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Season 9, Episode 22: The End of the Aisle


The End of the Aisle

Wayne Brady Returns as Barney’s Brother, James, and

Ben Vereen Returns as Reverend Sam Gibbs

“The End of the Aisle” — With only a half-hour to go, both Barney and Robin have panic attacks about their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily rewrite their old wedding vows, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 24 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Wayne Brady returns as Barney’s brother, James, and Ben Vereen returns as Reverend Sam Gibbs.


Well that was quite the jam-packed episode, eh? We begin a mere 32 minutes away from the wedding. Even though they’ve been advertising this week as the actual wedding I still didn’t think we would see it. But they made it down the aisle, and a whole plethora of lingering issues have been dealt with.

Let’s get this party started…

Robin is freaking out, finally. Freaking out for real. This is important because we needed to see her address obvious concerns about Barney as a husband in order to accept their marriage as a real, well deserved ending that rings true.

Robin does what she always does when she panics – she returns (re-returns, really) to Ted. Ted is her unchallenging safety net, and this is the perfect time for her to desperately want exactly that. Ted won’t help her, explaining that he refuses to be a part of a third runaway bride scenario. Good call, Ted. But then Robin brings up the locket. That effing locket has been bothering me all season and I imagine it’s been burning a proverbial hole in Ted’s pocket also. Robin says, “I want to be with the guy that comes through for me”, and Ted had his perfect chance to sweep her off her feet. He could have tried to swoop in and save the day, turning the odds in his favor, but he didn’t.

Did we really expect him to? Not really, because at this point we know that he has to get over Robin in order to be in the right mental/emotional/life place to meet The Mother. But if this were a movie, with no The Mother, this is when leading man Ted would have rescued leading lady Robin from the charming villain she’s about to incorrectly marry. Obviously this show isn’t following that movie format, but they’ve dangled that remote possibility over our heads for a looong time now. Luckily, Ted dashes out to give Barney the locket, thus doing the right thing.

Really at this point there’s no way for Ted to do the actual right thing, because the right thing is NOT putting all that time and energy into finding a hugely symbolic piece of jewelry for his best friend’s fiancé. (I know Marshall is technically Ted’s best friend, but let’s let The Barnacle have this on his special day, okay? I mean, just be cool for once, okay?) Through his own machinations Ted has ended up at a weird place where he can only do the least wrong thing. Unlike past times, however, Ted actually did just that. He sees Barney give Robin the locket, and all should be well. The day is seemingly saved!

Next we see Lily and Marshall interrupting Barney as he writes his wedding vows. Apparently he’s been working on them for weeks, which is sweet and (once we hear some of the vows) a bit disturbing. Lily suggests that Barney get help from them, because her and Marshall are “two expert vow consultants”. Too bad that’s not accurate – we learned in “The Best Burger in New York” (S4E2) that Marshall got his wedding vows off the internet. I guess we have to let that little discrepancy slide though.

Generally I enjoy puns, but Marshall’s in-vow-luntary set of vow puns was a bit much. That being said, I will be saving “Vowza!” for my own wedding, whenever it may be. Sometimes we see really authentic chemistry between Aly and Jason in scenes where they bicker a little, and this was one of them. Lily saying “We’re just not enjoying them, honey” was one little sentence that felt especially real.

When we jump back to Robin, there’s a problem. Ted has come to check on her, but the locket plan has gone awry. Robin knows these guys too well, and she knows that Barney should have a legendary story that explains how he managed to find the locket. Ted tries to bluff with a pretty decently Barneyish explanation about wrestling the necklace from baby birds (who he still feeds every day) but Robin ain’t buying it. She’s always been a better detective than Ted and today is no exception. She reveals that Barney said he found it in Lily and Marshall’s basement, but the damage is done. Also I think the only basement that those two ever had was at the house in the suburbs and there may still be a fully active colony of bees in there, so that’s another point against Barney’s lie.

Robin demands something of Ted that she doesn’t often want from him – the truth. He plays the whole necklace hunt off as fun jaunt that had him home in time for Jeopardy – “ease to the pease, happy wedding”, but again, Robin isn’t buying it. Barney’s initials may be B.S. but Ted was laying it on pretty thick there. She shuts the door so it’s just her and Ted in the room, and the scene ends.

Next up is Barney challenging Lily and Marshall’s wedding vows. He targets standard wedding vows like “in sickness and in health” with funny stories from their past. Can anyone confirm for me if those L & M wedding vow scenes were actually filmed way back in season 2? They both looked young, and Alyson’s teeth weren’t as straight. She had those invisible braces for a while and her teeth have looked different ever since, but in these scenes they seemed to be the old way. She (Alyson Hannigan) turned 40 the day that this episode aired, so really good for her either way. She looks good!

When we cut back to Ted and Robin, they’re gearing up for the most important conversation of their entire relationship. Robin tells Ted “You always go big for me”, and in many ways that’s true. Ted reminds her of Barney’s epic proposal, and his surprise Canadian ice rink rehearsal dinner. The rest of the conversation is so big that I couldn’t do it justice by just including a couple quotes. I’ve transcribed the whole thing and copied it below, along with my thoughts:

Robin : Those are the most loving things that Barney has ever done for me, and they’re all based on lies. Right down to taking credit for this locket. Everything’s legendary, but you know what legendary means? Not. Real.

Well, yes, Robin, they are based on lies. This is not new information about Barney, but it’s understandable that she’s focusing on it right now. I disagree with her assertion that legendary means “not real”. Barney has used legendary as a phrase for everything he’s trying to make real – all of his best memories and greatest adventures carry that title. But we have seen how Robin has changed him from someone who is always legend….waiting for it, to someone that is legendary, period. Robin has opened him up to experiencing what is legendary about real life, and that’s a huge component of their relationship. Barney’s life is legendary, but only with Robin in it.

Robin : You’re the one who always comes through for me, Ted. The one who’s there for me. Maybe I’m making a mistake.

Ted : Wait – what are you saying?

The agony on Ted’s face here is subtle but well played. This is all he has wanted to hear for so long, but suddenly it’s the last thing he wants to hear. This pivotal moment was a necessary challenge for him to overcome, so that he – and we – can believe that he is ready to meet The Mother. Not just ready to meet her, but ready to deserve her.

Robin : Maybe I should be marrying you.

-cut to commercial, we all die inside temporarily-

Robin : Ted, I should be with you.

Narrator Ted : There it was. The words that some deep dark part of me always wanted to hear. But it’s funny. Once you actually hear the words out loud…

Ted : I don’t want to hear that.

Robin panics here, and wants to run away, but Ted knows that she is just scared. He also knows that this has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with Robin and Barney. So good job keeping things on track here Ted!

Ted : I am not your future – Barney is.

Robin : Shouldn’t I be with the guy who finds me my locket? The guy who steals me the blue French horn? I mean, look me in eye and tell me why I shouldn’t be with that guy?

We know the answer to this question just as well as Robin does. Ted was utterly sincere in each of his grand gestures, but they are just that – gestures. His big romantic moves for the women in his life are essentially gimmicks. I know that he doesn’t feel that way, and his intentions were always just to express his love. But I think these were really just ways for Ted to feel like he was the perfect guy, doing everything right. The gestures were great, but romance forges a false sense of intimacy when it isn’t grounded in true love, commitment, chemistry, and hard work. Ted is good at the big moves, but Barney is the one that is good for Robin’s real life.

Ted : Because I’m not that guy anymore.

Since when, Ted? Since yesterday? Let’s be real here!

Robin : Then why did you work so hard to find me my locket?

Ted : It was a wedding gift –

Robin : Ted, stop it – I know you better than that. This is more than a wedding gift!

Ted : Maybe it started out that way. Maybe some part of me thought…

Robin : That you still loved me.

Ted : Maybe. But the truth is, I don’t love you like that anymore. And you don’t love me. You love Barney. And if you think that I would ever be a part of screwing that up then maybe you don’t know me at all.

