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How I Met Your Mother Timeline: The Life of Ted

Ted Mosby has had some excellent adventures throughout his life. Look back on the highs, the lows, and all the ladies with this HIMYM timeline of Theodore Evelyn Mosby’s life…

This is a discussion about already aired events on HIMYM so please keep the Comments SPOILER FREE.

2030: Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. Ted Gets permission from the kids to date Aunt Robin. Ted takes the Blue French horn and Robin Opens her window.

4/2021: Ted runs into Wendy the Waitress at the airport, tells her about his wife & two kids.

2024: The Mother gets sick and Dies of that illness.


2021: Barney’s exploding meatball prank

2020: Ted and his wife, along with Marshall and Lily, attend the Wesleyan University 20 year reunion.

2020: Tracy is folding clothing at the couch and Ted asks for the Engagement ring back. He states that after 5 years (7 total) he must re-propose. “Will you Marry me on Thursday I called your office you have nothing on Thursday will you Marry Me on Thursday.” He gets multiple times, Yes. Ted Mosby and Tracy McConnell Get Married on a Thursday.

2020: Barney becomes a Father to a baby girl Ellie. This changes him.

2020: Ted is showing off the GNB building to his daughter Penny and Robin meets them.

2019: While at Robots vs Wrestlers Barney tells the Gang he knocked up number 31.

2017: Ted and The Mother (Very Pregnant) Visit Farhamton Inn and Go into Labor. They are with Daughter (Lucky) Penny and soon to be Baby Luke (Skywalker) Mosby.

photo 4

Winter 2015: Lily and Marshall take Ted’s daughter to meet Santa Claus for the first time. This is what we are guessing at. Trilogy Time can change a little during the year. So Baby is Born January or February. Ted Proposes in May and Trilogy Times happens after wedding.

2016: Barney and Robin Get a Divorce.


May 2015 (approx): Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton again, making this their third time there in a row. Ted proposes to The Mother at the lighthouse. This is a source of confusion for many fans, but per the show (assuming no errors, which is confirmed by Carter Bays tweeting that this timeline was NOT a mistake), Ted is proposing after the birth of their first child.

2015: Ted introduces his baby girl to Trilogy Time with Barney and Marshall. (At this point Ted has on a Wedding Ring). The exact date of Trilogy Time 2015 is unknown, so it could have occurred after the proposal at the lighthouse, or before. Based on The Mother not being visibly pregnant at the lighthouse proposal scene, and this baby being young as of the following scene, it stands to reason that the baby was already born before the proposal.


2015: Baby Girl Mosby is born! Update S9E15 “UnPause”: her name is Penny.

2015: Ted Barney and Robin are at the Bar. In runs the Mother very late. Late in more way than one. She informs Ted that they cannot get married in September at the Castle as planned because she will not at that time fit into her wedding dress.

May, 23rd 2014: Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton Inn, very much in love with each other. ref Season 9 Episode 2 Coming Back, last 3 minutes. (?Conceive Baby Penny?)


6/2013: Ted quits smoking, two weeks into dating The Mother.

5/29/2013: Ted is on his first Date with the Mother Wed 8 pm.


5/27/2013: Ted after saying Good bye to his friends at the Wedding decides not to go to Chicago, because of a Girl. Instead 24 hours later Ted is seen at the Bar by Marshall and Lily. Ted calls the Mother and sets up a date for the following Night breaking the three day rule.

5/26/13: Ted meets The Mother at the Farhampton Train Station.

5/26/13: Barney and Robin get married. The Mother plays bass and sings lead vocals at the reception. Ted sees her but does not approach.

5/25/13: The Mother discovers that her bandmate, Darren, is trying to take over her band (The Super Freakonomics). Lily suggests Aldrin justice, so The Mother steals his van. She picks up Marshall and baby Marvin and gives them a ride back to the hotel when she returns the van she temporarily stole. The Mother plans to confront Darren, but he ends up having a confrontation with the gang instead. The last straw is when he breaks a bottle of Scotch, and Ted punches him in the face. The Mother hears of this and buys her (at this point anonymous) hero a drink. Later, The Mother returns to where she is staying (Louis’ beach house) and finds Louis there waiting to propose. The Mother consults with Max (in heaven) and feels like she can finally move on, but she knows Louis isn’t the one. She declines his offer, takes her things, and checks into the Farhampton Inn. She gets the room right next to Ted’s, and she performs La Vie En Rose on her balcony. Ted hears her for the first time and starts to fall in love…

5/24/13: The Mother buys her ticket and boards the train to Farhampton. She meets Lily on board and they become instant friends!

5/18/13: Ted runs into Cindy and her wife, Casey, on the train. He mentions that Robin and Barney’s wedding band cancelled at the last minute. Cindy suggests her old roommate’s wedding band. This is how The Mother ends up at the wedding.

5/2013: Ted reveals that he plans to move to Chicago, because he still has feelings for Robin. Lily reveals that Robin already dug up the locket and put it in Ted’s pencil box. Ted plans to give it to Robin (and Barney?) as a wedding gift.

5/2013: Ted abandons an important meeting to help Robin find a locket that she buried in Central Park in 1994. He and Robin have a moment, holding hands in the rain.

5/2013: The gang attends the annual Robots Versus Wrestlers show. (?)

4/2013: The Mother purchases a train ticket to Farhampton from the Long Island Train Station.

4/2013: Ted and the group plan the worst night ever for Barney’s bachelor party.

4/2013: Ted sees Liddy, a girl he had a yoga class with. He and Barney become obsessed with seeing the body she is hiding beneath her big puffy coat. Ted suggests that Barney cut back on being so flirtatious, but Barney rebuffs him.

4/10/13: Exactly 45 days before Ted and The Mother meet. The Mother is “dating some finance guy named Louis” and her address is apartment 7A on West 115th St.

