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Season 9, Episode 19: Vesuvius


Lucy Hale Returns as Robin’s Sister Katie, Chris Kattan Returns as Jed Mosely,

And Jon Heder Guest Stars as Narshall

“Vesuvius” — On the morning of the wedding, Lily and Robin have a fight and Barney freaks out about which suit to wear. Meanwhile, the gang watches a movie Ted has forbidden them to see, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, March 3 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Lucy Hale returns as Robin’s sister Katie, Chris Kattan returns as Jed Mosely, and Jon Heder guest stars as Narshall.

Thank you for getting a review out so quickly, Corina.


Hi everyone! It’s Corina from CorinaWrites , and I’m here to be your friendly neighborhood episode summarizer. I purposely didn’t read any of the current comments before posting this, because there’s so much to process already. I will be chiming in with comments a bit later.

Okay, let’s get to it. We begin on a snowy night in 2024. Ted and The Mother are at the Farhampton Inn (because apparently that’s the only place they ever go to) sharing a quiet dinner. They discuss the snow, and Ted starts to tell her about all the most epic storms from his past: the road trip with Marshall, the night they took over the bar/Marshall had the marching band in the airport for Lily, the time in the suburbs when the neighbor kid stranded Marshall on the roof. Marshall is involved with snow debacles pretty often.

The Mother has already heard all of these stories, though. Ted concedes that maybe he’s just an old man, and they’re an old married couple who has heard every one of eachother’s stories before. It seems like it could be a sad moment, but they high five and are proud to have reached this point. This was my first inkling that something could be wrong…

It seemed like a sweet, inside joke type of thing. But then you start to wonder, why is that an accomplishment? Were they just excited to grow old together, or was there a reason that perhaps they wouldn’t get a chance to know all of one another’s stories?

Curtis stops by, because he still works there and has barely aged at all. Sure, why not. He mentions a lamp that was broken over the wedding weekend, and The Mother says she doesn’t know this story. Ted is excited to share a new adventure with her!

We jump back to the day of Robin’s wedding, where she is acting pretty un-bride-like. I just made that word up but it works, don’t you think? She’s playing an aggresive game of hockey, and her opponent is revealed to be little sister Katie! It’s nice seeing someone’s sister again, dang. I had a moment of respect for Lucy Hale in this episode; she’s honestly an amazing actress and I totally believed her in this role.

Lily gets upset because Robin isn’t freaking out about the wedding. Robin doesn’t want to girl talk or paint her nails; she wants to watch The Wedding Bride Too on TV. Shout out to the sequel! We know that The Wedding Bride 3 is in theaters when Ted first tells The Mother that he loves her, but thus far we hadn’t heard anything about the second movie. It was a nice callback that I appreciated.

One funny point – back in The Exploding Meatball Sub (S6E20), when Ted thinks Barney doesn’t have any good dirt on him, Barney proves him wrong with “the thermos”. Ted immediately caves. In tonight’s episode Robin mentions that she can’t wait to see Jed (The Wedding Bride version of Ted) “get his wiener out of that thermos”. It’s always nice when they give a nod to prior jokes, and this was a tiny mystery that is finally solved. For Jed’s sake let’s hope it’s not too tiny…

Anyway, Lily tries to shock Robin into bride mode by changing into her own wedding dress. She’s older, but damn, Lily still looks just as gorgeous all these years later. Good for her (both the actress and character)! Robin is still pretty chill, though, and Lily just gets pissed.

Meanwhile, Ted sees Barney sneaking into another room in the hotel. He is suspicious, and bribes Curtis to find out the name of the guest in that room. I got distracted a bit at this point and thought they were going to tell us the name of The Mother – did anyone else do that too? I was bummed when Curtis said “Susan Tups” because that does not sound like the right name at all.

When Ted goes to confront Barney about his cheating, though, he discovers a room full of suits. This isn’t the room of a Miss Susan Tups, it’s the room for Sue Tup. Suetup. Suit Up! Barney has hundreds of suits but can’t decide which one to wear. Tim Gunn has made him a special wedding suit, but it feels all wrong on him. There’s a really great moment where Ted encourages Barney to wear the special suit. When Barney first puts it on, the suit is comically ill-fitting. It looks like Barney is dressing up in his dad’s suit. It’s kinda sad because Barney never had that chance as a child and whoops no not going there don’t want to cry :)

Ted explains that Barney feels weird because all of this suit’s memories are ahead of it. He has Barney visualize Robin coming down the aisle, and you can see from Barney’s face that he is enchanted with his bride to be. It’s a very poignant moment that helps remind Barney that he has found The One. When we pan away from his face, the suit fits him perfectly, and he’s ready to pick from his rack of a thousand belts.

We jump back to 2024, and The Mother expresses concern. She doesn’t want Ted to be the man that always lives in the past – he needs to live for the future. This is another clue that things are not great at this point in the future, and it made me feel a little sick inside. I don’t want an unhappy ending and things seem to be shaping up in a bad way. When we flash back to the wedding morning, the whole group is in Robin’s room together, along with Katie.

Lily explains that she wants this moment to be special, because it might be the last time they’re all together. She spills about Ted moving to Chicago, but everyone already knows about that. She apparently pocket texted Marshall as Ted was telling her, so Marshall has known for a while. There wasn’t much made of Marshall’s life long best friend moving to another city with no warning, so I hope we get into that more in upcoming episodes. I would completely freak out if that happened with my best friend, and I’m sure Marshall has some real sadness buried inside.

There was another nice callback in there – it begins with Marshall’s character in The Wedding Bride. The movie version of him is named Narshall, and Ted takes to calling him that. Barney is thrilled until Ted tells him to calm down, Swarley. With that, Barney is back to being Swarles Barkley, Swarlos, and Swarlize Theron. I can’t even tell you how happy that made me!

Lily finally accepts that Robin just isn’t the type to have a wedding freak out moment. When Robin leaves to get ice, though, she sees a familiar face – her mom! I was not expecting Tracey Ullman to play this role, but I have complete faith that she will do a bang up job of it. When we go back to 2024, The Mother is not surprised by this “surprise ending” – and it’s not just because she has, in fact, already heard this story. She says of course she showed up, “what mother would miss her daughter’s wedding”?

This is when things really get rough, because Ted’s face gets really drawn and tight and you can see he is holding back tears. WHY IS HE CRYING?! This is what really drives home the point that something is not right. Theories start to criss cross at this point, and there are a couple ways that you can interpret this scene:

Ted is crying because they both know The Mother might miss Penny’s wedding someday

Ted is crying because they both know Ted might miss Penny’s wedding someday

Something more random like The Mother’s mom dying and not making it to her wedding with Ted, or Ted’s mom dying, etc.

The easy answer is that The Mother is dying. I haven’t put any weight into this theory, with the exception of a brief freak out after The Time Travelers episode. But damn, the evidence is not looking good. When Ted starts to cry, The Mother encourages him to focus on other things, and just be in the moment. She asks about another story (Barney and how he apparently stole that scuba suit) and we pan to the outside of the inn. Bob Dylan’s “If You See Her Say Hello” plays, and we see two deck chairs outside, covered in snow. Is this a bleak indicator of the “fronch porch test” gone horribly wrong?

Obviously this is a really sad and stressful scene. We have to ask if this is the big twist at the end, and if so, why is it being revealed now? Why give such obvious hints if the ending twist is, in fact, that The Mother is dead? Perhaps the twist is that Ted is dead, or dying.

Here’s my take – one of them is gravely ill as of 2024. They don’t know yet if they will survive. Later, when the danger has passed, Ted tells the kids the entire story. They wouldn’t need to know as kids what their parents struggled with, but as teenagers they are old enough to understand. They’re old enough to appreciate the story, more or less.

We have to remember that Thomas and Bays said the show would end with hope. Hope! I’m hoping that means they play up this element through the next couple episodes, and then we get a happy ending where everyone is a-ok.

Alright, let’s get to commenting. Thoughts, everyone?

I want to Introduce our Second Host the PROFFESSOR . He sent this in Tuesday Night.

