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Season 9, Episode 21: Gary Blauman

We finally get to see Ted and the Mother on the First Date.

Also we hear someone is going to be in Row Number 8, Wild Card anyone?


Wayne Brady Returns as Barney’s Brother James and

Taran Killam Guest Stars as Gary Blauman

“Gary Blauman” — When Gary Blauman shows up at the wedding, it sends the gang into a frenzy as they each recall an encounter with him, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 17 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Wayne Brady returns as Barney’s brother James and Taran Killam guest stars as Gary Blauman.

Can not wait to hear what Corina has to say about this one…


So gang, how are you feeling about that episode? My overall impression was that it was awesome, but with some segments here and there that we could have done without. I’m going to jump into the review and hopefully have time to comment later in the day…

We began on the Wednesday three days after the wedding, at 8 pm. It’s Ted and The Mother’s first date! I thought there was a mistake when they talked about how it’s a rule that guys wait four days to call (but we know it’s three). In S4E21 “Three Days Rule”, Ted mentions that when he met The Mother, he didn’t wait three days. He called her right away.

So my first thought was ohhhh noooo more continuity errors, but then I realized he must have called prior to that day to set up the date. So we’re all good, nothing to see here folks. Keep moving.

They head to a Scottish-Mexican fusion restaurant, which sounds even grosser than Marshall’s mom’s mayo salad . The place is called Pedro McKinnon, and they had a bagpipe mariachi band. I assumed this was a gentle nod to the mistake that the writers made in the S8E23 “Something Old”. In that episode Ted mentions a trip to Spain and interacting with a mariachi band. Only problem is that mariachis are a Mexican thing, not a Spanish thing. So it was nice that they paid tribute to their little mistake by including this incredibly odd eatery.

I was pleased/annoyed to note that people are wearing purple again. I’m honestly very tired of the back and forth with HIMYM color theory, but there’s one idea that I keep being drawn to. One of the strongest contenders in the question of The Mother’s name is currently Violet. I can’t make any better sense of the clues than that. There’s no uniformity and no common bond between characters/episodes that feature purple clothing thus far. Check out my article over at CorinaWrites to peruse options for what The Mother’s name may be .

So Ted starts to tell the story of Gary Blauman, because what else would Ted do for a first date? The guy has got stories, that’s his jam. We jump back to the day of the wedding – we’re finally at the point where everyone is in their fancy attire! Robin is visited by Mr. Gary Blauman, whom we haven’t seen in ages. There was some confusion with his character, as Barney said he died after he quit his job and tried to pee on the conference table. But this was clearly Barney exaggerating (S3E15 “The Chain of Screaming”).

We also know that, at least at one point, this character was gay. Marshall mentions how his marriage with his husband is pending as of New York passing legislature allowing gay civil unions – I think that was in a season 5 episode. It was the one where Robin says she wants to focus on her career and then she meets Don. I believe it was Blauman that I’m thinking of, but it could be the Blitz. The Proffessor should know for sure :)

Anyway, I enjoyed the parallel between Cobie’s real life and her TV life. In real life she’s married to Taran Killam, who plays her gay guy friend on the show. On the show she’s married to Neil Patrick Harris, who is her gay guy friend in real life. I always like seeing cameos from significant others, so seeing him (and Scooter!) was nice.

So Robin finally has her wedding freakout – a CODE RED regarding where to seat Blauman. Marshall takes on the challenge but needs Ted’s assistance. I’m not sure why he needed help, as Marshall is quite proud of his seating skills and even brags about the Table 27 annual reunion. This begins a whole chain where characters overhear his name and then say “Wait – did you say Gary Blauman? I ____ that guy!” In Ted’s case, it was “I hate that guy!” We flash back to a few years ago, when Ted was obsessed with a Teddy Roosevelt biography he just read.

This part made me laugh, because I get super annoying when I’m involved in a great book (or TV show…)! I liked it when Barney said “That’s it! No more books, Ted. I don’t like the person you become when you read books!” The gang allows Ted one last fun fact about his new fave former president, and we think it’s all done with. But then we jump to a party around the same time, when they were celebrating something or another.

Ted finds a lady friend that also loved that biography! But alas, Blauman shows up and initiates a war of attrition for the lady’s interest. Everyone is exchanging Theodore Roosevelt facts at a rapid fire pace. Ted and Blauman have an excellent psychic convo where they insult one another using antiquated insults like “You’re Taft”! Nobody wants to be Taft after that whole bathtub incident in from history. Anyway, Ted says days passed and we have this obligatory scene where the men have beards now because so much time has gone by. I could have done without this part. It felt unnecessary.

Shortly thereafter we are back at the wedding, and Lily overhears them talking about Gary Blauman. She LOVES that guy! Turns out she has a pretty good reason. Back in 2006, when her and Marshall were broken up, she aimed to get a breakup tattoo. She was heavily inspired by her breakup song, “Fly” by Sugar Ray. Ted comments that she really doesn’t know how to do breakups, and then we see something I had been waiting for – a Marshall and Lily high five. To me that high five means all is well in Marshall&Lilyland. That’s love, bitch!

