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Season 9, Episode 15: Unpause

If you could pick/re-pick the names of your kids and, you had a boy and girl and, you are a star wars fan and, your spouse is a star wars fan (original trilogy) would you choose Luke and Leia? Just wondering!

Unpause ” — When Barney drinks too much, Ted and Robin take advantage of him and get him to reveal secrets he’s been hiding for years. Meanwhile, Marshall does everything he can to avoid fighting with Lily, on the final season of, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Jan. 20 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Well that was a BIG improvement.  Granted, you guys know that my attitude was “There’s nowhere to go but up” after last week, but still, I really enjoyed this episode.  Let’s dive in!

What Was Good

Several things, thankfully!  I’ll start with the overarching improvements.  First, this episode relied almost not a whit on guest stars.  Too much of this season has been about “Look who’s back, folks!” and I think it often really threw off the dynamic of the show, and particularly how the characters interact with each other (when they interacted at all).  Guest stars are good for providing a bit of a breather to the main cast, or a slight change of pace to the main cast.  But that’s all they should be used for, and they should be used sparingly.  Nice to see this episode hardly using them at all.

Second, the humor in this episode felt SO much more grounded.  It was far less “wacky,” it relied on far less schtick, and it was more just about ideas, I thought.  About the only over-the-top thing was Barney’s behavior, but even that was much subdued from previous episodes this season.  This one felt like a real return to form.  I like that they also explained the “Please” thing, and especially that Barney got to work the long game for the forces of Good this time, instead of Evil (or at least Really Kind of Selfish).  And I really really dug that Barney is just…good…with getting married.  He might have the usual jitters, but realistically, he’s just honestly happy with Robin.  And I think that’ll bear fruit in the future.  More on that in a bit.

Third, I REALLY liked the fight between Lily and Marshall.  I’m gonna get a lot more into that in the “Further Thoughts” section, though, so I won’t go into too much detail here.  For this section, I’ll focus on the humor.  I laughed at the callback to Marshall’s calves getting Lily hot, and to some of the other jokes in that scene.  It’s also worth noting that those jokes could’ve felt very forced, particularly in the context of a really serious fight, but instead felt more grounded and “real” to the couple as we’ve seen them.

Fourth, structurally, this episode felt like an excellent balance between past, present, and future elements in the show.  I’d still like to see more “future,” but what we saw was still meaningful.  It really just felt like what I had hoped the final season would be all along.  Hopefully they can continue this.

Lastly, I enjoyed the scenes between Ted and the Mother.  They didn’t quite crackle with the energy we’ve seen in previous instances, but this was a sort of quieter moment for them.  Although I wouldn’t pick them as names for my children, I thought they were appropriate for Ted and the Mother.  And it’s nice to finally have that reveal in a sweet moment.

What Was Not As Good

I suppose I’m still smarting from last week’s episode, but I kinda felt like this episode – while certainly a lot of fun and very well done – didn’t fully remove the bad taste from my mouth of last episode.  The producers have done a lot this season to make me think they don’t have what it takes to bring the story to a satisfying close, so while this was a good step in the right direction, I’m still dubious as to whether it’s really good or just a false start.

Second, I was kind of frustrated with some of the age issues with the kids.  The child in Ted’s arms looked to me to be yet another 10-month-old.  Which means that his daughter Penny is 10 months some 2 years after her birth.  I recognize that this is really more a question of the impracticality of casting an actual toddler (I can’t imagine anyone would want to bring a toddler on set nor rely on their good behavior when shooting), it just doesn’t jive with the already confusing timeline.  She’s clearly a baby in 2015 at Trilogy Time and for the Christmas pics with Santa.  So, why is she still a baby in 2017?  Any way you slice it, that kid should’ve been much older.

Third, why do Ted and the Mother conceive their kids, get engaged, and have their second kid all at Farhampton?  That seems a bit…clumsy to me.  Kinda lame, really.  Not truly awful, just kinda lame.

I’m also not really all that excited about dragging out Marshall and Lily’s fight.  I suppose you have to expect it, but it still makes me wary.  Too many bits have been dragged out or unsatisfyingly resolved this season.  This is a story that deserves a real resolution, and no padding for the sake of padding.  Although it’s better that they don’t just resolve it in 10 minutes with an “Awww” moment.

Further Thoughts

So, I’m not gonna get that into the whole future bit with the kids’ names.   Cool reveal, not that important, but nice to see nonetheless.   For the first time in a while, I think we actually have quite a bit to discuss in terms of figuring out where the story is going.

First, Marshall and Lily.  WOW that was…tough to watch.  It’s also VERY tough to me to pick a side in this.  I mean, I agree with Lily that Marshall totally went behind her back and she has every right to be hurt because of it.  But I agree with Marshall that him taking the judgeship job is a better long-term decision than uprooting the family to move to Rome for a year so that Lily can work for the Captain while Marshall…uh…does nothing?  I’ve never been clear on what Marshall is going to do in Rome.

That said, it was…incredibly low of Marshall to blurt out that this is clearly just a “phase” for Lily.  It’s also surprising to hear, given how supportive he’s always been of her.  It’s really a dick move on his part to punch below the belt like that, and I question whether that’s REALLY how he feels, or if that’s just him being petulant and fighting dirty.  I lean towards him fighting dirty, but really believing his call is better for the family.  I guess time will tell there.

Also, it’s totally NOT Ranjit in the car, I think.  I’m guessing it’s…wait for iiiiiit………Scooter.  Who else would drop everything to drive out and get Lily, but Scooter?  Who else would she turn to for easy support but Scooter?  She knows he’s still on the hook for her.  She knows (or thinks) that he’ll take her side no matter what.  But you know what?  I’d LOVE it if we saw that Scooter was actually doing better, didn’t need Lily, and was able to see both sides of the discussion.  Plus, we haven’t seen him all season, and you KNOW he’s gonna come back at SOME point.

Anyway, on to Ted and the Triangle.  At first blush, it might seem that this episode was basically no big deal for things between Ted, Robin, and Barney.  But IF they’re playing it subtly, the scenes last night might bear further fruit.  I’ll explain.

First, there’s the exchange between Ted and Robin, where it becomes clear that Robin has revealed things to Barney that she never told Ted.  To me, that’s probably a subtle knife in Ted’s side (from Ted’s perspective, anyway), given that I’m betting deep down Ted STILL believes he’s the better man for her and she “ought” to want him.  But if she’s opened up more to Barney…can he still hold on to that belief?  Is he really the better man if she couldn’t tell him that?  And what else did she keep from him?  Maybe Ted really was just a boyfriend from her past, and a good friend otherwise, and not the man she “should” be with.  Maybe Barney really IS right for her and Ted is not.  (Which I already think is the case, but Ted may still be holding out hope.)  So, this may be the first moment in a longer revelation for Ted that, no, he was never the right guy for her, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the right guy for someone else.

Second, the exchange between Ted and Barney where Ted says “How are you with this?” and Barney’s just… good .  Really, really good.  A little nervous, but deep down, he knows it’s the right thing, he’s ready for it, and he wants it.  See, I think Ted (and the Ted/Robin “shippers” out there) probably hoped and expected Barney to say “I’m terrified.  I have no idea if this is the right thing or if I’m right for Robin.  What if you’re the guy she should be with?  This keeps me up at night, Ted.”  And instead…he got what he got.  Barney’s solid in this.  Barney’s ready.  Ted has only one other thing to cling to, and that’s that Robin is somehow more deeply conflicted than she seems.