4/10/13: Ted sits at MacLaren’s, alone, and imagines time traveling versions of himself and Barney coming to visit from the future. After he remembers moments from years passed, he imagines Barney reminding him that he’s actually sitting alone, because all of his friends were too busy to go to Robots Versus Wrestlers: Legends.

3/2013: Ted and Marshall pretend to be a family when they attend Barney’s apartment showing. Later, Ted hooks up with a woman that thinks he is gay. This occurs despite him just saying that he wants to stop dating and just settle down.

2/2013: Jeanette breaks up with Ted. Barney tries to use the Playbook to help Ted find a new wedding date, but he ends up getting back together with Jeanette. Another misunderstanding leads to Jeanette flinging all of Ted’s belongings out the window, amidst flames. Ted decides he is really, truly, ready to settle down.

2/2013: Ted and Jeanette are kicked out of the Barclays Center for being inappropriate in public. Later, Jeanette barricades herself in Ted’s room and destroys his stuff. Despite all of this, they continue to date.

2/2013: Ted begins dating Jeanette even though she is a crazy person. Future Ted reveals that this was the last big mistake he made before he met his wife.

2/2013: Ted is excited to have met the one after a series of seemingly destined encounters. He thinks that the universe is bringing them together, but the group realizes that this woman, Jeanette, is actually stalking Ted.

1/2013: Ted dates a younger woman named Carly. Barney encourages Ted to sleep with her, until he realizes that Ted is actually dating Barney’s half sister.

1/2013: Ted admits to Lily that he still has feelings for Robin and wishes he was the one getting married to her.

12/2012: Ted’s GNB building official opens. Ted invites Robin to attend the party with him, but he realizes that Robin should know about Barney proposing to Patrice. He drops Robin off, and she discovers that the entire plan was actually about Barney proposing to Robin. Barney and Robin get engaged.

12/2012: Ted, Marshall, and Lily return to Wesleyan University so Ted can confront his old favorite architecture profession, Vinick. On the ride back, Barney tells Ted that he is planning to propose to Patrice.

12/2012: Ted, Robin, and Lily all end up hiding in Barney’s apartment for various reasons.

12/2012: Ted sees Baby Marv crawl for the first time. He also serves Marv his first plate of spaghetti, and takes him to meet Santa Claus for the first time.

11/2012: Ted plays in the MPBL (Midtown Professionals Basketball League) with his team, the T-Squares. They lose their big game against the Crunchers, 112-0.

10/2012: Ted proposes to Victoria. She says yes, so long as Ted ends his friendship with Robin. Ted says no, and they break up.

10/2012: Lily and Marshall designate Ted, Robin, and Barney as Baby Marv’s godparents.

Summer 2012: “Summer of Love”; entire gang paired up in relationships. Ted is dating Victoria.

5/2012: Victoria breaks up with her fiancé, Klaus, on the day of their wedding. Her and Ted begin dating again. Ted encourages her to write a left at the altar letter, and he delivers it to the church. He discovers Klaus sneaking out of the church. Klaus had not yet read the letter and wanted to leave Victoria because she was not the one.

5/2012: Baby Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen is born!

5/2012: The gang attends the annual Robots Versus Wrestlers show.


4/2012: Ted wears a green dress to the bar and exclaims “Now we’re even!” to Barney. This is the same night that The Mother meets (and starts dating) Louis. They have their first date at the regular MacLaren’s, and Louis mentions that he thought the place used to be called Puzzles. The Mother gets the brilliance of Puzzles as a clever name!

Spring 2012: Ted, Marshall, and Barney celebrate their fifth Trilogy Time.

3/2012: Ted sublets Quinn’s apartment.

2/2012: Ted moves out of the apartment and gives it to Marshall and Lily.

2/2012: Robin returns from Russia. Ted asks her if she loves him; she says no. They decide to be friends but Robin moves out of the apartment after Marshall suggests that she is hurting Ted.

2/15/12: Robin leaves for a work assignment in Russia. She tells Ted they will discuss being a couple when she returns.

2/14/12: Robin tells Kevin that she is infertile, and they break up. Robin tells Ted what happened, and Ted tells Robin that he loves her (again).

2/14/12: Ted and Barney look for ladies on the drunk train.

2/12/12: Kevin proposes to Robin.

12/31/11: Ted and Barney open a bar called Puzzles inside their apartment.

12/2011: Robin finds out she can’t have kids.

11/24/11: Thanksgiving at Marshall and Lily’s Long Island house.

11/2011: Ted and Barney debate adopting a baby together.

11/2011: Ted, Marshall, and Lily attend Groovapalooza. Ted and Marshall share a big sandwich.

10/31/11: Ted and Naomi attend a Halloween party, and they wear their original hanging chad/slutty pumpkin costumes. They break up that night because they are horribly awkward together.

10/2011: Ted finally tracks down the Slutty Pumpkin (Naomi), and they begin dating.

10/2011: Ted goes on one date with Janet McIntyre.

10/2011: Robin begins dating her therapist, Kevin.

10/2011: Ted takes his class on an unsuccessful field trip to the GNB building site.

9/2011: Ted takes Robin to the Architect’s Ball. He runs into Victoria, who is catering the event. She is engaged to Klaus. Ted washes her dishes in an effort to atone for his cheating on her.

9/2011: Ted, Barney, and Robin find out that Lily and Marshall are expecting a baby.

9/2011: Punchy and Kelly get married!

9/2011: Ted is on the cover of New York Magazine. The article highlights how he is the youngest architect to add a building (GNB) to the NYC city skyline.

9/2011: Ted tries to get back together with Zoey, but Barney and Robin stop him before he reaches her.

9/2011: Lily and Marshall find out they are pregnant!

