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Season 9, Episode 10: Mom and Dad

HAPPY 200th Episode Filmed This week.

Be forewarned: I don’t have a ton to say about this largely phoned-in episode.

What Was Good

Well, Marshall is presumably pretty close to the wedding now.  As I recall, Daphne lived in New York, so Marshall’s probably about 2-3 hrs away from the wedding now.  So, we should (I hope) see him reunited with the gang in about 1-2 more episodes.  I liked Sherri Shepherd, but the writing for her character was getting pretty stale.  It was nice to see her reunited with her insane daughter, and to see them chanting “Drill baby, drill!” while Marshall looks on in disgust.  Maybe we’ll see that resurface later when he becomes a judge somehow.  Anyway, glad to be rid of the character, if not necessarily the actress.  Wasted potential there.

There were also some good funny moments in the episode.  The Billy Zabka stuff was pretty funny.  I liked the Zabka-Tage bit, and the callbacks to his roles in the 80s (see also, The Karate Kid, Just One of the Guys).  Detective Mosby was kinda funny, too, with the failed attempts to solve the case, particularly Cousin Claude’s.  And the callback to the Pineapple Incident was funny as well.  A minor mea culpa from the writers for creating a mystery that they then never solved.  But hey, that’s life.  Not all mysteries get solved.  I also liked how Ted took a hit for Billy Zabka, and played the role of the bigger man, while Barney basically continued to act like an ass.  I’m hoping that bears fruit at some point in the future.

Lastly, it was nice that this episode didn’t end with yet another pin pulled from a grenade, and instead ended with everything being pretty much ok.

What Was Not As Good

The rest of the humor was just so over the top and not funny.  And pretty much nothing of importance (from what I could see) happened this episode.  So…yeah, pretty much the rest of the episode was bad.  Pointless, over-the-top, filler.  Oh, and what happened to Nancy Travis as Jerry’s wife?

Further Thoughts

Honestly, not a ton to say here.  This episode was a waste.  Much of this season is feeling like a waste.   I know that’s this show’s style, though — to go from an awesome episode like last week’s episode to a crap episode like this one.  Reminds me of The Final Page leading into The Fortress last year.  Great episode, then crappy one.  Right now, this season is like an entire season of The Burning Beekeeper: kinda funny, but entirely filler.

I’m just worn out with Barney-humor, which is basically this show’s equivalent of fart jokes.  They’re easy, they’re cheap, and yeah, they’re funny, but they get old.  It’s fine when they use these in balance with more grounded moments, but a whole season of nothing but Barney-humor?  Pass.

My one hope at this point is that now that Jason is, apparently, back in L.A., he’ll have time to shoot HIMYM and will be back with the group, at which point the narrative will actually progress.  It’s time to put the spurs to this story.

added this photo for Teddy Westside… 500 miles until we see her again!!

S C R E E C H ! Goes Ronjit in his Limo. Ops

So, do you think we will see Jerry and Cheryl again?

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  1. Zabka-Tage

    Ted is a nice man.

    If you skipped the spoiler you did not see Barney’s Dad Jerome jump on the hood of the Limo screaming to Ranjit for His wife back.

    So it was an okay episode. We had some great ones in a row. Enjoy.

  2. I had gotten used to seeing the Mother. Sad to not have her in the episode tonight

    Big question, was there not a single, “Thank you, Linus” this evening. I could get used to that.

    Although driving Marvin seems to have taken over the “sitcommy” jokes mantel from his momma.

  3. I can get into Lily tackling people; I’m guessing we’ll see more of it.

    They destroyed another bottle of 30 year old scotch? :cry:

    I miss Jerome’s “first” wife.

    Not surprised to see Sam is presiding over the wedding and I like it.

    Another thing I like, no more Daphne (hopefully).

    I’m sure I’ll have more after I see it again.

  4. well at least i won’t have to check in on this site this week. i can get some work done. that might have been the worst episode in all 9 seasons. When the highlight of the night is Billy Zapka’s acting performance, you’re in trouble…

    The Rasta-Squid joke was so ridiculously awful that i almost turned it off. so disappointing after an all-timer last week.

    cya’ll next Tuesday. i’ll just pretend “Mom & Dad” is The Matrix 2 or The Exorcist 2 or The Day After Tomorrow or Jar-Jar Binks or the Patriot’s Spy-Gate Super Bowl Championships…it just won’t exist in my mind.

