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Season 9, Episode 18: Rally

Ray Wise Returns as Robin’s Father

“Rally” — When Barney suffers from the world’s worst hangover the morning of his wedding, the gang tries to figure out the far-fetched ingredients to concoct the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir, on the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 24 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


So, that was a pretty good episode!  I wasn’t really expecting anything too serious, and the show gave me what I was expecting, but that was ok.  After the previous episode, I think we needed something a little lighter.  Anyway, on with the full recap.

What Was Good

Well, I LOVED the flashes forward, especially those with the Mother.  I love seeing how she and Ted seem so much in love, even after being together for a while.  Robin also looked KILLER in the red dress in Argentina in 2016.  Perhaps that’s how she winds up a bullfighter?  Also, I got a kick out of how Marshall lost his hair and the callback to his and Lily’s “old” look.  AND nice to see that this was apparently just a phase for Lily, who wound up looking more like herself when dropping off her son at college.  All great stuff.

I enjoyed how the secret ingredient in Barney’s hangover fixer elixir was, in the end, love.  It wasn’t the lies.  It was the love.  See, now THAT’S how you do a real “aww.”  It was great to see how they all were at low moments and Barney got them back on the horse.  Good stuff.  The Weekend at Barney’s was a nice touch, as well, even if it was actually fake.

The bit with Robin and Lily kissing, and the role-reversal involved was pretty funny, too.  I just hope they don’t revisit it.  It’s not the kind of joke that really needs to be revisited in the rest of this season.  And the explanation for the Big Fudge nickname was cute.  I think eating 8 lbs of fudge in 12 minutes would warrant such a nickname, and it’s nice to see it wasn’t entirely self-appointed.

Oh, and Marshall’s drunk Commissioner Gordon was pretty funny, too.  And after this winter, I would totally use the Bat-signal to get Batman to shovel my damn walk.

But I digress.

What Was Not As Good

I wasn’t loving the framing for this episode, with Barney just passed-out drunk.  I kinda felt like the way they used that to set up the flash-forwards was a little…weak, even if the flash-forwards themselves were good.  Something just seemed a little too hasty about it.  Not sure if I’m really describing it that well, though.

Also on the subject of Barney, the thing with him saying that the wedding wouldn’t be as great as Weekend at Barney’s…that was a little lame.  I know he has moments of acting like a 2-year-old, but come on man.

In a similar vein, I’m about done with Pathetic Ted.  Douchey Ted, which is really just “Pretentious Ted” or “Esoteric Fancy Interests Ted” is ok.  But when they make Ted the butt of the joke, like his mom telling him he was allergic to not saying thank you and Halloween candy, or the thing with the balloon best friend from before or whathaveyou, it just isn’t funny anymore.  I never really found it all that funny to begin with, but now it’s just…tired.  Uninspired.  Plus Ted’s been through a LOT of crap.  Isn’t it about time — especially this close to the end of the show — that we finally start moving on from treating him like a sad sack?

Further Thoughts

As I said above, I wasn’t expecting a particularly meaningful episode this go-around. Just a bit of fun, with some fun flash forwards.  And that was exactly what I got.  I realize that it may seem as if I want HIMYM to be basically a dramedy or just a straight-up drama, but I don’t.  I appreciate episodes like this which strike a good balance between harmless fun and a little bit of substance.  Particularly when they follow hot on the heels of two of the most important episodes in the entire show.   It’s not always gonna be high drama and emotional impact.  You need a little breathing room.

Still, I find myself repeatedly saying “Why couldn’t the FIRST half of the season have been like this?  Why did it have to be so damn lame?”  Was Marshall’s presence SO integral to the story that the writers couldn’t do anything of substance without him there?  I know the creators have said they wanted season 9 to be “all rise, no fall,” and they’ve mostly delivered, but that’s because the first half of the season was so weak that there was nowhere to go but up.  But hey, it’s nice to actually be going up, finally!  Really, though, to my way of thinking, THIS is what much of Season 9 should have been like: funny, but with some heart, and some substance featuring Ted and the Mother (and the rest of the gang) in the future.