So, here’s my prediction.  In the coming weeks, we will undoubtedly find out what happened between Ted and Stella on his trip to California.  Ted came within a hair’s breadth of marrying this woman, but she picked Tony instead.  My guess is that this trip will include Ted coming to grips with the fact that Tony wasn’t the badguy in that story, but rather that he was the RIGHT guy for Stella.  Previously, Ted sort of made peace with that by seeing them together as a family, but I don’t think he ever got the sense that Tony and Stella weren’t just right because they had a kid together, but because of who they were to each other.  And Ted still needs to do that with Barney and Robin.  I think this moment with Stella will start to allow Ted to see that with someone else, which in turn will let him see that with Barney and Robin and FINALLY let go completely.

Second, we’ll find out the ultimate location of the locket.  Now, I think you have to ask yourself what the locket represents, and how it will be used.  I think the locket primarily represents Robin’s sense of romance and capacity to really love.  It was something she buried away for years, hoping to unearth some day when she found the right man.  We know Ted couldn’t find it in his apartment, but certainly thought he had it.  We know he flew across the country to reclaim it.  I think this could play out one of two ways, but I’m leaning towards one in particular.

A)  Ted finds the locket in California, realizes that he shouldn’t be the one to give it to Robin, and so gives it to Barney to give to her.  In this sense, the locket symbolizes Ted “giving away” his feelings for Robin because he knows that she belongs with Barney.  He’ll struggle with the decision to use the locket himself, in a last-ditch attempt to win Robin over, or give it to Barney, and ultimately decides to give it to Barney.


B)  Ted NEVER had the locket.  He looked in his apartment.  He flew to California.  He searched high and low…but he never had it.  Why?  Because he never even knew it was buried in the first place.  That was something Robin told Barney as their relationship progressed, along with some other bits of information about her trip to New York, that Barney put together…and Barney found it.  He searched and he found it because he knew Robin well enough to do so, and because Robin LET him know her well enough to do so.  Something she never did with Ted.  Barney was ALWAYS the right guy, and Ted…never was.  Fantasy shattered.  And maybe Ted’s trip to California will help him realize that, and we’ll see that he’s known it all along, ever since he came back from it.  That look on his face in the car driving up?  That was him sorting through what he already knew: Robin belongs with Barney.

Personally, I lean towards B as the likely outcome.  While I appreciate Ted’s decision to let go of Robin by giving the locket away, I think B is truer to life, and it still comes with a certain degree of self-actualization that’s been missing from Ted’s life.

Anyway, good episode, and here’s hoping they can continue the streak for the rest of the show.  More of THIS kind of humor, and less gimmicky crap like last week.

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87 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. - Barney, awwwwwww!!!

    – Lily, nooooooo!!!

    – The Mother having their baby, yaaaaaay!!!

    Oh yeah, and my mom and I can’t stop fighting over Lily. She thinks she’s a selfish bitch, and I’m sympathizing with her and defending her a great deal, so…pause?

  2. So Penny and Luke? Love it! And unlike the lighthouse episode, hello chemistry between Ted and YM! =)

    • I went bowling with My Kids tonight instead of watching the show. So I will have to wait for I tunes to load it for me overnight. So what do you guys think of the kids names.

      Kate so glad you could chime in. I was getting a little worried that some of you would stop watching live. Glad you and Athena are both staying with the show.

      So one of you want to give it a grade for me.

  3. Good Episode. Feels like it’s getting into old classic vintage HIMYM. Only thing that bums me out is the LACK of chemistry between Ted and YM.
    And we finally found out what Barney’s work is? Oh, no, don’t think so. He’s highly skilled scheming Serial Killer mind is beyond the reach of mere alcohol.

  4. This was an episode that I was able to watch at its broadcast time, and I’m glad I did instead of waiting.

    I liked it (for the most part). I’d give it a B-, which is maybe harsh. I could be talked up to a B.

    Sorry Dolf, but I totally disagree, I think Ted and the mother have chemistry.

    My initial thoughts:
    1.They go to Farhampton a crapload

    2. I’m glad they showed the older child at the end, because otherwise, Trilogy Time is completely out the window.

    3. Good for you Marshall for standing up to Lily, but this didn’t go at all like the practice fights on the road, so what was the point of that?

    4. Barney’s job. Are you kidding me? The government waited this long to step in? I mean the only thing that was even more unbelievable was

    5. Greg. So he’s worked there the whole time and we’ve never seen him? Groan

    6. So Barney lied in Perfect Week about being PED free?

    7. Lily running again :( Will this mean even more time apart for the gang?

    And I do love all the callbacks we are getting this season, even though they are often superfluous ones. Today we had Barney and Ted’s mom, Barney’s job, Barney kissing people when drunk, Marshall calling out Lily for SF, the kids names (I am believing Penny is for the Lucky Penny Ted found), hippie Barney. Even call backs this season (the stuff from Ted’s house, the 35 year old scotch, ring bear, and others I’m probably missing.

    I know I seem to be complaining, but there was good stuff in here. More of Ted and the mother together, some moving the story line along, even though I wish they would have wrapped up Lily and Marshall’s fight considering the name of the episode, and Barney being absolutely clear that he loves Robin and wants her to be happy.

    • I’d actually give this a B+, myself. It moved the story, it had the Mother in it, the humor was grounded and classic HIMYM-style instead of gimmicky, it didn’t rely on guest stars, it dealt with some serious stuff but didn’t let itself get bogged down by it, etc. I actually think that, if it hadn’t been preceded by such an uneven first half of the season, and a disappointing, gimmicky episode in the 2nd half, I might’ve even gone as high as an A-.

  5. I liked this episode. In fact, I try and enjoy every single episode of HIMYM in this last season as I know it will be hard to find a new show in which I will be emotionally invested.

    While, the Ted and Mother bits were a bit patchy in the sense, they didn’t serve a coherent purpose in the story that was being told in the present day, but they were still well done and we got at least a couple of questions answered as regards timing of the whole thing.

    Marshall and Lily’s confrontation was very well handled, and I like how the previously unselfish Marshall is being just that right now. Life if anything else teaches you that being selfish at the right moment is probably the best course of action to take, regardless of how abhorrent it may seem at that point in time.

    Would be interesting to see who Lily called to come pick her up, I don’t think it’s Ranjit as the tone of her voice suggested it was somebody she knew and/or trusted.

    Also, finally getting to know what Barney really does was fun. It may not have been quite as brilliantly thought out as one would have expected, but at least it was fun.

    • I think its the captain she called..just a guess though..

    • On the HIMYM Photo Page I put up the PLEASE job description photo of Barney and Greg Poser.

      The Post is in the May Archive Pages from 2013 on the right above.

    • I am very surprised that the biggest debate this episode has seemed to pulled out of the fans is who picked Lily up.

      My guess is Ranjit, because Lily gets into the back seat of the car.
      But I have also heard everyone from the mother, Scooter, Mickey, the Captain, even James.

      Personally I think the much bigger question is Barney. Barney loved his job and loved the person he became when he suited up. Why would he want Marshall and Ted to come work with him if he’s just gathering evidence for the feds? I think this is why the episode wasn’t awesome for me, just good. I don’t see this as grounded at all Solo.

      • It is possible that he was just gathering evidence against one guy to bring him down and not the whole company. Ted didn’t work for the company in any sense that would get Ted into trouble. Ted just worked for the company to design a new building. To your comment before, who knows how long it takes to build up a credible case against someone. Depends on what kind of evidence you need and how much. It is a TV show though, don’t need to over think it.

        • I think it makes even more sense now why he loved his job so much. It was mostly a vengeance plot against someone he hated, AND he got paid 16,000 crap loads for it. If that’s not a job Barney Stinson would love, I don’t know what is.

      • Eh, I don’t see a problem with that, really. I think it’s not as clear-cut as it might seem. I do think that Barney enjoys the person he’s become, and that he’s not JUST some hippie in disguise. I think there’s probably still part of the hippie in there — hence his whole thing about having been broken before Robin — and yet he’s also more resilient and action-oriented now.

