what’s your subject?
      Just curious.

      • I am a ph.d. candidate dolf, which means I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I actually gave my committee chair a draft of the first chapter yesterday.

        My degree is in ethics and my main areas of interest are bioethics and the relationship between science and religion. So I tend to find it difficult to leave the analytic skill set turned off when I’m not doing school stuff, hence my over thinking everything, including HIMYM.

        • Hiya, that was interesting. Going totally off topic for the blog: My own background was originally (in the fog of distant history, read the 80s) mathematics and computer science, but i have always been interested in ethics and grappling with ethical questions has somehow been one of my main activities during a big part of my life. I’m currently running a political multi-person blog, where the different writers write from whatever personal viewpoint they have, and I myself write out of an ethical basis.
          I quite often clash with people on the matter of science/religion. (I think it’s far too often made into a false dichotomy)

    • You bring up a great point that I can relate to as a writer. I think that being a writer means I can see both sides of it very clearly.

      On the one hand, when you write something, it belongs to you. People can have their opinions, but the characters and ideas and dialogue all sprang forth from you, and that means whatever you say goes. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else or meet anyone’s approval – it is art.

      When I think of it with less emotion, of course it’s obvious that Bays and Thomas are proud of their work and care about it. The chances of them not giving a crap are pretty low. Possible, but not probable. Maybe one or both of them did get burnt out and just lost the passion. Maybe one or both of them got a big ego and that became more important than their show. But odds are that they love what they did and feel that it is perfectly right in every way. By definition it is perfect since that’s what they created and therefore that’s how it is supposed to be.

      On the other hand…when I write something, and release it for anyone else to experience, I have to accept their opinions in return. There is a general standard of continuity and clean writing that we come to expect from shows that go on for this long. It isn’t like the show started off sloppy and was always sloppy and we just love it despite that quirk. This show started off sharp and stayed that way for a long time. We know they are capable of truly spectacular writing. So it is very frustrating when there seems to be a sudden decline in quality and cohesiveness.

      • my guess is that they fell victim to the pressures and vagaries of the business, and/or developed a bad case of tunnel vision.
        Both things are understandable. And I’m not going to condemn for botching up their series. If they come up with something new, I’ll give it a chance, hoping they’ve grown wiser and learnt from their mistakes.

  116. I hope the alternate ending still has ted and robin end game. This is carter and bay’s story for god sake, they have planned this from the beginning. Love it or not it’s theirs for the telling. And what a masterful job. It feels like a case of a petulant fan base demanding the ending they want.

    • I completely disagree Poppy. If the outcome is the same, how is it an alternate ending at all? I guess if they didn’t kill the mother it would be different, but how do you explain their divorce then? I think the alternate ending that many fans want is for Ted and Tracy to end up together forever.

      I also have to say I find the concept of ownership and story very interesting. In the old days, when things were passed down through oral tradition, stories were changed all the time. Or a restaurant. The owners and chefs can create a menu, but the customer decides whether they like it or not. They are the ones consuming the food, and if enough people don’t like it, the restaurant could go under.

      TV audiences are consumers and are entitled to have opinions. I enjoy the freedom to be able to form opinions and share them.

      Are you honestly trying to say there is not a single story line in the entire 9 year run of HIMYM that you would have preferred to end differently? Maybe there isn’t for you, but I would think that would put you in an extreme minority.

  117. I’m on same side with Corina. I agree with everything you said, Corina. I lost my interest to CB & CT and HIMYD because this finale. HIMYM get big and famous not only because of the writing or the plot or the twist and all the techinal aspects. They’re big because of their fans also. Of course it’s their show and their story. They have every right to choose whatever ending they want to choose. But what’s the point of making a show if nobody will have a loyalty or willingness to watch?

    So yeah, I feel betrayed and hurt. And I wont buy anything else they’re tryin to sell in the future.

  118. Is that what you want…homogenised TV. Goodbye creativity, imagination, thinking outside the square. I have been so impressed with the structure and multi layers of this show. I take my hat off to these guys and hope they stay true to their story.

    • I have to say Poppy, it sounds like you didn’t read my response at all. I asked a very specific question which you chose not to answer.

      I don’t see how what I said at all can be construed as doing away with creativity, imagination, and thinking outside the box. If anyone didn’t think outside the box, it was Bays and Thomas. They stuck to the ending they originally had in mind, even though the story no longer supported it. And how many times has a show ended with the will they won’t they couple ending up together? It is just as played out as the they lived happily ever after ending. So you are applauding them for what you are trying to criticize the rest of us of doing? I’m confused.