9/2011: The Arcadian is demolished.

8/27/11: Hurricane Irene hits New York. Lily and Marshall make a baby when they spend time together in Barney’s bathtub.

Summer 2011: Ted dates Becky again. They attend a gallery opening with the rest of the group, and encounter The Captain. They don’t hear from him again for a year and a half.

5/2011: Ted and Zoey break up.

5/2011: The Landmark Preservation Committee decides that The Arcadian is not a landmark, and thus can be torn down so the GNB building can be erected.

5/2011: The gang attends the annual Robots Versus Wrestlers show.

4/2011: Ted and Robin pretend to be dating, then engaged, when the gang accompanies Barney and his dad to a club.

2/13/11: Ted and Marshall return to New York.

2/2011: Ted joins Marshall in Minnesota.

2/2011: Ted and Zoey begin dating.

2/2011: Zoey and her husband, The Captain, break up.

2/2011: Zoey sets Ted up with her cousin, whom the gang nicknames Honey (as in, “oh, Honey”) in response to her naïveté.

1/2011: The group goes to Minnesota for Marshall’s father’s funeral. Marshall stays behind to “take care” of his mother, but really she ends up taking care of him.

1/2011: Marshall’s father dies from a heart attack.

12/2010: Ted coaches all of his friends during their times of need. He helps Punchy select flowers for his wedding, he helps Lily and Marshall when they consider not trying to have a baby, he finagles Barney out of his diamond suit, and he convinces Robin to take the job as an associate researcher for World Wide News. Robin says that if she ever gets married, she wants Ted to be her best man.

11/25/10: Ted has Thanksgiving at his place. The group, along with Zoey and Steve “The Blitz” Henry (an old friend who seems cursed) join them. The Blitz’s curse is temporarily passed to Ted and Barney, but it returns to Steve.

11/2010: Ted runs into Cathy and her deaf fiancé, Daniel.

11/2010: Ted’s best friend from high school, Adam “Punchy” Punciarello, asks him to be the best man at his wedding.

11/2010: The group attends the 133rd Annual Natural History Museum “Autumn Spectacular” event. They meet Zoey and her husband, The Captain, at the gala. Zoey’s husband is actually named George Van Smoot, which connects to the Van Smoot Building where Lily and Marshall were married.

10/31/10: Ted dresses up as a hot dog for Halloween. The group (sans Robin) attends a Halloween party at the GNB building.

10/2010: Ted briefly dates Robin’s new co-anchor, Becky.

10/2010: Ted meets Zoey when she protests the destruction of the Arcadian Building.

10/2010: GNB re-hires Ted to design their new building. Ted discovers it will be located where the current Arcadian Building stands.

9/2010: Ted and the gang help Barney clean out his old bedroom in his mom’s house.

Summer 2010: Robin tries to seduce Ted as she recovers from her breakup with Don. She is unshowered and gross so it easy for Ted to turn her down.

5/2010: Tony’s movie, The Wedding Bride, is released. It becomes the fifth highest grossing movie of all time, despite being a twisted version of Ted and Stella’s love story. Ted dates a girl named Royce but ultimately breaks up with her because she has too much baggage.

5/2010: Barney and Ted both try to get Robin back after they each read their letters, written on the day they broke up. The letters are supposed to remind you of why you shouldn’t try to get back with the ex, but Barney and Ted are both drunkenly inspired to win Robin back. Ted re-steals the blue French horn. They make fools of themselves. Robin tells them that she needs a break, and Ted later finds her bedroom empty, except for the blue French horn she has left behind.

5/2010: Ted, Barney, Marshall, and Lily highjack the prior resident’s mail, and use Marissa Heller’s invitation to get into a swanky party at The Alberta Building. Marshall, Lily, and Barney leave early, but Ted stays later. Once he realizes how douchey he seems, Ted leaves. Meanwhile, Barney, Marshall, and Lily went to Wrestlers vs. Robots and see a Mexican wrestler doppelganger of Ted.

4/2010: Ted’s mom Virginia marries Clint; Ted disappears for three days. Then he reveals that he has purchased a major fixer upper of a house in Westchester.

3/2010: Ted brings a random girl named Amanda to Lily’s 32nd birthday party.

3/2010: Ted finds himself “on the hook” of a girl named Tiffany. Meanwhile, he has a librarian named Henrietta on his hook. No one ends up together despite many mishaps.

2/14/10: Ted considers women from his past. By now Trudy is married and Blah Blah has been committed to Bellevue. Marshall and Lily find him a date – Natalia – that seems absolutely perfect. Ted is in possession of Barney’s pickup phone, though, and he can’t resist imagining the what-ifs that could be with someone else. He ends up at home, cleaning the apartment.

1/2010: Ted bonds with his students over their drinking game for Robin’s news show. Every time she says “but, um” they have to drink.

1/2010: Ted dates Cindy and leaves his yellow umbrella at her apartment. This is how the yellow umbrella is inadvertently returned to The Mother (Cindy’s roommate). Ted sees The Mother’s foot and ankle in the apartment. After he leaves, Cindy tells The Mother all about her breakup with Ted. The Mother didn’t even know she was dating anyone, but she is supportive. Cindy then kisses The Mother and realizes that she may need to work some stuff out. We know that later on she meets another lesbian and they end up happily married with a kid.

12/2009: The group temporarily become regular smokers.

12/2009: Ted finds out that an old friend from college, Maggie, is single. She is never single for more than a short window of time, so he pursues her while he can. She ends up reuniting with her childhood friend/soulmate.

11/26/09: Thanksgiving at Lily and Marshall’s.

11/2009: Ted brings a random girl to  Barney’s birthday party at the bar. Slash from Guns N Roses comes into the bar, and the group is excited to get a picture with him. When they see the photo they realize that Ted’s random date is completely blocking Slash in the picture.

