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Season 9, Episode 20: Daisy



Chris Elliot Returns as Lily’s Father Mickey

“Daisy” — Marshall enlists Ted and Barney to help him figure out where Lily went when she left in the middle of their fight, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 10 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Chris Elliot returns as Lily’s dad.


Corina’s Review:

So Mother lovers, how did you like that one? I thought it was a pretty solid episode. Let’s jump right in!

We begin with Robin’s mom explaining how she got to the wedding. She took a flight even though she is afraid of planes (one of the few things we knew about her prior to this episode). I assumed Tracy Ullman would deliver on whatever they threw at her and I was right. I particularly enjoyed how she totally lost it on the plane, but was then oh-so Canadian and polite in her apologies and general conversations with other passengers. Oh Canada.

Then we jump to the boy’s table downstairs, where Ted, Marshall, Barney, Ranjit, and Billy Zabka are all gathered for breakfast. The first thing we see is a little girl with dark hair in pigtails. Marshall seems to notice her, which got me to thinking. My first guess was that this was Carter Bays’ older daughter making a cameo? But she may just be a random adorable little girl.

There’s no mention of her, though, so I didn’t focus on that long. Important things were happening at the guy’s table, like Marshall wondering what changed Lily’s mind and Barney wondering if he can conquer the Saltine challenge. This is the sort of thing that initially makes me think gosh guys are so weird, and then I realize this Saltine business is funny and silly and totally something my actual guy friends – and I – would do. So I didn’t mind that bit of frivolity.

Lily calls Barney so that he can come meet Robin’s mom (still don’t know her name yet either, correct?) and Ted translates that he will be right up once he finishes his very important cracker challenge. But then Marshall gets to wondering…why did Lily just change her mind?

To us, it might seem like Lily changed her mind because of a reasoned conversation that she had with Marshall that night. But that conversation was entirely in Marshall’s head, so the mystery was actually still at large. Billy Zabka helpfully notes that he saw Lily at the Stop and Go (I don’t remember the correct name of the convenience store updated(EZ PIC) , and I don’t have time to watch again before work!) around 3 am. Everyone is totally comfortable with Billy’s story about how he was on his dirt bike in the parking lot in the middle of the night.

Anyway, this adds another layer to the Lily mystery. But then – a clue! Just what the Mosby Boys need to crack the case. Lily was in a car with the license plate “Ahoy”. The Captain! Marshall is more worried than ever, but he tries to put it aside for the sake of Barney and Robin’s wedding day. Barney asks if Marshall wants them to all just go over to The Captain’s house, punch him in the face, and then come back to the wedding.

This reminded me of an episode from the past that I can’t quite place. I think Ted was recently fired, and Marshall asks if they want to go down to the building (GNB building I think) and just pee on it a little, as revenge. Ted was happy because Marshall totally got him and what he needed. This week’s episode showed that Barney gets Marshall, and understood what he needed. Also Barney was down for some entertainment on his wedding day – challenge accepted!

When the whole gang of guys arrive, Marshall greets The Captain with a punch in the face. Ever the gentleman, though, The Captain invites them all inside. He promises that he did nothing inappropriate with Lily, and points to his fiancé as proof. It’s Boats Boats Boats Becky! This made me happy. I like that the show is giving us end game couples to count on. Yeah, Becky and The Captain aren’t key players, but I want everyone to end up happy. This is a good start.

It seems that The Captain has had a good influence on Becky’s style, as she now has darker hair and is a bit more poised and mature. Zoey was never right for him, but this match seems like it could really work. Marshall is not convinced, and he challenges The Cap’ to a duel with a pair of swords conveniently hung on his wall. Marshall even warns him that he has totally pretend fought with swords twice before. Them’s fightin’ words!

Before Marshall can make his move (he had plenty of time, but was clearly not all that prepared to actually joust), Ted stops him. The Mosby Boys have cracked the case! Unfortunately he took his damn sweet time getting to the big reveal. That whole scene annoyed me, because I’m a little tired of waiting for this show to reveal stuff. I assume that was the point, but it felt like overkill at that point. When we got back from the commercial break, Ted was still trying to draw the whole thing out.

Ted finally reveals that he noticed Billy Zabka was chewing gum. We flash back to earlier scenes from the weekend, where Ted notices Lily is (uncharacteristically) chewing gum. Ted puts together a pretty plausible explanation for Lily’s behavior this weekend – she’s back on the smokes. That’s why she had to get out of the car on the way there, that’s why she stopped at the convenience store, that’s why she was chewing gum, and that’s why she’s needed drinks nearly funneled into her mouth the past couple days. This aha! moment made sense, and it tied in as a callback to prior episodes. But it felt a little bit off…

When we see Ted’s version of Lily at the convenience store, it was very reminiscent of season one Lily back in Minnesota. In S1E9 “Belly Full of Turkey” she runs away from dinner to go buy a “knock up test”. Once my mind made that connection it couldn’t get away from it, and things started to add up. See, the smoking thing totally could have worked – had Ted not “solved” the mystery and come up with it himself. The Mosby Boys do not have a great track record, save for the one time they found someone’s retainer in the trash. So if Detective Ted determined that Lily is back on the cigarettes – well, she’s probably not.