Lily’s tattoo looked pretty normal to me – like a butterfly in profile view. But apparently it’s just half a butterfly, and she’s been “using cover-up and strategically placed straps for a long time” to keep it on the down low. There was a nice moment where we all reminisced about Ted’s tramp stamp and how it will basically never stop being hilarious. Something that confused me, though…Lily says that Blauman saved Marshall “from a lifetime of looking at Sugar Ray every year when we do it on your birthday”. Does this mean that Lily and Marshall are now at the point where they only have sex a couple times a year? I just can’t imagine that.

I also really felt like they had to mention Lily’s methods of tattoo hiding because otherwise all of us fans would have been allll over it. You know I would be compiling pictures of her bare shoulder throughout the past seasons and posting them here for analysis! It seems like the writers get that we fans will analyze details to death. I like that they are acknowledging things like this instead of just skipping past them like nobody would notice.

I thought maybe it was in reference to a specific position, but from what I can gather it is just a reference to later on when they are actually old old and not as amorous as they are these days. But can you really imagine Lily in particular getting less frisky as she ages? I sorta see her as an inappropriate old lady that lets herself pinch cute guys on the bottom. But I digress – let’s jump back to the Ted and The Mother first date!

The couple is walking around the block when suddenly The Mother spots an ex – Louis – and hides behind a van. She pulls Ted to hide with her, and I was glad to see Ted as the normal one on a date for once. She did the weird thing, but Ted has done so many weird things that he isn’t scared away by it. She tells Ted that she’s not ready to date, and again, Ted gets it.

This is beautiful character progression for Ted. Old Ted would have given up right then, and lamented his bad luck through at least a full episode. Older Ted would have pushed too hard, too fast, and frightened her away (as he mentions at the end of this episode). But Current Ted has tempered himself and learned how to let things be. FINALLY. I spent the entirety of the date waiting for Ted to Ted it up and I was SO HAPPY that he didn’t. The Mother is ready to go home, but she lets Ted walk her home so she can hear the end of the story. Ted’s stories are so addictive!

Okay we have to jump around some more. This episode had a whole lot of back and forth but I didn’t mind it so much. Yes, some of the Blauman stuff was (in my opinion) overkill, but it also brought a lot to the table in terms of plot progression and explanations. So I will take it! Now it’s time for Barney to say “Did you say Gary Blauman?!” He follows that with a misdirection by saying “I…love…that we have the opportunity to destroy Gary Blauman’s weekend by kicking him out of the wedding!”

So what’s Barney’s beef with Blauman? Oh nothing, just a little matter of theft….fry theft, to be exact. Blauman committed some unpardonable sins in Barney’s mind. First, he took not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fries from Barney’s order. Didn’t even ask! Didn’t even bother to order his own, just blatantly stole them from under The Barnacle’s nose. The worst part, though, is that the last fry was no ordinary French fry. No no, the fourth and last fry that Blauman stole was an accidental curly!

How dare he…and what is that?! Ok, so it’s just a curly fry that has been mixed in with regular fries. But it somehow feels like you’ve stumbled upon a treasure when you find one in your order. I don’t even like fries that much and I understood the horror of having your accidental curly stolen by a brute like Blauman.

Then we find out that Billy Zabka knows of Gary Blauman also, because Billy Zabka is in like every flippin’ episode now and has something to say about everything and everyone. I’m a little Zabka-ed out at this point, but it was nice to see someone acknowledge his poetry. It’s hard to hate on Blauman when he seemed legitimately unaware that Zabka even had a movie career. The next person to comment on Blauman is a big one, though. James hates that he once thought he loved Gary Blauman!

So we finally discover what was up with James and the giant divorce (worst kid’s book ever, am I right?) He slept with Blauman, Tom found out, Tom kicked James out of the house, and now their kids are from a broken home. So that’s totally all Blauman’s fault except actually no, that’s on James. No one is to blame for him cheating except himself. I was worried that they wouldn’t touch on that, but later Blauman calls him out and specifically says that James needs to stop blaming other people for his own problems.

I liked how Ted and Marshall had these totally confused looks on their faces like wait, what? Blauman is gay? Ted was so triumphant as he took another look at his Blauman experience from a different perspective. Now he (I assume) loves Blauman, because who doesn’t like when someone thinks you’re hot? That’s how Ted interpreted that scenario, but I guess there are alternate explanations. Maybe Ted and the hot girl were actually battling for Blauman. Maybe Blauman is bi, who knows!

So now everyone is conflicted about WTF to do regarding Blauman, so Judge Big Fudge steps in. He carefully considers the case, but realizes that one wedding law trumps all. If it’s for the bride, it’s a yes. Whatever she wants, she gets, and in this case, the bride wanted Blauman. We don’t know the nature of their friendship yet – I guess we probably never will – but I don’t mind. I don’t need every little detail of Blauman’s interpersonal relationships for the past 5+ years.

Before we proceed with the rest of the review, I will just note that this upcoming scene is where I started to fall apart. Ted and The Mother are standing outside her building, and everything was just TOO similar to S1E1 “Pilot” when Ted and Robin are outside her building. Back then Ted didn’t see the signs, he didn’t realize that he was getting the signal to kiss Robin, and he totally screwed everything up. This time Ted knows when to say goodbye, and he doesn’t bother with an elaborate explanation of why he would be a good boyfriend.