Okay Ted, slow your roll. That’s high and mighty and all but again, let’s be real here. Recently – real recently, as in less than a week ago, in your universe – you went out of your way to acquire this locket for a woman that is not your fiancé. I’m sorry but that is really clearly Ted being “a part of screwing that up”. So yeah, Ted’s in denial still. We probably are too. It’s hard to believe Ted this time, when we have had So. Many. Other. Times when he was over Robin. Since we’ve pretty much run out of time, though, I guess we can trust that this one is legit.

Robin : I can’t shake it. I can’t shake this feeling that nothing about me and Barney makes any sense.

Ted : But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it, or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s just true. You love Barney and he loves you and that doesn’t have to make sense to make sense.

FYI I heard those last few lines to the tune of REO Speedwagon “Keep On Loving You” :)

Heavy stuff, huh? It felt odd jumping back over to Lily and Marshall after such an intense moment. Those two are lamenting the loss of their halcyon days past, when there was mystery and romance in their relationship and not just an open bathroom door and Sunday breakfast being flung across the house. Back then it was somewhat like Robin suggested in “3 Days of Snow” (S4E13) – Lily and Marshall were basically playing house. They were still in their honeymoon phase, but now they’ve emerged on the other side of conflict as a stronger couple.

Okay, so Ted thinks he has gotten through to Robin. Crisis averted! Major relief. (Major relief – salute) But Robin is still tripping out. She shows off her Agent of SHIELD skills in this scene. She fakes like she’s going to sit down, then dodges right past Ted and grabs the key to the room. She whirls out of the room, whips her veil out of the way and locks Ted in behind her, all in one smooth motion. She sprints away and it seems like she’s gonna make it – she even has her heels in her hand. That’s pro status runaway bride stuff there. But then fate intervenes, and she (literally) runs into The Mother. Finally, they’ve met!

We take a break from that action to check in on Lily and Marshall. Marshall has brought Lily to the church early, so they can exchange new vows before the actual wedding begins. The new set of vows is an excellent idea and I was definitely crying when Marshall said:

I vow to keep updating them as we go. Because one set of vows, it can’t cover a lifetime of growing, and changing with you, and raising children with you…and falling more and more in love with you every day, Lily Aldrin, which is what I vow to do for the rest of my life.

We fans needed this just as much as they did. This was the writer’s way of confirming that they will be okay. They will end up together, of course, but they will also end up happy. There was a big risk of them ending up in a strained marriage, full of resentment, but they just missed it. “Daisy” (S9E22) set all of this up, but this episode was necessary to really secure it together.

We finally get to the much advertised scene where Robin and The Mother actually converse with one another. The Mother asks if something is wrong, because she can see that a bride running away is usually not good, and also “as a kid I was a bit of a detective”. Groan. I get that we need to see how Ted and The Mother are a perfect match but it’s getting a bit silly when they perfectly quote each other prior to ever meeting. I guess maybe they are just that couple that is so annoyingly in synch you can’t really be annoyed with them for too long.

This next conversation was lovely and so I forgive them for the whole kid detective thing…

Robin : To be honest, I’m wondering if this whole getting married thing is something I can go through with.

The Mother : Oh. Wow.

Robin : That’s it? Aren’t you supposed to talk me out of it? Tell me it’s just cold feet, and I’m being crazy?

The Mother : Okay, during that fall we did kinda get to second base together, and we’ll always share that. But I don’t really know you. So, here’s all I’ll say. When I’m overwhelmed, I force myself to do one simple thing before I have to make a decision: Close my eyes and take three deep breaths.

Robin : Three deep breaths?

The Mother : Sometimes even three deep breaths can change everything.

What I liked about this conversation is that The Mother didn’t have all the answers. It is one thing for her to dispense wisdom to the douchey guy that hits on her in the mini-mart, but it’s quite another to act all-knowing when the stakes are this high. This scene demonstrates that The Mother has tact and empathy and isn’t always all up in the business of strangers.

Anyway, Robin takes her deep breaths, and when she opens her eyes – there’s Barney! He says the perfect thing to reassure her and us…

I know it’s bad luck to see the bride right before the ceremony, but I realized something. Marshall and Lily have broken most of their wedding vows, but they’re still the best couple I know. I think their biggest problem was that Marshall didn’t tell Lily the truth. So I’ve decided to make only one vow to you, because it’s the only one that really counts. Robin Scherbatsky, from this day forward, I am always going to be honest with you. Because I love you. I’ll see you up there. Oh – Ted got that locket for you – he’s the one you should thank.

And there we truly see Barney’s redemption. :)

Barney steps away, but Robin calls him back, and they kiss. This scene was beautifully done, and it echoed Lily and Marshall’s wedding in the best way. Their first ceremony (technically it was the 2 nd ceremony for those two, since they had that brief boat marriage in Atlantic City, but whatever) outside was the one that really counted. It was the one that had heart, and their very closest friends made it happen. Here, Robin and Barney have a similar moment, complete with vows and a kiss, made possible by their closest friends.

I was annoyed that we didn’t get to see the entire wedding, but that pre-ceremony moment was the important part that we didn’t even know we actually needed. What little we did see of the wedding was great – adorable ring bear (You mean ring bearer? Yeah, ring bear), flower gorilla off in the wings, and best of all, the bride walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of Sandcastles in the Sand. The song they first kissed to! I might be crying again just thinking about it. I would have loved to hear every word, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards.

I can’t close this out without addressing the ridiculousness that has been season 9. There have been some A. Ma. Zing. episodes this season, don’t get me wrong. But we have dealt with some real doozies, too, and the ratio hasn’t been favorable. They spread a bunch of unimportant, marginally funny stuff throughout the season and then saved all of this important, relevant, actually interesting stuff – stuff with real heart – to jam pack into the very last few episodes.

(Speaking of jam, what’s the difference between peanut butter and jam? If anyone doesn’t know the answer to that by now I’m sure some of the fellas in the peanut gallery would be happy to explain. We sure did have some fun with that whole tattoo/birthday sex position discussion, didn’t we?)

So it’s annoying that this episode had a million important things in it that perhaps could be have been better utilized elsewhere. I understand that many of these things apparently needed to happen right before the wedding – for example, the whole business with the locket – but this whole season is right before the wedding! It’s not like partially resolving the locket a month ago would have actually impacted the timeline that much. So Robin freaks out about her necklace 3 hours before the wedding versus 30 minutes before, does it really matter?

Point being that I would have liked to have seen much more time devoted to these big picture issues, and less time devoted to Barney crawling through air ducts, or Robin in a purple unitard, or Ted dragging around that horrible Cassie girl, or Ranjit kidnapping Barney’s stepmom. Know what I mean? If eliminating stuff like that meant that we could see (and hear!) the whole wedding I would have gladly made that trade.

Narrator Ted’s closing statement to the kids is everything you hoped and expected:

It was a twisting, turning road that led to the end of the aisle, and not everything along the was perfect. To be honest, not everything to follow would be perfect either. But what is? Here’s the secret, kids: None of us can vow to be perfect. In the end, all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we’ve got. Because love is the best thing we do. And on that lovely spring evening, that’s exactly what Barney and Robin vowed to each other. And it was legendary.

This further proves that Robin was incorrect about “legendary”. The wedding ended up being authentic, and that’s what made it legendary. Robin and Barney each went into this Friday Night Lights style – clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. What could be more legendary than that? (Hopefully Ted and The Mother’s wedding, which we hopefully see next week or else I will cut a bitch out of pure fury) (Sorry for that rant I promise I won’t actually cut anyone)

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  1. Although I’m not a Ted/Robin shipper, its true that “shipper” doesn’t always have to mean “I want them to be/think they will be canon in the end.” I think most fans know by now that’s not going to happen, but can still like them in different ways (i.e. past relationship, one-sided, alternate universe, etc.).

  2. Do me a favor, when the review is up, make a comment saying so. I forgot about it last time, and didn’t realize until after a couple of days that I had actually not read the review. If you just post a comment saying that the review is up, it’ll turn up in the RSS-feed of comments and I would do the same blunder again.

    • Not a problem. I also forget. For Solo I posted the review. Corina does this herself. So I will pass that request along to her.