    • Actually Four things Happened to get this season moving. One Ted and Zabka’s best Man battle is over I hope.

      Second Marshall is in New York City about 2 hours drive to Farhampton and the baby sure grew up on this trip. The Daphne part of the trip is over.

      Third we have a minister for the Wedding. Everyone has been waiting for James’ dad to arrive and fill that post.

      Fourth we finally got the drinks out of Lily’s hands for a few hours.

      You guys already mentioned the tackle. Ted was busy and not sulking but I missed seeing the Mother.

      Can you think of more that moved the story along. Not much in the way of Ted’s story but the Season.

      • Yeah, but think about it a second.

        The things that happened this episode were basically resolutions to things introduced in the first few episodes of this season. In other words, they close a loop that was started at the start of this season.

        You therefore have to ask yourself what they actually accomplished and why they should be included at all. What does any of this have to do with getting Robin and Barney down the aisle, or Ted resolving his issues with them and meeting the Mother, or Lily and Marshall deciding their future?

        My bet? Not a damn thing. They’re wacky wedding hijinks that generally serve no greater purpose. Ted’s feud with Zabka and its resolution? Probably pointless. Barney’s issues re: his parents? Again, probably pointless. We had a minister, then we didn’t, and now we do again, and…so what?

        Here’s the thing. You can include wacky wedding hijinks, but you really only should be including them to the extent that they have impact on the story as a whole. I do not believe that anything that happened this episode will bear fruit down the road. Thus, these little mini-dramas form a closed-loop within the season that perhaps set a tone for the events that will follow, but otherwise are meaningless.

        I’m glad these mini-dramas are done with now, but I question whether the creators and producers of this show will change the tone moving forward. Will they start focusing more on the impact of these events on the characters? Will they explore how any of this affects Ted and how it changes him? Or will these basically just be random funny stories that happened but otherwise don’t mean a damn thing?

        Ted is supposed to be changing from his douchey, mopey, sad-sack self into a man who can effectively charm the Mother without screwing it up like he has so many times before, but so far, I don’t see anything changing. He’s still a douche. He’s still mopey. He’s still a sad-sack. When’s the turning point? How’s it happen? Maybe we’ll get to that and we’ll see how these events matter, but so far, they’re just doofy stories.

        Barney and Robin are supposed to be going through a hellish wedding, but do get married in spite of it all, but all we see are hijinks that get resolved and nothing about how the couple grows stronger together. The “say the same thing then say aww” stuff doesn’t do it. Barney’s had a few good speeches, but that’s it. And we still have nothing from Robin that makes me think SHE wants to marry him.

        Lily and Marshall have some big stuff coming up, which hopefully will be resolved, but then what? How will they grow and change? I don’t know. I wonder if we’ll even see that.

        • Loved your comment, Solo! I think exactly the same!

          While watching this week episode I was thinking about Robin. I really liked her character development, since the beginning when she was a failed tv reporter that didn’t want to commit to anyone and didn’t want to have a wedding or kids… And now, I think her character is being wasted… She is just there to be a part of Barney’s jokes – for virtually 10 episodes!!!

          Also, I always liked Barney as well, but so far into the show and into his development, I can’t stand his cheap jokes anymore…

  5. I really do hope at least some of the stuff from this episode comes back around and means something later, like Barney being so rude to Ted after he took the fall for Zabka, or Barney’s feelings about his broken family, or SOMETHING of substance. Its not that I hated it (I don’t think I ever dislike the show fillers as much as you guys, which is okay), but…it felt like wasted opportunity. I agree on that much. After two weeks in a row that had amazing moments with The Mother, not only do we not see her again but…nothing meaningful. At least not much. Its just…frustrating! We only have so much time left! 14 episodes left! That will go fast!