11/2009: Ted, Marshall, and Lily try to break up Robin and Barney.

10/31/09: The whole gang dresses up as The Breakfast Club for Halloween, but they  failed to coordinate their costumes so they all showed up dressed as Judd Nelson’s character (John Bender).

10/2009: Ted and Marshall plan a road trip to Gazolas before their old favorite pizza place closes for good. Lily comes along and the trip turns into a couple’s retreat at a B&B. Ted kidnaps Marshall and they reconcile their issues on the drive there and back. Later, they regret this choice because they both have horrible stomach pains from eating the questionable food (and drinking Tantrum).

10/2009: Ted becomes the Sexless Innkeeper for an evening, but later uses his professor status to hook up with a hot blonde.

10/2009: Ted teaches Barney in a custom class all about Robin. Ted uses all of his knowledge from his own time with Robin to help ensure Barney’s success in his current relationship. Robin discovers the class and is not happy.

9/2009: Ted goes on a second “first” date with Jen, the girl from seven years ago.

9/2009: Ted teaches his first class at Wesleyan University. He thinks he is addressing the Architecture 101 class, but it was actually Economics 305. He later discovers that The Mother and her roommate, Cindy, were in class to witness his embarrassment. The Mother and Cindy meet in this classroom for the first time, and The Mother has invited Cindy to live with her within about 15 minutes of knowing her. Ted tells his shellfish joke to the class and The Mother actually appreciates it.

6/2009: Ted attends Alex and Jessica’s wedding. This time his wedding speech meltdown is centered around how Mosbius Designs has failed.

5/2009: Ted accepts Tony’s job offer and becomes an architecture professor at Columbia University. This is presumably when he gives up on Mosbius Designs as well.

Spring 2009: Ted, Marshall, and Barney celebrate their fourth Trilogy Time. Robin is also there, but hiding in a Storm Trooper costume so her and Barney don’t have to reveal that they are sleeping together.

4/2009: Ted is attacked by Missy the Goat on his 31st birthday.

4/2009: Ted takes the yellow umbrella out one day when it is raining. He runs into Stella. This leads to Tony offering Ted a job teaching architecture.

4/2009: Ted starts his own architecture firm, Mosbius Designs.

3/2009: Ted attends another high school friend’s wedding, and gives another meltdown speech. This time he cries about being fired.

3/2009: Ted finds out about the GNB job being cancelled. He is given a pity job of designing a room, but he gets too into it and is ultimately fired.

3/2009: Karen moves to New York. Ted dates her (again), until they break up (again).

2/2009: The GNB building job is cancelled, unbeknownst to Ted.


1/2009: Carl plans to close MacLaren’s because of a snowstorm, but Ted and Barney beg him for the chance to be in charge. Their college age dates show up later, and eventually Ted and Barney take the entire group upstairs to continue the party in the apartment. Foreshadowing to Puzzles!

1/2009: Robin and Ted become friends/roommates with benefits. Ted ends the benefits part of the relationship when he realizes that Barney has feelings for Robin.

12/2008: Ted and Barney are credited with fighting some guys at the bar, even though they showed up after Doug the Bouncer took the guys down. Later, Ted and Barney are forced to admit that they didn’t fight, after they are sued for assault.

11/2008: Ted and the rest of the gang discover “The Naked Man” move.

11/2008: Ted gets a job designing the new Goliath National Bank building.

11/2008: Ted sees Stella in a restaurant. He follows her home and discovers that she is living in New York with Tony.  Ted realizes there is no point in holding on to anger about the situation.

11/2008: Ted attends the wedding of his high school friends, Joel and Mora. He gives the first of his now infamous Schmosby wedding speeches, and laments the loss of Stella.

10/31/08: Lily and Marshall argue about dressing as penguins for Halloween.

10/2008: Ted and Stella are to be married, but Stella leaves him at the altar and gets back together with her ex Tony.

10/2008: Stella’s sister, Nora, cancels her wedding. Stella and Ted decide to take over her wedding plans.

10/2008: Ted struggles with visiting Stella in New Jersey. He ultimately realizes that he will need to move there to be with her, instead of expecting her to move her daughter to New York for him.

9/2008: Ted introduces Stella to Star Wars for the first time.

5/2008: Ted and Stella break up. Ted is in a car accident and realizes that he loves Stella, so he proposes to her.

5/2008: Ted and Stella have sex for the first time.

4/25/08: Ted finds out about Barney and Robin, and then decides he doesn’t want to be friends with Barney anymore. He ends the friendship before heading to his surprise 30th birthday party on the rooftop.

4/2008: Barney and Robin hook up.

3/24/08: Ted finishes ten tattoo removal sessions. He takes Stella on a romantic two minute date, because that is all she has time for.

3/18/08: Ted returns to the club in search of his lost phone. He does not find it, but he does find someone else’s lost yellow umbrella as he leaves. This umbrella was left by The Mother! The Mother also returns to search for her umbrella, but is already gone (stolen by Ted) by the time she gets there.

3/17/08: The Mother runs into Mitch, AKA The Naked Man, at the same club on St. Patrick’s Day. She invites him to her place so she can donate her cello to his school (this is her honest intention) but Mitch mistakes this as a prime opportunity to pull The Naked Man move on her. She declines, which makes The Mother the 1 out of 3 that the move does NOT work on.

3/17/08: Ted and Barney go out to a club on St. Patrick’s Day. Ted gets too drunk, makes out with a married woman, uses someone else’s tab to pay for champagne, and generally is a douche. We later discover that The Mother was also at this party. Ted runs into an unnamed woman at this event, but we do not know if she is supposed to represent The Mother or just a random woman.