      So Dolf, I would say we have some videos out about this Episode Tonight but very little about next week. We all basically know what is going to happen.

      But we are going to have a few scenes that may catch our breath. I still feel like everything is going to be fine.

      So this last Episode is not a total unknown production. But what do you think will be the surprise? Beside the reveal of the SK!

      • Yiks, I started answering you on this one earlier today, and then forgot it. Know I’ve seen the episode so my predictions aren’t worth anything any longer. But I actually didn’t except the RoBarn wedding to be until the final. So I’m a bit surprised we got that already and wonder about what’s going to happen then in the final. It’s supposed to be “the worst wedding ever”, well, now when the actual wedding ceremony seems to have been pulled off (knock on wood, because we didn’t really see all of it) without any glitches I just hope that RoBarn get to have the rest of their wedding go smoothly without any wrenches in the works as far as them are concerned at least. Let’em stay “happily married forever thereafter” (or however the canonical US versions of fairy tale endings should be paraphrased).

  3. Also, if we don’t get flash forwards to Ted and The Mother’s wedding throughout the episode, I will be SO disappointed. I’ve tried not to expect too much anymore, to protect myself from disappointment, but this is something I’ve been hoping we’d see for so long…please…

    • I totally agree Athena. That would be a much better B story than Marshall and Lily at this point in my opinion, but I’ve been over the whole Rome thing since the first episode of this season.

      • That’s what I assumed we’d see all season. Take whatever the main story during the wedding weekend was about, and connect it to an important flash forward with Ted and The Mother as the B story. Their wedding would make perfect sense! But they don’t always do what makes sense to us, so my mom and I are bracing ourselves for disappointment in that area tonight…

        Hate to be a downer; I’m still super excited for the wedding, but that’s what I want most of all at this point.

        • I suspect that if anything, we’ll only see Ted and YM’s wedding next week. Maybe we’ll see Ted telling YM the story of Barney and Robin’s wedding freakout right before their own wedding (which could also be a good way of explaining the proposal/wedding/Penny timeline confusion)- but I doubt we’ll see their actual wedding tonight.

  4. Just started watching, have seen like less than 30 seconds, bet we’re gonna see Ted finding the locket somehow and giving it to Barney who then presents it to Robin. Anyone taking the bet?

  5. Maybe the Serial Killer has the locket?

  6. Okay. I’ve been lurking around here for a couple of years now and never commented, but I have to ask. What is the serial killer theory? I googled it and didn’t find any answers.

    • That’s my excellent theory, based on the simple fact that every self-respecting show has at least one Serial Killer. Simple as that. I had a really hard time getting traction for it, but all my hard work is starting to pay off, I’m getting a bigger and bigger following that realizes that there must be a Serial Killer lurking in the aisles.
      (And if you go through past episodes you’ll see that there are lots of references to the Serial Killer, such as when Barney picked up a Rockettes girl in Teds moving van, the killer ghost at the hotel this season, Barney being involved in shady deals (remembering when he stated his body might one day float ashore …), not to speak about when the Mother herself actually hinted she might be Serial Killer in the econ class when Ted screwed up the first day as a architect professor. And many other occasions. So there you have it.
      But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get the reveal next Monday. And I’m really excited, there’s so many possibilities, Barney, Robin, Ranjit, Ted himself, Tim Gunn, Stripper Lily, the Captain, Barney’s dad or it might turn out (which I sincerely hope, my own favorite) that Hannibal Lecter has been snooping around outside of the picture all the time.

  7. Well, I guess that this time Marshall did not download the new vows from internet. Kaboom! (Or is Lily just a metaphor for the best piece of meat in the town?)

    “Future Days” – Pearl Jam

    If I ever were to lose you
    I’d surely lose myself
    Everything I have found dear
    I’ve not found by myself

    Try and sometimes you’ll succeed to make this man of me
    All my stolen missing parts I’ve no need for anymore

    I believe and I believe ‘cause I can see
    Our future days, days of you and me

    Back when I was feeling broken
    I focused on a prayer, you came deep as in the ocean
    Its something I cant hear

    All the complexities and games, no one wins but somehow they’re still played
    All the missing crooked hearts they may die but in us they live on

    I believe and I believe ‘cause I can see
    Our future days, days of you and me

    When The hurricanes and cyclones rage
    When winds turn dirt into dust
    When floods they came and the tides they raised, ever closer became us

    All the promises at sundown, I met them like the rest
    All the demons used to come round I’m grateful now they’ve left

    So persistent in my ways, Angel I am here to stay

    No resistance, no alarms
    Please this is just too good to be gone

    I believe and I believe ‘cause I can see
    Our future days, days of you and me
    You and me
    Days of You and Me

    • Considering Robin is Canadian I think they somehow ought to have been able to slip in Like a Hurricane with Neil Young. (After all, he’s been mentioned several times throughout the show, so it seems fair they played something from him too. And last but not least, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young toured in a black hearse in the early days, so she has Serial Killer qualities as well.)

  9. Just a quick couple of points right off the bat. I do like we got a closure on the locket, and the slap bets, and we got to see the Mother meeting Robin. (I guess there’s gonna be some arguing about the counts on slap bets, but, hey, I don’t care. We got the ending we expected on that one, and there for sure aren’t gonna be any more, so …)
    The thing I’m less keen on is the vows, it got a bit overdone in my humble opinion, and there’s a continuity error there as we know from earlier that Marshal got his vows from the Internet. So that’s a goof. I also don’t like the explanation that Ted dived in after the locket. I mean seriously, the chances that he would actually find a locket being tossed into the river like that aren’t even infinitesimal. I just would have liked a more reasonable explanation, such as that Jeanette actually hoodwinked Ted by throwing a falsie, and Ted somehow got the real one later. Wouldn’t require any complicated explanation. She just gave the real locket to him with the explanation that she wanted to give him a burn, no matter how short-lived.
    Otherwise, some good emotional moments and great little speeches.
    One thing I hope for is that Victoria is turning up somehow in the final. Feel I need a real closure on her somehow. Even if it’s just voice-over “Oh, and by the way, Victoria actually married Claus and is the successful owner of a cup-cake factory on lower Manhattan”. (Though I would like to see her season 1 beautiful again)

    • Not really a stretch that Ted would find that locket. He’d do anything he could for Robin to make her happy. That was just more evidence of it. They probably don’t end up together in the end, but I don’t see me liking Ted and the mother together more than him and Robin.

  10. Well, I don’t think the writers/creators could have set the bar any lower for this episode. Anti-climatic and cliché. I guess after a couple of good episodes they thought the ought to drop the bar to really make the finale stand out.
    It’s going to be tough to meet fans expectations after all the hype they have plugged into the season finale…and speculation just adding even more hype…so when they make the big reveal we just go Awwwww…..that’s it…nine years and that’s it and in the end millions of fans will just sit stunned
    in disbelief that the show would end that way.

  11. Was that “Sand Castles in the Sand” playing as Robin walked down the aisle? :)

  12. Btw, now we got the real confirmation that Ted really has let go of Robin. He had the chance to get her, but turned her down.

    • I’m really torn about that. I mean, I’m really glad that Ted was presented with the opportunity to turn down Robin, because it hammers home that Ted is over Robin. But isn’t that what Balloon Robin was for? I’m glad it happened, but I wish it wasn’t minutes before the wedding.

      • Proff,

        The balloon was him “saying” he was over robin which he has done time and time again but always backslid. Actions always speak louder than words and this time he actually proved he was done with her. I’m actually glad we saw this which I assumed we would. Its one thing to say you are over someone when the decision isn’t yours to begin with (Robin always turned him down). But this time he said thanks but no thanks. As fans, we needed to see this to believe he’s ready to meet the mother. I can personally relate to this and needing to prove to myself that the decision to not be with somebody was mine and not made for me.

        • It’s just kind of odd that he never got over her until the episode before the finale. He’s been in love with Robin since the first episode, and now he is going to meet the mother in one episode and they are going to try to make us love them together? I just don’t see this working for me. They should have devoted the whole season, not just the last episode.