Ted just says “Well, I guess this is where I leave you.” It’s such a poignant moment because this, this exact point right here is where it has gone wrong SO MANY TIMES. When you’re single for a long time, it can feel like relationships (or potential relationships) always sputter out at the same place. We’ve been right here with Ted when things turned sour a million times before, but we know that this time it’s different!

Or do we know that? I kept forgetting. I honestly was worried that Ted would mess this up and make me stress out even more for the remainder of the show. But Ted says goodnight, and walks away. That is probably the hardest lesson for him to learn, the hardest feat for him to conquer. Doing nothing. Letting go. Letting life happen on its own schedule, and not on some preconceived idea of the appropriate Ted time. It’s something that most of us struggle with, and it was truly a joyful moment to see Ted finally get it right.

Eight years earlier, I probably would have given some embarrassing speech, confessed my love, and scared her off. But I didn’t, because somehow I just knew this was all gonna work out.

And she calls to him! He walks away, but she calls to him. Now Ted isn’t chasing – he’s making the most of the moment. The Mother asks him to finish his story, and the saga continues…

Now we’re back to the wedding day again. James gets his wedding ring back from Barney, and goes to get Tom back. Marshall reminisces about how he cared so much about everyone at his wedding, but he’s barely in touch with many of them now. Then Ted gives the kids some words of wisdoms that had me openly crying:

And that’s how it goes kids. The friends, neighbors, drinking buddies and partners in crime you love so much when you’re young…as the years go by, you just lose touch. That being said, I did manage to keep track of a few people…

(Cue Corina openly weeping ugly tears of happy sadness at this point)

Ted tells us how some of our favorite characters ended up, and that’s when it fully hit me that this show is ending. For reals. Like it is leaving, and not coming back. They are showing us the end game scenarios for characters because it’s….almost….over. I’m going to avoid focusing on that for now, though, and instead take note of how happy everyone seems to be in the future:

Carl is still behind the bar at MacLaren’s, and it’s a family business now. His under-age son was right there with him, keeping customers in line.

Jeanette got arrested for mailing jars of urine to Val Kilmer (but not that Val Kilmer, apparently?) and she was forced into mandatory court appointed therapy. Surprise – her therapist was Kevin! They ended up together in what is I guess the healthiest relationship she ever had.

Ranjit had some good stock picks and now he owns the limo company – hooray! I did not see his wife there with him but I am assuming she’s still alive because I don’t want to think about anyone at all being dead.

Patrice has a morning radio talk show that had a familiar voice calling in – Robin, saying that “sometimes I feel like he doesn’t listen”. So unless someone else has Robin’s exact voice and uses the same DAMMIT PATRICE catchphrase, Robin is still alive as of 2030 and presumably still with Barney. I’m not sure why she would swap him for some other guy that doesn’t listen. So unless they specifically demonstrate otherwise I will not be considering any dead Robin theories.

Zabka became the youngest poet ever to win the American Humanities Medal for Literature, and now he’s working on a collection of travel essays. I honestly did not care how he turned out but now that I know, I’m glad. Good for you, Zabka. You’re the best!

Ted still sees Zoey on the news sometimes as she fights the good fight against the man. It doesn’t always work out well for her, but she keeps trying. Ted is right, it is nice to know that she’s out there.

Scooter…Scooter, Scooter, Scooter. We saw Cobie’s real life husband so of course we had to see Neil’s real life partner (fiancé) also. How did Scooter get over his love for Lily? He found someone that was the next best thing…Jasmine, AKA Stripper Lily, AKA Lily’s doppelganger! That’s a cheesy resolution but I adore it. It’s a sitcom, it can get silly like that without losing too much in the translation. This episode in particular felt like it was done by a deft hand, which I appreciated.

Blitz had a brief gambling addiction, but he broke it when he finally walked away from a slot machine…an old lady took his place and immediately won big. Aw, man!

Sandy (Ali’s real life husband) Rivers is still being very Sandy Riversish and sexually harassing women he works with. He’s been relegated to Russian news but he hasn’t changed his ways. I guess he’s their problem now.

James got Tom back! They are together as of 2030 and we see their kids as young adults! I guess by that point Eli and Sadie are young adults, or maybe almost out of their teens? I’m too lazy to do the math right now. Addition is hard. :)

Good ol’ Gary Blauman drove away from the wedding, but he came back. Then came yet another deep speech from Ted that had me crying even more:

You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.

Now we’re back at the first date, and we’re staying there for the rest of the episode (like 2 more minutes, but hey, I was glad to get settled in one place/time) There’s another moment where Ted tells The Mother goodnight, and then things almost feel like they’re in slow motion. The Mother leans in, and it’s so obviously the moment when she wants him to kiss her. She’s giving him the signal, but it’s a totally different situation than the one he was in with Robin so many years ago.

The Mother said she isn’t ready to date, so Ted doesn’t go for the kiss. When she leans in, though, and makes the first kiss contact, he embraces the moment. He doesn’t rush her and ruin it. He doesn’t stop to obsess over the timing and how she probably needs space and is this the right thing to do and blah blah blah. (Speaking of, I forgot to mention that Blah Blah’s name is actually Carol!)