      The thing I loved most about HIMYM was the way they played with story telling. I’ve said it numerous times. There is no way at all to think that I don’t see the creative power of the creators and writers.

      I don’t know how many more times or ways it can be said. Robin and Ted ended up together was a poor decision in my opinion. Clearly people disagree with that, but when people present arguments supporting their position and instead of debating them, they get called names, it really tries my patience.

      I will endeavor, again, to explain why some are unhappy with the ending:

      We have been building toward the Barney and Robin wedding since season 6. That’s longer than they were married in the show.

      They gave us no time to come to grips with the death of the mother. Sure they teased it in The Time Travelers and Vesuvius but we don’t know what she was sick with, saw no real goodbye between Ted and Tracy or the kids, no indication of the kids grieving, etc.

      The inconsistencies. Considering they have planned the ending from the beginning, the inconsistencies really are inexcusable. Ted’s wearing a ring in Trilogy Time but they don’t get married until 2020. Lily complains they never see Robin but in Bad Crazy they are getting together every few years or even every year and she seems totally happy, unlike in the finale.

      Not to mention that Robin has flat out said she doesn’t love Ted and Ted let go of Robin and even pushed her down the aisle.

      If Barney broke the Bro Code by sleeping with Robin, how in the world will he and Ted still be friends if Ted dates/marries Robin? Rally is all about Barney’s love for everyone and they just toss him after the divorce.

      So yeah, they thought outside the box, the box of coherence and narrative structure, and yet still found their way back to an unoriginal ending.

      But honestly, my biggest confusion is why it matters to you what other fans think. If the creators and writers are entitled to tell their story however they want, why are we not entitled to the same thing? My posts are written by me, so why challenge them if that’s your perspective?

    • Homogenized TV? The actual show was creative and something we hadn’t saw on tv. The finale was homogenized. It was almost exactly like the finale of Friends. I wrote all the similarities on a post further up. But I’m not here to argue how you see it, we all have different opinions. The majority didn’t recognize that finale by the show we had all watched. But if you did, good for you and you have every right to feel that way. We shouldn’t feel like we have to defend our opinion every time we get attacked. We didn’t tell Carter and Craig to change their ending. They obviously feel like the majority deserves it.

  119. Wasn’t “challenging” your post. (Strange choice of word). Was just using that freedom you referred to. Just adding my little voice to all the rest. Ditto why do you care so much about what I think.

    Hmmm and wasn’t it you that responded to my original post? Anyway enough already. My one and only point is that I simply hope that they stay true to their story.

    • I did respond to your challenge, and yes I will call it a challenge when someone wants to refer to the people who disagree with them as petulant.

      I asked whether you agreed with every single creative choice they made because I really am curious. You have nothing bad to say about none of the episodes, costumes, sets, even when they got the month wrong for St. Patrick’s Day.

      And that’s really my biggest complaint. I can’t conceive of calling it masterful because of all the mistakes. And I’m not talking creative differences here, I’m talking the creators violating their own canon.

      I’m clearly not getting my point across so I’ll try and simmer down.

      • You obviously feel very strongly about this. My “petulant” comment was really in response to a lot of the extreme stuff on the internet not aimed at this blog where comments have been more considered. Not interested in analysing the whole 9 seasons but think writers should be allowed a bit of poetic license.

  120. Poppy I see CB and CT as the creative force of this show. They own the idea the vision and the implementation of the entire series. Overall I am a happy consumer of what they produced.

    If they did it again could they improve on the individual stories and how they flowed together, YES.

    Did they think about a different ending, Yes. Did they shoot it, NO. I give them credit for sticking to their original plan.

    In the end, I wish they would have scrapped it. Why… Because I fell in love with the idea of Ted and the Mother forever. We have shown from the footage they have you can make this story stick as an alternate ending. We are going to get this on the DVD. So no further reason to complain about that.

    Man this really split the fan base more than I thought. It was not my biggest complaint. I just want the existing story filled out a little more. I wanted more details about how everyone got to their ending.

    I hope that is also still going to be a part of the DVD set. The release is in the fall after the summer. Giving them lots of time to make everyone happy. I HOPE!

    • I wanted more details too. I wish they would have let the actual finale be the last episode before the finale. I think they could have tied everything up much nicer.

      I hate to see people so upset about the ending, just because it didn’t end the way they wanted. The signs were there the whole time. The whole him telling the story to his kids at that age even was probably one of the biggest clues.

      I think too many people had tunnel vision, and they didn’t want to believe it. They still don’t want to believe it.