  13. I know the term “Legendary” has been a staple of the show and has been used a million times in 9 seasons.

    but did anyone else find it odd that Robin made a very significant point in regards to Barney that, “Legendary isn’t real.” and then later they walked down the aisle and future Ted said in reference to their marriage, “…and it was legendary.”

    maybe i’m over thinking it, any significance here?

    • I think (and really hope) you’re connecting dots that aren’t supposed to be connected.

    • I caught this too, so they are either trying to make us over think or there is something to it. I thought the same exact thing and even said that means fake or whatever when he said that. So IDK….But I’m glad you posted this because I had forgotten.

  14. Irrespective of all the assumptions and theories, I simply can’t digest its going to all end next week. Ted meeting robin in the bar in green dress. It seems just like yesterday :(

  15. @Ross

    A potential topic to keep us going until the Finale next week (well after Corina’s excellent review!)

    Hopefully the Finale will be in everyones top 10 episodes.

    I personally don’t agree with all of the choices in this article but its a good conversation starter.

  16. I’ll admit, as most would, most of these episodes this season haven’t exactly been vintage HIMYM, but I’m done complaining and am looking forward to the finale. Anyway, I did enjoy Ted’s talk with Robin last night. One, Ted was always so excited/proud of being a best man with “a sick floral arrangement” for Punchy’s wedding. And at that point Robin and the gang made fun of him and told him he’d never have the strength to keep the groom focused and get through the wedding. But he did. And now, although he is Barney’s best man, it is just funny watching him be the one to keep Robin cool on her wedding and get her down the aisle (or atleast attempt to, I guess YM did the trick there). 8 years ago Ted was giving such a long, elaborate speech about love and how he’d make a good husband to Robin, and now he’s the calm one helping the freaked out/nervous Robin on her big day. It was just a good moment on the Ted and Robin timeline. I’m not on the ship for wanting those two together, but it is fun to look back on the show and see how their relationship has grown.
    Two, wow Ted has grown up and matured so much in a day and a half. Ted went from “I’m done dating” with Jeannete, to “hello random bimbo let’s go up to the lighthouse,” to guy everyone puts down and makes fun of, to guy who dresses up in a feminine costume at the rehearsal dinner, to the calm/mature guy who has the strength to turn down Robin’s suggestion that they run away. He’s come a long way in the course of 2 days. But we all know it had to happen. I blame the bad writing early in the season, and the annoyance of the 2 Day season idea, but hey I’m not complaining.
    Here’s to the Finale!

    • I think Ted had it in him all the time. Ted just needed to get out of his own way and let things happen. Ted did force the locket on Barney and it almost back-fired on the three of them. So the mother did her detective work and helped out her future husband.

      That was Lily’s job, but she was too busy this weekend focusing on herself and her career. But she is pregnant so you can not go too much into blaming her. Bad time to be the maid of honor.

      But back to Ted. If you look at the What is up with Ted and the previous What’s up with Ted pages he just needed to believe in himself again. A little self confidence will put you in the right mind set so when you get Universed Ted gets to do the screwing.

      So do you think in an hour they are going to be able to Reception out, Train out, Chicago out etc. or are we going to not see some of these plots finished?

      • There’s no way we get everything wrapped up in one hour.

        Now super fans can actually knock out some of these questions, like
        1. We know why Ted left Farhampton that night, to get back to the city for his early flight. But that makes 2-4 even more important.
        21. They were destroyed
        28. It is finished and on the market

        But there are tons of loose ends. I think Ted staying, the timeline of kids, engagement, and marriage, and the future status of everyone are the most important things to tie up.

        • Some of those 51 Questions have answers. They answered on REDDIT the Q and A with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
          Some of those questions do not need to be answered.
          A lot of those questions will never get answers.

          Some of those Questions are answered in the show.
          like the red cowboy boots. They went down in flames.
          like the yellow umbrella. Ted left it back in the apartment for the Mother and she even talked about it Ep. 16.
          But I like that they tried.

  17. Hullo all! I will be posting the review this afternoon (probably evening for most of you, since I’m over here in California). I will comment when I do so you all know it is up.

    Brief thoughts for now – I liked that so much was wrapped up, but it all felt pretty rushed. I texted Ross and said that I wish they would have spread all this resolution out across some of the crappier episodes we’ve had this season.

    But I am glad things are resolved, in many ways, and I was happy to see the wedding happen. I was tired of people saying they wouldn’t make it down the aisle.

    Speaking of down the aisle, I did in fact get emotional when the wedding march transitioned into Sandcastles in the Sand. It’s their song :)

    More later when I’m done working for the man…

    • We did some server maintenance and took the site down for awhile. Sorry about that Corina. I know it was exactly when you needed to post the review. I had old Ted timing issues.

      But we are good to go now. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this one mainly because it finished the locket and finally finally Ted showed us all that he is over Robin. So we have over the weekend had multiple moments where Ted showed that he still has a kind of love for Robin but it is no longer the same as before. What a week for Ted. He got kicked around a lot. But man we are finally going to get the mothers name next week in the introduction at the train station. I was really wanting it resolved before then. I would like for Ted to say something like… What is the name of the bass player. I have taken a few photos and will post those this afternoon before Corina uploads her review. I think it will be another great installment. But keep those comments rolling in.

    • Thank you for saying that Corina! I felt/feel the exact same way!
      It all felt very rushed.

  18. One of the best vows had to be

    Marshall letting go of his campaign for Paul McCartney to allow Weird Al Yankovic to parody ‘Live & Let Die’ as ‘Chicken Pot Pie’

  19. The writers really messed around to much this season.That episode shoud have been a two parter with more substance & detail. It just felt rushed. They built up that wedding for 3 seasons & it just felt so rushed. I thought at some point they would show the parts of the wedding they have been teasing for 3 years.

    Ted was nervous with his beer, Ted & Marshall talking about how it all made sense that it ended up this way. Those felt like meaningful conversations that were meant to be picked up this season in a linear timeline. It’s not like they didn’t have the time. I’m sure the finale will be amazing because they have been working on it for so long, but as a whole this season was a missed opportunity.

    • “As a whole this season was a missed opportunity.”

      My mom and I’s most repeated line this year.

  20. I really hope that the series’ ending scene shows Ted and the Mother at the train station with Ted’s voicing over “…and this is how I met your mother”. Considering they have an hour to tie all the loose ends it will be a terrific way to end the show. A few notes:
    1) Louis is super cute
    2) I was a little bit annoyed with the way Robin met the Mother. Had they come up with a story where these two ran into each other back in 2005 it would have beautifully added up to why Ted NEEDED Robin in his life
    3) “I’m a little bit of a detective”. Oh, for God’s sake! I know most of you probably found that super cute and went all like “aww, it must a soulmate thing”, but seriously, this is cheesy. It’s cheesier than Marshmallow and Lilypad
    We all have different views on love and I’m positive there’s gonna be a huge amount of comments after the finale but right now all i can say that they’ve chosen the easiest path and turned the show into a beautiful fairytale. The idea bended under the rules of a sitcom and this is the last episodes feel rushed and forced…

  21. Robin, early in the episode: “You know what ‘legendary’ means? Not real.” Narrator Ted, end of the episode (paraphrased): “Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney got married, and it was legendary.”

    Any one else reading between the lines there??

  22. I actually really enjoyed the episode! Although parts felt rushed, I think it really highlighted that Ted is done with Robin. FINALLY allowing him to be 100% ready for the mother. I think with her timeline, they will be in similar stages as they start dating considering she too just moved on from someone.

    I also really loved seeing Marshall and Lily’s vows in present day and how it inspired Barney to tell Robin that he will always tell Robin the truth. I know many people wish that we got more of the actual wedding but I think this event has taken up way too much time in general in the series. So what happens after the ceremony? The reception! Time for Ted and the mother to be in the same room with each other. Hopefully, Barney recognizes her as the person that finally lit a fire under his butt to pursue Robin. Plus, with Lily and Marshall already adoring her, it will be the perfect setting to have Ted introduced to her or at least told about her. I hope we will hear Lily say something like, “Ted. You have to meet this person. I do not know much about her but I know you guys would work well together.” Maybe, the porch theory even gets brought in at some point!