        In a way, that’s one of the things he’s tried to teach Ted — how to be more action-oriented and less reactive/passive.

        • I don’t like it. It is doing two opposite things at the same time:
          1. Showing that Barney has had more personal development than Ted over the years. So how will Ted get over Robin and become the man he needs to be in order to meet the mother? Does it take being absolutely broken? If so, how will Ted get even more beat down than he has been?

          2. It is taking Barney’s development and shoving it into Barney before we met him in season 1. So before 200+ women, before nailing Shannon on Game Night, Barney decided to get revenge on Greg?

          I just feel like Barney’s all over the place and everything he touches is gold. This is probably because I resonate more with Ted and stuff I’m going through myself at the moment.

          • Re: your points.

            1. I think Barney HAS had more personal development over the years, but that’s been true for a long time on this show. Ted’s been spinning his wheels for ages now, while Barney has steadily progressed. Ted may get over Robin because of any number of things. Sometimes it just takes an offhand comment to wake you up to reality or prompt a change. That’s happened to me, actually. It could be something as simple as that which puts Ted on the right path finally.

            2. I agree that Barney is all over the place and what he touches turns to gold. Some folks are just lucky. (Although that does rather miss the point of the King Midas legend…) I think Barney is a more complex character than he often seems. Yes, he had 200+ women (presumably). Yes, he plotted revenge on Greg. Yes, he did some terrible things over the last 9 seasons. But he’s also done some wonderful things. He brought Lily back to New York. He’s gotten all of his friends out of slumps. He’s there when they need him.

            This does, however, get to a point in the show that I think is worth touching on. Namely something that Ted’s struggled with — that Barney, the scoundrel, has succeeded where Ted has failed even though he is presumably the “good guy.” Ted feels that he deserves the kind of happiness Barney has, and deserves it more than Barney.

            Setting aside that Ted’s done some shitty things now and then, I think, in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.” It’s not as if, because Ted’s wanted the traditional stuff and has approached it the traditional way, that he somehow is more deserving of it than Barney. But even if he is….that’s not how the world works. And so what that Barney wins? That’s not the ONLY way to win, as Ted’s future happiness makes clear. Barney does well in life. And so does Ted. It just takes Ted longer, and requires different things to sort of unlock his potential.

  6. Why wouldn’t Lily have called her dad? He’s still around somewhere, isn’t he? That seems to be the best option, although the town car definitely screamed “Ranjit!” Maybe he’ll give her some sage advice from his own experience?

  7. Well it is nice to see that Solo has some hope back in him of the future of the show and the rest of the season. Good review, hopefully, the writers can continue with great episodes each week from here on out to keep us all engaged and excited about how it all ends.

  8. Best episode the whole season. Especially coming right after the worst episode last week.

    Barney’s truth telling was brilliant, especially with the callbacks to season one and the revelation of his job, but I wonder how this will affect Ted. I’m pretty sure this is a blow to him, as stated in the recap, but I seriously hope we get an actual resolution to the whole love triangle and not just “And that, kids, was the moment I realized Robin was never the right girl, since she told Barney things she never told me”.

    I’m still torn as to what my stand is in the Lily and Marshall fight. On the one hand, Lily was unbelievably self centered, deciding that they’re going to Rome without letting Marshall talk. On the other hand, Marshall’s stand on her art career… that was a low blow. Especially coming from someone like him.

    And here’s a theory for you guys… what if it was the Mother who picked Lily up? She helped her out on the train , after all. Plus, she heard Marshall’s end of the story back in Bass Player Wanted. We’ve already seen her help Barney. Maybe she’ll help resolve the fight?

    • I was thinking the same thing that the mother might be the one who picked her up

    • I think whoever picked Lily up will likely help resolve the fight or make it clear that, fight or no fight…you’re in this together, so figure out a way to live with it. The only other option is divorce, really.

      On the Lily/Marshall thing…I think Marshall was in a drastically different position from Lily when Lily took the job, and as I recall, they DID talk about it. Marshall was unemployed and supportive at the time. But then the judgeship thing opened up and he didn’t have time to contact her and talk it through. It was selfish, but ultimately I also think it’s the safer choice and probably better for the family.

      The Captain could always change his mind and not go to Rome, or cancel the trip early, or decide he’s changed his art style on a whim, or whatever. Or he could have Lily “telecommute” to work for him or shuttle her over for a week at a time, or whathaveyou. There’s ways you could make her gig work — she’s in a more flexible position, in a way, than Marshall.

      But really, sometimes you just get two competing interests, and you have to make a decision as to what’s the better choice for everyone, and not for you. I don’t think Lily was selfish, but I don’t think she really considered the family as a whole, either. I think Marshall WAS selfish, but I think his decision is ultimately better for the family.

  9. Okay I have some call back and some interesting photos that i will post later on another page.

    One Marshall to the audience about prolonged SEX to keep from fighting… Challenge Accepted. Then needing Barney’s pills after using his other method of deflating Medium Fudge. Guys get that one. It was real. Lily using the pillows then making them sleep on the couch, also real.

    Two Marshall interrupting Robin’s question to Barney: will there or will there not be a bear at our wedding? Robin never got back to asking the question correctly.

    Three Barney: The truth is… Then later the dodge worked with Trevor’s Mom. Good writing.

    Four: The Crap Load of Money References.

    The fight between Marshall and Lily was desperate. Marshall threw out his last card SanFran because: She got caught with the Answering Machine years earlier. He with a text message and trying to cover it up. Those big issues should always be talked about in advance.

    Loved the 2:01 AM Clock. Loved the Open with Ted and the Mother in 2017 then blend into the present. That is what they should have been doing more of all season. The future shots.

  10. How many people saw the end tag of the episode? Guy holding a chain and you hear a growl at the end. A bear at the wedding hasn’t been dismissed yet, I am very curious about the bear thing.

  11. The daughter’s name confused me at first because the running joke the whole series was that his future kids will be named Luke and Leia, but then i figured out that she is named Penny because of the lucky 1939 penny. If he didn’t pick that up, he would have moved to Chicago a long time ago and none of this would have happened to him.

    • Yes we have know for a while that the name was probably Penny. There was another clue out there. I am not sure if it pointed to Penny but Corina was talking about it. When the word came out that her name was Penny we all kind of thought it was a fake out. Someone got it right early in the season. I want to go back and find that quote.

      Anyway I think Lily got picked up in a Limo. Her dad could have a job driving the city. He is from there correct? It could be the Captain but Lily would not have talked so personally. I think it was someone who cares for her.

      I just wanted to say about the Character growth on the show. That is one thing the producers want to wrap up for the audience. They actually have been listening to the things that are important to us. They are trying to tell their story but give us as much as they can in background and some future events.

      The original season 9 was heavy on back story. I do not think they understood how much we wanted to see Ted and the Mother or Barney and Robin or Marshall and Lily’s future.

      This is what surprised them the most about the audience reaction. They tried to close some stories and got criticized at the same time for not telling more of the future. SitComs are hard to finish.

      I think Thomas loves the jokes so much that we missed some opportunities to tell serious stuff early in season 9. They held the mother out a little to much. We had a few too many guests who had stories not related to the main characters.

      But when we look back on season 9 we will forget most of that and knowing the end at that point enjoy some of those jokes a little more.

      But right now I am a little upset still about not seeing those back stories earlier. I know we are going to get a crap load of them now. So I can not complain anymore.

      That back and forth is exactly what we have had with Ted. He wants to move on but can not without the Mother. They are saving that for the last episode so we do not get the closure.