    Although I will say, I’m really disagreeing about the humor. While its not as important as the substance and moving the story along, I laughed harder at this episode than I think any other so far this season. I laughed REALLY hard. The Barney and James sing off and the silly 50’s family scenario cracked me up! And I loved driving Baby Marvin (my mom missed the first few minutes and I can’t wait to show her that part)! Let’s be fair, Lily and Marshall have never been the most responsible parents? ;)

    But while I disagree with y’all on the humor, I agree that it felt like wasted filler, and I miss leaving the episodes with a sense of awe and excitement. The real emotion and development. Bring it back, please!!

    And yes, PLEASE get Marshall there already! The road trip’s gotta be over soon, right?

    • My issue with the humor is more the style of the humor and how it plays in relation to the rest of the episode. I did laugh, too. I laughed at the Pineapple Incident callback, the 500 Miles thing, and the Zabka-Tage thing and Zabka’s flashback.

      But the musical number just felt forced to me, and out-of-place. I get that it’s an opportunity when you have several stage luminaries (NPH, John Lithgow, Frances Conroy, and Ben Vereen) to work with, but the whole thing just feels incredibly forced.

      For me, Barney works best in moderation. Like fart jokes. Fart jokes are AWESOME when they’re well placed. They can absolutely crack me up. But a whole show that revolves around them bores me to tears. Doubly so when the clock is ticking on this show and there’s still a LOT left to be done this season. Barney-humor is great — when it’s used to punctuate or liven-up other stuff. But the show’s humor used to be a lot smarter and more grounded, rather than slapstick/over-the-top, and that’s the kind of humor I prefer. I like clever word-play rather than Barney flailing his way out of a room.

    • This was not as bad as it could have been. Solo asked me earlier if it was a C+ or a B- episode. FOR me it was a B Minus.

      I did not mind some of the drama built into season 9. It got resolved and they can move on.

      Here is my perspective. I am not spoiling anything for anyone I hope. They are shooting Episode 16 this Week. That by the way is number 200 for the series.

      Carter said they have 8 more to go. Craig and Carter are each writing one of the remaining episodes by themselves. So they are putting something into these. Lots of spoilers on what those episodes are so don’t look if you do not want to know.

      With Eight Episodes left after this week they kind of are like starting the season again. Nothing big has happened in the story so far.

      Yes we had some info revealed about the Mother and future events. Nothing that could not have been done in two full episodes. So if this was a 10 or 12 Episode Season I say we are at the start right now.

      I am trying to be positive because not all the cast has been together for very long this season. We have a couple of episodes left this year 2013. Three I think all in a row.

      Then we get the Winter Olympics on CBS etc. One week after the Olympics close we get a new episode. It will not be set in Farhampton fully.

      I think you will get a lot of the mother in the last half of the season. So do not be discouraged by any of the less dramatic episodes so far. Narrator Ted still has a lot of Story to Tell.

  6. Hmm, I don’t know. As far as fillers go, I’m with Athena, I enjoyed last nights. It WAS wasted potential but at l least it was funny wasted potential. I haven’t laughed at the humor llike that in a while and it was nice. And the song was nicely done in my opinion.

    Come back Home Marshall, we miss you!!!

  7. I have just one question: What is the point of Barney being a jerk to Ted at some point in every single episode this season?
    (Sorry, I hope that’s not a spoiler; personally, I’ve already grown accustomed to this happening.)
    We’re supposed to have resolved – as far as it can get resolved in such a short time – the whole Ted-still-has-feelings-for-Robin issue, so I don’t see what the matter is with him.
    It’s also not like Barney was always like this, so … what’s going on?

    • I think Barney has always thought of himself as more experienced and superior to Ted. For example when they had Baby Huricane. Barney’s job was more important. What Barney is doing seems classic overcompensation for his wedding insecurities.

      The best mans job is to get that solider to pick up his rifle and charge down that isle so that he can later sign that worthless piece of paper called a Marriage License.

      And Robin has always joined in the Ted bashing.

    • Well, here’s one possible analysis.

      Barney comes from a broken home. His wackiness has always been, as Ross points out, overcompensation. He’s awesome, but he always overdoes it because he’s insecure.