    All I know is we have one episode left and I know it will be great. I am done speculating and will just enjoy it for what it is. No matter what, this show has greatly impacted my life and I will always be grateful for the laughs, lessons, and time spent with my hubby watching the show. Will definitely be sad to see it go!

    Will miss you all too!

    • Kate,
      i always like your positive outlook seeping through too many negative thoughts. it’s been about the 9 year journey we’ve all taken…not about nitpicking every insignificant tidbit. i have really enjoyed season 9. they weren’t initially even going to dabble too much into YM, but they saw her charisma and made her available to us a lot more than first planned (albeit not enough for some people).

      i’m ok with being unhappy with certain things on a week to week basis. but every week saying annoying negative stuff. it gets old.

      anyway (now i’m being the sour grape…sorry everyone).

      i really liked :
      Ring Bear and Flower Girl—rrrilllaaa.
      Goonies Sloth reference
      Ted’s funny anecdote about the Guy who is always around the girls falling down the stairs…
      Robin meeting YM
      YM being a bit of a detective
      The fact they DIDN’T go through the ceremony slowly (i liked it set to music (great music) and we weren’t bored with the stereotypical wedding crap and they just got on with it)
      Sandcastles in the Sand
      they fact that the Wedding won’t bog down the 1hr finale
      back to the music. they chose Pearl Jam for a major moment at the end of an epic series. reminded me of Friends when they played Yellow Ledbetter at the end of that series when the apartment was empty.
      and of course, very happy Ted finally got to say NO to robin and not vice versa. much needed.

  23. Solo Says these are the questions that matter.

    1. What causes Ted to leave Farhampton the night of the wedding?
    2. What causes the Mother to leave Farhampton the night of the wedding?
    3. Why is Ted still in New York three days after the wedding when he’s supposed to move to Chicago the next day?
    4. How does Ted ask the Mother out?
    5. When do Ted and the Mother get married?

    13. How does Marshall get back on the judge track after turning down the seat to move to Italy?

    17. Do Robin and Barney ever adopt?

    20. Do Robin and Barney stay together forever?

    33. Where has the Mother been the whole time Ted has been talking to the kids?

    46. Does Ted ever actually finish telling his kids a story?
    47. What is the Mother’s name?
    48. Is the Mother sick?
    49. Is the Mother alive?
    50. If the Mother is dead, how did she die?
    51. And if she’s dead, will Ted be alone again?

    • Man all of those questioned plus the whole Trilogy Time/Lobster Crawl timeline stuff being answered would allow for a very satisfying ending in my opinion.

      I really appreciate that this place allows people to share their thoughts about the show, whatever they may be. I gain insight from getting glimpses of other’s people’s perspective of the common subject matter. I don’t generate content and comment because I have loads of spare time or get compensation, I do it because i love the show, and want to see as quality of a product as I think the fans deserve.

  24. Guys, I’m not reading the comments just yet. I’m at 14 minutes in the episode now and do you see that HYMN-sign in the back of Marshall giving his vows? I’m actually thinking it’s a sign stating “Haaaaave you met N….?” -> THE MOTHER? A name beginning with an N? :O

    • Update on this: I was thinking something wild like “Haaaaaaaaaave you met N?” in which N would mean the name of the mother starts with an N. However, at 15:18 exactly Marshall pulls away and it shows ‘HYMNS’ with 186 underneath it. So, I checked what the actual 186th episode was of HIMYM and guess what? It was ‘Coming back’, the second episode of season 9. The one where he and the mother come back for the first time at the Inn.

      Maybe I see too much into this. Maybe not. xD

      • I also like to try and find the clues. So if they intended that to be a reference to the Episodes great. But that you looked for the clue is more important.

        I want that flashes to the future explained better. Again, not sure if we have time for them all in this last episode.
        Robin will get her Father Daughter Dance. Not sure how much more we are going to see at the reception. I could see a few last shots of the Bar or Patio at the INN and MacLaren’s Pub.

        But what I want to see is Everyone together with the Mother at some point in the future after Ted and the Mother start dating eluding too the journey that they each have taken.

        Something like that. I am sure the main five cast members will get a celebratory send off together.

      • HYMNS 186.
        “When the King Shall Claim His Own”
        it is just probably in reference to Hymn #186, i would think a very common thing in a church and at a wedding. i’m not a religious person so i am not about to analyse the meaning. i’m sure C&B chose that one for a reason. the title of that Hymn does seem to match-up with the title of episode 186 “Coming Home”. who knows. maybe Barney is “claiming” Robin as his own, maybe Marshall is claiming Lily, or maybe Ted is about to Claim YM…or some other outdated chauvinistic claiming is happening…who knows.

        reminds me of when we over-analysed the church saying in S6E1 “Big Days” when the (then unknown wedding) had a sign that said “To Everything There is a Season” right before Ted and Marshall shared a beer and Lily called “the best man” away for something. looking back, did it really mean much? not really.

  25. So, I’ve seen it completely now. In all? Awwww :) It all worked out well. Very nicely solved the problem of getting all the guests shown at the same wedding, loved the montage, loved the story and… WOW, loved the flashbacks of Lily and Marshall! True, they’re not as fresh and running as they were back then but hey, let’s just see that one through the pineapple leaves. ;-)

    Not really much more to say, actually. Yeah, I can say that I’m at season 6 episode 8 right now of my ‘Hey why don’t I start all over again from S01E01 and bingewatch all the way up to S09E23 BEFORE it’s being aired so I can end the show AS IT HAPPENS’-marathontry? :D I only got one shot at it to make it happen on the spot, I decided to do it and started already very far into the second half of season 9 being shown on TV. So yeah, I’m actually doing quite well. But will I have enough time?


  26. The review is up! It’s pretty long, but hopefully you guys won’t mind. I figure that gives you plenty to read if you want to relax with your morning coffee or sneak peeks to take your mind off of work. :)

    Also this is my second review – the first was just as long, but my computer ate it and only gave me back the first paragraph. It was a matter of Corina….versus the machine! And Corina won, mostly because all she had to do was sit and type and there was no running required.

    Anyway hope you enjoy, I will be commenting tomorrow!

    • I just read it through… Nailed it! Review-five! :D

    • Your review is Awesome. I am sorry I didn’t start reading this blog sooner because there are very talented writers on this blog. Your reviews remind me of how much I loved to write before I allowed myself to be “too busy” (for the last 8 years) with my marriage and children to keep up with it. Thank you for the reminder.

      Back to your review. My favorite part was your thoughts on Ted’s grand gestures.

      Corina: The gestures were great, but romance forges a false sense of intimacy when it isn’t grounded in true love, commitment, chemistry, and hard work.

      Watching Ted over the years had me thinking his idea of love was extra special because of his grand gestures. Your analysis made me rethink the notion that Ted’s kind of love is stronger or more meaningful than love without grand gestures.

      On a different note, do you think there is any significance to YM and Robin emphasizing taking THREE deep breaths, but Robin only completed two deep breaths before Barney appeared?

      • “too busy” (for the last 8 years) with my marriage and children

        That is easily solved. I always, in the spirit of the great Jonathan Swift, modestly propose ragu.

      • Thank you for your kind words! For what it’s worth, I would love to be at the stage where I’m too busy to write because I have a husband and kiddos to take care of. Grass is always greener and all that :)

        Your comment got me to thinking about Ted’s version of romance. I do think that it is very powerful and meaningful to do such beautiful romantic gestures. But it can’t just be that – a relationship needs substance, too.

        I mean, I would love it if a guy stole a blue French horn for me. I would literally swoon with joy. But that wouldn’t mean as much to me as having a guy that makes me laugh every single day, or having a guy that knows when to pull me close and hug me even though I’m trying to come across like nothing is wrong. To me, the day to day consistency is more romantic than jewelry and flowers and big moves.

        So I do think that Ted’s kind of love for Robin is strong, and even stronger with the grand gestures, it just isn’t as real to me as Barney’s love for Robin.

