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Music That Should be on HIMYM

So, to keep conversation going during the lull — and this is something we can come back to at other times, like the summer break — I was thinking about music that I’ve heard where I thought “Man, that song would be PERFECT on HIMYM!”  In some cases, songs that I’ve heard, I later went back and realized were actually on the show (e.g., Pinback’s “ Good To Sea “, featured when Ted first kissed Zoey — brilliant use of an indie-rock song that also happens to be about addiction, so, nice double-meaning there…).  Sometimes, though, it’s stuff I KNOW has never been heard of, usually because they’re local bands.  I figured this would be a cool way for us to discuss music we dig, talk about music we think would work with the show, and maybe introduce each other to some good stuff we haven’t heard of before.  So, with that in mind, here’s a few submissions on my part.

Turning Violet Violet .  No specific song for these guys (whom you can also check out here ), just a general vibe from the band.  Of all the songs on their latest EP (of which my personal favorite is Like an Onion), I’d say Welcome Back best fits the feel of the show, to me.  The others are solid indie-rock, but I have a harder time envisioning scenes for them to be used in.  Welcome Back, though, seems a pretty easy one to fit in.

Grandchildren .  Another local favorite for me.  They’re actually playing (or just played) SXSW this week, and will be releasing a new album soon.  I’d say, off their album Everlasting, that Cold Warrior and Winterlude are the best, but I like their vibe for the show as well, just in a general sense.

Last Bison — Switzerland .  This one has been getting a fair bit of radio play on college stations, I gather.  I first heard it on one of the local stations here.  To me, I just picture one of the gang wandering through snow towards some, I dunno, hopeful reunion or moment where they’re helping a friend or loved one.  I get a Marshall vibe from this one.  Like, he and Lily have a fight in the midst of winter, he storms off, but then comes back and they reconcile or something.  Just the mental image I get here.

Phoneix — Lisztomania .  Right before some major breakthrough between Ted and the Mother.  Like, the moment Ted finally takes her out on a date or something, or right when he tells her he loves her in front of The Wedding Bride III.

Anyway, just some picks of mine that I think would go well with the show.  What about y’all?  Anyone have any other songs they listen to and think “This NEEDS to be on the show”?  Anyone?…….Anyone?   ……….Bueller?

sol2005 Wrote:

Anything by Frightened Rabbit,or Raised by Swans

Once with Cristin Milioti

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  1. Frightened Rabbit is an EXCELLENT choice as well.

    I’m also adding the following:

    Nightmare River Band — Last Goodbye. ( )

    The lyrics aren’t exactly appropriate for an event/moment in the show, but the music itself is wholly appropriate, particularly the shift from a steady waltz-like tempo to the more driving beat in the second half of the song.

    Also, this was previously posted and we resurrected it for the brief interlude between episodes this week. Hence the now-out-of-date reference to SXSW.

  2. Also I’m adding Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks.

    I dig the sound for it. Seems like it’d make for good background music at some point.

  3. Got another one.

    Easter Island — Laika. Nice atmospheric tune, even if it’s largely just one musical phrase repeated. The kind of music that’d make for good background material in some pensive moment on the show.

  4. Somewhere only we know-keane, love that song, perfect to use for maybe a scene where Robin/Ted meet ‘where only they know’, as well Trouble by Coldplay, or at least something by coldplay.

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