      It is a circle of Season 7-9. We know Ted does not know his wife is right there with him. We get it but can not see it because it is still a future event at the end of the wedding weekend. It is just out of reach.

      That is how they write Ted, ready for a new life but until he meets his future wife still looking. Thus to us he is spinning his wheels. When they said Ted will meet his wife X then we had to wait for that moment. Every clue boxed Ted in for US.

      I say go back in time and take out some of those clues and this whole last few seasons would be better for the audience.

  12. Okay, my further thought on the episode now that I’ve watched it two more times.

    To me the most interesting part was Marshall and Lily’s fight. I know the season is mostly about Ted/The Mother, Barney/Robin, Barney/Robin/Ted triangle, and that the Marshall and Lily issue has felt more like an unnecessary subplot, but it finally felt important in this episode. It may not be important to the central story of Ted meeting The Mother, but its just overall important for their relationship. Through the years we’ve cared very much about Marshall and Lily’s relationship, and have always cheered them on to success and happiness, with their marriage, jobs, extended family, having a baby, etc. So when this new conflict started at the end of season 8, I cared, but I didn’t think it would matter much. I thought it’d just be resolved with one conversation in the beginning or middle of season 9. Now…its become way bigger than I ever imagined. Its not just about whether they go to Italy or stay in New York anymore. Its sort of about that, but not entirely. Even if they happily agree on one or the other, the issue is not over. We now have one of the biggest problems with their relationship bubbling to the surface that Marshall has clearly buried for years. His anger and fear that Lily does not love him and their family as much as he does. The idea that if she hadn’t failed in SF, if she was happy there, they never would’ve gotten back together. That a life with Marshall and Marvin are “second best” to her traveling art career. That they are a consolation prize. That she will always choose running away to fulfill her dream over taking care of the three of them. This isn’t just about who wins in this decision of where to live for a year. This is about what their entire marriage is even based on.

    They made it clear to say “I love you” in their sweet Marshall/Lily signature way that was extremely genuine. Despite all of their problems that hasn’t changed. They love each other SO much. But is it enough? Of course I know the writers aren’t going to break up Marshall and Lily, I know that. I’d sooner believe the “Dead Mother” theory than something that extreme. But this judgeship/Italy controversy isn’t just a bump in the road, its symbolic of all the times Marshall has been uncertain of Lily’s devotion to them and all of the times she’s been selfish, or at least wanted to be selfish.

    Now, that huge revelation aside, I’m also torn up on who to side for. Of course the judgeship is the better answer. Its better for their future on every level. BUT…Marshall was disgustingly mean to her and completely insensitive for her feelings. I know he tried to be fair in the beginning by saying they should at least talk about it, and not insisting on his way or nothing. And Lily was hysterical and shouting over him that “We’re going to Italy!” But two wrongs don’t make a right and I completely agree that it was a low blow to throw out a mistake she made 7 years ago. There are few things as hurtful as hearing someone you love bring up a mistake you made from your past, a mistake you are very embarrassed and sorry for, a mistake that hasn’t been mentioned since and that you thought was forgiven and forgotten. When she was crying and desperately crying “Why are you bringing this up?!” I almost started crying for her. Yes she’s been selfish and irrational through this, but this was not the time to go there, Marshall. If I had a boyfriend/husband or said something similar to me during an unrelated fight, I’d probably run out crying and call someone to pick me up, too. It is related in a sense, that she’s doing a similar selfish thing by wanting to move when its not what’s best for their family, but Marshall has to know that this is about more than just trip. This is about Lily being unhappy as a new mother, something that’s also one of the hardest things in the world. She feels this is an escape from that, and while she was wrong not to communicate this with Marshall (instead of just Ted in “Band or DJ?”), he has to know he well enough to know at least something’s up. Marshall went from extreme support and encouragement her whole life to suddenly throwing out there that he thinks she’s selfish. Even if its something she needs to here, it is not fair to confuse and hurt her that quickly and at the wrong time.

    Now it is very realistic to a real marital fight. Real fights are not fair or rational or kind. You do bring up past mistakes, you do shout over each other, and run out, and say things you don’t mean, insult one another’s past or dreams. It is realistic, and even in character, I just feel sad for both of them, especially Lily.

    So when during the whole fight my mom kept yelling at the TV “Ugh, what a bitch! Can’t stand her!” it was driving me crazy. lol

    This post is already too long, so I might make another about the other parts of the episode, but I loved it from beginning to end. Your further thoughts on the Marshall/Lily plot?

    • I think this is a normal couple who live together forever type of discussion. More than, who has the better job or best pay etc. It is about giving up something to gain something. The give and take of life.

      The perfect storm for a relationship at that stage. You made great points. Very hard to take sides in this.

    • Yeah, this fight felt more “real” than any of the fights that Robin and Barney had during Season 8, or any of the goofiness from the start of Season 9.

      On the one hand, rationally and practically speaking, Marshall’s job should win out. How he got it was shitty, but it’s the right call. On the other hand, it’s not like that invalidates Lily’s feelings of being trapped, or being a trophy wife, or not being taken seriously in her art, or like she’s sacrificing a big part of herself just to be a mom, in a way she never anticipated and doesn’t perceive Marshall doing.

      Right now, I think each of them is only seeing it from their own perspective. From Lily’s view (A) Marshall was a jerk in getting the job without consulting her, particularly given that it torpedoed her dream job, and (B) she’s basically giving up her dream outside of the family for the sake of the family, and probably feels like she’s alone in that.

      From Marshall’s perspective, (A) Lily is being incredibly selfish herself by putting her art ahead of everything else (his happiness, the family’s security, etc.), and (B) her path is a real risk that may not be able to support the family long-term. Plus, my guess is that Marshall probably feels like he never gets to be selfish, either. The wedding, the pregnancy, having Marvin, him being stuck in a crappy job where he was miserable, all of that was to support his family, and he did it grudgingly. Now he’s being called selfish for taking a job that both makes him happy AND will likely support his family? So he lashes out. which was stupid…but also very true-to-life. Even if — ESPECIALLY if — he’s the kind of guy who never does that otherwise and always is the reasonable one who compromises or whatever.

      We can see the “right” end-result as far as judgeship vs. Rome, but not the underlying issue of “whose priorities come first, and how do we juggle those?”

    • Solo is correct to a point. Some times you have to take a leap of faith. What if they went to Rome and she made a Crap Load of Money?

      What if he turned down the Judge job this time went to Rome and came back and got another one?

      Again knowing that he becomes a Judge kind of ruins this a little.

      If Marshall and Lily leave for a year it may be what Ted needs. A new start with a new woman away from Barney and Robin.

      If Ted moved to Chicago who is to say that this job is not what he needs to clear his head. We do not know when he starts to date the Mother. We just know that when he gets her number he calls her right away and that two weeks into dating the mother he stops smoking.

      I hate to say this now but, I wish I had more mystery on this show.

      • Some of the mystery is winding down, but there is plenty of the future (from post meeting the mother through 2030) that they could tease.

        But the mystery certainly makes me not care about the Marshall and Lily fight. People may call me heartless, but I don’t care about the fight. They’ve been teasing it so long, just end it. We know Lily is at the bar when Barney returns from the honeymoon, we know that Marshall and Lily are together in 2020. We know at some point Marshall becomes a judge. There are so many other things you could be using screen time for, so get to it.