        Also I did notice the lack of a third deep breath and I was wondering if that was important. Maybe she didn’t even need all three, it just took for her to remember that this is what she really wants and she can handle it. Hopefully it isn’t a weird harbinger of bad things to come.

        • I might be wrong on this, but I do think she inhaled a third time and then opened here eyes and saw Barney before exhaling. Which somehow feels both more magical and more right than three completed breaths.

  27. My review-review

    I know Marshall is technically Ted’s best friend

    Really? I beg to differ. True, Ted and Marshall has had some bonding experiences, but you might just as well say that technically the Fiero is Ted’s best friend.Has not Barney come through a couple of times for Ted in a manner that would qualify him as BF (Barney Friendsome, the new Awesome).

    the only basement that those two ever had was at the house in the suburbs

    Don’t rental apartments have basement storage space in NY? I do have things in the basement. Well, it’s not my basement per se, but it’s nevertheless in the basement.

    Barney’s initials may be B.S. but Ted

    Makes me wonder, did they originally pick the names intentionally to fit with the jokes, or were they just lucky. We’ve seen earlier how they have “uniTED”, “converTED” etc. (not these specific cases, those I made up on the spur, but similar which I just don’t remember off the cuff). And thinking back, the authors had the endgame fixed already at the beginning. Was the B.S. joke throught up already in the beginning and have been in the waiting for 9 years? Not inconceivable.

    Robin: You’re the one who always comes through for me, Ted. The one who’s there for me. Maybe I’m making a mistake.

    Oh, Robin is worrying she’s choosing the wrong tie. Well, that’s in the last minute. Embarrassing to find out afterwards that you’ve T(i)ed the wrong knot.

    I was annoyed that we didn’t get to see the entire wedding,

    DVD-release extras maybe?

    To be honest, not everything to follow would be perfect either. But what is? Here’s the secret, kids: None of us can vow to be perfect. In the end, all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we’ve got.

    And I think that answers some important questions. We don’t get any divorces or broken relationships. While a relationship technically might end because of uncontrollable circumstances or external events (e.g. death and disease), we can infer from this that they all really stay true to each other. Because “not everything … would be perfect” says that, well, yeah, overall it is. There are some hitches along on the road, but it’s an enjoyable journey that ends well.

    -cut to commercial, we all die inside temporarily-

    Saved this one for last as it is totally OT, but maybe this piece of completely useless knowledge can amuse someone.
    I guess that there’s some regulations governing the use of commercials in U.S. It is in Sweden. Apart from the two governmental so called “public service”, said with a sneer, channels that are prohibited by law to have any commercials whatsoever, the others are regulated not only in regards to the time allowed for commercials but also in regards to the frequency of commercial breaks. And a side effect of that is that while a sit com like HIMYM may have two breaks in U.S., it never has more than one here. So, where the shows have obviously been designed to have a break, there’s none, which leads to a lot of annoying awkward repetitions type “now we’re at the point that someone has to leave hotel Hell …” (expected break does not happen) “… someone has to leave hotel Hell, and the one checking out …”

    Sorry for that last part. I just can’t refrain from spreading useless trivia.

    • I have yet to read the review. But I did remember one thing. Marshall and Lily said to Robin, we finally moved out stuff out of the downstairs storage. Robin responded that she did not know they had storage at the apartment over the Bar.

      So Ted eventually moved out also. But may have left some things in storage at that apartment. So it could have been a mix of Robin, Ted, Marshall, Lily.

      Therefore Barney’s I found the ring in the basement actually would have made sense. So they can get stuff like that right all the time… but other more obvious time and place issues the writers miss????

      And to the person who talked about the talented writers on this blog. Going back to HYMT, the writers and bloggers on this site are the best, most thoughtful collection of individuals (myself excluded). I have a hard time typing anything out correctly the first time. But the rest of you ARE awesome.

      • Hint: switch to a language where there is at least a semblance of correlation between speech and writing. (I always groan when I reread my own comments, because I often mix up similar-sounding words in my writing, like “now/know”, “hear/here” and “one/won”. It’s not a matter of me not knowing which is which, I’m totally clear on that, they glare me in the eye when i read, but in writing it is somehow my speech pattern that control my spelling)
        Heard the old one about how to spell to ‘fish’ in english? Answer: ghoti.

      • Ted did find some ‘weird Russian beers (Brewski)’ in the basement of his apartment in the episode S4 Ep19 – Murtaugh

        In S5 Ep3 – Robin 101 Marshall brought up a barrel he found in the basement. He then put her in the “Bermuda Triangle” or the curb in front of the building where things go to disappear.

        So they must have a storage area in the basement.

        • You guys are totally right, they for sure have a basement space in the apartmeant. As Ross and Lance Hardwood pointed out, that’s where Mabel the barrel was stored and the weird Russian beers.

          I just really still can’t get over the Burning Beekeeper episode. I hated it so much so as soon as I heard the word “basement” I was like aw hell no not this again!

          • I have rewatched many episodes via Netflix in the run up to the finale but the Burning Beekeeper will not get a rewatch ever!

            In the word of comic book guy – Worst Episode Ever!

    • Dolf, i’m gonna piggyback your commercial point here…and it won’t make any sense to you. and it may not make any sense to anyone else, depending on regional US commercials and such. but at the exact moment that you and Corina are referencing, CBS cut to a commercial with a dog named Barney helping a lady dig up something in her yard. i only noticed this on my second viewing…and if anyone DVR’d the show (would obviously be different if watching online), go back and watch the “Iam’s dogfood” commercial. i’m sure it was just a giant blast of coincidental irony…but hilarious how the universe put that commercial right there.

      • Or it might have been intentionally that the dog is called Barney to get the ad to get extra pull from the show. (how well the exact moment when the ad is shown fits is still of course a matter of random probability)

  28. One thought from the review:

    “Recently – real recently, as in less than a week ago, in your universe – you went out of your way to acquire this locket for a woman that is not your fiancé. I’m sorry but that is really clearly Ted being “a part of screwing that up”. So yeah, Ted’s in denial still. We probably are too. It’s hard to believe Ted this time, when we have had So. Many. Other. Times when he was over Robin. Since we’ve pretty much run out of time, though, I guess we can trust that this one is legit.”

    Actually- this was the first time I actually DID believe that Ted was over Robin, for real. Even when we had her floating away, I thought “we’ve been here before, why is it any different this time?”. But when Ted turned her down- I knew he was serious.

    I’ve said here before that I see a LOT of things from my own life in Ted’s story. This was one of the biggest similarities. Yes, I had my own version of Robin. We dated for a while- but broke up when we realized that while we are great friends- we wanted different things in life. Even after the breakup- we stayed friends, but- just like Ted- I still hoped we’d end up together again, somehow. Despite repeatedly saying I was over her. Until about a year later, after she broke up with her next boyfriend- and suddenly wondered if maybe we should get back together. I turned her down- and that was the moment I realized I really was over her. We’re still great friends to this day.

    It’s one thing to backslide to familiar territory, even though you know nothing will happen. It’s another to have to turn down someone else- even if you dreamed about it ending this way.

    If Ted really was still in love with Robin at ANY level- he’d run off with her into the Chicago sunset the minute she suggested it. But he had the strength to realize this would be the wrong move. And that proved that he’s over her, and is actually ready to meet The Mother.

    I’ll save my goodbyes for next week- but I’m going to miss this show. HIMYM was the first time in my life that I followed a show from start to finish, without giving up after a couple of seasons. And will probably be the last sitcom I follow at this level. Thank you all.

    • Amen to that. I didn’t see the show from the beginning. I started seing a re-run of season two, my first episode ever was the lunch where Ted finds out his parents are divorced. And I think it was at end of season 3, beginning of season 4, that I actually started following the show in real time.
      But I have since seen every single episode (and in sequence). And that is a first and only for a show of this kind.
      And it will never happen again. Knock on wood.