      • Yes I didn’t like the finale because I didn’t like how it ended, but it is far from the only reason. There are so many comments on here explaining why people didn’t like the finale that to say it is all because they have tunnel vision are didn’t like how it ended is just a gross mis-characterization of many people’s opinions.

        You can like the ending and still be upset about the pacing of the season and the finale. They had another whole episode worth of material that they had to leave out. The finale was not executed well structurally. I’m not talking creative choices of the story.

        Of course the signs of the ending were there. It isn’t that people are blindsided by this ending. The Time Travelers, Vesuvius, and plenty of other places have had fans debating the possibilities on here for years. Why spend over three years getting us to Barney and Robin’s wedding only to break them up five minutes later (ok well three years, which was not as long as the buildup to the wedding itself) ? I feel like I’m just repeating myself, but when I see a straw man argument being built, I will point it out.

  121. They probably won’t do it but they should load up the DVD with answers to mysteries.

    They should also not just edit the ending we have seen but figure out a way to patch it so it has continuity with season 8 and 9. The should shell out a little coin an reshoot certain scenes to fix it. And maybe, not have the mother die, but flash forward even further into the future and have the mom
    make an appearance with Ted and the kids…I mean there are a lot of creative ways to make the finale right and make the original ending CB/CT the alternate ending so they can keep their artistic pride and still say they did the show they wanted. Even Glenn Frey of the Eagles new you had to give the fans what they wanted, and he and the band keep giving it to them even though it bores them to tears sometimes, and now it is abundantly clear exactly what an overwhelming majority of HIMYM fans wanted for a finale.

    Actually, if you stop and think about it is even more outrageous, and yet another slap in the face to the fans to simply reedit the ending to something a fan did on you tube which really isn’t changing the ending at all because it is part of the original finale…and beyond that using the alternate ending a marketing hook to get fans to buy the collectors set only to find out they are paying for what they have already seen. CB/CT sticking one last Red Herring up our place where the sun don’t shine because we didn’t like their finale.

  122. Hey all, if you’re feeling adrift after that first post-finale Monday night this post might help:

  123. Another first time poster! I feel like enough of my feelings about the finale have been put into words here, which is comforting. Though one small thought: it was of course a logical choice for ‘young Ted’ to do the voice over in this final episode but we didn’t get a proper goodbye to Bob Saget’s comforting voice. I think him doing (part of) the voice over would have helped to create some distance, separating the mother’s death from 2030. It was Saget’s voice that we associated with the older kids and ‘the future/present’, and Radnor’s voice/face being with TM (who he literally/figuratively just met) and our ‘present/the past’. By crossing this line, the mother’s death felt much closer time-wise. Of course they couldn’t visually use Bob Saget as older Ted but still, a subtle transition of his voice into Radnor’s would have been nice.

    Also, Corina: are you planning on updating the timeline of TM and TM on your website? I know the writers messed up, but it could be nice to have an overview.

    Thanks a lot to everyone running this website, I don’t know many people in real life who want to discuss or even watch this show. Reading posts and comments on here really tempers my withdrawal issues.

  124. So I have been unable to watch the last 5 episodes and been avoiding facebook and twitter (and the general internet) because I didn’t want spoilers and I have to say I wish The End of the Aisle was the final episode.

    All character growth and story development and sooo much that was built the past 2 or 3 seasons was lost in about 5 minutes and that actually hurt me. I felt soo sad this entire series.

    I don’t think Barney needed that moment with Ellie, even though it was adorable because he had already had it, not once but twice…maybe even 3 times if you count Quinn. Barney definitely changed for Norah and Robin and for Quinn and for each girl he kept regressing, I wish he had stuck to it after Robin and not regressed so much.

    Robin…regressed so much I almost felt as if she hadn’t learned anything from the past 9 years and was the same person telling the gang she had no friends. I get that she was always aloof and not as emotional as the others but to be able to cut off everyone so the point the Penny knows her as the Bus Lady…that’s just sad and pathetic and depressing. It also goes against what the readers were shown in previous episodes with Lily and Robin meeting up regularly to catch up and drink.

    I actually really had fallen for the Mother, like much of the viewers and to just kill her off broke my heart. It wasn’t eve the killing, i just feel like they didn’t do any justice to her. I realize that marriage isn’t the be all and end all to everyone but to someone like Ted and from what we learned of Tracy, it would be something very important and not something that you just keep putting off. It seemed sooooo against Ted’s character.

    Another point I had issues with, I understand that after you have children priorities change and big weddings aren’t as important but it seemed out of character and sad that for 2 people so in love and who waited so long, they had such a small ceremony, though some may say that made it all the more special. It was NOT at all Mosby-style and it again broke my heart.