Hello everyone. I’ve seen the episode twice and I’m still trying to make sense of it. Let’s dive right in. We open with the Farhampton Inn in 2024. I have to say, this place must be super special to Ted and the mother, because this is their fourth trip post Barney and Robin’s wedding (one year later, “not two years later” with the proposal, 2017 before/during Luke’s birth, and now 2024). Ted and the mother, trying to find one of their stories, get some help from front desk Curtis to something that happened before the wedding. We see Lily and Marshall talking about what the lead up to their wedding was like, which I appreciated, because I think we are in for a similar style of wedding in some ways (where lots of things go wrong). Ted’s trying to help Barney find the right suit to wear for the wedding, and Robin is playing hockey and watching the Wedding Bride Too. Robin seems completely unconcerned about the wedding, and doesn’t freak out even when Lily puts on a wedding dress. But I think Marshall is right, that Robin is totally going to wedding out all over the place. And we see that Barney’s uncertainty about the tie comes at least in part from Robin not being sure about the tie. This is confused right away by the revelation that Barney only brought one tie, when we’ve seen him in early flash forwards to the wedding contemplating different ties. Ted’s speech though, I’m hoping, is as much about his wedding with the mother as it is Barney and Robin’s wedding.

What was good:

The callbacks – Swarley! Curtis returns, Lily’s scrapbooking, the scuba suit from The Playbook, Katie Scherbatsky,

More information about the Wedding Bride Too (and the red cowboy boots, Jeanette why did you destroy them? He was pulling them off)

Setting up Robin “wedding out all over the place” (That is a great description Marshall). More on this later, but with not many episodes left, I’m glad we are seeing the beginning of a reason why she would need to see Ted shortly before the wedding.

Ted and the mother. I love their interaction, how she calls him on stuff like Ragamuffin, how she’s close to the gang and that’s how she knows some of his stories, the way they just seem happy together. I can totally see them being the kind of couple that celebrates being an old married couple. The mother loves Ted not despite of his stories but because of them, but her worry does raise questions. More on that later.

What was not good:

The callbacks – The Wedding Bride Too doesn’t give us much to the plot other than further embarrassment to Ted and a little to Narshall (at least Jed is a name). So Jed and Narshall are out to stop all weddings? The original Wedding Bride we got to see more of the story, and it lined up with Ted and Stella’s story. This just seems like a bunch of jokes about Ted mashed together.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Brad tackle the photographer at Lily and Marshall’s wedding and he left? So I guess they are the worst wedding photos ever because they weren’t professional?

Speaking of photographers, I thought just in the last episode they had to cancel Barney and Robin’s wedding pictures because Barney was still passed out. And that Robin’s dad was mad and kicked him in the junk. And now Lily wants to borrow the photographer? It seems Lily wanting to recreate her wedding could have happened last week, before they cancelled the photographer.

Barney says he only has one tie, but the flash forwards from 6.24, 7.1 and 7.24 clearly show more than one tie. 8.1 shows him going out the window to go home to get the cornflower blue tie, but he clearly has more than one tie at the wedding.

The gang acknowledges that they all know Ted is leaving (Lily somehow pocket texts, not dials, those words to Marshall?) but no one is trying to stop him? He’s let Robin go (we think) and Marshall and Lily aren’t going to Rome anymore. Surely they want him around. Aren’t those the reasons he was leaving? Maybe the Wedding Bride made me Ted sensitive, but they don’t seem to care much that he’s going.

Further reflection:

It seems to me that Robin has been holding back feelings. The locket was important to her and while it seemed that she moved past it, I think that was just swallowed up by the details of the weekend and then with finding out that her mother wasn’t coming to the wedding. Clearly mothers played an important role in tonight’s episode. I think Robin’s mother being there will make everything very real to Robin and she might even lose her Timbits a little. Speaking of Timbits, Katie Scherbatsky says that it isn’t their nature to get worked up over stuff like this. What I’m not sure about is how this applies to their parents. Robin Sr. seems to fit the mold, but Robin’s mother is an unknown. Will she be the reminder for Robin of her past that she at one pointed wanted all the stuff that comes with a wedding? I think she will, but I’m not sure how yet.

But of course the other “mother” that has the internet in an uproar is Ted’s line “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?”  and the tears he sheds after. The mother is supportive and quickly changes the subject. Also in the conversation between Ted and the mother is the talk of her saying that Pooh Bear (Teddy Westside Bear?) is the love of her life but she worries about him and doesn’t want him to live only in his stories, time only move forward (will the fact that Robin tells Lily you can go in any direction in Okay Awesome when they are talking about growing up play a role? I doubt it, but as I was typing this, that scene popped into my head).

Tie all of this into the narration of the flashback where they realize this is the last time they will be together and that when things are too intense to deal with you leave it unspoken and enjoy your time together and we have fans worried on one side that this could indeed spell the end of the mother, fans on another side that are feeling jubilant that they may have been proven right, and another side fans that don’t want to believe that the creators and writers are going to kill off the mother. There’s talk of misdirection, red herrings, I told you so’s, alternate theories of who missed whose wedding. The first time I saw it, I believed that the mother saw the hurt that Ted was feeling and wanted to change the subject. The second time, I saw more of Ted holding her hands, kissing her hands, and I started to wonder, is this really where the show is going?

I think we are left with the following options:

1. The mother is dying/has a terminal illness: This trip is a chance for them to spend time together and gives everyone enough time from her passing to when Ted is telling the story to soften the blow to the kids (and audience). Some believe this could pave the way to a Ted and Robin reunion.

2. Ted has fallen out of touch with his mother/Ted’s mother died: Ted seemed more broken up about a mother missing a daughter’s wedding than the mother did, but Ted, even with the middle name of Evelyn, is not a daughter, so it is hard for me to make sense of this choice.

3. The mother’s mother didn’t make it to their wedding/is dead: Ted was way more emotional than the mother was so I find this highly unlikely.

4. This is misdirection: The writers may want to foreshadow sad news to throw people off of what the ending will actually be. I’m hoping it is this one, but right now, I think it is fair to be undecided between 1 and 4.

So what do you think? Is the mother still around in 2030? What about Ted’s and the mother’s parents? Or will Robin’s mother die while in Farhampton?

Blog Housekeeping Note. Why do we have two new Regular Blog Hosts.

I have a message from Solo that we are going to share. First I want to thank him for so many great reviews and comments over the past couple of years. We together continued where JD and Jordan left off. Now Corina, and the Professor will be finishing out this HIMYM Journey.

But we do have two other websites and or for short. Corina is going to be the main host on both of those sites.

So here is the message from SOLO4114:

So.  It’s come to this.

I’ve always wanted to say that.  Thanks for indulging me.

Anyway, yeah, honestly…I think I’m done now.  After last night’s episode, I honestly don’t think I need or want to see any more of this show.  If this sounds overly dramatic, I don’t intend it to be.  This isn’t some ultimatum or challenge or demand.  It’s just me saying that I really do not enjoy the direction the show seems to be heading, and if they’re going where I think they’re going…I don’t think I want to go there with them.

This is more to do with my own attitudes about television shows and film franchises than anything else.  For me, a story isn’t “canon,” and isn’t firmly affixed in my brain until I see it in full.  Moreover, once I have seen it, I can’t unsee it.  I’ll forever have the ending (or beginning…thanks a bunch, Star Wars Prequels…) stuck in my mind, whereas if there is no end in my mind, I can imagine whatever I like.

The show seems to be strongly suggesting that the Mother is, indeed, dead in 2030, or is on death’s doorstep or whatever, at least based on the closing scene tonight.  I wish that weren’t true and that I could say my claims to the contrary in previous posts were accurate…but it’s looking a lot like I was wrong.  Short of something like “Oh, it was just a scare.  She made it through fine,” I’d bet she’s gone by 2025 or so.  Long enough that the kids would mostly be past it.

And that’s just not an ending I really want to see.  It’s a bit too melancholy for my tastes, and it’s not what I choose to spend my limited leisure time watching.  So, from this point on, I think I’m gonna turn over recap duties to someone else, because I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore.

It’s been a fun ride, the more so because I got to theorize and talk with you guys, but I just think that it’s not gonna end in a way I’m likely to enjoy, so…why bother irritating or frustrating myself by hanging on to the bitter end?  As this show is (perhaps unintentionally) making clear, life is too short to spend it watching TV that you don’t enjoy.