Oh!  And we got a bit of a glimpse into the “Mother Solves Poverty” thing where she is apparently an author in the future.  What she’s writing?  No idea, but hey, maybe she gets nominated for a Nobel (not Bro-bel) Prize for economics or something.

Other than that, not tons to say about this episode.  It doesn’t shed light on any of the major remaining “mysteries,” but I think it did a nice job of bringing back the fun vibe of the show that was missing in the first half.  I’d bet our next episode plays out similarly, followed by some more serious stuff, but I guess we’ll see.


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M I X O L O G Y Show Series Premiere Wednesday 2/26/14 about One bar, One night, Ten single people . Welcome to Mix.

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  1. What’s up with the media blackout on this episode. The promo is just old footage, no sneak peek.
    Bays and Thomas haven’t said anything on twitter about this one, SpoilerTv has nothing.

    The premise and promo pics look and sound like this is going to be the most filler and / or worst episode ever.
    If I hadn’t read the AMA Bays and Thomas did recently in which they said some interesting stuff about this episode, I really wouldn’t have looked forward to this one.

  2. I usually don’t bother with the previews, since the almost always focus on Barney, and the episodes often aren’t really about him. Not sure why they waited til just recently to run these, unless they figured nobody would watch ‘em because of the Olympics being on.

    Anyway, I should be able to watch tonight and get a recap up tomorrow relatively early. Stay tuned, kids!

  3. Uhum, Barney and Robin is having a kid! They woke up in a room having a baby, just turned out it was the wrong baby, not wrong that it was a baby.
    Or anyone thinking anything else?

    • Oh yeah, they are definetely having a kid. I think that will be one of the big plit twists. As I have said before I think they might conceive while in Farhampton which will line up with Robins last cigarette ever being in june 2013, probably right before she finds out she’s pregnant.

      • I may be misremembering, but I thought that they said “Since when do we have a baby?!” after they had the “Ugh, every time…” reaction.

        Also, Symphony of Illumination pretty much put the nail in the coffin for Robin having kids. As I recall, Future Ted said “She never did have kids, but she loved you guys” or something like that.

        • If I am not mistaken what they say in Symphony of illumination is that she was never alone and she was never a pole vaulter.

          Also, in the hotelroom they say “whose baby is this” which doesn’t mean they don’t have a kid, just that they don’t know whose it is.

  4. Why couldn’t they make the whole season like this? Sweet and funny? Ted and Marshall’s interaction was so heartwarming and ijustcan’t, it’s just as good as The Perfect Cocktail and P.S I love you :) and aww, Ted finally found “her”)

  5. Well people can’t say the mother is perfect anymore ;)

    But seriously, what a waste of time. Barney again comes off like a saint and everyone else are jerks for lying to him about something he loves.

    So the mother writes a book about poverty? I’m glad they brought the subject up again because it seemed like they only said it to get her into Econ 305.

    I’ll take anything with the mother, but I feel like the momentum is gone. Sigh. I want to love it.

    • From the previews I think next week will be about the same level as we have today. I do expect a little more mother each episode on the way out. But I was not in the writers room.

      We do have a steady every Monday in March through the two part Final Episode. I will try to get some photos from this episode out the door.

      We did get to see College Marvin and Big Fudge the Big Judge. So that was finished. His story is basically over. I still want to see where Lily went Saturday Night. And what she does for a job going forward into the future.

      That will be a wrap on both of them at that time.

    • As I touched on in the recap, I thought it was good. I think we’re at a point where you can sort of view the remaining episodes in one of two ways.

      You can choose to demand perfection, or you can take them on their own merits. I’m at a point where the better episodes of the second half of the season have built up enough good will with me again that I’m willing to take them on their own merits, but I certainly understand folks who want big, meaningful episodes that hit hard (but are also funny) for all of the remaining episodes. There’s still a lot to cover.

      Realistically, though, I don’t think that’s what the show has ever been, nor what it will be in the remaining episodes. Even in the episodes that had heavy moments, there was always plenty of comedy. And while there’s definitely ground to cover…I’m not entirely sure we have any major heavy stuff left, other than Robin’s own jitters and, perhaps, the reveal on why Lily came back and who was driving the car/who she called.