Ted’s belabored explanation focuses around a potted plant – A DAISY – in The Captain’s bathroom. When Lily arrived at his house, she immediately asked to use the powder room. At this point in the story, Marshall is on board with the theory. It makes perfect sense to him that Lily would hide a cigarette butt in the soil, instead of throwing it away where someone could see it, or throwing it outside where it could destroy the environment. By the way, I don’t see Lily caring THAT much about the environment. If she had a cigarette I can absolutely see her littering with that thing to escape getting caught.

Anyway, Ted roots around in the dirt, determined to find the cigarette butt – but what does he pull out instead? A pregnancy test! We see the same flashback scenes, but now they make more sense. Lily needed the bathroom on the train so she could deal with morning sickness. Lily asked Linus to make all of her drinks nonalcoholic. Lily swore up and down that she could keep a secret, and it turns out she has been keeping a possibly big one this whole time. When Marshall confronted her about him, Marvin, and any future kids being consolation prizes in her life, she realized she had to find out for sure. I gots to know!

This is all obviously very exciting, but let’s get back to Robin for a few moments. Robin’s mom has been telling her all about how she knew that Robin’s dad was a bad bet for marriage. All of these red flags from her past just happen to line up exactly with Barney’s behavior, right down to being engaged to a stripper and having a gay black brother. Where is Robin’s gay black uncle at this wedding?! Robin is understandably freaking out by these revelations. No one really wants to acknowledge that they’re marrying a version of their mom or dad, and no one wants to be faced with a similar marriage ending in bitter divorce.

Sidenote – Robin’s mom has a British accent. Weird, right? I mean, the actress has an accent, but I never expected that the character would. If anything I was hoping for a super strong Canadian accent, but alas, no luck. I’m not focusing too much on all of the stories about Robin’s dad being just like Barney (or vice versa). It was an important plot point for explaining a lot about Robin’s pre-wedding freakout, but I didn’t enjoy the connections. It felt a little heavy handed to me.

Meanwhile, the guys are on their way back to the hotel after realizing that Lily is preggo. They burst into the room, and Marshall asks her right away. Lily tearfully explains that she told everyone she could keep a secret. Then I cried a little, because when Lily cries, I cry. Much like how when Ted pukes, The Mother pukes, I guess. I was just happy because both Lily and Marshall previously discussed wanting more kids, and it didn’t seem like things were headed in that direction. After last week I did think that perhaps Marv was an only child. The way the were drinking in the bar after sending him off to college felt like what you do when your only child is away at school, not just your first child. But I can work with that.

Robin and her mom go onto the balcony to give Lily and Marshall some privacy. We all know what is coming next – L and M get naked, and fast. We witness a good conversation where Robin’s mom explains that love and marriage is like flying. It seems so crazy, but if you have someone you can count on, it’s worth it. She asks if Robin has someone that she can depend on. Robin thinks, and responds that she does. I know some people believe she was thinking of Ted in that scene, but I believe she was only thinking of Barney.

Yes, he was unavailable to help her dig up the locket. But he has always been there for her, and the whole group, throughout all these years. Sometimes he pulls a superhero move and helps out without anyone realizing, but he does actually do good. When Robin told him that she couldn’t have kids, he was there to support her. When Lily went to San Francisco, Barney brought her back. When everyone was hungover and unable to make it through the day, Barney pumped them up with his pep talks and Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir. Some of these are little things, but they add up to a lot.

Ted has always been there for Robin in the ways that he thought were right – but Barney has been there for her in the ways that she actually needed. He has proven his love for her, and I’m happy that she is able to see this and take some measure of comfort (if only temporarily) from it.

Okay, back to Lily and Marshall. The second baby is what convinced Lily that they should stay in New York, but now Marshall says they have to go to Italy. He points out that Lily has given him his biggest dream by making these babies. That is a really fair point – particularly because we know that the Eriksen newborns come out the size of Thanksgiving turkeys, with big ol’ melon heads. Pushing out a couple of those will likely ruin tiny Lily’s body forever. But it’s worth it.

So then we see a scene that is titled as a year later. Based on the scenery, Marshall and Lily are in Rome. I was still hoping this was an elaborate ruse – like when Marshall decorated the windows so Lily could take a “trip” for her birthday. But it seems like they really are in Italy. They’re speaking Italian and talking about importing Funyuns from America. Seems legit. Then Mickey and Judy show up, and again, I like this end game couple. Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mom (her in particular) deserve to be happy, and this is the perfect outcome for them. They will spend so much time with their grandkids and be so happy!