All that aside, I hope those who continue watching DO continue to enjoy the show, and I hope I end up looking like an idiot for predicting a disappointing end when they’ve just given me a legendary head fake.  If so, I’ll catch up after the fact.  If not, well, it’s been fun, and at least my Monday nights are free again now.

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  1. My dream for this episode would be that after the gang watches The Wedding Bride II, we get a long flashforward where, Future Ted says ‘You know I never really liked The Wedding Bride until after your mother and I went on our first date and we went to see The Wedding Bride III and we had a good laugh’.

    Cause we know Ted says I love you to her at the movie theather.
    I would really like to see a long version, including the first date that precedes this. That would really build their relationship.

    It would also be funny if the mother says I love you during the dinner, after which Ted says something like ‘Wow hold your horses, who says I love you on a first date? ‘

  2. So…that ending. That happened.

    I am not okay with this. Just…I haven’t cried at the show in awhile, but…I’m just gonna…lie down for awhile…yeah…

  3. It was something. Not sure what to say yet. Still digesting that one. I think that some are going to be very unhappy. Others like me will enjoy the parts we can and ignore the parts we don’t like.

    I liked the Narration from 2024 until that last little bit.

  4. What ????
    Really ????
    Ted & I are been waiting for his soulmate &&& be happy &&&& married
    I can’t take it …
    I’m sad

    • I know, right?!

      If it is true, what would be the POINT?! I thought they wanted it to have a happy ending. Sure, it has some serious and bittersweet themes at times, but to do this would really make me angry. I don’t see the point other than to get people crying and for shock value. No point. Not after getting to know her and love her. Not after everything Ted’s been through. I always dismissed those theories since there was no evidence for it, but after this episode it seems like a strong possibility. Nothing’s set in stone, and it could be a trick, but still a strong possibility. And I can’t take that!

  5. i cant stop myself from commenting, did everyone else get the sense that that mother, who still remains nameless, is dying?! like they teared up because robins mother came to her wedding and then idk, is that what everyone else got from that? i cant believe that, really heartbreaking if its true. really heartbreaking that there r only 4 episodes left in the series, its been a great run in my eyes

  6. can someone tell me why ted was crying??

  7. I cant believe they might do this… the signs are too obvious. Damn.. this show represented hope to me. Now what?

  8. BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD! I love it. I feel bad for Ted, but during the life of this show, Ted NEVER EVER gets what he’s deserved so why would he now, just like real life.

  9. there’s already a post about this episode on buzzfeed, which is probably a good thing; the series has been getting so little coverage lately. Once again Lily is freaking annoying, why can’t she accept that not all people’s weddings have to be like her and Marshall’s. So… 10 years into marriage and they have nothing left to say or tell? I don’t mean to sound like a bitch or something but these two are dorks. Why are they always spending their weekends at the same place? I don’t know what to say about the infamous factor to create all the controversy but the Mother’s dying was the last thing on my mind when I was trying to figure out why Ted was crying. We’ll see…

  10. I… Don’t know what to think anymore.

    I’ve always been completely opposed to the Dead Mother theory. HIMYM never had a problem dealing with tough issues, but this, in my opinion, would be too much. It’s a freaking sitcom, not a drama show.

    And now… I don’t know anymore. YM may be dead come 2030. We won’t know until 3.31.

    OR- and this was my first thought after watching last night, and again after rewatching it now- there’s more to this that we don’t know yet.

    Carter and Craig- as much as they may deny it- have surely heard at least SOME of the theories going round. The Dead Mother one’s been around for at least a few seasons if not more.

    Plus, they have said that the series finale is meant to give us hope. The mother being dead will NOT do that. At least not for me. I doubt they’ll go for a bitter ending like that.

    Is this another fakeout? Time will tell, but I seriously hope so.
    My guess is that YM’s mother missed Ted and YM’s wedding, and Ted tears up because he didn’t want to remind her of that. It’s the only logical explanation and I don’t want to believe she’s dead. Not after everything we- not only the fans, but also Penny, Luke, the gang and especially Ted- have been through.

  11. If the ending specifically is supposed to give the viewers hope, doesn’t that imply that something else has to happen to Ted and the Mother? Because they’re already together by the end, they have been together for years; their ‚happy ending‘ has already happened.
    There is nothing left to hope for.

    I hope they’re not going to kill of anyone, but between the Mother’s “What mother would miss her daughter’s wedding?” and Ted’s teary eyes, I don’t think there’s another explanation.
    Except, I don’t think Ted would tear up like this over YM’s mother missing their wedding, but CB&CT may have thought differently.

  12. I think I might have been the original or one of the original who thought the mother was dead or sick. This makes total sense to me, but they could spin it in 100′s of directions. He is telling them this long elaborate story and you never hear the mother speak or she never walks by or anything. There is a reason he is telling the kids this story.

    My original theory idea was that she was dead and that he would end up with Robin in the end. Now that Barney and Robin are getting married that could be out the window. They did make a pact if they were single at a certain point in their lives they’d get married. Part of me thinks that the pact has some significance. Barney may also pass away doing something awesome and the end up together.

    It could also be that Ted cried because his MIL missed their wedding and so it could just be something silly they threw in. This show has always had heart and funny. This is why I have always liked it. If she is dead this could be why they haven’t showed her more so they don’t build up too much of a relationship with viewers. They could have also showed her less and then made us think she is going to die, just to let it be something she survives or something silly. This will make some people, including me like her more.

  13. there is supposed to be some shock twist ending filled with hope and love etc … having the mother actually die with that huge bit thrown in there last night would be too easy. if the writers wanted that to be the huge twist I can’t see how they give it away with 4 episodes left. i’m now thinking it is something along the lines of she is definitely sick but gets better. at this point, who the heck knows

    • Guys, no need to jump through the hoops that are being dangled. Just keep walking past them.

      Ignore the Men CB/CT behind the curtain.

      So many other plausible reasons why TED would cry. Ted is a sensitive guy remember. That winter trip could be an anniversary of something that we have yet to see. That could be the reason Ted is there with the Mother.

      Yes it could be because the Mother is not going to make it to their regular May time frame. OR it could be an elaborate fake out for the audience.

      Hey Just to let everyone know the review will be a little later for this one. We are still working this one out. It may come out later today or tomorrow. Just and FYI

      Speculate away on what that really meant.

  14. Just wondering, why isn’t anyone suspecting that something happened to Ted’s mum and she couldn’t make the wedding? I can’t think of any episode off the top of my head right now where it is suggested that Ted’s mum is still alive in the future. This could have caused Ted’s reaction? Correct me if I’m wrong, sorry if I am but I really can’t remember at this moment.

    • I think it’s because YM said “What mother won’t attend their own DAUGHTER’S wedding?”.

      Although it could be that Ted’s mother died and missed Heather’s wedding, but I don’t think that would get such a reaction from Ted.

    • The specific comment was “what mom wouldn’t make it to her daughter’s wedding” … so unless it was his mom not making to his sister’s wedding i’m not sure she would be the reason he teared up.

    • Thanks for your replies. In regards to the “daughter” comment, I do agree with what you guys said, but it would make sense for Ted to be sad if it was his mum. Saying “what mom wouldn’t make it to her daughter’s wedding” does imply that a good parent would be there to witness this important moment in his/her child’s life, I don’t think the son/daughter part is really that important. The comment could have reminded Ted of his mum and caused his sadness.

      Then again maybe I’m just saying all this because I really don’t want to see The Mother dead…

      • exactly, this is what i said earlier about emotions being associative. It could very well just be that Ted’s mother passed away, and that is why he is tearing up, and the “attending the daughters wedding” part isn’t really significant.

        • The other thing to keep in mind is that if Ted’s mother did pass away and not come to their wedding, then the mother would have been more apologetic after she made her comment. Instead, she seemed more consoling as if it was going to be something that happens to them or someone they know. I don’t think they will kill off the mother, but I also do not think it was something that happened in the past. Just my two cents.

  15. This is the first episode I have actually believed that they might kill off the mother. Silly to get so wrapped up in pretend people, but I am down today after watching that episode. I hope it’s all a fake out, but find the modified theories of “he’s telling them while she’s in surgery” a bit too forced and sitcommy. I am hoping for more from the writers than a near death experience. Ted may be pathetic, but I really want him to have a long happy ending, not just 10-15 years.