      • Dolf, my first episode WAS the pilot- but it was a rerun. I started catching up right after seeing it. Season 3 finale was the first one I saw live. I haven’t missed one since. I didn’t watch anything out of order. Doubt that will ever happen again with anything. (Ok, maybe HIMYD- but I doubt that’ll last 9 seasons)

        • My first episode was the pilot live. We didn’t get a dvr until a few years ago, and up until then I didn’t miss but maybe 1 episode. I doubt I ever follow another sitcom like this either. My wife turns 30 Friday and HIMYM ends Monday we have some big milestones coming up. We were married in August of 2005, and I believe the show started in September. I saw a preview and thought that has the girl from American Pie in it and Doogie Howser it looks funny I’ll try to watch it. I was hooked from the first episode.

    • This point is really important and I’m glad you said it:

      It’s one thing to backslide to familiar territory, even though you know nothing will happen. It’s another to have to turn down someone else- even if you dreamed about it ending this way.

      That perfectly sums up why we can trust that Ted really is over Robin at this point. He talked a lot of talk about being with her, but when it came down to a time for action he knew that saying no was the right choice. I think this weekend has given Ted time to contemplate the reality of some shit – the actual real life implications of him and Robin somehow ending up together.

      It is nice to daydream about marrying your crush, but it’s an entirely different scenario when it would change the whole course of your life and destroy at least one of your most meaningful adult friendships.

      Ted just had to get right to the brink before he could accept that oh yeah, wait, he loves the idea of Robin and not really Robin herself anymore. Because just like he’s not that guy anymore, she’s not that girl. Barney has changed her and she has become a better person, and that better person happens to be an even worse match for new Ted than old Robin was to old Ted.

  29. Corina, just read the review. It was legendary also. Did you talk about the Marshall slap to Barney?

    I like how everyone was turned away from the front of the Church when it happened. That made it more believable.

    Good time to mention the comment on your site about the Book, when you have a chance.

    And Professor, when you get some time. Send me an e-mail message about the end of this week please.

    • I was a bit delirious by the end of this review and I totally spaced on the final slap. I think most of us predicted it would play out this way but I’m glad to see it wrapped up. I would not be at all surprised if Barney manages to get himself caught up in another lifelong slap bet scenario as of next week, though.

  30. Just a thought, but what if, somehow the mother and Robin are actually sisters? Which would make her really Aunt Robin.

  31. Great review Corina. Full of callbacks, humor, and insight.

    I agree that the whole mother being a detective thing was over the top, but I loved that we got to see Ted say no to Robin, but again, like you, I wish it would have happened earlier so we could spend time on things that still need to be addressed.

    I’m not in denial of Ted’s feelings for Robin though. We’ve seen enough of Ted and the mother that I know they are in love. I’ll admit to feeling some doubt with balloon Robin, but it was fear at that point, and seeing Ted say no was exactly what was needed for the final nail in my opinion.

    Good point about the slap Ross, many fans thought Marshall would use the last slap to get Barney to go through the wedding and I thought it was well done.

    Just a few things that are on my mind still:

    1. I’ve been in a number of weddings, and the ring bearer and flower girl always come before the bride, the bride is the last one to enter. And on the same note, Katie and Carly should be bridesmaids, and at least Zabka should be a groomsman, if not Ranjit and Gunn (given how much face time they’ve been given this season).

    2. Barney lies just to Robin just as fast as Lily did about smoking in their outdoor wedding. And I’m torn about it. They made a big deal about him telling the truth then seemingly throw it away for a flower gorilla joke. But then again, Marshall and Lily are the best couple Barney knows and if they can’t keep their vows, how can we expect Barney to? Will barney really change that much, or just be upfront about the big stuff that complicates relationships (like Lily and Marshall had been doing)?

    • Thanks for your feedback proff :)

      To your points:

      1. Yes, almost every American (and presumably Canadian?) wedding traditionally has the flower girl walk before the bride. I thought it was a thing so the bride could walk on a path of flower petals like she is fancy princess or movie star?

      But sometimes the ring bearer does come later, at the point when the rings are actually brought in to the ceremony. Otherwise you just have a little boy (usually) holding on to thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, secured at best by being tied to a little pillow, for a chunk of the ceremony. I love my nephews but I don’t know that I would want them to have the rings in their possession for that long.

      2. Barney does lie about the flower gorilla, but it’s kindof a technicality. I think it would be a real big lie if he said no, but then the gorilla still came out. He said no, then cancelled the action, therefore making his lie truth within moments of saying it. And this was set up before he decided to be honest, so I can cut him a break here.

      I think Barney will always have his little magic tricks and pranks, but now Robin is going to fully be his partner in crime. Maybe they will start a couple’s playbook full of stuff like how to best other couples and how to escape a boring couple’s game night when there’s too much gouda and not enough personal space.

    • Eh, now Barney did not vow to be truthful, he vowed to be honest with Robin.

      Barney: I’ve decided to make only one vow to you, because it’s the only one that really counts.
      Robin Scherbatsky …
      From this day forward,I am always gonna be honest with you.

      There is a crucial difference. As an example, Barney might arrange a surprise party for Robin at some future date, due to wedding anniversary or a special birthday or whatever, that will all certainty involve some necessary lying, if it really is going to be a surprise. But I do not think you would call that dishonesty. Would you?
      And I wouldn’t qualify waving away the gorilla and saying “Kidding, just kidding” as lying, nor dishonesty. He simply changed his mind and got rid of the gorilla in the last moment.
      It’s rather an act of consideration, as he realizes that the gorilla will have a negative effect on Robin and the wedding.
      So he did the entirely right thing.
      And he did the absolutely the right thing telling Robin that it really was Ted that found the locket, as that was something that was pivotal to Robin, it might very well have festered and poisoned the relationship to let that lie remain.

    • Besides, Barney might very well have told Robin about the gorilla the first thing after the wedding. Telling the truth is one thing, choosing the moment for it another.

      • Long-time reader, first-time commenter.

        What about the Exploding Meatball Sub prank Barney plays on Marshall (and the gang) in the future? Faking a life-threatening illness doesn’t seem very honest, and seems on par with Barney pretending to break off his engagement with Robin only to show her a suitcase full of puppies.

        Unless Robin will be in on it? Or could that be a trigger point to their eventual split (not that I’m rooting for that ending with Robin/Ted getting back together…)?

  32. LONG time reader of this blog, never commented. I’ve came here after every episode just to read all of your insights. I want to thank each and every one of you. It’s nice to know I’m not the only HIMYM psycho!! I’ll miss this blog as much as the show. I also was disappointed that after dedicating an entire season to the wedding, it was literally over in less than 5 mins. I definitely caught the legendary equals not real, and in Ted’s speech to his kids he said (paraphrasing here) : To be perfectly honest it wasn’t always perfect either. Add that to the many references of Ted telling the kids Robin would never be alone and its stuck in my mind that Barney and her don’t stay together. I will be devastated if somehow she and Ted wind up back together, and I don’t care how far into the future it is. Out of the few scenes we have had with UM I’m in love with her and Ted. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and we get the story book ending. The pics of Barney at the bar with the recreated new Playbook does nothing to calm my fears either. Hopefully that wasn’t a spoiler since those pics have already been released and there’s only one night left. Anyway my point of writing was to thank all of you for taking your time to do this each week. I will miss each and every one of you. You all are special and have each made me smile every week ( even Mr. Serial Killer, although I don’t think your dream will come true ;) ) Best wishes to all and here’s to another sitcom that can hold our attention like this one!! XO

    • Are you trying to say that I’ve been watching 200+ episodes for nothing?
      Nah. Why do you think Ted built a murder room in the first place? (As Fast as She Can, season 4 episode 23).
      Of course there’s gonna be a big spree when SK goes berserk in the final. That’s what finals are for.

  33. Thanks for the fantastic review, Corina!

    Having just rewatched the flash-forward of Exploding Meatball Sub, I’m (secretly) hoping that this whole dying/dead-YM theory turns out to another one of Barney’s long-cons: engineered by Barney and aided by YM, to get back at Ted for pointing out the marinara sauce on Barney’s suit-mamas…

    • That reminds me that I always wanted to comment on that scene! I never understood the “flash forward” to Barney pretending to die as a part of Ted’s story to his kids but more as a revenge fantasy of Barney at that particular moment. We should not look to strictly at the narrating style of the show. Sometimes the writers throw in a scene like this that is based on a dream or a memory of a different character (like Robin and Lily floating around after drinking Absinth) or on something future Ted can’t possibly know about (the man who lives across from Barney and wonders why he’s stepping outside every evening at the same time).
      Barney has changed a lot since “The exlploding meatball sub” and especially now that he has promised to be honest with Robin, I highly doubt that he would go that far.