We end with Marshall saying good morning to Marvin, and then greeting baby Daisy. Of course her name is Daisy! It pretty much had to be after all of that, but it was nice to get confirmation of it. I was glad that they specifically named her because I didn’t want anyone to jump onto a weird theory where they gave their baby to Ted and The Mother and somehow that’s how they got Penny. People have a lot of out there theories about Penny right now, and that could have fueled even more.

I didn’t expect The Mother’s name to be Daisy – seemed too easy for them to reveal it in an episode title – but I am glad it was someone’s name. Here’s the only other wrinkle…we can now consider last week’s episode in the context of Lily having a daughter. Some fans have already decided that Ted’s tears were because Lily may miss her daughter’s wedding – perhaps the death doesn’t have anything to do with Ted or The Mother directly? I have a hard time buying that idea, but it would be a major shock. (Major Shock – salute).

I have to dash off to the day job, but I will be following along in the comments all day. I can’t wait to read about what everyone thought!

Additional Thoughts from The Proffessor with two FFs

There are now only three more nights of new HIMYM episodes. Let that sink in now. Ok, time to think about tonight. I’ll start by saying the Saltine Challenge is a real thing. I’ve seen people at summer camp attempt it. Eating 6 saltines in one minute without any liquids. I believe I’ve seen it done, but I really don’t remember. In some ways, this is how I’ll think back on this episode.

I’m going to move away from the past formats of the reviews and be a little more free form. I have to say, with so little time left, this episode left me extremely frustrated. I imagine people will not be happy with this review since I plan to call it the episode of stretched out, contradictory stories. And each of the A, B, and C stories meets this criterion.

We have the Robin story, where we find out her mom actually did get on a plane even though we were told she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s here, but they stretched this story, and they have tied it together with all of Robin’s uncertainty about getting married. Robin Sr. dated a stripper before they got married, slept with a bunch of women, and all the other things we are just learning about him.

We have the Ted story. Not Ted with the mother mind you, but Ted as half of the Mosby Boys, failing to crack the case yet again. We know from Last Cigarette Ever that Lily’s last cigarette was when they decided to get pregnant (with Marvin), so all the time devoted to this story was a red herring, but we all knew it was a red herring. And we didn’t even get Velociraptor Lily as a callback in terms of being sick while pregnant. At least she didn’t get arrested for peeing in an alley this time. We see Becky and the Captain getting a happy ending, even though Barney is trying to remind everyone that Ted is again tied to the Captain’s love life.

We have the Marshall and Lily fight. So we learned where Lily went. Many fans theorized that it would be the captain and it would be her saying she can’t take the job. But it wasn’t even that. It was Lily using their bathroom and then leaving without explaining anything. And we see a year later that they are in Rome, with Marshall’s mom being with Lily’s dad still (does anyone else find that really creepy?). We know Marshall becomes a judge though, so how does this happen? This story had already been stretched far too long, it has now snapped for me. There are so few episodes left, I can’t believe they are taking the time to show them now going to Rome but again not explaining how it all works out. And Lily paid for the Kennedy drink package without alcohol. I’m starting to see why Linus agreed to this, because soda or tonic water is far cheaper than whatever drinks we though Lily was drinking. Now I don’t remember, but did anyone else sample any of Lily’s drinks this weekend?
Call backs: Sword fights, Mosby Boys, Boats, Boats, Boats, Becky, the Captain really liking boats, Barney’s art play, thank you Linus, PLEASE,

Further thoughts:
Robin and her mother at the end, in my opinion, is setting up Robin’s freak out that we’ve seen in flash forwards. I can imagine she’s going to tell Ted that he’s the one she can fly with, and hopefully Ted’s going to shut that down, showing that he’s over Robin, and get her down the aisle with Barney.

After last week’s eruption of speculation, it seems like we took a step back and added more confusion to the pot. I’m worried that we don’t have the ingredients for a kick ass soup of a finale, but rather leftovers re-purposed.

So what do you think? Am I being a Negative Nancy? What are you looking forward to seeing before the end? Is Robin ready to marry Barney, or is she thinking about how Ted’s always been there? How does Marshall keep his judgeship and the family manage to go to Rome?

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  1. Holy shit. My favorite episode. This one (Daisy) is a case study in perfect show-writing.

  2. Like…

    She said with a baby it made more sense to stay.

    But with two babies it makes more sense to go?!




    • People don’t always do the most sensible thing. Lilly didn’t decide to stay because it was the most sensible thing to do. Lilly decided to stay for Marshall and to show him that he is that important. The fact that it was the more sensible option allowed her to be at peace with the decision. Marshall, realizing that Lilly was really devoted to him and the family, decided that he was o.k. with moving to Italy for a year and putting his dream on hold. It isn’t really that ridiculous of a plot line.