1/08-3/08: Ted asks Stella out, but she declines. He gets to know her over 10 weekly tattoo removal sessions, and tells her that he plans to ask her out again when the sessions are over and he is no longer her patient.

12/31/07: Ted brings a random girl, Emily, to the group’s New Year’s Eve party. He thinks she is “the one”. She isn’t.

12/10/07: Ted falls for his doctor, Stella, when he goes to have his tramp stamp butterfly tattoo removed. He asks her on a date, but she ends up bringing friends along because she doesn’t date her patients.

12/2007: The group joins a gym but quits after the first week.

11/22/07: Thanksgiving at Lily and Marshall’s. Ted and Robin sleep together despite her bringing an older guy – Bob – to dinner.

11/2007: Ted brings a dirty hippie named Strawberry to the celebration dinner for Marshall passing the bar.

11/2007: Marshall passes the NY bar exam!

11/2007: Ted dates Cathy, a girl that he thinks is great. The rest of the group can’t stand her, because they notice her constant chattering, which Ted is immune to. The whole gang ends up discovering and sharing one another’s bad habits, which include Ted’s tendency to correct people all the time.

11/2007: Marshall and Lily buy an apartment in Dowisetrepla.

10/31/07: Ted dresses up as the robot Luke’s uncle almost bought from the Jawas (to Marshall’s C3PO and Lily’s R2D2) for Halloween.

10/2007: Ted discovers there is a porn star named after him.

10/2007: Ted dates “Blah Blah”, a crazy girl that he met playing World of Warcraft.

10/2007: Ted runs into Trudy again. He is lucky enough to have a chance at “the belt”, but we never find out 100% for sure if he had a threesome with her and her friend or not.

10/2007: Robin breaks up with Gael.

9/2007: The Mother walks by MacLaren’s, yellow umbrella in hand.

9/2007: Robin returns from Argentina with Gael. Ted does not handle this well and ends up getting so drunk that he awakens with a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo on his lower back.

Summer 2007: Robin goes to Argentina and meets Gael.

5/2007: Ted and Robin tell Barney that they are broken up.


5/2007: Lily and Marshall get married! This includes them getting married by Barney in a small outdoor ceremony (3rd intended wedding and 2nd actual wedding) and then the planned wedding at the Van Smoot House (4th intended wedding and 3rd actual wedding).

5/2007: Ted, Marshall, Barney, Stuart, and Brad go to the Foxwoods for Marshall’s bachelor party.

4/30/07: Ted and Robin break up. We later discover Lily had a hand in this breakup also. The blue French horn is returned to the restaurant.

2/2007: Ted and Robin decide to move in together, attempt to move in, and ultimately decide they don’t want to live together.

2/2007: Ted misses his flight to Chicago. He was going there to interview for a position at an architecture firm. He is later glad to have missed the interview, because had he taken the job, he never would have met The Mother.

2/5/07: The group gets together to watch the Super Bowl.

2/4/07: Ted and the gang go to Mark’s funeral instead of their usual Super bowl Sunday festivities. Ted debuts his “Sensory Deprivator” glasses. He wears them when he goes to pick up wings and sauce from a sports bar called Quinn’s.

1/2007: Robin tells Ted she loves him for the first time.

1/2007: Robin’s 16 year old sister, Katie, visits New York. The gang takes her to the Empire State Building, and they all confess how they lost their virginity.

12/25/06: Ted goes to Staten Island to celebrate Christmas with his cousin Stacy. The rest of the group rescues him. Four years later we discover that Ted invited a girl named Leilani to their Christmas celebration, because he thought she was the one. She wasn’t.

12/24/06: Ted and Lily fight after Lily hears a message from Ted calling her a “grinch”.

11/2006: The group goes to Atlantic City so Lily and Marshall can elope. The pair ends up getting married on a ship but demands to be unmarried seconds later. This is the second of their intended weddings, and the first of their actual weddings.

11/2006: Lily and Marshall get back together.

10/31/06: Ted dresses up as a scared villager (to Lily’s Dr. Frankenstein and Marshall’s monster) for Halloween.

10/2006: Ted’s alternate design for a building in Spokane is selected to be built.

10/2006: Ted and Robin have their first fight.

10/06: Ted’s dad kisses Wendy the Waitress, and Barney kisses Ted’s mom.

10/06: The group goes to brunch with Ted’s parents, who finally reveal that they are divorced.

10/2006: Natalie is married “within a year” of 10/2005.

7/2006: Ted takes Marshall to a New York Yankees game.

Spring 2006: Ted, Marshall, and Barney celebrate their third Trilogy Time.

5/2006: Ted and Robin get together; Lily and Marshall break up.

5/2006: Ted does a rain dance in an effort to finally win Robin’s heart. She is set to go on a work camping trip with Sandy Rivers, a co-anchor that flirts with her. Ted makes it rain, which causes the camping trip to be cancelled, and he surprises Robin with a romantic blue orchestra performance in her living room.

4/26/06: Love Solutions calls Ted to tell him that they found his match. Ted is initially skeptical, but decides to give it another try. The match is described as his absolute perfect woman, but he cancels their date at the last minute to help Lily. Instead of rescheduling with the date, he decides to pursue Robin again.

4/25/06: Ted turns 28.

4/2006: Ted takes Mary the Paralegal (who is not a hooker) as his date to the Local Area Media Awards Show. Robin has won an award.

4/2006: Ted kisses Robin and lies about being broken up with Victoria. Later, Robin accidentally takes a call from Victoria and discovers that her and Ted are still together. Ted ends up alone.

3/2006: Victoria is offered a dessert fellowship in Germany. Ted and Victoria decide to try long distance dating even though it never works. Victoria leaves the country.

2/2006: The gang, plus Victoria, gathers to play Marshgammon. Ted ends up confessing to Robin about the “re-return” vomit incident.

