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Best of: HIMYM

Do you have that HIMYM Empty feeling. Some people get sad around the Big Holidays. If you can not be with Family and Friends we understand. You may find yourself back here sitting around the HIMYM thanksgiving table. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


I was just on the Web watching a video montage of TM and TM moments. I bet a lot of you have favorite moments from the series that you would like to share. So as you find them or remember them please share in the comment section.

And have a safe happy Slapsgiving.


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  1. Now I happen to be swedish, so thanksgiving as a total non-issue. (I still haven’t been able to figure out what it actually is you’re thanking for.)
    But my favorite moments … I think the Drumroll/Buttercup part in season 1 and The Leap at the end of season 4, and the beginning of season 5 are among my absolute favorites as part of happy moments. Funnies, well, probably The Pineapple incident, and “2 Beavers are better than one”. Then … feels a little bit wrong to call things like the death of Marshall’s dad and his funeral favorites, but … I think you know where I am going. An Robin’s infertility moment also belongs there.

  2. Very interesting Dolf. I spoke with Solo Today. He said hello to everyone. Hope you all have a good day on Thursday. Eat a lot of good food for me. I will be at an indoor outdoor wedding all afternoon and it will be cool outside. Hope that each of you have a chance to drop a note from time to time. Just let us know what is going on in your life.

  3. Hi you have an amazing blog! I just read this post and I didn’t have any family here over Thanksgiving and I found myself watching all of the Thanksgiving/slapsgiving episodes while I was out of school. My favorite scene from these episodes was when Marshall left the turkey in a cab and the look on his face was priceless.$ I have recently started a blog and this show too! It would be an honor if you could check out my blog and read some of my posts!

  4. From a funny stand point my all time favorite episode would be Swarley. The first three seasons of this show were phenomenal. There are so many good episodes.

    The countdown episode was a very good one where Marshall finds out about his dad.

  5. Due to a discussion on how women react to danger (“get turned on”), I happened to recall S05E06 “Bagpipes”, watched it and …
    Hell, I miss the show. ;(

  6. Happen to accidently come across a rerun of season 1 episode 15 “Game Night”, and hey, anyone thougth of the possibility that Barne hookes up again with Shannon, and that the baby girl at the end is a result of their reunion.
    Could be made into a sequal!

  7. Dolf,
    Yes, this was number 31 in his perfect month. So if he banged before did not know if it would count in that list… hypothetically.

    But yes that would be a full circle for his character.

    Olive Theory,
    Many of the HIMYM blog sites have slowed down (or Closed already HYMT) and we are one of them. I left this site up for all of us. But maintaining it after May is not in my plans. So if you would like I can give you an alternate e-mail address for me.

    Solo and I still talk some and he is doing very good. I am very happy for him. He really is a TED MOSBY, getting the right relationship finally and all.

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