      So, ok, Barney’s forgiven Ted for still having feelings. But he still saw Robin holding Ted’s hand in the park there. And that means…..wait for it…..Robin may still have feelings for Ted.

      So, all of this juvenile behavior and over-the-top childishness, the attempt to create stability and family, may all be because Barney is worried that Robin will leave him or regret marrying him or whathaveyou, because, in spite of always viewing himself as superior to Ted in some way, he worries that maybe in this one critical way (e.g., being a husband) he’s not as awesome as he thinks.

      My guess? This is where the locket comes in. Kids, you remember the locket, right? It was yet another mini-drama introduced this season which HASN’T yet been dealt with. Anyway, either Ted went to see Stella and got it from her (or found it elsewhere) and gives it to Barney to give to Robin, or Barney’s had it all along and gives it to her.

      Actually, if you think about it, the locket is representative of Robin’s love. It’s something she buried as a young girl, which has only recently been unearthed. It’s something Ted never had, or did but didn’t realize it (e.g., when Robin was crushed that Ted was marrying Stella). Its absence sends Robin into a tailspin when she finally really WANTS to be married and in love.

      So, in a sense, the locket may be the key to resolving the Ted/Barney/Robin triangle. Either Ted has to give it away, or see that Barney’s had it all along. In either case, Ted’s recognizing that it was never his to begin with, so maybe he should stop feeling so sorry for himself about having screwed up, missed his one shot at true love, etc., etc., etc.

      • @ Solo, nice transition into the Locket story. This was setup in Season 8 and further developed Season 9 in multiple episodes. The symbolism is more important than the actual object.

        So Ted getting bashed on by Barney is like Lily when Marshall’s Dad died. Marshall’s Mom was a bit out of sorts and Lily helped her balance out all those jumbled feelings.

        The hard part with Ted is one he overcompensates himself. Ted over does everything. He Teds-Out a lot. Then he is the Best man for both Barney and Robin. He promised Robin he would be her “Best Man” too. So then he has all these feelings mixed in and he is moving. So Lily says keep them inside. Just like they did at Ted’s intervention when the gang wanted to be friends with ZOEY. Yes I went there.

        I was talking with a friend the other day and mentioned this show. Everyone on it have Daddy issues except Marshall. He had a solid relationship. They all also have Mom issues. So parenting aside they all need each other.

        Barney wants to be Leader of the Gang to get attention. Emotional support he did not get from a dad growing up. Barney was turned into this by Shannon. Before that Barney was a Mommas boy with unrealized expectations. So he went the other way by suiting up his emotions and trashing relationships to protect himself.

        Barney is still being scripted this way. Ted is still not connecting with Women correctly because his Dad did not model the appropriate emotions in front of him. All they talked about was baseball and the weather.

        So what the writers are saying is the right woman can fix this for Ted. But Barney may only be who he is and Robin accepts him that way. So therefore they are right for each other. You can not fix everyone or every situation.

        In this episode Barney trashed Marriage the day before his own wedding and did not even realize what he was doing. That is who Barney is. A little childish but with a good heart. In the end he will again need Ted’s help.

        So Ted takes it for the sake of Robin. Ted takes the abuse from a friend because he feels guilty for causing this. Ted can not help feeling the way he does.

        As Solo points out so often Ted needs to meet the Mother so that he can put his feelings for Robin into perspective. That is what I want to see. How does Ted do that.

        We are human and struggle with our emotions a lot. You can try to understand them as they relate to your life or ignore them. For Ted the ignore them advise from Lily does not work out so well. We may see that crash and burn soon?

        I hope the producers take this into account. I think they try to balance out those type of episodes with the one we had last night.

        • Two things.

          First, I don’t think we need to get heavy with every episode. Rather, I think we need to lay the groundwork for that to happen down the road, even if we aren’t doing it in every episode. I didn’t see (so far) this episode doing that. Maybe it does with Barney’s response to Ted, but so far, not so much.

          Second, I think the message of the show isn’t that someone comes along and “fixes” us. Rather, it’s that we improve who we are, and someone accepts us and loves us for that. Barney had to go through this himself, changing from a guy who always was gonna be on the prowl to a guy who could do relationships (kinda), to a guy who could do marriage (kinda), to a guy who wanted ROBIN and knew it. He’s still who he is, but she loves him for it (or so she frequently says at the same time as him AWWWW >gag<).