    • I fully second Richard’s thought. It might be more rational to stay with one baby, but it’s love dictating going to Italy with two.

    • I thought it was a perfect ending- of course it would have been easier to not move or make a huge change. When Marshall said he and the kid(s) we’re just consolation prizes, she showed Marshall that he was important by giving up Italy. Marshall realized how much Lily does love him. We saw where she struggled with motherhood and keeping her own identity. I thought it was really beautiful and perfect that Marshall wanted her to have her dream, after all they’ve been through. And it would be awesome all around to live in Italy for a year (or two).

  3. Really ??? one of the last episodes of the whole season and still wasn’t a single mention about the mother.. how frustrating is that!!!!

    (of course the scenec with Ted solving the case were extraordinary but NOTHING ABOUT THE MOTHER???)

    • Ditto! I should be mostly pissed about that, but my main anger is Italy right now. But yeah. They’re seriously running out of time, and she wasn’t even in it.

      I feel so sorry for Cristin. This is ridiculous.

  4. they’re still going to italy? :/

  5. Haven’t read the review (mainly because it’s not written yet), nor any of the comments (mainly because I’m jumping them for the moment).
    In my humble opinion: great episode.
    Love that the captain got his hands on “Boats”. (And she did seem a little bit less … eh … shall we say “blond”.)
    Love how Ted was right being wrong, or if it was wrong being right. (Haven’t quite figured out which yet.)
    Love the whole double entendre(?) set-up with smoking/pregnancy test et al.
    All in all, a well structured episode with things going on on multiple levels and casting certain things in a new light.
    Last but not least, Lily and Marshall going to Italy, o, I see it coming, Hannibal Lecter in Venice! So we can look forward to a good final stretch of the show, with Lily and Marshall on their second baby, (and great play btw on Daisy, just missing a reference to Daisy Mae somewhere in there) Ted and YM getting connecting, Barney and Robin getting married, and Hannibal Lecter making his entrance as the Serial Killer.
    I’m thrilled about what’s coming.

  6. So Marshall will still become a judge although he go to italy?

    Btw, nice callbacks with the boats, boats, boats, sword fight, and billy zabka “Boo..!”. And little bit funny that Ranjit doesn’t have a driver license until now.

    And then, I am happy that Mosby Boys’ analysis about why Lily’s gone is not true because it will conflicted with Lily’s last cigarette story.

  7. So good! I love how they ended up going to Italy and a baby girl named Daisy! A solid episode.

  8. Oh man this episode was so adorable, and I definitely didn’t see that twist. I also loved how the Captain and Boats got together.

    What was weird to me though was that a few episodes back, Lily and Marshall got hammered at a bar after sending Marvin to college, but it didn’t make sense to me for them to be getting trashed with a 17-18 year old at home.

    And why is Robin’s mom British?

    (Also their Italian grammar was atrocious, but that’s not a huge deal.)

  9. When the name of the episode “Daisy” was announced, I told my husband there’s no way that would be the name of the Mother because it’s another flower name – like Lilly. I wish I had given more thought to the flower names connection and I might have had the whole episode figured out. :) There’s no way to predict the ending, the writers can take this story anywhere.

    I’m looking forward to finding out how Robin and the Mother meet and interact. I hope they get to it in the next episode. Overall I liked “Daisy”, but it would have been nice to see more flash forwards that included the Mother. It leaves me wondering if they are going to spend most of the finale filling us in completely on Ted and the Mother’s relationship, or letting us in on why they purposely have not given it more attention. I am content with the story focusing on the journey and the core 5 anyway.

  10. Probably the only episode this season that did not include the Mother that I loved.

    • Also, did anyone get the feeling or vibe that when Robins mom asked if she had someone who’d always be there for her (or something like that) she was thinking of Ted? I just feel that if she was thinking of Barney her reponse would’ve been different.

      I’ll probably need to watch again.

      • At least the one good thing to come from this (in my opinion, sorry, I’m just super mad) was telling us why Robin freaks out before the wedding. We saw in the beginning of season 8 in a flashforward that Robin freaks out, and while it could just be normal cold feet, I had a feeling it was something bigger. But her and Barney have been doing great this weekend, and I wondered what could’ve happened just a few hours later for her to be that scared. Now we know. Because her mom made Barney seem so similar to her father. That would scare anyone (would scare the crap out of me).

      • I did not think of Ted. I read the scene as Robin mentally perusing through her past memories of Barney and weighing him up, that’s why she seems hesitant and takes her time to answer. But she arrives to the (right) conclusion that, yes, Barney is right and dependable for her.
        Is there anyone who really believes that Barney won’t be there for her when push comes to shove?