2/2006: Ted and Victoria have sex for the first time.

1/2006: Stuart and Claudia get married. Ted meets Victoria at the wedding but only knows her as “Buttercup”. The next day, Ted tracks her down at her bakery, and kisses her. They become a couple.

12/31/05: Ted rents a limo for New Year’s Eve. The group attends several parties and encounters mishaps. The group meets Not Moby. Robin kisses Ted after midnight – and after she kisses her boyfriend.


12/2005: The Pineapple Incident; Ted hooks up with Trudy.

12/2005: Ted’s parents get divorced, but don’t tell him until 10 months later.

11/24/05: With Marshall and Lily in Minnesota for Thanksgiving, Ted and Robin try to volunteer at a homeless shelter. They discover Barney doing volunteer work there, and the trio eventually ends up at the Lusty Leopard strip club for the holiday.

11/2005: Ted and Barney go to Love Solutions in search of women. Barney is kicked out, but Ted is promised a match within three days. He is told that there are only eight eligible women for him in the entire city of New York. He returns the next week to ask why he hasn’t been matched yet. The owner confesses that she couldn’t find a single woman for him. Ted sees someone with a high match percentile on the computer, but she is already matched with someone. Ted tracks down Dr. Sarah O’Brian but she is already engaged.

11/2005: Ted and Marshall sword fight over the apartment. Marshall accidentally stabs Lily with one of the broad swords.

10/31/05: Ted dresses up as a hanging chad for Halloween. He spends the night at the rooftop party Ted and Marshall pretend to be a family when they attend Barney’s apartment showing. Later, Ted hooks up with a woman that thinks he is gay. This occurs despite him just saying that he wants to stop dating and just settle down.b/pin the hopes of running into the Slutty Pumpkin again.

10/05: Ted goes to th Ted finds out about the GNB job being cancelled. He is given a pity job of designing a room, but he gets too into it and is ultimately fired.e club “Okay” with Barney and Robin. He meets the coat check girl (aka coat wench) but Future Ted immediately notes that sh(At this point Ted has on a Wedding Ring).e is not The Mother.

10/2005: Ted finds an old shirt in his closet, which prompts him to reconsider other things/people he may want to try again. Ted contacts his ex, Natalie. They date again for three weeks, and the relationship ends when Ted breaks up with her on her birthday (again). She beats him up using her krav maga techniques.

10/3/05: Ted and Barney take an impromptu trip to Philadelphia, where they lick the Liberty Bell.

9/26/05: Ted runs into Robin at the bar. He is inspired to try again with her, so he tracks her down at the Razzle Dazzle Supermarket (75th & Columbus) after he sees her on TV. He invites her to a party that Friday night. She isn’t able to attend, so he throws two more parties the next two nights.

9/19/05: The Mother celebrates her 21st birthday on the same night that Marshall proposes and Ted meets Robin. She is waiting for her boyfriend, Max, at the other MacLaren’s bar across town. She receives a call stating that he has passed away, for unknown reasons. She discovers that he left one last present for her – a ukulele so her breakfast foods don’t have to sing a cappella. She treasures the ukulele from this moment on.

9/19/05: Marshall proposes to Lily; Ted meets Robin. On their first date, Ted steals a blue French horn from the restaurant they are at. After a successful first date, Robin is called away for a work assignment. Later, Ted’s friends point out that he missed the moment when he should have kissed her. Ted returns to her apartment and she invites him in. They dance together and are about to kiss, but Ted blurts out “I think I’m in love with you”. This freaks Robin out. Ted leaves, but re-returns to Robin’s apartment later that evening. Before he has a chance to knock, he vomits on her custom doormat.

4/2005: Robin moves to New York.

2/2005: Ted dates Natalie again, and breaks up with her again.

10/31/04: Ted dresses up as a hanging chad for Halloween. He spends the night at the rooftop party in the hopes of running into the Slutty Pumpkin again.

10/31/03: Ted drebsses up as a hanging chad for Halloween. He spends the night at the rooftop party in the hopes of running into the Slutty Pumpkin again.

Spring 2003: Ted and Marshall have their second Trilogy Time. Barney becomes a part of the tradition.

Winter 2002: Ted goes skiing and breaks his arms.

10/31/02: Ted dresses up as a hanging chad for Halloween. He spends the night at the rooftop party in the hopes of running into the Slutty Pumpkin again.

10/02: Ted breaks up with Natalie over the phone, on her birthday.

5/02: Ted dates “a weird sci-fi girl”. She proposes to him after two months. Lily secretly breaks them up at the premier of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

2002: Ted goes on a first date with a girl named Jen. He says he will call her but never does. The date didn’t go well anyway.

10/31/01: Ted dresses up as a hanging chad for Halloween. He meets the infamous Slutty Pumpkin (Naomi) at a party on the roof of their building.

2001: Ted meets Barney in the bathroom at MacLaren’s. His life is never the same.

10/31/00: Ted dresses up as a canoe (to Marshall’s Lewis and Lily’s Clark) for Halloween.

2000: Ted and Marshall move to New York and into the apartment above MacLaren’s. Lily moves to New York and into an apartment that is later turned into a Chinese food restaurant.

2000: Ted, Marshall, and Lily graduate from Wesleyan University.

Spring 2000: While studying for finals, Ted and Marshall being the Trilogy Time tradition. Around the same time, every three years, they watch the original Star Wars trilogy together.

1999: Ted and Marshall drink a bunch of Tantrum and take a road trip to Gazolas Pizza in Chicago.

1999: Marshall goes to Paris to visit Lily. Ted and Karen have just gotten back together, but they break up on the plane ride there. Karen is a douche the whole time.

1999: Lily and Marshall lose their virginity to one another. Ted is witness to the event as he shares a bunk bed with Marshall.