          What I'd LIKE to see from Ted is that he fixes himself and resolves his feelings for Robin, while also learning to master his desire to "Ted-out." What I'd say is that Ted, Barney, and Robin all have a similar characteristic, namely their anxiety about relationships. What's that you say? Ted's not anxious about relationships?

          Why do you think Ted rushes into things? Why does he resort to grand romantic gestures for EVERY woman he meets (or so it seems)? Why does he hook up with random skanks with whom he knows or should know nothing serious will happen? Easy. He wants more, but he's afraid of it. He either tries to skip past the anxiety-ridden period where you're really hoping it works out with this awesome person you just met, or he avoids it altogether by going after some dead-end girl like a 21-year-old or a girl named "Strawberry."

          So, what changes? I think Ted calms down after this wedding, and lets go of a lot of his fear and anxiety in some way. That, in turn, makes him ready for the Mother, who, in turn, gives him a reason to (A) believe in something more, and (B) be patient and take the risk of maybe getting hurt without relying solely on grand romantic gestures to "skip ahead."

  8. Solo and I have put our image of the season resolved into a few comments. But I am interested in what all the rest of you have to say.

    Without blurting out episode titles and plots, what would you like to happen next. I will say this: we are getting close to the rehersal dinner for example.

    Marshall said, in Episode 3 Last Time in New York, over the phone to Lily that he thought he would make it for Saturday evening. He is two hours away. Tell me what you think is going to happen?

    or anything else between now and when Ted meets the Mother at the train station. Sunday is going to be a very long day.

  9. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but Ross did ask what we wanted, so blame him ;)

    Sorry I haven’t been in the conversation as much as I’d like. I leave for a conference on Thursday across the country so I have loose ends I need to tie up, which works as a great segway to what Ross just posted.

    (I know it is segue, but there is a part of me that would crack up if I saw someone riding a Segway to the wedding, or maybe Barney riding one down the aisle).

    Not all of this would have been on my ideal list, but given what they’ve presented this season I think there are things they need to address. Things I would like to see/need to be addressed:

    1. The locket: Did Ted find it, does he give it to Robin, does he give it to Barney to give to Robin?

    2. Robin finding out that Ted and Victoria broke up because he wouldn’t stop being Robin’s friend: They have alluded to this several times so I want this to be addressed.

    3. What makes this wedding the train wreck they have led us to believe it will be?: Will there be a ring bear, who will be the wild card, will Robin’s stepmom sing Cheeseburger in Paradise as the father/daughter dance?

    4. Will Marshall use one of the slaps to get Barney to get down the aisle?

    5. How many more people will Lily tackle and why?

    6. How the mother meets everyone else (Marshall and Robin)

    7. How does Ted injure his hand?

    8. Why is Ted unable to meet/talk to the mother before the Farhampton train station?

    9. The resolution of Marshall and Lily’s Judge vs. Rome.

    10. At least 2 amazing speeches from Ted that prove he’s become the man he needed to be to meet the mother, and a good man, not mopey Ted.

    That was all the real time stuff, for flashbacks/forwards I would like:

    1. The mother’s reaction to Ted being in the wrong classroom

    2. What happened when Ted bought the ticket to LA (what did he do to try and track down the locket)

    3. I’d love to see the first date of Ted and the mother.

    4. Any glimpse of Ted and the mother’s wedding.

    5. Explanation of the whole Ted/mother relationship timeline (trips to farhampton, birth of kids, wedding, etc.)

    6. A future slap if there are any left

    7. The whole gang together in the future, happy.

    8. The mother on St. Patrick’s Day (from the No Tomorrow) episode

    9. Some conflict between Ted and the mother to give the relationship depth and realism.

    10. I really want to know what the reaction shot the kids have been sitting on since season 2 is all about.

    I’m sure there is more, but I decided 20 is more than enough for now. I will say though we have less than 20 episodes left, so I honestly doubt we’ll get even half of this, which makes me sad.

