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Friends With Better Lives

I know some of you will be interested in the new show Friends With Better Lives on CBS Monday nights. Corina has reviews up for the first two episodes. The show makes me laugh.

No, it does not have eight plus years behind it. The Characters are just being fleshed out. But it is NEW. Barney always said “New is Better” and this show is very new.

There are two ways to get to the site

The full address friends with better lives . tv


the short cut

Corina is also blogging on ABCs Mixology

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  1. Corina has great reviews online for the first three episodes of Friends with Better Lives and Mixology.

    If you go to she details each of the episodes. It was a lot of work to put that all together. Go take a look and start reading about the Characters.

    Mixology is a adult show. But it deals with the reality of dating and interpersonal relationships. I find myself drawn in to the Characters and feel for them in the struggles of life and relationships.

    Still surprised that no one has listed anything about the cast of HIMYM. Are you all that over the series already?

  2. Since I never really commented that much and just stalked the comments for years, I didn’t want to be obnoxious and keep commenting on the same thing! Mostly everything concerning the finale has been said a hundred ways to Sunday and being with the majority I spoke my peace on it and didn’t want to be redundant lol!! That being said I honestly have rewatched the entire season a few times (DVR’d the whole season) and still can’t wrap my head around the finale. I feel like I just get angrier and didn’t want to bring everyone down!! That being said I have watched Friends With Better Lives and haven’t gotten into it. I know first seasons take a while to find their footing so I’ll continue to watch and hope it gets better. First impressions so far: Not liking Kate, she’s seems to be a Whitney Cummings knock off, and I can’t stand Whitney. I like Will alright, (love the Beek more). Even dealing with pregnancy and all the side effects Andi’s sweetness shines through. Hopefully Kevin Connelly will start making Bobby his own, I still sees shades of Eric (Entourage), and Jules seems like a lovable airhead, I forget what a beautiful super model the girl actually is, so I’m impressed with her. What I notice the writers doing is throwing a lot of sex in the show just for the sake of sex. I’m no prude but it doesn’t seem authentic. More like they think that what’s gonna hook the viewers. They need to realize they have a cast that is talented so give them some substantial storylines and a purpose for being there. Let us see their natural chemistry and why this group of people are friends and want to be around each other all the time. Let the sex jokes and situations come naturally, we don’t need to be force fed these out of left field storylines, seriously by the third episode we have a tricycle sitch going down. It wasn’t funny like Ted and Barney it was borderline uncomfortable, because we don’t know these characters yet. Anyway just MY opinion and so far it doesn’t feel much like “New is always better”, but I’m willing to give it a chance :) Plus didn’t want Corrina to feel like none of us are keeping up with her writing. I AM, I AM :)

    • Yes, thanks for letting us know. Corina is a very talented writer. She makes the show more enjoyable for me. I am interested in the cast chemistry more than the story at this point. Three shows in is not very much.

      On the other Hand the show Mixology has lots of chemistry among the cast. I can really feel the friendships 6 episodes in. I want to root for Tom. I want to see Maya change. I think we have seen a little of that. Jessica is just like so many people looking for a long term relationship. Cal is part Ted in his notion of romance. He is an “I love think I love you” straight to “I do” kind of guy. He has a kindness about him an naiveté. But Bruce is raw unpolished Barney and Fab is the more Polished Barney but not all brains.

      So Yes I like that show on a short term investment fun and entertaining kind of way. It will be nice to re-watch when the season is over. If you have not been to the website go check out Corina’s review.

  3. speaking of getting over the series already. I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s having this problem but recently I tried to rewatch first three seasons of HIMYM and I just couldn’t. There are some pivotal moments that I find extremely endearing but overall it feels like season 9 has completely discredited the whole show. F*cking up the time-line, poorly execution of the will they / won’t they issue and the fact the episodes have never been tensely packed with jokes makes you question the credibility of the earlier seasons.

    For example, there are people who say that maybe the reason the last season is in the form of a weekend because those two days felt like an eternity to Ted. This proves again that maybe the brilliance of the show is the fact that because of so many things unsaid if left more to the imagination and was more interesting to watch than other sitcoms. Now, when we know that we read more into things than we should it’s no fun to observe these little details and so-called hints (aka the color theory, the Mother’s name, etc.)

    This brings me to two interesting discoveries:
    1) “Friends” IS better than HIMYM. As a huge fan of the former I needed a lot of convincing to start watching HIMYM. The first season was a torture. Everything they came up with I had already seen in “Friends”. Then Ted finally got Robin making it rain and I was intrigued. As the years went by (2 years, I started watching the show in 2012 and the first episode I saw was when Ted saw Robin everywhere and in everyone after she said “no”) I noticed that there’s a lot of interesting stuff to the series, mainly relationship issues, like revertigo, overcompensating, etc. And I guess this was one of the reasons why people preferred HIMYM. See, it was more “real”. The thing is, they actually never came up with anything new. Even the “true story” phrase was said by Joey at least once. If anything, due to the lack of jokes, over-the-top humor and instant back and forth form (by the way, there ARE flashback and flashforward episodes in “Friends”) the show just doesn’t compete with its predecessor. Putting a bow on the finale in such a beautiful way makes you wanna watch the show again and again. Even though we know Rachel and Ross end up together we understand why and seeing how much they went through only makes up happier. Those 18 minutes we were promised are unlikely to provide with Robin’s transformation where she would finally be happy with Ted.