Summer 1999: Ted works in Boston, doing an internship at Gradmore, Jellinek, & Ross.

10/31/98: Ted dresses up as a bowl of spaghetti (to Lily’s Lady and Marshall’s Tramp) for Halloween.

Summer 1998: Ted works as a lifeguard at a senior citizen’s home back in Ohio.

7/1998: Ted has front row seats to the ‘N Sync concert. He catches JC Chasez’s shirt.

1998: Ted dates a girl named Angie, but breaks up with her after Lily secretly interferes.

10/31/97: Ted dresses up as cumin (to Marshall’s salt and Lily’s pepper) for Halloween.

12/1996: Ted and Marshall officially become best friends on a road trip in the Fiero. The Fiero hits 100k miles.

12/1996: Karen and Ted break up. It was her idea, but it was “totally mutual”.

1996: Ted “secretly” becomes Dr. X, the host of a small college radio show.


1996: Ted makes out with unreasonably small mouth opening girl at the freshmen orientation mixer. Marshall introduces him to Lily the next day. They all end best friends.

1996: Ted starts college at Wesleyan University. He meets his roommate, Marshall. Later, Marshall meets Lily. Her and Marshall begin dating shortly thereafter.

1996: Ted graduates from Shaker Heights High School in Ohio.

1996-2000: Ted and Karen continue to date, off and on. It usually ends with her cheating on him – sometimes in his own bed.

1996: Ted goes to prom with Karen.

1995: Ted loses his virginity to Molly Mackenzie.

1993: Ted vomits. This may have been the time when mom bought beef at the Price Club, which resulted in Ted hurling.

1992-1996: At some point, Ted begins dating his high school girlfriend Karen. She is a douche. They break up and get back together again many times.

1992: Ted (in ninth grade) saves a fourth grader named Steve Biel from some bullies. Later, Steve makes “Ted Mosby” his porn star name, in homage to Ted.

1987: Ted gets trapped under a fake boulder at the mall, age 9.

1986: Ted’s best friend is a balloon. They have a wild west adventure together. Ted lets go of the balloon briefly and loses his friend forever. This prompts a lifelong obsession with holding on to things too tight, thus explaining many of his romantic problems. This specifically connects to him not being able to let go of Robin until right before her wedding (literally one day before the wedding).

2/85: Weird Al Yankovic receives a fan letter from Ted Mosby, and list of song suggestions. Al mocks most of them but immediately uses the idea for “Like A Surgeon”. Ted never gets credit for the song.


1980-1985: At some point in his early childhood, Ted creates a building out of play blocks and realizes he is meant to be an architect.

9/19/84: The Mother is born.

4/25/78: Theodore Evelyn Mosby is born.

10/9/76: Ted’s parents get married.

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  1. Less than 3 hours until the first two episodes of Season 9. I am about to go get the popcorn and drinks for the evening.

    I asked Corina to help us research the Ted Mosby Timeline. She did a great Job. Thank you Corina.

    I wanted something specific to help us Keep the Ted and Mother Timelines. Corina has the best Mother Specific site on the Web. So I though a site like should have a page also.

  2. Big props to Corina for this! Well done indeed!

  3. 2/2005: Ted dates Natalie again, and breaks up with her again.

    Should be 10/05 since he breaks up on her birthday AGAIN and it’s after he meets Robin.

    • It’s on there for October 05 as well. There was some confusion because details from different episodes don’t match up correctly.

      In Return of the Shirt, both Natalie and Ted mention not seeing one another for three years (since her last birthday).

      But, in the season 5 episode Say Cheese, Marshall flashes back to comforting Natalie on the couch in February of 2005, after her and Ted have broken up.

      So the best I can come up with is that they had another brief period of dating in February, although that doesn’t make all that much sense.

  4. Thanks guys, it was so much fun :)

  5. How does Mother buy ticket to Farhampton on 4/2013 if she´s hired to play at the wedding only after May 18?

  6. Ted meets the mother 26th may, on sunday.
    As seen in the end of season 8, saying 56 hours before the wedding, for some reason the wedding will be sunday and thus he will also meet the mother sunday

    • This is a confusing one, because you’re absolutely right about the wedding being on Sunday. The thing is, in season 8 we learned that the wedding was on May 25th. Obviously both those things can’t be true (May 25th is a Saturday) so I’m trying to sort out the details now in a post on my blog.

      Short version of my thoughts is that the wedding is scheduled for Sunday the 26th but for some reason it actually occurs on Saturday the 25th.

  7. 5/2013, I thought Ted went there alone as the gang was too busy with their own stuff? Marshall and Lily with Marvin, Barney and Robin with planning their wedding and stuff…? For the rest, well done 😀

    • That was Robots vs Wrestlers: Legends, which I think is a different event than the annual Robots versus Wrestlers show. But, I’m not sure. I don’t think even Ted went to the Legends one, he just sat at the bar & imagined time travelers. Future Ted said that the gang returned each year for Robots vs Wrestlers but I don’t know if we can count on that as for sure happening every single year?

      • PS: “Kids, it’s been almost 20 years since that cold April night in 2013, and I can safely tell you… If I could go back in time and relive that night… There’s no way in hell I’d go to Robots versus Wrestlers.”

        He went there and he still regretted it, 20 years later.

    • EDIT: Yeah, I messed up as well on this: I read over the date containing the other Robots vs. Wrestlers-show (The Time Travelers-one), but since they didn’t went there the other month and it’s an annual show they’re attending, I pretty much think they skipped this years show. 😉

  8. Oh, PS: 2/2005: “Ted dates Natalie again, and breaks up with her again.”

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t date Natalie again after breaking up over the phone on her birthday, until the return of the shirt.