  13. I also want to say that I know one or more people already speculated that Barney saying, “Please” when asked about his job was the truth. That “P.L.E.A.S.E.” was an acronym for his job title. Whoever held to this idea before tonight’s episode must be SO. FRIGGIN’. PROUD! ROFL! Congrats to you guys for figuring it out, even partially. You’re awesome. ;)

  14. Lily has always been the most selfish person on the show to the point I actually dislike her character. Off the top of my head she has done the following:

    – Ditch Marshall right before the wedding to go to SF
    – Expect him to take her back when she returns after she failed in SF.
    – Interfere with Marshall’s date with the crazy girl when Marshall was about to score.
    – Break up 7 of Ted’s relationships because of some warped front porch fantasy of hers
    – Ring up major credit debt & not tell Marshall
    – Almost run away to Spain (I think) when Marshall was unemployed & trying to find himself. Alternatively Marshall has supported all of Lily’s endeavors with only a few slip ups.
    -Dislike the fact that Marshall had a close relationship to his Dad

    And I’m sure there are other things I’m missing. Sure she has
    redeeming qualities, but whenever things get tough or don’t go her way Lily is selfish. Marshall should have dated more.

  15. I loved this episode.

    First up, the kids’ names. I know some people were hoping for Luke AND Leia, but I am happy the writers didn’t do that. It would seem a little cheesy if Ted was allowed to name both kids after Star Wars and the obvious choice. At first I thought the name Penny might be a family member of the Mother, but I like the idea of it being about the Lucky Penny.

    Second, Barney’s job. I find it hard to buy that Greg was always there and that this whole job (he loved and fought for) was just a revenge plot. Also, made it seem like he’s not over Shannon. He went through and risked a lot just to get revenge on the guy who stole her.

    Finally, Lily and Marshall. Oh my heart. I actually teared up during their fight. I’ll probably right more on this subject later when I gather my thoughts.

    • I don’t think it means he’s not over Shannon, it just means he wanted to get revenge on a dick who messed with him. That’s very Barney, whether or not what he stole from him still matters or not.

  16. Professionally

  17. Can someone clarify the timeline with Ted and YM meeting, the engagement, Penny, and now the pregnancy with Luke? Trying to put all the pieces together. Thanks!

    • We don’t have all the pieces yet, but I’ll try:
      1. Ted and the mother meet memorial day weekend 2013, at the Farhampton train station, presumably after the reception.
      2. Ted and the mother return to Farhampton a year later (2014) and reminisce.
      3. Ted and the mother conceive Penny at some point in 2014 or early 2015.
      4. Ted and the mother return to Farhampton again (in 2014 or 2015) and Ted proposes at the lighthouse.
      3 and 4 is where the biggest trouble is because we don’t actually know the order or what happened yet
      5. Penny is born sometime in 2015 (because we see her in Trilogy Time in 2015 and Marshall and Lily take her to meet Santa).
      6. Ted and the mother conceive Luke in 2016 or early 2017.
      7. Ted, the mother, and Penny return to Farhampton again, in 2017. The mother goes into labor with Luke.

  18. I’m btw not entirely comfortable with the Barney Job Reveal. It’s a bit too sugar-coated an explanation that he would have been working all the time to provide the feds with incriminating evidence against the alpha who stole his chick. It just doesn’t ring true. What i would buy though, is that the feds collaboration and revenge plot is something that has developed over time. I can see that he got into a real lucrative and somewhat shady job, then got drawn into things that really is anathema too him, as he really is a good guy deep inside (which we’ve seen proven time and time again from the very beginning of the show), so he goes through a life-crisis, maybe in connection with the development of his relation with Robin. He decides to go the narrow and righteous lane and approaches the feds himself. Somewhere along the line the girl-stealing alpha SOB turns up and he gets an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and actually manages to maneuver the SOB into a position where he gets to be the main target of the feds.
    So, I don’t buy that Barney went to work for the girls-stealing SOB as part of a revenge plot and to help the feds. But I totally buy that things developed in such a way that in the final end we get the same result.
    Last but not least, appearances is that Marshall and Lily are central to the story, being the solid couple that’s always there with Ted, and that Robin and Barney are fringe figures there for the entertainment (in Robins case once the actual romance with Ted is a goner), but I feel that Barney is the most central character to the whole story apart from Ted himself.
    I’ve always felt that Barney does have a masked focus in Ted’s story, and that Ted does regard Barney with gratitude and that he is full of love (brotherly) for Barney. And not without reason. We have seen how Barney came through for Lily and Marshall at numerous occasions and actually aided and abetted their marriage. He’s also always been there for Ted, and I do suspect that there’s more to come as regards Barney’s importance to Ted’s future happiness.

  19. why can’t Lily go to Italy by herself? Seriously, it’s only a year, she can fly back and forth to see Marshall and Marvin. She had enough courage to go to San Francisco once, so what gives? Okay-okay, that would be just too easy, wouldn’t it?
    It was super selfish of Marshall to bring up the whole “Milk” incident again. Yes, that time Lily hurt him badly but those were different circumstances and they didn’t have a baby but had a lot to go through.
    Josh Radnor once said that this show is a twist of what you usually have in mind when you think of female and male characters. Marshall illustrated it perfectly. Not only hasn’t he forgiven but he’s ready to use it to his advantage. And he’s doing it after he pronounced words like “how many times do you have to say no to your dream job?”. Now it’s only a “hobby”? The whole “pause” thing kinda reminds me of the “we were on a break”. You either side with Marshall or Lily, because both of them are wrong and both of them are right.

    • Lily and Marshall, despite their fighting right now, cannot stand to be apart from each other for hardly a day. It is not realistic, even with visits, for one of them to be in another country away from the other. Especially not with a baby, as neither of them will want to be apart from their child for that long. No. Its not realistic for a marriage and parenthood in general, but especially not possible for Marshall and Lily.

  20. Can someone help explain the Lucky Penny? I’ve seen the episode multiple times, and know that Ted says that if he didn’t pick it up, he wouldn’t have met the mother. So, for the past 7 years, we’re led to believe that the Penny is what had Ted in New York to meet the mother. But now, we know he meets her at the wedding. So, two things.

    One, are we supposed to believe that if Ted did not pick up the Penny, Barney and Robin would have never gotten together? I find that hard to believe. I would think that they would still be together, especially if Ted had moved to Chicago.

    Two, are we supposed to believe that Ted would not have come back to New York for the wedding of one of his best friends, without the seven years of unresolved feelings for Robin? Or course he would have been there for Barney’s wedding. It seems that the significance of the Penny was lost when they revealed that he’s meeting the mother at the wedding.

    I could be wrong as I’m writing this from memory at the moment. If something else significant happened because of the Penny that would change things, please let me know. But it just seems unimportant now.

    The more this show goes on, the inconsistencies there seem to be.

    • I would draw the thread this way:

      Ted needed to stay in NY to ensure the mother gets to the wedding.

      1. Lucky Penny – Ted misses the interview. If he had taken the job they would have made him move to Chicago.
      2. Ted and Robin break up. Who knows whether she would have gone with him or whether they would have broke up if he got the job.
      3. Ted is still in NY when Robin gets back and in trying to win the breakup, he meets Amy and ends up with the butterfly tattoo.
      4. To get rid of the tattoo, Ted goes to Stella.
      5. If Ted hadn’t been engaged to Stella, she couldn’t have left him at the altar, and Tony wouldn’t feel guilty enough to get him the teaching job.
      6. Ted meets Cindy through his job and dates her. She’s roommates with the mother.
      7. Barney runs into the mother at a drug store and she pushes him in the right direction leading him to propose.
      8. Ted runs into Cindy the week before the wedding, and she reccomends the mother’s band as a replacement for the one that canceled.

      That gets Ted and the mother to Barney and Robin’s wedding. Ted likely would have been there, but perhaps not the mother. Some say without the mother there might not be a Barney and Robin wedding.

  21. Thanks professor. I had forgotten the part where Cindy recommends the mothers band. It makes sense now, even if the Penny now seems a little less important.