In this moment, Ted trusts that destiny, the universe, whatever, will work out. He trusts that The Mother can make her own decision, and when she goes for the kiss, he is glad to participate. He doesn’t second guess her or think that she probably isn’t ready – he gives her appropriate credit and trusts in her decision. Luckily, her decision was to kiss Ted. Ted is finally at a good place, doing the right thing, and it all came together for him at just the right time, with the right person. Isn’t that what we’ve been hoping for him to experience this whole time?

The episode ends with The Mother wanting to walk around more with Ted. He agrees, but pauses as she starts to walk away. She asks what he is doing, and his response is simple: “Remembering this”. Because he knows that she’s the one, and he knows that this precise moment will define the rest of his life. He just needed a second to be in that moment, and not the past or future, to appreciate what was happening.

By the time the previews for next week aired I was completely destroyed. I can’t even image what I looked like but it was the face of emotional devastation. It was the epitome of all things bittersweet. This week’s episode gave me hope for the remaining episodes to come…did you feel the same? I haven’t read any of the comments prior to writing this review so I am excited to jump in and see what y’all are talking about here!

Long Way from Here to Here in Three DAYS

One Reason is that Ted is not such a Dork when he meets the Mother.

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    In the above article on CBS the cast talk about moments they remember from Seasons 1-9.

    Wow how many farewells have they had at this point?

    Jason Segal was not at the Panel Q and A but NPH got to Skype it in. On the T-M Spoiler page we have the entire 52 minute or so clip.

  2. who the hell is Gary Blauman? Has he appeared on the show earlier, or is this some kind of cultural reference I miss? I kind of get the impression I’m supposed to know who it is.

  3. I’m a little bit disappointed that there’s still not a single kill, and now there’s only 3 episodes left.
    But it was a sweet kiss!

    • Now that the west coast of the US have seen the episode we should get some more comments. Just finished chatting with Corina. It was an emotional show.

      It had a good mix of light humor. Enjoyed seeing the Warmpess bottles. Hard to not see them actually. Excellent moment for Ted and the Mother. She made the move. Hard for him to miss it this time.

      Also call back to Ted and the Band. At least he did not have on a fanny pack. Ted did not get in his own way. He did not overthink the date. He read the room or rather the sidewalk!

  4. Barney said that Gary Blauman died in an old episode, I think it was Chain of Screaming. Did they forget?

    • I KNOW! I was hoping so much that they would address that, and they DIDN’T!

      Even as a joke with Barney saying “Aren’t you dead?” and Blauman saying “No…” and it turns out it was all a rumor. lol That could’ve been funny, and it wouldn’t have seemed like a stupid continuity error. Ahhh well…

  5. Oh man. I can’t wait to see the comments about this one.

    Half of this episode is what I’ve been waiting all season to see, but there was lots of dead weight in my opinion. (I know, I know, everyone else is going to love it, but the same problems I’ve had with much of the season remained in this episode).

  6. I hoped we would get a visit by Amy when they got into butterfly tattoos, but no cigar on that one.
    However, I think it was a nice little rundown of different characters futures, Ranjit owning his limo service and so on. Actually en excellent way of bringing in a whole slew of guest stars (though I guess much of it was stocked scenes). Enjoyed seeing Zooey, who I actually liked and do miss. (And who I had preferred as the mother over the current one, I think she and Ted actually worked together chemistry-wise)
    But gee, I missed the warmpess. Covering in shame.

  7. I actually thought the “awkward” moments with Ted and YM was perfect (and done on purpose). we already know that they have great chemistry once they have an established relationship…but who here hasn’t been on a typical first date…most of the time its just a little bit of a bumpy ride until things get going, especially if you like them for more than just a hookup. the uncomfortable introduction hug was perfect. the lack of chemistry was done intentionally and was spot on.

    i loved that Blauman knew Bill Zapka for poetry and had no clue he was in The Karate Kid (“thank you for that”).

    i loved the historical landscape in this one with Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and Marshall doing his best Khrushchev shoe banging tirade.

    enjoyed all the final tie-ups with past characters, especially James and Tom sitting on the couch ala The Mosby kids. good touch.

    as always, could’ve used more Ted-YM stuff…but i’d sit and watch 22 episodes of just them two and their life together, but i understand that’s not what the show is about (its about the gang and the journey to meet YM…not the destination).

    but the best part of the episode and an “all-time” bit…The Extra Curley! any guy worth the weight of his “man-card” knows this IS the dream. I’ve had that exact conversation before…word for word. just brilliant! i will forever link the scenario (cause it happens 4-5 a year to me) to this episode…every time, for the rest of my life, i will pick up the Extra Curly and smile and laugh to myself about Marshall and Ted’s reaction when Barney says those words. That, my friends, is what makes HIMYM such a classic show…those small bits that stick with you forever (crazy-hot scale, playbook, bro-code, crazy eyes, major (salute) pains, etc…)

    • Ok. I admit, I don’t get this with the extra curly at all. It’s just like baseball or the pseudo-rugby that is being played in the US of A. It simply doesn’t register, nor my any impact in my universe.

      Is Billy Zapka known for poetry for real?

      Concerning the awkwardness of YM and Ted. I actually think this was the best episode of them together, the awkwardness here felt right, just as you say. I just don’t think they have that good of a chemistry between them overall. But that maybe is because I was cold towards Milioti from the very first moment. So, she has never really tugged at my heart strings, and she and Ted just doesn’t have any romantic spark that ignites me. But that said, I do think they, and the shy awkwardness, worked well in this particular episode.