      Outside of that, the other stuff isn’t what I’d call “heavy,” necessarily. Like, the explanation of the timeline with Penny’s birth and Ted’s proposal/wedding, whatever this “plot twist” is, the reason for sitting the kids down now, and Ted meeting the mother. These are (or at least can be) more uplifting and joyful, rather than heavy “We need to talk” moments.

      My guess, though, is that those moments will be more spaced out across multiple episodes, rather than given single episodes of their own. There’s still all the remaining logistical stuff to have happen at the wedding. Ted hurt his hand punching Darren a few hours ago, but it still isn’t bandaged (which calls into question why the bandage goes on at all and whether that really IS how he hurt his hand), we still have to have the bride and groom each freak out about the wedding, we still have to have Ted try to talk them down, there’s still one more slap, we still have to have Ted and Marshall sitting outside talking (that’s gonna be weird, considering how much weight Jason has lost and how they both look THREE YEARS OLDER now), etc.

      So I’d bet we’ll still get glimpses of these bigger future moments and explanations, but they’ll be scattered throughout the remaining 5 episodes. They won’t all be the focus of a single episode.

      • UPDated Some Photos for the Mosby Family

        For That alone I give this Episode and A . It started with Ted and the Mother so Plus for that. Then the kids at age 5 and 7. Wow that was a great Lie Ted. Glad you can still do that with a straight face.

        We may or may not see that last slap happen during the wedding time we have left.

        Sorry but I still am going with that is why Ted hurt his hand. You can do something else to tweak it. But it would play better if Ted would wince in pain once in a while.

        The timeline with the Kids is the twist at the end!! Just throwing that one out there as an example. I have not really thought that one out. Don’t really care. We have discussed that a few times.

        This episode was over very fast for me. this season they seem to drag. Last night I was like… over already. It was obvious when they came back to Ted and the Mother. I like that keep it going but throw one more scene at least of Ted and the Mother in Next week.

  6. Spoiler, obviously, but I guess no more kids for Lily and Marshall? I know she originally wanted at least 2 and he wanted what, like 6? But of course those ideas can change once you actually have a baby. I always liked the idea of them and Ted/The Mother having a whole group of little ones as their next generation.

    I don’t see any possible way for Robin to become a mother – “she never did become a pole vaulter” but I would be glad if it happened in a somehow feasable way. Just not sure what way it could be.

    I was hoping this episode would resolve theories about people being dead but it didn’t quite do that.

    Ross, I just can’t get on board with that being the way that Ted hurts his hand. Maybe that caused some initial pain and then a subsequent event is what tipped it over the edge, requiring a bandage? There’s just no reason why his hand would be seemingly fine now but then bandaged for after the wedding.

    If it’s just some oops I didn’t realize it hurt so bad even though I was shoveling bacon into my mouth I will be annoyed.

    • Re: Marvin being Marshall and Lily’s only kid — I don’t know that we can say that for certain. Who’s to say that they don’t have additional kids who stayed with Grandma in Minnesota or were at camp or with Grandpa Mickey for the weekend or something? There’s no reason why the younger kids would come to college to move their oldest brother in.

      Re: the hand…yeah, they really have dropped the ball on that one. If that’s how Ted hurts his hand, then how is it that he’s able to juggle sodas with Marshall? And why hasn’t he been wincing more when using it, or whatever? I think it was just sloppy on their part.

      For that matter, there’s really no reason why he’d have a bandage on his hand for punching a guy, unless he broke a knuckle or something, maybe. Still, I’d be more expecting to see a splint on his finger than a bandaged hand. To me, a bandage implies a cut, and so far…no cut. Yet, the producers apparently said that Ted punching Darren was how he hurt his hand, so…who knows.

      • It was more the way L & M celebrated, saying “we got him out of the house, drink up!” I imagine that a couple with multiple kids would be more like hooray, 1 down and 2 to go! Or whatever. But you’re right, it’s not definitive at this point.