  10. I agree with Solo’s comment earlier on Ross’s comment about story progression. Yes, those four things helped move the story along, however, they are so minor that they could have been dealt with at the beginning of an episode where Future Ted tells his kids the wrap up, or in another minute of show time.

    I would argue: Worst Episode of HIMYM ever. And the caveat to that being that this is the final season. This is it. I was expecting, or at least hoping, that every episode this season was going to be a “The Final Page”. Besides the premiere (both eps), and the episodes with The Mother, we’ve really got nothing. It could also be argued that the Season Eight finale was the best episode of season 9 (with the exception of the aforementioned eps).

    COME ON CB & CT!

    Do we really believe that Barney at roughly 35 years of age is going to act like a five year old, as he basically did in this episode? And I’m also angry with them taking the character of James and turning him into, well, what has he turned into? He’s apparently reverted back to his old ways. That’s great and very much like real life but we’re in the home stretch and the only stories we as fans want to mirror real life are those of the 5 characters we know and love. We can relate to the changes that may occur with them character-wise because we’ve witnessed 9 years of (somewhat) growth and change. To do that with James was cheap and a gimick for the plot. Cheap writing (not including the salary paid to the writers).

    Sorry, this might be coming off as negative. Apologies, but I was so angry with last night’s episode that I had to vent and venting to people who care as much as I do is the only thing that seems to let the steam leave.

    Where was Lily? I saw her and she had a few lines, but really?

    Most of the episodes are already written and/or shot from what I’ve heard and read here and elsewhere but I hope they take their 5(+1) main characters and put them in a room and make some great television and end this story as it should be ended.

    At this point, with the season we’ve been presented, the end of season eight could still have been the series finale with an extra couple scenes at the end:

    Scene: Everyone’s on their way to the wedding and Future Ted does an awesome voice-over about how plans are great but:

    Future Ted:”Sometimes kids, it’s only when you stop making plans and actually start living that you put yourself on the right path.”

    Scene: Fun from the wedding.

    FT: “Your Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin survived the hiccups of the weekend and the past and now know they will survive anything. Your Uncle Marshall and Aunt Lily have always made it through whatever obstacles they’ve encountered and, as you know, did eventually spend a year in Rome after your Uncle Marshall established himself as a judge. They embraced each others dreams as they always did.”

    Scene: Ted sitting and reading at the train station and the Mother standing looking in the opposite direction.

    Cue Music: “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons

    “And kids, I decided it was time to sit down with a good book and get lost in my favourite story. Not realizing my greatest story was yet to begin.”

    Scene: The Mother turns around. Ted looks up. They recognize each other. She walks over. They shake hands and chat (we don’t hear what they say because an awesome song is playing.)

    FT: “Because that was the moment when my greatest story began. The moment I met your mother.”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

    Just came up with that right now, or maybe I dragged it from my subconscious. Anyway. I hope they kill it the rest of the season and not in the serial killer way.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. Sorry, one more thing to note and ponder for a final season episode: Billy Zabka had more of a character growth arc than Ted Mosby did. Ted Mosby is the main character of the show that is in its final season.

    Just sayin’.

    And finally (for real this time). With all the casting issues (filming elsewhere et cetera), I’d rather they postponed the the start date of the season a couple months and pay out the “OT” in the actor’s salaries. Why not start later and do it correctly than, well, this?

    Still love the show though.


  12. Yeah this episode sucked. Nothing even remotely significant happened, or at least nothing we can derive consequences from. Pretty much every moment was a filler and made for cheap laughs.

    On a side note, I don’t see Carly and JJ anywhere. I thought they would be at the wedding considering they are Barney’s half-siblings. Another thing to note is the absence of the Mother in the setting. I know the band isn’t really needed until the wedding/reception itself, but we saw her in the train with Lily. Weren’t they getting off at the same stop? Perhaps she’ll arrive with Marshall and that’s how the two would meet?