      I, being antique myself, of course instantly got the Khrushchev reference, although I missed seeing it in relation to the Teddy Roosevelt references, which makes me wonder if I did actually miss other political references weaved into the episode. I by the way have scant knowledge about Teddy Roosevelt (know there was something with the Panama canal and that the Teddy bear is named after him) so I have no clue about the events that were brought up in the show, but I guess there’s some reality background to them, even if apocryphal. (And by the way, I don’t remember Khrushchev’s shoe banging, I was still being breast fed at that time, and my first birthday was about a time period commensurate to a pregnancy into the future.)

      • Dolf, I have no idea whether Zabka writes poetry or not, but I sort of doubt it.

        I already have seen way more of him than I ever cared to.

        They’ve been beating this dead horse of a joke far too long.

        He was known as the villain in the Karate Kid movie and people all of his life have probably known him only for that. So on the show, he’s loved people who find another reason to like him. Barney sees him as the hero of the movie and Blauman has never seen the Karate Kid apparently and knows him for his poetry (like Zoey knowing who Lily was from her paintings) – totally unrealistic and not that funny.

    • I forgot to include this in my review, but I also loved the akwardness between Ted and The Mother. Things shouldn’t have gone perfectly – this made it feel real and legitimate.

  8. and it should be the “Accidental Curly”…my bad.

  9. The only part of this I really didn’t like in this was the short “resolution” of James and Tom.

    Don’t get me wrong, its kinda sweet that they got back together and lived happily ever after, but for that much build up, it really didn’t feel fitting to just hear Ted’s voice over say “They finally got back together…” and that’s it. Like, we saw James be a COMPLETE douche all season. Not only did he cheat repeatedly, but he kept bashing marriage all together to his brother and soon to be sister-in-law, made it clear that he was irresponsible when he was married, and blamed the guy he cheated with for the divorce. Not to mention we don’t even know Tom personally as a character, so just seeing this jerk and his husband happy together just felt…eh? I know Ted didn’t mean they got back together THAT DAY. I’m sure it took a long time, and a lot of hard work to, but we didn’t get to see that, so…any emotional impact that was supposed to be there was completely lost on me.


    Loved, loved, LOVED the stuff with Ted and The Mother, as always, and the best part really was that she initiated the first kiss. Ted was always the one to move too fast in his past relationships, but he didn’t have to. She wanted him, and showed it by kissing him even if he wasn’t going to. It was so sweet! (And man, I just can’t get over how pretty she is, and it really showed in this one!)

    Also, as an Adventure Time fanatic as well, I couldn’t help making “Blauman, why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they were mine…” jokes all night. Seriously? Was I the only one? Really? lol

    Only two more nights (3 episodes) left, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS! ITS TOO SOON!

  10. Those of you who thought this was part filler, I disagree. I like how they use Ted and the Mother to tell other stories. They all had input into where Ted and the Mother are in the relationship.

    This is what I wanted all along. Ted and the Mother together in some moment we wanted then jump back to the Wedding in 2013 and then back or forward from there.

    We had the first date. The first kiss. All of the significant others of the original cast. An explanation of why three days out Ted called the Mother and had a date.

    If I remember correctly Narrator Ted said he did not wait three days but called her right away as soon as he got her number. Not saying he got her number the first night or setup the date for later when he did call her.

    We will get some more explanation and more scenes of them together. I just don’t want to say the when, where, why. All six cast members will be in the next two Monday nights.

    here is the link to the photo page again for those who can not find it in the archive. I keep a running shot of the opening count down to the wedding service on this page along with some random photos from episodes.

    Review will come out later today. But we are enjoying the comments.

  11. In this episode, Robin is a very nice bride to allow Gary Blauman come eventhough he had no permission (Robin doesn’t receive his card). I remember Claudia who panicked when Ted wants to bring Robin to her wedding without permission as well, and it nearly canceled the wedding.

    And Lily looked so happy when Marshall agree about one law in a wedding (when the bride want something, she’ll get it). Because he knew in their wedding, they have to get married two times in order to satisfied both Lily and himself.

    I lo

  12. I really liked this episode, though, admittedly, since I do tend to fast-forward over the bits without Ted in them, so if they weren’t well done, I didn’t see it, because I don’t care so much about the others any more.
    One thing that irked me, however, is the resolution that Ted stays in New York. Yes, I know, it was going to happen anyway, but it would have been nice if there’d been an explanation before they showed Ted still in New York.
    I think that same thing also happened with Lily way back in the beginning of this season, when they showed Lily and Barney in MacLaren’s (btw, is it MacLaren or MacClaren, I’m confused) a few weeks after the wedding, at a time when we were still supposed to think LAME’d go to Italy. (Which, now that I think of it, they might still do. In which case that might be another continuity error.)

    • I am with you Kore. They seem to be doing what Robin accuses Ted of doing when he’s going to marry Stella, of jumping to the end of the story.

      There are so many things that I guess are wrapped up even though we don’t know the exact details of what happened.

      1. The locket. They haven’t come back to it yet and I don’t do spoilers, so it is either really gone, or it will resurface somehow before the end.