    The ONLY thing I liked was the future of Lily and Marshall. God, I’m so in love with Marshall, thank God they didn’t ruin him. I hope they had more children.

    I absolutely loved Robin and Ted together in the beginning but forced myself to get over it a season ago and was really really pushing for Barney and Robin to work out, more so because Barney deserved it and they actually belonged. The way they broke it off was so half hearted and could have at least tried to fix it.

    Sadness :(

    i wonder if anyone is even going to respond now that I watched so late.

    thank you all of you for this wonderful journey. I think I’ll miss the blog and the conversations as much as the show.

    • Probably won’t be much of a discussion, but you’re being read at least.
      And yeah, we are many that are gonna miss the community here.

      • I do miss the conversations already. But my life has been very hectic. Still I find myself drifting over the Blog a few times a day and just scan for anything.

        I was surpirsed no one has been commenting about what the cast has been up to. I have kept up but really opened that other page for you guys to have a place to talk about the show a little bit more.

        I guess no one is interested in the things that NPH, Josh, Cobie, and Jason have been doing after the filmining completed.

        • I am interested, but I’m in the wrong part of the world to be feeder in that sense.
          (Though I did see mentioned that NPH was slated to replace Letterman, but it turned out Stephen Colbert got the spot instead.
          (I think it had been better on all counts if NPH had taken over. Not because I think NPH would be better than Colbert, but there will be no-one doing the Colbert Report now)

    • As far as character growth being lost I don’t see that at all. Barney did regress after the divorve, but in the end was better than ever. He had finally grown up children do change people sometimes if nothing else will children will.

      Robin and Lily could have hung out on occasion, but after being used to being so close before it seems more distant. If you were used to every week, and it turns into every couple of months that isn’t too bad. It would seem bad because you were together so much. It doesn’t mean they never ever met up and she even said it at the Halloween party that their friendship wasn’t over.

      Doesn’t seem like Ted about the wedding I agree and I don’t really like that part. But…he does have a tendency to over think stuff, so he might have wanted it to be perfect and could never pull off perfect and he finally realize that.

      I don’t think Barney was done wrong at all. Their divorce was mutual and then he stated how he didn’t like Robin like that anymore before Ted’s wedding. He was also hitting on random women in front of her, so I don’t think he really deserved anything…..But they did give him a good ending he was happier than he’d ever been.

  125. Another thing that really irks me is that the entire cast knew the season finale was gonna suck and did in fact suck but when they have a microphone in their face the all say “it was beautiful.”
    Seriously!!! The cast knows and creators know their fans and what they like and they knew that the vast majority of them were going to hate the series finale.
    Alas, the cast and creators are like family, and blood is thicker than water so when push comes to shove the fans get shoved under the bus.
    It was just sickening to watch them all make the talk show rounds giving the old pro jock canned speech about how great it was just to be part of the team and how great the coaching (creators) were, and how the finale was great.
    At some point a switch must have clicked in their brain that allowed them to internally disassociate themselves with the show because they know it is beyond their control to save it, while openly praising it because in Hollywood you don’t want to ever bite the hand that feeds you.
    I just wish we could get real candid interviews from the cast (especially NPH and CS) because they were obviously upset when they found out about it…I think CS most of all.
    The entire cast needed to do an INTERVENTION with the creators and slap some sense into them before they shot the finale. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!! You wanted to make a statement with the series finale…well you did but you forgot that your fans would get to punctuate it for you and that punctuation is the sound of a toilet flushing!!!

    Ted was technically cheating on the mother because he said he had lunch with her the day after Robing bumped into Ted and his daughter downtown. So if Ted did that what else did the notoriously, dastardly Ted do behind the Mom’s back? Dun, Dun, Dun!!!

    Instead of killing the Mom off, if they wanted to make it really, real, they should have had the Mom bust Ted for fooling around with Robin and then have the Mother Divorce Ted, take the kids, take him to the cleaners, and to truly have the story go full circle have him wind up with Barney being his wing man again…so the thing about the plot going full circle and being like real life isn’t quite true is it Mr. fancy pants creators. Plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee!!!!
    Leave the lying to the politicians just admit you hosed the fans so we can get over the fact that we invested 9 seasons
    in you show with no dividends. In fact with the use of all your read herrings you could say you committed fraud on your fans and you guys Bernie Madolfed us.

  126. Wouldn’t it be great if with new technology after years of watching a series if the finale sucked and you hated it you could hit a button on the remote that would retroactively un-watch all the episodes you watched, retroactively re-calculate the ratings, and retro-actively cancel the show…meaning the networks would have to repay the sponsors. Now that would be empowering the fan base, and give the sponsors, actors, and networks a high steak in a making sure the season finale wasn’t trash. We have the technology…it can be done!!!