  22. From the data we have so far I’d say the penny lacks any real importance whatsoever. You can take any random event or thing out of your life and give it importance by claiming the following events would have taken another course “if not”. For the penny to be important it would have to somehow be directly (emphasis on directly) contributing in one way or another to Ted meeting YM, or somehow being central to both of them. Just “if not” simply doesn’t cut it.
    As a comparison, the yellow umbrella is significant. Ted and YM might have met anyway, without it, so it might not be important that way, but it establishes a connection between the two and show them in hindsight how their paths have been crossing in the past, without them actually meeting. And give a “destiny” touch to the story.
    But that the penny should have been pivotal is just pure crap, unless there actually is something more to be revealed about this penny. The most likely explanation is just simply that Ted have taken hold of the penny as story telling device. He’s plain and simply fibbing.

    • The point of the penny is it made Ted stay in NY. Sure, any other little thing could have made them miss the flight, but it didn’t. When he goes back to find out whose fault it is that they were late, the furthest he gets is to when he found it.
      And had he not stayed, he wouldn’t have met Stella. Had he not met Stella, he wouldn’t have gotten the teaching job, he never would’ve met Cindy, the mother never would’ve played at the wedding and they never would’ve met.

      • Yeah, on the whole, I’m with Kristin about this. I don’t know that it’s necessarily “Penny! Like Lucky Penny!” For all we know, Penelope is a Mosby family name, or is the name of the Mother’s grandmother or something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to that 1939 penny.

        That said, I also see what dolf’s point is that you can take pretty much any moment in your life (and the show has done this before, too), and say “If not for that, these following things wouldn’t have happened.” If there’d been no hurricane, Marvin wouldn’t have been born when he was. If Ted had gone to his favorite bagel place instead of his second favorite, he wouldn’t have been in place to run into Stella again and get the job at Columbia. If not for the penny, he’d never have stayed in New York. And so on, and so forth.

        I think the point of all of this is that the things in your life that you consider precious are so because, in a way, they’re so fragile. Any choice or event or decision to turn left instead of right, or take a cab vs. the subway, or stay home instead of go out, or whatever could change the course of your life. So, it’s less about the penny itself being THE lynchpin in Ted’s life, and more about being grateful for the things you love because you recognize how they could’ve disappeared at any moment.

  23. this episode reminds me why I don’t like Lily and Marshall. They act like they know it all, but in fact, they’re the worst characters of the series. Marshall’s advice to go after Robin one more time? Lily’s breaking Ted and Robin up? Yes, we know, their relationship was doomed, but Lily didn’t need to speed things up. In fact, I’ve always wondered how on earth Lily could even consider herself Dr. Phil when she only dated 2 guys. Her whole relationship with Marshall is based on fear. Fear of a woman who can’t even decide whether she should go to Rome in the first place and realize her dream. As for Marshall, I find him more tolerable since he symbolizes all Ted and Robin shippers out there and I still hope we get the “not yet” resolution soon.
    I know you guys will probably just snort but these little details like Victoria’s “I really hope you get her someday”, Robin’s “I’ve never said never” and that look she gave Ted when it was raining at the Carousel, Ted’s reading “Love in the time of Cholera” leave dubious. Watching the first 2 episodes of season 1 (!) you can obviously tell the authors clearly stated those two were wrong for each other. That’s another problem with season 9 which maybe has already been discussed but we’ve seen Ted making it rain for Robin, stealing her a french blue horn, giving her up cause he know she’s better off with Barney. And as for the Mother? Very lame proposal. It’s Ted for Christ’s sake, even if he doesn’t need big stupid romantic gestures, it would be nice to see how thankful he is to finally get the right one.
    There are not so many episodes left and this episode’s scenes of the Mother haven’t brought anything in me. Yes, Ted has never been in love with Robin. He was in love with the idea of Robin, the girl he saw after he got his first wake-up call. So why can’t the authors show a decent episode PROVING that the Mother IS the right girl? I’d just like to say they need to work their asses off in order to beat that shot of Ted seeing Robin for the first time in MacLarens.

    • I love the energy in these comments. Good strong opinions with examples to back them up.

      • Yeah I would have to agree. Its great to see all the comments about the episode, not the usual I hope the show turns it around. It is a good change for sure. Lets hope the show can keep it up, we all know that they can.

    • Think you are a bit harsh on Lily and Marshall there. By your logic of Lily has dated just two guys how can she be Dr. Phil, we’d be let to conclude that Elizabeth Taylor is an expert on marriage having walked down the aisle eight times. Relationships are unlike other things in life, practice doesn’t necessarily make you better.

      I do agree that we do need to see how Ted falls for the Mother and how they end up where they do. But it could equally be possible that because they’re right for each other, he doesn’t have to do half those crazy things which he ended up doing for Robin. Maybe, that is the point of this whole series which the writers are trying to make (right or wrong is debatable) that when it is ‘The Right One’ – it clicks.

      It’s like a two lego pieces, they either fit perfectly as intended or you are going to have to bring some high quality plastic shapening tools to make them fit as you want (read Ted and Robin). Having said that though, it would be nice to see an episode dedicated solely to all the fun Ted and the Mother have after they start seeing each other.

      • Maybe, that is the point of this whole series which the writers are trying to make (right or wrong is debatable) that when it is ‘The Right One’ – it clicks.


        There’s a difference between doing grand romantic gestures to try to win someone over, and doing grand romantic gestures just because you want to. Ted’s done a ton of grand romantic gestures in his life, but my sense is that it’s always been because he felt like that was how you wooed a woman and convinced her to be with you, rather than because he just…enjoyed doing them and thought she’d appreciate them.

        With Robin, his romantic gestures were about trying to convince her to be with him when she didn’t really want to, or was ambivalent about it. With the Mother, my guess is he doesn’t need to resort to them, because he’s less nervous about losing her, he’s not trying to convince her (because he doesn’t need to), and he’s recognized that substance trumps pageantry every time.

        That’s why a lower-key proposal makes sense. He doesn’t need a gajillion roses and a tuxedo to do it. He doesn’t need the “big gesture.” The big gesture is telling her he wants to spend his life with her, not the way he tells her.

      • Here Here, An Entire Ted AND the Mother Episode set in the future after they are together. Wow that would be nice.

        If it is not already on the Writers room board we are screwed. All the episodes have been completely written except the very last one. It is still being fully fleshed out by the Creators of HIMYM. Less than Six weeks of shooting left for the Cast and then the Edits.

        This leads me back to the Ted TIMELINE that Corina Created for this site. I just did some edits and additions. So if you all could take a look and give us some suggestions that would be great.

        I have lots of Photos but tend to go a little Crazy with them. So I am open for your input. This is all our Blog.

        • I would LOVE to see an episode about their early days in dating, how things progressed up to the proposal, etc. I’d love to see the Mother integrate with the rest of the group, instead of have moments with Ted at Farhampton.

          I do not, however, have a ton of hope that we’ll see much of that. Or much of the group past the wedding, either, really. I think the writers basically were focused on telling a different story that a LOT of the public really wasn’t interested in. They made the wrong call, but by the time they figured out that they couldn’t convince folks to “just go with us on this,” it was too late and they wouldn’t have enough time to do that stuff justice alongside all the other plot points they introduced already.

          I’m mentally preparing myself for only getting snippets of their life together and barely seeing the Mother for most of the rest of the series, but hopefully getting a satisfying story of how Ted changes over the course of the series.

          It sucks, but I just don’t think the writers trusted themselves to tell the story in the future satisfyingly, after having built up the character for 8 years.

          • When asked at the televison critics association press conference on set Cobie Smoulders answered that “Yes” the ending to the series was effective. She revealed that, back at the HIMYM Christmas Party NPH asked about the ending of the Series.