    What bothers me is the timing. Ted is teary in winter 2024, but telling the kids the story in 2030.

    My gut is picking up on other clues, but not enough to have a sound theory for the last 4 episodes.

  16. I know that its not 100% confirmed or set in stone, and that it could just be a twist, but its the only thing that really makes sense in that context, in my opinion. I don’t think they were talking about her mother, as she probably would’ve been more upset than Ted, and the scene earlier about just leaving difficult issues unspoken and enjoying each other’s company…it really makes it sound like she’s dying, and they’re trying to make the most of their time together. I hope not, but anything else would feel really forced and silly.

  17. I would like to see them set up a thing where the mother seems like she might die but then the twist is she’s okay. I am worried we will think it’s the mother but the twist is that Ted isn’t okay. This episode stressed me out :)

    • This Episode had one call back that struck me right away when watching the Promo. Ted sitting in front of the Arcadian Hotel with Zoey when they first met.

      Old is always better… I can’t wait to be old.

      and A hot architecture nerd, that’s the dream.

      Ted was the opposite of Barney and Barney the opposite of Ted. Now they have kind of blended a little.

      That was my take from back then to now.

      So for the moment I am going to ignore the elephant in the room and talk about the rest of the episode.

      Again I loved that Ted and the Mother together Narrated the entire time. That was a very nice little give by the producers.

      We start to see Lily forcing yet another issue with one of her friends. Robin and Barney both freak out (we have seen it) in a few hours. But, what I do not get is the casting for Robin’s Mom.

      I could not see Ray wise with Tracy Ulman. So next week we will see how Robin interacts with her Mother. Will this keep things calm, or stir the pot again?

      Out of time for now. But I have a lot more to look over. Again Thank you Corina for such a quick turn around on this one. Everyone needs to help sort it out over this week. I do not think we are going to get an answer to the Mother question until the last Episodes.

  18. I have no idea how the ending will go, but after last night, I think the mother is definitely not dead at the end. I think it’s a red herring. The information was given too easily, and made almost too obvious, which isn’t the spirit of the show. I think it will be something more complicated- I just have no idea what. But the mother being dead- I don’t think so. I’m not drinking that kool-aid….

  19. I first thought that Ted’s mom wasn’t at their wedding, and then when the mother moved the subject along quickly I thought it can’t be her mom that wasn’t there because she didn’t seem that hurt, and then I was like Oh No, this is going to fuel the mother’s dead theories. I really hope that’s not the case.

    So the wedding bride too is about Jed trying to ban all weddings and snuggling with Narshall in the fiero? I love callbacks, but again I think we have an episode full of them just so the writers can be like “hey remember this awesome stuff?” and we get to think “yes that was awesome when it was actually thought through.”

    Lily wanting to recreate her wedding photos should have happened last episode, you know when the photographer was actually there. They made a big deal of cancelling the photographer when Barney couldn’t show up for photos 8 hours before the wedding. 8 HOURS before the wedding to take pictures? And they don’t have the photographer stick around for the wedding or the reception but Robin’s dad is out the money? It just makes no sense what so ever to me.

    So everyone knows Ted is leaving but no one really cares to talk him out of it? Another episode that barely moves the timeline forward at all. There are 4 weeks left. C’mon.

    The Swarley callback was awesome though. And I’m glad Robin’s mom is at the wedding.

    I thought we’ve seen Barney in a wedding flash forward debate between two ties, but at the end here he says he only has one? Sigh.

    There were awesome things about this episode, but so much that I didn’t like. I guess I have to hold out hope, but it sort of feels like the show’s mother isn’t showing up to this wedding that should have happened long ago.

    • I had asked the Professor to write the further thoughts more in depth section of the Episode Review. If he gets that together we will post it along with the Summary that Corina put up there. I hope by the end of the week between all of us and some help from twitter we get this Elephant is dead in the room theory thrown out.

    • I think you might want to look up the tie issue. I don’t think Barney actually has 2 ties (in the older episode) that he is trying to decide between. He has the tie that he is wearing and questions whether or not he chose the right one. I don’t think you ever actually see the other tie. So it doesn’t contradict this episode. I don’t have a great memory so I could be wrong, but if it bothers you enough I would suggest looking it up to be sure.

      • Yes the other tie is at home. That was why Marshall and Lily had a hold of him as he stuck a leg out the window. Ted had to run in and calm down the bride. So both of those freak outs are hinted at again here.

        Robin just said his corn flower blue tie would set off his eyes and he twitched because it was at home and he only brought one.

        • It has been a long time since I’ve seen that scene, but you are right Ross, he does try to climb out the window to get the tie.

          I did over react, but seriously, he has three hotel rooms for his suits, an entire rack of belts, but he brought a single tie? I mean how many times am I suspending belief here?

          • Don’t you see that your overly critical eye is the problem and not the show. Why do you have to suspend belief. It’s not like it is an impossibility. Each one of the 3 were actually used for a purpose. They each successfully served there purpose. The suits and the tie both were used as representations of feelings that Barney was sorting through, therefore the number is important. The suits represent the multitude of women he had sex with that didn’t really fit the occasion (being married) and Barney wanted them only because he was comfortable with them (being single). The new suit was representing marriage and how that makes Barney uncomfortable. Ted responds by telling Barney that the new suit will become just as comfortable once he puts it on and adjusts to it. The single tie obviously represents Barney’s choice of having only Robin for the rest of his life and how he questions whether it is the right choice or not. The multitude of belts was just for laughs and had no significance. So what is actually a great use of metaphor by the show you try to tear down because it doesn’t come across as believable to you because if a guy has that many suits and belts it is only right for him to have a multitude of ties. I mean really? You come across as someone that looks for things to be critical about rather than having genuine criticisms.

            • I think we all got that. The Proffessor with two ffs was being sarcastic as a way of showing the opposite.

            • Yes always liked the line about the one tie and never taking it off. Barney had to choose the right tie. The other tie was at home. The debate was did the other tie mean his single womanizing lifestyle or someone like Quinn or both. Is there someone else out there for Barney besides Robin. Was he settling for her over a chance to meet another girl that was better.

              That was why I liked the writers making him try out wearing just one tie. The Ducky tie. But it was not the right one. It was almost forced on him.

            • The writers want to portray the one tie as Robin, but I was in this instance, simply talking about Barney’s wardrobe. I have to admit, much of my criticism is based on the way I approach many things in life. I’m working on my dissertation. Structure and precision are important. This isn’t a side gig for these people, they are being paid well to produce and write the show. I have no problems holding them to high standards.

              1. I didn’t realize holding a different opinion than other people, especially about a TV show, constitutes a problem.

              2. Just because something isn’t impossible doesn’t mean it is probably or likely. We’ve seen Barney with all sorts of ties over the years. Hundreds of suits means different colors and shades, different shirts to wear with them with different colors and patterns. A wardrobe like his necessitates having multiple ties.

              3. “Each one of the 3 were actually used for a purpose.” Ok so now we are moving to a second layer of analysis, which is fine. But the stronger the grounding of the metaphor the more believable it is. Trying to build on Barney’s wardrobe in metaphors is on shaky ground for me because it makes no sense for Barney to have brought rooms full of suits to the wedding but only a single tie.

              So are the 3 you are referring to 1. Old suits, 2. New suit, 3. Tie?

              Because I would say the three are Suit, Belt, and Tie. You acknowledge the belts are only there for laughs and hold no significance, which further weakens the metaphor in my opinion.

              4. As I said in number 2, I do think it is more likely that a guy that owns hundreds of suits and dozens of belts would have more than one tie. The odds that he has many ties are far greater than him owning a single tie.

              5. So old suits represent the women Barney has been with? But Robin is a tie, not a suit? It seems like the writers are mixing metaphors. And the new suit is marriage? But the old suits were women or Barney’s experience with other women. Barney isn’t coming into this marriage without any prior experience. If they wanted significance to the suit, why not wear the one he wore when he proposed? He is always wearing suits; he has plenty of suits that represent the good times with Robin. Or make the suit Barney, and piece one together from the meaningful times in his life. Buttons from when he knew he loved Robin, the belt from when he first kissed her, the shoes he wore when they danced together at Punchy’s wedding (or if you don’t like that one, from the day that Lily made them define their relationship). My point is, I’ve thought about this for an hour, maybe, including reading and eating lunch. If I can do it, why can’t the writers make a more coherent metaphor?