  127. In your Face CBS!!! News Flash!!! NEW NBC SITCOM A-Z starring Cristin Milioti coming this fall. Their are already trailers out there an it looks like it has potential.

    So it looks like NBC is going to try to pick up the HIMYM theme and run with it on this sitcom is a romcom about a relationship from A-Z.

    Maybe you guys could check out the trailers and see if it is worthy of setting up a blog for the show here. Cristin Milioti’s performances on HIMYM have got me wanting to see more of her in that kind of role…

  128. Hi all! I miss this community. Just wanted to share this video in case it would make any of you happy. Its Ted responding to the news that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. When I heard the news last week about this, I thought, “aww, we will never get to see Ted react!” Glad I was wrong because it made me smile and miss HIMYM (which is new because I haven’t wanted to think about the show since it ended.). I hope it makes you smile too! =)

    • Yes, Solo and I have been talking about this also. Not sure if Josh is going to follow this one up. I sure hope so. Ted would be very excited.

      Has anyone heard about the rest of the cast?

      Sure would appreciate the updates in the The Cast of HIMYM Move On In 2014 section.

      But Kate, always glad to hear from you.

      Personally I am still having trouble watching episodes of HIMYM.

    • Hi Sweety, to bad I have no clue who LeBron or what Cleveland is. (I know Cleveland is a city, but I figure the “returning to” refers to some sports team, and we have neither rugby nor cricket here.)
      But good to see that Ted is taking care of the blue horn. And it makes me smile seeing you here.

      • I have a short version for you Dolf.

        At the Cleveland wedding where Marshall and Lily announced the first Baby the joke was about a basketball player who left the Cleveland cavaliers and went to a better team. He left so fast… That was the Barney joke.

        Anyway it is nice to still have a place to talk with friends.

        Miss everyone.

    • Hey All!!! Unfortunately my phone won’t play the video. I saw it a few days ago and couldn’t watch it but I thought of this crew and wondered what you all would have thought

      Nice to see you guys here. Miss the fandom lol

    • Yes, Now when the DVD comes out and we can save the alternate ending as the real one then we are golden.

      I like this cut. Wish they had scrapped the original and I would not have had as much of an issue.

      • It’s really stunning to me that they clearly had both endings ready to go……and thought the other one was the better choice.

        To me, that just underscores what’s probably the major problems in the writing of the show. The guys who created this show have, in my opinion, a tendency to emphasize gimmickry over storytelling. They frequently tried to prove how clever they were and how capable they were of using this or that writing trick or technique to tell the story, and often in a way that let them successfully execute the gimmick, but at the expense of the overall story they were trying to tell. The Burning Beekeeper, the rhyming episode, the Slapsgiving 3 one, the entire structure of Season 9, even their original ending…all gimmicks, all done in a way that hurt the story. The end result is that I tend to think that these guys are talented writers, who can pull off a gimmick or write a moving scene, but they’re pretty weak as storytellers.

        Also, for those who are curious, I’ve seen a VIMEO version of the entire episode with this ending edited into it. It works better. Even includes a glimmer of hope for Robin and Barney (thanks to Sagat’s voiceover). So, I’m not even sure if the DVD will include an entire standalone episode of Part 2 with the revised ending, or if that’s just a fan edit. But either way, it’s how the show should’ve ended, in my opinion. Can’t do anything about Season 9 and how AWFUL it was, but at least the ending is much improved.

    • My mistake here. I thought this was a link to the leaked official version that’ll appear on the DVDs and includes Bob Sagat’s voice over (which is totally different). Fox keeps nuking that, so I guess this older clip popped up instead.

      Suffice to say, the new ending is WAY better. From the videos I saw (which were up Sunday, but nuked later), it looks like there’s a version of the entire episode that includes the new ending and even hints at Barney and Robin maybe getting back together. It’s WAY more upbeat, hopeful and, in my opinion, in keeping with the DNA of the show.

      Keep your eyes out for it. It may surface again.

  129. I want to know about the pineapple if anyone finds out. I still miss this show it started coming on Nick at Nite while we were on vacation last week and I started watching it again.

    • Good for you. I have watched a few episodes here and there. But I usually end up turning it off when it deals with the Mother. I still have some issues there. Hope the DVD release will fix that for me.

      • Yeah I’d like for them to be able to satisfy all of the fans. I was fine with the ending and wanted him with Robin, but even me wanting that it could have been done better.