  13. The Professor made a great list & I agree with all of those things. Another thing I would add are all the near misses, where Ted & the Mother almost met. I figured the season would be filled with those. There is tons of backstory to be filled in and honestly I would have been happy if they spent more time with that then at the actual wedding. But through 10 episodes we probably have about 4 episodes of good content & 6 episodes of filler. This is getting really old. Not having Marshall available isn’t an excuse to waste this many episodes.

    The other thing I wish they addressed in a more grounded way is Barney & Robin’s love story, which despite all the backsliding is amazing in it’s own right. Barney’s & Robin’s characters have really developed over the years & it makes sense that they ended up together. Barney really matured in seasons 6 & 7 and the writers seem to be ignoring that. Robin has worked through plenty of her own issues to get to the point where she can actually commit to someone as well.

    Robin & Barney have always been bros & there were plenty of times when they bonded even when they weren’t dating. One of my favorites is when Barney wanted to prove he could still do all the things that people under 30 do. Robin was right there with him the whole time. Their interactions seemed fun & organic, like these 2 really have fun together & would be an awesome couple. I really wish the writers would focus more on those things instead of making them the RoBarn monster we are getting this season. It bums me out that they are being made to look so cheesy (even for Barney).

  14. Although this episode is again a waste, and serves no real purpose except for getting Marshall closer to the wedding, I gotta say I had fun watching this episode.

    It’s a filler alright, but it’s also have some sit-commy humour that I really enjoy.

    Let’s hope for a good one next week.

    • Not to be a downer (or worse, post spoilers), but I wouldn’t hold your breath about next week. Next week may venture out of the Farhampton context somewhat, but I expect it won’t really do much to advance the story. It may be entertaining, but I expect it’ll still be mostly wheel-spinning.

  15. I didn’t hate the episode as much as everyone else seems to. I hated No Questions Asked. But this was another throw away episode and lately a lot of the episodes seem like throwaways.

    The whole mom and dad getting back together would’ve been better had it been a B story. I feel Barney and Robin’s little antics are becoming the main story in each episode and Ted’s stories are pushed to the side. I want less of Barney and Robin and more of Ted.

    I did enjoy some of the jokes. My favorite was “Cheryl’s” suicide note and I liked Zabka’s flash-backs and his phone call to his mother. The singing bit was okay. Felt a little forced but I chuckled when they cut back to present day James and Barney and they were slap fighting or whatever you call that.

    I am glad Daphne’s gone. Sherri Shepherd is hilarious. I love her in 30 Rock, but they gave her a pointless character. But maybe she’ll come back and redeem herself. Make her character worth introducing.

    Did Future Ted talk at all this episode? For some reason, I feel I haven’t heard Bob Saget’s voice in awhile.

    • Narrator Ted Opened up this episode. But it is covered by Barney Antics lately. You notice him when it is important. That says more about the content of the show than anything. If you do not remember hearing the Narrator then he was telling something mundane.

      Also in S9 Episode 2 Coming Back Marshall says to Barney “I am going to get to New York without being a jerk.”

      Was he a jerk by leaving Clint on the side of the Road so that they could continue the trip? Ops

  16. halfway through the episode. So Ranjit is the Serial Killer. I knew it!!!!
    Murder by para-sailing, ingenious.

    • Yes we finally found the diabolical team. Barney lures them in an Ranjit does the dirty work.

      Before we go into the last Three new Episodes of 2013 I thought might make sense. Until I find a better one for what I am trying to say.

      Oh and Ted called his house the same thing as The Mother called her cookies. The Inspector recommended Ted not purchase the House so technically he called it that first. In that Episode Ted listed W/H/K.

      Ted said: You can always find problems with any decision but you can not let that stop you.

      Lily said Ted Could not keep the house it was a big mistake. Ted talked about having a plan and the universe said otherwise. His plan was wife house kids. So the house was the only think that he could control. Yep, because like Barney he could not control the thing in his pants.

      So Ted Gets the house fixed goes to the Wedding and finds his future wife and has the kids first then gets Married. I think you guys call that Universe d!

      Oh and here is the link to the Lighthouse Someone asked about. It is in Camden Maine according to one of the Producers of HIMYM.

  17. Agree with you in Sherri Shepherd. It doesn’t get much better than the Queen of Jordan. :)

  • The Mother