  7. 1. The writers said this season was supposed to be all rise no fall like Barney’s get psyched mix that starts awesome and keeps going? Yeah if that was their goal, this season is an utter failure from my perspective.

    2. Solo, I am one of the folks that demand perfection. This season could have been incredible, but there have been so many stories generated for the sake of an episode or two and then resolved or dropped. There was no reason to manufacture this stuff; there’s so much more they could show us post wedding.

    3. The only reason I’m annoyed about Ted’s hand is because either Craig or Carter tweeted that’s how his injury happened, but there’s clearly no continuity there if that’s the case. And if that isn’t how he hurt his hand, why say that? No good resolution here in my opinion.

    4. Why would Robin’s dad be that upset about the money lost on the pictures if they are that loaded? And why did they have to cancel the pictures? Robin doesn’t want ANY pictures of her wedding? Even if Barney isn’t in them? And who takes pictures 8 hours before the wedding? I’ve been in weddings where it happens a couple of hours before hand, or at least some of the pictures, but I couldn’t imagine 8 hours before the wedding.

    5. With 5 episodes left, they still have a ton of ground to cover in story, and not just Ted and the mother. The wedding, the reception, how everything went terribly wrong.

    I know I sound like a broken record. I want to be throwing high fives and legendaries after every episode, but the show hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I guess I built it up too much. Thanks for putting up with this Grumpy Gus.

    • 1. I think it has been a success, but not for good reasons. The first half of the season was largely mediocre-at-best. The second half — with the exception of Slapsgiving 3 — has felt a lot better to me. But all that says is that the first half was crap and the second half is…not crap. So, yeah, there’s your rise. Still, I’m enjoying this episode. It wasn’t OMGAMAZING, but it was pretty good.

      2. I agree. But I made a decision that, if I saw improvement, I’d let the past go. You can hang on to that anger, but it WILL cloud your enjoyment of what might still be fun material (e.g., tonight). Yes, the season should have counted episodes like this as the low point. Yes, the wedding should’ve been dealt with in — at most — six episodes, followed by flashes forward. Yes, they should’ve done a half-season if the rest was just gonna be guest-star-filler. But they didn’t. And we’re left to live with it. At this point, I prefer to think of the first half of the season as simply not having counted, and take the second half on its own. Once they got us past Slapsgiving 3, that’s been a LOT easier to do.

      3. Agreed. It’s a continuity error from a show that’s been generally decent about continuity. I blame the writing staff and/or the director for not saying “Oh, hey, Josh, don’t forget to wince now and then when you use your hand.”

      4. They didn’t get rich by wasting money, that’s for sure. Although I agree that its’ weird to take pictures 8 hours before the wedding, and with the whole family. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing? Barney not being in them, though, would be pretty unbelievable.

      5. I think they’ve done a decent job of showing how it was the worst wedding weekend ever. My bet is that the wedding will be the 23rd episode, and the 24th will be the reception and Ted meeting the Mother. But they’ll space out the wedding events with more flashes forward. I hope.

      Anyway, at this point, I think you have to accept that the season will never be what we hoped it’d be. It just won’t. The writers have different ideas from us. It can still be fun, though, if we put ourselves in the right mindset. That’s what I’m choosing to do because the alternative is to throw in the towel, and at this point, I’m sufficiently satisfied with the show that I’m unwilling to do that.