              6. Oh and how messed up is it that Robin is the one who makes him question the choice of tie? How does that make sense in the metaphor?

              • The suit and tie things are 2 different metaphors from 2 different episodes. They don’t go together. It isn’t all one metaphor. The belts aren’t part of either metaphor. It was just written in for a laugh. It is simple as that. You think way too much about it.

                The suit metaphor is to set up Barney’s desire to be single because of how comfortable it is vs his desire to be married and how new and different/uncomfortable it may be to what he is used to. This metaphor doesn’t go with the tie metaphor.

                The tie metaphor is to set up whether or not Barney is making the right choice by choosing Robin over all the girls that he had/has to choose from. At the time it was perceived it was whether or not Robin was the right choice over Quinn.

                Your argument that a guy that brought that many suits and belts should also bring that many ties is just pointless drivel. Nobody says that he doesn’t have more ties to choose from than the 2. It is a possibility that he has 2 ties that he favors well above the others and he decided the one he brought worked best for the occasion. Once it is time to put it on, he starts to have doubts about his previous choice of tie, i.e. woman.

                You mistake Barney’s choosing of each garment as picking clothing that is special to him when the metaphors are about choosing what is right for him. Suits- being single vs. being married. Tie- Robin vs other girl(s). Thinking the 2 metaphors tie up into 1 metaphor is your mistake. They weren’t meant to be taken together.

                • I’ll admit that I over think everything like Ted, but your argument is that the writers are employing two clothing based metaphors at the same time. Aren’t they over thinking things?

                  How is logic drivel? Unless his tie is a cham a leon, it can’t go with multiple colors of suits, belts, shirts and shoes. Not to mention there is proof in 3 episodes, 6.24, 7.1, and 7.24 that Barney has multiple ties at the wedding.

                  I still don’t understand your argument. You said the old suits represent the women he’s slept with but his new suit represents marriage? Shouldn’t suits represent the same thing? My reasoning behind putting the suit together from old ones is that Barney isn’t a brand new person the day of his wedding. What he’s done is what led him here and made him the man he is now. If marriage is the suit, it should be made up of the aspects of his life that changed him to want to settle down and to choose Robin as the person to settle with. This seems simpler to me than mixing metaphors and saying there is only one tie when we’ve seen there is more than one.

                  • Enjoying the banter and logic etc. Loving the ideas. So originally Barney put on the suite to be a different person(Self Image). Then it was also to get back at the guy who took away his girlfriend and his care free life (Self Image). Correct me if I am wrong.

                    The ties have represented choices… not necessary specific women.

                    So the clothing, although in this episode equated to specific one night stands, also represent choices.

                    Lots of things have more than one specific meaning and, can be applied in multiple ways.

                    Today I choose clothing as a way of saying, Barney has to choose a life style. The New suite is not Robin. The Suite was made for Barney. It represents a good fit. I also like the idea that he was a kid in a big ill fitting suite. When he gets married he grows up into an adult (Self Image).

                    But keep it up guys. Just no mud throwing please. No Personal attacks. We each come from a different point of view and background. We see the same scene differently.

  20. I just want to say I really (really really) like Corina doing the wrap-up write-up. well done. i don’t feel angry after reading that. but enough abut that…Corina makes me feel like posting, so i will.

    upon viewing #1, i never even thought of the YM is Dead theory, i read it as Ted’s mom passed before their wedding and she did not get to see her son get married (i didnt think the gender of YMs comments mattered much). Then of course my Michelle Tanner brain kicked in and immediately related that YM mother’s died a long time ago…like in the 80s prior to a successful sitcom run in San Francisco. but that’s just me being silly and holding out hope.

    then i read some of the comments this morning and gave it a viewing #2, from the perspective of the YM is Dead theory…and it definitely did fit. but i think that is exactly the point here…C&B know the theories out there, they know what we are saying, they pay attention to us and sometimes pay homage and also sometimes like to mess with us (i still believe the Econ Serial Killer comment in #200 was a direct line to Dolf). so i think they carefully worded and directed this scene to lead us into giving credence to the YM is Dead idea. if you watch it “wanting” or “expecting” a certain outcome…you can direct your mind into believing almost anything. i think that is what is at play…i think C&B know what we are thinking and are laughing their butts off because we are chasing the cheese on this like a starved mouse.

    there are still 20 different possible scenarios for how it will all play out, but when we have it in our mind it’ll be a certain way, we can trick ourselves into thinking that is the only truth. I, for one, am very excited about the remaining episodes and think they are doing a great job building it up towards the final stretch. in the end, its a TV show and a TV show that is better than any other in its genre in a long long time.

  21. This may just be me being in denial, but I can’t bring myself to believe Ted or the mom is dead. Something about this is completely off. Since when has an episode title not made immidiate sence to you after watching? I can honestly not name one. I mean, I know Vesuvius a volcano, but I don’t really see an eruption anywhere…
    The only time I remember Vesiuvius being mentioned in the series is when Ted does the crossword, is very pleased with finding out it is Vesuvius and then discovers it doesn’t fit in the puzzle after all. He then says BOOYA like “you can’t beat me”. That is exactly how I think the writers are feeling whilst seeing the world going crazy over who is dying.

  22. Did anyone else think it was weird that no one reacted when Ted said “I watched it on the plane?” No one knows that Ted went to California to find the locket at Stellas, and to my knowledge, he hasn’t gone on any other planes lately.

    • Yes, I was thinking Ted may have told Robin on the beach walkabout while looking for Barney. But then I remember him not telling her everything. She had to pull some of that information out of him. So the locket was not fully explained. Therefore why should Ted have told about the Plane ride.

      If he told anyone it would have been Marshall.

      But as Ted said earlier if one knows everyone knows.

  23. Long time lurker, first time commenter…

    If the mother is really dead, then doesn’t it seem rather callous that the bulk of Ted’s story about how he met YM is actually about how he got over Robin to get to the point where he could be in the appropriate head space to meet the mother? “Here kids, let me tell you the story of I met your dead mother while barely mentioning your mother for eight years.”

    So, I’m thinking that perhaps Robin is dead. And the telling of the story is Ted’s tribute to her. (What’s the latest flash forward we’ve seen of Robin anyway? We know that Ted’s kids draw her pictures when they’re little, but beyond that… ?)

    The mother dying is the obvious interpretation of the tears, but then I would have issues with the entire set-up of the show. If it’s Robin dying, then… it’s tragic but kind of makes some dramatic sense.

    • Thanks for the comment! Welcome to our little slice of internet heaven! I thought long and hard about your theory about it being Robin who is dying, and I think if that was the case, Ted would have started to get emotional when talking about her. Instead, he was the most reactive when she said the thing about a mother missing the daughter’s wedding. I could be very wrong of course, but knowing emotional Ted, wouldn’t he have started tearing up when talking about her?

      My out of the box theory has to do with the dates that do not add up (in a traditional way) with their engagement and baby Penny. Maybe they adopted or something and the mother Ted is getting upset about is Penny’s birth mom. Do I really think this is the case? No, because Ted would not necessarily be as emotionally attached but its just a thought!

      Another out of the box theory which makes me too sad to think about is one of them has early Alzheimer’s. This was actually my first thought when Ted started saying “Oh, I forgot I told you that already”. But I don’t want to think about that theory, because like I said it makes me cry. I am in the camp that this episode was just a big red herring and even if something bad is happening, there is a happy ending. Because it is a sitcom. And I want to be happy damnit =)

  24. Tired of these flash backs and flash forwards and 9 years of continuous loneliness… I am off to The Walking Dead :)!

    • Funny, actually since this show is winding down we will loose some of the audience. But man this has been a great adventure so far so we are sticking it out until the end. Then we can make a decision on if it fits with our view of where the show should have gone.

      Last nights Episode was good. Lots of more revelations. Things that needed to get cleared up. Some things that had been on my mind.