        • I know I’m repeating myself, but the main thing I’m taking umbrage with is that Barney was thrown under the bus. They should never have put Robin and Barney together, or they should have let them stay together. And with having a build-up of several seasons to Robin’s and Barney’s wedding and then devoting the whole season 9 to said wedding … no way the story can end well with Ted and Robin being the couple.

          • Well…don’t look to the alternate ending for satisfaction, then. The posted video shows how they play with the voice over to hint at them getting back together, but nothing’s confirmed. And the aired version will always be the aired version.

            As has been said, the issue wasn’t with the specific plot points, necessarily, but how they arrived at them in such a hurried, slapdash manner. They might’ve been able to sell all of the things they did in the finale, had they not spent the entire goddamn year on pointless wedding nonsense that had zero significance.

            As I’ve said, I think the issue is that these guys can write individual scenes, but they aren’t that good as storytellers in the sense of telling a complete story effectively.

            • Here, Here, as they say in the UK. Interesting to note if Scotland separates itself from Britain the UK population only shrinks by 9 percent but the UK will be cut in size by 1/3. Plus the UK economy will shrink by 10 percent. Scotland leaving will change the balance in parliament. So will this effect European nations Dolf?

              Basically I am saying again HIMYM messed up with Season 9, and so will Scotland if it leaves the UK. I don’t see the benefit of Scotland leaving and I think Season 9 (8 and 7) was a bad ending for a decent series.

            • I pretty much agree with both you and Ross. I think the main point is that they were not adaptive to the changes of the series. They probably had it well worked out for a limited number of seasons, but then couldn’t handle it appropriate when the series got longer than expected. As I’ve said at a number of times before, I think the series pretty much went off the rails with season 5 episode 7. There still many good episodes after that, and there is a story to be told there, but it got buried below the debris of the S05E07 crash, and never got fully back on track.

            • You know the wedding actually did have significance. I couldn’t see the whole picture before, but he would have never met the love of his life and had children if not for the wedding.

  130. I have to say, I have been happy to get email notices that people are posting here. And definitely last night it felt like I should be gearing up for another year of HIMYM.

    I watched the link from above, and it was more satisfying, but it ultimately doesn’t help me; the damage has been done.

    I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I do still get disappointed, frustrated, and sometimes angry when I think about the show. I have friends that know how much I loved it, and we throw out occasional references, like even last night, there was a Wendy the Waitress mention, but we don’t talk about the show, because we all felt let down.

    I don’t plan on buying season 9 for a long time. I will get it at some point because I have the other seasons and I need to complete the collection, but I will wait until it is cheap. I haven’t watched an old episode since the second viewing of the finale the next evening. Well that’s not true, I watched most of the fan edit than narrowed the final season into like 3 hours and it was better, but there were far too many missteps in the end for me to really enjoy it. Trilogy Time Ted being married still upsets me. You knew what your story was the whole time, and you can’t even get the timeline of Ted’s dating/marriage to the mother correct?

    I miss the community here, but hesitate to post because I can’t add anything positive really.

    • yeah, I’m in a similar sit. I only have season 1 on DVD, but planned to buy the whole series box when the series was finished. However, the way it ended, I’m also gonna wait for it to be on sell-out in in some distant future, if I’m still alive at that point.
      And yeah, I miss the Tuesday discussions following every episode. The series was important. I don’t think I’ve seen any other series, nor will see any, that fulfills the need for an intellectual fan base’s speculation and discussion the same way as HIMYM did.

    • I never bought any of the seasons. I figured I’d buy ‘em once the show was done with and they released a megaset.

      Boy am I glad I never bought any! I’ve had basically no desire to rewatch the series (well, except for a few minutes on Monday after I sold my car and thought about Arrivederci, Fiero ). The revised ending is nice, and it removes some of the sting, but it’s not “the” ending. And honestly, even if it had been…the last season really just….sucked. It really, really sucked. It was such a waste of talent and opportunity.

      That said, as disappointing as the last wheezing breaths of HIMYM were, I’m also kind of glad. While I still check in here on occasion, and still am curious about reactions of other people to the show, I’m actually glad to have moved on from the more personal connection I had with the show.

      Actually, it’s a lot like an ex, in a sense. You have a bitter breakup after a long period where you were “trying to make it work.” And then after a while, your life moves on, and they’re just…a person from your past. You remember the good and the bad, but you have no desire to go through the experience again, no urge to recapture the magic. Hopefully that’s because as life moves forward, you create new magic from new experiences, rather than being mired in either anger or longing (or some mix of both) for the past.

      That’s how I feel about HIMYM at this point. I remember what was good about it, I realize what went wrong with it. I shake my head and say “Man. What a shame.” And then I go on about my business and enjoy my life.