      2. Ted’s couple of days after the wedding. Not going to Chicago, when he gets the mother’s number, and does he really call right away like narrator Ted has told us (and what constitutes right away?)

      3. Rome/judgeship – I’m still not sure how that works. Do they visit, or live there, when, does Marshall get to delay acceptance (even though he couldn’t before), if he loses it how does he become a judge again?

      • Professor, No specific answers for 1 and 3. Not sure if they are going to circle back on either one of those issues again. They do not matter.

        As for point 3. I am positive we are going to touch on it. Here are my reasons. Maybe one of them will be correct.

        1) We have the train station scene to finish from Farhampton.

        2) That will cover what happens with Chicago.

        3) We know Ted gets her number because of the afore mentioned three day rule. We know Ted gives her the flower from his jacket (her favorite). She basically said she gave him the number already and he called her fast.

        4) If they deal with the birth of Penny again, I will be surprised.

        5) I hope they deal with the Birth of Penny and Ted and the Mothers Wedding at the same time. Everyone knows we are going to get the mothers name at the train station at the very end when they meet. No other reason to hold it back now.

        6) Don’t care about the twist ending. I have seen the things I am going to see and have enjoyed them. I know what is coming and will enjoy the last taste of HIMYM.

        • #5. This has been my big question all along…why hold back the Mother’s name at all…unless when that one word (or maybe two when they say the last name) is uttered, it has such a ringing, immediate, powerful meaning that we go, “aaahhhhhh, now i get it!”. otherwise, absolutely no reason to not say her name. so to me…her name will have a gigantic meaning and tell a story all it’s own just by being said.

          just as an example to my point. saying, “Hi, I’m Michelle…Michelle Tanner” would answer:
          a)her name
          b)where she is from (SF)
          c)why the mother/daughter wedding thing made Ted cry (her mother died when she was an infant)
          d)her entire back story
          just an example…

          • You are like a Dog with a Bone on that Michelle Tanner Theory.

            Okay I will give you this one. If She turns out to be Michelle Tanner you can write an entire post on being the first one I know of to ever push that theory.

            Yet, it was Ted that got emotional. I still think it was something closer to him than the Mother in that scene. Could just have been a fear that the Mother would not be around for her daughter.

            I am trying to go back and find out if we all are missing anything big from the past 8 plus seasons. I do not think so. I will go to Corina’s Mother page and take a look and compare it with the Ted Timeline.

            By the Way Corina, I think we still have some updates to do!!

            After the Series is over we will have the time.

        • About the birth of Penny….I don’t have to see the leadup to the actual birth itself (as we saw with Luke). But after “The Lighthouse” aired last fall, we were told no, the messed-up timeline was no mistake, it would be explained. And the messed-up timeline involves the tiiming of a) Penny’s birth; b)Trilogy Time in 2015; c) the proposal; and d) Ted and the Mother’s wedding, in no particular order, or at least no particular order that makes sense. So I hope we get the exact date of Penny’s birth and how it fits into the timeline, because if that weren’t explained after all that fuss, it would not be fair to the fans.

      • We have actually seen how Marshall became a judge. A few years after returning from Italy (I think it was 2020) he was elected a New York State Supreme Court judge (which is actually how judges are selected in New York state, and not the made-up and completely unrealistic way it was first presented to us). Until we’re shown further information, if at all, that’s a consistent and true to life explanation.

        By the way, I love how Marshall got al Big Judge in this episode! He’s practicing for the future….and I also loved his reasoning. The Bride should get what she wants on her wedding day ; ).

        • Marshall was appointed to be a municipal judge. The scene with him running was for the State Supreme Court. He would have to have been a judge for some time in order to run for that sort of office. That election definitely wasn’t how he BECAME a judge.

          • Sorry, not how it works in New York. You don’t have to be a lower court judge to run for State Supreme Court (it is not the “=highest court in New York, it is trial level. The highest appeals court in New York is the New York Court of Appeals). Supreme Court, County Court, Family Court, Surrogate’s Court, and many other lower courts are all elected, so Marshall could not have been appointed a “municipal court” judge unless he was filling a vacancy, and then he would have to stand for election afterwards in order to keep that post. Many prominent judges who wind up on appellate courts have started by running for election at lower court level, including Supreme Court. In order to qualify for the ballot, you must be evaluated by an independent commission, you must have a rating of “qualified” to stand for election, but the commission doesn’t make appointments to the bench.

  13. What if the Mother’s name is Robin? xD
    Everyone got the feeling that the red flags talk was Robin’s version of brunch?..

  14. It’s fun speculating and reading all the speculations but I feel like some people are trying to make things more exciting than they actually are. We don’t know the name of the mother but that might just be because she has been the best kept secret of the show for eight seasons and this is one way to keep her a bit mysterious. I for one am looking forward to hearing it even if it’s Lisa or Ann. Did the writers ever say that her name will be meaningful and eye opening?
    Same goes for all the theories about why Ted has chosen this particular day in 2030 to tell this story to his kids. Do we know whether or not this is significant? Ted sitting there, talking to his kids is the framework of the show, they needed something to build the show around, right?
    I’m not saying all those ideas are completely wrong but I think some people focus too much on mysteries that don’t exist and will end up being disappointed with the writers for not solving them.