      For instance, I knew Robin’s mom was going to make it. I knew that Ted was going to have a lot to think about during this episode. We choose the preview photo over a week ago for this episode because of that very point. Ted is reading Love in the Time of Cholera.

      If you still have not gone out and at least read the cliff notes or wiki page on that book you really should do so now. This is exactly where the producers have been leading us.

      The clues have always been there. They like to fool us, yes. But also they admitted in the AMA and on twitter that they may have also give us too much info around Christmas time and that they wanted to take some of the Mystery back and surprise us.

      • Isn’t the whole show based on Love in the Time of Cholera?

      • It’s been awhile since I’ve read the book, but I do see the overall themes in the show- different kinds of love, letting go of the illusion of love, fidelity, aging, and disease (actual and metaphorical). But I am missing the part about where it’s leading us? I know people are going to make the leap of certain characters and the ending. But that doesn’t make sense to me on many levels. To me, Ted and Robin ending up together misses the point of the book. Besides, Florentino seems to be equal parts Barney and Ted.

        • Very Very short version.

          Yes Love in the time of Cholera is a story about two people who care for each other but end up with different lives. Then one day they come back together and are staying on a boat together. They raise the flag for cholera so no one bothers them.

          So does this reference Ted and Robin. Robin gets married to Barney but ends up eventually available for Ted?

          Or like you just mentioned the general mood of the book.

          Funny story, I first looked at the book at my Lawyers office.

  25. It has always been obvious. So many clues to the fact that ted and robin eventually end up together. The mother has been dead a while and ted is telling this story to illustrate 1. How much he loved their mother and 2. How important robin has been in his life. Everything is connected…this has always been the planned ending. Bitter sweet indeed.

  26. Oh Snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Just got on netflix and watched the end of 6.24 Challenge Accepted and Barney absolutely has another tie in his hand.

    So I watched the beginning of 7.1 The Best Man and Barney has 2 ties on a chair besides the one he is wearing.

  27. After watching the most recent episode my partner has a theory about what could happen.

    There is little doubt from Ted’s reaction to the talk of mothers not missing their daughter’s weddings that the mother is terminally ill. She tells Ted not to be a person who lives in his stories, but that is what he has been doing for the length of the entire show.

    What if the mother has an illness that can be treated with organ transplant and Ted finds a way to be her donor. A congenital heart disorder would be a likely explanation, meaning she literally as well as figuratively had a broken heart when she was 21. That would explain why he’s living in his stories, because he is dead and cannot live any other way.

    Of course this doesn’t explain the children reacting to their dad, so it is a bit of a longshot, but it does provide the hope that the creators have been talking about in the twist ending.

    • Catbags…I actually like your thought process. Maybe if YM has a health issue that will eventually require some sort of transplant, and in 2024 they don’t have a donor match and all hope seems lost…but maybe they eventually find the perfect match…Robin. Which kind of brings the whole series full circle as to why we began the story with Robin in the first place. Fate dictates that the ultimate reason Ted hasn’t been able to rid Robin in his life hasn’t been for him…but rather for the real love of his life…The Mother. That would be a unique twist that gives us hope. And the series wraps up as the Mother is in surgery or about to go into surgery or even just coming out of a successful surgery. Nobody dies and Ted and YM live happily ever after thanks to Robin. just a thought, piggybacking on your concept.

      • Thanks SalmonKing,

        That would work out incredibly well, giving us the much talked about twist yet leaving us with hope. It’s in fact now the way I’d like it to end and it actually works.

        However, the only way I really see the writers playing it from here is how it’s been talked about so much since this episode, Mother dies, Barney and Robin don’t end well, Ted is explaining why Aunt Robin is going to be moving in.

  28. I am actually more intrigued than ever with how the show is going to end now. I have always been a hipster when it comes to any kind of television and cinema, so this latest twist has definitely got me wanting more.

    I would be disappointed if the whole Mother is nearly dead, but makes it thing pans out. I hate it, when shows do that. You have a bold idea, just roll with it. We already have seen the Italy move reversed, we are almost sure that Ted’s Chicago move will also be reversed, and now if they are doing another bait-and-switch on the Mother (I hate referring to her as YM, in fact I find abbreviations of any kind when not official to be derogatory) I personally won’t want it.

    So, moving to 2030. I would say the Mother is dead, and Ted is narrating the whole story to his kids because the next day he is about to get married in Farhampton. Is it with Robin? Who knows, but possibly could be. But, why then the over-elaborate detail of how he met their mother, you ask? Possibly, because he wants them to know that no matter how hard you think life has been, there is always a bright future awaiting you – and that’s the hope that Bays and Thomas are going for to end the show.

    So yeah!

    • I was talking with Solo yesterday. Neither of us signed on to watch a tragedy. Especially one where the protagonist dies. This is a sitcom not even a drama show.

      I am trying to remember the interviews around the time Marshall’s father passed away. I think that was a bold move at the time.

      Still I want to see Ted and the Mother with LAME sitting on the front porch together.

  29. It’s kinda funny (and also sad) how easily you guys are swayed: one episode that implies something we don’t know and BAM, all your “the Mother is not DEAD, people” and “Robin and Ted are NOT going to end together” vanish. There are many possible scenarious:
    1) Ted’s mom couldn’t make it to his sister’s wedding
    2) something’s up with Robin, she’s the main character of all Ted’s stories and this is why the Mother asks Ted to move forward
    3) the one you’re all afraid of
    I thought that if we ever got to see a glimpse into the future of the group, the most logical outcome would look like this: Lily and Marshall together, Barney married to a girl like Quinn aaand these two. Once again, never say never, I feel like they’re gonna tease us till the very end of the season…

    • I’m starting to lean toward’s your #2.

      In 2024 something is wrong with the mother … whatever it is robyn is able to help (transplant etc) and offers herself to be a donor. Complications arise during the procedure and robyn dies but the mother is now fine. In 2030 ted is telling his kids about what really happened to their aunt robyn.

      Fueling this idea in my head is that future ted always speaks in a somber tone when talking about robyn. Listen to the way he says she never became a pole vaulter or how he says she got to go do all the things she wanted to do.

      yes, the story is about how ted met the mother but also a memorial to one of his best friends.

      • True or not Steve, That would make a solid emotional ending to this series. It would still go against my idea of a SitCom. but that would be powerful.

        We could retain the love story of Ted and Robin and Ted and the Mother.

        It seems clear that someone close to Ted is gone in 2030 that involves a Mother Daughter and a wedding. So this last episode would fit with the line. What Mother would not… for Robin and Her Mother or Penny and her Mother.

  30. I’ve never posted here before, but I always come to read the discussion after each episode.

    Anyway, I managed to think up a almost-semi-maybe-plausible theory that involves death…..

    Either their daughter is critically ill around 2024, or they have had another child who died at some point (miscarriage?) during that time period.

    It probably doesn’t fit under even moderately-close scrutiny, but since every other death has been predicted, I thought I’d throw it in :)

    • Welcome and thanks for your participation. I was wondering if anyone from the show has been out on twitter trying to explain the Ted and Mother conversation.

      I took a brief look myself but could only find one reference that did not check out?

      I also found out the NPH and Cobie both came back onset to watch the final shoot before the show wrapped. They did the final scene of the Episode 3 days before that in the middle of the week. Then on the 28th when it was time to shoot the scenes For Ted and the Mother the other cast that had already wrapped came by to watch.

      Do not know when the final edits will be done. But I would say this week or next most of that will also be done for the final episode.

      No more rewrites, just a few digital edits would be my guess.

  31. Ok, sorry I’m late. It’s not because of the episode, but simply because I had to get up early the next day (I usually download and watch a couple of hours after it’s been aired in US, which means that I actually see it around 4 a.m. my time) and therefore couldn’t watch it until late yesterday and then I was simply to tired to comment.

    However, what really bums me out with this episode isn’t the episode, but the fact that solo call it the quits. That damn hurts. And I think he does it for nothing.

    What is one of the main characteristics of HIMYM? That we are getting set up and then the rug is pulled out from beneath us. Happens all the time. Already from the very pilot episode.
    I don’t think YM is dead. Granted, she might be dying at the point where she and Ted is having this conversation, but I don’t think so either.

    So, a couple of brief thoughts from me.