  8. Hey guys. I’ve been reading this blog for all of season 9 and have enjoyed all of the in depth analysis and comments throughout the year.
    Although the all rise and no fall effect has been taking place throughout the course of the season, I felt like last night was just an ok episode. I laughed out loud during the majority of it honestly, but I walked away just a little disappointed. Surely that is understandable after the last few episodes, but it isn’t like we are in the middle of the show; these are the final five weeks of How I Met Your Mother forever.
    As a lot of you are saying, there isn’t a whole lot of mystery left going forward, but besides maybe 3 or 4 episodes, the writing this season has just not felt like classic HIMYM. The jokes have been over the top, the plot has obviously had to move so slowly, and the references haven’t been great. (Let me explain)
    When the show started and even got going into the late 2000’s, it had such a raw, unique quality to it. The bar, the apartment, the music; they all had such a relatable feeling. I like when shows are able to connect the audience to other movies and moments. It makes the show feel more realistic. HIMYM was always the best at doing so. The Dobler-Dahmer theory, the Murtaugh list, all of the Star Wars shoutouts. These elements of the show just helped build the personas and relatability of the characters so well. This season has done alright with flashforwards and flashbacks (seeing Ted’s future with YM has been great), but now the show just feels like it has run out of great ideas to make it unique. Now all it is, is the main plot, flashforwards, and some corny joke about Barney and his relatives, or Ted’s patheticness. It really just seems like Bays and Thomas ran out of legendary ideas this season, and are trying to force bad-quality jokes down the loyal audience’s throat.
    I know I’m rambling, but this show has always been so hip and unique. Like a late 90’s alternative/indirock style band that got popular because of their chill/trippy sound, and then sold out by 2008 and started sounding like fallout boy or some crap.
    Like I said earlier I think some of Season 9 has been legendary, but the first half made me want to throw my remote at the tv every week, and last night just didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t stand out, it just seemed like another average, kind of corny comedy on tv. And after not having a new episode for 2 weeks, I just expected a little more. Oh well, I’m sure the show will end perfectly and I’ll be able to remember season 9 for the good and not the bad.

    • Hey thanks for watching with US and bloging today. We need to take a step back from our list of what we wanted to see and enjoy what we have.

      I for one confused myself with the Kids age at the end of the Episode. I said 6 and 8 then 5 and 7 but on the spoiler page had typed 4 and 6. Anyway, that can be sorted out later.

      This episode was more revealing than we original thought on the first pass last night. I for one saw the clip of the house and forgot that it was something I had been looking forward to seeing from the outside since Ted first purchased it. Did we get to see Robin’s Step Mom in those fake pictures? There are more I am sure. But right now I need to watch again.

      But I do not have the time right now.

      Craig Thomas ‏@HimymCraig Dec 17
      For sharp-eyed #HIMYM viewers: Remember how Ted’s hand is bandaged on that Farhampton train platform? Now you know why… #BassPlayerWanted

  9. I liked the Tantrum callbacks, especially the throwing a tantrum thing.

    We’ve seen Robin and Marshall make vows before about not drinking too much, so it was nice to Lily doing it too, and failing. I should rewatch the episode I guess, but was she drinking tequila? like when Ted said tequila gets the truth out of her when she came back from SF?

    So do we think Ted keeps the vow? it isn’t really important, I’m just wondering.

    • Didn’t he say he ended up breaking that vow? I don’t think we need to see him do it just because they mentioned it. We know the Mother does (although she took no such vow).

    • Yesterday, I started listing all the call backs and fulfilled stuff from this episode. I stopped because it was in the entire 22 minutes. This was really a rewarding episode to me. But if You watch it again take out a pen and paper. I think it was that good. I do not remember Ted specifically saying he broke the vow. He acknowledged that it was broken. Don’t specifically have the quote.

      Speaking of tantrums. We get some more next week. I hope it is as enjoyable. Anyway I was kind of surprised by the lack of comments on this episode. I guess when it hits the mark, there is not much else to say.

      • I think it’s a mix of this episode being generally satisfying, but not really wrapping up any big mysteries, or introducing any additional ones.

        Which basically serves to remind me that the series is really, truly, winding down. We’re in the phase now where it’s more about answering questions than posing new ones, fortunately, even if this one didn’t answer any itself (well, other than the fact that the Mother is alive in 2022 because she’s NOT DEAD, PEOPLE) and Barney and Robin make it to 2016 as a couple, at least.

        • And LAME with Marvin are all drinking at a bar in 2030… where is my list… Oh well. I got more information out of this episode than I did the rest of the season (except the 200th How Your Mother Met Me).

          So I beg to differ with you Solo on that point.