    • Well in “Say Cheese” they definitely showed a scene labeled February 2005 where Marshall comforts Natalie over her breakup with Ted. Sooo if it’s a mistake it’s theirs not mine :)

      • I just watched season 1 with this episode the other day and there was no word on february 2005… So yeah, I guess it’s their mistake xD Well done on compiling all these dates!

        • Okay in the season 6 finale “Landmarks” we see an undated flashback to Ted getting back with his exes over stupid things. I believe he ran out of whipped cream, called Natalie, and they “dated for another 3 months”. So I think that moment must have happened around 12/2004, which makes the 2/05 breakup work. It still goes against what Ted and Natalie both said about not seeing each other since he dumped her on her birthday, but whatever. That’s on them :)

          • Natalie is probably the worst gf Ted has had continuity wise. In return of the shirt future Ted says she is married within 6 months of their second breakup, but they consistently use her any time they go back to Ted’s old gfs. The whole dated another 3 months (there is no way that would happen), and in Rabbit or Duck they think who they can arrange marriage Ted to, ignoring the stuff from season 1.

  9. Why do people think Ted is the narrator? It’s never verified in the show.

    • Isn’t it? Without actually starting to go through episodes to verify, I’m quite certain that the narrator uses “I” in the past tense and refers back to Ted and events in Ted’s life in a way that fully exclude the narrator being anyone else but Ted himself.
      (We have earlier discussed the possibility of it being a recording, or being a written narration read by someone else, but that is contradicted by the fact that there are occasions of dialogue between the narrator and the kids that establishes the relationship between the narrator and the kid, and that could not have been scripted in advance by an absent narrator.)
      So, sorry, but you’re barking up the wrong flagpole.

      • That is like saying Luke is Not his SON. And you all know what we are really talking about here. Funny, now that that is revealed to actually be Ted’s Son’s Name I just can not help myself from smiling every time I think of the correlation.

        The Professor is typing away at a post for Tomorrow. But I want to say it is a little early for good bye. After Monday’s review is posted and we talk about how this show ends. Then we can start talking about how sad this is for the fans.

        Ted’s kids are about to have the Series title fulfilled/answered and I am excited. Yes there is a question in the show title. How I Met Your Mother is also Why is Ted Telling this story to his kids at that specific moment. What is the reason we all have been sitting with them on the couch waiting for the moment to arrive.

        • Ross, I saw in another one of your posts that you said you now KNOW how the show will end, right? I’m pretty new to this site so this is a serious question but how can you know that? Are you in any way in touch with the writers or producers?
          Also, is there any reason why people believe that there is a reason why Ted is telling the story at that particular moment? Has it ever been confirmed that that is significant? I mentioned this before in a comment about last week’s episode… if it hasn’t been confirmed, why do people expect an explanation for that? Somebody thought it might be an interesting concept for a sitcom so that might be all that there is to it. When Ted starts talking the kids ask if this will take a while so he might just be the kind of person (actually we know he is!) who enjoys telling long, detailed stories about his past. My dad does that as well…
          Again, I have no idea if the producers have hinted at this before, I’m just saying the story would still make perfect sense to me without an explanation why it has to be told at this moment in 2030.

          • The answer is, they have hinted very hard at how the show is going to end. They also talked about the fact they revealed too much of the end game and wanted to in a way take some of the mystery back.

            CB and CT come at this show very young and very new. They had a good teacher/Director in Pam Fryman. In a recent interview she said they seemed like 11 and a half when first they met.

            But CB and CT along with Fox and CBS are the show runners and reveal what they want. They have changed things up before just because something got out. They like to play with the audience and create anticipation.

            So, I have shared some of this with Solo and we will have to wait and see how it all plays out. Last week before the show was the last edits for this Mondays Episode.

            They tweaked it up through that time frame. We will see if they stick with the plan. I will let you know if I was accurate or not.

            They had some discussion on who was going to end this entire show and how that was going to play out. I hope they stuck to the story I heard. If that is true I will really enjoy the ending.

  10. They messed up when they show Ted holding Penny with a wedding band on.

  11. this is really a great show i have ever seen……all characters – ted,marshall,robin,lily,and the legen-wait for it-dary barney stinson…
    barney was really very funny and entertaing , ted the main character was also best….
    all were best…………….

    looking forward for your replies………….

  12. There is something i don’t get and its kinda driving me crazy… Ted becomes the head arquitect of a building project in his firm (when he shows to the firm’s client his personal redesing of Hammond’s phallic skyscraper which the client declined in the first place),in season’s “Aldrin Justice” making him the youngest arquitect to desing a skyscraper (“probably”). And they mention ted work situation as the boss but they then forget about it.BUT, in season 4 (episode 8, “Woooo!) he’s project gets aproved for GNB’s headquartes, and even though the project is shout down, he ends up doing it and becoming the youngest arquitect to desing s skycraper in nyc.. Its a big problem to the story, and i think I’m missing something. I think the thing is that the fisrt desing was for a building in Spokane,Wa… which is also impresive, and a huge step in his carrer but they act as if it never happened.

    • The replacement Druthers sky scraper is for a firm out west. I think it was Washington State possibly Seattle. That project took some time and was talked about in later episodes. The New York GNB building was designed second but obviously in NYC.

      So Ted also was asked to move to Chicago and become an architect there. He turned that job down with Druthers to be with the Mother in NYC. Ted also when dating Robin missed going to an out of state architect interview in lucky penny.

      His first child was named Penny because he stayed in NY and met the Mother. I hope that answers your question.

      But there are a lot of people who watched this show that may have better information. That is what I remember. It has been a while since I watched those episodes so anyone with more detail feel free to jump in.

  13. Thanks, yeah, sorta. So Ted does designe a building before the GNB one, just outside nyc? Which is still preaty big. So he’s the youngest architect to designe a sky scraper IN NYC