      • Solo, did you get the car that you wanted? Remember to send me those photos. I did look at the diesel we talked about. Just not ready to make that jump yet. I think I will stick with My Genesis Coupe for now.

        But man you are correct. HIMYM feels like a dating break up. Not sure if I thought it that way before.

        • yeah, the dating break-up was very aptly put.
          Forgot to answer about Scotland breaking loose fron Britain.
          I have no clue what it will mean for EU. It sure will change things for UK, but on a larget scale?
          But anyway, I get the metaphor.

        • Not yet. Sold the old hotrod on Monday, put a deposit down on the new one today. They don’t have what I want on the lot, but have one due in in early October. They’re trying to find another dealer locally that they could get it from before that, but it’s looking like I’ll be waiting a bit.

          As for the metaphor, it just kinda hit me this morning. Particularly when I thought about past dating experiences while thinking about the show. I actually think this is the experience of most people with any intense fandom — it’s like a relationship, kind of. You get attached. It makes you happy. And like a person you’re involved with, radical changes or “behavior” you don’t like can really leave you feeling disappointed, even betrayed. And, after it’s all said and done, hopefully you just…move on and let the past go, without really wanting to revisit it.

          • I started the Season 9 viewing in preparation for the DVD release. I just finished the lighthouse scene (with the proposal). I listen and then watch the good parts. So far it is not as bad this time. Most of the Lily stuff (except the part about the “wedding toast” of Ted and the train ride with the Mother) was useless. She had her moment.

  131. Just saw the deleted scene about the pineapple. I’ll wait a couple of lines to give my reaction in case you don’t want spoiled.

    And in a move that surprises no one I’m sure, I hated it. How did Ted get there? The Captain lived in a building with a doorman. I find it hard to believe Ted would have been the first one to nab it. Not to mention it messes with continuity. The only way they could have saved it would be to insert it after Ted wraps up the story, or a flash forward. Now imagine that. They could have given us a flash forward that shows us Ted and Robin are still together and happy, and they find out about the pineapple. That would solve two mysteries. Hey HIMYM writers, if I can think of that in the time it takes to write this message, how did we end up with just that?

    • Did you buy the season 9 DVDs or where did you get hold of the PA scene? Available on line?

      Yeah, on the flash forwards, I already voiced similar thoughts on how they could have made a flash forward 2040 and used the kids of today to use the gap between 2030 and 2040 to develop explanations to unanswered questions, and to also abandon the original dead mother ending.

  132. Just a quick request here that anyone who bought the DVDs of Season 9 or the full series set please post whether the alternate ending is available only as a standalone clip, or whether it can be viewed actually as the ending to the full episode.

    Originally, I’d seen a copy of the episode with the alternate ending actually edited into the episode itself, so that it played seamlessly. They sit down at the table to celebrate Ted’s wedding, and the new ending plays seamlessly. My question is whether the DVD lets you watch that, or if it was just a fan edit.


  133. They have 2 full versions of the finale. The broadcast version and the alternate ending version. So you can view it as the ending to the full episode. They also included 1 of the important deleted scenes where Robin and Ted are in a coffee house and Robin wants to be with Ted but Ted leaves her disappointed because of his love for Tracy. I thought about editing the broadcast version with that scene. They didn’t have the death of the mother scene, which I was kind of disappointed. Maybe it’s on the Box set. I also heard that there were some scenes of Robin and Ted hanging out together after the death of the mother, they weren’t included. I wish they would have been if they exist. Maybe they’re on the box set also.

    • From what I’d heard, the box set has all the extra features of the standalone Season 9 set, but I could be wrong about that. Glad to hear they at least allowed the full version of the alternate ending episode. For folks who want that ending to be “official” for them, it’s a nice touch, even if it doesn’t totally remove the sting of the aired finale. Netflix streaming has the aired version only — no alternate ending option available. (Gotta give people some reason to buy the DVDs, I guess.)

  134. You can watch the pineapple deleted scene on youtube. I just watched I’m glad I finally know the mystery. I just wanted

    I have like the first 4 seasons on DVD, and then I quit buying them. I’d mainly want this one for the deleted scenes etc…

    • Well, of course the wedding itself was important for that reason. What wasn’t important was all the detailed stuff that was told over the course of the entire wedding weekend. I’d say only about 15% of that stuff was actually important, and could be condensed down into, oh, 3-4 episodes at most. The remaining 20 episodes could’ve been about, say…

      – Robin and Barney’s marriage failing gradually, rather than abruptly.