    1. As has been stated, YM being dead seems unlikely on the simple premise of the show actually being a sitcom

    2. There’s supposedly a surprise/twist ending to the show. The mother being dead would have been such a surprise/twist, but that option is gone now.

    3. Reportedly the reading of the final script brought Coby Smulders to tears and strong emotional reactions from the rest of the crew. How would YM being dead cause this, if we’re set up for it already now. Those tears would have flown from Smulders when she read the script to this episode, not the final one.

    4. If YM would be dead, what time frame are we talking about? I’m a bit unclear about whether they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary of meeting or being married. It can hardly be 10 year anniversary of meeting though, consider the weather, which is clearly winter and snow, while they meet at RoBarn’s wedding which is in the spring. So it ought to be their wedding anniversary. Which means that they high-5 each other “made it” at earliest, what? 2025? Ted is telling the story in 2030. I’m a little bit muddy on the dates, but if I recall right, Penny isn’t born until earliest 2015, and when the story is told to her she’s somewhere around 15 years of age, and the mother can at the utmost extreme not have been dead more than 5 years. Penny would have been 10+ years old when YM passed away, and should still have memories of YM that hasn’t gotten the patina of age yet. Penny’s attitude towards Ted’s story telling does not jive with that. (Same thing goes for Luke, although in lesser degree since he’s younger.)

    5. I believe the author’s themselves have denied death already in interview when the YM dead theory started floating around a couple of years ago. As writers, of course no-one can stop them from changing their minds, but … the end game has been set from the very beginning … which also leads to 6

    6. The end-game has been set all along. If there had been only one season and Victoria had been the mother, we would have seen the same end with Victoria that we’re now going to see with YM. Can anyone really envision Victoria dead as the end of season 1?

    7. What would be the natural mindset for a writer of this show? To throw out a big red herring. And how is that done? Well, you know that one of the prevalent theories are that YM is dead. The writers deny having followed the fan base discussions and don’t know about the YM Dead theories. Well, assuming that they are truthful in this matter (which is not all certain) they still do know about the theory since they were asked about it in the interview. (And can have gleaned more information afterwards.) That theory is a prime prospect for being a red herring. So what do you do as a writer? You create a subplot with all the right emotional triggers. Said subplot being revealed through a future conversation between Ted and YM. Then you carefully remove all references and remarks which clearly would go against the Dead Mother theory, while highlighting all ambiguous statements that can (and will) be interpreted in favor of the Dead Mother theory. We, who do lack the true context of course just walk into the trap. The author later reveal the right circumstances which were their from the beginning (not as a after-the-fact construction) and thereby the whole thing rings true at the same time as the red herring (or should I say dead herring) has been defused.

    8. Emotions are often associative rather than logical. Ted choking up at the mention of a mother missing her girl’s birthday is an associative response. Maybe his own mother didn’t come to their wedding, and she has just recently passed away when YM and Ted is having this conversation. Just as an example of one plausible explanation.

    And now I got invited to a dinner. So tada for now, as Hannibal Lecter would have said (and I hope it turns out that it is he that is the Serial Killer)

    • Thanks, Dolf. You actually are a calming effect Today. Congrats.

      You are slipping. On the other hand you are going contrary to the rest of the conversation so about the same effect.

      • eh, calming and slipping at the same time????

        Hope solo comes to his senses and returns. But that’s probably a forlorn hope, he’s after all a paragraph bender so there’s got to be something wrong with him, by default.

        • Talk with him every day. He is just done. Nothing more to say about it.

          • I understood that. It’s his decision. I respect that. It just saddens me.
            Btw (maybe I’ve asked before, apopologies in that case) do you two know each other outside of the HIMYM sphere?

            • We do not live in the same City so we do not go over to each others house and sit on the front steps and talk. But we do talk over the phone and online. We have lived in the same area before so have some common backgrounds.

              Dolf, I have never lived in Europe so can not compare personally. But I have been told that over here it is different. I have lived all across this country Lower 48 as we call it. North West, Washington State to South East Florida and South West to North East.

              Everywhere I go I find people I know or that know me through others. It is easy to move and make friends here. So in Europe to do that you would have to cross borders and cultures.

              Yet here we are talking about a show with people from all over the world. it is kind of a good time to live. When this show is over it will be like loosing hundreds of friends.

              • any thoughts on how the title of this episode fits in? i can’t make a connection

                • The only thing I can think of is that Lily is trying to get Robin to seem more into the wedding and Marshall says not to worry, that’s she going to wedding all over the place soon. My best guess is that Robin’s mother has set off an eruption for Robin and she will indeed wedding all over the place.

                • I think someone touched on it, but two theories- One is in the second episode of the season, Ted was doing a crossword puzzle. He said something like, “Vesuvius! Booyah! Oh wait. That doesn’t fit”. So take from that what you will… The other idea is that the creators had an inkling of how there fan base would “erupt” if they hinted the mother might be dead in the future. Which, has proven to be true- people are lighting up the boards, bringing out their pitchforks. :). There are tons of articles and discussion, much more than has been before.

    • 100% nailed it Dolf. Thanks for for bringing some sense and reason to the discussion. They would not reveal the “final” twist with 5 episodes left…the only way a twist works is to lead the audience down a certain path before revealing said twist.

      as for the Solo thing…no comment (which is a comment).

      but i’m sure I’ll continue to get the silent treatment here anyway…

      • are you getting the silent treatment? You’re one of the old-timers. I don’t know when I came into the community here, but I think we’re talking season 4 or 5, and if I’m not wrong you were in there already then. So, I’ve kind of more wondered where you’ve been. But I understand you and solo have been having a bit of a spat between you.
        I’d like to see you both back and active.

      • Hi SalmonKing! Just wanted to mention no silent treatment from me either! Been enjoying everyone’s comments including yours. =) Just don’t want to overthink this episode by writing all my thoughts down. I found that when I did that, I too would get negative and enjoyed the show less. Anyway, just wanted to say that like Dolf, I missed your input! Wish both you and Solo would come back and write often! Best wishes!

        • Thanks Kate and Dolf…I will be commenting from time to time for the remainder. as for the silent treatment…maybe i deserved it for my rant awhile back, no big deal. no comment is better than 12 paragraphs of ramble-fest…so i’ll accept my fate. i’ll try not to be negative, since that is pretty much what i was speaking out against…will try not to be hypocritical (ok, enough on that…queue green screen balloon of me and solo floating away).

          and yes, i have been around for a few years here, back in the JD days. i was the one who origianlly came up with the Full House Michelle Tanner Theory…which i still insist is still in play.

  32. I don’t buy the this show is a sitcom/comedy and they can’t do the mother being dead. This show has always had heart more than any other comedy show and they have always done stuff out of the box.

    They have had about 9 seasons of Ted loving Robin. This whole show has pretty much been about Ted’s love for Robin. They haven’t given us much time with the mother to me the reason is because she is dead. If she wasn’t why not spend more time letting the audience know her and fall in love with her.

    To me there is too much time invested in Ted/Robin to just throw the mother in your face and say this is the end. Of course me seeing Ted hurt made me like the mother more, so this might be what they are going for.

    It makes perfect sense thought that she would be dead. He’s telling his teenagers the story of how they met. Why wouldn’t they both be telling it, or why wouldn’t she speak or walk by? None of that has happened.

    I’m very interested in how they are going to end this. I hope it’s not a big disappointment. I had the dead mother theory before I ever knew anyone else did the best I remember. So I’ll stick with it. You guys can laugh and say I told you so. To me Robin is Ted’s one true love.