            A week before Cobie, in conversation with Craig Thomas, was told some of the details of the series ending episode. That was about 10 weeks before the last episode was set to shoot.

            That the creators of the series let that kind of information out before the end of 2013 tells me they are still telling the same ending that they have always envisioned.

            Over the last two years they have given out some general spoilers on how the show was going to end. A draft of the Final moments of HIMYM. Now they have shared with the Cast some of the details.

            This is a mini family since 2005. Cobie said that when she heard the news she had to leave the room because she was so emotional. Since the Summer and into the fall shooting the entire cast and crew have been emotional about their break up.

            So, you can not read anything into this little bit of news. It was a couple of season ago we saw the Wedding scene with Ted and Robin. Robin and Barney both have cold feet about going through with the wedding.

            If you noticed in the mirror when Barney adjusted his tie (UnPause) at GNB, he had on a wedding ring. We have gone back and forth on Ted and Barney with Wedding rings. Again do not read into that bit of news either.

            You are going to see on the Web more and more spoiler info. Some will be accurate. Some not so accurate. Just do not go overboard about what if. Keep watching. Especially on Monday Night the 27th. We get a lot of answers in this one episode.

      • I guess I didn’t make myself clear. It’s not that Lily dated only 2 guys. Marshall dated only one girl and it worked out for him perfectly. I agree, it’s not a question of experience. You can just put into use everything you’ve learned from your previous relationship into a new one. I, myself, think that it’s awful to brag about how “experienced” you are and how many relationships you’ve been in.
        what I’m saying is that Lily has never been in a position when it was a no instead of a yes. Scooter was smitten with her, Marshall was ready to take her back, only not immediately. She’s selfish. She sabotaged Ted’s relationships because of stupid front porch test of hers. She was ready to run away to Spain when Marshall needed her and did run away to SF. She never fought for someone like Ted so she’ll never be able to understand how it feels to want someone badly, get that person and then lose them. She tried to help Barney to get Robin (who are Lily and Marshall’s antipodes, no wonder Robin didn’t take Barney seriously on their first “date” and freaked out when he started asking her questions about how she felt and what was going on in her life. Because they don’t need that. Marshall tells Lily everything, including what he eats for lunch, but Barney and Robin? hell no. So it didn’t work out, Barney won Robin his own twisted way), she acted like a know-it-all when Robin and Barney needed to figure things out at their own pace
        Lily’s actions change the course of the story, but just like Ted put it once, not everyone find their soul-mate in college. Not every relationship has to be like Lily and Marshall’s. Not all couples think it’s obligatory to share their food with each other and dress in Halloween costumes.
        as for big stupid romantic gestures. I realize that when it clicks you just know and you don’t need to do all that crap for the loved one. I’m saying that we need TOUCHING scenes that prove Ted loves the Mother more than he could ever love Robin. No, “I made it rain” 2 or stealing blue french instrument. In know the authors are capable of showing how deeply he cares for her, “Time Travelers” is a nice example. So let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll get more of that.

        • ed. “You can’t just put into use everything you’ve learned from your previous relationship into a new one.”

        • Epic,

          Excellent points. I think that the stuff you bring up pretty clearly highlights how Lily and Marshall (they’ve both done this) have assumed that their way and their relationship is the “right” way to do things. We also know that Ted is envious of their relationship, which is why he’s followed much of their advice. But I do think you’re correct that they sometimes assume erroneously that their way is the best way, just because they happened to get lucky and meet at 18 and make it work.

          I wouldn’t say Lily is necessarily selfish as much as she is perhaps arrogant. But this is a known character trait of hers. It’s why she does Aldrin Justice. It’s why she breaks up Ted’s relationships with women who fail the “porch test.” It’s why she doles out advice in her best Oprah impression, even when it isn’t solicited. It may even be why she became a kindergarten teacher: you RULE the kindergarten classroom (even though the kids act out). You’re in charge, you have the power, and you dictate what happens. I don’t think she and Marshall are the worst characters, but they’re certainly pretty patronizing at times.

          But I also think that’s VERY true to life. In a group of friends, there’s often a couple or even individuals who think they’ve got a handle on things and are happy to tell you what they think. You often see it with “successful” couples (as in couples that are married, happily, or are happily involved, etc.) who don’t realize that just because this or that makes them happy or is the way they’d want to do it, you should do it the same way. They may frown on your choices or at the risks you take, they may tell you “You’re going about this all wrong. You need to do it this other way,” or whathaveyou. And even when it works out for you, even when you didn’t really follow their advice to the letter, they’ll still pat themselves on the back for having successfully guided you to happiness.

          But hey, that’s just how friendship works sometimes. I don’t think you can doubt that they do it (mostly) out of love. Lily and Marshall break up Ted’s relationships because they want Ted to be happy and to stay in their lives. They did try to give Barney and Robin a kick in the pants, too, to get them to actually try to be in a relationship together. They screw up sometimes, yeah, but they mean well, at least.

          What I’m glad to see with this fight, however, is that they really DO have their own problems, and ones that can’t be solved immediately with an “aww” moment. I’m hoping the remainder of the fight plays out realistically, too.

  24. Sorry to start a new comment, but I was just speculating about the Lucky Penny and the relevance of it, and I think that it’s full importance might not have been revealed yet.

    Possibly, you see Ted just after the wedding or so on his way to the airport, getting a text from the Mother. And at that point, he is possibly with the gang and decides to flip to decide whether he boards the plane to Chicago or goes to meet the Mother that evening. Of course, he has to flip for it with the Lucky Penny, and hence why he refers to it as that, also the reason why it takes on such a significance as to become the name of their daughter.

    Genius, aren’t I? Hahah!

    • I thought he sold the penny. He told Robin he was going to buy her dinner with it because the penny would be valuable. Then she mocks him that he’s lucky there is a place that sells 2 for 1 hot dogs for 1.98 or something. Then he checks the new pennies to see if there is another good one, but there’s not.

      I suppose he could have hung onto the penny and just paid with 2 bucks. I’d need to rewatch the episode.

  25. updated spoiler page. One article called END OF SERIES. It was the article I talked about yesterday.

  26. Here is my problem with the timeline for Barney’s statement on vengeance (it will soon be his). The revenge he enacted on Greg occurred immediately after he started wearing suits i.e. prior to Season 1.

    So who is his soon vengeance to be on? The Greg/Shannon vengeance has to be over, right?

    • No I think the revenge against Greg takes place 2 months after the wedding based on what we saw in this episode.

      It really doesn’t make any sense to me. I feel like they have retconned a motivation for Barney being the person he was when the show started.

      I contend his motivation to move from hippie Barney to suit Barney has to be either/or, not both and:
      1. He believed Greg that money and sex were the important things and suits up in order to get them.
      2. He plots revenge from the beginning and sees this as the only way to get close to Greg. And was working with the Feds from the start.

      But if 2. is the case, why such a long play? The company does all sorts of illegal stuff. It really took this long to build a case against Greg, considering we didn’t even know he worked there until this episode?

      And why bang Shannon and never call her again if your life was all about revenge for Greg stealing her?

      And why invite Marshall and Ted to work there, knowing that the Feds are watching everyone? We know deep down he’s a good friend, this doesn’t seem realistic to me.

      And suit Barney loved his life of over 200 women. Meeting Robin changed this, but it took a long time. I think this is all to finish the redemption of Barney, but I can’t wrap my head around it.

      • @Proffessor, You are correct. That was why in the mirror when he fixes his tie and winks you see the wedding ring on his finger. This is a total re-write to make Barney out to be a better person. They are creating a 10+ years worth of false Barney.

        But this is what they do on this and many other shows near the end. Still in this case it means little except to those who adore Barney.

        It is all for them I think.