        • I believe she did think of Ted and that’s why she hesitated and looked concerned about her answer. It makes sense too. Ted has been her emotional confidante and the one who has always been there for her, more than the rest of the gang. Think about all the emotional moments with Robin in the show, and almost all of them happen with Ted there. Robin has had dependency issues with Barney previously, shown in Something Old, so I think it fits.

  11. What did you guys think about how Lily has apparently not been drunk this whole time? Pregnancy brain I suppose?

  12. thanks for the Review Corina,

    I was going to say What Was good… The New Baby named Daisy.

    What Was not so Good… NO MOTHER

    Further Thoughts… Give us More Cristin Milioti and stop stalling already.

    Actually not a bad episode. I watched half of it. Sorry busy with Family and knew we had no major drama. But on further reflection the issue is to me Does Marshall Stay as a Judge and Then they all go to Rome after the new baby is born? Will the Captain wait a while. Or was that Rome thing just a trip instead of a one year move?

    Busy at work today so I will read the comments later.

  13. Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mum? Isn’t that kind of Statutory Incest? (Solo, where are you? Need some lawyer input here!)

    • I think even if Solo is out there lurking he may not reply to your message. At this point it would be fine if he jumped into the conversation.

      Second, I doubt he watched the episode last night. I think he may have had other plans. But keep trying Dolf!.

      Third, I think Robin’s I DO was to Barney. But she had a moment of remembering all the good things Ted did for her as a friend. Yes Barney would do anything for a BRO. That would include Robin as his Best BRO.

      Fourth, Professor Sent me his part of the review late last night and I totally forgot about it.

      Fifth, Corina had so little sleep last night and she still knocked out a great episode Review. I do appreciate the big effort to keep things going.

      Finally, I may have a little mid week post for everyone. I am trying to run something by Solo. Not that he is going to write it. But He did start this site with me and I still even with Corina and the Proff need some advice.

      • My call-out to Solo was rhetorical. I certainly wouldn’t expect him to read the comments if he doesn’t watch the show.
        Anyway, I’m certainly glad the site keeps running through until the very end, with or without Solo.

    • New York lawyer here…it’s perfectly fine, at least in NY State. I know a married couple in the exact situation….their kids were married and both lost their spouses. There’s no blood relation and that’s the basis for incest statutes, in whatever degree of relationship. These are just two unrelated people who happen to have children married to one another.

  14. BTW, want to remind everybody about season 3, episode 16 Sandcastle in the Sand.
    The end of that episode when Barney finds Robin crying in the bar …
    Yeah, I think it’s one of the big highlights of the whole series. And re-watching that … can anyone doubt that Barney really is right for Robin?

    (then on a side note, Robin shows Barney the video of Sandcastle in the Sand, but makes him promise never to mention it to anyone else. When did Robin Sparkles #2 become general (salute) knowledge in the group? Because, for sure, it has been mentioned afterwards in the series, and … Ted obviously knows about the video as he is telling us about it. I do not think Barney would break confidence and tell others about the video after promising not to do it.)

  15. I think there must be a reason they are not showing the mother more. I’m still of the sick/dead vibe, but maybe that’s what they want you think. I just think if they wanted us to love Ted and the mother together they would build their relationship. I don’t see them being able to do that now.

    I thought of Ted when she was thinking at the end. He has always been there for her, and pretty much every move he has ever made was for Robin. This whole series has been about how much he loves Robin.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The whole baby thing was awesome and I have to say I felt a little teary eyed.

  16. I was disappointed sorely with this episode. I’m taking the train to the end at the farhampton station, but my expectations have been lowered. After last week’s episode I expected a build toward more answers, and felt like instead they decided to revisit old story lines.

    • have to agree proffessor. A lot of people seem to have enjoyed it but my overall impression was “eh, whatever.” Parts of it made me laugh, but the are they going to italy are they not going to italy bit is very old and outstayed its welcome.

    • I think this kind of ties up Marshall and Lily I that this was the main reason behind this episode. It was easy to follow and I assume the next episode will be the wedding? Is this correct?

      • and why is this comment always getting pushed to the end? all NEW comments are going above this one…hmmm

      • Next episode is redacted and THEN redacted which I assume is the wedding. The finale is redacted split into two parts in one night, which I assume is about the meeting of The Mother and flash forwards of their life together. I HOPE.

        Athena, Web Host here. We still even at the end of the show are trying not to spoil others with episode titles. But if you want to talk about that feel free to do so on the spoiler page. But, yes that is correct on the episode titles.

        • First, I wanted to make sure the reply feature is working on the web site.

          Second, I wanted to thank you for the comment. This coming week we will have another build up to the wedding episode. We are very close.

          Third, They gave us a hint a few weeks ago of the possibility of a ring bear. I hope that is a cub.