          • I think we are to assume we can’t flash forward beyond when Ted is telling the story, so I guess that means that Ted is telling his kids the story after august of 2030, maybe even after september, depending on when wesleyan starts

            • Yes and that is a clue for you and me I think. Now I do not know anything but I would say from the mother getting drunk on new years!!!!! Ted may be telling this story about the same time for some reason. Not sure if that is correct or significant.

              But it may be a clue for us.

  10. I think probably one of the reasons why people haven’t really reacted to this episode this much has possibly got to do with the fact that it was after a three-week break, but wasn’t really great or bad. It was one of those 6.5/10 episodes, which is not bad.

    I liked number of flash forwards in this episode, it was a very good way of showing us the lives of the group post-wedding weekend. Absolutely loved the Marshall vow and the Gotham City speech, it has to go straight into one of my most favourite Marshall moments of all time.

    The one thing I will say about this episode and a particular trend that we’ve seen being used all too much in the past few seasons is the characterisation of Ted. I think by now, it’s well established that Barney is a jerk on the outside, but inside he is the most well-meaning of the group. We know Marshall is the best friend we can all hope for, Robin is someone who has a very unkind childhood and is now this walled off individual to a great degree and Lily is quite the righteous person who has some serious shopping issues.

    But, what of Ted? I mean if you come to think of it, with a handful of episodes left, we have really struggled to see Ted come out of his present slightly self-deprecating, self-loathing self and really embrace the reality he is ready to live in and take control of his own life. I feel there is still a chance to do that, possibly the third-to-last where it’s basically him going through all his decisions till that point and realising that he needs to literally shed the skin he has been wearing for this long and start anew.

    I think that would also be fairly realistic, and something that many could relate to. Sometimes, it is that one conversation that at the end of the day helps you vanquish all the hold-ups. I personally had that recently, and frankly have been really pleased with things since the turn of the year. I am holding out hope, that we see that about Ted, that definitive change in character.

    • Yes, If the HIMYM group asked for one improvement to the show for the past few years I would slip in Ted and the Mothers relationship developed.

      For instance when they introduced her boyfriend and the Ted imaginary Punch. It almost was a future fulfillment of Ted punching Darren for the Mother.

      I know they were going for the Ted is still hurting from the Robin rejection sequence. Ted hit a low for way too long in his dating life. Ted felt all alone in the middle of his friends. So Ted went a little wild. They showed that. We talked about it in a few posts.

      Now we are here in this romantic place and neither Ted nor the Mother can heal themselves.

      Even without the Mother there I know they tried to give us a glimpse of who she was in relationship to Ted. But they never fully developed Ted’s relationship back to the mother.

      I think this is planned for a reason. I do not agree with it. But I think CB and CT have left him floating out there for there own reason.

    • Re: Ted and his particular journey, I don’t think it’s UNrealistic that he’s still spinning his wheels even this late. Sometimes change like that can happen in an instant. It’s certainly happened to me that way. You proceed through your life for years on end operating under one view of yourself, and then one day you wake up and say “What the hell have I been doing?” Or you decide to let go of whatever baggage you’ve been dragging around and just accept yourself and be at peace.

      Ted’s core personality isn’t likely to change ever. Future Ted still bears many of the hallmarks of his younger version. They’re both long-winded, they’re both prone to telling stories with a LOT of detours, they both have esoteric — some would say douchey — interests, etc. But Ted on the Farhampton platform, reading that book…he looks to be at peace. My guess is that the wedding ceremony and perhaps a few events after it flip some kind of switch in Ted. The process has gone on all weekend and before it, with Ted letting go of the locket (presumably), letting go of Robin, hearing the Mother’s voice, etc. But I’d bet it all kind of coalesces at once somewhere between the start of the ceremony and the Farhampton platform. I hope it does, certainly.

      I don’t want the Mother to be the “solution” to all of Ted’s problems, although I will say that I think that the right partner in your life can have a profound impact on you for the better. You don’t change who you are, but to some degree, you change HOW you are. But I also think you have to position yourself such that you’re able to make the choice to pursue this person.