        • Big mistake. I like Barney, and I heavily object against the white-washing. Don’t f***ing make Barney into something he’s not.
          He’s a devil may care manipulating SOB, but he’s also a good guy deep down, with a big heart and a lot of care for his friends. As I said earlier, I totally buy that the revenge and Fed stuff would be something that develops partly by chance, partly as part of Barney’s own personal development. But I definitely don’t buy that the whole Barney persona would be fake as part of a revenge plot from the beginning. Puke!

          • But, you like the traditional Barney Character. That is fine. For those who adore Barney (more specifically NPH) they want him with a softer side too.

            They being a large fan base who follow the Barney Robin romance and want to be in Robin’s place.

            For those who like Barney’s persona as a take it or leave it kind of person. This rewrite is horrible. It is a betrayal. Barney’s motives have always a bit on the self serving side. Sometimes you need to do that.

            One of the life lessons that the Barney character has taught Ted, is to be a little selfish. Daphne taught this to Marshall on his road trip.

            Marshall came back a little too harsh for his wife’s benefit. Ted went through that phase a few times and came out for the most part undamaged.

      • @proffessor
        See my comment from 04.07 (for children: that’s pm) for 21/1 (for weirdos: that means 21st january), if you didn’t read it already. I lay out there how I don’t buy the revenge set up as presented, but how it with very little adjustment could work. (It’s a bit lengthy I don’t want to rehash the whole argument again)

        • Yeah, I could see that, too, I suppose. It does seem a bit neat that Barney was always a good guy and didn’t go through a character arc. I could also see that Barney is telling the truth, but perhaps not the entire truth.

          Like, he interviewed with Greg and got the job. At the time, he was trying to be more “alpha” as Greg had advised, and lo and behold, it was Greg who happened to offer him the job. Along the way, he grew a backbone and more confidence, and built up his armor and screwed around. During this period, he was broken, as he says. As the series wore on, he realized he was being set up to take the eventual fall, and perhaps struggled with how to deal with that and also how to avoid giving up his awesome life.

          He gradually came to realize, though, that his life wasn’t that awesome, and maybe he should want more. His conscience was finally able to fully reassert itself, and he decided to go to the Feds and take down Greg and his ilk. The actual investigation would take hardly any time, assuming Barney could provide them with documentation, which he probably could with ease. Barney knows where the bodies are buried. Sometimes literally. So, he flips on the company, Greg takes the fall, and that’s that.

          This still preserves his character arc, but also lets him come out the good guy in the end, rather than requiring Greedo to shoot first.

          • But that is not what Barney said. I just watched the clip. He drunkenly starts by saying: No, you guys are being stupid, especially Ted.

            Ted says, “what I didn’t say anything.” Again the producers use Narrator Ted to straighten out the time line. “Kids, Barney revealed to us his master plan. It all went down a few months after the wedding.”Then Barney goes into is story. Greg: why would you do that. Barney: Countless moral reasons could apply, but this is revenge for you stealing my girlfriend. SEE THAT DAY I VOWED I WOULD DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO TRACK YOU DOWN, GAIN YOUR TRUST, AND THEN DESTROY YOU.

            I added the photos in the Photo II page.


            • Eh, screw it. I’m done trying to engage in sufficient mental gymnastics to explain away the inconsistencies they introduce in the show. In my mind, Barney wasn’t a hero all along. He went through actual growth and change. He embraced the Dark Side, but came back from it, thanks to the love of a good woman (with a bit of a dark side herself).

              And Han shot first.

              That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

        • That I could see, and would show an evolving Barney, but that wasn’t what was presented to us in the episode.

          • Which is why I say “Screw it. I don’t care any more. In my episode, that’s what happens.”

            Trust me. Your fandom becomes infinitely more enjoyable when you aren’t a slave to “canon” and are happy to establish your own.

            Han shot first.

            The prequels never happened.

            There was only one Highlander movie, one Matrix movie, and two Alien/Aliens movies.

            And Barney really WAS a heel who was only able to finally decide to bite the hand that feeds when he was also finally ready to go for Robin for real. Hell, maybe the Mother’s pep talk got him motivated there, too. And for all we know, he joined a gym, too, only this time he actually exercised there instead of encouraging the women he’d later hit on.

            And my world is all the happier for it!

            • I just watched the next part where Lily storms out of the Hotel. I just got why. It was because she said “you’ve never forgiven me. There is nothing more important to me than our family. You know that.” I skipped over part of the argument. From Lily’s perspective she made a mistake and asked for forgiveness. She thought Marshall had given it to her. Now she is finding out he still holds this against her. Marshall is really upset about the WHAT IF.

              Guys in a serious long term relationship you have to let that go. I see why this is going to drag out for awhile. It may come into play with Ted.

              We see that Barney does not totally trust Ted when it comes to feeling for Robin. Ted admits that he has them and always will. Now Ted’s way of dealing with them is to go away. Barney more than anyone understands that. Barney was upset with Ted for roomates with benefits, for dating Robin in the first place when they clearly wanted different things.

              Barney grew to like Robin and then Ted, who had a girlfirend, went after Robin anyway. Ted blocked Barney. Battleship, Ted blocked Barney. If Ted had not been going after Robin, Barney would have had a chance to date her earlier.

              Ted talks about wanting more time with the Mother. But, Ted kept Robin from Barney early on in the series. Part of why Barney and Robin did not work out was Ted.

              Just some random thoughts.

              But back to Marshall and Lily. The writers are trying to say if you never truly forgive someone it hurts everyone. This entire group has not forgiven each other yet. I think that is what Ted needs to do. Forgive himself for having feelings for Robin and Let Barney be happy with Robin.

              Ted needs to still back off some more. Not publicly, I think he has done that now. Ted needs as we have all said to fill himself with a new vision. So Ted seems lost still.

              At times in our lives, do we not all have to do that. Live for something new.

  27. Okay so throw everything out the window regarding the baby timeline. Well not everything but this baby’s specific age is probably not relevant because it was Bays’ daughter Georgina that played Penny. So I’m assuming we are supposed to just go with the age discrepency in Unpause because they clearly didn’t cast a child that was specifically supposed to be Penny Mosby’s actual age. Working on some posts re this stuff now…

  28. I just started rewatching Unpause and noticed a pink sucie (pacifier) on Ted & YM’s night table. I knew that belly had to be baby #2 because it was 2017, but since I didn’t notice the sucie the first time around, I was surprised that Baby Girl Mosby (Penny) actually went with them to Farhampton for the weekend. I would have thought they’d want a kid-free weekend before becoming a party of four. PS please post any other little details you caught.

    • Oh and I know some people are big in colour theory: Greg was wearing a purple tie when Barney was first hired, then both a purple tie and shirt when he was arrested.

    • From October of 2012 Hollywood Reporter Interview.

      My proudest accomplishment this year:
      Bays: When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, I went with her to every single one of her OB/GYN appointments.
      Thomas: I also went to every single one of Carter’s wife’s OB/GYN appointments.

      I am already excited for Monday’s Episode with all the Spoiler Videos Out there I feel like I have already watched it.


    I have added some spaces into the link so no accidental clicks!

    w w w

    • Lance, Below is not a spoiler video so safe for anyone to view. You may have seen it before. If not enyoy

      I do appreciate the way you broke the link above and labeled it as a Spoiler for the Monday 27th Episode. Thanks.

      Yes we have a spoiler page for that type of stuff but I sometimes do the Same and let people decide if they want to know. This Episode is number 200 as I keep saying. I can not Get Solo to look at any of the spoiler links. He wants to enjoy this one live I think.

      And that is perfectly okay for anyone. The link I put up is the Top 10 HIMYM Running Gags by Mojo. It does not have any spoilers and is from September of 2013. Just a little Highlight video from someones perspective.

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