          Fourth, the Professor or should I say Proffessor is working on a mid week post. He sent it in last night. I am holding it for Friday Night and weekend discussion.

          Finally, Corina has been doing reviews on the show Mixology on ABC. The third episode aired last night. The website is MIXOLOGYSHOW.COM

          It reminds me of Cheers a little in the setup but more of a modern fling atmosphere. Take a look at her site when you get a chance. She also has lots of stuff on about HIMYM and other shows.

        • Ohh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize we weren’t supposed to say titles. I was assuming everybody knew by this point, but you’re absolutely right. *zips mouth*

          • As I said Episode 22 looks like the actual wedding will begin. That is a spoiler but Everyone expects it to start then anyway. So Next week meaning Monday will be more of the same from last week. It gets real close to the start of the wedding service. I think it may touch on some of the season 7 and 8 clips we are all familiar with.

            I have only watched one spoiler clip extended. It was part of the one at the End of Daisy, if anyone watched it. But it explains why.

            I may have put it on the spoiler page already not sure. I have some information from Solo. He says Hi to everyone. Depending on how the series ends we may get to hear a last message about HIMYM from HIM. We are staying positive on the Mother in 2030.

            I hope no one dies before we get to 2030 and find out what is the real reason Ted is Telling this story to his kids. Why he started with meeting Robin etc.

            Then right after the Episode on March 31 is the new show or for short It will not be HIMYM but I think that show will be the one I follow.

            So then we will have a big BLOG WRAP up on HIMYM season 9. So get ready. Athena, so glad you have been participating on this site. Keep it up.

            And Corina, I did an update on the back end software of this site. We may want to do the same on the other ones. It fixed the Reply issue.

    • So part of my mid week post you covered already. But I will try to add some thoughts too it and let you have a go with what I was thinking about.

      I talked with Solo briefly today. He is of the same mind set as you. This left us little time to get out all the dips in the last few seasons.

      The writers are picking up on stories that I do not consider as important. They have done that all season so why not continue down that path.

      Still it was an enjoyable episode. It would have been great about Episode 8 or so for me. NOT as agreeable at 20. But glad about a little girl for Lily. She will be a few years older than Penny. So at least they will have each other.

  17. Am I the only who thinks that Barney is the one who got Robin’s Mom to fly in? What made her decide to fly down after she said she wasn’t going to? I also think Barney & Robin’s Mom are trolling Robin about why the marriage didn’t work out. Didn’t Robin & Loretta do someting similar to Barney? Barney has always been a step ahead & I can see him wanting mess with Robin a little bit before the wedding.

    • Good point! You might be on to something there.

    • That is a great possibility, but would also feel like a bit of a copout. Can’t anything be real conflict anymore without “Haha, it was a joke and its awesome!” It worked well in “The Bro Mitzvah” and “The Rehearsal Dinner” but a third time would really irritate me. We know that there’s real conflict that screws up the wedding day and gives Robin a serious freak out, so why can’t this just be it, and not a joke?

  18. There was only 1 drawback to this entire episode…and that is that there are only 4 episodes left and there was no Ted-YM stuff. that’s it. otherwise this was such a beautifully constructed episode. Tracey Ullman (the queen of over the top comedy) pulled back and played a very understated yet believable character as Robin’s mum. The Captain and Boats-Boats-Boats are a perfect couple. Barney was classic Swarley…including Ranjit and Bill Zapka just makes it so much funnier. The jokes all hit. the switcheroo was great and believable. If this episode was in season 5 or 6…we’d all look back at this one being one of the best we’ve ever seen in the entire series. it moved the story along (not everything has to be about the mother and Ted…there are 4 other main characters and this one finally wrapped up 2 of them in LAME).

    you can really tell when C&B are the lead writers and not some guest writers. every character fit and acted like the characters we’ve known and loved for 9 seasons. the heart in this epsiode was amazing.

    so i will get over that there was no Ted-YM in one of the final 5 episodes and look at as the LAME story needed wrapped up and they deserved an entire episode to do it. RoBarn will get the same justice. and then TED-YM will bring us downt he home stretch and finish it up. all 6 characters get their fair warp-up.

  19. I really enjoyed the episode but I sort of saw that twist coming. I really don’t get why people are upset that Lily and Marshall are going to Italy after all. We already know that Marshall will eventually have a successful career as a judge. This has been Lily’s dream and it’s not even a lifechanging one since they will only be gone for a year. It’s not perfect timing since Lily will be pregnant for most of that year but that only makes it more realistic.
    Also, I’m so glad that they gave us an explanation for the gum. That random conversation between Lily and Ted has been bugging me all season ;)

    • I think also, we shouldn’t discount the possibility that Marshall actually manages to combine a judgeship with a year in Italy. Would that be entirely unthinkable?

      • I thought about that too. Maybe they come up with something like Marshall can take a sabbatical before even properly starting, or after two month or something so go to Rome a little later.