      My guess is that Ted will be poised to make that choice when he’s sitting on the platform, and that’ll be where he does it. He’ll make a real leap in that moment — and it’s a pretty big one for him, if you think about it even from a purely logistical stance. He meets this woman on the platform, or perhaps on the train. They strike up a conversation. She tells him she was at the wedding, but he already knows because he heard her sing with the band and recognized her voice.

      Ok, all that’s great, but he still has to make the decision to actively pursue her. He has to ask for her number, call her up, ask her out (or she asks him out, I suppose), he has to be understanding about her past, how she’s JUST out of a year-long relationship which was her first one in almost 10 years after the former love of her life was tragically killed. This is a woman with BAGGAGE, and Ted has to decide that, in spite of that, he’s happy to share the load with her. He has to set aside his fear that it won’t work and take the leap that maybe this girl is the one.

      After all the disappointments, after getting his heart broken repeatedly, Ted has to really believe it can work if he’s going to choose to pursue the Mother. I hope that the end of the show will let us see how he regains a sense of hope because, from my perspective, that’s been gone for a long, long time for him. Really, since Season 7. He fixated on Robin, dated girls like Barney’s sister, basically poured himself into stuff that he KNEW, deep down, was a total dead end.

      Why? Because I think he’d lost hope. I think he didn’t have faith in himself or in love in general. Instead, he just went through the motions and kept himself busy, but he never really let himself believe he could truly find the thing he was looking for. If he had, he’d have walked away from Robin a LONG time ago. Now he’s let her go, and I’m hoping that we’ll see the ceremony maybe remind him that, yeah, you CAN find what you want, and you have no idea how or when it’ll happen.

      In a sense, Ted’s been ready for this kind of task for years. All his bad decisions in dating women who were CLEARLY wrong for him (well, clear to everyone but him), all of his self-sacrifice for Robin, all of those instincts will FINALLY serve him well.

      • Have you guys ever posted stories about how you can really relate to the show cause it changed the way you think about love or because it somehow reminded you of what you went through? I love it when such profound and honest comments appear here…

        • I haven’t, personally. I try to keep my personal life out of the blog because, well, it’s personal. Not to mention, for purposes of my involvement in the blog, kind of irrelevant. I’m here to dissect the show, not tell you my story. We’re already trying to get through Ted’s story; you don’t need another interminable story from me. ;)

        • Some people have opened up over the years on the Blog. But a post dedicated to those stories is something we have not done.


          Solo does have something ready, but we have not done it.

          • To be clear, the thing I have “in the can” may or may not ever be published, depending on how I feel about it when it gets close to time to put it out there. It’s also not really about me, per se, as much as just a general observation on love in relation to the story of the show.

  11. Okey, what’s up with Robin and Lily?? They were both acting kinda gay, especially Robin in the end.

    • Long standing joke of the show. Season 1, they go to a high school prom to check out the band they want to hire for the wedding, Lily’s freaking out about all the things she planned to do and didn’t, including a lesbian experience in college. Robin gives her a quick peck.

      I can’t count the number of times since then Lily has tried to make it happen again, and saying things like “it would be so stupid if we kissed.” So when Robin takes her up on the suggestion to wake up Barney she jumps at the chance, but apparently didn’t feel anything. It did something for Robin though, and now she’s the one who wants to do it again.

      Lily, instead of moping about the art project not working out in San Francisco you should have been out on the town. You name it, if you’re into it, someone else in the SF bay area is too. Twice I’ve gone on what I thought were dates only to later find out she’s not into guys.

      • Hey professor. If you get a chance. Watch the (Episode) Scene where Ted first Meets Zoey. I have a reason for that and will tell you tomorrow.

        • aww man, homework :(

          Just kidding. Now I’m curious. I’ll have to check it out after I get back from the library. Architect of Destruction I believe is the episode in question.

          Only 5 weeks left :(

          Let’s make each one a grand slam, if you like baseball metaphors, or a gold medal (the olympics were filling the NFL void left in my life).

          • Great, So did you get to the site I know you mentioned watching the online episodes. I was suprised they spread the 1 2 over a week instead of in one night. Anyway. Glad they had that new show on so that I could watch something kind of like HIMYM.

  • The Mother