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Fall 2014 Without New HIMYM: So What Are You WATCHING NOW?

Yes it is that time of year again. But no I am not dressing up as a ballot!

We want to start off by admitting… some of us are not fully over HIMYM yet! We have no season 10. Only memories of HIMYM Season 1 through 9.


So for those of you who are still looking for HIMYM news here is a VIMEO link.

Also, now that we are into the 2014 -2015 New Television Season we want to know what are you watching? There are new and old television shows out there. Once in a while I will flip the channel and see a HIMYM rerun and stop for a few laughs. But then I tend to flip the channel again.

Really What are you watching?

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  1. Just to let you know. In the middle of the Video Carter Bays admits that the reason they had planned on ending season 8 with the Mother was they did not want everyone to fall in love with the Character because of the way they planned on ending the show.

    Just throwing that out there for discussion. But watch the video first. Don’t just watch to that point and stop and make a far reaching comment or anything like that!!

    And also watch the table read. It should show up with the other video but if not then Here it is. It made me nostalgic for the show.

  2. A&E cancelled it but I was enjoying Longmire. It got good ratings for a cable show, but they cancelled it because they weren’t producing it.

    I’m really enjoying Gracepoint and Resurrection.

    • Thank you. I had another person e-mail me their list instead of post it. I thought that was strange considering who sent it. So I am glad that you gave me your shows. I have been watching ONCE and TBBT some of the time. I use to watch NCIS.

      Basically I need a new show to follow so I am interested in what everyone has to say about the shows they are currently viewing.

  3. I really miss HIMYM. Am not regularly watching any sit com since HIMYM & MD House ended, except for Bones.
    Watch Revenge. The first season was kind of good, but now it pretty much deteriorated to normal never ending american soap, so I mainly watch because I think Emily van Camp is so god damn gorgeous so I can’t get enough of her.
    Then Vikings of course, and Blacklist. And Under the Dome, ’cause I generally like Stephen King, but have a feeling that one too is going in the wrong direction.

    • I watch Revenge for the same reason you do. Emily Van Camp. It has been pretty good this season but I could enjoy the show just because of her beauty.

      I am watching the A-Z show with Cristin. I like it, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to last very long. Outside of those 2 shows I’m not watching much else with regularity.

      • We also watch Revenge and Bones. Bones really got me a couple of episodes back. I didn’t see that coming at all.

  4. has anyone else seen the season 9 deleted scenes? I’m still not sure whether they did the right thing cutting out the “major problems” sequence but it really breaks your heart and puts this whole chemistry and timing thing in a different perspective. Kinda makes it more realistic, I guess. It’s not about pursuing someone and getting them eventually falling in love with you cause you’re a good person but it’s more about waiting and remaining patient for the one who has to figure stuff out…
    plus, curiously enough there’s a lot of people saying that they weren’t satisfied with the alternative ending. I’m not gonna bring it up, don’t worry, but it’s sort of… nice, I guess, to see so many people accepting the original final
    as for the shows, nah. Done with series, real life is more exciting.

    • Sounds like no one is going to admit to watching them!

    • I watched the ones on the season 9 DVD. I may or may not have seen all the ones that are available, depending on if the complete series box set has extra ones. It was my understanding that there was a funeral scene, that I have not seen. I am also curious if there was more Robin and Ted deleted scenes from the time after the Mother’s death that help with the reignited love between them. The one scene with Robin and Ted together at a diner while Ted was still married was good in that it showed Robin’s regret and desire to be with Ted. It would have been good to show that scene so that people understood that Robin and Ted could work as a couple. The biggest reason they couldn’t was their differences in what they were looking for. Ted wanted a family and Robin just wanted a companion. Robin didn’t want to be with Ted because she didn’t love him, it was really because she knew she could never give him what he really wanted.

      • Yes, you will have a lot of arguments on that point of Robin and Ted loving each other. As friends they always had feeling for each other. As a couple they did have feeling for each other. As a husband and wife???