    2) Come to think of it, there’s no point in season 6 (let alone season 9 but we’ll get to that). With the exception of Subway Wars and The Perfect Cocktail the season’s energy is REALLY low. There are so many dead-ends (and I’m not talking about Ted and Zoey). Barney’s daddy issues could have been resolved in season 7 along with Robin’s drama. Like there was no reason in Nora (cause later Barney starts dating Quinn) there’s no reason in Kevin in season 7 (cause later Robin starts dating Nick). Now of course maybe some of the actors weren’t available but you can strongly feel that Barney, Robin and Ted didn’t need to have an extra relationship. It did nothing to the plot development.

    Same goes for season 9. If there was no way to get out if that they could have decided AGAINST showing the Mother. That way the whole “she’s hardly in the story” would have made even MORE sense. Cause now there are two camps: people who think that Ted loved her just as much as Robin and people who think that to him she was just a phase. Personally, the way the story told I lean more the second theory. I never cared who the Mother was and watched the show cause of Ted and Robin. So I thought it was stupid when the authors announced we would see the Mother and get to know her. It would have made more sense if we had seen them at the train station where Ted tapped her shoulder, she turned to him (we didn’t even need to see her face for crying out loud) and then the voice-over “and that kids. is how I met your mother”. It would have been more logical than to spend a whole season destroying the character just to present Christin Milioti who was killed off anyway.

    It would have been interesting to actually separate Lily and Marshall (since Jason Segel couldn’t be there for the most part of the season) and see who they are without each other. Show that Barney and Robin don’t work out as a couple and concentrate on Robin’s fickle character. Season 9 is a real torture to watch cause of our sandcastlesinthesand couple. Cause it took Ted so much time to get the love of his life. Instead of this lovedoesn’tmakesense bullshit why couldn’t they come up with lovemakessense speech. After all, we had Lily and Marshall to prove that so many times.

    so here it is. I wonder if any of you find it difficult to watch the show now. I still enjoy Come On and Something Old episodes and some of the moments of Ted reminiscing about Robin. But I think that’s about it…

    • You said a lot. Season 7-9 was a bit of torture. Getting a taste of Ted and the Mother then having that torn away was torture. Having Ted go back to Robin seemed like a big step back for a lot of the character growth we talked about over the years.

      Not to mention it pissed off everyone but the original Ted and Robin shippers. Man they had staying power.

  4. This is gonna sound mean because I love Robin, just didn’t love relationship Robin, I eventually bought into Robin and Barney but only because it was practically forced on us. I LOVED Quinn. I thought her and Barneys relationship was perfect. I was devastated to see it end. I actually really liked Robin with Don. I could see them truly going all the way. I just never bought into Robin being happy with with Barney or Ted. I would have loved to see everyone coupled off by the end of season eight and season nine be about Ted giving up hope and then along comes Tracy and he finally gets his happy ending. One can dream. The whole wedding season was torture to me and knowing how it all turned out was almost enough to make me never want to invest in another show EVER!! That being said once I got over the anger of course I can watch HIMYM again. It was my favorite show. I am giving Friends With Better Lives a chance and from the above enthusiasm Mixology May now be worth a watch. Also love The Goldberg’s. It’s more family oriented but it’s adorable!! I’ll let y’all know how Mixology works out for me. I think past shows are on On Demand so I may start watching tonite!

  5. It looks like this show and Mixology were cancelled.

  6. Yes, I thought mixology was going to be less than a season show from the start. But you never know. I actually still like it. It just does not appeal to a large audience is my guess.

    FWBL was a bit disappointing for me. I thought the episodes had been okay at best. It was just missing something!

    • Yeah, I saw this. Honestly, I wouldn’t bet on this show moving forward. It’s already gonna face competition from “A to Z,” starring none other than Cristin Milioti, and which seems VERY similar to the premise of HIMYM and HIMYD. Plus, given how the finale went over, I think the “built-in audience” has diminished noticeably.

      More likely, even those who’d be willing to watch would have a distinct feeling of “It’s not what HIMYM was” and would abandon it. To my way of thinking, it’s just too close to HIMYM in concept and (likely) execution to stand on its own, but not close enough to HIMYM to give people looking for that fix what they want. Hell, plenty of people who watched HIMYM through Season 9 were really only sticking with the show for the resolution, and were already largely over the way the show operated.

      As for me, there is no way in hell I’ll watch HIMYD. I don’t think these guys are effective as storytellers and I’m not interested in watching them do more “challenge accepted!” style episodes while the show drags on to a “twist” conclusion that fails to satisfy. Although, for that matter, I’m not even sure I want to watch “A to Z.” I kinda think I’m done with these sorts of long-running narrative-driven comedies.

      • For now I agree. The short story sitcom is more enjoyable. Like we talked about. Wonderland was nice. Over in a season. It had a beginning middle and end.

        I was enjoying Once Upon a Time until the middle of this season. Now I am over it. I stopped watching NCIS and for the most part The Big Bang Theory.

        I was enjoying Mixology. But again I thought it was a limited time show. It was different and I enjoyed that. Now it needs to go.

        But Star Wars Lives ON!

  7. I read the story line of HIMYD and didn’t like some of the stuff they were planning to do. I wasn’t planning to watch it. I actually think I’m over sitcom comedies in general. I don’t watch many sitcoms anyway. I do still miss HIMYM, but there are always reruns or seasons on DVD.

  8. News Flash…NEW NBC SITCOM A-Z starring Cristin Milioti coming this fall. Their are already trailers out there an it looks like it has potential.

    So it looks like NBC is going to try to pick up the HIMYM theme and run with it on this sitcom is a romcom about a relationship from A-Z.

    Maybe you guys could check out the trailers and see if it is worthy of setting up a blog for the show here. Cristin Milioti’s performances on HIMYM have got me wanting to see more of her in that kind of role…

  9. If I started a blog for any show it would be one with Cristin as a female lead. She was in so few episodes of HIMYM.

    But I am done with new blogs for a while. Talk with Corina over at and see if she may be interested.

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