      – Marshall’s frustrations at being stuck in corporate life, but making the choice to support his family.

      – Robin pulling away from the group gradually.

      – Ted’s life with Tracy, including why they took so long to get married (and why Ted was wearing a wedding ring in 2015 when they apparently didn’t get married til years later).

      – Tracy’s illness, death, and the lasting impact that had on Ted.

      – Barney’s life as a father and his interaction with the mother of his child.

      – Robin gradually reconnecting with Ted.

      – Ted and Robin each growing and changing over time to a point where their eventual resumption of a relationship makes sense, and where it looks like they’d actually make a good couple instead of the toxic and awful combination they became in their late 20s and early 30s.

      Basically, they could’ve made the finale feel like an organic part of the show by actually bothering to build a story that led into it.

      • Crap. Realized after I posted that that I meant to reply to your other message above. Oops.

        • I get it I was just pointing out it had significance. They could have done it way better, but I understood Ted and Robin. They just had built too much. I agree though I would have loved to have seen all that instead of the wedding. They could have done the wedding in like 2 episodes and then told the story of how it all came together.

          • No, as I just agreed with another comment, I do not like Ted/Robin as an end game. Ted and the Mother Yes! They are a complete picture. Ted and Robin are messy. The intent of the writers was to show a messy story. They did that. Some of it was interesting and amusing. Informative and helpful at times. But over all a Messy ending was not IMHO the best option for Ted.

            Ted had the love of his life and she was taken out of the story. What he was left with was picking plan B and I was unhappy that he was given that option.

            If you are happily “married” and that relationship ends it sucks. So what do you do next? That it took 9 years to tell that story angered some fans. They felt betrayed by the show title and the ending. What will save that is the DVD for some.

            Others you can never erase the other ending. The unhappy one. I hope I can.

  135. Hm, obviously the pine apple being stolen is symbolic for the deeper connection between Zoey and Ted. Which immediately leads to the conclusion that Zoey is the real wife, and in season 10 we will get the real explanation of how Ted and hoodwinked us all, kids included, showing that his so called marriage with the dying Tracy and re-connection with Robin was just a big prank, of course engineered by Barney (who in fact still is happily married with Robin).
    Mysteries and problems solved finally revealed.
    So, I’m just waitin’ for C&B announcing season 10 is in the production pipeline and the first episode will be airing very soon in an alternate reality near you.

  136. okay, that was interesting. Another and we never new how that happened… but wait he did know moment. It was another continuity issue for me in the series. I know every series has a few. But this was a blatant rewrite of facts.

    Thank you Dolf for sharing the link. One less thing I have to go and purchase right away.

    • You’re welcome. But I’m surprised you didn’t see it already, I got the link from here!
      The continuity error I can live with. After all, it’s maybe not probable, but far from impossible, that the memory might have gotten dislodged during the story telling from wherever it was hidden in the deep recesses of his mind and floated up to his awareness.
      So the fact that he told early on that they never found out, and that he does change later on, does not necessarily constitute a contraction. (As I’m sure our lawyer friend can tell us, witnesses are notoriously unreliable and change their stories left, right and center, without necessarily being dishonest about it.)

  137. Yes thanks dolf. Our Lawyer friend is staying rather silent on the matter. I think he is otherwise occupied.

    As far as the link is concerned, If it was up before I missed it. I have taken some vacation from the digital world. I needed a break from electronics.

    I started a fall garden this year. I have been busy with that and other outdoor activities in my spare time. But I am back and checking the site more often.

    If anyone finds something interesting in the DVDs, please share with the rest of us.

    • Actually, I never got why the Pineapple thing was a big deal to anyone. I understand that it was some mystery that remained unsolved, but it was so insignificant that I was fine with it. As an added bonus on the DVDs for long-time fans, sure, throw it in. I just never cared that much one way or the other.

      • I think it was a big deal simply because The Pineapple Incident was en epic episode early on in the series.

        • I suppose. I only started watching live in Season 7, and basically only watched the show at all in between the finale of Season 6 and the premiere of Season 7. I binged through most stuff so, for example, the frustrations that people felt during Season 6 with Zoey never hit me that hard. Likewise, the super-amazing-epic episodes that were in the early season were great, but not quite as great because I wasn’t waiting for them week-by-week.

          Looking back, it’s kind of a shame that I picked the weakest era of the show to actually try to watch it live week-by-week. Season 7 was more enjoyable to watch straight through, and Season 8 was…ok. I doubt anything would save Season 9, though. That was just a disaster, on the whole.

    • Ross, I’m having the comments on RSS, so I don’t have to check the site, they turn up whether I like it or not :)

  • The Mother