    • It bugs me because:

      1) I thought it was already wrapped up in “Unpause” and the whole “do they or don’t they go to Rome” has gotten tiring

      2) I know all couples, especially once they have kids, start to lose touch with their friends and do their own thing, but as ridiculously close as these five are, the fact that they’re going to miss Barney/Robin’s first year of marriage, Ted and The Mother’s first year of dating, and their friends are going to miss the birth of Daisy is…odd.

      3) If Marshall could so easily take the judgeship while away or a year later why was it ever an issue to begin with??

      These are the main three reasons that drive me crazy that they couldn’t let Rome go.

  20. I am imagining Solo living up to his name sake. He took off in the Falcon with Chewie before the end, but he comes back just in time to save the day. I would be surprised if he doesn’t chime in at all, but maybe I’m just hoping he joins us.

    The judgeship was set up to be an either/or thing. The person who called to offer him the job said he couldn’t take a year off. And Lily’s dream was to live in Italy, not visit, so I’m still not sure what this does. And we saw Lily in the bar after Robin and Barney get back from their honeymoon, so they can’t be leaving right away.

    Are we finally going to be caught up where the season opening and closing teasers about who the groom and bride are? We’ve been waiting at least two years for resolution here. Time to stand and deliver.

  21. “This reminded me of an episode from the past that I can’t quite place. I think Ted was recently fired, and Marshall asks if they want to go down to the building (GNB building I think) and just pee on it a little, as revenge.” -> It’s ‘Wooooo!’ from season 4. ;-) Just watched it the other day so no, it’s not that I’m such a big fan I know that exactly. xD

    All in all… I liked the episode. And yeah the commercial break-waiting by Ted was a pain in the ass, but Barney called out what every viewer back home was thinking at the same time so that was worth it. And hey, it was a great build-up! :D

  22. Long time reader, first time poster….found this link online, to debunk all the ‘mother is going to die’ theories….sorry if this has already been posted:


    • She doesn’t deny anything. That’s crazy or that’s insane doesn’t mean anything. I’m not saying it happens but she in no way debunked it.

      I just find it very very odd she hasn’t been on it more. To me if she is alive and well and is Ted’s one true love why wouldn’t they put her into the show more?

      • That is a great question. The answer is simple. CB and CT both did not expect her to take so fast with the audience. By the time they got into shooting Season 9 it was too late.

        They admitted it was a mistake in the Question and Answer Reddit Session a few weeks ago. Corina has that in a post. It should still be viewable on the main page.

        So they also had a plan and some specific stories they wanted to introduce or finish up in the last half of the season. We thought they would continue to ramp up the Mother until the last episode. WRONG.

        This episode was good but I personally still missed seeing the mother along with many of you on this and other blogs.

        That is what finally broke it for all of us. So this season was very revealing in spurts about Ted, The Mother, and the rest of the group.

        No questions about it we got a lot of information that would not have happened without a season 9. But I say the black mark over all of the 9 years will come down to the point that after they introduced the mother, her talent was underutilized.

        So that we don’t go too negative. Let me say that the stories this season have been heavy on the humor. That was obviously the plan of the writers and producers. At times they knocked those scenes out.

        What I wanted is not relevant at this point. So to review this season 9 I would have to say it was Comedy Heavy.

        • I feel like the show can go in a million directions after Monday’s episode. How many of us saw Lilly being pregnant and that being the reason she ran off to the Captain’s house, or the reason why she initially told Marshall that they were going to stay in New York?

          We can all come up with our theories on what’s going to happen, or how it should happen, but more than likely, we’re all going to be way off.

        • I read this, too, but the idea that they wanted to “test the character/actress on the audience first” doesn’t make sense. They already searched for and cast the perfect actress for the role and were extremely excited about using her, were extremely excited about showing us her and Ted’s relationship through flash forwards, something they haven’t done NEARLY as much as they built up. We already got excited for her at the end of season 8. She didn’t need to be tested on the audience 2 or 3 times before they realized she was good and to keep using her. We didn’t just want to see Swarkles get married, LAME fight, and a bunch of callbacks this season. The big thing that was advertised and promoted the hell out of for this season was that we would Get. To Know. The Mother! That’s all they kept saying in articles, podcasts, TV promos. That’s what everyone was talking about! Cristin Milioti! We get to see Ted happy, Ted fall in love, the woman he’s been talking about that we can finally put a face, voice, and personality to. And they didn’t deliver that. She’s been in 9 episodes so far: 5 with Ted, 3 meeting other characters, and 1 with her back story. That’s not nearly as much as we deserved.