        That is where we are going to have issues. Ted and TM Loved each other as a married couple. They completed each other.

        As a rebound wife Robin would be on the top of Ted’s list. Do they have major differences YES! Could they get over that and live together as older adults… probably. Robin’s character is one of those that does not need a companion to complete the relationship IMHO. Was she lonely for someone to live with (a family)? I think she was very much alone without the GANG of 4 or 5.

        She missed the old days of Barney and Ted. Those two each had characteristics that merger with her own. Together they added missing parts to her life. Barney alone could not fill that role for her. He tried. Would older Ted be able to do that? Probably better because her wild side is more tame with time.

        Anyone else have some thoughts on that?

        • we all know what Ted always wanted but Robin remained undiscovered till the very end of the show. I agree with you on that she missed both Barney and Ted but I’m still having a hard time believing that someone who’s so rational, career-oriented and grounded could have fallen for Barney to the point where they actually got married. No matter how much Ted tried to explain to her that love doesn’t make sense (wtf?) Robin needed to be with someone so that that relationship would make sense. This is why it’s so interesting to watch that scene between them. A lot of people think that this is where Ted really lets her go saying that he doesn’t want to ruin a third marriage. To me, Robin actually realizes that even if she doesn’t LOVE Ted in that way (yet) she’s gonna be okay with him. The way the portrayed her in the show I got a feeling that she’s one of those people who are simply not capable of love (believe me, such people exist), been hurt too many times and simply wants to be someone who’s always there for her. The older she becomes the more settled she is. So I think that those two will be fine. I also like the fact that Ted nods his head a little in the final scene. It’s so subtle and yet reassuring :)

          • One of the cut scenes involved Lilly paying off the “Ted will End up with Robin” Bet to Marshall. It seemed a little flat to me. But I like that they included that scene for us to see. That would have been the last words of the series.

            They had some many options to choose from. SO back to the topic. Did Ted and Robin have to end up together? I say No. Ted and Robin would have been fine just as friends.

            I still find it unnecessary that TM had to be written out of the script = poor producing/direction change at the last minute (from the audience perspective).

            • it all depends on your opinion about what love really is, I guess. This is why the reactions are so mixed. There are people who are in this ultimate search for the one (so to them Ted and Tracy make sense) and then there are those who believe that you either love or let others love you and it doesn’t matter what category you fall into, you’ll probably never change. I personally think that the authors are in favor of the second theory which is proved by Ted and Robin eventually ending up together. It’s just my assumption but if that’s really what the authors wanted to say than I suppose it was necessary to kill the Mother off. Because of the final we’ll never be able to tell whether Ted really loved the Mother or there was some part of him that never really moved on…

            • I believe Ted and Robin pretty much had to end up together. That was what the whole show was about. From episode 1 it was about Ted and Robin and it never ever let it go.

        • I’m glad to see people excepting the finale and how it ended. I believe Robin was miserable because she was too selfish, and when the gang split up she was all alone. She realized the mistakes she had made in the pass and wasn’t going to let Ted go this time.

          I do believe Ted was in love with the mother the whole time and not Robin. I believe once she passed he wanted to love again and probably started thinking a lot about Robin and the feeling naturally came back. It was finally the right timing.

  5. خیلی عالیه سرایلتون ted mosby
    فقط کاش که فصل 9 رو بهتر تموم میکردید..
    موفق باشی

    • So you just finished season 9!

      It did not turn out the best for Ted Mosby and the Mother.

      But the writers penned it their way. It was a bit of a downer for some of the characters. Life does get a little messy. We have to struggle through that and find a different path some times.

      The entire series dealt with this. So Ted may end up with Robin and that was not the best choice. But in the end that is what we are left with.

      Not the happy ending for everyone. Marshall had to give up a few chances at happiness in the work place for his wife. But he eventually ended up back on his path.

      Barney found a young girl he could love and share his life with. It just did not happen to be a wife but a daughter.

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