  34. still says “One more…”
    Oversight or …?

  35. My god….just realised how it ends. Someone is definitely dead but it’s not the mother.

    • just realized on your own? or was it spoiled and confirmed?

      if it was spoiled…not here on the spoilers. if it is a theory you have, please feel free to expand on your thoughts.

      • I thought I read on the spoilers page that now that only the finale is left, let’s just watch and enjoy? I took that to mean no more sharing possible spoilers or ending theories. If I’m mistaken, I wouldn’t mind expanding on my ending theory. A few of the finale pics cbs posted seem to support my theory. I am so excited for Monday!

        • Okay, take the pics and the theory back to the spoiler page. I am not going to be sharing from what I know. I am not going to be looking for any more clues. If you want to that is fine. But share that on another page. Not here. Lots of people do not want to be spoiled about the final episode.

          Yes we are curious by nature. Mystery vs History.

          So Lets talk about what we have seen so far in season 9. Has anyone been to the Ted or Mother Timeline Pages lately. I was wondering if Corina had any new updates on those pages?

      • My theory only. Ted is dead. He has filmed himself telling the kids how he met their mother, leaving it for the mother to watch posthumously, like a love letter. Please feel free to debunk my theory but it fits so nicely.

        • Doesn’t work as there do exist dialogue between the kids and the narrator that couldn’t be pre-scripted. The person telling the story has to be there and alive. The theory has been advanced that it could be someone else reading up what Ted has written, but that also falls on similar grounds, i.e. in dialogue parts where the narrator respond to questions or remarks from the kids, he still is referring to Ted as “I” and referring to other persons from Teds perspective. So, it can hardly be anyone else than Ted himself narrating in person.

          • Yes, I have my DVDs with me for this weekend review. No I am not going to try and cram everything in. But I do want to have them ready as research. Like this question. I would like to be able to find some clips to refresh my memory. I know I have seen Ted and THE KIDS converse. But I want to be able to quote those directly from the episode.

            • A tip in that case (but that’s probably not feasible at this late hour, should have thought about it much earlier) would be to download the subtitle files (“.srt”). I usually watch with English subs as I have a tendency to miss things without the actual text. And another bonus with the subs is that it’s quite easy to verify what has been said in a particular instance or find out when it was said if you just have one or two keywords and know how to search through multiple files.
              I don’t very often quote dialogue, but when I do, I usually have copied it straight out of a sub-file and cleaned it up a little bit.
              Subs can be found at:

  36. One of the kids, Penny I think asks to go to the bathroom. Another time they say something like “you sure spent a lot of time in the bar” and even in the pilot when he says “how I met your aunt robin” they respond and he responds “will you relax it is a long story” or something like that.

    And maybe the second episode he recaps the story and when he talks about telling Robin I love you, they are like Oh Dad.

    And the end of return of the shirt they make fun of him for getting beat up by a gal. And he’s like “that’s what you take away from that story? hey she knew krav maga.

    On a little shameless plug for people to check out the newer post if they want and to turn in tomorrow for another one by someone else.

    • And in ‘Last Cigarette Ever’ they also converse about the fact they all smoked.

      Watched this episode yesterday but there are bound to be other episodes I can’t recall.

  37. Totally missed my point. But that’s enough from me. Didn’t realise we were not suppose to post anything spoilerish even if just theory.

    • no not complaining about speculation at all. just think the Ted is not the Narrator theory is not correct. I wanted to get some quotes to show my point. Like it when people speculate. Just not when they bring in known spoilers about an episode that has not aired.

    • Going back and reading it again, I guess you are saying the scene we see in 2030 is Ted taping this whole story to give to the mother? If that’s true, you could have been clearer because it sounds like you are saying the kids are talking to a tape, which is a very common debunked theory.

      If you have theories that do not contain actual spoilers go for it. I for one have no idea what is coming, though I have ideas of what I want to see or how it might play out. But I don’t have any knowledge of what the episode will entail. No previews, no stills from the episode or episode description. Some folks like to be surprised, and there’s a spoiler area if you want to talk through what is known about future episodes.

  38. Oh good…here I go…Ted is filming him telling story to kids. So he is alive at the time and the narrator. Obviously the kids don’t realise
    he is dying. He dies and the film is left like a time capsule. We may be watching it at the same time the mother is watching it. Explains why the mother is not there during the story telling, the kids attitude and the “and beyond” comment of Teds. It’s a posthumous love letter.

    Also the mother’s name – I’m going for robin which ties up another few ends (Marshall and Lilly’s bet)

    • Yeah theories like that are great. It would be possible , but I guess the timeline would need to be carefully considered. Are we watching the tape in 2030 with the mother or is 2030 when Ted made it? I think it has to be the latter, because otherwise the kids probably wouldn’t be the right age.

      I’m secretly hoping that Ted gets interrupted by the gang showing up for 2030’s Trilogy Time and we get to see the gang together happy.

  39. Hi, first I would like to say I love Corrinas recaps, insights, her blog and writing style, as well as all other contributors. Thanks for doing all you do. With that being said I’ve always enjoyed Ross’s too. Particularly the what was good/what was not so good in each episode. My question is are you no longer doing reviews, or did you take the last few episode’s off so you can do a major (salute) review at the end of the series? Thanks again to all of you!!

    • Solo and I stepped back to let Corina and theProfessor close it out. I do the web solo writes the reviews. Corina does her own web design and writing. But her style fit the ending of the season so glad she could step in.

  40. Awesome, thanks for breaking it down to me!! Corrina rocks. I’m gonna stay away from all things HIMYM til the last episode is over, just in case anything is leaked via the web. Praying for the best and hope to be pleasantly surprised. Ill be devastated no matter what the end reveals because I’m not yet ready to say goodbye. It’s been one heck of a ride!!

  41. Great Review!

    I could be wrong in my thinking, but did Barney even know about the locket? I was under the assumption that only Lily knew then Ted when he came to the park. I’m sure if Barney had arrived first he would’ve looked everywhere for the locket.

    At some point, did Robin say “Hey Barney find this locket to prove your love to me.”?

    • Good question. At the beginning of this season Barney confronts ted about seeing ted and robin holding hands in the part but nothing is specifically stated about the locket. I’m also fairly sure in season 8 when robin calls Barney to ask for help she doesn’t say why and then tells him not to about it.

    • Yes go back to the early season 9 review and we have photos of Barney watching Ted and Robin with the locket box. Then Barney confronts Ted. But he locket story is told in season 8 first.

      • Yeah, I remember it being introduced in season eight. I was just curious if Barney had any clue as to why Ted and Robin were there. The locket was missing so did Barney ever realize the reason for Robin being there in the first place? The box could’ve contained anything.

        I’ll probably go back and re-watch the episode when Barney confronts Ted about being at the park with Robin. Probably missed something.

        • Yes, we know from previous conversations (probably in flash back) that Robin wanted to find the locket. That was something that CB and CT would introduce. We know Robin called Barney first then Ted to help her find the locket. Barney was trying to bond with Robin’s Dad over a game of laser tag and Ted was on his way to a job interview. Barney eventually figured out he needed to go and that was how he arrived after Ted. Many times over the years it seems like Barney did not care or just blew off the person in need. But in reality he was actually concerned and working secretively to find a solution. That was the writers method of going back and rewriting history on the show to make Barney a less selfish character that previously viewed by the audience. So you will have to look at multiple episodes to get the bigger picture on the locket.

          • This is totally Barney’s character as a person. We saw it when he bailed from McLaren’s at the mention of Lily and then messed up Marshall’s bachelor party, but it then turned out he had gone to SF to bring back Lily. And he hug up on Ted when Ted was in hospital, but … and so on and so on …

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