    • After all, no matter what Ted does it all keeps coming back to Robin. I don’t know whether it’s the authors’ f*ucking up or their intention, but I think we would have loved the Mother more, had we been shown more throughout the series. I know people who gave up on the show after the episode with Cindy cause they were really watching the series to find out the mother. Personally, I’ve never cared, not only because of the will they/ won’t they trick, but because of the laco of the Mother moments it never really felt like she would be there anyway. We’ve seen Ted and Robin going through so much that throwing Cristin for the last couple of episodes almost feels unfair. To me, the biggest mistake was not to include more of our lovely couple throughout the series, even if we never got to see her face. That way we would have been MORE intrigued, cause we would always want more. But the Mother has less screening time than Ranjit. Excusez-moi, mais c’est ridicule… Their relationship is too perfect, no fights, no arguments (preferably shown or at least told about in earlier seasons). Of course there’s no time to do that now. And this is the reason why Ted and the Mother sxcenes are so annoying. Why do people like Lily and Marshall? Cause there’s depth to their story. People know what they’ve been through and yet they managed to stay together. With Ted and the Mother it’s like a girlish cartoon with tons of “aww”s and “pooh bears”. I don’t know whether the authors just didn’t manage to create a beautiful story or if there was a reason to invest so much in Robin, but the latter seems more logical at this point

  33. What I find missing in the theory of the mother dying and Ted and Robin getting back together is how does the reunion happen? Are we to believe Barney dies, or they have a terrible marriage and split? I don’t see how Ted and Robin can get a happy ending without other sad things happening.

    • I agree Proffessor I had more faith in my theory until they announce Barney and Robin would get married. I could see them letting Barney die doing something awesome. Or him just not being the settling down type, but who knows. It may not happen, but if the mother is dead doesn’t he have to end up with Robin?

      She might be sick and survive or it might just be nothing at all and I read way too much into it.

    • Ted’s best friend is marrying the love of his life up to wedding date……doesn’t seem to stop barney being happy.

  34. If the Mother is dead then what explains how the kids acted in the pilot when Ted first said that he was going to tell them how he met their mother???

    They were acting annoyed and as if they didn’t care. “Are we being punished” and “Will this take a while” isn’t really the way two kids who lost their mother would act if they were being told a story about said mother.

    This show has been chalk full of red herrings, and the “Dead Mother” theory I honestly feel is just another one…

  35. 9. (didn’t get the chance to put that one in before) How I Met Your Dead Mother would put en effective end to spin-off How I Met Your Alive Father.

    So, the Dead Mother is a Dead Herring.

  36. My thought about the “mother missing her daughter’s wedding” quote is that it could be somehow involved with one of their kids, ie Penny. Maybe she was terminally ill at this point and that’s why they were happy to be away from the kids, as the hotel attendant said. Maybe there was a miscarriage or something early on?

  37. I posted this above in response to Kate, but wanted to post it again to get everyone’s take:

    Maybe Penney is Ted’s sister’s baby that they are raising because she died or something. Ted is sad becuase he knows his sister won’t get to be at her daughter’s wedidng.

    • he sure did kiss that baby in trilogy time like it was his and had on a wedding ring but hadn’t proposed to the mother yet ….. so i’d say anything is possible

      • See this is my Dilema with That statement, Steve. We do not know when Trilogy time was or when the baby was born that year.

        Solo, Corina, and I use to discuss this very point. Trilogy time was in the school year (fall) the first time and once during the summer fling of Barney and Robin.

        Ted usually goes with the Mother in say May to farhampton when they met first. But last week it was snow outside.

        So saying Ted had not proposed yet when he was holding the baby may not be true.

        Check out the Ted Timeline that Corina built on this Blog.

  38. i just want to say one thing:
    reading this blog since it was named have-you-met-ted…and it has been as entertaining and dramatic (first jd, now solo, you know what i mean) as any tv show.
    thank you for that :)

    • I am laughing, chuckling. I have lived it. kind of crazy what we all have done together for the sake of entertainment. Did not think of us as the show. But you are right. Glad we accomplished at least that. Perfect comment. Would be great to have ended on that.

      When this show is over I am sure solo will be back to write you all one last Post. If I can get JD and Jordan also to contribute I will. I keep in touch with them some too.

      • I’ve read the blog for years and posted on occasion. It’s hard to think about the show not being on anymore. I got married in August of 2005 right before the show started and I feel in love with it from episode one. Sure there has been episodes where I got frustrated and almost gave it up, but I couldn’t do it.

        I don’t see another show hooking me like this one has and being like this show. It was a terrific idea and I hope it ends and everyone is happy.

        Am I the only one that will very possibly cry when it ends? No matter how it ends I can’t see myself being sad that it’s over.

        I didn’t mention this, but when the name of the site changed I hadn’t found it for awhile. Or I wasn’t sure it was the same site, but I’m glad that here at the end I can end it with people that appreciate the show as much as I do.

        • Yes, it was a hard decision for solo and I to start the Ted-Mosby site instead of waiting for the HYMT site to be fixed yet again. But we think overall it was the best way to go.

          Anyway A MINOR SPOILER… CBS has a wedding count down clock. The date is March 24th. So the 22nd Episode is where the wedding will actually officially start per CBS. This may give us some time for a longer reception. I can only really remember seeing Marshall and Lily in the outdoor wedding and the ship wedding. Hey they got three weddings.

          Most of the time you just get the reception activity. Who knows this time they may have actually brought everyone together for part of an actual ceremony.

          We will have a good bye to HIMYM Post right before or right after the last Episode of the Series. As I said before we are leaving this site up for at least a year after the show. We can track the various major players as they go to other shows etc. Just a place where we can all come back and talk for the next year or so. Then after that we may fold some of the sites together but you should still be able to type in the address and it will take you there.

  39. Just to point out they could let us know what happened with the pineapple and it not mess with the continuity of the show. All they have to do is have a flashback and let us see Barney or another character doing something Ted doesn’t know about.

    In other words he could be like I never did find out about that pineapple after all these years, and then show the audience what happened.

    • Not to be too technical and I haven’t watched the episode in awhile, but I’m fairly certain narrator Ted says “They” never found out where the pineapple came from, but it was delicious.

      I couldn’t believe it wasn’t included in the quotes for the episode, but when I remembered that much of it and googled it, I finally got what I was looking for:

      “Oh, and we never found out where that pineapple came from, but it was delicious”

      So unless the mother is alive at the time of the story and is able to tell Ted where it came from, we’ll never know.

  40. In Vesuvius, Curtis is wearing the exact same suit and tie in both 2014 and 2024. Even if you explained the lack of aging thing with good genes, that doesn’t explain the exact same clothes. Thoughts?

  41. Just a small comment about the photographer: they said he was there for special wedding pictures with Robin’s family, right? We don’t see Loretta or James in any of those fake “Weekend at Barney’s” pictures only Robin’s dad and a few other people

    • Yup, I noticed that as well. And no John Lithgow as Jerry either. And you know why? They weren’t guests in the episode, these shots were filmed when the show was taped. Kinda weird, but it could mean that the final episode consists of little bits of footage filmed completely out of order all over the season to give it a feel everyone is attending the ceremony.

  42. I had two thoughts which are somewhat conflicting:

    1. This is absolutely horrible, but what if it’s Penny who’s sick/dying? Talk about sad….but all season long there’s been confusion about Penny…. her birthdate, whether her parents were married when she was born, whether they were engaged when she was born, etc. Narrator Ted has directly addressed Luke this season and we’re shown the night Luke was born, but it’s like a total blackout on everything surrounding Penny and her birth (save her name). I started thinking a few weeks ago that whatever the final twist is, it’s going to be something to do with Penny’s conception, birth etc. and if she’s having a health crisis in 2024 that would certainly explain the comment about mothers, daughters and weddings.

    2. Along those lines, but much more cheerful, there’s been a lot of speculation that Penny was born before Ted and the Mother were married or even engaged. Perhaps Ted is telling his kids this story because in 2030 he and the Mother are going to finally have the big wedding they didn’t get to have or didn’t want to have when Penny was born, and they’re planning to renew their vows at the Farhampton Inn, and Ted wants his kids to understand the depth of their parents’ love and the journey they’ve been on.

    Both theories spring from one of the deeper remaining mysteries…what’s up with those dates between 2013-2015 and all the discrepancies? We’ve been outright told there’s an explanation for it, and with four episodes left it’s hard to believe that explanation doesn’t tie in with the ending of the series and the final “twist.” I think Penny is the key.

  43. Guys this is a spoiler link. So it was from an interview with the actress that plays the Mother. IT IS about the beautiful ending of HIMYM. So sit back and enjoy the show for the next few weeks. But if you really have to know I am going to put the link at the end of this comment. I am going to make you have to cut and past it from this page. But on the Spoiler Page it is a live link.

    http:// .com/live-feed/video-how-i-met-your-686668

  • The Mother