          All season I’ve been playfully mocking the “This season sucks, its all filler” crowd, because I like to be an optimist and enjoy what we get, not fret about what we don’t get. But this is ridiculous. They should’ve at least put her in every episode in the second half, and now we’re done to just three more weeks. And it can’t be fixed. This wonderful actress, this wonderful character, this wonderful part of the story that should be the focus, or at least the B story of the season, and she’s been tragically underused. Any episode she’s not in by this point, including this one, I will complain about, because its inexcusable.

          The rest was…cute. I liked the Lily reveal, and I liked the stuff with Robin’s mom, but…there could have been SOME way to fit Cristin in there. These writers are smart, but they just screwed up on this.

          Ohhh well. I’ll just do a lot of Ted/The Mother fanfiction when its over. What they did do was perfect, there just wasn’t nearly enough. I don’t just mean “That’s a sign of good writing, when its never enough.” No, I mean its near BAD writing that she hasn’t been in enough. Its bad. lol

          • This is why I stay in the mother is dead corner. It just doesn’t
            make any sense to not use her more. I’m not crazy about her because we haven’t gotten enough of her. I didn’t think they coiuld make me fall in love with her and Ted in one season much less a few episodes. Maybe they can do some stuff to make me like it more before it goes off.

  23. since we have some down time…I would like to revisit the topic of the Mothers name. we still do not know it. in my opinion, there has to be a reason why we don’t know it. If her name is Susan or Tara or Dawn of Jennifer…then there is no reason to keep it a secret for so long. Her name is going to have to have some level of meaning behind it, right? i mean, they aren’t going to end the series with them two on the train platform and it go like this:
    “Hi, I’m Ted”
    “Hi, I’m Lisa”
    That just makes no sense to have the name not have meaning after hiding it for so long.

    and this goes for a lot of theories out there…maybe they can say “Hi, I’m Tracey” and we all get a little chuckle and a few people shout “I told you so”…but there’s no deeper meaning behind that. same with the Kim theory (all female bass players are named Kim).

    I think the Marissa Heller ship has sailed due to YM age not being able to live in their apt ‘before” Marshall and Ted…she’d be like 16.

    I would think if they have waited this long to reveal the name, and they are planning on dropping it at the last minute, it has to hit us like a freight train and have immediate meaning.

    or the one other angle they could do is NEVER reveal her name…not sure why this would be, but maybe the point is that it is irrelevant or something.

    so any ideas?

    • Very good comments….I always figured it would just be Tracey, since he told them that stripper was their mother and that was her name. But I have no idea and if it isn’t you are right, what could it be and why wait this long?

      My memory isn’t real sharp right now. Was Stella the dating service girl or was it just a comment he said that let us know it wasn’t her? Sorry my mind isn’t working very well. :)

      • Stella was not the dating service girl (Milk episode). we never got to see the Love Solutions girl, but she has since been debunked due to her age…she was 28 in season 1 and as we saw in the 200th episode, the Mother was 21 in season 1. so that’s out.

        i never remotely bought into the Tracey theory and the reaction of the kids, because all of the kids footage used up until just recently was all shot early on (season 1 & 2 because they were afraid the kids would look too old after that)…and they just recycled the same footage and reaction shots over the first 8 seasons. it really meant nothing the way they reacted to the name Tracey.

    • I think her name could be either Leia (what would explain the baby girl’s name not being Leia) or even the name of someone we already know. Wild guess: What if her name is “Robin”?

  24. I’m getting the feeling that a lot of us are feeling the same way….like the show is running out of time yet there is so much more that needs to be answered, or that could have been answered in previous episodes this season.

    I thought that the first half of the season was somewhat of a wash. This is where I felt like the mother could have been better utilized. Granted, she had some flash forwards with Ted, and we saw her first interactions with Lilly, Barney and Marshall, but I felt like they could have done so much more with her. I understand that the show is called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and we’re supposed to be following Ted on his journey, but when there are episodes that aren’t cutting it, at least in my opinion, I feel like more could have been done.

    We still have a few important things unanswered. How will Robin and the Mother meet? Does the locket come back into play? What is the Mother’s name? What is the twist that the writer’s mentioned?

    I’m not sure how this week’s episode will play out. From the look of the previews, everyone in their wedding attire. But based on the 3/24 episode title, I’m guessing that’s when the actual wedding will take place. And I’m assuming that the finale will take place at Farhampton at the train station.

    Overall, I’m happy with what we’ve gotten so far this season, with a few bumps a long the way (mainly the first half of the season). I really hope that the series doesn’t end with Ted and the Mother standing face to face at the train station, with Ted saying, “Hi, my name is Ted.” And the Mother saying, “Hi, my name is _____.” And future Ted says, “And that kids, is how I met your mother.” (Fade to black). Again, I would feel like more could be done than just that. I’m not exactly sure how I want the show to end, but I hope it’s not like that. That seems too…..quick?

    What you wanting to see out of these last 3 episodes, and more specifically, the finale?

  • The Mother