    • Yeah, I’m with you. I think not revealing her name is just a way to make it more mysterious. I like calling her “The Mother” or “Mrs. Mosby” or Ted’s wife. I don’t care about a name, and I don’t think it’ll be anything special. Something short, pretty, sweet, maybe, but not something that’ll tell a whole grand story or be that deep.

      • It could be as simple as this, when you meet someone you usually give them your name.

        I was talking with Solo Today and we talked about this. She knows Ted and that he likes her things etc. She knows him from his teaching career and her old roommate. But Ted has not met her.

        Therefore we do not get to know her name yet. So the only mystery may be that when Ted meets her we do too.

      • I agree. Personally, I don’t want to know her name. To me she’ll always be The Mother, but I remember CB + CT saying we’ll find out her name

  15. I don’t know if this was ever a theory or has been discussed before, but what if the Mother’s name is Olive? I don’t think it really seems like her character’s name, but it would be cool to have it all turn back to the first episode about “The Olive Theory.” Ted loved Olives, sooo maybe haha. I randomly thought of this idea when SalmonKing said the only reason the writers would hide YM’s name would be to make viewers go “ahhhh now I get it!”
    But on the other hand, a woman named Olive who hates olives would kind of be odd.

  16. It was indeed Matthew Blitz and not Blauman who was waiting for his marriage to an unnamed guy be approved by NY state legislation. I suppose he could have been marrying Blauman, but if I remember right there was a picture of the couple and it wasn’t Blauman. Matthew Blitz has his own set of continuity errors, but that’s neither here nor there for this discussion.

    I laughed that Corina knew I would know. I guess you all DO know how crazy I am ;)

    Great review Corina. Ted’s speech also got me thinking.

  17. Pretty good episode. The blauman bits didn’t really do much for me, and the “I ___ that guy!” thing got annoying after a couple of times, but the Ted/Mother moments and the ending made up for it.

    The only thing that could have been better- am I the only one who thinks Victoria should have been on that list of resolutions? We got almost ALL of Ted’s big exes- but didn’t get an ending for the biggest and best one?

    • It didn’t cross my mind at the time, but now that you mentioned it, seems odd that she wasn’t included.

    • I’m assuming at this point that we will see another wave of “how they ended up” with more characters? I just wrote that sentence thinking there were many that we didn’t see but you’re right, Victoria is the glaring exception. Maybe he will cover a bunch of exes and mention Karen, Stella, and umm someone else? Natalie perhaps, just because they confused her story so much that we could use a solid clarification on what happened to her. I still want to know about everyone’s siblings so hopefully we will get further info!

      • We kind of already know Stella’s married and living with Tony the Wedding Bride screenwriter, and their daughter, in California, so I don’t know how important that is. And it would’ve been cool to know what happened with Victoria, but I don’t really care if we don’t.

        Would’ve loved if they had Nora and Kevin end up together, though, since SO many fans ship them together and have put that in fanfics. Would’ve been kinda cute if the writers knew about that, the same way they probably knew about The Captain and Becky shippers, and made it canon. *shrugs*

  18. Corina, my wife said not even on my Birthday. Think about the statement Lily said again. Go ahead, use your imagination. I think you now know what they meant. But if you want I can e mail you exactly what I am talking about.

    Think of the early episode with Barney locking the back door and his comment before that about Robin saying they should use the back door.

    • Ha Ha! I thought about commenting on this too but wasn’t for sure how graphic it could be or how to say it without being too graphic. Decided not to post because of it. I think you did a good job.

    • I was getting too analytical with it, like why is the tattoo only an issue from a certain position? But your response makes sense :) I remember back in “First Time in NY” Robin’s sister is discussing how she and her boyfriend Kyle have almost gone all the way already. Robin panics as Katie lists what her and Kyle have done but everyone else was listening and at one point Marshall nudges Lily and says see, even Kyle gets to do that! I always assumed that must be one of the few things even Lily wasn’t up for but I guess she is making a birthday exception now :)

    • Yeah, you nailed it. I thought it was fairly obvious, but maybe it is just my de-ranged view of the world

    • Reminds me of an episode of Rules of Engagement, where Russell (single) grins when Jeff (long-time married) mentions his “annual birthday gift” from his wife.

      Jeff has to clarify: “anNUal!”

  19. I loved that Ted did not Teddy out this time! I thought their first date was so adorable! Really looking forward to them meeting in “real time”.

  20. Does this mean that Lily and Marshall are now at the point where they only have sex a couple times a year?
    No, as I understand it, that means that Marshall is a sucker for doggy style, and Lily’s not, so that particular treat is something he only gets to enjoy on his birthday.

  21. Corina, can I just tell you that this:

    :So now everyone is conflicted about WTF to do regarding Blauman, so Judge Big Fudge steps in.”

    and this…

    “I don’t need every little detail of Blauman’s interpersonal relationships for the past 5+ years.”

    Made me laugh my ass off?

    Not only do you write really great, analytical, and detailed reviews that all die-hard fans can enjoy, but you make a lot of really great jokes and funny-sounding sentences. You’re hilarious, and I loved that!

  22. Slightly off topic, but am I the only one who did NOT enjoy Love in the Time of Cholera? I wanted to like it, because of Ted (and because of Serendipity) but I had to force myself to finish it. And so help me, there had better not be a parallel between Ted and what that guy does in the back seat of the car. Yuuuuck.

  23. ok…i just rewatched again and THE moment that saved it all and made everything (kids, wife, marriage, 9 seasons of a story and hopefully a porch with friends) possible. Right after YM saw Louis and ducked behind the van, she apologized to Ted and said:
    YM: “I am in the weirdest place on Earth right now.”
    THIS IS THE MOMENT. everything hinged on what Ted would say and how he would handle it. he could’ve gone 15 different directions, said 15 different things here….and nobody would’ve blamed him. nobody (fans excluded, i’m talking in his reality) would have claimed he Tedded-Out. his date (his 1st date) ducked with him behind a van to avoid an ex-boyfriend who proposed to her 4 days earlier! red flags waving everywhere…he could’ve politely walked away and the gang would’ve totally understood. he could have freaked out about how bad his luck is, he could’ve ran across down street and far away from her. a million things he could have done…but he didn’t.
    Ted did what the hero of any story does…the absolute correct response. he delivered a perfectly timed, truly funny (not the lobster-shellfish cornfest in Econ305) joke…a joke that so easily broke down the 50ft wall YM built just 5 seconds earlier. she was pushing him away due to her own fears and insecurities…any wrong step by Teddy Westside and that wall would remain standing (and maybe for quite sometime for the poor mother).
    Ted (deadpan delivery): “You’re in a Scottish-Mexican restaurant?”
    this saved it all. her only reaction was to chuckle…she didnt want to, she wanted to say “no” and push him away and not face her fear, but it was impossible after that line. out of her conscious control, she laughed and the wall crumbled hopelessly. she never stood a chance after that. to me, that is the exact moment where deep down, i think the mother new…fight all you want, but this guy, Ted Mosby, just might be something special.

    go back and watch that exchange between them…Josh and Cristin nail it so perfect, so subtle, but so perfect. for me, YM fell in love at that moment (Ted a few moments later during the “pause” moment.

    it truly was a beautiful moment.

    sorry for the ramble.

    • Don’t apologize! That was a great bit of insight. I concur: I bet looking back, YM would say that’s the moment she knew she’d won the lottery twice.

    • Clap Clap Clap, speaking of redeamable moments. That was a nice way to put it. That is also exactly what Corina, the Professor, Solo and I were discussing this week. This and the Good Night are exactly two places where Ted would have previously blown it.

      And from what we can tell the mother also. She has Tedded out a good bit over the last 9 seasons. She has baggage. We discussed that on “What is UP with Ted II”.

      The Mother and Ted both had to stop and re evaluate themselves. Ted slowed down and let the moments fix themselves. Ted had a better self image this time. Ted was more that just confident. Ted was ready for the moment. Ted just enjoyed being with her. I do remember Lily saying to Robin in Season One and again this year… let me paraphrase, just be with her already. She said it to Robin and Ted. Both times Lily was wrong, yet right.

      Ted finally got Universed in a good way.

  24. Maybe YM’s name is DJ! (Sorry salmonking, the full house connection is just circumstantial). Ted has always insisted a band is better, so it would be funny if The One ends up being a DJ. :)

    • that actually is really funny. well played.

      i will add that to my list of acceptable names:

      Michelle (Tanner)
      Kim (every female bass player)

    • Look at Corina’s list. There are a WHOLE lot of possibilities on her BLOG

    • If I remember correctly, In the episode Band or DJ, Ted is the one pushing for a DJ and even when Cindy and her partner suggest the mother’s band he asks if they know a good DJ.

      Now what I can’t remember is early on when Ted is describing his own wedding (I think it was an imaginary one, not the one with Stella), he says band there and something like “people will dance, I’m not worried about it)

      Oh and love in the time of cholera? more like don’t bother-a, amirgiht? (channeling what little I have of Robin). I’ve never read it, but the link Ross posted has me worried. It doesn’t sound like a happy ending. Perhaps the mother and her yellow umbrella are afraid of what people will think her jumping into a relationship with Ted so soon after (we’ve seen her hide from Louis like Ted did from Stella). And besides a lot of aunts and uncles and people thinking Ted is into guys (I’m looking at you Don and Blauman), I don’t see much in common, but I suppose I could always over analyze it if I wanted to.

      • I don’t care about the mother name as much as wanting to know the Hot Tub Story. V I C T O R I A, V I C T O R I A, from Game night at the Bar in Season 1. Robin chickened out with her slipped in poop story. So Victoria told about her most embarrassing moment: It involved a game of truth or dare, a squeeze bottle of marsh-mellow ice cream topping and the hot tub at her grandparents retirement community. Ted would not tell that story to his kids. He said NO WAY IN HELL. So yes I want to know that story.

      • @Proffessor

        In the Pilot episode Ted was planning his imaginary wedding whilst talking to Yasmin (the Lebanese girl) saying I want a band people will dance i’m not gonna worry about it.

        But in ‘Band or DJ’ Ted is determined to hire a DJ this is a contradiction but I think Ted was just using this to say its not fair that Barney gets Robin because she should be with him.

        Band = Barney (unreliable, seem cool, nice suits and well rehearsed moves)

        DJ – Ted (the opposite)

  25. Just a thought, but what if, somehow the mother and Robin are actually sisters? Which would make her really Aunt Robin.

  • The Mother